Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, May 21, 1903, Image 6

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    Grants Pass
JUNE 17, 18,
7 -BIG
The Menagerie! Negro Plantation! Japanese Tea Garden! The
Hindo Theater! Edison Electric Show! Palace of Mirth ! Fer
ris Wheel! Animal Merry-Co-Kound! Halloon Ascension and
Parachute Jump! Mammoth Street Parade! Japanese Day Eire
works, the greatest exhibition iif day fireworks ever witnessed
in the Northwest. Crowning of Carnival )ueen! I'ahy Show!
Country Store! Public Wedding! Races of All Kinds! Mardi
Gras, the night of much confetti! Grand Art Exhibit by
Woman's Club of Grants Pass! Mineral Exhibit under com
petent management.
Only once in a lifetime?
The World's Greatest Carnival Company.
It imIimmmI l-llt.-H oil (li- Willi lici-ii I'iM-ilic-.
JUNE 17, 18,91,20
Grants Pass Grants Pass
In Tlio Cirrnlt Court f Tin: Hlnto nf
Oregon For TIhj County of Juan
Mm.. P. A. Smith, J. F. Cam, M.
J. CllBH, J J. S. CllfM, K. I
Cbhm, ami (). U. Ciihh, imrt
ncTH doing btmihrHA unilrr
t Ian (Inn Hume of Hunk of
Humcr, I'liiinliiTri,
A. J. Hln rwood an rvlliillil
trntor of th t'Dtntii of W.
H. Miitltl, (leceiiwil, Suruli
J. KiiK'TH, Latin-na J. 1tK
rH, Lodio Ij. Overlmcker,
J.uIh M. Collins, Williiuu
Kttlly Mndd, Tlmiimii Ktl
wnrci O'liriini, Jlnlliii K.
KIliK, TtioiiniA (irt'iit'll,
Urnuli Urenell, Hiilii'rt
(irunell, Hamn IIikiIiiii,
MiiKin K. Mill, Jennie
L, Cnrbt-tr, KmiiiB O. Urn
lid, William Klef tud (irn
noil, Therewi (irenell and
Kiclinrd O. Gruncill,
Summon to tlio aliovo iiiumi! defen
dant a.
In the niune of tlio Statu of Ort-Kim:
You Bra hereby required to u 1 1 x lir
and niixwor tlio umemled ciiiti.liiiiil
filed HKiiiiiKt yna in tlio iil.iivo en
titled unit within ix week from the
ditto of tlio tirHt jiiililiciititin hereof;
and if ron fail ho to iiimwi-r, for want
thereof, tint JilallititTH will apply to
tho court for the relief demanded ill
their amended complaint, namely:
That ilnlnt ills huve juiliyiiieiil
BKaiiiNt tliu cut lite of W. 1). Muilil,
dccciiKcd, for tho Hiitn of One Hundred
and fifty 1 Milium with Intercut there
on from Peeem her 2N, lHlf.l, at the rate
of ten Mir rent. )Kir annum, and for
the Hum of Fifty Dollar littorneVB
feeH, iiinl ,the ci'Hln and illhlnirHviiii iitu
of thin milt.
For a decriui fiirvrliiniHK plnint i iTh
niortn'iKo picciited hy W, It, Muild,
doccuned, m ion lot ') in Hock A in
JuilKon'n addition to the town of
(iruiitn l'aim, Jowiihinn niinily, Ore
Ron, and for tho wile of wild rcmlHCH
to natiHfy lntnt itTH judgment.
That the dcfeiidiiutii, and eiich ol
them, and all ihtnoiih cliiiniinif or to
claim through tliem or W. 11. Mudd,
deoeiiwd, lie forever burred and fore
I'lnscd of nil rinht, title iiinl intercut
In anil to wtid iireniiwa.
Tho first imhlicatioii ot thin mini
niona in niade on May II, limM, mid
the litNt 1. ill. Unit lull hereof will Im
lnniln on .lune ij.'i, liHfl.
Thin mhiiiiiiiii is uhlUlied hy o'llcr
of tho Hon. 11. K. llunnii, Judge of
the circuit court for Jimciihinc
county, Clri'non, and in duted Muy ,
liHtll. W. C. HA1.K,
Attorney for l'latntilTn.
When yon want a pleasant physic,
try Clianils'rlaln's Stcniach mid Liver
Tabids. They arc easy In take and
pleasant in clfect. For siilu by all
Timber Land, Act June H, 1878
Unscliiirg, Oregon, Mav t), l'.KJ
Not'ce is hereby given that in com
pliance with the pi ov is mus of the act of
Congress, ol June 3, 178, eiililled"An
ad lor the sale el timlier lands in the
Slates of California. Oreg rn, Nevada,
and Washington Territory," aa ex
tended to all public land States by ail
ol Angus! 4. l,v'-
of Salem, County of Marion, Stale
of Oregon, has this day liled
ill Ibis nlhie her sworn statement .No.
M)7U lor the puti base ol the SW '4 ol
Section No. IS in Township No. Ilti,
r-i nit It , Kange No. 4 West, and will
viler proof to show that the iand sought
IS itioru valuable lor its timber or stone
than lor agtn-ultuial purisses, and to
establish her claim to said Mud before
J.O. Iliailh, Count v Jiule. at Ins oilier
at (traitla Pass. Orcgni, mi Saturd.iy tin
2itli day ol July, l'.sa.
She nsini'S as wilnesr-es : John T.
Keariis, tieorge I. llruwiiof S'avton, Ote
gon ; tirorue W. Kearns, ol tirants I'ar-s
Oregon; William II. M.ihcny, ul Salem,
Any ami all persons claiming ad
Tersely tint ahovt--dfM'idM-tl laiels are
reipiested lo toe their claims in this
ollice tt or helore sirl :' ili dav oi
July 1IKJ I. J . T. loniM.t
Timber 1 and, A t June ., I -7S.
I' tiili ii Slab I sii.l 1Mb. ,
Idsebuig Oii'tioii, April '.'2, 1'lil.i.
Notice is hett-hv ir.en tliat in i-empli
atice With Ihe plolseai e the act nl
Colign ss ol June :', 1".". ciiti, led " An
acl lor ti e sab- nl timls-r lands III Ibe
Stales id Calilotnis, Oregon. Nevada
and W ashington Term. try," as extend
ed to all the Public l and stales by a, I
of .'.llgusl 4, l4.'.'-',
of Or. Iiani, County .1 Mulneuiiab
Slate ol Oregon, has this day tiled in
this ollice Iter swum statement No 4'.14.
for Ibe purchase ol tbe V '., oi
SK'j and F' SW 4 ol .ec:i. ii
No. 34 in Township No. S7 South, i.i.ige
No. 8 W, and will oiler pnsit to sli iw in, .
the land sought is mure valuable lor us
timber or alone than lor agn. u!t uia.
purposes, and to establish her claim to
said land before J. O. II. mil. C. tinti
Judge, at his office at titanis l'aa o c
gon, on Thursday, tbe It h dav id J.i1'.
IllO.I. She names as wittiea-ea:
Walter Harmon of (irants I'ss Ore I
gon, VVtltiain Atulersnn, ot Sriiitia, Oe
gon, W.J. Meek ol Oranta rass. ()reg..n
James Richey ol Oresliaic, Oregon
Any and ad ticraoiia I'laiiiima a Iveis
ly the Islets are leiplesl'
ed to tile tbeii ciaims in tins etli e iu ot
before said 1Mb day ot Jii'v. l:srl
J. T. Ilitipots, K.gister.
Grants Pass
Ill almimt every iielghhorliood Koine
I one linn died from an attiu k of colic
I or cholera morbus:, often hefure mcdi
U'inc could he procured or a physician
KUUimoiicd. (hiiinlicrliiiu'H Colic,
! Cholera mid Diurrhoi a reiuedy linn un
doubtedly Mivcd tho livcH of more
Hople mid relieved inure pain mid
miflVriiit,' than any other medicine in
uric. For wile hy all ilmiMH.
To Biivo a life Dr. T. O. Merrill,
of No. Mohooiinny, Ph., niiide a Hlart
liiiK tint reHulliiiK in a wonderful
cure. Ho writes, "u patient wait at
tacked with violuit hemorhiiKen,
cntiHcd hy ulceration of the mIoiiiucIi.
I had oltcii found Klectric liitterH ex
eelleiit for ticuto sti.imnli and liver
t rou iili'8 ho I pri'Hi rihed them. The
patient Kiiined from tho lift, mid Iiiin
not had an attack in II mnitilm. "
Try them. Only Wki ut W. F. Kre-
mer h.
A Hlartliiiir incident is inirrated hv
John Oliver of l'hi liulelphiii, ns fol-
Iovih: "I wiih in an awful ciuiilitiiui.
My hkin wiih almost yellow, eves
sunken, tonuun eoat'il. Mini tnnlm-
uiilly in hack mid Bides, no appetite.
irniwhiK weaker day hy day. Three
liliymrmiiri hud given mo up. Then
I win advised to usn Clcctrio Hitler,.;
to my grout, joy the lirsl hottle maile
a decided improvement. 1 continued
their use for three wricks, mid am now
a well mini. I know they rohhed the
grave of niiiillnr victim.'' No
should fall to try them, diilv .Ml
centH, guaiaiitiMd, at V. F. Kreiiur'H
drug nUirc.
Timber Land Act, Juno 3, 1878
I'nlliil States Lund Ollice.
(Irants Pss, Oregon, March Li, l!M3.
Nolice is hernhy given that in compli
ance with l be provisions ol the Hit of
('ingress of June 3, 18T8, cniiiled "An
act for the sale of limber lauds in Ibe
States ol California, Oregon, Nevada,
and Tcinlorv," us emended
lo all the I'uhlic Laud Suites by act ol
August 4, .K!i:',
of Kingston, Cniinly of I. inn. Slate
of Oregon, has this d.iv tiled in Ibis nllire
his sworn Hlalement No. -pipi, Jh.r (lie
pun hasH.ol Hie NE '4 ol Sec. No, 2 in
ToAiishlp No. 31. South,;,, No. 4
Wesl, and w ill oiler proof to show that
the laud sought is more, valuable lor its
I mi tmr or shine Ihsn for Hgiieuliural
Purvises, slid to establish l,n claim lo
s.iiit Ian. I tielete J. O. lai.ub, ( ',
Judge, at his ollice at tirants l'a-s,
gnu, on Thursday, lint "sib dav ol
P.KI, Ho names as w it nessc :
Charles lluKiiger, id Snblinnli',
gon Wiltiain K llaies, kintM,.n,
gon, Chailes E. Mnis. ol l.t,.i,, o,
' n 1 1 1
eg Ul,
ioiiii i . i-iiiik, .iavi, u, ttr.g.i.11.
Any and all persons cUmini; a.lvi r-e-ly
the above-ill s, rib, ,1 lan.N me ie
ipleHted lo tile tlieir claims in Ibis ollice
on or beloro said LS'b dav ol May
I11-'. .1 T. r.ltll.l.l s, li.x'Htel'
NolTcE K'lt PIT' AI'ION.
I miller I. and Act .1, .;, ;,, s.
I niled, s I and nin e,
tiranls Pass, On v.ill, March 1.1, I id I.
Notice is herein gieu that in cuni
pllillice will, tbe provisions of lb, act ot
Coiigtess ol .1 1 1 i- :! . is; s, , 1 1 1 1, . ",
acl lor ihe sale ot limber lands in Ha
state id California, tli,g..n, Nei.el.i,
and Washington Ten Hot , " a exlciuied
to all Ihe Public :,,,, sr.,:, l,( . i ,,
August -I, 1 s.cj,
of Kilig-I,.n, l onnlv ol I inn, Mat,
.ilOiegon, has tins dav lite. I in ibis ..l
lice Ins snotn slatcinent No In.'il t,,i
Ibe pin. base ol the M- 1 , ol S,,-. No. 1',
township No .11 Ninth. Kauge No 4
Old Will ollci piooi lo .Iioa ( Im I I
and soiibl ii. mot,, valuab'e tor iih tun
ia-r or sioeu ihau lor agi iculiutal
Pesof, and to eatsblii his chum :,
' j
iand la-lot e J. o booih. Coiiniv Jn.i
at bis tulice at tints 'a-. (ti. gon ,
ll.iiitdav the I'sil, tv i y
t'S.,1. II,. names as w :lm ;
iie.uge . Ke.nnr, ,, .mints
III. It!
. I lie-
gen. 1 harle llottinger, ol nb
1 at
ti . I liai lo
!.. Mill,
,1 1 ,
ol K 1
Any ai. I
tl an.
in sled i
1 ..r helm
ur .1.
I 1. 1
.1 I' II
K'ge 11
II. I'. p,
. 1
.aw, 1
mblcd tor .,t.r .in.- v.ats with a
ntliniotis conli Ml,. 1, 1 .
;" Vlv o
1r1l.1t 1 wis in 1!". V.. I. .. . t;;;,,,,'
I 'I. amis 1
1. ne .Ii
.II. t
llls.'ll, I, II, III
f.' .t a tell: 11
Using t no bo
-le. VVas p. nu. in.
by all druggists.
Mrs. Frank CI i os,.n,
iv. 111. Pal 1. is n,
Ii, I0"l "1 I, ,1
I '.nt. was 1 ml r
s. but IIS soon : s
r it e 'tcuie 11
1 Us. ,1 t MtO pic
end it b. inl me.
Iji. wtit.s .Lin,.
111 1l.11 1:1 f. v r v. 1 v
tr 'iitue ut hv ilc. t"
I stopped taking II.
t.'Ver Would loll, 111
bottle of llorbinc, t.
I flu n ho igbt 1 n
ttl.s. b
I ca.l
1 1.. li ly cured 1.
' ns-ouiiiionii 11 to
' 111 ilar i 1, as ii w 1
llerbine, .".oc b. 1
Co. '
b. .ii, -I ;
no i- fro ,
1. th 11 '
. 1 1 '1 iv
Tim her Land Act Jane 3. 18,"8,
(imnti I'b, Uregon, March l'tih, I'M!
Notice is hereby given thai in com
phance with the provision of the act u
CongreM of June 3. 1H78, enlilleil "An
t for llie ale of tiiulvr landi in the
StaW of C'ah'orni, Oregon, NevaiU
iinl Washington Territotv." aoextended
to all th I'uhlic Land Sialea by ai l ol
August 4 W.f,
of Lyons, County of Linn, Stale of
Oregon hut tins day li ed in this office
bin pworn Maternent No I'l.'.'i for the
purchase of the KVVj ol Section No
10 in lowrisnip No at South, Kdiiiie
Nu. 4 V, and will oiler prool to
show thai the land sought in more
valuable for in. limber or alone than for
agiii iihiiial purposes, and to estiihhsl
Ins claim lo said Ihii.I before J. ()
oootli, lyouulv JmJge, at me ollu.'O ai
liiaotH I'hsh, Oregon, on Thursday the
- ii nay ol .May lima. lie names n
J. T Kearcs, .f'ieph Kearns. John
r. r link, all of SUyton. Oregon and
( halea Hottilver, ol Siihliniily, Ora-
Anr and all persona claiming ad
versely mo anove-uesciioc'i in.ji are
reipiisti-d to filet their risiuis in this
"fli on or before said :H-i, dav ol
Mav, llf.'.'i. J. T. IfmiMJKH. Keniatrr.
Timber Land. Act luiie ?,. I7H.
(iriuits Pass, Oregon. March la,
Notice is hereby iriven thai in coin-
pliarire with tlio provision (, i,H
i:l of Congresa of June 'A, M78, entliled
An act lor the sale ol limber lands in
he Slates of California. (Jrtgon. Nevada.
and Washington Territory," as extend.
to all the Public Land Slates by act ol
August 4, IK1!.',
il Siayton, County of Marion. Stale of
Oregon, has this day filed in thin ollice
Ins sworn statement No. lii'Jt, for the
purchase olilie L'.j 'of the N V ( an I the
F.i of HWI ol Section ,,. ai in
liiship Nu. ;u s, itanire No. 4 W. and
will nller pnxif to stiuw that the land
u ihl l more valiiublo for lis timber
stone than lor agricultural ui-
n ises, anil lo establish his c aim to
said land b-foie J. o lionth. Coiiniv
Jinlge, at hisolli 'uat 'minis pass. Ore
wen. . ii I biirs.lav the liHtb day ol May
It'll. . He names us wilnessea:
Cbarles llottinger, of Siibliuiily, Ore-
g'ui, William F. Hayes, of Kingston,
i m gun, Oeorge, L. iirown, of Siayton,
Oregon, Frank X. llottinger, of Sub
hmi'y, begon.
Any and all peiHona claiming adverse
ly the iibove-deseribed lands am re
ipu stnl lo lila their claium in this ottice
in or lielore said L'Sih day of May
l''"ll. J. T. Liiiimikh, Kegister
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.
tiranls Pass, Oregon, March 13, l'.'i3.
Notice is hereby given that in compli
ance w itlt the provisions of the act of Con
gtess ol June ,, 1-S78, entitled "An act
lor Ihe sale ol timber lands in the Stales
ol California. Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Terrilory," as extended to
all I lie Public Laud Stales by act ol
August 4, I!'-,
tiEoltiiE L. P.ltoWN
nl Siayton, County ol Marion, Statu of
Otegoii, has this day liled in this ollice
his HWiirii slii'eiiienl No. ItlJtl for the
Piiri ha-e of tbe NW1. i, Seel ion No.
31 in Township No. 33 Sooth.
KaiiL'" N". 4 W, and wdl offer proof to
show that the laud nought Is none
valuable lor ns limber or stone than lor
,igrn ulliiial pmposes, anil lo establish
tils claiu, tosaid land bef.irej. O. Iloolh.
Cinnty Judge, al his ollice at liraula
Pass, Otegoii, on I'liursday ihe L'Sth day
May, PHI.;. Ileliiimesas wiinesses:
innige W. Kearus, ol (irants Pass,
Oti'tion, I-rank X llollinger, of Sub
linii'y, Oieg.m, .lohu P. Etitik, ol
Mav Ion, Oicgon, Ciiatlea Hayes, ol
Kingston, ( iii-guii.
Any ami all pctsnna claiming adverse
ly the above described lands ate te
ipieiti ,1 to liln their ciaims III Ibis ollice
on or belotii said -'8th day ol May,
I'.'11-!. J. T,, lltgisler.
riinher Land, Act June II, I87S.
tiranls Pass, Ongon, March 13, I'.Mlll.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with thn ptovisioiis of the acl
ol Cotigicss ill June 3, 1878, euiitleil
"An m l lor Ibe sale til limber lands in
tbe Stales ol Calilornia, Otegoii, Nevada,
an. I iisliiugton lerrllory," as ex
ti tided to all Ibe Public Land Stales hy
acl of Migu-t 4, IHicJ,
of Siibliuiily, County of Marion,
Stale ol Otegon has tins day tiled in
Ibis ollice his sworn slaleini nt No
ii:.'.'i, ior the p'trcliHse of Ihe NE '4
ol Medina No. .11 in Township No. 33
South, Range No. t W, ami milliliter
plool to show that Ihe land sought Is
inoie' lor its iiinli.. r or stone
ibun lor tigni nluiia! puipohcs and to
i -labif-h Ins cl.illn to said land before
I ' I. I.oolll, C.iiiii'v J ll'tt.e, al his ollice
111 mania Pass, Ongui, 1.11 lliursdat
Ibe -Mb day ut May, P.'ll.',. I le liatnen as
w lines, s :
l.eoig.e W. keill lis. of Cratlls t'ass,
I tiegon, I irote I,. P.iown, Joseph T.
Kc.iius, and John '1'. Kearus, all ol
Mai ton, 1 it t'g
Any and all
ly (be ah.. vi
.pit sli , to tile
II or b.bue
poisons claiming adverse
ilescrlbed lauds ure re
ft heir claims 111 Hits office
said "stii day ol May
.1 I'. I'-iuiMies, Register.
Timber l and Act, June 3, 1878.
I iiite.l Mules Land Ollice,
noils l'a-s. Oregon, Man-It 1.1, ItKM.
Ni.ll.c Is helebv given lliat lllfolnpli
.c with tbe piovi-ions of Ibe act of
'Coligless ol .I'llie .1, l,"S, entliled " All
I a. l loi tbe s.itc ol limtii r lands 111 the
m lt 1. n oi 1 ah'.. 1 1 ia, Oicgon, Nev and
j .i-biiigioii lerriloiv." as extended lo
I all Hie I'll h I H- l and Males l.v act ol
I ug.l-l I, Is'i.',
I .lulls llll liJoN K I- 1!NS
! of Mavt. ii, Ciuintv ol Marion, S'ate
..I Uicgon, has (Ins dav tiled III this
ollice bis kMollt slalement No P. Is
'oi Ibe puicba-e ol Hie s-i., of tbe N E1 .
1 ,111,1 . o
tbe .!'', ol Section
up No. ;;i S, U ,nk,. ,,i.
oil. r prool to show that
.No 10, PI low lis
I, and mill
ibe l.iu.l -ougbt is mote valuable fot lis
I limber 01 stone than tor ug icu'tiiral pllr-
I 1 s, ami t" cs'abiisb bis ,'laun lo sitd
j land b.lo.e J O. Iloolh, Coiiniv Judge,
lb., at
ititiiis l'a-s,
-s h dav
as w tines,.
of S av ion,
. ol 1 voits,
ol Mi.
t Iregoll,
linn -dav the
. He names
John P.
Y nut. ,
. Mnb
1 I 1 1 1 g . r
I.-, ti'u l eg
a I p, tsoi.s i latinitig
1 sci ibi ,1 land a e
1 lal.e - III 1 1 -1 s , ill,,,
.li .In 01 M.iv p.'ii;
i. 1 lo II-. s,
r. .pi
I be :
I lo lo
ivl,.. n.T inn
fvimir Ui.JUI
' '''" wl
J Q lillif.' r
fM .III rilli't'CD.tll. r
ji,V CI. J0r04.1 OSEAStSOi MfN
Ifpl rn m tii-,,fc., ....he.. g
1 1 d f
Ml .... M.rl.r.. 4 e,....h r4
4 .a 1. .1 .... ru.. rtH. j
''-. 1 III iu.. i tyav M4
lat sas k.-Om
, 'v.;:,.
pa w.ia 4 CO . 10:1 m..m s a f
lbs" I1.110I1 nil r.iiiiatle
;- ii en
telllov , s
ore a 1 p ica-
ad dandruff
Il Co ,'.lV
e, I V .-siover
an 1
H 1
Health ia a majrnet which irresistibly
drawa the man to the woman in life'a
Dialing time. Health does more than
tint the skin with beauty ; it puts music
into the voice and buoyancy into the
step, aa well as liappineas into the heart.
A great many women covet beauty and
are constantly seeking aids to beautify
them. I-t a woman first seek perfect
heallh and all other charms shall be
mldcd to her.
There can be no general health for
women while there is disease of h
dcliiate womanly organism. The first
step to perltct health is to cure womanly
u.isis iy ii. e use oi rr. rierce a l-a
vorite Prescription. It establishes regu-
lanty, dries weakening drains, heals
inflammation and ulceration and cures
tcmale weakness.
"I uw,1 (tmr !kHn of your ' Favorite Pre- niel our of '(.olilrn Mnlical Iliacw.
er-. rites Mrs. Kliner IJ stirsrer. of Mount.
n-.jHv i..i!,rr,rr to , l'.. Msnl can say lliat I am
curttl of thai ,tr .-t,lc,t liwae, utriuit trouble.
am in txrM'-r tic all It ilia n ever before, Hvvry.
..... , impel:, io arc nie iixiK
rs, v,11. In Jonr I wna o p,,r In hrallh that
at liiuca I cool. 1 not walk. Toiliiy I am eutrd.
cuitil nic."'
l-'REK. Dr. Pierce's Common Sense
Medical Adviser is sent free on receipt of
stamps lo pay exfienae of mailing only.
Send 21 one-cent stamps for the book in
p.iior rov rs, or ,y stamps for the cloth
Isnind viilutne. Aildrtis Ur. R. V. Pierce.
Bulfalo, N. Y.
Timber Land, Act June 3. 1-.78
irnnts Pasn, Oregon, March 20 Hi 13.
Notice is bereby given that in com
pliance! Willi Hie provisions of the net
tl ( ongress of June 3. 1878, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands In Ihe
States of California. Oregon, Nevada,
and W'ashingion Territory," as ex
tended to all the Public Land Stales by
act of August 4. lsua,
of Stayton, County of Marion,
Stale ol Oregon has this day liled in this
ollice his sworn statement No. 4i,7ti, ',,r
the purchase ol the NUT Section No
8, in Township No. 30 South, Range
No, 4 West, and will oiler proof to
-how that the land sought is more valu
tide lor Its timber or Hone than fur agri
cultural purposes, and lo is'ahlish I er
claim lo said land hefure J. '). Booth.
' 'until V Judge, at his office at (irtiiils
Pasa.Oregoii, on Thursday, the L'8lli dav
of Mav P.ID3. She names as witnesses:
Bertha A. Keene. Cora M. Sullivan,
of stayton, Oregon, tieorge W. Kearns
of tirants Pass, Oregon, Oeorge L.
Itrown ol Slay but, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above-described lamia are
requested to lile their claims in this
ollice on or before s ii,l u'8th day of
Ma), P.1'13. J. T shniKiKH,
1 he largest sum ever paid lor a pre
scription, t bunged bunds in San Fran
cisco, Aug. 30, 11(01 . Tim transfer in
volved in coin and stock f 1 12, .'.(In II I and
was pa d by a parly of business men lor
a spccilie for Bright's Disease and Dia
betes, bitberlo incurable diseases.
They commenced tho serious investi.
gat inn ol Ihe sta-cihc Nov. 15, 11100.
they Interviewed scores of the cured
and tiled it out on its merits hy putting
nver three dozen cases on the treatment
ami matching them. Thev also got phy
sicians lo name chronic, iticurahlecases.
I administered it Willi (be physicians
lor judges. I'p to Aug. Ho, 87 per cent
il Ibe lest cases went either well or
progressing favorably.
There being but thirteen per cent ol
failures, the parties mere satisfied and
closed the transaction, 'Hie proceedings
ol the investigating comttiitlee and the
chni. -al rcpoi ts o the test cases mere
published ami will be mailed dee on
itppltcaiiou. Addiess John J. Iti. ton
Ciiif NV, 4-'() M.intgoinciy St. San hrau
cisco, Cal.
Yon Know What You Are Taking
When you take tirove's '1'asteless Chill
Totilc. because the formula is plainly print
ed oil every bottle showing that il is sun
ply 1 1
So 1
Iv Iron mid Uuiliine in a tasteless torm
lire No, 1'av. .'sic.
Relief Given Immediately
mil then- is not 11 case of piles in
.'Msti'iift- that can not ho quickly
and pcfiiiaui'iulv cured by t er-
rin's I 'ili- Specific. You "like it -Unit's
till. New price One Del
iac pct-lhiltlc. At yotit'dfiiggist!
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t in Medical Co., Helena. Moil'.
O. R. & N.
oui:(.()N short i.ixr
1 v is T in-:
Shortest, Quickest.
Con lfortnhle
liolllc lo .
oc i;.s.d
il E.l-I. l I) poil Is I
1.I1 Pi. kcls tc.i.liiu 1
rtl.i id
s-nllt 1 .it In. mid 1 i-,
Low Unt
t iiiic-
s.ile al Soiiilictn -rx
A. I.. CKAIti.
tien'l, I ' e.i;,. 1 Vg't
t aa.-a SrCJtteTjjfvl j.-' '".'L,
Timber Land, Act June 3. 1878. . Timber Land, Act Jun 3, 1878.
( United Sta et Land Otfice.l F (United State Lind Orlice,
Boseburg, Oregon, March 2J, 1901. . Grant! Psa, Oregon, March, la, 1W3.
Notice la hereby given that in com-' Notice ia hereby given that in com
pliance aith the provision! of the acl of pliance with the proy.lona ol the act of
Congress of June 3, 1878. entitled "An .'Congresa of June 3, I87H, entitled. "An
act for the aale ol timtier landa in the I acl for the sale 111 liliitar ami ill llirf
Btatea of California, Oregon,
anil vvaaliington Territory. " aa ri
tended to ail the Pnhlij LnJ Siiei by
act of Augnat 4. 18)12.
ol Winter, County of J' tenhine. St ite of
Oregon, haa thia dav filed in this office
tier aworn atatement No. lii2 for
purcnaae of the E ol Section No. H.
In Township No. 35 South. kani No
4 We'. and will offer prool to show
that the land sought ia more valuabi.
lor its timber or stone than lor agri -
cultural purposes, and to establish
ner claim to said land before J. O.
rsoom, County Judge, at his ollice at
Orants Pass, Oregon, on (Saturday tht
6th day of June 1903. She names as
Edward f). Thompson, Newlin D
Young of Wimer, Oregon ; W. T C ope
ot tirants Pass, Oregon; Harvey Hula,
01 liner, tregon
Anyai.dsll persons claiming adver-e
ly Ihe above-described lands are re
ipiested t tiK their claims in this olfici
on or before said (Ph. day of June,
J i UHflHIK-l, KeglHtl
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1874.
Itoseburg, Oregon, Mar. 2.1, 1103
i.iincn is itereny given tint in cetn-rdiam-e
with the provisions ol the act ol
lAihgreKS 01 June 3, 187S, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands in ibe
stales ol California, Oregon Nevada
and Washington territory," as extended
to all ihe Public Land States by act ol
ungual s, moi,
ol Winter, County of Josephine, Slate ol
Oreg m, has this day tiled in this office
ins sworn atatement No. 4fiUJ for th
piirenase tl the SIS'-4' of Section No. 14
in Township No. !!5 South, Kiirge No.
1 ..est,, ami win oiler prool to show
that the land sotiifht is more valuable for
its timber or stone than lor agricultural
purposes, anil 10 establish his claim to
am lami helore J. O. Booth, Coimlv
Judge, at his ollice at (irants l'a-s, ( (re
volt, on Saturday, the Klh day of June
VMti. He names as witnesses:
Maria S. (irimm, Newlin ) Young,
of Winter, Oregon; W. T. Cope, ol
1 irants Pass, Oregon; Harvev Huls, ol
Winter, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly the above-ilescril od lands are re
quested to file their claims in thia office
on or before said (ith day of June lilt))
J. T. P.KiiKiKs, Kemsler.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1H78
United States Land Office.
Knt-ebiirg, Oreion, April 15, 110:1.
Nolice is hereby given that in compli
ance with the provisions ol the act of
Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An
let lor Ihe sale ol timher lands in
the Stales of California. Oieuon. Na.
vada and Washington Territory." as
extended lo all the Public Land
Slates by act of August 4. 1SU2.
ol Eugene, County of Lane, State of Ore
gon, mis tins .lay tiled in this ollice her
sworn statement No. 4if,r8, for the pur-
base ol ihe SE'4, ol Snellen No
I in Township No. 311 S. Kanue No
8 west, and will offer proof lo show that
me tana sought is more valuable for its
tinihr or stone than for agricultural
purposes, ami to establish her claim to
aid land belore J. O Booth. Count.
Ji'dge at his office al (irunts Pass. Ore
jon, on Thursday, the 2nd day ol July,
i-jo.i. rue names as witnesses:
Waller Harmon, ol tirants Pass, Ore
gon, William Anderson, ol Selma,
Oregon,.!. W. Ilobhe, of Eugene, Ore
gon and W. T. Fleck, ol (irants Pass.
Any and all persons claiming ad verselv
the alstve described lands are equeteil
to lile their claims in this office on or
belore said -ml day ol July, p.Hi:!.
J. I. ItituifiKS, Kegister.
Timber Land, Act June 3. 187.
I'nitod States Lind Ollice,
irants Pass, Oregon, March 1,1, lit 3
Notice ib I erehy given that 111 ci in
I bailee uli ihe provisions of Ibe act
of Congiess ol June 3, IK78, etnit'ed
An eel lor the sale ol timber lauds in
the S'lBtes of Calilornia, Oregon, Nevada,
and Vv atshingtmi Territory," as ex
tended lo all the Puhlir Lain! Siaius hv
act of August 4. is:'.',
ol Siayton, County of Marlon, State ol
Otegon, has this day filed in ibis ollice
his sworn statement No. 4tlL'2. for tin
purchase of the S1V4 ol Section No 'i
in Tuv. nship No ;14 South, Kange No. 4
, and will oiler uroof to show thai
the laud sought is more valuable for in
tinila r or stone than lor agi iculiiiral pur
poses, and to esiabli-h his claim lo sat
lam! lielore J. O. Booth, Ci'llniy Jinlge.
at bis ollice at (irants Pass, (iremni
on Tnitr-day Ilie "sin nay of Mav, IIKW
He nam sas witnesses:
Cliailcs llottinger, ol Stiblimiiy, O.e
g Charles L. Biua n and J. T. kearus
ol Siayton, Ongon, CliaileS llayts, 11
Kingston, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly Ihe above-.', s 1 ibed lands are re
quested In hie their claims 111 Ibis ottici
on or before sad .H.h day ol May
l'.'i'X J T. Bui hots. Ivegrsier.
Blue Print l'liis-r hy the yard or roll
at the Courier office.
"I am sure the Painkiller gives you
relief. I never knew it to fail."
"Why, it docs, und such a pain as
it was, too."
For sprains, bruises, bite of In
sects, ami for any troullo whcroalini-nit-nt
is ncctlcil,
is the best.
3?c. and 5 c. b-ittlcs.
To Cure a Cold In a lla
Take 1. sxat ive I'.ron.o 111.11. tie Tablet
All driu-cisi- relllml the nuiiiev 11 it lao
lo cure. K, W. tirori-' Mtialure is 01
ea 11 ho , ;'.'i,'.
The cuic.vdir
Gu itniitcc.l to ti-.ul am
Is 1. hi niacliino.
The Chk-jti Typtwritrr Cx
51.' 5 1. 1 M.tiket St.
San Francisco.
f S'ates of Californ a. Oregon. N.-vada.
and Wahinglon Terrirorv." as extended
to all lha Public Lnd Stle9 by act ol
Augnst 4, 181)2,
of Stayton, County of .Marion.
State of Oregon has litis dav filed in
j ths ollice his swurii sta'em-nl' No 4GW,
' for the rmrehnatt of tl.u SI if I ' ..I
No I' in T.ivrnaf.o. Vn "1 W ...,t. L)
1 No. 4 W. and ail oliur pro.( to show
That tht land sought is n-ore v .luable
1 ior its timber or f.r.n- than for acri
' cultinal
claim to said land More J O Booth,
County Ju le, at It's office at Grants
Pass, Oregon, on Thursday Ih- 4 hdav
of June, Una. lis names as wr'
nesses :
(ieotg- Snaninl of S avion, Oregon,
tlbeit M. K-aiing nl Grants Pass. Ore
gon. Lsle Hill ol Salem, Oregon.
William E Tii of Stayton, Oregon
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the ain ve described lands un
requited 10 file their claims in tins
illicn "ii or bef re sai l dav of
lime ll(0t J. T. Bkidoks, K visier.
Timber Land Act, tin,. .1, 1S78.
L'nited S'ates Land Office,
Grants Pass, Oregon, M ircit 111 It, BIO.!.
Notice is hereby giv-n iha1 in com
pliance wiih lint provision, 01 ihe act ol
Congress of June 3. 1878. entitled "An
act lor the sula, of timber lauds in lb,
States of Calilornia, Oregon, Nevada,
and Washington Territory," as extend
ed to all the Public Land S'ates Ity acl
f Aug 4, 18!!'.'.
tf Salem, County ol Marion, Slate
I Oregon, has this tlay tiled in this
office Ins sworn statement No. 4rt67, for
the Inl re base of Ibe Kill: l ...!
tion No ' in Toti.o. v.. si 1.
.. - ... ..".,-,,,,. i,., ot OOI ill',
itange No. 4 W, and wnl offer proof lo
show that the land aotiiilil ........
able for its timber or alone than for an-,
'iculttiral purposes, and lo establcti hi-
claim to atd land before J. O. Booth, '
County Judge, at his o'li.-e at Giants '
Pats, Oregon, on Thursday, the -lib dav I
11 June, I'.l '.: lie na ties as wit- I
nesses :
George Spaniol, Willis Cnldwcll, of
Stayton, Oregon, Albert SI Keatinj ol
Grants Pass, O egyn, William E
Thomas ol Stavton, Or-gon.
Any and all prisons claiiuini.' adverse
y the above described lands ate re
peated to lile their claims in this office
before said 4'h day of June, j
J. I. Bullions, Kegister. I
1 1(03.
Phone Ore 64.
2'kS Grand Avenue. (I-ast .Side)
Portland, -
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E. F, Bunipus, tviara.;r,
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ir . alt.. Ii-lo'tri and
nfotnut on. adifr.
A TH. I li I! I'KT !. M AN.
M. Austin t.f l ii.-ti. st. r. In. I
n. lmt ui ilo in Hi,- Imur tif iiinl
Ii wife Ital i-n.-li ria unusual ,.,M. , ( niiil iiv.-r tmuMc, -livi.'
tans coiil.l nut .!;i lt,.r ((,- tlirt..-!it :
'I iinl tr n't! lr. Kins' N, l.if,. ;
'ills ninl ht r. li.f ,-f in r.. nt.,1 :
vtts t'tinl'.v fur.'il i"i,:y ;,t W.
Kn 'it. r s lirnir s er... " '
5iwi me iesi 45 years. Av:rae Arnt-sl
bottles. Does this redof nerit ttn
tack-4 with vrv WoatU u . t t. l? Jcl '
Timber Land Act, June 3. 1878.
United States Lnnd Oilice.
(iranti P, lregon, March l'Jth, 19l3
Notice is hereby givn that in compli
ance with the provi-inna of he acl ot
cingre-a of June 3, 1S7., ei.inled "An
a t lor tli" sale ot liin' e' land in the
stte of Caiii imia. Urevon. Nevada.
n l Wahnn!ton Territory." af el end-d
to all Ibe Public
Land Sutes by act 01
Augus 4. 1812,
of Station. Ciunly ol Marion,
StsAeof Oregon, has this dav filed in this
office bis swo'n statement No. 4'iio lor
Ibi purchase ol th" SE'4'. ol Section No.
12. in Township. Ni 31 South, hanne.
No 4 West and wdl offor pr'xil to show
that the land sought is more valuable for j
its limner or some niati tor agricultural
purftoses and to establish his iiaitti
to said land bet"i J O B. -o h. County
I tidge, al his office al (irants Pasr, Ote
(fon, on Thursday, the 4;h day of June
PJ 3 lie narucaas wit nesses:
Ge. rge Spaniol, Willis Caldwell, ol
s'tai ton, Oregon. Albert M. Kea'ii.if, ol
iratt's Pass. Oregon, l.afe Hill, ol
Sab-m, Ore011.
Anv and all p-rsons claiiiiing adve se
ly Ibe above-described lands a'e re-
piested to lie their claims in ibis office
011 or U lore said 4'h dav of June P.KJ3.
J. T. BimiOEs, Kcgii er.
Timber Land Act, June 3. 1878
Ull.ted States Land Olli. e,
tiriitits Passr O'egon, Wiirch,T7'l., P'O.i.
Notice is hereby given :hat in coin
piiauceurh the provision ot the n -t of
Congress ot June 3, 1878, entitled "A:i
act (or Ihe sale ol timber lands 111 Hie
Stales ol California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended o
all the Public Laud S ales hy acl of j
Aug'isl 4, 18112, !
of Siayton, ( o.iuiv oi Man 11 . ' Slate!"' Subliini'y, ( oiinly el Mailoii, Slate of
of Oregon, has Uiis dav lied in this j I'Bt 'lay lile.l 111 tins office
ollice Ins sworn t-talem- nt .V.. 4n"it lor '"s "v'"r" statement No. 4li21. for the
Ibe li.nchaseof tne oi Mciiori No. I purchase of Ibe NU of Sec: loll No. 2.
I ownsnip
No "-U Sou li Pance
No. 4 W
and w.ll c-tr r pr..,c
ai.d toi'ladil is tnoie
to show !
lor sgri-bn-li
t,, 't "'
I I".' US
lis timber or Hone th 1:1
lb oral piiritos.'S mid to i sit
cla'lll to said i.l'id l.etore .1. II. ll.Mt'li,
County Jud.e. ut his office av Grams
Pass. On gun, on Iniiisdav. ihe 4 Ii day
01 Juno hl iii. He names ns v nn-sres :
A il iaut E. In o 111 si . ai d W tills
Cal.Uell of Suvl Ori-g ut. A:b-ri M.
Kea'i.iof Gianls Pass, Oieg.u, Life
! Hill o; Saiein, Oreg .11,
Any and all per-nns claiming advein-
iy th. above described l.tlels are re
ipi 'st"l 10 lile ;h"ir claims in this oili,-.-t
o a or be foi e said 1 h ' day of .luut- lit lil.
I , J. I . I'.l.llilirlN.
11 gisler.
Weekly Or..aor.lait
The old reliable Tin
Bet. Hiwthornc Ave and Morrison St.
- Oregon
I-xcclki'.t M.itiKoltling,
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Machine Sold for $75.00
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Los Angeles. Catiforri.
n und Fir-t Sirct't.
i i
t M.-lllt! 1)1
"I'll. A"t
l iiiii ; n;.a i-r...l,.,t- mo.aiurv
' n ir. T'lis f, rrn. a. m.
irn i.r rrnliiitliiif J'j
f. !' --.ti U' hi'.
t v
;i.'i '. i ti .k-. v!
I j'l' at l
'' r--..... (r,,. n ,. i
" r.-. lr. 1, i..u i i, I
.'. h. W K K.. m--
Tasteless ChUI
(i art- '
Timber Land, Act June 3, 187S.
United Stales Land Office,
Roseburg, Oregon, April 21, 1H03.
Notice is hereby fiven that in
compliance with the ptovisious ol
the acl of Congress of June ,'l, 1878,
eutiiltd "An ac' fur the sale o(
timber lands in the S'S'es ol California,
Oregon, .Nevada and Wasinngtoo Terri
tory," as extended to ail thn Public
Land Slaps by- act of Annual 4, Ibj2,
of Portland, Couniy of Multnomah,
State ol Oregon, has this day filed in
this office her sworn statement No. 41182,
for Ihe purchase of the NW( ot
Sectbn So. 32 in Township No. 37 South, No. 7 W, and will offer proof lo
show that th land sought is mote valu-.
ah!e for Us limber or stone than for agri
cultural purposes, and to establish her
ciatni to said land before J O. Booth,
County Judge, at his office at Gtania
Pa.-s, Oregon, oil Thurs lav the Hilt d ly
of July, PK) !.. She naiiits as wirne.sses:
Waiter Harmon ol iirants Pass, Ore
gon, William Ander-on of Selma, Ore
gon, W. J . 1-1, ck of tiraiit-t Pass, Ore
gon, James Kichey ol tin sham, Otegon.
Any and ail persons claiming adverse
ly th- ahove-ile-crit.ed lands are re
qnesled to lile their claims in this otliie
ou or belore said D h day ol Julv, 1U03.
J. T. f.KHHits, K-gisier.
Timber Land, Act June S. 1878.
I'niied sie.tes Land Office,
Grants Pass, Oregun. March 13. 19:13.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with tbe provisions ol the act of
Congress of June ?, 1878, entitled "An
act fo, the sale ol flintier lands in the
Stales ol California, Oregon. Nevada,
and Washington Terrilory" as extended
to all lbs Public Lund Slates by act of
August 4 1SH2,
CIIAKl.Ks llorriNGEK
ln low nstllp .o. .,4 oillll, lii'.lige .o, 4
Wt mill will oMVr pr"of to thaw that ihe
.noil Hjiiit. i tnoie v.ilua'MK fur its
t:mh-r r clout; Ihon l'r Uktrii'iili urat
purport"., aii-l lo t utal'lih hitt claim to
AUi land hWor- J. t). I'muilt, County
.I'.(I;h. at h n nil 1 iv t (irni.tH Phhb, Ore
kinn, un I ln.r-ii.i; the -Hill (Jriy of May
l'-'Oi. IIh ii,h!ihs us winu''ec:
.) ihn V. iiitik, of iSiavtriii, Oregon,
("l.ail.-H K. .Mill-, of Lvitnn, OreKoIi,
Churir- ll.iyc-, ol Kiniip'cjn, Orijon,
Wn j un ltaT. of KiiikErini, Oretfon.
,iiv anl uil it'iPOiiF I'laim.iik! adverse'
i v ahovt-iit'f-rriiV'il IrtiiiiH ure re-
ijiitcU.i Im li c their cUlliis m I hit oflice
mi nt Itt-'orn h:i m 1 Hih day of May
1.m;:i J. 1. Hkiih.ks. U"iitcter
" " 1
The VVeekly Or-'gonirtn and the
Coi kieh both for one year for t'2 in ad
vance. r
Piioto SupjilifH at the Courier of-
2'i n vii.-v- o
xi:v i;it( ii'Mi. r tiikoi (;iioit
Itiy r'l.iii lioH. l-iilare ami T.iurlat
Slpt-pt-r. DlttltiK mill ItuiTi-t
Miii.kini- l.tlnar ( ara.
D.ijlllitit trip llirniiuli lln- ( Hhtailo
and lt.u k) l,iiininiiir.
l-'..r f.ill i:ii-t;,.i!:lr-.s, fat,,, f,il,U-r, i-tf
r:lll .'tl nt :t,j.lri-ss
II. IlICKStIN, t- T. A.
I. 'V. I'll Al.ON, T. i: a.
l-li Tlilnl Strci i, I'l.nlaiid.
A. I!. (', I'KSMSTON, ti. w. 1. A
til-'Klr-t vt-llll ,m iltlli-. W.
CGcTZiAii a Co.,
Dropay. remU Trouble. V U 1 V Li
cJro'r ?oumrr d:"d Ther. 1. .
1 h .-.i .1 I I ,7. l'M-nii.-r
:... --. t ..ui .r i, ,i t v,r:,"T , c"uid,
Jt-r-si ,r. c. WAi;,,NF,i. K,..,iu" 1-?
uniiULrcnti-r. Fr.d,.oia.N Y
tur.aiab, .F. Kr.m'tr.
II A I a Dai o
rvr'"T ' 1-"
I; -.- ."v-'l V r' " K't "r.
IX'-1 - lii V U (" Cj
fr?! I "Million
HO ClITe. No Pav Kn.
, lV-
crfPovV.Ko, ILoot. LW Pal '