Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, May 21, 1903, Image 5

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People e-s They Come exnd Go
From Day to Day.
Proposition Carries bv Sma.ll
, Majority in Election.
r riiMiiii a
If you paint your houso with
To get something that will last. We give a
Five Years Guarantee
With every Can of Patton's Sun Troof Taint
and have a complete assortment of colors.
Cramer Bros.
Odd Fellows Block.
Beautiful Picture
Of Domestic Happiness!
A pretty cottage in the suburbs,
with a lovely green lawn sloping
gently to the street uifd flowers
flowers everywhere. And the man iu
the picture is a model husband fco
kind hearted, and considerate of his
wifo's happiness and well being that
he allows her to mow the lawn sev
eral times a week or as often as it
needs it. No doubt he even consens
to her getting up early in the morning
to chop the wood hard work, and
after calm reflection we are inclined
to agreo with him. Bat to mow
the lawn with one of our lawn mowers
this is not work, it is pleasure.
Grants Pass,
'E wish to call special attention to our white
shirt waists. We have some very pretty
as well as novel ones in the latest styles-
The Peau do Soie and China silks are rare bargains.
Also our lino in underskirts of mercerized sateen are
selling fast at the reasonably low prices.
Closing out sale of Ladies' and Children's sun bonnets.
Do not miss this sale.
Agent for
Mrs. J. A. Rehkopf
New Idea Patterns, 10c.
When sent bv mail nc.
Comparison & Competition
Made With 4. 4 , 5 and 6 Foot Cut
Cb Hlower with a UJorldttJide Reputation
You often
Hear the
Fellow say:
A Full
It (iivCS The Greatest Satisfaction,
The Longest Life,
The Simplest Construction.
Positively N'o Netk Weight,
No Side Draft.
We Court Investigation.
Grants Pass, Ore.
ONE WEEK, commencing
! Allen Stock Company
I Presenting the Following Repertoire
The Power of Wealth
Shall We Torsive Her?
The Keal Lord Lennox
Hazel Kirke
A Fair Rebel
Dangers of New York
Band and Orchestra. Band Concert Each Day at 3:30 P. M.
1 .c?, tJ."o unci :$."?.
Seats on Sale at Usual Place.
Pr Bcrgin. Pans, Ills, writes: "I
have uel Ballard's Snow Liniment;
and am confident there is no better
made Those who live on farms are
especially liable to inauy accidental
cnU, bums and bruises, which heal
rapidly when Ballard's Snow Lini
ment is applied. It should always
be kejit in the lion;. S-V, 50c, and
(1. 00 at Slorer Drug Company.
I J. A. Gulledge of Verbena, Ala.,
wan twice in the hospital from a
' severe case of piles causing 34 tumors.
I After doctors ana all remedies failed,
iBucklcn's Arnica Salie quickly ar
Irnti'd further inflammation and cared
him. It conucrs aches and kills
Ipain. 2V at W. Y. K rimer's.
For confcctioucry (to to Rou-rmund
Mrs. Etta Hubbard made a business
visit to Ashland last week.
J. D. F. Stevenson, formerly of this
county, is now located at Bourne,
Miss Minnie Ireland weut to Port
land Sunday eveniug and will be
absent two or throe weeks.
Herbert Sampson is now at Stock
ton, Cal., where he has a position
in connection with the government
Edward S. Van Dyke left on
Wednesday evening to spend some
time at Salem. He will aUo visit
several days in Engnua
Hon. A. E. Rearues, 'democratic
nominee for congressman, will be in
town next Saturday and will speak at
the court house in the evening.
Mrs. F. P. Mitchell and little son cf
Elmhurst, CaL, arrived on Friday to
visit here for some time with her
mother, Mrs. B. Mensch, and other
Miss Julia Hatch, a returned niis-
sionary.gave an Interesting talk at the
Presbyterian church Sunday evening
on missionary work among the Laos,
in north Slam.
Albert Law, the young man who
was lonnd in possession of Carl
Gontner's bicycle, waived examina
tion and is held to'appear beforo the
circuit court at the July term.
A. C. Hough, 0. E. Harmon and F.
W. Chausse went to Portland Satur
day eveniug. They are mcinltcrs of
the board of trade, committee commis
sioned to lay the forest reserve matter
before the Oregon delegation.
W. J. Wimer of Waldo has been
spending several days in tosvn this
woek. Mr. Wimer is the democratic
committeeman for this conuty and is
looking after the political interests of
Mr. Reamcs, the congressional can
Rev. A. Woodruff Halsey, secretary
of the Presbyterian board of ureigu
missions, gave an able address at the
Presbyterian church on Thursday eve
ning. A largo audience composed of
people from all the churches, listened
to his interesting and forcible present
ation of the subject of foreign missions.
Engineer C. H. Sampson, who
managed the hel'ier engine that
assisted in pulling the presdential
train out of Grants Push, has quito a
record iu that line. He has been engi
neer for President Grant's train 111
Maino. He was scheduled to help
haul the McKinley presidential jiarty
and was one of the engineers on the
train which carried His Royal High
ness the crown prince of Siam.
The special election by which tho
voters of the city decided whether or
not to take up tho library proposition
was held on Tuesday. Though con
siderable intensity of feeling was
manifest, ouly a very small vote was
polled. The vote was taken according
to the lust city registration and there
was no property qualifications for
voters. Mauy of tho non-taxpayers,
however, refrained from voting, feel
ing that the decision should rest with
those who would bear tho expense.
On the other hand, much of the oppo
sition came from the smaller taxpay
ers, while the heavier taxpayers very
generally favored the library. As
may bo seen by tho vote, the old strife
between the two sides of tho town is
yet iu cxistcuco and cut a considerable
figure in the election.
The majority iu favor of the library
was not so large a it should have been,
but it was decisive and sullicient.
Tho First aud Second wards voted at
the court house and the Third nud
Fourth at the city hall. Following
is the voto us cast :
At court house Yes, i)'3; No, 33;
total, liu; majority iu favor of library1
At city hall Yes, 23; No, f.l ; total,
84; majority against library, ,H.
Total number of votes cast, JOT;
majority iu favor of library, 21.
On account of Docorat ion day com
ing on Saturday this year, thestons
will close at 10 o'clock a. 111 and
upon at 4 p. 111. instead of remaining
closed the remainder of the day.
People that have dyspepsia have
weak stomachs, weak hearts, weak
eyes and are usually weak kneed.
They feel bilious and the world in
general has a bilious look to them,
they have so many symptoms that it
is difficult to locate the place where
they feel tho worst. The fact is the
source from where they get their
strength has been cut otf and they arc
sick till over. The food taken into
the stomach remains undigested,
causing belching, and bilious attacks,
followed by sick-headache, and gen
eral weakness. Tim medicine that
puts the stomach in condition so that
the food can be readily digested. will
cure iiysprpsiu mid make si length
where there was weakness. We have
cured thousands of ihtsoiis during the
past 2(1 years, of dyspepsia, with Ur.
Gunn's Improved Liver Pills. A 2"c
box of these pills are worth more to
jK'opln Willi poor digestion than six
months of dieting or a gallon of
pepsin. it ouly takes one tor a dose.
Wo will send two of these pills to
prove what they will do. W. F. Kre
mer. sells them for 3.1 cents a box or
by mail on receipt of price. Write
Dr. liosanko t'o. Phi la., l'a.
Brief Notes e.n,d Items of Inti J
end Importance.
Dr. Flanagan,
Physician aud Dentist.
Go to Corun for Dumbing.
M. Clemens, Prescription Druiriritt.
For squirrel poison go to Rotor-mund.
Deering Mowers aud Hay Rakes at
Cramer Bros.
A splendid line of Royal Charter Oak
Ranges at Coron's.
Stroble's shoo repairing always
pleases. Take your shoes to hiiu.
When you go fishing, call nt Cramer
Bros, for flies and leaders.
Quito a number of our people weut
to Ashland Wednesday to see Presi
dent Roosevelt.
L. A. Stroblu has charge of tho shoe
making and repairing department at
tho Lucus harness shop. Take your
work to him. :i
L. A. Hebcrlio is preparing to build
11 seven room brick residence on the
site of his luildiu; destroyed by tl e
tiro of last summer.
Arthur Conklin lifts ejmo 50,000 or
ii0,000 biiik on hard ahich be he
placed on sale and which are ready
lor immediate disposal.
You want your houso painted with
Patton's Sun Proof Paint. Why?
Because it will last. Sold by Cramer
Federal Labor Union No. 82(1 meets
in the court house on the second Btid
fourth Saturday evenings of each
mouth. G. P. Jester, Pres. ; M. W.
Rohbins, Sec'y.
Mrs. O. S. Gooduow is seriously
annoyed by tho reports which have
lieeu circulated to tho cnVot that her
family had tho small-pox. One of
her children is just recovering from
an attack of tho measles, which ail
ment probably gave rise to tho vexa
tious report.
Members of tho Post, old soldiers
nud sailors, and the W. R.C.Will meet
at If. A. R. headquarters on Sunday
morning, May 21th, at 10:80a. in. so
as to march iu a body to tho Presby
terian church to attend union
memorial services nt 11 a. m. sharp.
Preaching by Rev. J. W. McDougall.
By order of G. A. R. eonnniltoo.
Miss Laura Gertiude Thomas, late
of Columbia school of oratory,
Chicago, will give a recital iu the
opera house, Friday evening, May 2'.',
iu the interest of the Eastern Star.
Miss Thomas will render "Mrs.'WIggs
of tho Cabbage Patch" by Alice Cald
vell Ilogau, which is very popular
now iu the Fast. She will be assisted
by local musical talent. Tickets oil
sale at the usual place.
For toilet articles go to Rotermund.
To Youa
200 Presents Given Away
With tho first 200 suits sold between now and tho 20th day of Juno we will
give away with each suit, one of tho following articles. '
The name of theso articles will bo placed in a plain sealed envelope, and you
will be entitled to tho article named in tho envelope you select.
Remember, a present goes with every suit sold at 5.00 and upward.
We do not uso Ilorso Tail, Black Horse, Black Cats, Etc. for soiling marks,
but all our goods aro marked in plain figures.
Chicago Racke
t Store
Commencing nt 2 o'clock
Saturday Afternoon
And K 11 11 11 in
Every Afternoon am! Evening Until Sold
Crockery, Men's Working" and Dress Shirts,
Glassware, Calico, Shoes, Corsets,
Ladies' Children's and Men's
In Fact, a Full Line of Goods. Now is your chance to net
Goods al Vour Own I'jicc.
Kessler's Chicago Racket Store.
HANCOOK-Iu this citv. Mondav,
May IS, lUtt'i, to Mr. and Mr O. A.
Hancock, a dauKliter.
JENNINGS At hi residence. May
14, liXCi, Mr. J. K. JeuuiiiKn, aKed
7M year 8 months, 7 days.
J. K. Jenuingn was one of llie early
pioneers of Orcffon and wan a man
highly esteemed by all his aquaint-anct-a,
II came here with his family
from Douglas conuty when tho town
wan in lut infancy and lias been a
resident during nearly tho whole time
of its existence. He was formerly
in bnsineM hern and conducted tie
old Pioneer hotel for a number of
years. He leaves a wife and six
children; Mrs. Annie Caldwell of
Burns, Ore., Mrs. Jennie liirkehead
of Wasco, Tex., Henry Jennings of
eastern Oregon, J. A. aud L. L. Jen
nings and Mrs. Alice Evertou, of
Grants Pass. The funeral was held on
Friday afternoon and there was a large
attendance. Rt-T. J. W. McDougall
of the M. E. church officiated in the
funeral He rices.
ALGER At Grants Pass, Haturdar,
May 1, IKU3, Kuth. the 8-nionth
old daughter of Mr. and Mn. H. K.
DAY At her home near Murphy, On-.,
May 18, 1U03, Mra, Matilda Dny,
aged lt years.
BLITON In Medford, Thursdur,
May 14. 1SJ3, Mrs. A. H. fchtoti,
ag- d 36 years.
F '- '1 , 1 4 . -J
A'4yr- n-. xy -' "i
VtA UMJ.'' lOlto, . vu...,.,.
Mtvtilda Day.
Mih 1 :y a pioiici r of (11
t:'u ano nan iiv-n lor inany yi-am
in this 1 ounty 011 Apd'g;ite m ar
Murphy. S!e- was 11 nieinh, r of the
l'r. teri.111 1 loir- li of (iian's l'an
and gate the, iit conl ri but loll for
the erection of the i hllp h htlildlug
in thu city. I util a short time
pr o-diiig hi-r death she has ln-en,
iu sjiite of her ad'auccil ,.,.,
biiusually vigorous, taining h. r
sight and hearing in a ren.arkahle
1I1 gree, and being able to walk
about with the aid of a cane. The
death of "Grandma Day" as she
was commonly known, is regretted
by a great number of friends
throughout Southern In gon.
Ctvrnivnl Queen Vote.
Mis lilai kburn. Gold Hill r.f.i;
Miss ('. Kohorine, Meijford l,i)0
Mis Grace GK.d (irants I'ass I I I
Miss Helen Colvig, Jai k-oiivilli- IIS
MiiMtKsnic liartmau, (iranrs i'as- I -v,
Mim 1'rue Angle, Medford ...U:i
MiM Lou lirigg-, Ashland "i'ti
Miw t.'arrie bite, Grants l'..-s I
MiM Lucy Georg", Ashland .Vo
Miss K. Dowel), Grants I'.i-s i'.'.t
Mrs. Boiiner (irants I'ass ::;,
Company H, Attention!
All members of Coinjwny II, ). N.
G.. will iini t at the Armory Sunday
morning at 10 :! o'c!i k for t!.- pur
pose of attending the Memorial Day
w-nrices. A. E . VOOiiHIi;.-, ('a; t.
Garden hose. Sprinklers and No..
.les at I 'raue r llros.
Dr. 1". D. Strieker, hoineopathlc
phl sieiall and sujueon. in now locateil
iu Grants l'a- and has o ned nu
olhi e 111 risini Kof the Masonh.- temple
St. Luke Guild was pleasantly
entertained on'Tu' sdav bv Mrs II. ('
i;ob.ieii at her homo and thu Lidne
eiijovi d a delightful time on that oc
easion. The Alh n sloik iomi.iliv's baud de
si rvi-s en iht for heroism iu s rsisting
in and finishing their afternoon con
cert on Tuesday in spite of their many
veiatious adventures with a plunging
horse and invading teams. Tim band
is a good one and tin ir afternoon
oni rts are greatly enjoyed features.
List of Presents
One Leather Suit Case. .... Valuo $0.00
One Gentlemen's trunk .... Value 5.00
One pair Florsheim & Co.'s Patent Kid Shoes Valuo 5.00
One pair Walk Over Tatont Kid Shoes - Valuo 4.00
Two pairs Walk Over Shoes, Vici Calf or Kid
Valuo $3.50 pair
Throo pnir Shoos, your own selection
Threo pair Shoes, your own selection
Three hats your own selection
Three hats your own selection
Ten hats ....
Ten hats ....
Twenty shirts
Ton Silk Handkerchiefs
Twenty Shirts
Twenty Shirts -Twenty-fivo
Ties -Twenty-fivo
Twenty-fivo pairs Fancy Hoso
Ton pairs Mens Boston garters
Seven Linen Handkerchiefs
Value $3.00 pair
Valuo $2.50 pair
Valuo $3.00 each
Valuo $2.50 each
Valuo $2.00 each
Valuo $1.50 each
Valuo $1.25 each
Value $1.00 each
Valuo $1.00 each
Valuo $.75 each
Valuo $.50 each
Valuo $.25 each
Valuo $.25 each
Valuo $.25 each
Valuo $.25 each
Is Not Guesswork.
The science of optics has developed
and proven tho fact a perfect eye never
fails for distant vision, and that when
it does fail it is because of a los of
the power through which it originally
overciiinn defect. Such eyes can
only be lli liln perfect through glasses,
ami if once made perfect will thou,
like the srfect eye, never changn, nud
the glasses that make them so will
never need changing. This proves
that if your glasses need changing
they were not originally a perfect cor
rection. The lilting of glasses is purely a
1 hauteal science, requiring a thor
ough knowledge of tho eye and the
refraction of light as applied to the
eye, the aim being to correct deform
ities of the eye, the real science lying
111 the scientist's ability to measure to
111 exact nicely the errors of refraction
1 isliug because of these deformities.
To make these correct ions, wo us',
eommoiily, three kinds of lenses, viz.,
spheres, cylinders and prisms. Using
these lenses separately nud luoombina
1 1 1 111 with each oilier, there can lie
made more eoinbluat ions all of which
are absolutely necessary t bun there
are words iu Hie English language.
This shows that guesswork in optics
is n ry unci i iain. When your oculist
or optician It lis you "if these glasses
d ni't lit vii.' will changn them," you
at least have cause to lose confidence
in bis ability as a refniel ionist.
He proves al once ho is guessinir at
it, mid the science of refraction, lioing
1 1 r from guess woik, you then have
e.nise lo believe he cull never fit you.
Dr. A.T Roberts agrees to "change"
free of charge, any of his distance
.-lasses that can bo improved, either
I v himself or any other refraclioiiist,
at any time iu the future. Kxaluina-
1 .011 free. Wi sti rn hotel.
For stationery go to Kotcnnuud.
Aiiti-Kusling Tinware, guaranteed
for three years ut Cramer Bros.
1 am now prepared to accommodate
a few steady boarders; private fami
ly; ('street 1st first cottage east of
-nth street. Mrs. I,. A. Hlrobel, late
of the Home Kid hen.
Strausky Steel ware, the ware that
wears. Sold only by Cramer Bros.
John It. Bancroft, formerly in busi
ness iu this cily us head of tho gro
eery linn, the Bancroft Grocery t'o. ,
lied at Ins home at Mt. Carroll, III.,
reeeutly, from an overdose of chloral.
It is Ktipiosd by some that the drug
was taken with suicidal Intent.
Alaska Ilefrigi rtors ut Cramer Bros.
Card of Th&nka.
We wish to express our sincere
thanks to the friends and ueighbors for
i--istanie rendered during tho sick
less and death of our liaby Kuth.
Mr. and Mrs. II It. Alger.
Two Men Ariaatad nd Raleaaed
for Lack ol Evldenc.
Ai a sequel to tho robbory by which
Mrs. Loouard of Waldo lost 11,000,
while bringing the money from Waldo
to Grana Pass tied np iu a bundle of
bedding on s wagon, aa told In onr
last issue, D. L. Webb was arroated,
examined aud released. Webb wan
the driver of the wagon that carrlod
the money.. A warrant wan then Is
sued for Ed. McCann who drove tho
aocouiuauyliiir team and wlin ti,
only party supposed to know of the
existence of the money except Mrs,
i.oiii'rii and her brother. McCann
wa brought to town and his examl
nation waa held at the oonrt honso on
Wednesday. Nothimr
against him and he waa released. Ho
is a substantial rancher of Altlionso
who has alwavs hnrn rJt .....
utation for honesty.
Work Wanted.
Any kind of work wanted by man
70 yuan old. 1.60 per week.
W. K. Allen.
Comlni Event.
May 18-93 Allen acock company in
repertoire at opera house.
May 23. Musical at tho Presbyterian
Mar. 2!). Meworlal Day Seavicei at
Presbyterian Church.
May 25 .Speech by Senator Fulton at
opora house.
May 29. Visa Laura Tliomaa rocltul
at opora houso.
May 80. Decoration Day.
May 8a A. K. Keanies speuks at tho
court house.
June 1 Congressional election in
First district.
Juno 17-20 Stroet Fair aud Carnival.
Josephine B&rber Shop.
The Hotel Josephine barber shop is
oub of the most np-to-dute and well
conducted institutions of its kind and
is urosided over bv tun nt .i,a ...n.
efllcieut barbers in Bout horn Oregou.
me exceiiem quality 01 tlie tonsorial
work of Nate O. Bates, is well known
aud his coinjianlou barber is W. F.
Marlott, late of San rancisco. They
have lately added the latest New York
fad, facial massage, with glass and
rubber bulb nsed professionally. Two
evenings of each week will be re
served for ladies.
Masoulo Temple jf Grants Pass en
graved on souvenir spoons just n-ceived
at Letcher's. Call und see them at
Jewulry store.
Three keys on a ring; two keys
ik". No 27. K.-turu to this office.
Fountain Pens Waterman's Ideal
4 :.: to t.00 at Cramer Bros.
Anyone knows that, to catch fish, you must
have first-class
A flailing polo free- with every dollars worth of
fishing tackle.
Tho kind that never breaks.
That's the kind we carry.
Wo aluo carry a full line bicyles and sundries,
knives and razors, talking niachinos, etc., etc.
W. A. Paddock