Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 13, 1902, Image 1

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m III a kJ .r .a.aJ
JosEi'lirsK t
J iKlge
Commissioner!! ..
Deputy Clerk
Deputy tilierill...
rx-bool upi
Surveyor .....
J. O. Iloolll
I John Wrlli.
10. F. Lovelace
.11. I., liitrlletl
T. P. Juilwn
Geo. W- Lewis
Krnest Lister
Lincoln Savace
H C. Pcrkiiw
WW. Kremer
Mayor W. F. Kremer
Auilitorand Police Juiige R. L. Iyi
Treasurer Col. W. Johnson
( ity Attorney c. K. Muyhee
Marshal JOIin
Street Ut John Patrick
Coum ilnien li. II. Ilium
A. ('. llouirh, J. H. Williams, c.
fc. Ilurmoii J. A. lichkoiif. Will 1'.
hniuli, Herbert biniih, lienry sk-bniiilt
Grams Pass I. mice A. F. it A. M., No. W.
reiiiilarcoiiimiinicat.on lirst anil third
Saturdays. Vi.iimiic brothers cordially
inviteil. II. c. lioui.KS, W. M.
A J. I'ikk, Sec'y.
Royal An it Masons -Reaiues Chapter No.
lis meets second and fourth Wednesday
..iiiiiii nun. i 1.. j fcWKI.L,
J. E. PKThKso.t, Secy. H. P
Eastern Htnr Josephine Cbapter, No. 2ii
menu iirsr, ana mini rveiiueMinv
evenings of each month in Masonic
hall. Mhs. tl. .OLi.t K.
.Mks. Assa M. Holman, W. M.
I. O. O. F., -liol.len Rule Lodge No. "it,
meets every Salunluy ninlil at 1. I). O
F. hall. C. II. M wuiHALL,
T. Y. Dfan, Secy. N. ti.
Paran Encampment I. (). ). F. No.
meets second and fourth Thursday at
1. (I. I'. F. hall, Fur.u Scumiiit.
T. Y. Kkat; Sec'y. CP.
Rehekahs Etna Rehekah, No 4!l, meets
second and fourth Mondav, I. O. O. F.
ball. Mae 'Davis, N.O.
Ki.hik OiiKKN, Secy.
I'nited Artisans (irants Pass Assembly
No. -til, meets alternate Ttie-davs in
A.O. C. W. null. F. E. Wr.Ki..
FiiKt) Mks.-cii, Master Artisan.
Woodmen of the World linue ltiier
t'ump No. iV, meets sH'oud and fourth
Fridays at Woodman Hall.
II. V. Mkahr.
C E. Myrke, Consul ( oinmander.
Women of Woodcraft A.alea Circle, No.
ltvi, meets lirst and third Mondays at
Woodmen ball.
L. Mv Davis, 0. N.
W. E. Dkan, Clerk.
Modern Woodmen of America tirants Pass
Camp No. sjhjT meets 2ml and 4th Wednes
day hveninirs at Woodmen hall at
('has. II. Marshall, V. C.
N. Rej nobis, Clerk.
. Foresters of America-Court Josephine
No. 28, meets each Wednesday except
the tirst, ai A. O. V. W. ball.
J. I'. 11AI.K, C. It.
(I. N. Holt, F. S.
Josephine l.odt;e. No. 112, A. O. V. W.
meets in A. O. I'. W.liall, IJU011 build
ijiir every Monday evening.
J. II. M.Aix, M. W.
II A. tTAKAiin; Recorder.
Hawthorne I.uuVe, No. 21, I), of H.. A. (I.
l. W. -lneets evenr alternate Tuesday
evening in A. O f. W. ball, Dixon
builUiini. Mas. A. MuCauthy,
Mrs. Lvdia Dean, C. ui II.
Knielits o( the Macculiees (irants l'a-s
lent. No. IS meets lirst anil third
Thursdays at Woodmen hull.
Will. Alfred, s D. Siovai.I.,
Record Keeper. Commander.
Ladies of the Maccabees-tirants Pass,
llivu No IN holds regular "Reviews"
lirst and third Thursdays at A. (). L'.
W. hull. Visiting sisters cordially
iirvited. Jennie Cheshire,
Mary rMiiimons, Lady Commander.
Record kicier.
KniuJits of Pythias Thermopylae No. 50,
meets each Tuesday nieht 7:.'iO I. O.
O. F. hall. J. T. Chuusse,
Tom W11.1.IAVS, C. C,
k. ol It and 8.
(irand Armv of the liepulilic Hen. Lopan
1'u-l .Vi! meets nrsi Wednesday at
A. t). L. W. ball. J. E. Peterson.
A lie Axtei.i , Adjt. Com
Anierium Order of Steam liiK'ineers, Ore
gon Council No. I, meets hr-t and
third Saturdays, at A. o. l:. W. bad.
W. H. Kesey,
I'.ekj.' F. Mvxn K, t hiel l-.iifineer
t orrespuudiug Engineer.
Order of Pernio White RockCouiuil No
liJi, meets in A. O. I'. W. Hail lirst
and third Friday nights,
C. E. Mayiif, Secretary.
Ea ISklcii kb. Counselor.
I'nited Itrotherbond of Carpenters and
joiners ol Ameri.a I'liiim No. Ills
meets second and iolirth Thursdays ol
each month at A. o. C. W. Hail
J. E. Wikihan, Pres.
D. A. Fitzherai.i, Sec'y,
ir'.uesir. all Stale and Ki l. '"I Conn
1 ! over I irst Nanuna! listnk.
tiKAsrs Pass,
rtirnimre and l'iano
The popular barber shop
Get your tonsorial work done at
On Sixth Street Three chairs
Path room in connection
rT.'1vyc KSer-' r
1 -A . V ? Ti' W - " . c
I u ... , 11.! Ce.c
Fine Rutter Specialty
Full assortment of Watohes, Clocks, Sil
verware and Jewelry. A Uood
Assortment of ItraeeleU! anil
Heart Bangles,
Clement' Drug Store.
Fuonk 2
' r-i .
A Fine Assortment of Boss Cases
The Jeweler.
Grants Pass Banking k Trust Co.
Transacts a General I'.iinkin Imsiness.
1'pceiviM di po.-ils Mil.ject to check or on demand certilicntes.
tllir Cll'.toliicis are a-.lred of coorleoiM trcRtiitenf n,l .,.Ar,. .,,,,1.1..11,,,,
i.stent with sound lutiikin principles.
Safety depoMt Iwxes for rent.
The First National Bank
l'eceive deposits subject to check or on certificate payable on demand,
Hells snht drafts on New York San Krancinco, and rortland.
Telenrnphic transfers uold on all points in the United States.
Special Attention (iiven to Collections and general business of our customer.
Collections made throughout Southern Oregon, and on all accessible points.
1!. A. BOOTH. I'res.
J. C. C'AMi'llKI.I,. Vice Pres.
11. 1.. (JII.KKY, Cashier.
J. b. I'ADIOCK, Fkoib.
I am proixred to furnish anything in the line of Cemetery work in any kind
Nearly tbii ty jears of experience in tbe Marble business warrants my saving
'.bat I can till your orders in the very best manner.
Can furnish woik in Scotch, Swede or American Grande or any kind cf
Front firreet. Next to Greene' Garhni.
Mmdm In Nina
$15,t$20 i $30
The best Disc Machine on the Marketer
Entertains everybody Everywhere
Uses Flat Indestructible Records
which can be handled
vllhout danger of
being Injured
the CRA.SD PRIZI at the PARIS EXPOSniON of 1900
Columbia Phonograph Co,,
2i Geary. Street, SAN TRANC-SCO, CM
W. A. PaddocK, Grants Pass, Ore.
To the old, as to babies, the
even balance of health is more
important than anything else
in the world. The possible
health, in age, is not high and
strong ; it is only even.
There is no end, but death,
to the trouble that comes of its
loss. It ought to be watched
like a baby's.
Scott's emulsion of cod-liver
oil for very old and very young
in different ways is the food
to secure this even health.
We'll send you 1 litdc to try, If you lik.
SCOTT & UOW.NE, 409 Pcrl Mrtcl, New York
Buy Your
School Books
School Supplies
... ot
M. Clemens
Orange Front, Oppo. Opera House.
opposite Court House.
All kinds of Hitili-liradit I'iloluirapliic
work lon at reasonable prices. Devel
oping rml linisliinK for amateura.
See our Leader: One dozen Half Cab
inet, mounted on elaborate oval cauls,
K. A. 1IHOT1I, Vice-l'res,
I.. L, JEWKI.L, Cashier.
$50,000 OO.
ffM mailing at
The reproduction arc
7-ioch Record 50 cent each S3 per dot
Record SI each ; $10 per dor.
Following aie the proceedings o( tbe
Josephine county court at lbs ad
journed October lerm:
Howl of W 11 Fallen, county assessor
elect, uppn vej.
Coml oi V F Kremer, coroner, ap
proved. C I Crane, appointed road super
visor of road district No. 9, in Lucky
Queen prcrnct.
Y llaibaay appointed justice of
tbe peace or Selma precinct to All
In tbe mailer of the publication of
the delinquent tax roll for I be year 1901.
the co.-.trict wa lot to tbe ROOVK.
KiYLH Coi'ltlKit for publication.
In the mailer ol bridge petitioned for
over the east folk ol llie Illinois rivtr
by the Waldo Sineltitn; A Milliiijl Co ,
it is ordered that C V Lnvel:ic on part
of the county eou'er with T vValti Mop
csn loaper 01 tne iV M company
and P. 11. Ilii.wli of llie board of trade
and to in-pul tie prniostd site, and
it is further 01 d r d that if conditions
wa r.iut the building nf said bridge C,
r. l.ovilace is beieny authorized lo
construct said biidge on part uf die
In ibe matter of improving the
wajnn run I between (iranls l'ass and
aii!, it appeaiiii); tliHt Ibe Cliicens
aloiiL' said road are desirous of an ap-
proiirialinn being ma le by tbo countv
lor this purpusn and are ready to sub
serine to such fund, it is ordered by the
court that tbe county will appropriate
an imieuut equal to what may be
ra'sed l v subu'riptiot, but reserves the
priviltgt- ot appointing stiitablo person
lo m 11' r i 11 1-lid l!m expenditure of such
Ti e report of I ieo. V. Lewis, sbetiir,
bnwing tbe amount o( taxes collected
and tbe aim unt lemaining due and
unpaid examined mid a pioved. It was
further ordeied ih it the said sl erill
proceed to ollect tbe ilelintpient tax by
advertisement und fule, said tale to
take place not later than Dec. 2;Uh. 1U.I2
II rnlun, board prisoners. ... $ 70 HO
A ,1 tiiimes Im ill 1 11 g, sand 8 ill)
lilass A l'rudlinmme, stationery. (I (si
Clive Major, 2 insane exam 10 00
Cl've Msjor, med alteiidanee pris. 20 00
A Morris, wood court bouse U'J IK)
rbos Koades, work in road dist.
No. 14
14 00
12 00
4 611
I fit)
II 00
T2 00
3 f,0
1 40
17 4ii
5 00
43 M
17 On
2 00
'.' 70
2 M)
ft 2d
57 .10
6!) Ti l
1' VY Hudson, work in load dist
No. 11
I, V Tope, wood, pauper
A I) llonck " "
Kinney & Truax, uidso. pauper.
,1 II Miller,
C C 1'resley, state laie, pauper. ,
t) Hootli, moiey advanced
Niuieke A Stilb, mdse pauper...
J M Miiiowan, ' "...
Smith llros. nidse punier
8 1' 1) ik 1, Co, lumber
(leo if Hums, repairing south
end It K bridge
I'acilic States Tel At Tel Co. tele
phone service
S Norton, sprinkling street Iront
court bouse
Iliinnii A llnrinoii, livery hire. . .
1 Prince, w ,rk read disl No. II
I' I' A I. Co, lumber, bridge. .
S 1' 1' A L Co, lumber, court
Ii 11 Kindle, special ecrviceiis
7 00
ISO 2f
2 :n
2 Utl
41 oil
10 no
Mrs K Almy, tare and board
Marv K Leonard, leg electors
Alth'iiise precinct
.1 W l illin.m. hauling gravel ..
O as A l'rudhomiiie, blank
books and stationery
S Moore; autopsy body II
M Jeter, conveying pauper
:i 00
d oiibla
BHIM-bf nitwit
Ctm Crow, iivt4CMorH
.Nov. Ift
2 00
sal to
215 00
:;u on
12 110
M 50
12 Do
22 HQ
3 Ji'i
242 .')('
12 4n
77 ;
20 5'.
21 50
1 on
1 Oi
Mm (.'han ( row, aHt. mi !x mil
jluM l'r iHllmniHK', blank trooks
I- V ilni,vrtti( work on hritlyw
Juror ft-t'H, jijfue court, Krrby. .
W itrtf-r Ifi-ri, jintic court, Kirhy
K K Mficsn'sr, justir Ichb.... .
ChiiH V Hurt , countable fees
Hair -liiMlt ilnrhvnru Co rixlrio
Juror im. S-pt l't )1 truit'ircuit
Wit i s tve
lirantH I'a-n N V I. .t I' Co ,
wa'cr liyM
VV ! K ttMiier, jfit inor! m fxmn
i V l,f win, litu ifi hi Hii k (irow
to r-f r u ('houl
C 1! Ma tif-f , jus'HM f 4'
I ( K '-in die, count bt( fti'i. . . , .
It n j Kv.ina, wit. fra
.Mormi I'owfii, wit. fie,..
Uffun nj.'rvr, priutiinf
I0I I.Htcr, btarl (.ricoi.crH
J H I', tl-"M, Caff (Irlllt-TH . ....
1.1 oil
m u,
111 7L'
i ifo II 'ar-(, w!c iii ro i tlit
N'. I
J I n;e, 2 infant, exam . . . .
(I .Vl
0 DO
C) I
-.-I ,
t K:
t V.'lll. I
1. cor in
lei -. ( nr.
I rk 1 .
U'tn llukiv .
111 l."i.g
ti ui
Ii Do
!l 0l
4S M0
1 Ol
oO isi
11 -o
44 00
30 !(-ri
:;o iia
1 to w
ii.'i im
2 "id
27 0(1
.lilrur ie s.
W K Krenier, cor fees " "
(; V. M lylee, j n. Ices, ''i'e cs-es
I (; Handle, con. fees " "
Wdneiei Ices, stall' i hvi-i,
Ada-ii Winter, vek III. bridge
ain iwer-, ' '' "
J a'Loner, " " "
Win lliil1, " " "
: ,.i ' "
A r loir K( icl-1"!!! ' " "
II S W.coc, luru " " .
(' K l.uve'ai e, S'lpt '' '
K K'lck-'.n, ors " "
t-'rank Mirali, a irlt " "
J V f,le. UuIac bridi-s
t If cbiiiidt, mdse bridge,
)I t.'leineiis, loiUe paiiiiera
I.iiicjI'i .ava'e,
Hotel JoKephiiie, b-iard jtiry in
Clntlin ca-e
Trimble its , biicksmiibin.
John i-lte, oi esin bridges
J d n Welis, c Til. sal and lliilu
C I I.ove'ai-e, coin sal. and milarfe
Court adjo hiis linn die.
27 .VJj
b4 lis ;
7 M
.'l On
it r,
12 00
111 til
b On
i-lKi: Cl'ltK rwK.I'H.Ke'.
Itching 1'iies produce moisture and
raui-s ivliing. This form, aa well as
lilinl, llhuliiig or Protruding Piles are
cured !r. ISo-tan ko'i Pile Kemedr.
Sli. it liing and bicrditig. Ab-oibs
tumors. l( ajir at Druggists, or sent
t.y mill. Trca'i-e free. Writ me
aljijiit our casi. Iir. I'jsanko, Philada,
I'd. K"r sale by V. p. Kremer.
lo ( urr m ( old In a Pay-
Tii.( UuiHf Ilroino (Jniinne Tai.lcU.
e Itite Ilroino toiinne Tai.lct.
All drni(i.'u refund tb money if il falls
locure. K. W. Ororu's tignalure u on
L'ol. J. S. Crawford, who 18 at
present fiTfUis city aud owucr of tbe
celebrated Cleopatra Copjier claims of
IV! Norte comity, Cal., is one oft be
lending geologists of tbo coast He
also Klongs to a group of prominent
piouoers wbo blazed tbo Western
trails, and most of whom have gone
to claim their Great Howard. .
J. S. Crawford was bom in Ediu
borough, Scotland, over 70 years ago.
In 1S37, when bnt a small lad, ho
came with his parents to Philadel
phia, where tbe family remained and
wbero young Crawford received his
I education. He graduated from the
University of Pcuusylvania and ser
ved timo with tbo English Engiiucis
at tbo closo of the war
When interviewed by a Courier
representative and asked concerning
his war record, the Colonel's eyes
sparkled with pleasure at the thought.
Ho has a record of which he 11111V
well fiol proud. "1 eon hi spend days
doing nothing bnt telling my exper
iences ns a soldier and scout" said he,
"but I dnu't want to weary you with
that. I have fought in 21) battles mid
hi'cn 111 11)1 skirmishes mm curry a
number of bullet scars ns a mtuuetito
and reminder of those days on the
Western border. I havo fought und
worked with "Buffalo Bill" Cody,
Bill Ilirkock, and Bill Ingram. I
was with Pollard iu the cleuniivg out
of tbo North Bark Divide, up in
Dakota. I have mined in all of the
priut'iiial districts from the lireal
Lakes to central Old Mexico and all
of the camps of the Western states. "
Col. Crawford is a member of the
Geological Survey at Washington
and of tbo North England Federa
tion of Newciistle-On-Tyne. Ho was
ordered by the late President SIcKin
ley to go to tbo Philippines and make
geological investigations for the Sur
vey at Washington, but could not ac
cept the trust because of his age.
Col. Crawford was the discoverer
and is the manager of tbe Cleojuitra
group of copjier olectruiu claims in
the Diamond creek district of Del
Norto county, Cal., which are attract
ing wide-spread attention. It is re
garding this discovery that Col. Craw
ford delights to talk, it being the re
sult of many years hard work, close
observation and deep study.
'I havo niado the forces of elec
tricity and magnetic cnrrenls. my
study since tbo work of .blazing trails
and righting Indians ended. Copper
electruni as defined by Dana, and for
which I have been searching many
years, I havo found in quantity in
Del Norte county, California. This
metal, or combination of metals, is an
alloy of copper, gold, silver, .inc and
iron. These ehi'trnm ores are found
running along stratifications of asbes
tos and following tbo courso of the
Gnat Copper Pole which extends
fioni Mr. Shasta to Northern Alaska.
Ill Northern California, where these
stratillcalions are most prominent, Im-
Ing nearer tbo surface, they have un
til recently been known as volcanic
erupt inns. This I do not find to be
the case. Their apiHarance in this
regard is duo to the radiations of
electric currents along the Great
Copper Pole, which has resulted in
tbo total loss of all lead, next the
loss of metallic iron or nearly so as
the remaining values of this are never
nioro than i) per cent leaving copper
as a and gold and silver as an al-
'Veins of copper elect rum ores I
Hud to begin in Del Norto county
Cal. j they follow the course of the
(ireat Cops'r Pole, duo north into
Josephine and Curry counties of
Southern Oregon, continuing in this
courso to tbo gold lit Ids of Alaska.
Further north we flint the base 1111 till
to lie a low grade gold n ilh an alloy
of copper, silver und zinc, the forum
tiou of Hie gold being ut-rinl mi tri
or less by the principal alloys.
Going still farther north lo the del
tas of Alaska and in tin Itiissiiiu Is
lands, which were at nue time 11 range
of volcanic mountains, tbo gold tinds
aie to be cast up iu the shape of
j chlorides mid are washed tipoiilhe
bi aclies and changed iu shars- mid
form by tin- action cf I he kh. In
lln-i-ian Siberia tin same ci ndiiioiii.
"In tiled' last tin n t : i .in 1 1 di,iiiit;
of tin' far north, beyond the .i ii-i'in
of the (ifnat Coip'-r Pole, the ei.luli
tious fonnd are volcanic Tlioso (f
N i u 1 1 1 i-r n California and Soullnrn
Oregon have been tailed such, but
they urn not. I find nothing of u
volcanic nature in them,- but I do
find distinct runs brought about by
electric fusion powers and changed
from one condition to another funn
ing deosits known as clei-trtim.
Kb-ctrniii is a dull red, tough, dm tile
metal. It is inulleable and susceptible
of a remarkably fine finish. It can
be cut easily with a chisel, but it
will not break. Klectrnm will be
n.fiil in the arts fur nmnv liiinna l,,,i
in. juiiiciiai iimi will imi IOUI1I1 111
eleetrolTpilig. It is far ts-tter than
Ibe mechanically made metals being
used for this pursmc, ns eleetruin is
min d by nature and is therefore per
fect. It is worth from t,2 lo fl,
Ml j-r ton. As an additioii to the
arts I regard it as aomething new and
" to bo undersKssl as
cbrated and far-famed Iron miiuiituin
cops r ilium were lirst sold fi r an
irmi mint' ; they were licit sold fur a
silver mine; and now tin y Mr .in((
woim-ii as cops r nniU'S and hs such
thev have no iser on tin: natst.
i-roni iriin 11 call ne wen thai exjs-rts
are not always correct In their con-
lusions, and it g(s to show how lit-
, tl - tin y do know aUnit some tilings.
I iiese sirint es.rt have cal I'd mo a
1 "rank" mi this subject ofwbtiliJ
- biiv studied long and faithfully, mid
k bile tin y mar doubt my com In.ii n
l now, tln ri. will Ihi a tune. I l li, vi..
a Ho V will Is- fon-, .1 I., ml, nil
that there was rturno froth in what
Jask Craw for said after all "
Column j
The ivgular meeting of the W. C,
T. U. will bo held'at tho home of
Mrs. K. A. Wade, Nov. 21, at 3:30
p. m.
to Fiorrr the liquoh kvil
The live days' meeting of tbe Society
of Friends Oct. 2T, at their closing
session, issued tbo following call to
all tho Christian churches:
" Wo are conlidcnt In tho belief that
the consensus of opinion in tho pro
fessed Christians of our land is op
posed to tho evils of tho liquor traftic,
and wo find a want of co operation iu
practical effort to give effect to this
opinion, because none of the prop
ositions heretofore made bus met the
approval of the general judgment of
Christian people. Wo rccogni.o that
this is the case In our own body, nnd
we believe that it is likewise true of
others. As a result, (he church exerts
far less iiitluence than It should to
prevent tho evils produced by this
great cause of poverty ami crinn and
which also is a most serious obstacle
to tbe spread cf the llospol.
"We are deeply impressed with the
conviction that an earnest effort
ihould hu made to ascertain in what
way Christians can expect any united
iiitluence ill this cause, nnd by what
means they may work together. ' I'p-
ou what proposition c:cn wo obtain a
practical agreement. Wo ' frankly
confess (but we are not competent to
solve tho problem, but wo boliove
that by united inquiry nnd a pravciful
seeking or divine enlightenment, with
a willingness to approach tbo subject
with no open mind, tho united church
may liml it way by which we can
serve Ibe cause of Christ and tho good
of mankind in seeking tho ultimate
liiniiialinii of this stupendous evil.
"We then ore invite the governing
bodies of the various dcuominal ions
of Christians iu the I'lilted States to
appoint delegates Iu represent them in
a conference to bn held in tho c i I V of
Washington, to begin on the second
Wednesday of March in tho year lUOfl.
Tho decisions of this conference
should be reached only iu practical
uuauiinity, and therefore it is un
necessary to indicate any limit to the
promised representation. Wo issue
this invitation with an bumblo reali
zation of tbo suiaUucHS of our body
as compared with ninny others, but
wo do it under a (Im p sense that this
duly has been laid upon us, aud thai
Oud will use the proposed instru
mentality for the accomplishment of
great good to mankind and for the
glory of His nuinn. "
Tbo proclatnal ion names a com
mittee to represent the church at (he
proposed meeting.
IvNOi'KI'll) tilJI C. O. 1). I.liJl.'ull
The Iowa Supremo Court has re
versed two trial couils iu Iowa on the
piestion uf the e. o. d. liquor sales
by express companies. The holding
of the court prevents the express com
panies from handling liquor c. o. d.,
ami makes such gotuls contraband an
liable to seiiim If found ill the
possession of the companies. Tim
court holds that the privilege of origi
nal packages or freedom of interstate
commerce diss not apply to a business
of this chutactcr.
V.. (i. Hudson, deputy gainii war
den, bus In i n iu (llanls Puss several
days during the past week iu the i r
formauce of bis ullicial duties. There
are cerlaiu portions of the Oregon llsh
laws which he desires lo be called to
the attention nf our local fishermen
and wo subjoin a few extracts which
regulate trout fkln'm in this slate.
S.c. vs. Trout : It shall be unlaw
ful for any u to lake-cul'tli, kill
or have in piis.-essinu any limit, except
Miliiiou trout, during tin- mouths nf
November, Dei, ifuniiaiy, Feb
ru.ny and M.iVch of any year; nnd it
shall be unlaw ful fur miy person to
take, catch, kill or in possession
il any time, miy trout, char or salmon
le-i than hvc inches in liiigth; and
it shall be lllllliAflll for nny pi I ami tc
take, can Ii or kill at any lime, in the
wall is of tins . late, i,i, In, in l,y nny
means vhntii.r except wiih book and
line : and nny in n Ii .hii.g w lib hunk
liml 1 1 in v. bn, 1. 1 .i it lilting the same,
shall I in! any in i.t, char or salmon
of li -i than Inn inches in length
caught or eiilanfl'd t hereon, shall
iiiinn diati-iy, with cam and the least
possible llijiuy lo tin- lish, disentangle
aud h t loose ihit same and transmit
the lish In the water without violence.
Sec. 2'.). Salmon trout: ll shall be
unlawful to take, laldi or kill any
.ilinori trout by any un aim whatever,
except will, b,,i,l. ami line, or to lish
Absolutely Pure
. '.v3V4i
Christmas Gifts
It may seem early to talk Christmas, but we have had so
many inquiries as to when our Christmas Goods would be
on display that we are compelled to sav something. This
is pre-eminently the store in which to buy gifts. People
are finding that out, and that's one reason they want to be
first and get the choice. Our lines this year will far sur
pass anything ever attempted in Southern Oregon.
Hook Cases, Desks Somo
Couches and Lounges.
$30 down to tho best couch for tho least money you
ever saw. ' . .
Pictures Tho picture- and
framing department is full
of tlio very lost in art
goods, both framed and un
earned. Don't put off tho
flaming of that picture ho
long. Can't you let us have
' it now when wo'ro not so
hurried as wo will bo later?
Wall Papers A look over
our assortment is suro to
plcaso tho most critical. 10
Chinawarc. Tho lino this vc-nr is especially trood in
tho way of tho usoful a a woll as tho ornamental, light
weight artistic goods. Cups and Saucers from 10c up.
Carpets full of eleganco
and wortli from 25c to $2.
Wo show tho largest assort
ment in Southern Oiegon.
(i()c to $20
Linoleum saves scrubbing
and backaches.
Lace Curtains, 50c to $0.
Clocks Somo most beauti
ful designs at surprisingly
low prices. Ask to soo our
Cathedral Gong J and 1 hour striko Mantel Clocks,
warranted alarm clock for $1.
A3 t- -fi
Stoves ami Ranges A
handsomo Steel Range, 0
hole, liirh warming closet,
$;() to $52. Cook Stoves
ami Air-Tight lbaters all
t; Tin Milk l'ans for i'5f.
Tin Tea l'ots 5c.
You arc most cordially invited to call and see
the store whether you wish to buy or not.
Shall we have the pleasure of seeing you?
Furniture I . T I
fur wiliiiini I rout liiuny nilur tli.iu tiilo
wutiTH during tho inoiitlm of Novt'in
h r, I)i i'1'iiiln-r, Jununry, Krtiruury uuil
Miin li of nu ll ji ur.
Sec. 110. Hiilii i if trout prohibited :
It uliiill Imi anlnw ful to M'll, nffi-r for
iln nr Imve iu mim rn.ii ui for wlu or
IniriKii uuy HjH'cii'ri of Irout t any
1 1 inc.
Sic. IU. Niglit flnliiiiK iiroliiuittid :
It rluill Ui uiiluwlul for toiy intmhi at
my tiiini to tiiKc, lull or rupture, or
tilt - in i t to t.iUi', kill or rnttire, uuy
t rmt I tw.-i n i urn hour after uiim-I
mil line hour Uforii auuriiH'.
See. HJ. Limit of cuti li : It aliiill
bu uiiIum ful for any pcMou to tnkc,
Furniture in immonsova
rioty and at carload prices.
Iron IJcds from $20 down
to tho lowest priced on the
Rockers from $'20 down to
$1.00. Tho largest variety
ever shown here,
Tables All kinds; somo
now ideas, new finishes,
beautiful effects.
very reasonably priced goods.
Over 23 different kinds from
to GOc per roll.
Dinner Ware Wo carry four open
.stock patterns. You can match up
hero. Ihiy your dishCB horo.
Lamps In every kind; a
handsomo.Dccorated Lamp
with shado to match $1.25.
i'li'tiir MauKlings
kill or ciii'turo mom tlinu 125 treat in
otin iluy.
Every iliun or artificial obstruction.
Iu utri KiiiH muHt bo jirovldcd with m
tlnliwiiy and it in unlawful to fluli
within lioo fcot of nucli tlliway.
Illuu Print PnH r ly the yard or roll
at tho Courier ofllco.
Th old rllht The Wklr Owtwilw.
Kront St. nijn. Vtr Tank.
A. VanNoy, Propr.
Uf .wqoo svyiv IV