Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, October 16, 1902, Image 1

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    VOL. XVII.
No. 47.
CUrk : ,
Deputy Clerk
Deputy Sheriff
Treasurer .
bcbooi riupt
J. O. Booth
I John Wells
IC F. loelace
It. L. Ilartlett
T. V. Judson
Geo. W- Lewis
Ernet Lister
J. T. Taylor
Lincoln Savage
Chas. Crow
H C. Perkins
W. V. Krcmer
Mayor W. F. Kremer
Auditor and Police Judge K. L. Davis
Treasurer Col. W. Iqhnson
City Attorney.. C K. May bee
Marshal John Lockliardl
Street Supt John Patrick
Counciliiieii Geo H. liinna
A. ('. iloUKh, J. II. Williams, C.
E. Harmon J. A. Kehkopf. Will C.
Smith, Herbert Smith, Henry Schmidt
Grams Pass Lodge A. F. & A. M., No. 84.
regular communication tirst and third
Saturdays. Visiting brothers cordially
invited 11. C. Borizks, W. M.
A J. Pike, Sec'y.
Royal Arch Masons -lteames Chapter No.
US meets second and fourth Wednesday
Masonic lull. L. L. J aw ill,
J. E. I'etkksoK, Secy. H. P.
Eastern Star Josephine Chapter, No. 2G
meets lirst and third Wednesday
evenings of each month in Masonic
hall. Mas. H. Zolles.
Una. Akka M. Holnas, W. M.
I. O. 0. F , -Golden Rule 1-o.ige No. 7(1.
meets every Saturday night at I. 0. 0.
K. hall. C. il. Marshall,
T. Y. Dfan, Secy. N. G.
Paran F.ncampiiieiit 1. O O. F. No.
meets second and fourth Thursday at
I. (). (i. F. hall, Fmed Sciimiut,
T. Y. Dkab. Sec'y. CP.
Rebekahs Etna Itehekah. No 4!). meets
second and fourth Monday, I. 0. I). F.
hall. Mas Davis, N.G.
Klsis Okiei, Secy.
United Artisans-Grants Pass Assembly
No. 4!1, meets alternate Tuesdays in
A.O. It. W. nail. F. E. Wehtz,
Fkzd Mekmh, Maslr Artisan.
Woodmen of the World-Rogue liner
Camp No. !, meets second and fourth
Fridays at Woodman Hall.
3 Jl.V. Mkaiie,
C. E. Maybee, Consul Commander.
Women of Woodcraft Aialea Circle, No.
IK2, meets hrst and third Mondays at
Woodmen hall.
V. E. Deas, Clerk.
Modern Woodmen of America Grants Pass
Camp No. !A)7 meets and and 4th Wednea
dav Evening at Woodmen hall at 7 :3U.
Chas. U. Marshall. V.C.
N. Remolds, Clerk.
Foresters of America Court Josephine
No. 2S, meets each Wednesday except
the lirst, ai A. O. U. W. had.
J. P. Hale, C. R.
G. N Holt, F.S.
Josephine Lodge, No. U-. A. O. C. W.
ineeis in A. (). C. W.hall, Dixon build
ing every Monday evening.
J. II. Miahe, M. W .
11 A. StaHahii, Recorder.
Hawthorne Lodge, No. 21, 1). of II.. A. O.
li. W. meets everv alternate 1 uesday
evening in A. O 'U. W. hall. Dixon
buildinn. Mas- A. .McCautuv,
Mas. Lvuia Dean, C. ol 11.
KnLhts of the Maccabccs-Granls l'a-s
lent. So. 13 mecls lirst and third
Tnuisdays ul Woodmen hall,
Wm. Allred, D. Slov l.L,
Record Keeper. c-iinmaiidcr.
Ladies of the Maccala-es-Oranls Pass,
Hive No 18 holds regular "Reviews"
lirst and third Tharsdai s at A. o. U.
W. hall. Visiting sisters cordially
invited. Jennie Cheshire,
Mary Simmons, Lady Commander.
Record Keeper.
Knights of Pvthias-Tliermopylae No. SO,
meets each Tuesday niglit 7:3) I. O.
O. F. hall. J- 1. Chausse.
Tom Williavs, C. C,
K. ol R and 8.
Grand Army of the Kepulilie Gen. Logan
Poet No. S, meets lirst Wednesday at
.. ,1 tir 1. ..11 I L' I'.ri'.diiM
. J. II. . uaii. ,,. a. -. - .
AUe Axtell, Adjt.
American Order of Steam Engineers, Ore
gon Council No. 1, meets tirrt and
lliird Saturdays, at A. O. U. W.hall.
Wh. 11. KlWMV,
Bem. F. Mvru k, Chiel Engineer
Corresponding bngineer.
Order of Pendo-White Rock Council No
ltil, meets in A. O. V. W. Hall lirst
and third Friday nights,
C, E, Mavbe, Secretary.
Emma Uklchek. Counselor.
I'nited Hrotherhood of Carpenters and
Joiners oi America I'nion No. lit"
meets second and fourth Thursdays ol
each mouth at A. O. V. W. Hall.
J. E. W 1 k 0 a a n , Pres.
D. A. Fit.oeralu, Sec'y,
P.actitesin all Slate and Federal Con
Othce over r irel National bank.
Uhahts Pass,
(jkasts Pass,
Furmtare and Piano
Tht popular bsrber shop
Get your tonsorial work done at
On Sixth Street Three chairs
Bath room in connection
1 - , ,-f huwattt fw&
9, Trr Tmi'v to 3r 0ry
Cmu m
Fine Hutter a Specialty
Full assorinient of Watches, Clocks, Sil
verware and Jewelry. A Uood
Assorlineut of Bracelets and
Heart Bangles,
Clemen' Drug Store.
PllON 21
A Fine Assortment ol Boss Cases
The Jeweler.
Grants Pass Banking & Trust Co.
Transacts a Gcnerol Ranking business.
Receives deposits subject to check or on demand certificates.
Our riistoineis are assured of courteous trealiue'nt and every consideration con
sistent with sound banking principles.
Safety deposit boxes for rent. J. FRANK WATSON, Pres.
R. A. BOOTH, Vice-Pres,
L. L. JEWELL, Cashier.
The First National Hank
Receive deposits subject to check or on certificate payable on demand.
Sells sight drafts on New York San Francisco, and Portland.
Telegraphic transfers sold on all points in the United States.
Secial Attention given to Collections and general business of our customers.
Collections made throughout Southern Oregon, and on all accessible points.
K. A. BOOTH. Tres.
J. C. CAMPBELL, Vice Pres.
II . L. Gil. KEY, Cashier.
J. B. TADPOCK, Pbofb.
I am preprred to furnish anything In the line of Cemetery work in any kind
Nearly thirty years ol eiperience in the Marble business warrants my eayinii
that I can fill your orders in the very best manner.
Can furnish work in Scotch, Swede or American Granite or any kind cl
Ma,b,e J. B. PADDOCK,
Front Street, Next to Greene's Ooi.ahop.
Mmdm In thrum tym awJnf aaf
The best Disc Machine on the Market
Entertains Everybody Everywhere
Use Plat Indestructible Records
which can be handled
without danger of
being Injured
The GIUPHOPHONE aod COairtBU RtCORDS wtn oworded
Columbia Phonograph Co.,
(125 Geary Street, SAN FRANCISCO, CAL
W. A. Paddock, Grants Pass, Ore.
If a child is thin, let him
take a little of Scott's emulsion
of cod-liver oil.
Some children like it too
well; begin with a little. A
half- or quarter-teaspoonful is
enough at first, if the stomach
is weak; but increase, as you
find the stomach will bear.
The effect is: the little one
takes on strength; gets hungry;
eats and is happy; gets fat he
ought to be fat and gets
We'll md roe A.I111U to trr if voa Uka.
SCOTT . BOWNE, 409 Paul Mnct, New York.
Buy Your
School Books
School Supplies
M. Clemens
Orange Front, Oppo. Opera House.
To Core a Cold In a Day.
Take Laxative Itromo Quinine Tablets,
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on
Front St. oppo. Water Tank.
A. VanNoy, Propr.
Perfection oil stoves, finest in the land,
at J. Wolke's.
S2r,oou 00.
$50,000 OO.
Tlx reproduction arf
7-ladi Recorda 50 twin ndi per dot.
lO-iach Records SI each I SlO per dor.
Met in Bethany Presbyterian Church at Grants Pass on
Thursday, Oct. 9 and Closed its Labors Sunday.
Minister ctnd Elder from All
Part of the State Meet to
Discuss Plevna
The Synod of Oregon is contermin
ous with the stato. It contains, in
remm! unrulier. 100 churches and
ministers. The Synod is the great
annual meeting; to it the Presby -
teries are responsible, and to it may
take appeals. The Synod lias nothing
to rto with the assignment of minis
ters to clinrelies that is within the
control of tho Presbyteries but It is
rather a court of review aud general
control. Every Presbyterian minister
in the state, whether old aud feeble or
yonng nnd vigorous, is a member of
Synod. Every church is entitled to
nil elder to represent, it, in addition
to the pastor. According to the latest
published statistics there are 2W4
olders, (S7 deacons, Bi25 members,
and 870 S. S. member. The con
tributions last year were '.till to
Homo Missions, -'l!2l to Foreign
Missions, $4117 to Education, $576 to
S. S. work, t'tm) to Church Erection,
tOT to Relief, !i?0 to Freedmen, fS84
to Aid Colleges, nnd tr9830 for con
gregntional purposes.
The most prominent church is the
First church of Portland, with 1000
This Synod held its 12th annual
meeting in Grants Pass, beginning
Thursday, at 7:80 o'clock p. m. Tho
opening sermon should liavo been
preached by Rev. F. L. Forbes, D. D.
the retiring moderator. He is prin
cipal of tho academy at Pendleton.
A fine, new building is in process of
erection aud Dr. Forbes could not
leave, but he invited Rev. II. A.
Ketchum, D. D., pastor of the Salem
church and last moderator present, to
take his place. It was ably done.
a , CI .HI
Z-r m 1 1 -
After the sermon, Synod was con
stituted with pmyer. The roll was
called by Presbyteries mid shows
that the following persons were
present :
Eastern Oregon.
J. H. N. Hell, of linker city.
James livers, of Sunipter.
A. J. Irwin, of Pnrns.
W. N. VunNuys, of La Grniidii.
J. K. Mi'Gillivrny, H. S. Mission
ary. S. C. Elder, Moro.
H. J. Diven, Pendleton.
Elder, Amos Pond.
Port laud-W. 8. Holt, D. I)., J. V.
Milligun, Willium O. Forties, Ed
ward M. Sharp, Edgar P. Hill, D. D.,
V. S. Gilbert, Audrew Montgomery,
M. D. Mel'lelliind, H. S. Temidetiin.
Winlield T. Scott, Fairvlew.
Albert KobiiiMin, Hillsboro.
Julian Hutch, Sj .riugwater.
E. V. St. Pierre, Salem.
V. C. I.ihiIh-, Helhany.
Henry Murcotte, Astoria.
J. R. Welch, Woods.
Elrlers J. It. Ewing, C. H. Made
ley, W. S. Honcyman, J. K. Worth,
O. P. S. Plummer M. I)., C. Schuebcl.
Southern Oregon.
F. G. Strang)', Marslilield.
W. Clyde, Phoenix.
O. Gillespie, Port Irford.
J. E. Blair, Glendale.
W. S. Sliveal, Klamath.
C. W. Hays, Grants Pass.
A. Habcrly, Coiuille.
S. II. Jones, Jacksonville.
S. S. White.
Elders .T. 'Pardee, W. A. Strain,
J. W. Strange, W. Boh man.
J. H. Cornwall, Sodavllle.
E.J. Thompson, I), .li, Indepiu.
deuce. . ,
H. A. Ketchum, D. D., S.ilem.
T. Brownette, Newbcrg.
L G. Kiiotts, Allmny.
H. L. Keed, Albauy.
J. E. Snyder, Brownsvillu.
J. M. MK.'miiIj, W'Kxlliurn.
Andrew Carrie, Corvallia.
W.'T. Wartlle, Dallas.
P. A. Fisher, Mill City.
C. F. Woodward, Eugene.
Elders W. G. Sharniati, H. N.
Steele, J. W. Crawford, W. H. Bollea,
Pres. W. IL iJ-', Alliauy, Licentiate,
J. E. Wolwer.
R. v. E. P. Hill, li. V. waa elected
moderator. Rev. A. .J. Montgomery,
tmi.orary clerk. Rev. W. S. Holt, D.
D., reporting clt-rk, all of the presby
tery of Portland. The permaueut
otBctrs are; Rev. J. A. Tovrnscnd,
Ph. D. ot Kost'burg, stated clork;
Rot. P. G. Strange, of Marsh fie Id,
permanent clerk.
The following niiuixters were
preaeut and invited to sit as corros
ponding members; Rov. Hogh W.
Gilchrist, profisor of Now Testa-
meut Greek' in the can Francisco
Seminary aud a member of the Synod
of Washington ; Rot. D. T. Summer
villc, tlio presiding elder of Grauts
Pass district, J. W. McDongall, E.
R. Ketclieson, all of the Oregon
Conference of the M. E. church; R.
L. Johnson, state convention of the
Disciple church ; Robert Lslie, Bap
tist state convention.
Synod thou adjourned until Friday
a. ni. after adopting the following
program reported by the committee of
Thursday, October, Otli.
7:30 P. M. Opening service of praise.
Sermon by Rev. N. A. Ketchum,
D. D. Organization. Report of
Committee of arrangements.
Friday, October 10th Morning.
8:30 Devotions. leader, Rev. H. 8.
Tenijileton; Subject, "God's
Guidance." Ps 73:24
9 KM Business
10 :80 Report of Committees on Tem
porHiiee and ou Sabbath Obser
vance. 11 :50 Auuouucements
13:00 Recess.
2:00 Coiisideratlou of San Francisco
Theological Seminary. Address
by Prof. H. H. Gilchrist.
Nomination of Directors of Semi
2:30 Report' of Commit tee on Publi
cation and piililialli N'liool Work.
Five-minute adilreHSCs by PrcsbT
terinl S. S. Mihsioiiaries, Rot. V.
O. Forbes, representing the board.
8 :15 Report of Committee on Church
hrection. Address by Hev. w.ln.
Holt, D. 1)., representing the
Hoard. KeiHjrt of Committee on
: .!!
Ill' .
f ia . i . rWi
Young Peoples Societies. Ad
dress by Rev. H. Marcotte
ReiKirt of Committee on Systomat
ie Beuetii-euoe, on Twentieth Cen
tury Euud aud ou Umatilla In
dians. 4 :15 Business.
S :00 Recess.
7:30 Meeting in the interest of
Foreign Missions; Rev. W. F.
Shields to preside. Report of
Committee oil Foreign Missions.
Rev. 11. A. Ketchum, 1). li.,
chairman. Address by Rev. E. P.
Hill.D.D., representing the BoariL
Saturday, Octolier 1 1 th Morning.
8:30 Devotion. leader, Rev. It.
Marcotte; Subject, "God's Re
ward." Ps. iU:24.
8 :00 Business. '
10 :00 Report of Committee on Presby
terial Records.
10:l.i RcjKirt of Conilmttee on Minis
terial Relief and ou Froednieu.
11 :00 Rejsirt of Comiuittee on Educa
tion. Address by Rev. J. R. Wilson,
D. D. , representing the Jloanl.
11:15 Announcements.
12:00 Recess.
2 :00 KeKirt of Cnniinittei on colleges.
Reisirt of ('oiiiiiiittii s on Allinuy
('oiiege, ou Home Missions, of Syu
odical Misxiounry, Narrative, and
on Vacancy und Supply. Election
of Synodical Missionary.
Discussion of Evangelistic Work.
Address by Rev. K. P. Hill,
D. D.
4 :30 Business.
& :00 Recess.
7 :30 Musical Program by Choir ot
Bethany Presbyterian Church.
8:30 Informal Social Chat.
Sunday, October 12 Morning.
10 KW Sunday 8 hesd.
I IKK) Church. Sermon by the M
3 :(KI Communion. Rev. J.
MeComb to preside;
Barton to administer
Kev. H. h. Rs d to
Rev. J. H.
the Bread,
the Cup.
7 .30 Meeting III the interest ol
Home Missions. Rev. A. J.
Irwin to presido. Address, "What
Home Missions Has Ixmc in Ore
gon," Rev. E. J. Tliniutwm.
Address "Home Missions" Rev.
D. O. Ghoniiley, D. 1J., represent
ing the lionrd.
Adjourn ment
The Synod reassembled at 8 :30 a. m.
Friibty aud juanod lutlf an hour in
worship led by Rev. II. H. Teuiph-toa
of Portland. After roll call and
reading of the minutes the niodcratol
announced the Standing Committee,
as follows;
i . j
Bills ami Ove rtnres : II. A. Ketch
um, D. 1)., II. Marcotte, C. Schue
bcl. Judicial business; K M. Sharp, W,
U Van Nuys, 8. N. SteoL
Minutes of General Asstmibly: T.
Brouillette, A. Haberly, W. H. Belles.
Fiuauco; W. B. Honeymnn, J. W.
Resolutions: E. J. Thompson,
D, D., James Byers, J. E. Worth.
Records of Presbyteries.
East Portland IL L. Reed, E. W.
St Pierre, W. G. Sharman. 1
Portland J. II. Barton, G. Gilles
pie, J. W. Strange,
Southern Oregon M. D. McClel-
laud, W. T. Wardle, J. R. Ewing.
Willametto S. IL Jones, H. 8.
Templetou, C. II. Madeley.
To nominate permanent committees
for three years J. V. Milligau, H. L.
Reed, O. P. S. Plummer, M. D.
These committees handle the imme
diate business which is to come before1
Synod putting it iu shape for actiou.
On recommendation of the CQiiimittoo
ou Bills Bud Overtures the following
was adopted; "Resolved, That wo are
iu favor of establishing in tho Depart
ment of Justice at Washington, a
lalxirntory for the study of tho crimi
nal, pauper ami defective classes, it
being understood that such investiga
tion is a development of work already
begun under tho Federal Goverumout
"That such study shall iuulude the
collection of jurisprudential, sociolog
ical and pathological data in institu
tions for tho delinquent, dependent aud
defective,' and in hospitals, schools
and other institutions.
That especially tho - causes of
social evils shall bo sought out with
a view to ameliorating or preventing
Rev. James Byers presented a report
on TuuiH'raiuie, showing the active
interest iu thisquestiou by tho Presby
terian church. He called attention
to the increasing demand of tho great
triiiiHiHirtut ion coiuimnies that their
employees shall not bo drinking men,
Tho tendency is toward opposition to
the sale and uso of intoxicants.
Discussion followed the report Dr,
Hill wished we might get most might
ily stirred ou this question. Wo need
to get hold of something tangible. A
member of his congregrtiou in' Port
land, took a firm stand on this subject
there, which changed the course of
some oftleial action.
Tho resirt was approved.
Sabbath Observance engaged the at
tent ion of the Synod, report on the
subject being presented by Rev. J. H.
Burton. Various forms of Sabbath
Desecration were discussed hunting,
ball-playing, harvesting, threshing,
priino-drylng all these Interfere with
observance of the Sabbath. Rev. J,
E. Snyder of Brownsville said that in
the Willametto Valley, the most out
rageous form of Sabbath Desecration
is hunting. Mr. Snyder is a crack
shot, and enjoys hunting, but he will
not do It on tho Sabbath. Hunters
come out of the cities nnd towns, and
even from adjacent states; ssjcial ex
cursions lire run iu tho interest of
hunters on the Sabtiath. Mr. Snyder
did not object to men hunting ou the
lumbia Slough on Sunday, but he
docs not want it iu the Willamette
Valley. He said there is no way to
protect upland birds so certain as to
prohibit Sunday hunting. If Mr.
Qiilinby wants the birds protected, he
can do it in no Isdter way than to
have a law pissed to break up Sunday
hunting. More birds are killed on
Sunday than iu all the rest of the
week. Iu some Oregon towns all
stores are open ou the Sabbath, at
least a rt of the day.
The dairying business is responsible
for much Sabbat li breaking. The
rows must 1st milked, then the milk
must lie scjiarutcd, or skimmed, or
must go to the creamery and so it
giH'S. liusiuess or pleasure demand
the day, ami iu many cases gi t it.
Recess was taken until 2 o'clock.
During the intermission, graduate,
of the San Francisco Seminary who
were in attendance at Synod, gave a
lunch at the Hotel Josephine. They
invited as guests, Revs. E. P. Hill, D.
I)., the moderator, E. J. Thompson,
I). 1)., W. S. Holt, I). I)., F. O.
Strange, o. P. S. Pliiinmer, M. D.
and Kev, Hugh W. Gilchrist of the
Seminary. Id-solutions appreciative
of the Seminary and loyalty toil were
adopted by the graduates and a copy
sent by the Initial of I'rof. Gilchrist.
Synod resumed its session at 2 p. m.
I'rof. Gilchrist gave an address ill the
interest of the seminary at San Fran
cisco which was received with hearty
This was followed by the report on
Sunday school work presented by Kev
II. I.. It' id of Albany. The Sunday
school missionaries present, Revs. I.
G. Knotls of Willamette Presbytery,
.1. V. Milligau of Portland Presby
tery, A. llals rly of Southern Oregon
Presbytery and J. K. McGilllvray of
East Oregon Prusbytery, sjsike on
their resjsclive fields. This Synod
has six Sunday school missionaries.
I'hcy traverse tho unchurched tor
tious of 1 1 iu stale and preach In school
houses and crgnuizo Sabbath schools
where it is lHissihlc. Frequently
those soles. Is develop into churches.
Rev. W. O. Forbes, who is a niem-
ls-r of the Synod of Oregon, but is
now Sunday School missionary iu
Central Washington and Walla Walla
Presbyteries of Washington Synod,
wldrenw-d the Synod in the interest of
the Board of Sunday school Work
The reisirt on Church Erection was
made by Hev. J. E. Snyder calling
it tent ion to different detriments of
tid in Church Erection; gifts, mans
fund loans and loans for church build
lugs. He was followed by an address
from Rev. W. S. Holt representing
the Board. Rev. W. L. Van Nuys
(fosfinic'd 9 Strvwl VVM.)
Thomas the house furnisher has shipped
of fine Furniture this week.
He's still in tho market eolocting and buying
nover was tho market so busy or the strug
gle to secure the choicest so keen.
Beautiful Tables, Couches, Lounges, Iron ,
beds, Exquisite Pictures and Frames all at car .
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Linoleum. a4AZW$ILmw"zS Lamp.
Matting. ST WjrZs T '; CuU?T
Mirror. . -" Woodenware
Grant. Pass, Oct 14, lttOJ.
Me Dear Friud Hooligan :
Waust moro I take me pin tp lit ye
know I am ylt alive, and io ii me
muther-ln-law, bad luck to her. She's
forover raising ruotiom. This U
a foin town, tis that ye can buy auney
thing that ye be after uading. Me
old friud Riley dropped In onus
ylstorday. Of coorse I trotted him
up to me present stopping place,
of coarse . tis the Hotel Layton.
Sure, aud where Use would I be after
stay I n T Ye can't bate It auneywhere.
"This hotel, slys Riley, romlndi me
of home; see that foiue ofHo and
such si coiivlynlaut parlor for the
ladies, aud good rooms. Do ye mind
how O. B, -v Smith a afford
to sit up auch foiue male, for the
price?" "Ho alway. due. it," sly. I,
"but bo the hiveus, Riley, many is
the guest that atcs and sleep, uuder
thl. roof."
Me and Riley wlnt on a trip of
giurel insiicctin terday, calliu-on
some of me old friends. "Follow me
footsteps, Riley, I'll take ye
round to Smiths", sly. L "Who the
divil is Smith?" iy. Riley.
"What, that Riley," don't ye know
Smith Bros. Mercantile Co. thot dale.
in glneral merchandise, boots, shoes,
groceries, not loin and thelolkirsof such?
Yes can git hausome decorated china
free w Id every cash pu rchase. " Sure sly.
Riley, tho .tore I. on Front anddtli St a.
I bought this briar root polpe from
em last year. " They are men thot
work, hard fer they', got big stock
and as big a trade to look alter. "Me
woife got a little clay atatye of prist
nt'J. P. Margan there. " "And what's
Morgan president of," iyi Riley; "of
the American pap'", of ooorae," siys I;
didn't ye know It?" "Ah, I
now," siys Riley. "Ye." sly. Smith,
'ye are right. "
There come. Mary Ann," yer
woife," prompted Riley. Yia, I ilys
She's after going to Miss Weston's
millimry." "Where Is that store?"
say. Riley. On Front itreet, and
If over yes saw a foine stock of
ro I II nary, its there you'll see oue,
Itiley, aud many ei the notee things
yn see In it "ostrich tips aud thing.
th' loiko ye. nlvor saw before."
Miss Weston ' la one of th' most
artistio trimmers Md is assisted by
talented blip. "Judge fer yerself,
Kiley, the standing of th' establish
ment, when Mary Ann won't goanny-
where ilso for millnary. " "Sure, I
know now," sly. Riley. Thin we
drop d in on A. U. Bauuard on Sixth
street. "Give mo wan of thlm ap
ples," slys Riley, plnting to .picture
of a b.vskiit of apples. "They look
loiko good ateing apples." "Aw,
gwan, slys U that, only a picture
of apples, this Is not a fruit
store nor the Inikus, its hero ye can
buy funiturc.carpets and huse furnish
ings to fit op yes huso from the parlor
to the kitchen." "(lit a frame fer yer
muther-in-law's picture," siy. Riley.
I would that," slys L "but 'twould
be a shame sure 'twould to walste
such folnn picture frames on the loikn.
of her." "I can't kpae mo eye. off
t!i i in apples," aiys, Riley. "Don't
bother a furniture store fer fresh fruit,"
I slys, "let yer mind rest aliy if It.
apple, ye want." "Come with mo to
a fruit .lore". "Where Is me
old friend Bobxelu" sty. Riley.
"Snro ho is tho grocery Arm
Ive II. C. Bobieln" siy. ' I. "Com
with mo up Sixth street, aud see
thot foine assortment aud big stock
ivo groceries and table luxuries.
Riley and bo th lilrena, thot grocery
I. doing the business." To set
Riley buy groceries was a lisacn to
me. "Olre mo Schillings beat," siyt
Riley I sen yo have all their ex
tracts "and a pace of smoked aalmoo
and three pound. Ive sliced ham,
a package of Chase A Sotiborn'. coffee
and some of that Clover Leaf butter.
"Thlm mixed pickle, look tiniptitig
too put thim all iu a sack aud I'll
pack thim home." "Niver mind, siyt
Mr. Bobtien when you come here
or phone for anny article ye need fer
yer larder we've got It and we'll de
liver It to yer dure." "That", good,
siys Riley, thin I'll bay tome more
I and ye can send yer order man to me
wotro . house twice a wake," Me
woife Bridget I. always home cooking
or ilae working. "Its her thot give,
me my orders and it her thot will
order the groceries from yci. "
Who made - thot new suit ive
clothe. . ye, have on? asked Riley.
They fit good and look good, too, and
ye resemble Father Yorke in thlm,"
.iy. Riley. "I bolavo I do mesolf, "
siyiL "Do ye be after knowing F.
Fetich, Riley, the clothier an tailor,
on ront street? slys L Well
F. Fetsch makes all my suit and
he made thl. wan." This remind, me,
I owe for it ylt It. not right to kape
a mou waiting always. Its now that
I'll go aud fix It; "come along Riley,
and see a foine line of raiting, and
woolens and shake the lionet hand
ive an artisan. "
"Where 1. they a good dintiat" siys
Riley to me, who samed in distrisa,
"What, thot Riley? siys I are ye in
p-a-i-n?" "I am thot and its a
dintlstl want dlvllish quick" siys
he. "The ' wan I patronize aiy. I,
ia not the nearest wan, but do ye
moind Riley he's a good wan con
scientious, painstakiu dintist. Iff
Dr. E. P. Dixon thot I am telling ye
about Riley." Well, Its him thot can
extract teeth to me loiking aud make
artificial teeth that the equal to the
moat natural wan. ye iver saw, Riley,
and ye can masticate with thim per
faotly, too." "I know all thot,
iy. Riley, but what I want to know
la can ye chew with thlm?" "Take
me to E. P. Dixon's office right away"
slys Riley.
"Ah, de ye moind a good home
made see gar?" aiy. I "I de thot"
siy Riley, "and I bolave iu home
industry, it blips to build up anney
town." Thin we wlnt over to see
Schmidt and Sonneveld ou Front St ,
for good ' home-made seegars. "It.
there ye can git em Riley, niiny ive
thim," siy. I "thou good to .moke
and ye can have thlm single or be
the box, ' an aura it. thim boy. there
thot. obllgln ail ready to give ye a
pleasant word an a foine achmoke. "
Had ye rather patronise a good
moehaiiio Riley?" "Yis," iy he.
Thin niver fergtt J. L. Yokum.
'He his'.ign thoro?" He's an artisan
au fur foine harness and shoo makio
an repalrln, ho', the boss." "If yea
have corns or bunion. It makes no
difference, he fits yea fate. Do yei
see thase soles? Riley lie put thim
on sivin mouths ago and they are their
equal to new yiU Me wolfo slys his
sole, are the ouly comfortable oue.
.lie Iver wore, and he sells the best
horse aud mule m Unary too."
" Lits take1 a rlst, I'm tired out"
aiy. Riley. "Ah, gwan wid yes.
the divil a bit ive a rlst does yes
undo. Sure it', a luit ive clothe.
aud a hat that yea uade the worusl,"
siys L "Yis, and ye samo to undo a
clane shirt yersilf," siys Riley to me.
Aud where can we git thim" he
sir a I siys "Riley de ye moind that
bnsy clothing store wo saw down
ou Sixth street where tney was
so many paplo goin iu and comin out
ive?" "I do thot" slys Riley."It
right there Wulsch's cloth lug aud
men's famishing store bo-jabers
its thim thot sells Iverythiug thot.
for men to wear to and nuike a man
preslntable to go out Into society.
See thot foine big slock aud thim gal-.
lant aalcsmin waitin on the peple so
uoloe" siys Riley "as wiut in the
Jure" at Welscli'. busy store.
Did I'xo tell yo thot Mnggio Mo
(fWisard on l.ntl 'uia.)
Absolutely Pure