Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, March 06, 1902, Image 4

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I' '
TO A CROW. ( y
Thy breait triumphant 'galna the wintry
Or the mow. tollowlnt fiat.
Thou charily Joat tound thy trump forlorn
From the dewd Held of com.
Naught daunted by th rough and frown
ground, -v
Thou taknttriy way around;
Oroteequely waddllm. loudly triunHihhU.
Lteicantmc on thi iirlnaj. . .
What lolemn conclav of thy kind hall
That div. nn tha arabla land!
Cocking wl eyea whera once tha acara-
crow atood,
gentry on hardihood!
What comic eoplea of thya4f hall watt
On tha creaking- paalura gata!
What a warhful tya art on tham and thaa.
Thy mat In tha aycamora tree! ...
Adieu. Iinvt bird, adlau! ... and a
Nhy flight
Haalena to meet tha right,
So may our nearta, triumphant, aprlng to
grtat -Patt'a
dark, awlft-oomlng Kit. (
Bo may our aouli. unfaltering-, rlai aerem
Where doubt and doath have b-n.
Into tha night and Sllanra: our laM cry
A Jubilant aong. ia Lire gnea hurrying by!
Evelyn Phlnney, In tha Atlantic
A Cold
(ueyrtaMO, wa, ky MUy atocr V- oj
IT WAS our weddlnff Journey. W
had come up to Ban Franelaco on
our way to New York by rail. The
journey aa rather too coitly for the
Income I enjoyed, but, alail I had
jironuiedl '
"You can pjet aralperi' ticket!," a
friend had aoid to me, "they will acre
enouifh to pay 1'uH-min fare."-
I had arnail knowing ' calpera'
ticket. Of their chenpneai I had often
heard, but of their power to demoral
ize a man and chHiie rerythin( that
la hie, from hla name to hia character,
I knew nothing.
I had taken a atateroom 1n which
wo were to hava a week of fur honey
moon quite to oliraelvea. A little be
fore train time I went out to Inveatl
rats the matter of aralpera' ticket!.
"I can fix you all rl(bt." "'d h
airrcrnhle irrntleman, who dealt In
them. "Here are two ticket! (fo" l
a man and woman. They will anve yon
IM. Firat-claia, and 1 guarantee their
acceptance." ''-.
I looked at them hurriedly there
wai no time to low. It wa a laidiiK
worth while. Twenty dollara would
nearly pay for the atateroom.
I took them. He tucked them, Into
n envelope. I paid him the money
and hurried back. The Ufe waa
about to leave and my wife waa wal
Irtfr at the ladlea' eilt. We got aboard
with all haute and were ahnrtljr on
our way to the depot. When we were
on the train at laat I looked at the
two tlcketa. That for my wife had
been leatied to one Mlaa llrldget Mur
phy. "Mlw Itrlilfet Murphy!" I aoftly
exclaimed. "What do that mean?"
I limited the half-yard of euutMHia
and the regulation! of the company.
The ticket had evidently been bought
by Mlaa Murphy. It waa good from
Reattli to New York via Ran Fran
elaco. Bhe had ed It to the latter
point and then aoid It, for aome rea-
on, to the acalper. The thing that
worried me waa the fact that the
ticket waa not traniferahle, according
to the contract on lt face. Mlaa Mur
phy niual prevent It heraelf and 111
dorae It In the preaenoe of the con-
duclor. If any other endeavored to
uae It the ticket waa forfeit to the
company. The train waa under way
I excuaed mM'aelf and went to the
moklng room. Sitting there quietly
I examined the other ticket That
waa aigned one 8am. flwackhammer.
It wai the handwriting of a blaek
amlth and not eaay to Imitate. It had
a alcdge hammer awing to it. The
truth came clear to me after a UtlTe
thouirht. A araliM-ra' ticket was one
a man paid for partly in money and
nnrllv In hie hope of Heaven. 1 nitild
not afford to buy new tickela and
fur the real of the trip, I muat be Mr.
Hwarkhammer and my wife a lady of
the name of Murphy. I prranme my
firat name waa Samuel, tint the man
had writ leu it Sam. I inuat manage
It loinehow and quickly. I took out
in V pencil and tried to Imitate the
rliinwv algnature. At eonn aa I got
the awing of It I hitatened to my bride,
She had a happy aiulle and waa look
Ing out of the window. Khe wlahed
me tn vlemv the acenery, but aaw my
perturbation he looked tip at mi
"Durlingl" ahe exclaimed, "what la
the matter?"
"(Inly thia," I aald, "a inlatake haa
been made, and until w gvt to New
York your name will have to be Mur
phy." i
"Murphy!" ahe exclaimed, "what
do vou mean?"
"Well, I got the wrong ticket! Some
vmv," 1 aald. "I don't know how
happened I waa In a great hurry. We
muat make thr beat of It now. Juat
aurn the name of Murphy on your
ticket. It will be nil right. There It
la, llriilget Murphy," I mid, holding It
up to her.
"What a horrible name!" the aald
with a aiirh.
"llrre," I amid, "take my pencil and
ee If you can Imitate It."
"Why, Tom," ahe exclaimed "that
would be wicked. I don't think Jt'i
nice nt nil."
"It lan't nice." I anawered, "but It
neeeaaar.r. I can't aee anything elae
to do. Hcaldit you niuMn't cull me
Tom. You muat call me Sam."
"I could nt do It," kht- id, iV
She turned and aat looVin., thought
fully nit of the window.
"And do yon think I Mn'l let you
call me llrldget T" ahe aki-,l. In a tone
"I might call you M'aa
then," I anawered, "or Mi
for abort."'
In a moment there were teara in
her n-n, I excuaed myielf to go and
get drink of water. I improved the
opportunity it gave me t-j ntuily further-the
ungraceful chiroi'rnphy of
thejate Mr. Strackhauimi r. W hen I
returned ihe vra dilig utiy practicing
on the algnatureof M Murphy. The
conductor came In. He looked at in
aharply for a trying moment, took
the ticketg and examined them care
"Miaa Murphy Mr. Swuckhnmmer,
laid he, reading the nam. a; "plenae
ign them."
We did ao and be gave " checke
for them and paaaed on. The Pull
man agent waa at hia elbow. Ik
looked up, Inqulkitlvely, a I handed
over the atateroom ticket. Then be
nulled a knowing aort of amile.
"Shall vou want another atate
room?" he Inquired.
Aa he opoke my mind -went up to ita
kneea In the mire. Of eourae it would
not do for Mr. Hwackhammer to oc
cupy atateroom with Miea Murphy.
I felt ai if eoroebody had opened a
furnace door a foot away from my
"Ye yea," I atammered, "of conrae
I I whall want another atateroom.
"Why, no you won't," aaid Mlai Mur
phy, aweetly, but deciiively, aa )ie
briuhed the lint off my coat collar, "I
want you with me."
I atared helpleaaly at the agent for
1 little. My wife eaw the aerioti) char
acter of the aituation. and turned her
face, looking thoughtfully out of the
"Yea," anld I, feeling fur my money.
"Oivc me a aectlon for myeelf."
To my chagrin it coat me more
than I had aaved by thoae infermil
tlcketa. And they were alio to rob
our honeymoon of ita luater that
waa the woret of It. We were to he
put Blunder In the very heyday of
our married life. I began to Iniigh,
from the tickle of deapnir aa aoou hh
tha man had left ui. My young wife
wiped her eyea and looked very hu
rloiu. "Muruh," laid I, "you muit linrn
to treat jne coldly for uwhilu. U
member, on thia Journey we arc
nothing more to each other than ac
quaintance!, or, at heat, friemli.
fihe lat ill ailrnce a little time.
"Couldn't I be your aintcr?" aho
whlapered, preienbly, a aolemn look
on her face.
Inipoaalble!" I exclaimed. "How
could Min Murphy be the alatt-r of
Mr. Svinckliiiinini-r?"
I didn't know but there wai aome
way to munage it," laid the, with a
"It'i too difficult," aald I. lou
might ai well try to bo my grandmother."
Well, it waa s long journey, and
Jx-fore it waa over everyliody on the
ear got to know everybody eliu. Miai
Murphy, being young, and, oi I have
evejr thought, very beautiful, liecame
ieedlngly popular. I here were
three young men going enit to col
lege who were more attentive to her
11ih.1i thev had mil riirht to be. Not
that ahe gave them undue encourage
ment It waa not neceamry. Khe wai
only decently polite. They brought
her fruit and water, hooka and inug
aituei mid ncwtpapcri, and told
torlei and aang aougi to her, and
what, with It all, I hnd a feeling
worae than loiiulineaa-it waa one of
alwolute liereatemeiit. lay by day
wai drooping like a flower that
had been cut and thrown In the duat.
One day, when they hail nil gone out
for dinner and we were Bitting alone,
I determined to apeak my mind.
"My darling!" I whiapered, "1 don t
like thoae young men. Ihcy are too
familiar. You iiuiBtn't let them come
aear you. They are u eon founded
auiaance. I am your lawful hualiaud,
hut I can hardly get a word with
"You foolieh thing!" lain ane.
Didn't you tell me I wai to be cold
ml dlelunt to you?"
"Yea, but I didn't think you would
bear down na hard aa you have,
aaid I, and got up. a little out of
patience, and made for the hiiiokiug
room. The college boyi had jut
come In for dinner. Ai I itoppid a
moment outalde the door I could
hear them talking v. bile they were
lighting their clgara.
Poor old Swackey!" aald one,
laughing ai he apoke.
"He la bend over heeli In love with
her." mid another. "Hut he hnan t
a ghoat of a allow."
l,oki aa if he had been nit with
an ax, aald another.
Or whacked with a hammer," laid
the flret.
I had heard enough, mid culm'
awav. if i wai not ai nappy aa i
might have been, 1 went unwounded
the real of the Journey. W lien at
laat we wera croaaine the ferry at
New York we were no longer Swnek
hammer and Murphy, lut the happy
loveri we had been.
"I never want to change my name
again," aald my wife, with a algh of
"And vou never ahnll until I am
dead," waa my amwer.
Jleu and women of taste and judgment
go into ecV.acici over the wonderful pal-
term, texturta ano co:or& wo-u mc mc
fruit of thL- loom." But there ii oue
fruit of thi! Uxitn
they rarely con
aiiUr, end Imtt is
the f mil and tailed
wotnuii, old iieforc
her time, bi-caure
necessity con:fcl
her to work tnnier, which
send lier more
favored aister to
lied and the doc
tor'! cur?.
The disease!
which wehken and
torment women,
may in alii o".t all
laws ): cured by
the me of Dr.
Pierce Favorite
i,,o.,.;..4i.. it ritJ
Mt--.bli.shes regu- A
tirity, dri- weak- MS-' 'pt.
lniiai: 'iniiiiou an-1 , JfjfJ).-rJf-
cures fiiuule weak- fcv . t
una. 'ili.JP"
"1 hnd trr.ul.le f.,rfiht yfara." write
Mr, I, I 1 enmv nf h.H l-:nt C-.llrj Str.rt.
l.i-l:v.i!villc, 111, r Wof'tn cimii'it riprrwi Imt
I piili,-!ril. t"ft rrhrl amortR thr mrtUitil
pn.fnuiw atnf foun-l rilTI'l IUK '1 me l'
try I )r l-r,,r- l-';,voril(- 1 r lil'li'-n Wli' iil
coliiint-il' i 'I InLmic thi ine-IK me 1 wriyliril live ,u:i.i.. Nuw I v.,n:li "lie lim-IrM
an.l nlly ,m i.o,iii!-v -more lh.ui 1 tvvr wnplieil
l-iWc. I n K l.ol I woulil lie Irom il.-iy to
i!av nnH Iiiii for uYiith to n.nie nml rchevt my
kiiuYrliur. I liiiH Intrmal inlliitnniHtion. a iti
.'!fei.iiV !ii,ui. tin Hlilit: ilowll linlll, an-l urh
ititrH rviv ni'iiith. l-ul ii'.w I ncvi r have n
imim lo nil mv own work and am a ntroiiif and
lltrullhy woman."
e Favorite Prescription " makes weak
women atfi.n, sick women well. Accept
no sulwtitiin- fur the medicine which
works wonders for weak women.
Dr. Pierre's I'h asanl IVllcts should lie
used with " l iiMiiite prescription " when
ever a lax;iiive is rcipiired.
On Jellies
prowrvea and pleklea, apread
a tula eoaung of
Will kv thm aiwolutel mnlfltiir od
dd proof. Iu re lu-fluJ ttrtiiin ! w
IMri fili in duiw. ht Wbyi aliout tb
tkoticW. full Oirectmrm in en im.
bold vcrwber.
Tim Weekly Orenonisn and the
Cot'iiiKK bolb lor one year lor 2 in ad
;eJJ'.!. ...ti
Talklaig at a l-iiua IMalaaee.
Kighteen niilca ia miiil to be Hie long
est distance on record at w hich a iniin a
voice has been heard. This occurred
ill the llraud canyon of the t'olonido,
where one man ahoiitiug Hie inline
"Hob" at one end, his voice i plainly
heard at the oilier end, which i H
mllri away. Dr. Young records Unit a
(iihraltar the human voice has been
heard at a dlalance of ten milea. t ill
cgo t'hranlele.
Malaial Hew!.
Young Wife - I em ell run down.
think I'll hire a cook and husbund my
llustiaud -Yes. do, dear, an
stremthen vour husband.- Smart Set.
A Bureau n Information.
The Durliniiton ticket ulhci ia I'otlland ia a verilible
Uureau of Inlurnialioo for tiavelen a place when
they can learn what it will cuat tu tcath ANY point ia
America or Kurotie; how Icag the trip will take, and
what there it to see on the way.
If you in filming on an eaitern trip, dtop in and
fit full information., or, if yuu prefer, write me ibout it
Omaha, Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis and
A. C. SuauON, General Agent,
Cor. Third and Stark Sli, I'otlland, Ore.
of So. Glen Falls, N. Y., des
cribe a condition which thous
ands of men
and women
find identical
with theirs.
Read what he
says, and note
the similarity
of your own
case. Write to
liiin, enclosing
stamped ad
dressed envel
ope for reply,
and cet a per
sonal corroboration of what is
here given. He says regarding
Dr. Miles'
Heart Cure:
"1 suffered si;onlzlng pln In the left
break! and between my hliouhlers from My heart would palpi
tale H'ltter, then skip heals until I
conid ru loneer lie in bed. INieM alter
night I walked the lloor, lor to lie down
would hjjve meant sudden death. My
cjnditiun seemed ulniokt hopeless when
I beyan taking lr. Miles' Heart t'ure,
but It helped me from the titht. Later
Jtook lir. Miles' Nervine with the
iesrt Cure and theelfect was aston
ishing. 1 earnestly implore su
fcrers to give these remedies a"
Sold by e.11 Drugelsts
on guarantee.
Dr. Milei Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
L D. Palmer.
Now the blrda are sleeping.
Now the thadows fall;
Now th- fturs are keeping
Frlii.i-iy watch o'er alii
Now In cubln lowly. f
Now In tntely hall. i
Bleep. tru liirlt holy, -j
Culls ihi ihhilnn all. i;
"C(.-rne. ye tittle- children.
Kre your i . Has elcse.
Ere tr.y s'iiiK heWi'.utrtng
Lulls you to reose.
"Kneel to (iod the Giver,
lllees lllm (or the day.
I'ray that He will evtr you on your way.
"Faithful, kind and tinile.r, ,
Clod Is tv-T near;
Now In hwi et i.urrendsr.
lust you, children dmr!"
Thus In cwhln lowly.
Thus In tt.itely hall,
Hlb i. the fiorlt holy,
('ails Ihe children all.
Laura K. Klekarils. In Wellsprlng.
The Testing of
a jVIan
when he
(Copyrliflit. 1W1. bj AuUiois 8ri,aivu.l
LO.N'd ajf", some pi ruon more or
1ch4 wise tiny are woefully tire
soine, thes sawin.iktrs declared
that when a woman will elie will.
That's all very well, and perhaps
it is, for the belter part, true;
but there are oiips between lips
and cups, pitchers often are bn-k-
,-n hv iiiukioir stcailv e(illi.i:il-y of
the well curb, and, in fact, one can't
n 1 v ii V siifclv bet on a Mire tip. I have
little doubt that u woman will when
she will, if she can - but there's the
rub. lib Mis'.i -I" are wrote, ami was
no.Ht unc. i, in. i nly ub'ised ly Critic
ll.ildMultii for l. intr m iliKatfi-e.-nbly
iol-ei- ll .rc iv nrnvii,-' that i i
without honor in hi o u (fcnei l,t ii.n
If elie can. One tnllMt rerljoli with
tills km mini "if e h.- can." It was be
cause of this lack of rcckoiiii'.y that
M. ilora l-'olsoi-i :,oi-ictli:i.c; very dear
i,, iv, ,o i n. her lu ii.c. entered into
'des of mat riiminv with
and husky male person
Oil' feet null coarse bnni'is,
niiitc conliuiy lo all the con
of n alib-i 1; exH i t.n-i-y
ol, niv l-epl CMIieV 'I' bk lit
Notice is hereby isiven that Miiurico
Suvsite, Win ailiiiinistrator in tne rsiuiu
it A brain Cole, dei e.ii il, lias ren-
lered and presented lor settleine-nt.
and tiled in "aid Court, Ins llual
ai count ul bis ailiinnisiriit'.oii ol
4 . i, estates; and Hut Frnlav. I lie
tentv-liist day of'li A. I1. I!i-',
si nine o clock a. in. at no- court room
ol said Court, at tin' Court buiise in
rants I'mh, County of Josephine, lias
been duly appointed by the J mist" !
nid Court, lor the. n-i llcni'-nl ol said
mini account, at which tune and place.
snv lM.rsoii Intel cHlcil lu Mini esis.e
iiuiv appear, ami IHe ins etcepiiuiis ia i
w ruinx, to iiih s-iiu accoiiiii an-l i"-'i
the hi inc. M M hick Mvaih:,
Adlllilllstritlor ol I-.slale ol Aliraill t llle,
NUl'lCF. Ii Clil IH I'HiS.
l-i-tale ol James t) M-li -c, I), cease,!
Notice is bcri'l v iven l-V III" umlel-
sluneil, a-lmini-Uaior 01 tne o, ,
lames tl. .Med.',', ill i . -i-i-.l, Mine!
ledums ul, ami all persons bavin-
ilslilK BH.illl-l lln' eill.l ilece.lseo,
i csbilill t lli'lil till Ho- neci-s my
Ulcbi'in, w III. Ill sis in. ii I Iih ill i-r III.- I
lirsl publlcallon of this In the
ji.I a. nnniMrsior 'o hi" ri-si,iem c ai
W llllillliB. Ill tin--, .lo-eplillie I oilnlv
I licnoli, or rtl the nllu e ol Alio .-IXICII
the i robs e Jioliie, at lininls l'ss-, 11
ninl County. C. . .Venn!
Adiiuuistia'ivr of lb- i - i ' e i -1 -I a ii 1 1
O. Mctiee, -Ii-. I
li.Ucd at ;i:anis l'.i-s, ur , I en i.i i
l'.KIJ. '
Notice is hereby iiiven that under,
ami hv virtue of an order ol Hie County
Court nl the Mate ul Un it, in lor .lose-I
iiliiue t'ouulv, made on llm ,"uh day of
rebnmrv, ".', Monday the b'lh d.iv
ol March, LhVl, at HI 'o'clock a. in. ol
said dav, at the Court Ib u-e III Ihe
citv ol lirants l'il-s, tiii-t-ui, bush i
fixed hv said emu t us the lime ami place j
ior lu'ainii: obj. cin-iis in s.nd tiual si-
count ul the iliiilets'iilie.l, ll.lliv I.
Ives-ili-r, exectl'ol ol the csl.tlc nt -In-, (r,
li-r, de eased. i-ii-I all persons b.n I
mi! interest III nnd e'lnle slnlil piesiin
llielr objecllolis tu tin' limit iH'eoupl ol t
die uniti-l sinned, which si toed lu -.iid
colli 1 on I bo .'nil dav ol r , M v .
I'."!'., nn hi b, Ion' -aid 10 h i l
Man ll. I'.l .' II VIIUV V Kks-1 hi
Kxecutor id I he i-lale ,1 l..n pti
Keisicr, d. ceased.
Noliio to Contriliiile
li J H U eves;
Notice is In rein-isiven b tlie iiiid.ii-
Ulieil, lour co osto r in Ihe p'Siel tli.ll
.Us1 claims slltl Col :tl the ilv-r ciei k
in l ii ma dulrvt, .1 .is. pliino coiinlv, and
snow ll as chinos No. su-1 Nn ;!. Incited
bv A J.C-il'el IhoH. dolls and J- U.
beeves on llm '.Vlh ilsi ul April, IS'.C,
Ihenntlce nt vthu-li is reenrded at pses
Iod and -nil. Vol. 10, ol the iiiinin
recurds ol Josephine county, tbeon,
Ibal unless vou contribute and pav to
ibe sai-l umlcisih.'iied i-n-iosiier wnhin
nmelv dan In-in the ,lsie nl the lini
piibiuaiinn ot 1 tus ii-'tice, the sum jol
I'xrl llilll.lied and S.XII-Six IVilSK
JlsilKl! the Mine lieim; lour poiu-n
ii thecivstnf iiiiiuil labor ilono on ss ,1
claili H HI nrtler to pmlect the title there
lodiirliiK the lens l.i'.l., l.s.e.l, pskl and
I1KM , our one-third ii, icest in the lo
claims ill te Intleiied to vour n-o n, r.
Tiios t'lf tis.
January L'J. I.IJ.
a l-llile
who I -ill
which it,
i nl inns
w hen II a
fulll i!weil.:i(! Ill on the pi nspel t
tnairi ite. All I -pcrly col. iitlltcd
iioihleniv i'XO. ctanc.cs do thai, mid
l, ,1,,.- -. !',,i.s,,ni wa.s lilloirclhi f a most
pt'oper'ycoi.. lituli i!(,'irl, and had l-i
well ti-.ili-hl, haling a i,ood moll:
lu its. '.f .ins bo.t i s a full li.arr.acje
i ,, ,, i i, ii for am woman who is
not I kn -j for i 'ironets.
Me. , . a lin .1 on Ihe North side, n
near Lincoln park, tu one of those
oi-i-Uv bv MieeiH inm.iiii.' b.kcwnril
h i ll are by no nn ans ariMi i-riil
ami by no mi ans plebeian, lint jiim
eooil, comf-irlalili , r. -l eclabh , well
t,. Aoien. an wheb -s line i i.ulih
for iiml.od, eieii crown prince or
the rajnli of Singapore.
And Meib.rii, who was I'll years oh
ami us sweit a pirl as ever bloolnci
in the coin, th-ss myriad of tjn'l k'ni
ileoa this old world has lock, d m, sine.
Usj-is was only a man and bad no
Ihoiii-hl of bccoiniiiir a ill '.v. Inn
piveli her the r.'rc I app'.m-s' of Peine,
til bv Inn ii rcli ii t ion i-s "it mo
il. i.l I
w mil.
aw h 1
n w ay
to I.
.e same time,-' us the rinc.nia.tcr
mi . It had looked for quite
.' as if John I'rown woi:i,l cany
1 hi.- w iiiMiiii.- prie nml bear it
i lent tiiuilii'liant. He lni-1 tin'
fiist iniiin:s whiih always cnint.s.
ai:. I Me. lorn fi ally bin .1 him w Ii i h
l-.eips l.'.d her inn'ber fllM'Ii'd bis
sun i, le.-li in.ii or ii. in not have been
an in. Mintage. I p. .i tins iaitee pnin; may In pal.'.olu.I a lol. lant lie
'i ie ot ski pi icisiu. I he ba.c ipiaiily
of glorious woiiian is contrariness.
I f y on w .ml !o l- to. -he i.l.. s ,aki
ou b. bcic she wouhl railn-r not; if
you u i- o lu r. she slms; i f y oil rt .t-rci-her.
she backs; if you comiu i.i.d bcr.
she bolts. Mv opinion is that it was
hiri-l v b, can.-- of her dear itiamiiiti
that M.' ref use. 1 John Crow ll, the
In st time In ask. il bcr.
I. 1 Ml
ai away js
l.-r i! . ll il I
p ., r fe
day wai aet, but Medora wore a pretty
new rinif upon ner io.euuBc,
John w. very unhappy.
Mr. Aylmer Kasnugs, let it oe uu-,
derstood, in a way too v'ue to necou-
rir.cin. that he was "on the boara oi
trude." ill had a jrliu mix oi rumo
satiun relating lo wheat t i t! ?orK, ana
the operations of I'hiUipi in corn, mi"
pered nivsteriuuaiy ol irs-ue uie.
lions," and once had cotif.did to Medo
, ... .... u, ,-., otiiiiy
ra i papa, wno was an .,"..-.
(rentleman (fiven over to the pun-liase
of butter at V.i. cents and i; saie at
22 cents, that if the latter chose to "jro
he (Hastings) could "place mm
ri-ht." Hut Ihe elili r ro.wm o.un i
r i.. "u- ii." which was um as nc.i.
for llaitinei was i.i..y a c.t is it. a out a
et riliop and c.u'.on'i have "piai-ii.
dollar "rijjhi" to save hia life- 1
truth, the purchase aiid sale accr.unr
of his own (lai'yilab'onnKRin thousand
bushel lots of Kiair. nr.d Ihe tin-siiare
transactions in blackboard "sleeks
waa a woeful thin;,' lo see, and kept him
on the rilled ed-e of penury.
Hut I guess he waseiippiped to marry
Medora all right eLOUKh. Girliareio
When the week of the horse show
come, Medora wanted to go. Thia was
not only natural, but quite reason
able. When a girl trims her own ha!s
and hai to be u-i.non.M-.-i! in buying
new gowns, the In rse .low beci.ii.ra a
trreat ss-huol of technical education.
Tin re is so much n.. re in congregated
life to see. vou km w. ;h.iu noises.
Now John, good J""n
learned of Ibis 1-u . u l ai. rt in- i: able as
pin.tioa of M dora. ,. y .-ITered
to take not only that yi.unj iaily, but
her u.olher. t. o. 'I his overture .Medora
il, .-line, I with frglt! thanks. Mr. Hast
ings (of Ihe board of trac'i ) could lake
r. slis said. Hat Mr. Hjs.inas didn't,
lie w as particularly close tu shore that
'M' dora. deer." said this artful one,
we will saie our pennies to furnish
our own little- nest, darling. Horse
shows cost money."
Well, (here is the chfyiianlheinum
show." pouted Medora, "and to-tlay trie
s.cs are on vliw. 'Dials cheap
enough, if one goi in a i rei t car.
bet's g.i to the flower sin w in l.i n-
. , . ,i I I. l-.,..
coin lark. Kcansi. in
K-.e:v little we save now will help us
i I'.'otl ib al Inter i n.
Th' ri-Iore Medora dearest went with
Av liner to see the flowers in Lincoln
Tlie (lowers were really auperc
The da . was fair. In the intoxication
of sun iifd perfume ami youth .vieuora
eri-i-w ni'Vant. She began almost to
licve she loved Aylmer unci aa ins
wife would be happy.
Thev strolled on' of the conserva
tories into the t'right Mivemncr air
at d soon, without purpose, founil
ll. elves part of the glint crowd
wh.i .1 had turned lis i nger steps into
I'll .ilii::ial hnlise, wbei'c il:e moi.Utys
the eii-l and the ripiilia have house. Head Keeper Cy De
Vrv wis siipeiinti'iidiiig Ihe reinoval
of his pit aerpents to winter ip
li-rs. A cordon of l.olii-eiiicn kept the
crowding spectators lit a safe d
t u nee. The fceiper used n long stick
with a running noose on ita end to
snnro the snakes. Then he thrus
them into a padded barrel, covered it
with a burlap sack, mid utteiulunt
rolled it awav.
All were disposed of but Satan, the
huge diamond-buck rattlesnake. II
seemed anathet i' in the chilly air.
The keener noosed and lifted. Th
gnat snake withered viciously. The
the noose slippid and he fell upon the
floor. In an instant tlie l.uire creature
was in a cull, his menacing warning
sounded ill n sharp rattle, and h
darted his deadly fangs at the keeper.
There was n wild panic, l'ollceme
mid crowd alike fled for the doors
Thev were closed. Again.-1 them
burst this furious, Impi tiuius, uiirea
soiling of ini'ii and women In
fear. The weak were trampled. Th
strong -st ruck vicious blows at those
who opposed their ilight.
At the first burst of alarm Medora
who bad stood quite nenr the keepe
erew deadly pale. Then, as she r
inembei-ei! that she was leaning upon
her Aylmer'a protecting urin, h
henrt gave nil exultant lenp of prii
and confidence. llts strength was
lien. He would save her, if be could
If not -well, they ei.llIM die toi;ethc
Hut as the girl looked tip into he
lover'i face she saw it had grow
ashen. His lips were nipiirer. She
felt tlie shaking of the arm her fingers
touched. Ilepushed her roughly away
then with a iiismaveit crv or craven
fear turned and lied. Medora stooi
quite still. Her voice had It-f t her now
but a great wave of shame for him, o
contempt for herself that she hnd
loved a thing so craven, swept her be
A shouting cry which called h
name from some far-off rock of safety
liwoki' her to herself. She looked.
limit, leaping through the now opene
doors, whence the st niggling human
wedge had burst at last, cilllie with
huge bouiuU toward the center of thai
strange arena where Keeper He Vry
was l.atlltng desperately with the
iiiriated snake, whose touch was
dcntli, where the deserted girl stood
so strangely tranced. A grtat light
a joy burn nf line divine, shone in M
dora's eyes when she saw and kne
tins man, this hero, waa John, her
John, John Hrowii.
With those great hands ihe had
thought coarse he snatched her ii
in Ins stout arms he swiftly bore he
away. I hen Medora knew her 1
was come at last, and hii unbound
kisses on her lips left her iiiishiinicd
as he whiapered: "Hurling, I love you
-s- . J I v - -
c h ill ye:
11, f. relt I
e.lCO. but
.!:. and
i e w as no
is a pri t-
t.i:e. I
i' w as mice
.-tin ry. i t
tie tilic,
i' is proud
m v-UMl Mitnt Aa I.St Uiid. J
t 1 ' I 1 1 . 1 tv' W.l
.hi ! i'i r r i ii n ,i ii t J
: M. .'. r.i uns a I!;'.?. t
f. r :iu !ik'. l
I:, , , IU U.x:. K.. f ciii
; i r i it .i,c t !i .4 n 1: . t., t
: I, 1. 1 ',' I r. :i nut '.it of
k i . :l w. ii' .i n !i. t! i :i;.
M s-. i fc. .: ll.jitru'. Mi U
I iii w , r c.iiiiHj: .-.iriih lu ai
Miv un l't'lt. AnJ
i t it.
Si, viit ili ht:, Wv.t tih!, and
ii'ft! t. ni.ikf It n: c.t ' .n . ii S;i ! ' f cn
ii t: i.f-r m rv;, !', Uvn . Aw fanr'v
: in tlie srl. r. ami ia',k at.ui the
'.,.hir, the niw i&:t,i cltoir antl
' !iii! ft my a i hflir . lot tin- rfct.'r
p, sst-sM'.!, It rattn r ii Mc
.l.ra. 1 th.r.k sl'v i .i i In r r1 i ti 1 1 tlu
, ii iu' inpiaitii nir a.I'ira t :i, no
i't tu,! its fa le a in! kr pt Its maiiilf
shi- :. I lit uk Ihftt at inux s(:t at
w O'.nl ln "i-rc h Sal' t c ti.a ''i!r:i and
,1 liu :i u KMian w ,ihlm.kU'r with
i iuM n ; : i h re ntu r ft . - V.: f n a .unit
k i pliant a willo as ; ii.t:-' ;'rl.
An,', rt !t'i)tin, when A i
i: .t!i'.x' aloujf, ;iy,
; . t'.trk. i:h wl-.'te !:-
! ft . :;: U :n Johr.S, who .t
r. . r a Hi. mc l iu-c et.u .
C: .i "tV "f o'i'.vi rft1 - lit
-t 'i' t, ): liipftuoim ii)!. ar
, at V : w ry h.. nch'x - .
, ' ' c i ' poi'.tf. Soon .
I . i. tu i . r :..(! thai ht :n ! Hat
ii ti- wrt rt.gai.vd. There waa no
furuml aunouuetmert, and no wedding'
Crenintiirlr In It air.
Although the mh prminmunM
' ftiriutist iTciiuitiim in 16, Italy now
, haft inort1 frt'tmu.irii'H than anj nthrr
i country, at-i-tnilin-: to the I'laiiunc. t tit
j tifrnmii prriotiu-al Ut'VuU-d to this auh
Tourists upon the European continent
r amazed to find women doing the wor
which in America is U-ft entirely to tlie men. It
the American sense of chivalry to nave
woman pick up the trunk and handbag, ana carry
.1 . -1. t ...mi., omv-hnncM. But sentiment
tnein wmic a..T w-
asitle which is the most burdened woman, she who car
ries trunk and handbag or that other woman so dainty and so
weak who goes through life bearing the invisible buraen ox
. . .i. t rntitr lavs down her bur-
min ' i ne woman wiiw icia mv. v j-
j tv. Anv i rlnnp emovs an evening
family, and goes to bed to sleep soundly till morning. The
woman whose burden is pain never lays down iuc
carries, day or night.
The finest and fairest woman m the world is tne i.u.i
i :.. .I.- ...rot-iw";'; which SO
woman, lier one ueiect. is iuc uui.iin; "--
often destroys her beauty and mars her usefulness while she is
yet in the springtime of life.
There is not a woman who would not be glad to i.ty
this burden of ill-health ; to exchange the dragging sup, mc
sensitive nerves, the pain-racked body, for a body glowing
with abundant health. That exchange is made possible by
the use of Dr. Tierce's Favorite Prescription. In the many
letters received by Dr. Tierce from women who have been
cured by the use of his " Favorite Prescription," there is one
phrase constantly recurs: "I feci like a new woman.
1 .... . ... e . I .
Afler describmer the complete change irom weakness iu r..
, frnrel ci,-l-il,. tr, llpnltll. and Still feeling that kw l
""b"' ' . ..... V
there is a failure to express ail the happiness that health nas
brought, the writers fall back on the time-worn words ex
pressive of absolute and entire change and improvement
of physical and mental conditions.
" Hefore I commence! to tise your iiieilii inc I wis in a bail con
ilition (for eight years) nml four doctors tre-tcil me," writes lUrs.
Hettie Askew, of" Gnrvshur, Northampton Co., N. C. "Tliey of
course gave me at tile time some relief hut it diil not last lotij?. I
was some il.ivs in tnv heil an'l some (lavs I dragK'.il aliout the house.
I have ustil five bottles of ' Favorite Prescription' and five hollies of
the 'Golden Medical Discovery,' and four vials of the 'Pellets..'
Now I feel like a new woman, and I want the world to know it."
"I Biiffi'ied with female weakness about eiht years tried several
doctors hut derived no benefit until I Ix-jran using Dr. Pierce's l a-
vorite Prescription," writes .Mrs. John Green, ot Danville, ISoyle lo.
cine wa3 recommended to me by other patienis,
like another person."
The wonderful curative properties of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription are best
displayed in the cures of chronic diseases, which local physicians had treated
without success or pronounced to be absolutely incurable. The cure of Mrs.
Graham, as told in her letter given below, is an illustration of what has been
done for hundreds and thousands of weak and sick women. Here is a case of a
woman who had never seen a well day since she reached womanhood. Thysicians
agreed that hers was an incurable chronic disease. And yet by the use of "Fa
vorite Prescription " Mrs. Graham was restored to perfect health, and with a gain
in weight of forty-five pounds to witness to the reality of the cure.
"I am just as well now as I was when I came into the world," writes Mrs. P. A. Graham, of
617 Race Street, New Orleans, La. " I will put it at that anyway for I cannot remember ever
seeing a well dav since I became a woman twenty-five years ago), until six months ago when I
began the use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and ' Golden Medical Discovery,' and ' Fleas
tut Pellets.' They are the best medicines on earth made for women and their complaints. No
matter what the disease may lie, even if called incurable by doctors. I was treated by several
country phvsicians and also had some of the best city physicians to presenile for me. They
all said my case was incurable, lx ing a chronic disease of long standing. I had been sick for
eight years until six mouths ago, when I commenced with Dr. R. V. Pierce's medicine, and it
brought me out to where I am now, from ninety pounds to one hundred and thirty-five. If
any sufTering woman will write Dr. Pierce he will write her a fatherly letter and give her good
advice, and if she will follow his instructions will find out in a very short time that she has
been mistaken by putting her trust in home doctors."
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription establishes regularity, dries weakening
drains, heals inflammation and ulceration and cures female weakness. Its use
will carry a woman in comfort through that trying period known as the turn
of life. It soothes the nerves, encourages the appetite
and induces refreshing sleep.
Kick women, especially those suffering from chronic
forms of disease, are invited to consult Dr. Pierce, by
letter, free. All correspondence is held sacredly pri
vate and strictly confidential. Address Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo, X. Y.
with friends or W! I M
, Ky. "Thismedi-
I have taken six bottles and I feel
H ft!
I m - i l:
Dr. Plarco'a Common Senso Nodical Ad
vise an invaluablo guido to tho prosorva'
Hon of hoalih. Thia great medical work,
containing over tOOO largo pages and
moro than 700 Illustrations, Is sent FREE on
roccint of stamps to pay expense of mailing
ONIY. Send 31 one-cent stamps for tho
volume bound In cloth, or only 21 stamps
for tho book In paper covers.
Addremai Dr. K. V. PIERCE. Buffalo, It. Y.
Ache all over. Throat sore, Eyea
and Nose running, slight cough
with chills ; this is La Grippe.
t iken in hot water, sweetened, be
fore going to bed, wiil break it up
i' taken in lim-.-.
Tieriionlone Painkiller. "PERRY DJVIS'"
C-- - '-. - V ii"1
'1 I J l 10TS
- TJ A I.I. -
Points East
khit DR. JORDAN'S orit
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Tb tntn Assorlatt Prriw war pnvfniknt. vti
wn i.i " .mil ilitf l" S. H. lira, klvn .1'irliiii tlu' rnur five
ii,. -mv t.r ill.' (fit.ii.fiikMi. Mu-ltoletl witli .ln't vrii!rf
The ftlost Sensational i
Soak of this Dsy.
' n.'.in.i. iiri'tt'r (.'oniiii'xliiri' Vlii!fll K hi. v. inriml- r9
tl .' i,'...-V ,,!r ii I l -tni.-!i..n -f Hit I'imi'UU M
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rnicnt iJ porrMHu:
MU'rnn'iiI k.
roil iii I lie ,
inn n nnti'irrnph pi
( ll.e battlo liy Klsi-.
Tirtt of the story of tho mvriin'iit g-4
Hlitllt'l' lt'114 l III1 III 111 Till IMIOK MTf
-,V.S. S(
I ' '. M ivrmt'Ilti" tl.c "!.' i," Hi- (Tj
- (JIK'lUMVVI V I'VlTj III'tllH' ' -
Jl ll.
f , I , v .:. . C. 't.TiT
TMf NEW YORK VXtt D -ys:-"ii.
(iratum. In tbz Uiimi o! fid. Icivec the
ttutter tru to make tne t.-.vlii.:ti-it thai uvi,l u'c i r.a3 a Court nf In
qutr i rt-fitaish tUir f Cfuiiiiutt. il
uy uafcj rt-esttb:i:.ttd.M
horlest and Quickest
Tliruutfh PlatT nfl Tnurtnt Sirf-
rs, Iniiiii and tium-t hutuku
..I ovcryixxiy :,s H
Unrrit-ail pv'"!'!' ft j
This HN.k tfC-M
11. -lL. .t -..UliiL- k:
'' l'.-'"t" Tl..' ;;iin;.- t:it h;is i!ll"Tlt
ii j t 's U-.-ti ti'r .It'll, in.'l tin Ainrt
v.;. t'.i'iT -ind Nx'ks now r-:uiv. -vt'!i -
1 1 l.'l ill lit V.,. tl.-v il Ulk K MiiSFV. M
Kroc 5l.rOf 5I.7j. 52.2 A, $2.75, occording lo stle of binding desired.
r Prroc 51.50, $1.75
9m M iiJ.'
Sum kiilfi.Vr..r B l F 13 mTAA tV M
K-T Klti. Foidep ami full informaliiMi
reminding Ka.-ttfrn trip, rail ou or a4 in-sa
J. W. ril.Vl..iX, T. f. A.
H. 1'lCKStlN, c. T .
I'J2 Tlilril Siren, 1'urllitnd.
12 i- I'nt Avnni
ii. w. r. a.
S. utile,
The Latent Yarn.
A nttxl'iirf driinuurr tella thia yarr, ' --
il '. curry Mtl o( Ken.p'.j You Know W h.t Yov Are
nliiiii in my crip. I takp rid nailv I Tnklng
Ln a low doaea of llie ilviyi When you tiko tlrovf a Ta.u-le-s rin'.l
nuVfl mn wrll mn. Kverywhere I ; Tonio, btviu ilia forinuliL- pUiulv print-
orJ l.-r Kftnp. I ! 1 on every bottle nliuiiig lhat it is sini-
tike lioM of my cus'oinera I lake oM ply Iron and Quinine in i ta--U-lfs form
nu n m! yin'.ini in-", an.l le'l thfru No v'vir No, l'ay.
iMiiti.i.iitii ly !ut I lirn 1 take i )
-j'.J. Al iliukit!i. '.',V. nj EkV.
... .iif
.i fra- !
' t i'.ful
i he lHriiei u n n-.-r pin,) tor a pre
n.;M('ti,iti. i-lidi i; , haii-lj in San Kran
riwo. Aiw. ;), l' 'liii tr',!.r in
volve.l in mm ami not-k 1 1 2..i 0 I ami
was pa il hv a t.irtv of lMimt.. men tor
jpr.-'fi.- f ir llruht'a iM-ani ami llia-bft,-',
liitlir'.o iin-nriiti-t ili.faic!..
Ti ry o, i run -. n iv. I i lie fcr rna invi-at j
.ii.L-ii nl id... itfi-itie Nov. 1.1, Jfjo.)
11, cv H,ti'Tvit.p,i a, -nrii ol tlie rnred
and uieil it out un ita lueiita hy piitiiiin
ovir tlir-e rtiien t'aari on I lie treatment
ar.'l aati liiiu tlieni. 1 her aNo not pliy.
ii-iit'.a to n.tme i-hronir. inruia!ii rasea,
ami a lmir.:terr,l it with lli ih .: iani
i..r ju.!..s. I p to Akc. 2 7 per oonl
f ' 'est ra.eK were entier we'l or
prurient. e
1 deinc hut tliirtein pr rent of
failure, llie partial .ere aai it-fie.) and
rlre,l tho tiiriMi -lion. Tlie p'o,ve.liii?
of the inx. -lu-aiinK eommiiter. and the
il:i,:.-al ret
A familiar name for the Cbirano, Mi
raukeeASt. l'anl Railway, known a l
over tlie Virion ai the Great Kailaay
rr.nnii g the "PioncT l.imileil" train"
every day and nifc-lit between St. l'anl
and I'lrii ao, an ! tlr.ialia and Chieaif ',
' Ti e only perfeet train! in the world '
Viiderntand. Connection are male
with A'.l Transcontinental Lines, amu'
ing lo r-axengi-rs tho beterviccknon.
Lnxnrioui coachea, electric lighti, iteani
heat, of a verity equalled by no otbi-r
r-ee that your ticket readl via "Tii
Milwaukee" when goinif lo any point in
the Vuited Ftatei or Canada. All tick
et airenlaeell them.
For ratea, namnhletj or other info'- delivery Thi Weekly Orvfunlan.
19 ot the tent r.u. ...
P'lti.i-lie.) and a ll! h m.iiie.1 frr nn ! nistl,,n. ddreas.
api.n.-a'i -n. A llre J(.n J r,,r..K J. W. Caatv.
Trav. Pina. Ast.
I'.tMI'AVY. 4-1 M,;l:l.-,i',...rv l f '
ciscv), Cal. " I
C. J. Eudt,
(..eneral Aireni