Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, August 08, 1901, Image 3

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    We'll Write it
Six Bars Laundry Soap 25c, "Diamond C."
It's good. See it in our window.
Our Hams and Bacon are Eastern cured and smoked,
These are good.
Fruit jars. Lota of them. Get our prices.
Don't flake Trouble.
For yourself and neighbors by letting your chick
ens run loose. Qet our prices on Poultry
Netting and it will surprise you how little a sight
ly and substantial Chicken Yard will cost
Cramer Bros.
Garland Stoves.
a' A-zr. - -firr yw,sa;rKtjfcV'
3 'xm&H
For Sale by
Hair-Riddle Hardware Co.
J. B. PADDOCK, Psora.
I am prepared to lurnian nj thing in
Nearly thirty yeare ol experience in
that I can fill your ordert in the very beat
Canfurniab work in Scotch, Swede
Prom Street Nail to Greene'e Gunehop.
Prepare teacher, (or it ate and county examination!. Fiu young
men end women lor buiineia poiitioni and (or college.
Special atteution to teacher.' review claaaei, itenograpby and type
writing. par .chool year of 40 weeki, (116, $125, $140.
Tuition per term, $6.25; board at club house $1.75 per week, in
families $2.50, $3.00. Koomrent 50 cent, per week,
Tbe folder contain, ipecial information and the courto of .tody.
Write (or it.
Tbe first term open. September 9, 1901.
W. T. VAN SCOT, Principal.
TVIeeHord, ... Oregon.
t:rxm:m"S)p hats
For 1.00
A big ) weereed. Good fSJalUy,
nww aasssff law jciosfc
UK OUHSW......
Oow betla
eVrsb broths....,
Cheffiat bowl. . .
Jar robber, 4 doe..
Jar cape, so.. ....
Bmrlaatf Pitch..
1 10
Lata Cartains 57c per pair. Beady made
We want that order of yours for
several reasons:
Because' we have the stock to
supply you the best
Because our attention will insure
you best service.
Because we can save you time
and money.
Because one order is a step
toward a permanent customer.
Sporting Goods,
th Una ol Cemetery work Id any kind
tbe Marble buiineM warrant! my aayiog
or American Granite or any kind el
Thl. Weeks
rrom the east tbit week, Maey U-
laia. No diaappointmenta,
Hop picking Q loves
Lines Thread
Cotton Thread (6 .pool.) .
Library Pasta......
German Cologne
Leather Watch ChaiM...
Sao- diabee, (or
Sheet and Pi, low Csss at aWitVo
local tappcnlnoa
Dr. Flanagan,
Reaident Dentist.
jGo to Corun (or Plumbing.
Whip. 10c to $2.80 at Hackstt's.
Cuh (or Gold Duet at Cramer Bros.
H. Clement, Prescription DtuekwU
Old Papere, 5c per bundle at Couaisa
Bee Hive, and Bee Supplies at Hair-
Riddle Hdw. Co.
A splendid line of Royal Charter Oak
Rangea at Coroo's.
Harness of all Kinds, Grades and
Price, at Hsckstt's.
Wood wanted on (ubtcription at the
CovaiKB office.
O Kf n Bherman-Williame Paints
O.V.r .Hsir-Biddle Hardware Co.
"01 Rambler. $40. Road.ter. $35 at
Hair-Riddle Hdw. Co.
New Photo Mount, (or amateur, at
the Courier office.
Leave order, (or engraved calling card.
with A. E. Voorhiea.
Solio Paper, Toner and Hardener (or
sale by A. E. Voorhiea.
25 percent discount, on Shirt Waiat
white and color. R. O. McCroakey,
Tbe Standard and New Home sewing
machine.. All etyle. and price. Jos
eph Moss, Agt.
Tbe cut rate, are .till on at W..ton.
Gallery, oppoaite Court House. Best
Cabinet lixe $2.00 per doxen.
Heal. 25c; counter lunche. 5. op,
at Brit', reetaurant. William, block,
Froat .treat.
Riling 8un flour li a Josephine county
product, manufactured by Moon A
ProvolL In quality it i. Inferior te
Brit', restaurant in the William.
brick sn front .treat, i. the place to get
a good meal. Everything in order and
prompt attention given.
Lion Cement has no .uperion (or
mending article, of every description.
Made by B. A.Wllliama.
Solio, Lithium, Velox, Dekko and
Platinum Photographic paper, (or aale
by A. E. Voorhiea, also all amateur
Scott Griffin handle. Athland flonr,
Utah alfalfa seed, Oregon red clover
seed, winter oat., large Ruiaian white
rye, new crop timothy seed, wbest (or
seed also Wheat Hay, Alfalfa, Tim
othy Hay, Oat Straw, Chop Barley,
Corn, Wheat, Oats..
One of the big 8. P. .team above), i.
at work near Coleatin, filling in one of
tbe high treaties there.
The Foreat Queen mine on Lous
creek, owned by Seeley Bros., Uaga A
Co., will now be opened up and put on
s paying baaia. A Rubl. grixxly will be
put in place and other improvement.
Astoria cannery men claim that this
years' run of salmon i. tbe largest ever
known. Tbe canneries and cold atorage
p'anta are unable to care for more than
a small portion of the fiib that ar.
What might hav. been a runaway
with all the possibilities of danger waa
prevented Monday evening by the
prompt action of soma man standing in
front of Cornell', .tore. A doubts team
attached to a lumber wagon had been
carelessly left in front ot the store while
ita owner waa making some purchase..
rue horse, became frightened and started
on a run but were caught before tbey
bad made much headway.
The billiard parlor next to Coa'a big
tore waa the seen ol a lively time (or a
(ew minute. Friday night wb.n the gaa-
oline tank which aupplie. the light (or
illumination aprung a leak and began to
blase. An alarm of die waa turned In
and the department responded promptly ;
bote waa laid and in another minute a
stream of water would have been play
ing on the tank, had net a near who
work, at the pine nsedle factory atepptd
up and put the blase out by tbe liberal
ass ol his hat.
Rev. F. W. Black formerly pastor of
the Baptist church at tbi. place but now
ol Burn., and littl. daughter Carrie, ar
rived here laet Thursday by team, having
made tbe di.tance, some 350 miles In
seven day. actual tiavel. IheyfUbed,
hunted and camped aloog the way and
Mr. Black preached at a number of
points; be also preached at ths union
eetvicea in ths baptiit church at tbia
place laet Sunday. Rev. Black will be
met here by Rev. Blackburn, D. D,
pastor of the First Bapliat church at Port
land, Rev. Mordley, D. D., district mis-
t'onary for Oregon, Waablngtoo, Idaho
and California, and Kev. Geo. R. Varney
of McMinnville, Baptist state missionary.
Tbi. party will make tbe tour by team
through Eastern Oregon, .topping at
tbe variou. minion atation..
Noble ParkereTbursday last waa
driving a lour-lw 'Sim ol young cay
use wbicb badgfi recently broken
when tbe horse became frightened and
unmanageable. Tbey went up tbe strsst
and past Clevenger'. gallery at a terriflo
peed with Parker holding on with all
hi. might and endeavoring to reach tbe
brake rope. The horse wars attached
to the running gear only of a lumber
wagon, with Parker litting on ths axle,
so it waa phyiically impoetibls to atop
ths run ol tbs team. II was thrown
off, bnt escaped Injury, the team coming
to a aland till further on, after tearing
up several length, ol, and get
ting badly mixed op Ihemsslvs. Ths
leaders were somewhat cut and braised,
bnt not seriously, while tbs wheelers
were uninjured.
TKe Pioneers Reunion.
Ths Southern Oregon Pioneer Society
II mating active preparation, for tbs aa
nual reunion, which will be held tbi. la Alhlaod, September 5th. E. D,
Foodray, tbs president ol the Society,
give tut lbs following appointment, on
eommUtees lor the occaaaion:
Geaeral Arrangements W. W, Keot
nor, K. P. Nsil, Fred Wagner. '" '
On music Mr. Ella Dona Bice, Mr.
Millis Donnelly, Fred Nsil.
On orator C. C. Bee k man.
On grounds Geo. W. Dunn, K. A.
Neil, G. 8. Butler.
Oa dinner Mr. A. H. Russell. Miss
Jsssis Wagner, Mrs. Ellen Giddings.
Oa dscorstieos Mrs, Msrr D. Far low
Mrs. Alice Butler, Mrs. Loiu. Paulson.
Hop Picking Time is .ear
We have a large line of
Granite tin ware, crockery
and quality unsurpassed.
Lac CurUini, 55c to $1.85 per pair; Shirt waiata $1 86, cut to $1,00 aad so on.
Ws hsvs thslamou F. C. corsets guaranteed 28c(3$l 15. Big lins ol fins ladle'
kirtajuat arrived. All crash bate andatraw hat. that sold lor 25330o now 20c,
Lamps at bargains. . .
6 cups and saucers...
6 7-in. dinner plates . .
19c soap, toilet
Crepe paper, per roll.
5 pr. men', aox
Working abirta
Cotton batting
Sheeting, 1-4, per yd.
65cO$5 60
65c($3 00
Having bought out the heir in the J. Keaaler estate w. are making a cot In
watches, clock and jewelry. G. D. Couaina, the jeweler, ia with oa. All work
guaranteed. W. carry the beet of material to do our repairing work with. Promt
servioa and good workmanship i. our motto. We are) the Cutters of Prices.
Grsvnts Or.
The best foot pumps.. $ .75
Gas lamps 1.75
Oil lamps 50
Chains 50
Rubber cement, large
can ;.. .15
Good cyclometers 50
Luggage carriers 20
Saddles 1.00
Rim cement, best 15
Bells 25
Tool bags 25
Steel rims 1.50
One ladies second hand bicycle good as new $15.00
One Victor second hand bicyle in good repair ... 5.00
One Day second hand bicycle, used two weeks.. 20.00
One $35 bicycle not a scratch on it 25.00
M the
Dont Trust to Blind Luck.
A few moments of investigation with
your eyes wide open will save you
many moments of regret.
See and let me explain the GOOD Features of the
Beforo you buy any othe kind.
Builders' Hardware, Faints, Oils, Etc.
Union Services Sunday.
Tbs Cburcbe. of Grant. Pass will bold
union service, st tbs nsw Metbodiit
church aaxt Sunday svening st 7:30
o'clock. Everybody is invited.
Tax Books Close August 28.
Sheriff Lister notifies ths nubile thai
taxes will become delinquent after tbe
28th day of August, and that the hooka
will cloae promptly on that date,
Charged With Embezxlement.
Franci Fitch, son of ths well-known
ailver-tongued orator of Nevada, who
during the put doaen year has, at Inter.
vala, practiced law in Jackson County
aad at Portland, dabbled some in Demo
cratic politics and acquired a rsputslion
aa a knight of tbs grsen cloth, ia up
against the law himself and is wanted
by (Sheriff Orms, chsrged with larceny
by eiubesslement of $160 from Mrs. Bee-
tie Plymala of Athland. About five
month ago Fitch disappeared suddenly
from Medford, without leaving bis ad
dree. He went from there to Los Anira-
le and then to Tucson, A. T., where be
bung out hia ahingle as an attorney and
announced hia apecialty aa mining law,
and through the In lluence of tbe reputa
tion of bi. father, for awhile did quits a
lucrative builne.. In th. meantime aa
indictment wai secured sgainat blm by
District attorney A. E. Keaaee, in th
Plymala case, and aa soon a Fitch waa
located Sheriff Alex. Orme. armed with
requiaition and other neceaaary paper,
made the trip to Tucson In quett of the
fugitive, in the full expectation of bring
ing Fitch back to Jackson county to
aland trial. But no each lack (or tbe
Sheriff, for Fitch', office in tbe Star
Buildiog was found deserted sud bs bsd
felt it convenient to skip from Tncson
where it ws getting tropical for him in
other than those of atmospheric lines.
Tncson people who were also anxious a
to Fitch's whereabout were of tbe opin
ion that hs bsd gone lo Colorado. Ti
Their secret le Owl
All Hadievllle, Ky., was eurioa. to
learn the causa of th fast improvement
in tbs health of Mra. I. P. WhttUkar.
who had (or a long time, endured un
told eoffsiing from a chronic bronchial
trouble. "If. all doe to Dr. Eln.'a
Raw Discovery." write her hnaband.
"It completedly cured her sod slaoenrsd
eur littl graad-naushter of a amn at.
tack ol Whooping Cough." It poeltive-
Ivcnr Couib. Cold. Latlr dm. Bran-
emu, ail Throat and Lung trouble
Guaranteed bottle 50e and 11.00. Trial
bottle tree at W. F. Creroer't drug .tor.
QLAJ6ESA pair of steel bowed glass.
gloves for hop pickers.
and glassware at prices
Shoes of all Kinds
Oil can.
Copper bottom wash boiler...
Wringer., guaranteed
6 bars soap, waahing
Bird cagea
Large galv. tube
Set Potta iron.
Calico, 21 yda
10-yd dreaa patterna
slid gloves, guaranteed
$1 10
$1 00
$1 25
$1 00
$1 10
Front St. Below PeJace Hotel
Tires $2.85
Cactus tire 4.25
Chain brushes 10
Chain graphite .05
Pedals, good ones .50
Toe clips, per pair 15
Coasters, per pair 10
Spokes, per doz 35
Grips, per pair 10
Oil cans 10
Screw drivers 05
Wrenches 20
Lle.nd Sifting.
Warm weather with an invigorating
breeze which la agreeable to the laboring
man a. the wind ba. a tendency to cool
tbe air.
Last Saturday aa tbe conitructlon car
of Jap. wa. returning to Leland, one of
tbe Jap. fell off tbe car and was in
stantly .killed. Tbs ear waa running
at a high rate of apeed.
. Our efficient manual i. awake to hi
duty. Ue ia quite buiily engaged be
tween Leland and Kannyville. Tbsrs
wsrs report, ot Chinamen killing flih
with giant powder. Ue went after tbe
Cblnamen, but could find no powder in
tbeir poeseaaion.
Tbe R. B. Company hrs been taking
wood from the abort Ho., hut bsvs goes
sgslo, so tb. team, will now have a (ew
day.' work. Archie Cunningham 1 tb
foreman of the gang that 1 loading
wood. II ia an .tUcieat boas, s. h. baa
been on ths road for a long time,
Ed Burnett cams up irom hi Mt. Ku
ben mine, one dsy Isat wsek. Ue re
port fsvorsbly from ths mlns. snd My.
sll mine srs being developed aa faat a
poaalbls. Ue 1 running tunn.l to tap
bla ledge st s good depth.
Ed Wallace ia running faat freight
to Greenback. He report lively time,
at Greenback, with soma new ledgea.
Our atorea srs doing a roablog buai
m. Both bsvs bad to birs mors clerks
aa tbey are selling cheap, and that draw,
tbe trade to tba center.
Wa are looking (or a wedding ia tbs
nsar (uturs.
Tbs sir is rather smoky here from tbe
nr. In tb. bill. If it abould get in
th wait here it would be s great loss in
tbi. vicinity. Bos.
A Founla-ln Pen with e. Guar
avntea. Did yon vr own a fountain pen that
worked aplendidly (or a week and than
bocksdT Than voocan appreciate th
importance of buying a "Money-back-if-
not-sallsfactory-pen." Tbi. la th. kind
j cm will Sod at tb. Covaixa office, at
$1.60 and $2.00. If you are not satisfied
after uting them 30 daya com back and
get your money.
Eruption., eat., bum., aoald a
sore of all kind quickly baaled by De-
Witt' Witch Hasel Sal re. Certain
core lor pile. Beware ol Counterfeit.
Be .or. yon get the original DeWItt'..
Dr. W. F. Kramar.
Better ler the Bleed maa WatparUI.
For Those Living la tbe Malaria DU
rlct. Grove's Tsatelesa Chill Tonic.
Lincoln Savage viaited Kubli th first
ol the week.
W. T. Palmer ol Washington D. O. I.
vlilting our city.
Mrs. Robt. Eberls returned Irom
Ooleatln Saturday.
Th. Troax family have returned from
their ttay to Coleatin.
Mrs. C. C. Presley and children vlelted
Woodvlll last weak.
Dr. B. F. Atkini A wifs. ol Medford
ar vltltlng in Grant. Pes. this week,
Mrs. Good enow started for Sacramento
Monday on a visit to her son.
H. C. Bobsiea and family are spend'
ing tbeir vacation at Newport.
Rev. Chas. Booth and son, Henry
left Tuesday evening for Newport.
Mr. G. W. Pettit left th drat ol th
week lor Tillamook to yiiit her daughter.
Frank McGregor and family returned
last week Irom camping at Crescent
F. H. Osgood, ol Seattle, left her
Tuesday for th medical iprlngs nsar
Frank McGregor and family returned
last Friday Irom their outing at Cres
cent City.
Geo. E. 8. Howland, ol Jacksonville,
was In ths Tass this wsek on mining
Mr. V. A. Peterson and son Ford ar
at Coleitin. Mr. Peterson .pent Sunday
with them.
Mr. A. C. Hough returned last Wed
aasday from an enjoyable three-week
tay at ColMtin.
J. W. Howard i building an xteutloo
to tb rear ol hia brick, occupied by
Smith Brothers.
Frank O'Neill, ol the Northern Pacific,
dropped off her Tuesday encning to
look np bu.ines.
Mr. Pool snd Mist Alii .tarted
for Crescent City Monday, where they
will viilt friend..
A. B. Cornell, !ai.tant agent, 8. P.
Co. returned from hia Portland trip this
Wednesday morning.
Henry Huggtn., traveling passenger
agent (or the Great Northern Railroad,
pent Tueedaj In town.
H. V. Mbsds, of th Journal, took ia
ths Woodman eicunion, with th real
ol th excuraionlita.
Mia. Darns DeLsmatter la "hello"
girl sgaln (or two week, during ths ab
sence ol Mis La Raut.
Mrs. Peters returned Monday Irom
Coleatin. Mr. R. W. Clarke and daugh
ter, srs .till at ths apringa.
G. E. Howland now ol Jacksonville,
came in on Sunday, evening train and
returned on Mondrys train.
Mlas Ida LsRant i .pending a ooupl
ol week, at her horn near Wilbur, and
viiiting In Dougla county.
Gee. I. Brown ?cam In Tuesday to
look at th dsm being oonttructed by
the G. P. N. W. L. 4 P. Co.
Mra. J. E. Peterson and Mra. John
Pool a re among the gue.t at tb. Coleatin
bote). Mr. Peterson la'.ipected later.
W. Mooaehead, ol London, England,
on ot th atockholdar. of th. Josephine
Dredger, ha been .pending several day
In town,
Andrew Erwin, ol St Paul, Minn., one
of the tock holder a of the Fortune Min
ing Co., ! out here looking over tb
Mr. J. II. Sattey, ol Drain, came to
Grants Psaa lat week and 1 vlilting
hr son Charles, who ia firing oa th 8.
P. Railroad.
A, E. Voorhiea with wife snd son Earl,
i. at Coleatin. Ths chsngs ot air was
Imperstivs on account ol tb illnsss ol
th. infant child.
Mr.. II. H. Barton accompanied Mi.
Carri. Farr to Boise, where ih will
spend some Urn in th bop of receiv
ing help Irom tb higher altitude.
Prof. W. II. Hampton of th Colum
bi mine, cam in Tuesday from Placer.
Ue y thing are vary qulst st present
In placer mines in bi district.
II. Edaall, ol the Evening Tslsgl
was in town Tuesday In Ih interest ol
tbs Evsning Tslegrsm excursion Septenv
ber 3, lo Buffalo snd Psa-AmwloagJ
C. W. Thompson, ol th Victor Jr,
G. M. Co., of Placer, cam In on
Tuesday lor tbe day on builnaas ssy
everything I. running a u.ual at tbs
property. ,
Miaa Carri Farr returned t Boies,
Idaho, Friday morning aftsr a two
month's .tay with frl.nd. here. Mlaa
Parr will teach in ths Boles school,
snolher yesr.
Tbs picture of Fsrthsr George B. Doyle
under the beading "Priest who play,
ball" appeared in ths Evening Telegram
at Sunday, together with a skstch ol
hia athletic career.
Mrs. J. W. Howard and Miia Euln,
and Mi Adelfa llartu of tbi place and
Mr. A. A. Potter ol Grave, are now
numbered among tbe Grant Paaa
people at Newport.
Mr. M. A. Longenecker and Miaa
(jean Longenecker, mother and liater ol
Mra. Chaa. Hay a, arrived Irom Cincin
nati a week or mora ago aad will make
Grant Pa, their home.
Rev. and Mra. Cbaa. Uaya hav goo
to Newport for a abort atay, and in con
sequence thre will bs no preaching
service in the Presbyterisn charch Bun-
day. ThC. K, society will meet aa
uiual. ,
The Miaaea Johnson, who hav. been
.pending tba pa.t three week with
their aunt, Mrs. Geo. Pbeby, left Friday
for Portland and Sound cities. From
there they will return to their bom at
Colorado 8prlnge, Colo,
Judgs D. J. Crowley, ot Tacoma, on
of tb principal owner of tb Champion
Gold Mining Co., who baa been ovsr lo
their property on Williams creak left
on Tuesday tor hi boms. II I wall
pleased with tbeir property.
R. Thomas and family returned Sat
orday from their camping trip to Cres
cent City. They had sn sojoyabls time
but Mr. Too m as waa . disappointed la
not setting a ehot at big game, however
be can telle abark story.
C. L. Clsvsngsr, Clsud Riddl snd
G. A. Savage left oa Toes-lav for a trip
ts Crater Lake. Pelican Kay and other
place ol interest. The went well sup
plied with cameras snd ws csn expect
to see some epleodld photograph of
Crater Lake when tbey return.
Sunday Ba.ll
Th baas ball gam played hare last
Sunday between th Grant Pat and
Medford team wa quit a remarkable
gam, inasmuch aa th horn team made
run after run until th total tooted up to
, while ths visiting team refrained
from making a run until th last half of
ths ninth Inning when a solitary ran was
made, giving a score ol 1 to in favor
I Grants Pat. Another featurs ol the
game wa. tbs deliberate tanning oat In
one-two-three order, ol nineteen men in
four innings, by Pitcher Martin, ol
Grant Pass.
Grants Pas, hss without doubt, a
teem second lo none la th itat oatsid
ol Portland, and many ol the players, es
pecially th battery, Martin and Earl,
ar artist in tbi lis, and will probably
be heard bom in th professional ranks.
A gam ha been arranged lor next
Sunday between Aahlaad and Granta
Paaa, to be played hsr, and th follow
ing Sunday at Jacksonville, Granta Pas
v. Jackaonvlll.
L.ftcte Opened to Settlor.
Two township In th C a cade Foreat
Reserve will be throw open on th 30U
of September next. On township ia in
Crook and th other in Klamath and
both ar nearly west ol Silver Lake.
Tbey ar thrown opn through th in-
flenc of tb Littl Deschutes Irrigation
Co. Tbi. company hsvs taken np and
ewni about IS section ol land and hav
taken out a large Irrigation ditch on tbe
Deechote trirar which will go directly
through these two township, to b tbort
ly opened to settlement. Th land is
said to ba very fin and by putting
water upon it there I no mistaking
what th reeult will b.-Tidings.
Notico lo Advertiser.
Hereafter no copy lor change of Ad
will bs received under any oonalder
tion aftsr Tuesday svsning. Thi action
Is mads nsccsiarr In order to enable u.
to l..u th Oouajia on Urn. Onr
force ba been compelled to work until
lata at night, week after weekjand tb
paper has been lata repeatedly solaly
because tb 'advertisere hav neglected
to hand in their change on time. Tb
tore closa at 6:30 now glv ui the
sams chance.
Ba.nd Concert.
Th following program will b given
by tb Grant Pas band at tb Rail
road park on Friday svsning, Aug. Slh:
March. "Kuba Klan" Brook
Overture "Rival" Pettee
Air Varie "Genevieve" Garton
"Han Convention" Pettee
Overture, "Baa Ulau" Pettee
"13th Regiment March" Oogiwall
Solo, "Black Ameiica"
Otto Dunlap.
VIRTUE At Placer, Ore.. July 26, 1901,
lo Mr. and Mis. Archls Virtus, a son.
ALLEN In Grsnt. Pa. Bundav Aug.
, iwji to nr. ana Mr, u. t . Allen a
FIEt.DK-WATT8.-At the residence ot
tb bride parent near Murobv. July
28, 1901, Sherman Fialda and Mia
Laura Watt, County Judge Axtellof
Tor Rent,
W hav two house lor rent. Call
Immediately II you want hosts. Oous
ill Office.
Business Transfer.
Holaun A 8on have sold their under
taking dock and beans to M. Wilbur,
who now completely covers ths field re
presented by Joaepbln County. Mr.
Wilbur i a funeral director with year.
ol experience, and bi equipment I see-
ond lo nons.
The But Frucrlptle lor Malaria
Chilli and Fever la a bottl of Grove'.
Taateleea Chill Tonic. It I aimply Iron
and Qulnin In a taatele form. No
curs, no pay, Frio 60o.
Eslr.y Nolle.
Tbsrs cam Into my ancloaur near
Grant Pais, a boat February S, 1901,
one red oow about six year, old, marked
with square crop off left car) also on
red yearling marked above described.
Owiter may recover aam by proving
ownership and paying charge.
J. W. BaowM, .
Reduction Sale
ver known in OraaU Pass. CLOSING SALE of
Shirt Waists.
Values that cannot bo boat. It only takes a look to con
vinco you.
Croat Slaughter in TRIM MED HATS,
Every ono left goes at HALF the Regular Price.
Stamped Linens 1-3 off of tie Regular Price.
Just the time now to buy your X-MAS PRESENTS while th
ale is on.
Table Linen,
Muslin Underwear
Dainty White Goods.
SPLENDID VALUES in these lines. Do not mis this site
as the Goods are going fast.
For People Who -Intend
to take an
We have the finest line ot
Lunch Goods in the City.
1 3-lb. Cartoon Cracker 15c
3 Cans Deviled Chicken a
Luncheon Sausage. ..... aoe
Sardines so
French Smoked Sardine,ajc
Armour's Sliced Ham . . . a jc
Bayle's Lunch Herrinr . .aoe
Vienna Sausage) .toe
Veal Loaf ijc
Borden's Condensed Uilk.aoc
Evaporated Cream toe
t Bottle Sweet Pickles 15c
I " Piccalilli 30c
1 11 Queen Olives, 500
Tillamook Cheese, per lb iC
utnger snaps.
Fig Bar and Marshmallows. . . .aoe
Bancroft v. Co
.100 H0P PICKERS Wanted; picking
Apply to or aiidreaa,
Grants Faas, Ore.
200 HP PHSKERB Waated-Apply to
wor addresa J. P. KANzo,'
Orente Pass, Or.
Beaaon will commence about bewi, lat.
I NTKI.L1U ENT young men, from IT to IS
yeara ol age, having common school
education, to learn mechanical trades, for
lull information apply or write to, Union
Iron Work, m Market St., Ssa Fran.
Cisco. '
AT ths Armory, a collarette. Owner may
recover aaiua on proving) owaorihlp
and paying charge. Apply at thla erne.
pCLUS POLLOCK will trade new war
on for wood. Call and ae aim at th
Hair Klddl Hardware Co. ator.
fllRLor woman wanted lo do laaodry
"work at Colestin Motel. Address 0.
Telford, Coleatin, Oregon.
If AV1NU Mining Interests that require
"my attention I will Hell my Utoek eoo
slating of Uenta furnishing goods, BOO,
Hals Caps, Notions, eto at leaa than cost,
aa a whole or ui lota to auit purchaser.
H. A. Rasa,
Odd Faliowa building.
Anv one thlnl
ae and mountain Backs.
king ot buying any of
ay them logo to Rehiopl
lk..l U . 1 1 .
and Kaucn and esauiine their vehicle and
get tbeir price and terma before baying.
Tbey also carry tbe Buckeye mower and
rake. Remember the place, Slh street
opposite becond-b and tor.
CAMERA A 8i7 view camera and entfit
for aale cheap. Inquire at tbia ofnee.
QASU paid tor gold dut. -Cramer Bros.
'l'AKE your wheel to Cramer Broe. tor
a. e. voo?mr3