Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, April 11, 1901, Image 2

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Published Bvary Thursday.
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Entered at the post office at Oranta Pas,
Oregon, as second-class mail matter.
General Catsiu M. Clay ol Kentucky
on Saturday declared liimsell at war
with the world. He barricaded himself
in bis mansion and placed a dead line
across bis front walk. The old man
takes this peculiar course with I lie pur
pose of influencing bis cbildreo lo coo
sent to his leaving his pioterty lu bit
ex child wife, who is now divorced and
married lo ahother tusn.
The rapture of Agunaldo and li
subsequent taking the oath of allegiam
to the United States is expected to have
most desirable effect on the insurrec
tlon. Aiioinaldo's step was productive
of considerable surprise and the opinion
finds expression that he is a slippery
customer and might perhaps be schm
ing to gain bis freedom by strategy
Those who are iu the best position lo
know, however, donotrhare this opinion
but believe him t) be sincere. Since
his capture, be La been a great deal in
the society of Arrolano and other brainy
Mliplnos and has realised the magna'
nimity and real purposes of the Amer
ican government and is so placed
lo see matters iu a different light fiom
bis former conceptions. Aguinaldo, it
is reported, is very desirous of vieitiiiu
the United States and after that wishes
to retire to private life. It will prob
ably be some time before order will
reign supreme throughout the islands as
guerrilla method of warfare w ill prob
bly be kept up for some time by small
parties. There are always a number o1
men who follow warfare for the sake of
its marauding and pillaging features
and eagerly embrace any excuse lo con
unue a uisorneny course. Huch men
have no regard for the welfare of their
fellows and, in the present Instance It
is this class who will make (rouble long
after the patriotic Filipinos have all
become reconciled.
The coming special election presents
ui wie voters ol lirants Pass a very
Important matter and one in which a
mistake might be disastrous. The
subject of Are protection is one of very
vital interest to evsry business man and
property bolder In the city. In this
matter the old fend between the city and
the water company is apparent but it is
not worthy of consideration in the case.
I lie straight business proposition of
choosing (he Are protection which will
be safest and most economical in the
nd, is the matter for the voters to con
sider. As to the efficacy of a chemical
engine, opinions differ, but the generally
expressed sentiment In regard to them
by those who have observed their work
Ing Is that they are efficacious in care of
small fire but not in a conflagration
hi ,
u cmoi wuvre cuemicai engines ate
need, they do good work iu extinguish
ing fires in their inciplency, but arrange
ments are such in a city that fires can
be attended to much more expeditiously
than In a town of our dimensions, with
its volunteer Are department who are
always scattered far and wide In pursuit
of their various voistions whenever the
alarm is sounded. A chemical engine
requites operation by a knowing hand
though this Item is not of great Im
portance in the consideration of the
question, as doubtless a sufficient num
ber of our boys could be educated so
Unit we might be reasonably sure of one
or more knowing ones in case of Ore.
The greatest advantage of a chemical
engine over hydrants is Its mobility ami
freedom lo operate I't any part of the
town. On the matter ol Ore protection
as between hydtauts and chemical
engine, it would be difficult to find
higher authority than the board of Fire
Underwriters, who tlx the insurance
rates. It is their business to know all
there is to be known of fires and lire
protection. They are not and cannot
afford lo be actuated by any prejudice
or sentiment but arrive at their con
elusions by cold blooded reasoning and
the results of experience and observa
tion. II we discontinue hydrants for
chemical engine, the Insurance rates
will be rtised prohahly 26 per cent.
A Few Words Or Vaccination
The school board having heard lhs
parents are witholding their children
from vaccination in the expeetation that
iney can return to school In the fa'l with
out being vaccinated, wishes ail parents
ami guardians to understand that a
certificate of vaccination must be shown
before a return to the school room ill
bs permitted. This action is taken in
the best Interests of all concerned, and
similar action is being taken in all I lie
larger schools ol this state. The board
would surest that imuiediala action be
taken by thosd having children of a
school age under their care, as no excep
tions will tie allowed from this rule.
To those who are financially unable lo
li.. I!...!. .: i .
mcir miiurrii vaccinated, we
would suggest (hat lliey call upon some
memlier of the school boaid, as suitable
provision has been made lor such cast's.
Should there be any misunderstanding
in retard to (his matter, any member
of the school board will be pleased to
make it plaiu.
J. A. Huiviu, Chairman.
TllKO. I'.l'mMKk,
R. TliOMtH.
Julia Marlowe Shoes-for Ladies
If you see them you will want them.
W. L DEAN, & CO.. Propr.
Front St. opposite Depot,
E&ster &t the Churches.
Easter Sunday was fittingly observe!
by the several churches which were
beautified for the occasion by floral
decorations. The decorations were
without exception very tasteful and
beautiful snd some were quite elaborate.
Spr-cial services were held at nearly
all the chinches, with discourse and
music appropriate for the day.
At the Newman M. E. church the
exercises were vsried by a Sunday
school Easter concert iu the evening and
the following program was presented :
Song Br School
1'rayer Rev. N. F.Jenkins
ong Br Hchool
fcxercise Anna Wade's Class
Recitation Mairiria Mnnar
Recitation Evaline Jennimrt
Song. Irrns Silshy's Class
neieci Heading Misa May Hull on
Young Ladies Quartette
Recitation z.,ll ii.i.
H"" :.. M. T. Utley'e Class
S"ng. M.l, Quartette
fuiuiuyy anu ueneuiction.
ST. U' UK'S tl'ISCOI'AL ciimcu.
St. Luke's church, in this city, cele
brated the great Christian festivul of
Easier on Sunday last, with services be
fitting the occasion.
Following the practice of the church
of apostolic days there wss sn eirlv cele
bration of the Holy Communion. The
11 o'clock service was sttended by a
congregation that filled the church to
the doors, all available apace being
occupied by extra seats. The lessons,
music, sermon and everything in con
nection with the service, brought out
with special emphasis, the va'ue of
Christ's resurrection to all man.
The musical portion of the Episcopal
service, a service full of richness lu
praise and thanksgiving, was rendered
with remarkable correctness and hearti
ness by the choir, addirnr ona more
Pacific Pine Needle Co.
Mr. and Mrs. I). A. Cords, since the
return from the city, have been making
preparations for operating the pine
needle factory as stesdily and coustsiitly
ss the needle supply will admit.
At the meeting of the executive coin
niittee of the mining and commercial
clnb recently, Mr. and Mrs. Cords listed
the present situation of the enterprise
and their intentions as to Us future
operation. A large amount of money
has been spent in the equipment of tb
factory and in the introduction of II
products to the public and the operator"
assert their willingness to spend twice
as much more in its conduct. They ask
no bonus or financial aid of any kind
but it is their desire to be assured of the
moral support and good will of the
business men of Grants Pass and the
community in general. This they
justly feel to be no more than their
right, as they have worked up the enter
prise ftorn the foundation. Specie
machinery had to lie devised for the
treatment of the material and it wss
only alter a series of experiments that
the best pal tern could be determined
All the machines in the factory are now
protected by patent.
Mr. and Mrs. Cords were obliged lo
creal a market for the products ol the
factory and to that end went to Sa
rrantisco and opened a store room in
a suitable location. They have adver
tised widely by letter and ciicular,
fact which is of peculiar advantage to
Grants l'ass. The number of products
made from the pine are surprising to
the uninitiated and some of them are of
great value.
The operators would like to be assured
ol a supply of 60 tons for the first month
and after that expect to increase the
out put to 80 or 100 tons monthly. For
the factory to operate to a satisfactory
extent, the owners should receive four
tons of needles daily. Durlnif the
Tlio Greatest Values ever shown in
That is Full of Style and Moderate in Price
iou run no risk in luiying those suits. Wo iniaian-
teo every elaim wo make
Our I-oliey:
Your Money's Worth or Your Money Hack. .
Tho inan with moderate means w ho must limine
closely on his clothing bill should tako tho ahove facts
into cons'uleration, for ho can't get n bettor value else
where. Wo also carry a full stock of Furnishings, Nats,
Shoes, Trunks ami Valises.
A t-'lemtl.!i Ailauk.
Anatlack was latly made,' on C. F.
Collier ol Cherokee, lows, that nearly
proved fatal, it cams through his kid
neys. His bsck got so lame he could
not stoop without great pain, nor sit in
chair except propped by cushions, no
remedy helped hiui uutil he tried F.lec
trlc Bitters which effected such a wonder
ful change that he writes be feels like a
ne man. This marvelous medicine
cures backache aud kidney trouble
purifies tbe blood and builds up your
health. Only 50c at I Kremer'i Drug
Store. "
tribute lo the musical talent ol our city.
An outsider, and a good judge of church
music remarked that many a large city
church could have done no better, Has
well. The solos rendered the lleueicu s,
Kyeie, aut'iema, hymns, etc., all showed
caielul work in preparation for both the
morning and evening services.
Too much cannot lie suid iu praUe ol
the floral and other decorations of the
church over three hundred calls lilies
being used, aa well as oilier flowers and
potted plant..
A song service was held at the l'res
byteiian church in the place of the
regular diecourse. Follow ing ia Hie
program ol special music which was
impressively rendered by I lie iiieuibera
ol the choir:
A n I In-in "There was a lireat Earth
quake" Similar
'Rolled Awav" R.K),
Ladles' I'horua
'Shout! Ye II mil Heavens" IW
Male Unarletle.
bulo "Come I nto Me" I'oeuen
ieo ('rattier
"The 1-ord ol Life is Risen". .. Kairhank
Male UimrtnttM "Keioice Oh Sona ol
F.arth"...: k-.
Those famous little pills, fie Wilt's
Little eaily Users aill remove all iiu
purllie from your system, cleanse the
bowels, make them regular.
winter time the condition of weather j
and roads ill ollen necessairly curtail
the needle supply. The price paid for
needles is ." per Ion and if I In. desired
amount can he secured, the company'
pay roll will be a most valuable item to
the people ol lirants l'ass and vicinity.
line nettlles grow in oilier places
besides .Inst phine county and Mr. and
Mrs. Cords have been offered substantial
inducements hy other places to k-cate
their factory them. They have cast
their fortunes with lirants l'ass, how
ever, and will remain here.
A familiar name for the Chicago, Mil
waukee A St. i'aul Railway, known all
over the I'uion as the lireat ltailaav
miming the "l'ione.'r Limited" trains
every day and night between St. Fan I
and Chicago, and Or.iaha and Chicago.
' The only perfect trains in the world.'
I'ndersland : Connections are made
with All Transcontinental Lines, assur
ing to passengers the best service kuoa n.
Luxurious coaches, electric lighte, steam
heat, of a verily equalled by no other
See that your ticket reads via "The
Milwaukee" when going to any point in
the United States or Canada. All tick
et agents sell litem..
For rales, pamphlets or other infor
mation, addiess,
J. W. Casky, C. J.Eudy,
Trav. l'ass Airl. General Agent,
HATn.i, Wash. Fotlai, Of Hotcs.
Superintendent Cary W. Th imps on
of the Victor, Jr. wai in town Tuesday
on a business trip.
B. E. M -redi.h rpint several days of
the past week in town from his hydraulic
proK-rty on the Illinois.
Jobu C. Lewis' powder house at Le
land blew up from unknown causes ear
ly Wednesday morning.
W. L. tngrsin has discovered a large
vi in of copper ore on Sls:9 creek. Sui
face indications are favorable lo the
existence of a valuable property.
Five Inch Nuggets.
K. J. Kubli, one of Die owners of the
Swinden-Kubli placer in the Applega'e
district, was in town Saturday. Tbe
owners of this mine have had a very
prosperous run this season and are now
engaged iu I lie operation of cleaning nr .
Mr. Kubli had with him several nuggets
picked up on the bedrock during the
seasoh and among them was one wbicb
seerotd a very patriarch of nuggets.
Tnii particular piece measures
inches at its greatest length and is
almost inches wide, a veritable slab
of gold. It is flat and not very liijck
and its value is about 125. It is almost
pure gold, showing hardly a trace of
quarts or oilier degrading matter.
This mine is situated on a small trib
utary of Ihe A iplegate which comes in
from the south side a few miles below
the mouth of Williams creek. H is sit
uated on tbe opposite side from and al
most opposite Oscar creek, which has
become famous for its nuggets. The
creek under consideration is very simi
lar to Oscar creek, in general character
istice as In nugget producing capacity.
This I; property formerly. known as the
Cualar mine anil has been a producer of
large pieces ever since it was i pened.
Peppered with Gold,
John Hall has been fpending the
week in town from his quarts property
on Grave creek. Mr. Hall has a ledue
four to five feet in width,, all ol which
carries good values, hut some of the ore
is extremely rich, with parlicles of gold
emphatically visible sll through the
rock. He baa specimens which are
astonishing in their richness and appear
as though the gold had been plentifully
besprinkled in them with a salt shaker.
Clly Fire Protection,
To Tn i KuiroH Notices have been
posted calling for a special city election
in Grants l'ass on Monday April 22, for
the purpose of authorizing the cily
council to enter into certain contracts
for giving our city continued protection
against fire. It in proposed, as I unJer-
stand the notice, to purchase s chemical
fire engine at a cost nf $1250, or to enter
n to a contract with (he present cily
water company lor a term .of .years to
furnish wa'er in care of fire for 20
hydrants at a minimum . cost of about
110;) a year. I do not favor the pur
chase of a chemical engine as our citv
is about ,20.000 in debt and we can
gut along without an engine. I do favor
navtng nyuranis and as many as are
needed to protect our city against fire.
And now what about the matter of cash
If we pay $1.50 pur month for each hy
drant it means $1080 a year for 20 hy
drants. It mcaiiB the interest ol fj per
cen' per annum on neatly $22,00.) in
fact if the city wanted to borrow $22,000
on ten years lime it c ml.l get the money
at 4 per cent. I think (1.50 per mouth
per h)dranl is entirely too much. If the
citv council advertise tor bids for a
ruiaiient system nf fire protection of
our city to supply 2) or in ir.1 hydrants,
with wa'er, Willi s.iv 2 feel pressure
system I ir lire protection alone, us
good as the present one, couM he Insti
tuted ly private parliis. The lost to
the cily for 20 h,.ln.u would not le
more than $701 u ear. 1 can fee no
reaon li) liruiit. l'a-s Bhoiild p,iy out
$10,00(1 in ten jenrs for tiro protection
when llm ptimo ni'glit he nciiied for
$7ikkl, a saving of nearly $4iilK). 1 am
aware the present company can under
bid, if it chooses to do so, any new com
pany who illicit attempt to furnish a
system iu compel ion w ith them. I am
n .favor of economy iu city and public
euuirs i lie men wlio own the present
system are non-resideuts ami we ss s
ity are not under obligation to them in
any way I can see. If they want tc
supply His city with tire protection let
them get it by bid, ling for it. If they
are the lowest, well and good, if not, we
an have an independent system.
A V UTK'H ASI1 Taxcavkk.
Deo Jr.
V. M. Woodworth will stand le Jr.
at Lister A Calverts atuhles on Fridays
ml Saturdays ol each week during I lie
Seas hi of l'.IOl. Terms (or insuiaicn.
in; III each for two, $8 each for three
r more.
1' is a ll agnilicelil h ack draught
tuilion, seveli-eiulils Noiman. wewlil
40 pounds. He jn ol clean, mn-
uitrical build and a perfect specimen of
highest order of diauiilil Imrre.
II irse raisers . hould mil fail lo inspect
inns for excellence befo'e apply
ng eUea here.
Wllderville Items.
Rev. Boache preached at this place
but Sunday morning and evening.
Mrs. . Kestler, who was visiting with
her parents at this plsce left last Satur
day for her home in Portland.
Mr. Frome and family left this vicinity
last Wednesday for California .where
they will make their future tome.
Mrs. J. P. McConnell, of Ashland,
arrived here last Saturday and is visi ting
with ber husband who is leaching at
this place.
Mr. C. F. Lovelace went to Grants
Pass last Wednesday and brought bock
a wagon load of very fine seed not a toes
which were shipped from the Willam
ette. Leather Head heard some quite laugh
able comments last week, but beware!
leather Head is here to stay, and
although he appears like an innocent
(lower, be is a serpent under it.
Miss Belle Sturgess opened school iu
district No. 19 last Monday. Miss Stur
gess has taught in that district (or two
or three terms and the people have
shown good judgement in employing ber
A very interesting entertainment was
given at the church Saturday evening.
The church was very nicely lighted by
two large hanging lamps which Mrs. II
C. Jones received one day last week as a
gift to the church.
Mr. Ed Daily was seen on the streets
of our city last Wednesday. He has
been to Grants Pass on a business trip
and was on his way home. Mr. Daily
is interested in the rich strike lately
made on Josephine creek. '
Mr. and Mrs. Green Adams, of Smith
River, Calif, put up at the hotel here
last Thursday. They weie on their way
lo their copper mine located near the
head of the Applegate Mr. Adams in
tends lo run a crew of men both night
and day this summer fu developing his
I aim.
Leather Head is glad to anuouce that
the Wilderville school board have
ordered a bell for the school houee and
we are all walling veryanxiously to hear
peals sent forth making iron music
through Ihe land. I imaiiine I can hear
the musical tones vibrating through the
air this beautiful afternoon as it says:
"In deeds of Irulh excel excel
There chimes out from the school a bell,
This is a school not built on sands,
Kmblem of one not built with hands,
Its morale and sacred truth revere,
Come study here, come study here."
Lkatiikk Head.
TJKEMO B 4x5 Camera, almost new, cot
- $15, lor sale at S'J. Inquire oi ueo. r,
SMITH Premier Typewriter, nearly new.
for sale. Address P. O. box at, Grants
Pass, Oregon.
IIAUNKMS and Wazon. Two snrine
1 1 wanons and a set of single harness for
sale at a bargain, inquire of or auuress J.
II. Ahll.
1 GENTS wanted for the best Typewriter
-A- on the market, the Pitteburg Vi.iible;
writing ,n sight at all times; exclusive ter
ritory given. Address Hinley Hardware
Company, Pittsburg, i'a.
I TAKE this means to inform my many
many friends that I am now associated
with the Smith llros. Mercantile Co . cor
ner Front and Sixth tils., and respectfully
invite you to call and see me.
QASH paid for gold dust.
Cramer Bros.
litis question arises in the family
very day. Let us answer it to-day.
Try Jell-O, a delicious and healthful
dessert. Prepared in two raioulea. No
boiling ! no baking ! simply add boiling
water and set to cool. Flavors: Lem
on, Orange, Rasberry and Strawberry.
Uet a package at your giocers to day
The Latest Yarn.
A Pittsburg d'UTmer tells this yarn
I always 'carry a bottle of Kemp's
Balsam in my grip. I take cold easily
and a few doses of 'the Balsam always
makes me a well man. Everywhere I
go I speak a good word for Kemp. I
take bold of my customers I take old
men and young men, and tell them
confidentially what I do when I take
cold. At druggists, 25c. and 50c.
Kerby Breezes.
Mr. Hector Egger, of Waldo, was in
Kerby today.
James Howard made a flying Irip to
our village Friday.
Birn-March !)0, 1901, l0 Mr. and Mre.
James White, twins.
l'leu-April 3, 1501, infant child of
Mr. and Mrs. J. White.
Mr. Crosby made a flying trip to his
mine on Altbouse Monday.
Mr. and Mre. Ora Smith made a busi
ness trip to Kerby Wednesday.
Mr. Thomas Johnwn whs in from his
quarlx ledge Saturday and Sunday.
Chas Giltnore, the Browntuwn mer
chant, made a visit to Kerby last week.
The Waldo school is in session attain
under the skillful management of Miss
Blanch Fetturly.
Mr. George, near Kerbv, has been
quite sick for the past lew weeks but is
slowly improving.
Mr. Fred Stevenson ol Helnili, we un
derstand will leave there about llm 15th
lor the Haulh Sea Islands. He goes
with our little mining man" Mr,
Mies Anna M. Feiater will begin a
spring term ol school in the Seyferth
district, .Monday April 8th. Miss Fiester
bus taught this school seyeral terms.
a l- i i -. , ,
u. i.. .uereoiiu s mine is runiiimr in
full force. A rock neighing overs ton,
o leot long and 2'j feet wide, 17 inches
thick was piped over the Grizzly one duv
iaM weea.
Mr. C. T. Payne was seriously ininrad
asi Minnay while watenuu and carim,
(or his horse. He was badlv ti.-L,i
His many friends are stayinii with him
and doing everything they can for him.
The house known as the Jack (lender
son nouse near herby, was burned Wed
nesday night. It is supposed some in
toxicated person went in the Louse and
tiuilt a rlie and in Borne way caught tl
bud Jing on lire. Mr. Chas. Hansen had
just vacated this building. A few house
hold goods and several tiers of wood
went up in the smoke.
Mr. Warren Wade left Monday morn
ing lor Grants Pass where he expects
to spend the summer. Cm ittkk Box.
Every Grain Kills a Squirrel.
:$( per Can
If you arc not satisfied you get your
money hack.
Sloyer Drug Co.
Front St., Opposite Depot.
Snith Bros. Mercantile Co.
New Goods Ctiep for Cnwli
Come and be Convinced.
Fruit and Vegetables fresh every day.
Oranges and Lemons,
Green Peas, Asparagus,
Fresh Rhubarb, Green Onions.
Special Prices on Tin and Granite Ware.
Smith Bros. Mercantile Co
Howard's Old Stand.
Don't Endanger Your Life .
By riding a tin frame Bicycle. Ride a
Racycle, Stearns, Crescent, Crawford, B. & li. Spe-
' cia', or Spaulding
And you will be in the lead from start to finish.
I sell for cash or on 'entail
ments, and take old wheels
hi part payment, I equip any
of the above whaels with any
make of Tires, Handle Bars,
Saddles or Pedals, with or
without Coaster Brakes
Cushion frames.
First-class repairing
uuy it iroui mo agent lor
CRAWFORDS reasonabIe Prices-
Second-Hand Wheels frohi $5 up.
8s5"Your Money's Worth or your Money Back.
At the Bicycle Den, East of Depot
Jimmy on hla new blovcle, Is one of the
lKhts of the town. Ho Is so proud ot It
that be baa to bold himself up with one
foot, lo keep from fulling off backwards!
You will tie Just bh proud of vours. if vou
tho agent for
Srivlp Bounty Law.
Tlie new law providing (or I lie d stri c-
lion of wild eats, eovotes. mountain liona
oiuars, may wolves or liinler wolves.
id for tlie payment ol tlie liouiiti-.e on
the same, ia now iu force.
flie provisions of Hie art aie tlie pre
sentation lo tlie count v ilerk ol Die
Ips, with an itllidaut statii ii the num-
'erol scalps presented, kind of animal
(rom which thev taken, and ilmt il,
initials were not win Iped r folred in
The ivnnty eleik is required to s nd
onthly statements ol Ikiiiivv clainii to
the secretary of stale, who will forward
to the tvuntv rlerk a wartum m,.,n
general lundol the -tite tte.i.nnv loi
two thirds ol the lo ut amount ol
ran:s diawn in payment of tiim
A scalp, within the incniing ol Ihe
act, eoiiMsia 'VI both ears of the animal
-Mnne.ted hy a s.ripof ikin that grew
between them, two inches in breadth,
aud all whole and intact "
Tl Ka.j In Keel OihhI
Countle!s'itioUfand8 hve found a b e-i-ing
lo the b.xly in lr. King's Sew Life
Tills, which pisitivelv curet'oii'tipation,
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at lr. kremer's drug store.
Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription
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Joys and Halves Her
It does this by a pre-natal pre
paration in which the mother finds
herself grow-ino; stronger instead of
weaker with each month. Instead
of nausea and nervousness, there are
healthy appetite, qtiiet nerves, and
refreshing sleep. The mind's con
tent keeps pace with the body's
comfort. There is no anxiety, no
dread of the approaching time of
travail. Whet; the birth hour
comes it is practically painless, the
recovery is rapid, and the mother
finds herself abundtmtly able to
nurse her child.
" Favorite Prescription " contains
no alcohol, neither opium, cocaine,
nor any other narcotic.
Sick women are invited to con
sult Dr. Pierce by letter ret of
charge, and so obtain without cost
the advice of a specialist in the
diseases peculiar to women. All
correspondence strictly private and
sacredly confidential. Address Dr
R. V. Pierre, Buffalo, N. Y.
Mrm. Annie Blacker. Catherine Strr,!.
' N V.wrne.: Voar mrdwon lu
dm.. ..J, for m, ytw m, health was
l": ! twir n.i.rru. but .in"
taking P, r,rrn , ,1Mm prtl .
in! "" 1 , n t he bnbr I
! mtyT roommtn,l.d your m!wum lo arml
?W b b.orled by
j Dr. Pierce's Tleasant Pellets cure
diziiness and sick headache.
Willis Kramer
Myrtle Creek
Extra Iamily Flour
And Kverything that goes with First-
Class Milling.
For sale by, Dklkmater
Wade, Pike and Cornell,.
Call for it; same price as other brands
Poison, 1
30c Can.
None Better.
31. Clemens,
for the New Era E.Htion of
The Emporium Economist
t tow is Press.
Our kuseTprofusely il
lustrated Spring and Sum
mer Catalogue, describing
the new fashions, and
Riving lowest Department
Store prices for every
thing to eat. drink, wear
or use.
tiia. aeras floor spae. l.oyo eisrka.
Donomore 29644
Brown Horse. Fouled 1896.
5i Hands, weighs llOOIhs.
Sired by Altsuiont 3000, the greatest
sireol extreme speed in the world.
Hum, Sleepy Kale (dam ol Belle Air
2:144 and Athena 2:201 hy Mike,
340S; Grand dam, Kihbon, by Vermont.
Donomore will make the season ol 1001
at the race traik, i mile west of city.
Terms by the season $10; insurance $15.
Care ill be taken to prevent accidents
but will not be responsible should any
A. L. FORCE, Keeper.
To all sutl'erers from whalnvor n.Ln.u
or debility, iheumatiem, lan e back, etc.,
I oiler my
Dr. Sanden
Electric Belt
upon one or two months' ahonlnto
trial, without one rent being paid to
advance or deposited in any manner.
All that I ask is that th ri,-.
uoiiesuy Dy me, as I will by him
send for my latest book nf information
just published, Kivinir all information
retarding my invention and free trial
) eiem.
Sanden Electric Belt Co,
Russell Block,
Portland, - - Oregon.
....Poultry Yards....
Breeder of Prize Winners and llifh
Scot ing
Barred Plymouth Hooka,
H. C. Krown Ijethoriia,
Bronze Turkeys,
Scotch Collie Doga
The highest scoring Plymouth Rock
snd Brown Leghorn Cocks in the Stole;
at Koseburg Show one 1st' and 2nd on
Plymouth Kock Cocks; .ejhorns 1st
and 2nd, Cockerels, 1st 2nd and 3 d
. KliGS:
1 Selling $, 2 8iltlnKs 2 l
Add real
Land Office atRosehurg, Oregon,)
v. .. . . , , 1IH)1,(
Notice-is hereby given thut the follow
ing named Bettler has filed nntio of l.i.
intention to make Anal nnmi !., un,..
of his claim, and that said proot will be
made before R. I,. Bartlelt, County
Clerk, at (iranle Pass, Oregon, on' April
ii, i'joi, vis:
John H. Klncald.
" E, No. 7023. lor the NVl' SE.'4',
NKW Sec. 32. Tp 38 S. R. 6 W.
He names the following witnesses lo
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz:
C. K. Harmon, ol Uratite Pass, Ore
gon; John Howell, ol (iranH Pass, Ore
iron ; Ci Howell, ot lirants Pass, Oregon ,
Sam felherow, of Williams, Oregon.
J. T. BKID'jEi, Register..
M. J. Shields & Co.
(rowers and Importers
of all kinds of
Grass & Field Seeds
I'Olt 8 Al.K.
61) .000, tr.,,, berry plants. Ihsvethe
Escelsive, wbicb is extra early snd a
good shipper. The first crate of Oregon
strawberries that arrived in Portland last
season I sent troin this pattb. I also
have Ihe Hood River borry. which is a
large red berry, being perfect in sh.r.
and a fine shipper. Both am r.(..
fliwering plants. I will put on cars
either ol the two kinds for $1.50 loose, or
r-'.OO bunched and tied per thousand
L. 8. Coos ,
Dillard, Oregon
, ! 'I!,,ve 'il1'-''' !;,,H k "f lbe '""i'" "'
t "Btlian Marts " a tin l..i ..r .. .
lor sale at very reasonable prices Write me
hat you want, or come and il,...
1 have a tine lot of "Mack Minorca chi,!-.
'IK, It Wdllld do linn.ll. . ,1
iioier oinis ir rirtecn Eggs. -,, " " . . "'' With fifteen
I am aim maki... . t .. ?! Personal experience in ,m.inV.
rruils, and have tested i Li, I ?.V' "''"0'lh.e A(?n'iTaurai
k,,K propazin,. y u,, , -.J- mn. w. .sub.
he adapted to t ins section, and have some I hundred ditle rent kind!. IH.t Ut '
i?n !,j 'J, u I nerni us. Tall Meadow Fise.
Ulna r-.V e V . " nai Meniineu
Blue Grass, tnglish Kye Urass, Orchard
hue plants for saleol the following varietie,
Mm and U-t of all is the "Xew HvbrW
1 henonieiKd" cross between RlackberrV ....
.Mn in... .1.1 : ,
.,. ,,1n ,ie n(?w .
plants, 2-ic e-ach, sis for I.(K)
latlilart Louden-Eureka Bla,k Cap
Lla. klK.rry. 5c each. 50V ,w JOIt.0
Rwi.Wrr,.-5c ea. h, 5uV per down.
Early Hanrest, U.ton Chil.l, Tree
(I. mitpl amount,) UK.- each, 3 for 25 cents
liewberry-Lncrvtia, UV. each, 3 for 25e'
t naiseU-rnr I- me 3 Year old li..- .i..!
i lll-.,.,l.;. , . "mi
,ri .u iiunioth, IHc
-s-r uiuin.
English Pearl Oregon
each, 5oc ivr doien
Horseradish R,.,t, ,,, c-
1 osta t ard ,n.l I will deliver anvwhere
in t city r ,,whe , b Ei press
Meniher, S. O. Poultrr and Pe, tito..k
Amviation, '
Grants Pass, Ore.
;each, $1
CliampioD, 5c
Those are Kre.h Heeds- We are
SnTpees'.,be,U nd WU1 1""!-
P.Tslf.ULm!.ll, fn ee.l. for evergreen
rsstiireon dry ground; IIU.U0 perliun
dretl, or Aw. jer pound. v
Wa are also growers and importers of
Clovers. Alfalfai, Peas, Corn. Wheat,
Russia Bpelti, MilleU and all
kinds of Field Seeds.
For references we cite vou to W. J.
ArricuT Li??" of Acultiirs at the
anT? t " ""m". Wash.,
M t '1.i."!nCh' Hro.fe"' ol Agriculture
lin I h I' niversily, Moscow,
JioaddreZ " mltn"1