Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, March 21, 1901, Image 1

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No. 19
An Opportunity
Rogue River valley is full of Oil,
Natural Gas, Artesian water and
other valuable minerals.
Nature's storehouse is bulging
out with wealth and only needs the
magic hand of man to unlock and
reveal the hidden wealth stored up
for the use of the Twentieth Cen
tury. Our arid lands will produce won
ders if we once can procure Arte
sian water to supply abundance of
water witu which to irrigate.
Oil and Natural Gas aie the
greatest economical fuel of this
generation. Shall we let it be dor
mant here in Rogue River valley,
while other sections of the country
are usiuj nature's storehouses?
Oregon cannot be beaten any
where in the world, for natural Gas,
Oil or Artesian water. Rogfue River
valley is truly the Italy of America.
Here we have the finest climate, the
best apples, the largest peaches
and the prettiest girls.
Shall the people of Grants Tass
forever continue to drink the slime
and slush and sewage that pcyirs
into Rogue river while we can have
the best of Artesian mountain water
by the very simple procesG of dril
ling a few hundred feet?
What a beautiful city Grants
Pass would be if there were a stream
of pure Artesian water flowing
along each side of her streets.
It is the intention of The Oregon
Natural Gas, Oil & Mining Co. to
soon begin active operation of dril
ling a number ot wells to the depth
of 1000 feet to ascertain the pres
ence of Natural, iGas, Oil, Artesian
water and other valuable minerals.
They are now bonding land in
and around Grants Pass. Within
the next six months they will be
drilling on some of the property
they have bonded for that purpose,
They intend if it is possible, to
supply the city with plenty of pure
Artesiau water before the coming
The Oregon Natural Gas. Oil
& Mining Co requests .,11 farmers
and property holders to give them
the privilege of drilling one or more
wells on their property. They
will give a percentage of the
output of ihe wells to pa 1 ties
granting the privilege.
In order to get the people of
Grants Pass and Josephine county
interested in Natural Gas, Oil, and
Artesian water they will give all of
them a chance to subscribe for a
few shares of the capital stock of
the company 011 very liberal terms
Suppose you take a few shares of
the capital stock ot The Oregon
Natural Gas, Oil & Mining Co. of
the par value of $1 per sliare.
You pay 10 per cent, down, 40 per
cent, when the machinery is set up
and is ready to begin operation and
the remaining 50 per ecnt. when
they strike a flow of natural gas,
oil or artesian watei or have drilled
to the depth of 1000 feet. If they
strike oil, natural gas or artesian
water you have the option of tak
ing ten times as many shares asyou
subscribe for. They will pay you
back all the money received from
you if they fail to drill a well as
agreed upon.
You are invited to thoroughly
investigate their proposition. You
have nothing to lose but every
thing to gain. If you are a cap
italist it is a safe investment. If
you are a farmer or property holder
it will pay you to invest as it will
enhance the value of your place a
hundred fold more than you invest
if they should find cither oil, gas
or water near your property. If
you are a working man it will pay
you to take shares as this will open
up a vast and a new work for you.
The merchants and business men
should invest in shares in ord-.r to
start this enterprise. Professional
men, in (At all classes of people,
should take a few shares in this
vast and new enterprise and it will
be a help to all in Grants Pass and
Josephine county. If you cannot
take 100 shares you can tak- 50 or
ten shares. Remember every dollar
will be returned to you if the com
pany fails to drill a well as agreed
upon. The stocks are non-assess
able and fully paid up as they are
used. The by-laws of the com
pany do not allow a debt to ex
ceed 1 per cent of the capital.
Scott Griffin of Grants Pass, Ore-
eon, is a stockholder, a director
and the secretary of The Natural
Gas. Oil & Miuiusr Co , who will
take leases on lands and subscrip
tion for stocks and will give any
information regarding the comrany
The closer you investigate the
more you will help the company by
taking stock and leasing your prop
crty for the purpose of drilling one
or more wells thereupon as you
have uothing to lose but all to gain
For further information call on
The Natural Gas, Oil &
. Mining Company.
Grants Pass, Ore
A Full Assortment of
Ws Furnishings....
Shirt for all kinds of wear and at the right prices. .
Reduced Prices on Clothing & Men's Shoes
Oilice, Room 2 over Post Office. Residence
Kane House, oppo. (lie Western.
(ienernl Practitioner of
Gll'ice in Williams Mock
Piactitvs in all Stale ami Federal Courts
Oftice over First National Rank.
Ghauts Pass, - - Ohkoon.
bu ants Pass,
Special attention given to Milling
and Land Laws, and Land OHice practice,
Olflcc opposite Hotel Josephine
(iUAKTB l'.tBK. - - OlIKQON.
New Bakery
4th & Front
Is now opened and stocked
with Fresh Pies, Cakes, Cook
ies and Bread. Don't forget
the place, opposite Chiles'
Grocery More.
Mrs. G. W. Pettit 1
J. 13. PADDOCK, Piioi b.
I urn preirred tofiirniah anything in tbe line ol Cemetery work in any kind
Nearly lliirty rears o! experience in
h:it I run lilt your orders in the very beet
Can furnish work in Scotch, Swedit
Krorn Sironf Next to Green! Gur,lio.
, Furniture and Piano
The popular barber shop
Get your tousorial work done at
; On Sixth Street Three chairs'
Hath room in connection j
' '
G. 1). CUSIXO, !
i'atrli and Clock repairing
work guaranteed
J Office with ilson it Itoper.
Chants Pass, Ohe
Full aMrtmcnt of Watches, Clocks, Sil
verwear and Jewelry. A i"d
Assortment of Hrarelet anil
Heart Ilanglcs,
Clement' Drug Store.
Sixth St., opp. Citt H all
If Your House
Needs Painting
Our paint will be cheaper for yon
now than it will be next year. Thin it
not because tbe price is going to advance,
but becauee it will take more paint,
Ihe wood will become more absorbent
and it will require more oil to fill the
Painting is really an economy. It is
the greater economy if you buy the
paint ol us our
M. Clemens,
Capital Stock, - - $50,000.
Heeeive deposits subject to check oron
certificate payuble on demand.
Sells sight drafts on New York, San Fran
cisco, and Portland.
Telegraphic transfers sold on all points in
the United States.
Special Attention given to Collections and
general business of our customers.
Collections made throughout Southern
Oregon, aud on all accessible points.
J. D. FRY, President.
J. T.TUFFS.Vico President.
H. A. Booth, Cashier
Willis Kramer
Myrtle Creek
Extra Iamily Flour
And Everything that goes with First'
Class Milling.
For (ale by Chiles,
Waijic, Tikk and
Call for it; same price as other brands
the Marble business warrants my Baying
or American Granite or any kind c
Fine liutter a Specialty
' 21
Sewer Connections
j Metal Hoofing
Gas Fitting
...Pipe work of all kinds...
Hiils furni.-hed for all work.
f.eeve orders with.........
Cramer llros. Hardware
Hail-Kiddle Hard are
Every Taxpayer Should Endeavor to
The County Levy a Five Mill
, Assessment.
To The Editor: Josephine county's
finances are in bad shape and yet it the
taxpayers would take some interest iu
public attain in a few months we illicit
have the assurance in Josephine county
that tbe tax levy for 1002, which ia
based on tbe assessment of 1901, could
be lowered from its present amount of
30 mills to not more than five mills.
In other words every dollars worth of
property on the present tax rolls could
be raised six times over in value and
yet tbo owner would not pay oue dollar
more taxos. But it ia not necessary to
raise the valuations six times. There
is remedy which can be made to
work which will do no injustice to any
one and yet brim the lax levy down to
live mills or thereabouts and then
capital would flow into this county and
the mine, the farm, the sawmill, the
railroad Hid the business iu towns
would all prosper, I refer to tbe method
of taxation.
A law was passed by the Oregon legis
lature, at its last session, which allows
the etatn to collect its quota of money
from each county in a lump sum, inde
pendent of local valuations. There is
now no excuse for under valuations, and
tbe law on assessments says all property
(and I wish to call your attention to tbe
law as saying "all property") shall be
assessed at its true cash value, which ib
held to mean what the property would
bring at a voluntary sale in the usual
course of business.
One great trouble about the assess
ment in Josephine county is th at "all"
the property is no: assessed. There are
five classes of property which should b
prominent on tbe tux rolls of this
couuty ; the mining interests, timber in
terests, farming interests, railroad in
terests. Heretofore the time lu'ler
interests have been assessed ; but the
first two not so.
I have broachi'd the subject of assess
ment of mining' locations, to some of
the mine owuerB and tho first exclama
tion tbvy make is: "You can't assess a
mining location. " I say you can, and
that it is the duty of tho assessor to do
so, and that the mining interests of
Josephine county would be greatly bene
fited by doing so. To illustrate:
Eleven years ago Mr. A. loc.Ued twenty
acres of placer land, and in order to
retain bis tille to that twenty acres be
signs a certicate that he will each year
add (100 in improvements to said land
Tbe assessor is on oath required to
assess that claim at least $100 the second
year, $200 the third year, $303 the fourth
year, and at this date that placer claim
must have received $1000 worth of im
provements, or else the title to the prop
erty is imperfect. If improvements to
the amount of $10,000 bud been added
in tbe ten years, or $100,00.) in tho ten
years the assussor should so assess tbe
property hut now lees than $103 each
year. What would be the result? The
property book of the assessor (and one
property book should be devoted entire
ly to mine") would show exactly tbe
assessed value of every mine in the
county. If Mr. A. actually did $100
worth of assessment work each year, for
ten years, he would be able anJ willing
to pay a tax of 60 cents or $1 on each
hundred dollaia ami if he has not added
$100 in improvements to bis claim be
has no title and tbe public should be
made aware ol the fact and then some
one elre can take the location and do
something with it. A man who holds a
mining location and does nothing with
it is of no advantage to either himsolf or
tbe peoplo of Josephine county. Men
who stand ready to lake hold of mining
property and develop it should be able
to learn exactly what is the trim com
uiercial value of tbe property they are
buying and the tax rolls should be a
guide. If a mine pays taxes at a fair
valuation and the tax levy is low, it ia
an advantage to a mine owner to have
bis mine taxed as it ia a free advertise
ment. Some of tbe large holders of
mines say their mines aie not for sale,
but there ia not a mine anywhere not
for sale if somebody will pay enough.
The laws of the United Mates did not
intend that any man or men should in
vest thousands of dollars iu mining loca
lions and got all Ihe advantages of roads
and bridges, schools, etc., and not pay
th) ir pioKjrtiunal share of tho expenses
Ihe main thing about assessments is
that they shall be equal. It is almost
impossible for an assessor to never make
an error, but if Ibis county had prorty
bxiks, such as are used by ansessors in
the stale of Washington, ho could lay
be'ore the taxpayer and the county
bmnl ot equalization a comparative
value oh every lot and acre and mine
and stock of goods, etc., and Ihe tax
payer and the public could then know
not only that "all" the properly In the
county was being tsxed but aUo that
those taxes were "equal." An unequal
assessment is more aggravating to the
taxpayer than one too low, or even too
I have in mind an example: A land
owner told me he was as-essed for I.ViO
and be would not sell bis land for less
thin $:io(;0 and you would imagine be
would,' satisfied with such a valuation
but no, his neighbor, who had exactly
tbe same amount of land, and bis
Ke'ling price Is exactly the same, namely
I3VXI, it, be said, assessed for only .'M
but when mr friend asked the county
court to raise bis neighbor to the same
amount a-f himself tbe judge ioformed
him that, while the board could lower
esscstment it could not raise them
(1 think the court was wrong) and so,
although Ihif taxpayer was being
assessed at one-seventh the selling value
of his land, yet tie not satisfied
becaute bis neighbor - was assessed at
only about ooe-tentb of the selling value.
If tlit people of Grants Pass would
make up their minds that the tax levy
in the county should be only five mill
next year, instead of 30 mills as now,
they could by using a proper system and
taxing at fair values find $7,000,000
worth of property in Josephine county,
aniin some cases the iower tax levy
would actually lower the tax (or tax
payers wbo are now taxed as high as
eighty per cent of selling values and
persona who are taxed on values nf one
fifth tbe selling price could be raised to
tbe selling price aud not pay one dollar
more money in to the county treasury.
Josephine county spends $40,000,000
year in round numbers, and the county
officers fees amount to over $5000 which
should be deducted so that with $7,000
000 of assessed property a five mill tax
would bring us out even. If it were
possible to find $10,000,000 worth of
property in the county a five mill tax
would bring in $50,000 a year and $15,
000 a year surplus would soon wipe out
all tbe Indebtedness. We should spend
$10,000, a year on roads and bridges
We could soon save $3000 or interest by
being out of debt. Our courts cost
$2000 a year and miscellaneous expenses
$5000 and stale- tax will be $7200. The
state tax levy has 5.7 but with $10,000,-
0J0 of property $7200 would mean about
4 of a mill on Ihe dollar.
Then the man owning a mine could
borrow .money on his mine at its
assessed value, and the farmers of bis
farm at ita assessed value and the mer
chant on his stock at its assessed value,
and tbe real estate owner or bis real
estate at its assessed value and the rate
of interest would be low, and enter
prises ot all kinds would flourish.
Hour local organisation, the Mining &
Commercial club, would interest itself
and back up tho assessor to do his duty
and assess at fair values all the property
in the county, aud back up the county
judge and clerk and assessor as an
equalizing board, so that they would do
their duty in equalu ng sssesimerfte, net
because some interested individual came
in nd made a "kick" but based on a
system where the values of property
could be easily compared it would result
In renewed prosperity.
There is ouly one data of prosperity
that cannot be assessed and that is
money, and it escapes everywhere and
II the time but you catch it in the note
and mortgage and by eliminating money
from tho roll you lul the borrower get
hia money at a less rate of interest.
This county needs capital and there is
much more argument in favor of not
tuxing mining locations and timber
This county should have six property
books: One containing every mine
and value of Ita lands and Improve
ments; another contains all railroad and
timber lands comparative values;
another containing afl real estate and
mprovements outside of towns; another
all lown lots in towns, and tbe improve
ments; another with all personal prop
erty in groups, with values aud owners
names. An equalizing board could then
act intelligently. From these property
bioks the assessor could make up the
tax roll and all Ihe .property ol th
county could appearand there would be
no omissions and no double assessments
The assessor might earn under such i
system, a lew hundred dollars morn
each year than now, but the county
would be a gainer ami .the commercial
interests ol the county be served ai
never before.
I have written this article on the
theory that the majority of the people
want to do what is right and favor taxes
being lair and equal. The assessor
should bo provided with maps and
proper books in which to entor all prop
erty and should be hacked up by the
people to use his own judgement in
assessing according to the law as it is,
and lint equalizing board will have but
litllii trouble willi the valuations and
tho tax roll w ill represent the wealth of
the county aud Ihe tax levy be proper
tionably loser and money for loaning to
our people at a low ratu of interest be
eatily obtained and Josephine county
and all of Oregon would surge ahead.
K. P
Count irfei's ol Dj rVtit'a Witch Hassl
Halve are liable lo cause blood poisoning.
Leave them alone. The original bas
the name DeWitt'a upon Ihe box and
wrapper. It is a harm leys and healing
salve for skin diseases. Unequalled for
piles. Dr. W. F. Kremer.
Lcland Slftingi.
The health of the people In tbii
vicinity is good, The little personals
Wd will leave for the other writer
Jim Tobler and his dogs are vetting
along all right at I'lacer where they are
living a quiet life.
Cattle buyers have been coming in lo
buy cattle but our butchers have bought
all the surplus cuttle in this vicinity.
We took a trip to the Ureenback mine
recently and found tbe mine and mill
running full blast. It ia a very lively
We regret to state that Judge Crockett
is not enjoying good health this spring
but hops be will bo all right in a short
D ear Munkera was seen on our
streets this week. He is thinking of
locating here. He comes from Coitige
Grove .and likes this county better than
Since last writing we have had some
March weather; a little snow Squall aud
a little Oregon, mist. At present we are
having nice spring weather. Gardening
stopped (or a nil but as the son shines
warm, work is resumed.
The last few days nf rain gave the
miners a good run. Thus who bad be
gun to clean np commenced piping
again. Tboy have bad better than an
average season and that means a large
amount of gold from this vicinity. Tti
Columbia mine bo washed; off a large
piece of ground and that meant big
Wlreleae Telegraphy Betweee Beld
am aa Eaclaa Mall llua.r
Always la roach with th Laaa.
Consul Roosevelt at Brussels re
ports to the atate department that
atation has been established at La
ramie, llclplutn, (or the exchange ot
wirelesa telegraphlo mesengea be
tween Belgium and Eng-lawl. La
Panne was selected on account of ita
being the point of the Belgium lit
toral nearest the English coast and a
mast of the Marconi system 130 feet
high was erected there. Th Dover-
Oaten mail boat Princes Clementine
was fitted up with temporary ap
paratus for use in experimental trials.
An additional mast was afllxed to the
foremast of this vessel increasing It
original height about SO feet. From
that extremity th telegraphlo wavea
are projected towards each coast. A
special room haa been fitted up on
the steamer for the instruments and
from that room the cable ia carried
to the top of the extended mast. It la
confidently expected to maintain
communication between ship and
shore fur at least 30 miles, which ia
about half way across. With stations
at I-a-1'anne and Dover those on board
the vessel will be abla to keep in
touch with the land during the en
tire trip across, llecent experiments
showed that replies arrived with the
same regularity and celerity aa or
dinary telegrame. When about 40
milea from Ostendo the captain was
able to telegraph the atation master
at Osteude the probable hour of his
arrival. Various telegrams war sent
from th vessel to Ostend, Brussels,
Dovsr and London, and the reception
of each messugs waa acknowledged
promptly. Subsequently, th eonaul
adds, a message waa sent from the
vessel to th station at Dovercourt,
Essex, a distance of nearly WO tnllea,
including- many milea of cliff and
Elect. K Tehlele Coaapaar Bars V
4,000,000 Capital Stoek at It
Larareet Oampctltae,
The Eelectrle Vehicle company haa
bought the entire $4,000, 1)00 capital
stock of the Itikrr Motor Vehicle com'
puny, Its largest competitor, and will
probably Increase Its own preferred
and common stock each by $1,000,000.
Oeorge II. Day wns elected president
of the Klectrlo Vehlole company,
succeeding ltobert McA. Lloyd, who
remains a director. r. C, Stevens,
president of the Metropolitan Strset
Hallway company, of th city of
Washington, who haa bean th pres
ident of the Hiker company, waa
made a director of the Klectrlo Ve
hicle company. John Jacob Astor re
signed as a director of the Eloctric
Vehicle company, his place on th
hoard being filled by Geurg Chap
man, his business representative.
President Day is also Uir president of
the Electric Storage Battery com
pany, which has a monopoly of the
buil neiis of supplying storage batter
ies for the vehicles of th Vehicle
enmpsny. As a result of th combina
tion th two companies now practic
ally own all the patents upon vehicles
moved by electricity, the Vehicle com
pany having a monopoly of th basic
patents upon the running gear.
Oaaaal at Blttaw lar Taal Haw la Ik
Opaartaallr ta falroaaa a aie a
laaa t"la la Berassr.
On aocount of th acarclty of raw
tlax In Germany pricea have advanced
ten or twelve per cent, and a number
of the mills have closed their doors.
Koine of the operators are only work
ing half time or full time with a few
of their spindles, though all the mills
could he working constantly If the
raw malerlnl could be furnished in
aunicient quantities and at a reason
able price.
Consul llersog, at Zltlaw, In a re
port to the slat departmant, says
that at the beginning of th new year
KiiHflan flax will b In abundance
and It the growers of ths United
States could Msaibly put th Amer
ican flax on the market within a
short time, there would be a steady
demand for their product.
A conference will shortly be held
at llreslau, Oernmny, and at Traute
nau, Ilohrinls, between (jerninn and
Austrian II ax spiunera and Helgian
and Ilusalun dealers In rsw flux and
the consul auys that tkis will lis a
pleni, opK,r.unny to offer samples
of American flax with a view to Intro
duction of that commodity into Ger
many. Aa 04 Tree.
There I Iu Ibe utile town of Fort
Lee, on th Hud. Hver. an English
welnut tree in . n'd, which once
every elf"' or ten J ears produces fruit
quite fine aa any Imported from Eu
rope. There Is no other fruit within
a radius of too miles that bears. This
ia a fruitful yar, and th nuts are ex
ceptionally fine.
Teroalo'e Cllr Hall.
Twenty yeara ago Ihe city of Toron
to, Ontario, began the erection of a city
hall, which was to cost fHOu.ooC by the
original estimate. The outlay on it to
date haa been 11,141,000, and it I not
yet finished.
Vie I lea al ClreaeMtaaaa.
One Knglish poet has written a son
set on snother In which It Is said that
he has "old world whiskers." Ilelng a
post, ssys th I'hlesga Times-Ilersld,
the poor chsp probsbly rsn't afford to
get shaved.
Great Cheasealas al Travel.
Ten yesrs ago the cost of a trip from
Central llueeia to Tiimsk, Blberla, waa
(41 par capita ijo-dsy it U uaJj .
Ask your (irocer to-day to show you a
package of URAI.NO, tbe new food
drink that take Ihe place of coffee.
Tbe children may drink It without in
jury aa well aa the adult. All wbo try
U, Ilk it. CiKAIN O bas that rich seal
brown ol Mocha or Java, bat it is made
from pare grain, and the most delicate
stomscb receive it without distress.
the price ol colTue. 15c. and 25cts. per
package. Bold by all grocers.
no. mo House Fupnisliini
The Souvenir Sale Still Goes Merrily On.
That's Right
When anybody wants to buy Housefurnishlngs they think of
R. Thomas, mo Sixth St., next to Layton.
That's Natural
Because nearly everybody in this territory buys House Fur
, nishings at Thomas' because he sells good goods at bottom
That's Sure
Because he buys only the best to be had for the money and
every article sold is guaranteed satisfactory.
Tl.nts Good.
2000 Rolls just arrived. To see our prices is to purchase,
because they possess that artistic effect and style that's so hard to get;
pleasing prices too 6c, 7c, 10c, 1 jc, 15c, 16c up to 60c, 70c,
New Goods This Week.
Glazed Tile Paper for bath rooms, Egg Separators, Egg Tur
ners, Knife ' Sharpeners, Sink Strainers, Water Filters, Pneumatic
Churns 85c and $1.00, New Iron Beds, Portieres, Linoleums, Oar-',
pets (the largest line ever shown here, 35c, 35c, 45c, 50c, 650 up to
$1.40 per yard), Lace curtains some beauties, Window Shades, 25c,
15c, 40c, 50c no paper goods.
More new Suits, Chairs, Beds
Tables, Chiflbuiers, Rockers.
We are closing out a few
Gloves, Sox, Etc.,
50 Per Cent Off.
atoeoBalaes th Herolem a Beillaa
tailors Who Reeaaea Taaavea
Th United State government,
through th Liverpool consulate, haa
eubstniitlnlly rewarded five seamen
of the Dominion liner Commonwealth
for their gallant services In rescuing
the crew of the American schooner
Leading llreere, which was wrecked
In a hurricane off Portland, M., Octo
ber IS. The Leading llreex waa
bound from Itoaton, Mass., with a
oargo of sail for Kastport, Me., and
waa in a waterlogged and sinking
eondition when sighted by th Com
monwealth. Th ream wa effected with great
difficulty In a heavy sea. Th sohoon
r's crew was thoroughly exhausted
nd the men lost everything they pos
sessed. When they landed at Liver
pool they were supplied with all they
needed at the American consulate.
Capt. Md'auley, who skillfully han
dled the Commonwealth while th
rescue wns being attempted, and lb
second officer, Mathiaa, who waa In
ommand of the boat's crew, will also
be rewarded.
Ceaala ai eloaat Caatellaa DeaaaJr
f ettlaar A marleea
Corole Ademar d Castellans, cousin
to Comte llonl. who was honked to sail
for Anu-ricu on ihr Kl. Psul, has decided
to remain at I'urle. lie wns bent on
marrying an American heircaa.
"I may not go at all to th United
etaUs," he eulil, "certainly not for sev
eral months There hna been too much
talk about my coikIii.
"Frenchmen of standing will be alow
in fui'.rc to marry American heiress.
What I. tlic good of their bring heir
esses If the "hole fnmily and a guard
Ian to boot must be consulted before
one ran touch a cent of one' wife's
Dumry V
"The International marriage market
haa received a shock from which it will
be alow to nvover."
Flour iu Kluhange.
Farmers, do not haul your wheat 20
to uO mile to exchange, Scott Oriflin
will give yon as many pounds of flour
for a bushel ol wheat as any mill ill
give you. You will find Hcott Urlllln at
hit Hay, Flour, Feed and Heed Hlore,
Cor. (It la and I streets. Grants Pass, Ore.
New Location :
G Street bet. 4th and 5th.
I will bo pleased to meet all my old
ctiHtoiners and friends and all others
who are interested in
Up-to-Datc Millinery Styles
at my new location in tho Williams
bridle on G Btreet, four doors west of
tho Palace , Hotel, with Mrs. Adams'
Japaneso Hazaar, where thero will bo
displayed all tho latest shapes in
Spring Millinery, New Trimmings,
Heady for Business Now.
8-etu st
Wall Paper
Wooiien ware
He Fooled Ihe Bargean.
All doctors told Reolck Hamilton, 0
West Jefferson, U., after suffering 18
months from Rectal Fistula, be would
die unless a costly operation waa per
formed; bat ha cured himself with
Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the best In th
World. Surest Pile cure on Earth, t6e
bos at Dr. Kreiner'i Drag 6tore,
in tne course of a cross-country
drag hunt on Long Island Mr. James
L. Kernoohan, of New York, was
thrown from her saddle after taking;
a double jump. Her foot caught in
the stirrup ami aha waa dragged a
short distance, but ah (topped th
horse, remounted and regained two
milea on the leaders, having- to take
tea Jumpa over rail fences on th
The cotton crop of the country
amounted to only 1,000,000 pounds In
1793, Last year it was about ,M0,
000,000 pounds, representing thre
fourth of the entire crop of the
world and valued at 1310,000,000. It
filled 0,500,000 bales, and th loss by
waste incidental to the process of
taking- sample was not less than $7,
000,000. Inquiries havs barn received from
the llrillah government coccerolnf
the method of taking; the AmericaA
Vnsus, because It ha never been able)
to aecure eueh ooinprehanaivs data, or
even as complete a count of popula
tion, in ten year of continuous work
a th American system has secured
In 12 months.
Probably at no time since Um tVU
war have there been so few regular
soldiers stationed in Mi United Stat
a there are tn-day. Of the 100,000
officers snd men constituting- our
present army ail but about 17,000 aro
serving abroad, mostly in ths PbUlg.
For Hale I
Foil 8ai.i Twenty Ave acres ons and
one ball milea east of Grants Pass on
Kogue river, partly cleared, small or
chard, piice $200 half cash, also filty onr
acres of what is known si ths Uydi
place, price 1500, half cash. For addi
tional information address,
Cuxht. Bros,
La Grande, Oregon
Bertha B. Barrio.