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Blue Mountain Eagle
Wednesday, December 23, 2015
John Day
Alma Joslin
JOHN DAY— Monday,
Dec. 14, we had our usual small
Monday crowd. Boy, the rest of
you don’t know what you are
missing on Mondays. There
were only approximately 30
diners to enjoy Western scram-
ble (scrambled eggs with ham,
onions and green peppers), hash
browns, link sausage, monkey
bread and cubed peaches. In
addition to the in-house diners,
Jeanette Kile, Betty Holznagel
and Buzz and Bobbie Gilmore
delivered 20 lunches, plus an-
other 20 frozen ones to shut-ins.
At the desk were Ron
Dowse and Marianne Morris.
Bobbie led the Àag salute and
Buzz asked the blessing. They
represented Redeemer Luther-
an Church and the four who
delivered also served us. Thank
you, folks.
Veanne Weddle announced
that the Barbara Emily Knud-
sen Charitable Foundation has
given the Senior Center a grant
which will be used for a new
kitchen Àoor. A big thank you
to Karen Barntish, who did all
the paperwork for us. Due to
the installation of the Àoor, the
meal will not be served on Jan.
11. Also, there will be no Bingo
first- and
sing “Jingle
Bells” to the
residents at
Valley View
during their
Christmas Hat
on Jan. 7, so after lunch every-
thing in the kitchen that can be
moved out will be moved out.
All those willing to help will be
greatly appreciated.
Our dining room tables look
very festive, thanks to Linda
Stoltz (the beautiful table cov-
ers were made by her plus the
name tags that were on the ta-
bles). She seems to be a person
of many talents and we cer-
tainly appreciate her for all she
does for the seniors. All done
with a smile. You are the best,
Linda. Buzz Gilmore turned 73,
so Happy Birthday, Buzz.
I won the Len’s Drug gift
certi¿cate and Linda Stoltz won
the free meal.
Thursday, Dec. 17, we
had a full house. There were
approximately 117 diners to
enjoy pineapple glazed ham,
scalloped potatoes, butternut
squash, veggie tray, rolls, and
for dessert, Lisa made yum-
my cherry cheesecake. Dave
and Sherry Feiger delivered
35 meals plus 4 frozen ones to
shut-ins. Veanne helped with
the deliveries.
The entree was furnished by
Helen Bogart. At the desk were
Marianne Morris and Susan
Fowle. Isa Larkin led the Àag
salute, and Sherry Feiger read
a poem and asked the bless-
ing. Our servers were from the
United Methodist Church.
Veanne had some thank-
yous. First to everyone for
turning out for the dinner even
though the weather was so
terrible. Or good, depending
on how you look at it. We do
need the snow, even though it
is a challenge. The Elks Lodge
donated some of their food that
they didn’t use for Thanksgiv-
ing. Eric Julsrud donated the
oranges that topped our goody
cups, which were ¿lled by the
Site Council.
Judy Nelson donated the
quilt on the wall for rafÀing
off. The tickets are $5 each or
three for $10. The drawing will
be held at our Easter dinner so
you have time to buy lots of
tickets. Denise Seebart did the
paintings that are on the wall.
She and Linda Stoltz also made
eight wreaths which were won
by Hank Lissman, Don Cald-
well, Bonnie Kocis, Norm
Fowle, Elsie Husky, Chuck
Corwin, Sandy Hawke and
Harriet Courier. There were
other donated prizes won by
Patti Moore, Jesse Cates, Kay
Bocktold and Mike Durr.
The Chester’s Thriftway
gift certi¿cate was won by Da-
vid Turner and the Valley View
meal for two was won by Kay
If there were any ¿rst-timers
I didn’t get around to get names
I do apologize. If you want rec-
ognized let me know. Of course
we will be closed Christmas
Eve, so a very Merry Christ-
mas to all from the crew at the
Center and myself. We will
be having chile relleno bake
on Monday, Dec. 28. On New
Years Eve we will have roast
beef, shrimp cocktail and virgin
mimosas. Once again, call for
reservations if you want to be
seated with a certain group on
New Year’s Eve.
Luke 1:69 “He has sent us
a mighty Saviour from the royal
line of David.”
Prairie City
Rose Coombs
a “White Christmas” for our
dinner on Dec. 16. That kept a
lot of people from coming to
the Hall, I guess. We only had
84 names on the book, but that
didn’t dampen the enthusiasm
of those who did come. The
hall was decorated with the tree
by Vera, tablecloths and bowls
full of Christmas tree balls by
Donna, and those who wore
their special Christmas clothing.
Most noticeable was Del Lake
in his Santa hat, handing out
candy canes. Lots of the ladies
wore Christmas jewelry.
Buzz led the Àag salute and
Jack Retherford asked the bless-
Students visit
Valley View
Eagle photos
Angel Carpenter
ing. Our servers included Jo-
Anne Phippen, Sandi Rennels,
Ginger Kendall and Linda Boy-
er. Head cook Iva was stricken
with the Àu bug and assistant
cook Helen had to go see her
eye doctor, so Donna Adams,
Pam Howard, and Linda Boyer
stepped up and got the dinner
put together. And they did a
great job! We had sparkling ci-
der, broccoli salad, veggie tray,
candied sweet potatoes, ham,
rolls, and all the pie and other
desserts you could eat. Heard
lots of “Ooh, I ate too much.”
But it was so good!
Betty Retherford sang a few
songs accompanied by hubby
Jack before the meal. The win-
ner of the December birthday
gift certi¿cate donated by Huff-
man’s Market was Dave Abarr.
Faithful worker Buzz Harris got
the $5 in trade donated by Prai-
rie Hardware & Gifts. Chuck’s
Little Diner certi¿cate went to
Harold Preston. Thanks to our
prize givers for a year full of
niceness. The winners are all so
pleased when they get a prize.
We found out that Dean
and Betty Elliott will celebrate
their 66th wedding anniversary
on Christmas Eve. He also an-
nounced that the Grant County
Search and Rescue organization
is in need of younger members.
If that sounds like your cup of
tea, give him a call.
We also got a Christmas pres-
ent from Ye Olde Thrift Shoppe
to the tune of $500. Thanks so
much, Norma and ladies.
Shauntele and Lorna from
the Blue Mountain Care Center
brought Dorothy Blasing, Don-
na Cox and Lois Hill.
There were still some ap-
ples to give away and someone
brought in small bags of Reuben
Àavored chips to pass out, also.
What a deal!
On the building sale front:
We sent what we thought the
company wanted in order to
get the money to pay for the
building. No word and no mon-
ey. So we ¿nally called. “Oh,
you need this other special
notarization. And it needs to
be arranged on the page yada
yada yada.” So after three more
phone calls to Kansas City (sure
glad it is an 800 number!) to try
to get the form e-mailed, some
representative (bless her heart)
¿nally faxed it and it came right
through. We can’t fax it back,
though. Must be the original.
So hopefully by the end of
the year, it will be all signed,
sealed and delivered. I found a
number that would get me the
complaint department and that
was going to be my next call if
things didn’t get straightened
out! What a day.
Luke 2:6, 7 “So it was…
that the days were completed
for her to be delivered and she
brought forth her ¿rstborn
Son … and laid Him in a man-
ger …”
Miller and
Paytin Girvin
are in the hat
parade as
Valley View
Dick Ray
Church Services In Grant County