The Blue Mountain eagle. (John Day, Or.) 1972-current, July 01, 2015, Image 6

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Blue Mountain Eagle
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Prairie City
Rose Coombs
clarify, we always recognize
the month’s birthdays on the
last Wednesday, not the first
as was indicated in the June
24 column. Sorry about that,
but it wasn’t my fault. Any-
how, we had celebrants vy-
ing for the $10 in trade from
Huffman’s Market: Karen
Barrietua, Marlene Greear
and I. Marlene was the win-
ner. Jerry Sheets won the
Prairie Hardware and Gifts
$5 certificate.
Inspector John Combs
came by on June 24. We
Chairman Joe brought
home-grown radishes to give
away; I have never seen such
long roots! They must really
be searching for water. We
had some for lunch, too. Our
faithful four did their set-
up chore early in the morn-
ing. Later, the Ding-a-Lings
came in to practice. Recep-
tionist Pam was at her place,
right in front of the A/C. And
that machine does a superb
job, I tell you. She has to
bring a jacket and she’s posi-
tioned clear across the room
from it.
The volunteer servers fil-
tered in along with the rest
of the diners for this special
meal. Sandi, Lana, Pam, and
Gary carried out their duties
– and food – cheerfully. Del
and Bonnie Lake, and Julia
Davis helped with the clean-
up, along with Joe and Jim.
Buzz and Jim were the
appointed and designat-
ed delivery persons for the
take-out run. We had 84
names on the registration
book. Buzz led the flag sa-
lute, and Jerry Sheets asked
the blessing. And the meal –
oh, my goodness, the meal.
It is going to be difficult to
describe, but I’ll give it a
whirl. First, pineapple juice.
Then an unusual chicken
salad on a bed of greens.
Then “Delores” Apple Sal-
ad. That was something
else. Had orange Jell-O
and cream cheese, celery
and pineapple bits. It could
have passed for dessert,
but no. There was another
creation for that – coco-
nut cream pudding on puff
pastry topped by whipped
cream and toasted coco-
nut sprinkles. Words fail
me. There were also home
baked rolls to complete the
meal. I tell you, Helen and
Iva have more fun thinking
up “something different” to
serve. You never know what
will appear on the tables.
July 1 will be the Fourth
of July meal, which will be
special too, I’m sure. You
better come see and enjoy.
The Blue Mountain Care
Center ladies, Lorna and
Jonie, brought Dorothy Blas-
ing, Lois Hill, Eula Thomp-
son and Dollina Humphreys.
Presidential Trivia: Cal-
vin Coolidge was born
on the Fourth of July, and
Thomas Jefferson and John
Adams both died on July 4
in 1826.
Romans 8:38-39 “For I
am persuaded that neither
death nor life, nor angels
nor principalities nor pow-
ers nor things present nor
things to come, nor height
nor depth, nor any other cre-
ated thing, shall be able to
separate us from the love of
God which is in Christ Jesus
our Lord.”
John Day
Alma Joslin
JOHN DAY – On June
22, we had a very small
turnout for reasons un-
known. Too bad, because
you all missed another
good meal.
We had pork chop
casserole with potatoes
O’Brien, supreme green
salad, carrots and dinner
rolls, and Lisa baked up
some chocolate eclairs
that were nice and messy
– just the way they are
Darlene Nodine and
Ineta Carpenter delivered
20 meals with another four
frozen ones to shut-ins.
They also were our serv-
ers today representing the
Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints. Darlene
led the flag salute, and Ine-
ta asked the blessing.
Bonnie Kocis and Mar-
ianne Morris greeted us at
the door. Veanne Weddle
didn’t have any announce-
ments except a couple that
will be over before you get
your paper so I didn’t print
Sandy Hawke won the
Len’s Drug gift certificate,
and Roberta Dowse won
the free meal. Congratula-
We had a good turnout
on June 25 – approximate-
ly 57 people. Jimmy Maple
and Joan Vetter delivered
32 meals.
Kris Labhart and Bon-
nie Kocis were at the desk.
The entrée was furnished
by Redeemer Lutheran
Church, represented by
Bonnie and Francis Ko-
cis, and Jeanette Kile. Our
servers were from St. Eliz-
abeth Catholic Church.
Walt Hall led the flag sa-
lute, and the Rev. Nonatus
Lakra asked the blessing.
Veanne announced that
Melvin Kite is home from
the hospital and thanks ev-
eryone for their cards and
well wishes. Pete Ryder is
home for a week or so and
would love to have visi-
Our new site coun-
cil members voted in last
week are Pastor Al Altnow
and David Pasco. Welcome
Our guests were all
from John Day so we hope
to see them back again.
They were Julia Martinez
and her daughter-in-law,
Andrea. And we also had
Debbie Lambeth for the
first time. Please come
back so we can get to know
Rev. Lakra won the
Chester’s Thriftway certif-
icate, and Debbie Lambeth
won the lunch for two at
Valley View.
On Thursday, July 2,
we will have our Fourth
of July picnic lunch here
at the Center. It will con-
sist of barbecued chick-
en, macaroni salad, green
salad and Chester’s cake.
Plus, of course, coffee,
iced tea, juice, milk and
The following Mon-
day, July 6, we will have
baked Denver omelet,
hash browns and blueberry
muffins. Hope to see you
Isaiah 30:19 “The Lord
will be very gracious to
you at the sound of your
Soo Yukawa
not at the June 24 lunch,
but I got the informa-
tion from Marva Walker.
Our greeters were Bob
Blakeslee, Bodean Ander-
son and Marva Walker. Bob
led the flag salute, and Bo-
dean prayed the blessing.
Our cooks, Terry Cade and
Heather Bowlus, prepared
hamburgers, fries, salad,
brownies and apparently I
missed the ice cream that
went along with it. Diane
Ganger won the Len’s Drug
gift card, and Max Breed-
ing won a free meal. There
were 43 attendees and two
take-outs. The visitors were
Wilma Bauer and W. Toop
from Mt. Vernon, and Gus
and Ture Peterson from
Sharon Falls is in rehab at
St. Charles Medical Center
in Bend. She suffered a cou-
ple of mild strokes, maybe
three, last Sunday. We thank
the Lord she is still with us
and recovering. Our prayers
are with her for quick heal-
ing. We pray for her hus-
band Ed, too.
Bible Fellowship of
Monument hosted Vacation
Bible School with volun-
teers from Salem Heights
Church. These wonderful
people came to show the
love of Christ with their
sacrifice to children of
Monument, Long Creek,
Dayville and Spray. They,
along with their families,
gave up their vacation time
to spend it with kids. There
was a wonderful time of
worship, crafts, games an d
learning of the heroes who
trusted in God. On Friday
night, they hosted a picnic
for everyone at Monument
City Park with food and a
great time of fellowship.
Our kids and community
were so blessed.
Independence Day is fast
approaching. The Monu-
ment Jubilee celebration
along with the Monument
School reunion is expect-
ed to draw quite a crowd.
The parade will start at 10
a.m. There will be food ven-
dors, craft goods for sale,
games for kids, snocone
machine, cotton candy and
a talent show. The big finale
will be the fireworks show
in the evening. People from
all over come to watch the
great fireworks display. So
bring your family down to
Monument to help celebrate
the Fourth of July and have
some great family fun.
I am proud to be an
American. The natural re-
sources and freedoms we
have are incomparable to
any other country, present or
past. Our founding fathers
were wise when they wrote
the Constitution and the Bill
of Rights. We need to re-
member our heritage to pass
down to future generations
so they too will remember
the price many had to pay
for our liberties. Freedom is
not free. America’s freedom
was fought for with blood,
sacrifice and bravery. May
that star-spangled banner
yet wave, over the land of
the free and the home of the
Matthew 6:33 “But seek
ye first the kingdom of God,
and his righteousness; and
all these things shall be
added unto you.”
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