Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, September 26, 1903, Image 3

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    Local and General.
Asan ilt on tin* I’rlrat,
linker City, Or., Hept, 21 —Civil
and criminal sulla will In-gin this'
WASTED I • men at ll.e John- itfl.-rnoon against Bishop O'Reilly,
«mi road i-aitip at Lawen. ♦ I ill Futh« r Gartland, Father Heinricn, I
■ I I* Bonen, u newspaper num;
per day ami board.
1 Jack Burns, a mining engim er, and I
"The Woodman of the World," a
Deputy Sberill Hen.pie.
83 ><> shoe for gi-ntlemi-ii. Mann-
arc the peisona who, it is ullvged,
: factured l>y Buckingham A lle< ht.
thimigli force deprived Father
I For sal«-by Lunaberg A' Dalton.
Ih-amarais of his lib<-rty ami p<*a-
Homer Reed, Grovi-r Jameson hcm ’Ì iii » of tlii parish home Saturday
and t'lr-l Smith, Burns hoys, left afternoon.
Thursday lor Baker City where
The arrest and fcubsc<|ucnt In­
l'ny will apoml a few days among carcerai on wua the mori xpectncu-
lureyerit lliul has ever transpire«!
Tin» Red Front Livery barn is in Baker City. Father Ih-smaraia
catering to Its putronage and has und his d«-ii.eiite<l sister have been
improved its livery sorvieg. Feed release.l fri-m custody in the county
by the day or month al reasonable jail because no charge had been
filed against them calling for their
arrest and no sul sequent charge
H natur Hanna's delicate health
could legally bo filed.
c uiliiiuei an I ho will be able to
Father Desmarais, through his
talk but little in tin- fallsaiffpaign.
attorney, George J. Bentley, will
Fortunately Ids only opponent is
this afternoon cause the arresi of
I'om Johnson on a *'|0 to I" plat-
the two priests and two layu^-n,
' form.
ubo Bishop O’Reilly and the
■■eweeee^ »■ • -w^aeoaeaee | We are informed that the sur­ deputy sheriff and the six will be
a veying of the 8weok addition to
trie-l m the ¡silice court for riotous
the Boina townaite is to bi com­ conduct in the streets of Baker
pleted within the next few days City.
and the I its placed u|x> i the mar­
Tho members ol the church have
ket at on*c.
divided lli-m«-Ive» into factions
Mr. Jenkins I). Jenkins a sharp­ The lurgesl faction, it is said, is
Krvrtlkin* fiat-elaas and up-
man of this county, who arrived a furnishing money to supfsirt b alhèr
few «lays since fmiu the vicinity of Desmarais in hi» suits against the
Vale reports plenty of alfalfa bay bishop and others. It tbev apptar
in th it p irl of the county for sale in police court this afternoon the
hit AM rm I IM.. EK'.
al 85 th) per Lou, w hereat 8G.00 jay ' crowd witnessing it will probably
MKAl H a Ml K<M>M.
i lull is the lowest price nt which be the largest that has ever gath--.-
ed in the little structure in which
Yuur pwirooag.« »olicit.d Houli»» J gi.il hay cm I k * purchased in this
p irt of the country. We are glad Judge Bentley dispenses law.
of Capitol Saiuoti.
The sheriff's otlice was deceived
to be able to alate however that
action Saturday by a telephone
the hay famine scare is subsiding,
me.-H <ge from 1. B Bowen, slating
or some leasoii.
that a craty woman was acting in
Ill his Milwaukee speech Mr
; a dangerous manner in the parish
Roosevelt .aid th it tho trusts arc
home. M'hcn the deputy arrived
"the result of an inevitable process
he found the party nutued waiting
•••• •••«-*
of cco lomic evolution."
for him, and entrance into the par­
Bib" Breckinridge of Kentucky
ish house was forced
• TI m * contract i« let for a Rie bo<l dropped into church one evening
l> the story which reaches the
tn Portland to amt 142,000.
while services wer<- in progress In
public, the woifbm alleged to be
( >o course of his remark« the
w s quietly awaiting tlieui
This paper and The Chicago elergyma i said that "slavery is a
Weekly I ntrr Ocean 81.50 for one divine institution " The congre­ with her brother, Fatlur Des-
. in truis. Fatb«r Gartland, with
year. "Special deal”
gation was considerably disturbed
the bishop, seized Father Desma­
to hear "Bob" blurt out from the
The Chicago Weekly later Ocean
rais bv tho throat and forced him
ear: “And so is h—1!"—Joplin
ia the only weekly newspaper pub­
to the lloor. L .ter Father D.-xuia-
G olie.
rais secured u pistol and the strug­
lished in Chicago in connection
gle b tween the Ime priest defend­
with tlx* great daily ¡«aper». I'
We will sell you a Mitchell, ing his sister ami the tno priests,
contains a judiciously « «lecte«!
summary ot (be news of tlm nation Rushford or Webber Farm 1 Bed the bivhop, the two laymen and the
ami world, the beet stoiiee. home, Wagou ;
deputy sheriff ensued.
Steel Skein 885.C0
farm, woman's, and other special
The defending priest was over­
Sj „
department», and fair, patriotic,
powered with the gun in hie hand.
3| „
uble editorials, written from a Re­
As the sheriff was arranging hand­
Send your orders to us, O. C. Co cuffs the sister seized them, and
publican viewpoint. Il is by far
the beat general tiew»|>a|H-r <4 the
"The Woodmen of the World »> with her two hands broke them
Western Ktates. The regular price A new shoe just out. New stylet into fragments. It now ap|>eara
for the Weekly Inter Ocean is ♦!.<►<« A crackcrjack. For sale by Luna- that the parly forcing antranee had
and for the Harney Valley Items berg A* Dalton.
no legal authority and the charge
81 50, but subscriptions will be re
of riotous conduct and suits for
Within our knowledge, at lea»t heavy damages will result this
ceived al thia ofl’me i«»r the two
¡■apera In combination fur otic year tw i large tine horses hare b.igge i afternoon.
down ami perished in the mud or ■ Archbishop Christie of the Dio­
for only 81.50.
swamp hole at tho roadside al the cese of Oregon, will take no action
Warm Spring« near the Austin in regard to the Buker City affair.
Rtomarb *1 rouble.
G Kidman much south of town. His powers do nut cover the pres­
“I have been trotthhd with my
From what we have seen of the ent ease.
stomach for the part four years,’*
place it i< extrem >ly d mgerous for
"Each bishop is the supreme
says I>. I.. Beach, of Clover Nook
any and all stock that may go to , bead of his diocese or bishopric,"
Farm, Greenfield. Mass. “A few
these springs for water because of! sui«l a priest this afternoon, “ami
days ago I «a* induced to buy a
the enticing green grass that is ! Bishop O’Reilly is answerable onlv
ho» of Chamberlain's Stomach Hird
growing upon the dangetoue rotten to Mgr. F ulconio. the papal deli-
Liver Tablets. I have taken part
turf. We don’t know whether it is gate at Washington, D. C."
of them and fee' r. great deal belter.
th«> official business of any- one to ;
If you have any trouble with your
a -e to the fencing of such place«, !
stomach try a box of th« so Tablets.
but it occurs t» u« th it o ir county ' Fifteen men wanted nt the
You are certain to be pleased with
court could not expend a few . Johnson road camp near I.awen.
the result. Price 25 cents. For
dollars of the county's money to a j Wages 81.50 per day; and board.
sab by II. M. Ho U»n. Burns: Fred
better advantage, than the fencing Mr. Johnson the well known boss
Haines, Harney.
of this truly dangerous place.
• toad builder of this county has
Some «»eitemswt was occasi .>ned on contracts to fill near I.awen, which
our streets Th iraday by tho broaHng out will afford employment for a large
of tiro in the livyiiolds of Win. ilanley
! crew for several weeks.
I.awen is
iiinl the I*. 1. 8. <’• , »long the river a
few miles Iwlow tow n. Quite a numlx-r
otonr townspeople hurried out to aid in than one.
natjhj ' aí
mtoici :
Oregonian and Items, 82.
One ol the most popular
SHOES in the Market
of tooth picks,
quill and wood, at
The Welcome Pharmacy.
Capitol Barber Shop t<
Fred Fisk, proprietor :
For sale exclusively by
We jflvc trading stamps. Hee our premium lint.
S tate of Onro.CiTv or T« h . edo I
Ll'M'AS C ocxtv .
Black Hair
“I have used your Hair Vigor
far five year« »nd am greatly
■teased with It. It certainly re­
Meres the original color to tray
bair. It keeps my hair soft."—Mrs.
Helen Kilkenny,New Portland, Me.
Ayer's Hair Vigor has
been restoring color to
hair for fifty year«,
it never fails to do
this work, either.
You can rely upon it
for stopping your hair
from failing, for keeping
your scalp clean, and for
making your hair grow.
UH ( MIK All W*>
the extinguishment of the tire which
seemed to lie doing great d nnsfe, l'iiI
through the earlier efforts of a lumber of
ranchmen of the vicinity, progress of the
tl«m -H bail been so chweke I that the
crowd soon coinph-ted their extinguish-
> ment. The rosul’ant damages were It)«)
tins of Win. Hanley's hay, and 50 Iona
I ! belonging to tho I’. I. a. Co , and a strip
•iwi it r pis’ut «gi oua bv t'lrco mile«
in .trea. Although tho ift-ncs were ex-
tincu »tied, the burning tide root» arc
still sending up lx<g > volume« of am >ko,
but th» smouldering lire is being close’y
watched by interested parties wli i wo
fully abb' to prevent its further «presd.
It is stated that the fire started from tl e
stub of ii burning match carelessly c.iet to
* tho ground by a cigar smoker.
The fact
the tire waa p'irpoaly stinted is however,
poor consolation to the loser.«.
worthy lady or gentleman to mnn-
age business in this County and
adjoining territory**for well and
favorably known House of solid
financial standing. 820.00 straight
cash salary and expenses, pnid escli
Monday by check direct from head­
Ex|«ense money ad­
vanced; |>osition permanent. Ad­
dress, Thomas Cooj>er, Manager,'
1030, Caxton Bldg., Chicago.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
he is senior partner of the firm of
F. J. Cheney A- Co., Joing business
in the City of Toledo, County and
State aforeskid. and that eaid firm
will pay the sum of One Hundred
Dollars for each nnd every case of
Catarrh that cannot be cured by
the useof'llall's Catarrh Cure.
Frank J. Cheney.
Sworn to before me and subscrib­
ed in my presence, this Gtli day of
December, A. D 188«.
A. W.GIeasor..
$------- /
Notary 1’ublic.
Bear« IM
Is constantly arriving at our stare-
Our lines are complete a.id now we can fill any order w.th tlic
best of everything. Bring or send us ynur orders for
Fancy Dress goods.
Ready Made Wrappers,
Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing Goods
Hats, Blothing, Boots and Shoes.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in­
ternally. and acts «Jirectly on the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. Cheney A- Co.. Toledos O.
Sold by all Druggist, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best
Ilis I.ife Sand by Chamberlain.s
Colic, Cholera anil liiarrhoea
Fresh line of staple and fancy Groceres
‘*B. L. Byer, a well known coop« r
of this town, says he believes Cham-
berla*n's Colic, Cholera ami Diar­
rhoea Remedy saved his life last
summer. lie had been sick for a
month with what the doctors call
bilious dysentery, and could get
nothing to do him any good "Until ,
he tried this remedy. It gave him
immediate relief," says B.T. Little,
merchant, Hancock, Md. For sale
by IL M. Horton lit rns; Fred
Haines, liarnev.
Lunaberg & Dalton
B,art ty,
The Ktnd Y m Hin tlwirs BaugM
i«« ti»
z»Ite Kind Y« Hin Always Bong’!
(your on h seicfhtm • to every sub
scriber Ottlv S» nuts a \ear.
A gem. brviHl'it c.-l inl pitica; l.itrxt
(4*ni<wiM . «terna hia I i i ii ^ .««’«H-niirM ; fati» y
work. h«Mi»< ho Hl him * . tu non, etc
m ’ibr n> •!.»»•, «»». -end « tor kite*« erpy
i.At’v a^vnl« wanted
*». nd for trrniv
Styh'K». Ki'h.ihle. Simple, I’)»-t«v
rl.U *. F '«».»»vita ,tl .»»»«I Ab’wihitelj
Per lev vF’t lin’d I’.ijuT r.ittvrn*.
ÄBA7Afb |
P atterns
<n Su-n Ukw.H . m H FerfflNiloM
tV BdUM «ni SrvHnf Itoev
» tidy i • ,i-i,I Ik tint’» < u I» "ime higher
Ask I I ' .- ••«
V d > - Ti-atiy e»tt» tity
4 ul ti.nt, >n In tn « I »»••««»
til ni tn ». I ’til St- M» rokh
Miller & Thompson,
Successors to il. A. Miller A Co.