Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, June 13, 1903, Image 2

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ui i*«.:.
The Chicago Inter (Win call*
attention to the I'nited State» gov.
ernuient'a attempt to solve the
»eriotte problem of forest destruction
at.d which is being watched with
the attention the importance of the
experiment warrant«.
It i.« pur-
posed to grow new supplies not
only on the cutover lands of tenions
once timber« d but iu reg ns where
there is nothing but open plain.
l’erha|>s the tm>«t interest-rig
feature of this large and varied
undertaking is the attempt to cov­
er with forests the »«ml hill* of
Western Nebraska—asermug im­
possibility. Two reserves hav e
been create«! in the sand hill re
gton—one between the 1» -n al and
Loup rivers of btl.iHX) acres, and
tin-other of 125.O00 acres between
the Niobrara ami li e Snake rivers
The experiment of the govern­
ment is based u|um the proposition
th «t once this region w».- the lot
tom of a sea at d tnat bereath these
drifting sand« is a si. soil that re­
tains sufficient moisture to nourish
certain kinds of pir.«-« which send
their roots deep enough to tap the
moisture contain« d in this* ,ub-
Fjr a year or more the forestry
bmeau has been studying tin se re­
serves. A nur-erv was establii-hed
at Halsey in the va’ieyofthe
Middle Loup river.
Hr-e (AM)
pounds of seed, principally w«-st­
ern yellow pine »nd red cedar and
jack pine, was prepared for th«
spring sowing. Various scatter»«!
areas have now been sown ; later
they will be united in one great
It is evident that this is a mar­
velous undertaking, jf this forest
growing is successful it will change
the face of these plains and the
climatic conditions. If a man is a
benefactor who makes two blades
of grass grow where one grew be­
fore, what shall bw .-ai l of the gov­
ernment's work in making forests
to grow where before w»« only-
drifting ettnd'.’—The Dalles Chron­
President Roosevelt during a
short speech at Glenn’s Ferrv last
week said : “No law that the wit
of man ever devised can make or
ever will n ake a foil wise, or n
coward brave.or a weakling strong
All that the law can do is to try to
secure a fair deal, to try to give
each man a chance to show tl •
stuff that is in him . ai <1 if th-
stuff is not in him you cannot get
it out of him be«-ause it is not
It is said that a new danger to
sheep herds in Montana has Ix-en
discovered in alfalfa. It has Veen
found that this forage, aft«r being
frozen, has been shown to produce
many «hath» a few hours after eat­
en, ami all doubt of its having
been the cause was removed by ex­
amination of the stomachs immed­
iately after death. in every in­
stance it was found that the alfalfa
as soon as it entered
the stomach and exuded a lluid
poisonous in its nature. This lluid
choked the sneep liefore they eould
expel it. As sheep-raising is one
of the principal industries of the
state, the danger thus presented
arouses universal interest am) a
search is being made for some
method of neutralizing the chemi­
cal action which extreme cold
s«ems to hereupon a product which
enters so largely into the range-
food of that state.—Baker Citv '
Dean Holcate. of th«- Nortewest-
ern I'niversity, is evidently a lx-
liever in the strenous life. In a
speech to the students of Evanston
a' c-.-mm« necmeut he said : "You
are going out in the world to work
There will be no union to tell you
not to work mo:«- than eight hours
a day. You w ill come nearer work­
ing eighteen hours out of twenty-
four, Some of you will get buried
in your work. Rut keep at it, re­
membering the responsibility rest­
ing upon you to do good work, and
you will have vour rward.” The
gospel of work is here full recog­
nized and honored. Not th«- man
who regulates his working hours
byithe clock, bnt he who mersures
them by the requirements of his
vocations and his ability, will
mount the ladder of achievement—
This nugget of wisdom is from
the president’s speech at Boise:
‘ The forests ami the grasses are not
to be treated as we properly treat
mining—that is, as material t«> be
use 1 up an«i nothing left behind.
We must recognize the fact that we
have passed the stage when we can
fcflord tn tolerate I he m.n whose
object is simplv to skin the land '
and get out. We must handle the
wood, the water, the grasses so that
we may hand thun on to our
children and children’s children in
better and not worse shape than
we got them.”
Merger or no merger, big mills
or little, blankets or goods in the
piece. Oregon produces the b-st
woolens in the world.
AVe have
the best wool, the liest water for
scouring it. the capital, the men,
the machinery ami the energy.
This is an industry that needs the
fostering care of no trust.—On-gon-
Who pays the expense of the
President's junketing trip?— Ex.
It is a stocky built man with a
ratty mu-tache, a front of double
pica teeth; and a j-vw set with a
Yale time lock; a man rather be­
low medium height, incline«! to be
pu«»y, with a nose that needs a
compositor—man named Roo-e-
velt—T. Roosevelt to be accurate
He is the first President of the
I ni ted S'ates in recent years who
ha« refused all courtesies fiom th«-
railroads and pays his own way,
and bv the same token he is tire
first President in recent years,
whom the railroads are going to
fight.—Boise Clipper.
The Chicago Weekly Inter Ocean
is the only weekly newspaper pub­
lished in Chicago in connection
with the great daily papers. It
contains a judiciously selected
summary of the news of the nation
and world, the best stories, home,
farm, woman's, and other special
d< part mt nts. and fair, patriotic,
able editorials, written from a Re­
publican viewpoint. It is by far
the best general newspaper of the
Western States. Th«-regular price
foi the Weekly Inter Ocean is $1.00
and for the Harney A’ailey Items
♦ 1 ■50, but subscriptions will be re­
ceived at this office for the two
papers : i c«>mbi, at on for or c year
for only $1.•',<).
lie Stopp«-«! the Paper.
I vestopped my i-aper, yes I Itvv;
I Ul.lll't like to do it.
But the editor he got too smart
And I allow he'll rue it,
I am a man aa pays Iris debts.
Ami I won't be intuited,
Sr when an editor gets «mart,
I want to uevonsultsd.
I took hi« paper ‘laven years,
An' helped him all I could, air,
An' when it comes t, dttnhin' me
I didn't think he would, sir.
But that he di I an* you kin bet
It made me hot as thunder,
Bars!. I'll atopthxt sheet. I will,
li the cussed thing goes under!
I hunted up the measlev whelp
An' lor hiscunnm*«spar,
I )>aid them 'laven war» an* quit!
Ye», sir, I’ve stopped his paper.
—Mauson la.'lkMuoerat.
Additional lax-ulit,
— ■ - ■ N
Celebrate in Burns,
(» J Darsl is among the visitor*
The Burns Rm! ami Gun Club
is preparing f-ir a shoot to be held
July 3*
E Johnson and wife, of Burns,
were registered st the Elkhorn
H«»tel in Canyon Cilv last week.
Mira Walton u »isterofl.cn W al­
ton arrived Thursday from the
W illauiette A alley on i visit to her
The celebration
Fourth of
July week will lx? held at the Fair
No admission will la-
charged except for men to tin-
grand stand.
For a bilious attack take Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tab­
lets-arda quick cui«- is certain
For sale by 11. M Horton. Burns
Fred Haines, Harney.
Ton: Whitmire was taken before
th«* county examining board yester-
dav and d«-clai<-d insane and ordered
taken to the imlutn at Sai« m
The unfortunate man was start«--!
on the trip this morning. James J
Donegan and Postmaster E. B
Waters going as guards.
U h tHaeLsmtlh tittil ihc t Ititf»
Some (bno ng«», while holill itf coilH
in Ihv rwjtd |»ah'.ec, uwih . ki”g thr
DunuUu, 1’iaiui
Jui*vph rewhctl n
llunguri n Lla* h. milh. who th’ Irvd to
(hank the I.hit: for lh> - 'orulioii von
fvrrv4 on him in tv»*»»gniti»m of !*•» hu>
tag hnviitvd an ngvivuhural much inc.
During the uudivnev thv l»Lu'K*»nlth
(IrvAv (rxon liiw pocket two photvginphte
tvprv-M'nting the kiug uu«l *|u»‘vn. and j
.-aid, huudiu^ (hen» to Ida m- lent) : .
“May I a»k \ hi majrv and n'*o (hr
queen, L*r >uur
lyftuituivh?’* “And
u b\ " J,-- • Uvd i :•»’ ioii.’. • - I*’ t. • t\
“Well, when I die the via •» of merit j
In the
Stock Inspectors.
Notice is hereby given that I
have duly appoint««) the following
deputy stock inspector fur Harney
County, Oregon:
A. B. Colonl.ntigh................. Burns
John Jenkins..................... Smith
Dick Smith.......................... Andrews
N ewt H oover ,
Stock Inspector.
Castori«» I« ti liurnil«-'» mibstlttile for Castor Oil, l’uro»
litirle, Dfops miti Hootliluir Sirup«, Il I» l,!«-n»uiiit. It
«mit.ilii« ui-illicr (»pillili, .'lorpliine IHir oilier Niirrxitin
mibMiuicc. Its lice Is Its i;iiiiriin<«-<*. It «l- stroj « W orum
nml i.Slaxs l'cvi-rlsliness. It citn-s IXiirrliinu inni Wliol
Colic. It n
s Tri llilo ; Ti> libit «, cut-«" ('ollstipitllolt
Mild liât ilici««-), It rs-.iiiillnt« « tilt r««-d, ri-guliles Ilio
Ntonuicli olid How. Is, ghl>«;t health} ami until.al .sl.x*;»,
Tlu* Children’s 1* inarca Tin* Mutili r’« I'rlet -L
In Use For Over 30 Yeats.
▼» • r««a««v* fSOSlAV, 99 «twMOM« «««••*
S««W »•••
r.»i_ ish«»p.
< amiiMicr I ht»*r .1 Hille device here
that w ill - i ■ ;-uu lut« of timr.
Punii « •
\ .tn My
r air. thlr.g«
are no «pi.i t that I
n’t know wlmt to
*0 with the tune I haw. I had tin hour*»
ui'.vt :*ution with u i<»ek iigrnt y* *t«‘i-
day an»! I tried to g. t h
to ata.
longw*, but hr wou' ,*t \ Y
Grttln * I- «•«•♦».
“¡‘in j utt i«.
•« j i «< ; pti.»n f< r
your V.if«’« iii îlincr,” >aid the «iriig
clerk t.» h
employer. “What «bali I
ehi.rg* her.’”
• \\ h.-t • the usual ¡ rice for what abr
la gel til; ?”
“Fifty renta.“
“Chnrgc her »?.?’ “ Texas Sifter.
Our f -■ rc!un:v«l if we f.'.ry one «ton lieg »ketch aiul description of
any inventi ci will pr.imptly n - ivo our t pinion free concerning tin- p.itcut-
ability «f «mio. •• H iw t-> « ’ :t a patent" .»«-tit upon rvquinit. 1‘aU-nU
accurati through us al«« rti. f r aale at our expense.
I aient» taken <-ut through t: recciv«-
without charge, tn
Tin: 1‘ irr*. ■ li-.<
an illu-'r.tu I and widely circulated jourual, covaulud
by Manufacturers :.ml Investors.
Send fur sampl«- py FREE. Addr«-- «,
"I hue tixcd Ayer’» H»irVigor
foroicr thirty year». It h.«v kept
my »calp free from dandrutf »nd |
haa prevented my liair froin turn­
ing gray.”—Airs. F. A. Soule,
Billings, Mont.
(Patent Attomevs,',
(Evans Building,
There is this peculiar
thini? about Ayer’s Hair
Vigor — it is a hair food,
not a dye. Your hair docs
not suddenly turn black,
look dead and lifel'css.
But gradually the old color
comes hack,—all the rich,
dark color it used to.havc.
The hair stops falling, too.
Th«- bar i»»upplie<l with none
but th«- very I ■ st lirnmla <«f
Wine*. Liquors nml Carbon■»(< ■!
drink-, ami the « hoicrat Cigars.
SI e» • Mil«. *11 dnttlMi.
If ronr <lrn.;::*i mnnot atippljr ,<•».
- --------- --------- I
Your palrunngt* »olicited.
Courteous treatment to all.
Corner.north of poatoflice.
«rii.l - . ...
u.H.ir ,n.l
w¡J >3.i>.«
I. y..!« n Isitt'r. II- Btir-- i.u.l e«’o «-“ «.. uii ««
,« «»Í J-JUV IM > .-.tr.i-r.-.« orto «•. A-t-Irr««,
J. « . A V KU CO.. Lowell. Mui.
S tate of O hjo .C itv of T oi . fi >«>)
L cm ' as C ocxty .
Frank J. (.'héne-y maki s oath that
he is senior partner of the firm of
F. J. Cheney A Co., doing business
in th«; City of Toledo. County ami
State aforesaid, and that said firn,
will pay the sum of One Humlred
Dollars for each and every case of
Catarrh that cannot I m - urel by
the use of Hall’s Catarrh Cure.
Frank J. Cheney.
S-vorn to before me and subscrib­
ed in my presence, this (ith «lay ot
December, A. D. Hbti.
A. W. Gleason.
skai . -
Notary Public. |
Hall's Catarrh Cure is tak«-n in­
ternally, and acts directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Send for testimonials. fr«-c>
F. J. Cheney «V Co.. Toledo, <).
Sold by all Druggist, 75c.
Hall’s Family Pilla are tin. best
nml Ivin lu'cn n- «lo under- his per-
mnm I b <» im t*vbrt in r I hco
Allow* m» 0.10 («» -1«**- Ivo xmi in (bln
All l'iHi»ri-rii-lt-. ImUntioiis i-utl •• Ju-« « . ....... i " m < bull
Ex|i<-riim ii( - (Irti tritio with nml «-n.liiugcr tli<* licnllte «»T
lufìuit» nml Children I'v per lenco ii»-iitii»l L' iieriuieliL
What is CASTORiA
tlabu . r.r’.* th - <•♦. ou»t.
ax nrv ¡1 rtL- J’\ :
I .it not
mor* !-..» thM.n “? i”-*vr“ law «ta dent*.
Am! w In n « « b. v
■ 1 h ir.
paid f'|H*» t I, t and a Stewart tar’an
necktie. !'/ • '!.*.nik !..tl ia na I * <* Dad
r.bbuy J; inched 11 iu* any tv..» tuen In
Thu fact i* not l.^t on n
wily Him! » » In student. I 'i. !>t . ht
y oung •:»;nd h i . it I ..1 ! tr.kvn -»•’« r I
Rcholarthlp* nt !.‘;»rota‘n mn under hi.»
own name. He. ;«»w, for a utm »idtri
lion, is v.U!i »g t t 'I”
,! 1 t
the mi ri’~; of
t. . -t..! ! wl u h form the
nar.ie of any rhth”n.np with a »irtlfar
<• >!or '•vfrvne. i n»’ in his improper |»rr-
son poea up for : t*d »urcc’i*fully iw:-- -s
the uxnnuiHttion-i < j ( th*- council * f th»*
bar. Phoenix.
Art Slone anil wife are over from
their Harney County ranch visiting
Mr. Stone’s mother Mrs. Sam Mor­
gan. This former resident of Join.
Day is now farming near the city
of Harney and while here will ar­
range for the removal of his ma
ehinery and farming implements
to his ranch.—News.
Mr D. P. Daugherty, well known
throughout Mercer and Summer
counties, W A’a., most likely owes
bis life to the kindness of a neigh­
bor. 11«- was almost hopelessly nf-
Hi« ted with diarrhot-a ; was attend­
ed bv two physicians who gave nitn
little, if any, relief, when a neigh­
bor learning of his serious condi­
tion. brought him a Bottle rtf Chant-
btrlain's Colic, Cholera ami Diar­
rhoea Remedy, which cured him in |
le-s than tweiitvfour hours, For
«¡lie by H. M Horton. Burns; Ered
Haines, Harney.
ha>v I » I*’ r.'turm-d nnd my ehddrvu
:.t lc
have your .aaj<•>t'e< por-
Iruits u: *1 i ¿ntlun« in r« .nen brnnev
of thta audienru." “The quet n hi ab-
»«Hit from IIuu • ny.’’ »ild th’ khi|f,
“and I fr.iiht‘1 gi'e y»»u my »ignaturv at
the present i.iotrn nt, fur I haw iirilhi r
n aor | ■ ‘‘»I vithin reach.“ “4 have
brought n pc - il with me,“ nd the
•milli, hat- ’ • < D I » the tnimarch. The
kilijf (lu‘*e..po t at*a tied !.i ' «ik'ttaturv
to the phot-
M h, - nd »E ni
d the'
Mtnitu w ith a b.nih’. I hr • i. ith dkl not
rvUrv. howeter. but stood hU ^Tound.
“I m there anything cb-r I ean do for
you?“ a*\vd i rum tv Jo ,cph. “Ye*.
your i:*.njc*(y , ! . 11 trailing for r\\ pen­
cil.“ The l.iug bail i.«c< hntilcaily |»ock
etisl it. i.tid I ; t
‘ '»irtj
laugh S.m I'mit » \rj naut.
Tin* Kliul Yon H ive AtxvuyM nought, ntul nlil. ti b«w l>«wn
iti it««. l«ir over 30 yenr», Ims horno tlm slgtmliiro off
The Capital Saloon
W. E. 51ISCH. ?rcpri»tcr.
i*r Drink» mix««! to suit your tn»ie. Courteou» treatment gì.ara tiled
Your patronage Solicited.
The Victor 1 «I'/i-i«» «.fsthtne hoLIl *ir»t
place. If! ■ k Inr.tirM »ward at the Buffalo
I’ 1
TilF. UrcTOK I.
blr no wan to era k nr break off.
the haman *ot< e ><< nda 41( though the »»ti^. r
wc. e pre,- ■ ’ tn | ' I. «n,
Victor r >.ri> rrtitatn >!! that la beat It
tn .
, rat ■ r
............. I ¡1 fv,.t .
4U« e.l |. / i, . . ’
f f
’ .f/7..JT. ' - J. 7 0.
I'-’ *
rffld arm Victor—the latest iiR|rt©*etrtent —
4» 5-7. ■ ’
t < . •
1». -• t 4 ,i
pro.ai to an/ place on the Parliic Coast.
■ 1
Steiaw.iy Pmno»Ang<!us Piano Player
(iercral M.isit Otalers
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