Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, February 21, 1903, Image 4

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Ingenious Methods by Which They
Evade Pursuing Officers.
Some Irkrmei of *hnri><-r. and Trick.
■ ter» Which Ila,e »a»c«l them
from rrrmw of I’ruul
irn lliiilr,
Don’t forget the old man
\\:‘h the fish on his back.
l or nearly thirty years he
lias been travel?.'g around the
••.orki. an 1 is stiil traveling,
brintrintj health and comfort
wherever he goes.
To the consumptive be
brings the strength and flesh
he so much needs.
To all weak and sickly
children he gives rich and
strengthening feed.
To thin and pale persons
he gives new firm flesh and
rich red blood.
Children who first saw the
old man with the fish are now
grown up and have children
of their own.
He stands fcr Scott’s Emul­
sion of pure cod liver oil—a
delightful foi d and a natural
tonic for children, for - Id folks
and for all who need flesh and
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists.
<09-415 Pearl Street,
New York.
5Oc. and $1.00; ail druggists.
Many newspapers have lately given currency
tn report* by irro^wusible parties to thO« fleet
hnd entered a trust or combination; we wish
to assure the puhgc tot there is no truth in
rnrli report«. We have been manufacturing
* -wing inurhin«afar *>\. r a quarter «>1 a cento
»v, -n 1 !ri\ ■ —i..
1 i • p .’ •:.■>!! far our*
► dvea and our machines that is ti.e envy of all
others. Our ••.Vrtr /;«))/<■" nia< hine has
never be* n rivaled ns a ianii’y machine.—It
stands at the head ofall High O’rrtrfc > _• wing
machines, and stands on its o»m m< nts.
The *'New Home*’ is the only really
HIGH GUIDE Sewing Alachine
on the market.
It is not necessary for us to ent* r into a trust
to save our credit or pay any debts as we liave
no debts t*» pay. We have never entered into
com petition with manufacturers of low grade
cheap mac hi n< s that are made to sell regard­
less of any intrinsic merits. Do not be dc-
cciv' d, wlien von want a wiving machine don’t
m nd your money away from home; cation a
** Aetr Home" Dealer, he can h I you a
l>etter machine for less Ilian you can purchase
elsewhere. If there U no dealer near you,
write direct to us.
New York. ChL g<». 111.. St. I m-, Mo., Atlan­
ta, Ga., Dulias, Tex., ban Francisco, Cal.
The TJp-fo-4tl*r’ ti •
if ihr î? ¡0 ’’..t -i \
S»r. -..'/<•»« st.cl
JZ 4 ///■• • . Prc-:iu?t Car­
tridges Th s < ,ire
lôcity of o', i r
second with consequent
fiat traje tory ar !
great killing
V<O I. • » pn»*
i o v >g, t
(Un, r„><,»« n, , j f.,r 1 finir«
S. A.
! Reduced to FIFTY i
j XT r —ry
1 A < n . -J*
Hi3 is fb.e
g 1'
ir.d best
Fa: :
Ma ’am-.e .ow be-
t .rA the /.n e ca sjbiic. It she vs
Njw ide.'S m : ’ : : ji.s i; ’ 'illinery,
king, In
W;ma: s W:rr. .-.r d !.. freading:
beautjf-JJy HJustr. te-i !.. c iers a: d
tn biaci a- d w! it
Ab c all, it
• ■
th*.- vtry C m mt b.. MEW iLEA
S. (LES. rr.adi fr
N e v 1
rrsNs. •*.. ,;.i c •
!/ iuc .
Send Fiv? Cents T?
! ratini ir. •*»
« i, r tifarvi'* HI ut k*
braoMht • • hl<fhi). I k. < p I* fa lai I u * m * p
all iht tl
a .t It t . Ih. fati
tra ,
I hrivr Rai» totv «‘ktk’rru
aay «rthvr
I Ih ini I «>»ul4
ncfirbe a1 Ir Iti ti.trli w’th iui tl
om aro ’.»«t «*f twin a* ln»ubi«d «»’ih
..•» »1
*11. \ U t « >!)« !•• ’a
uil F..al Seri*« m- u;».
' ' ' '
■' *
For Winter Reading yon cannot Anti n mor«» liberal offer.
If any of the above, however, do not strike yon u* what you
want, write tin. we will give you a goo<l literal clubbing offer
with anv periodical publi»hv<| in flu* I’nilcd Stales. Don't pul
it off, N'< w is your time. Addrv**,
lie Also rr«*««*rt»’H tl)»» t’varc anti Protect«
This ! ip' aturo h on every H ot of the genuine
Laxative Bromo'Quiipne Tablets
7ho rwn'-fiy that rtir* *» it <*nl«l tn <>ri<* <h«y
• Hnr r. *liHrh mi.|
qw’-i tr t« iTtisi»» « ur <>|iit;ii>u fr«v wlirthrr *n
invention '< pr« hnbljr |> »torit
< ommunlrA*
t i«.tis Mrh-tly «•» iit)<1«Nitl*l IiHtHltMwvIi « n I’ mt«<nta
•c ■ r •,»«♦. «udrai .I.-« <• for mm ti rntv mi »nia*
p.-.f.•«!«•< tùe'i fl
*rh N’uitii .t t . r><vlva
»p- .’« «I
•*»< #. W|f II. ■ , charge, tn tbo
Scientific American.
A bnn«.-- niPljr IKualmtM w« t*hlv.
< . i'. «t « f nr. v
h t al.
Î 'TOMI rlr.
T < rn<». M a
ifW ¿Co.16™- New York
Brant 4 O'Y)« •. tC5 F bl . W.i»lnin.*t >n. U. C.
In every town
an 1 village
may be had,
tint makes your
horses glad.
I 3tnn«lard
I on Cu.
/kncl Xci.'vc? Ones Oc^irt
Buy a postal card and fend to The New York
Tribune Farmer. N'ew York Citv, for u free
epecitnen copy.
The Tribune Farmer is a National Illustra­
ted Agricultural Weekly for furtnera mid
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I TEMS, at a bargain.
Both papers I I 50.
Send money and order to The IT EMS.
Manager Wanted
Trust wori hr, eitbtr sex. Tv
\\ hole» , h- Mei ehand i ««• ’Com pany
of solid Tmmii'ial standing, to man-
ng<: Ln al Repre ntative who will
organize clubs among consumers.
•10 per cent saved fur our customers.
Bmu m -« no i-xperimcnt but a prov­
en sm eess. Salary $1S a week, ex-
pt-i:s»-» ml Vitni < <1. Experience un-
iiee< «-ary. A<ldres«, D. B ('lark-
son. Mgr. 331 D> i rborn St. t Inicago.
11 *
Our fee returned if we fail. Any ono sending sketch and description of
any invention will promptly receive our opinion free concerning the patent­
ability of same. “How to obtain a patent” sent upon request. Patents
secured through us advertised for r.alo at our expense.
I atents taken out through us receive special notice, without, charge, in
Tni: P atent R ecord , an illustrated ami w idely circulated journal, consulted
by Manufacturers and Inventors.
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S20 to $25 WEEKLY
Work at your home. No canviisH-
ing Work legilmnte anil horora-
ble. Address
21 t Spring Nt.
Seattle. Wash*
I Of c< i. .■
Or< ">’i. i > I I. 1'"' :
li<"< .
•.«■!! licit .le»wle It. Mc­
Mullin.of Id .< -»'1 Unno y,< ..imty nrci’oti, Im»
fill'll î Ure of Inti- .tfnn Io niski- proof on I i I h
'li'-i: olid i'll! ::i .No F.M, tortile SlJjNEl^
- <■ „ Ì p .’ I, .- . I I. IV .’.f, bi-fori- I!i-i-1 -11-r nn*l
It'-' i-. < r ut li'iriu. iir.'non, on »lUnr'lsy, the
2sih dny of Mtireli, ! <
He mini'- th" following wltnev-e^ In prove
th'- 'o. ; - *<■ Irr itfn'Ion Mini rei’liiluution of »nói
luiol .Ini' >!> Wrotht, 4 inti-lie A, Hi .th, Noali
Olirti i;.nl I’rui.k IF . I .y, II of llrew-ey,
<>r i-ltoll.
Nirtp E fall.
(Patent Attorneys,}
Evans Building,
- - vii
T is th i mo ' stuiw.Kt zim imsw
v.zç; Arrpi.'/'WiT'rt V/ccA/y put»
lislmd lo'lm in i t an ; .w.ivv be relu I u;»ii for Bur iin*l honest re
non» at .iii p
M afi ur »
. — ) J he Weekly int ?r Ocean ^upp it* A I <if tile
and th j üest < h Current L tcr.it jre.
v *
It is Morally Ch an, ;t vl as a I
! . | • r i » V. iihmil a I’< » r.
j //.*>• I.ilerfìry cot'tr.ins m c n.tini )
to those ot t ic t,
//., Yont <’s l'cp rimi nt Ls t'.u ^^Z
î f ne si of its k it’t............................
ft brin »*« to tii * ft :n Iv t »•
« w of ♦»««• » n- r” v <»r'«l : n»1 gtrwi
I Illi
h of
t t .*
; I
I t
Of I
r » m of r»’ it ni’' r ■ 111er • ach
• _•. v i
w «’I»
Io ib • n
un I lw»h»«c î ol»« si» •) *o
Ilio poop'o BPMi. of til«* AU h h tnv Moiintahia tnan any other
7 lu (¿rente t ¡¿cpubiicm ì\v er of the West.
W eekly ihlTF.q O cea N.
t $1.00
F *w, Lnntl Ufa-. Bur
N«,lief is hereby b
Turnr'i -otîfar hit fl!» '
t«» ìi'hlcr final p!»w>f in
that -ahi proof wiii
hiì 'I
iUfiivrr ut Ht
f>, KH«Ì ’
Bear« the
OREGONIAN and ITEMS, one Year, for $2.00.
25 cent and àt.Oo jntckages.
. i *n|
'1 h -tn
To any one soniling Un $1 50, otto year » subscription Io thu
lipvts, we will mail the < hicujio Wiekiy Inlet Occult onvytar
free, nr to any one sending mt three cash slihseription for the
I’gper we will given year’« stil>cri|«tion to each j > u ) ht free,
“Brigandage is »till rampant i;<
ti.'ny rural district» in Italy.” sahl !>r.
Ilavogli. the resident Itnli,.it c ' uku I, I
an liuouircr representative n-cvutl;
"From advices I receive occasion a i.v
1 keep in touch with hum ..lTnirs. am■
a letter fr. m u friend ia Trieste con­
tains a refer« nee to Tiburzi. o.ie of tl;
iiioi-t picturesque of these iri-ebooter .
Tiburzi i.. alivut
At the
of his career he wa« as ! ail nr othcis
of the same vocation iu life; in 1-..
he wa* cau.’ht. cauvicteil of highway
jobbery aid ia. ar. mill ns n fenced to
iinprisoniticnt for life, lie < scu|«d in
1-74 and took refuge in u wood near
Viterbo» where lie lived in security, m
.-pitc of 17 warrant ¡ nd a lar.-v rew nrd
for his arrest. The riason of this si
curity is sin>; !e < nough. lie was gi d
*o the j.o>.r- m;y peasant in t.ced <■
help could r.lw ay r. i t a gold coin from
Tiburzi—oral he punished truAiis.
Consequently the ; •asants were rvu1.
to a si: t hint against the |ioli<-e or
goveri.m-nt i ;.ii:, arie:>. and thom* w ho
v ould vi diingly have given inforniu
t;on were afraid to d<> » >.
“After Ins escape Tiburzi altered h’.-
method ot gaining a living.
< atisi 4 it to be made known to till the
well-to-do )H-ople in the district that if
Mr. I). I’. Daugherty, well known they paid him an annual contribution
throughout Mercer and Summer l.e would not ii.’--rfi re w Uli tlx m, am!
protect them from molcstati<m
counties. W. Va.. tro -t likely owes would
by others. It v a eorsideri il advisa­
hie life to the kindness of a neigh­ ble to agree, and Tiburzi h.. been fur
bor. He was almost hopelessly af- years in receipt of u large income, one
man aior.e paying him Cl.’o a year
tli< ted with diarrhoi-1; was ay t d- Crime h;.s com-i<!<-rably dim'nishi'd
etl bv two physicians who gave nim the district; the ; n. Iler fry dare net
little, if any. relief, when a 'tn :gh- molest Tiburzi’» proteges, for he i-
still a good shot with his English re
bor learning of his serious condi- prating rille. Tiburzi doe» what the
tion. brought him a bottle of Cham­ government cannot do; he collects
without trouble and he keep.;
berlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diar­ t-ixes
down crime.
rhoea Remedy, which cured him in
"It mu: t not be supposed that be
le®s than twenty-four hours, For hides in tue woods all day. He can
walk aliout the whole district without
sale by H. M. Horton, Burns: Ered fear of capture, and he Ilves in goixi
Haines, Hari>ev
style. lie goes to Koine sonietini-s,
presumably in disguise, and has even
The Chicago Weekly Inter Ocean tieen abroad. Will he ever be ar-
Time alone will tell.”—Cin­
is the only weekly newspaper pub­ rrsted?
cinnati Enquirer.
His Life Savtrl by Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera <ind Diarrhoea
*‘B. L. Byer, a well known cooper
of this town, says he lielieve.» C ham-
berluhi's Colic, Cholera and Diar­
rhoea Remedy sav<<! his life last
lie had been sick for a
month with what the doctors call
nil ous dysentery, and could g<t
nothing to do him any good until
tie tried this remedy. It gave him
immediate relief.’’ says B.T Little,
merchant. Hancock, Md. For sale
by 11. M. Horton, Burns; Fred
Haines, Harney.
t otol q-ati ni is notimi
:han .• < ti *.■< ittg of thè
a*. I tiul'iiiig I. it un viti;) st«g-
natimi or ileath if ni rvlmveil.
If i ti ti' veti ipatcl «iitfi ri r
votiti nsttì'.'i' thut he i i nllowing
[mio nmu filili tu r,'ma II in lui
»v iteti , he M irtilli souU u’< t r< li« f.
t'oniti[ a'io i invite« nll kuui oi
contagimi. Ili la he», bilimis-
iic>.«, <i'!ili and >i..mv other ali­
menti ii:-.ip[. nr v Ì:rn consti-
paini bini li arerviietul. limi-
(oril’s Blik k-bnuiglit tla ri.uglily
vil umi ¡»ut thè I iie!. in .111 ea-y
uml natura! ti atim r » ithout thè
purging ei i ih invi or vthur vio­
loni vatli.u" vi.
He <un> tlm’ yen get thè origi­
nai Tinsi ioni’« Bhwk-lh’uiigut,
nia4v by l'i.e t'battan.**;*a .Muli*
viti. Co. N i l*y all òri. .*gi*its in
lished in Chicago in connection ,
I! nth In n ml Out*
with the great daily papers. It
I’nrroii^hi* Is Mr. Lender« in?
contains a judiciously sheeted
Ofiice lb y (who h:;- been “posted”)
summary of the news of th<- nation : — No. he’s i lit.
“Weil j -t run in and tell him he’s
and world, the best stories, home,
out mure than lie thought. I i-.-itne to
farm, woman’s, and other special return $10 1 birrovved I:i>t week.
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able editorials, written from a Re­
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the best general newspaper ot the
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for the Weekly Inter <)<•• an is
Steel Skein $85.BO
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$1.50, but subscriptions will be re­
3.J „
ceived at this office for the two
3; „
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papers in combination fir one y ar
for only’ $1.5<i.
Tz A O - Tr>.fT C'j-’Y’.S T P «
U« -h» It S3 tI ' •. »
i ' ■»
Y*»r<: tl • j^CTOkr
1‘. .... tache«
To the habitual «Timbal it i* often
I <>f vital Importance that be »huitld be
able to c; uiuiunicate iwiftlj and »«■-
i vretlv with an uicctnpliee. either to
I elaborate a »chemi* of ra»vality er
i .end a w.irvinp- if imminent darker
from the police. Niubo. i klu w. lat­
ter than l e. however. bi ami.itig biv.-
»elf of ti.e orthodox channel* he run-
the ritk of «iiwovery.
Hi me it is
becoming a common practice for clev-
er rogue» never to communicate in a
siraigl (forward way if the, v;.n avoid
it. but, irsteail. to *et up Mini i'»<* pc-
1 euliar p -t < tliees. which are e»«en-
rially their • wu, say* C;.»»«'!!’* Sat­
urday Journal.
A typical ca-e was that of a man
who was "wanted” in cvinectii n with
certain notorious turf fraud-. When
the warrt.i t was issued he nought »bel­
ter in a »hubby lodging in a back
street ■ 't five wiles from the Bank of
Eaglet. .. lie had friends who »trvt’g-
ly objected to his capture, mainly be-
, cause his api earunce in tl e dock
Would have led to unpleat ant c< se­
quences to themselves.
ltut they
were all so well kn< w n to the police
and detectives that it wa» in possible
for them to send a ntci’age direct !y to
the fug it iv e. though lie had adopt r im
alias, niu.'i i.-ss to pay him a «’.-it.
All of them. hi never, agreed to keep
watch on his behalf ami to semi 1 ini
word immediately they had reason to
fear his place if refuge was in dan­
ger of discovery and the time come
for him to make a final bolt.
One of the watching grig learned of
the coming danger to the fugitive by
methods he saw fit not to talk about,
and carelessly sent the servant of his
lodgings t i dispatch a wire to another
of the allies in Edinburgh. to»the ef­
fect that his aunt was dead. Tie be­
reaved tieph.-iv mastered his grief so
far as to in turn d!»; itch a wire ac­
companied by a telegraph money or­
der. to a hi stler in the city uf L*’n-
don. desiring him to st i d half a dozen
black ties to a given address without
delay. The article* were duly taken
to the gentleman in retirement by an
unsuspecting errand boy. and the
trick was done. Every apparently in-
significr.r.t tietail was a part < fa pre­
arranged code. The firm sending the
lies, their number and color all con­
vey er! a Lint to 11 i _ rson most inter­
ested as to the sats.t mode of flight,
the best port at wrhit h to attempt em-
barkatie n, and the very street in
which he was to jostle against a sup­
posed stranger who was to surreuti-
i tiou.-Iy transfer to him a store of
u: tu-y iii.l I !» pa-sngr c< vat< r-fnll».
which had I <n takiu under n false
V.thing is too eluborute of ¡■gi-n-
iausly uuiincieu» to men | laying a
•;ai. I the II •» <f which ntvan* p< i al
servitude to them. In • inidhoid town
lived in l< ri ly -tyle and ti e odor of
outer respectability a per»eli who vvtts
strongly >u»peetrd < f being in teagiir
with a pane <f “»washer»" that is.
coiner»- who also d(»pv»ed < f »ham
fureign note» und did quite a brisk
There was no doubt that, while t!ey
were all »»-altered about ti e country,
their operatiii s were being directed
bi a ti ister niind. vs hom the authori­
ties lir.d no moral doubt was li'ent e.l
with the afi-ren-er.t i red gi'iit lenian.
who n ay be called Smith. Smith was
never to be -ecu iii dubious company,
and tl'< postman never br< tight him a
l iter which he vvn» not willing to af­
fably show to anybody. For months
there came to Smith’« house every
u ruing a yoittig tnilkn an with a
placid smile and ;i - I iny brow i f it. .i ■
cence. lie had set himself ut> to ex­
plain to liis ciistoti'er* generally with
a legacy left to him by his uncle, i nd
every morninc be handed a quart''an
of milk ill at Smith’s area door- U'd
every morning Smith’» illegal corrv-
sponi'eti.e was lying at the bi tto u of
that quart can in a metal b< x. and the
«t< nt cook who took it in (fi r appear-
urci-s are shockingly deceitful) w •»
one < f the most co<d and daringof all
Smith’s t<’ - while the i - i ’L t : n w i-
attother. The "stna-her»” had set him
up in bus'ne-» »imply und solely that
they might have an innocent address
to which 11 - end the ntivsiv cs it was his
duty to deliver.
v |>v rnff'l
I I v bv »» lit
X I (I .
V4C« ) . w < I
.............. If 'M) per ymr *
i h î. k .
' ll
! . r lt-,'1 ! *
$t. no ; r y »‘Hr *
! in. I vi i it oi i: v v. < an
. ; • . .; c s •; li i o • * ; > **â
w AS m O csis ;