Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, January 04, 1902, Image 4

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Stop the
Continued front First p»ge.
than 4900 hea l of beef cattle arc
Iteing fattened on Butter Creek, in
i'matilla County, this Winter, and
they will soon be readv for mar­
It is a sad thing to sec fine ket. The ssme process is observed
fruit trees spoiled by the blight. on the Silvits River, in llarney
You can always tell them from County, in the Harney Valiev, in
the J< hn Day V.lhy, in the On­
the rest. They never do well tario country, in the Lewiston re­
afterwards but stav small and gion of Idalm, in Eastern Wash­
ington. in fact, in all places spec­
ially suited to Winter fieJtt.g.
It is worse to sec a blight j “It is sate to say," said Mr, Mil-
t it ike children. Good health lis, "that we will hereafter send our
i, the natural right of children. I livestock to market in a finished
state; we are done supplying the
Put some of them don’t get raw material for others to finish up
their rights. While the rest and make the larger profit on ”
grow big and strong one stays The British authorities are now
taking horses at their Ontario and
.- •■nail and weak.
Nampa receiving stations at the
Scott's Emulsion can stop rate of 18 to 20 carloads per week
that blight. There is no There is no telli g how long this
reason why such a child should will continue, all depending on
the progress if events in South
stay small. Scott's Emulsion Africa.
• i.; a medicine with lots of
t-.rength in it—the kind Of
itrength that makes things
f row.
Scott’s Emulsion makes
< hiidren grow, make?them cat,
j takes them sleep, makes them
j lav. Give the weak child a
< nance. Scott’s Emulsion will
make it catch up
with the rest.
Thia picture r?present3
the Trade Ma.k of Scott's
Ktnul.-ioit and ii on the
wrapper Of every bottle.
Send (cr free unplc.
<00 Pearl St., Near York.
50c and »1. all druggi-ta.
A PrOUinent ( hieago Woman Speaks
l’rof. Roxa Tyler,ofChicaeo Vice
President Illinois Woman'« Alliance
in s( caking of Chamberlain,» Cough
R-medv, »ays: “I suffered with a
»evereeold this winter which thn at-
< ned to ruu into pneumonia I tried
different remedies but i seemed to
grow worse and the medicine upset
inv stomach. A friend advised me
to try Chamberlain'sCough Remedy
and I found it was pleasant to tate
a 11 it relieved me at once.
I am
i.ow entirely Hoovered, sav'd a
-loctur's bill, time and suifering,
; nd I will nev-r be without this
ep’endid medicine again.” For sale
if. M. Ilorton, Burns; Fred Haines.
Ilarr.ev City.
x>v|. r ron pt’ni to atiox .
0 the doctor he was aad
Aixl the doctor he was mad,
And the doctor rigged and tore and
round, alack!
Some rogue had gone and stuck
In tae doctor's sock a duck
That every time you touched it mur­
in u rati: "Qu ack !Quack!Quack !” I
—Ch cagoTimes Herald.
Vuele Sam's Greatest Secret.
V S La»l utile*. fin ma. Orc< »•». !*•<♦. >. h*'L
Noth*« 1« htr*bv given Ibalfih« Mlowhtg-
ntmed »«tU«r ba* file»! d «»»“’* • »( hl< intention
Io tuakc
in aufkporl wf l*t» vlaihi, tiul
tliai »Mid rro»’t will I h * atadr bafoo K »gitter ami
llavaivrr nt Hurns. Ur*t«n, ou February I,
.l«hn K. Illel.«>.
HJ lulry Kw TW lor the W>,XI.’,. Sc I/.
T N »., H M K a M
Ha iil'ii»' th» ful’(iwittt wlln -- ai Io prwv c
hiae mllnuou» reU.leurv upuu tufi cultivate u
ot «aid land«, vit
I anahig \riiiMiuutf, Frank V|»h»n. Witllmn
1.. Rlayl »ck tv I J. I» falriunn til of Hi v cítele,
Gv ». W Hayr». lleglater.
Nut I
F Full ITIII.K’ 11 ION
If there is any secret which I lí­ I an! Office. Run»*. Oreg»» », I’ve II. I 01.
Nioibr 1« herd v given vhM th» ((»Hawing
ele Sam jealously guards it is the tian«v<l
-»ct¡or to»» Il »<t not ee of hl» hitcnhoii
procesa manufacturing the fibre to uiahv final nr«H»i m »upt-Hof !>!« riahn. nud
nroof will !»» male he’»»re Itetfhter
paper upon which hie money notes thal.'n.d
and Kerri ver al Ihriw, (Vegan, January
are printed He pays a Massachu­ MCI. Via;
( baiti r<»u»,
setts firm fo tv three cents a |H>und
Doari l ami Entry No. 1 •«. Lr tha
for it. and this firm does ita work
under the surveillance of a Govern­ Ilo tiAmes thè foli u 14 wì I iivsm lo prova
htn cnntlulou» Whltlon'« tip mi and vulliiailwn
ment a> ent. The paper is manu­ of aaid land, vlr
O. !» Kn»ì. W. n. Iteri »r. p, M Cheney and
factured ■ f the finest rags, cleaned, Stasiti
ylcr all •»( LI lev. Oreann.
boiled and mashed into pulp. As
Ite». U II «VH«
Itefil 1er
it is rolled into thin »1 cots silk
threads are introduced into it by a
rosrE*r voin i:
secret process These ure the dis­ Ik ptrtunni of U r hiirr. r. V. H La?ul OCic«
Hrcron, termite» (•*. I *P1
tinguishing marks making imita­ Hum.».
A »utlleirni roi.tvai «.1M m \il havlnj be«*n filed
tion of the piper w-11 i igli impossi In thi> i fT ev l-y Gv »rK* Uraliani, couirainnl. ■
h»” v-t«-a*l enlr> Na. 4». ircdv •Nu\riu-
Jacob G L'ahrinan, who was «ent ble The sheets of paper already
to the penitentiary in July, 19<X». counted twice and plac* >1 in uni­ Hee 74. Tp .1. 8 I angt U E W M bt Wm V
’on ronlc *1«. In wMeh II h allrgv«l timi
to serve a five year's »entercv for form packages at the paper mill, \\ Hlrk
m \ IltrkMin ba* wholly »band aicd *tl>l
manslaughter committed at Sump arc stored in a Trea-urv v<oll ami tract Bt;U cliangvd I I» roideuco thvrrir»>in frr
mare than fi mmtth* aluev htakiug < aid entry
ter, was pardoned by Governor issued to the Bureau of Engraving aud
nell pr »rt»» the 1 Uh day r»f !»r «ember MOI.
Ge-r Tuesday. Luhrman killed a and Printing as »anted. Before 8a d parile» arc bereSy tol.rtri t * appear, ri -
d »nd offer evidence tun •htng >ald allega
man who lad threatened his life, leaving the Treasure thev are »pm
lion al 10 o cl<»< k a m on Mudar? ’.*7. I j 02. be
and alleged that the act waa com­ counted three times more, and the for« tbv Kegl>tvr a* d Kecv *cr at the Called
ale» l.an»l office In I urn» Or« gon
mitted in self defense. Lnhrman'a receiving official nt the bureau b The
»aid vtniic'tahi La» Ing. tn a proper arti
case lias been a verv pathetic one. must rece ip- for them. Then the davit, fi)<d lb*r Iti. LOl «cl forth faclx whtet
•¡(«•wthat r;fter dur dillgea«*«* p«-r.«»i»«l »trvho
His wife went to Salem when ber bundles are unwrap|>ed ami the of
ttoi» u<>Uc<* can n*»t !»• made. It I» hereby or
huabaiid waa taken to the penit> o- sheets are counted twenty eight dere I and d‘rec4cd that »neh notici he given
ibUc»tl< n
liaiy, and she lias worked ns a tines by a corps of women. Th»» by due and proper |> lieu
U tiayv>. Register
table waitress in a hotel, tn order to is to insure that each printer gets
support herself and child »chile the recorded number— n ■ more, i.c
< cn i r.sr xo v'F.
waiting for her husband to regain less. If one eheet of this precious C. < laiidolFrr Furti». OtfifOB Dvr JG !
his liberty.
When the commuta paper be lost the entire force of A »utfic mt < ■» t»c»t affidav It having he«n fl!r I
in thi*
odh r by Matt Rig*-.
tion was granted it was delivered men and women hnving aeC'»» to • •a'n>! M)r «n Hlttrh y, lin.brr (’tt'ture v» *ry
to Mr». Luhrmao, who took it to the room wl ere the misplacement No. 7*7'.. u:a«le <rt«brr .1, |*»7. f >r the N 4 «•!
Hwcilon SO. Ip ¿4, S. Hauge SI K. ny M» ron
the penitentiary and secured ber has occured ure kt pt in like so lllnrhry (’ •iU»ler. In ahîrh H t» allé* ad Inal
manv school children, to find it »•*d Myron lllivhey fatlrd an«l neg*»««*i<d to
husband's release.
pmr 5 erres ur any part (hereof. « n *al*l land
Eacn sheet is issutd frem thcvault during lbe year end.n< Ort'dirr 3. iNte. itoal hr
.'¿•lied k’ p!** t or r i* irate io a crop. • ao«».<
A bill has been introduced in for the printing cfadefinLeamount or any part thereof, riur'tig th« p-lr riding
congress to make the birthday of .of tnor.ey upon it. If the lo**t rheet OetoberS, IWJ th»t tor failed to plant to t-re/,
tre<* »red. or C'itllngs 5 acres.nr any t»artih*rr-
Wm. McKinley. January ‘29. a were intended to ultimately repre­ nf, during fhr ieareud'ng October 3
legal holiday, While we should sent four thousand doLais’ worth »aid failure continue» up to thr present l’aie
8 m ‘d ]>artie« arc hereby notifie I to appt ar,
like tn see the name of our illus­ of notes the group of employers to Fvpond « d .»fTer e» idunce touching sat'd site
galion st 10o'clock a. m.on Eeb. 7. \m, before
trious Ex-President thus honored,
Ketfi-det and Receiver et the Vnlted 8te’ea Land
we be'iere tl e country is invested placement has been traced must uiXrs
In Hurns, n egon.
The »aid c*»ute»ten having. In proper affidavit
wnh enough of holidays at present.
cannot lohnte it within a rra-oi able filed ^«»v, 30. 190i. set forth (•<•€» which »how.
that after dur diligence. fH*r»nna| »*rv|re cf
time. The most expensive loss tht* notice cannot be mad*, it 1 a hereby order
The president of the American
which has thus occured was of a cd and directed that such n -t.ee be ghfij by
•1 je a*.d proper publication
Bar Association has apj>ointed
blank sheet issued for the printing
Uku. W. H i Tr<.
Lt g ter
Judge R. S. Bear, to represent Ore of eighty dollars u,»on its face. -
gon at a gathering of lawyers at the
John Elfreth Wa'.kins. Jr, in the
w yxrxn—Tat sTwoiiTUY mfn
Louisiana Purchase Exposition, January Ladies' Home Journal.
wiimcti P» travel an»l advertí»« for obi r«tab-
liahed hour« of an I Id rinati« al aiandlmt *atery
St. Louis in 1903.
|7M)a yt* r and cxf ’- d '» ». «U payab’c i t <a»h
Jorgensen has something nice in
The K of P will give a social stationary.
Child Worth Millions.
“My child is worth millions to me,” dance at Floral Hail. Jan. 10
. ivxMrs. Mary Bird of Harrisburg. C F. McKinney will be floor man­
The K of I* guarantee yon a
1’.: "yet I would have lost her by ager. Mac’s the only recommend
< roup had I not purchased a bottle
pledsànt time at their dance Janu­
of <>iie Minute Cough Cure ” Ot.e it need». A bully go>d time is ary 10.
Minu’e Cough Cure is sure cure' promised.
'•>r coughs, eroup and throat and
troubles. An absolut- lv safe
Jorgerist-n is offering liberal dis­
The Northwest Livestock and
igh cure which act'* iium-diately
Grower?’Journal and Items,
Trie youngest child can take it with ;
entire safetv. The little ones like Drop in ami see him.
12 a year.
the taste and remember ho* often
it he! ped th'tn Every fauiil» should
The Mother s Favorite.
Celebrate the holidays by drop­
have a Lottie of One Mmete Cough
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is ping in and »¡going your name for
< tl rr handy. Al this season espec-4
i 111V it may I »• neeJed sud ienl v
the mother’s favoiite It is plea-ant one of our clubbing offer.«.
Cits Drug Store, H M Horton, ai.d -afe for childicn to take ami
______ _
prop- End Haines, llarney.
al vats cures. It is intended es­
pecially for coughs, colds, croup Beat Out ofan Iner< aseof His Pension
A Mexican war veteran nr d prom­
1> nt forget the K of I’ dance and wl oopir g cough, and is the
<d. tor writes: “Seeing the ad­
January 10.
best medicii e made for these di-
vertisement of Chamberlain's Colic
: -eases. There is r.ot the b ast dan­
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, I
Social dances every Friday eve ger in giving it to children for it an: reminded that as a soldier in
contains no opium or other injur
iiingat Locher’s Hall.
Mexico in 47 and '48, I contracted
| ’Ous drug and may be given ascon-
Mexican diarrhoea and this rernecy
Your money’s worth—the Inter ; tidently to a Labe a« to an adult. has kept me from getting ah in­
■ For s.ile by H. M
(tocan and the Item» one year for
crease io my pension for on every
renewal a dore of it restores me.’’
It is unequalled it« a quick cure
for. <1 arrhoea and is pleasant and
<‘bibbing iat » giv<n with any
A Profitiibie Investment.
So <1 by II. M Hor
pi|fer or pei iodical published in “I w troubled for alxtut »even safe to take.
with my stomach and in bed iialf ton, Burns; Fred Ha ner, Harney
■ tie t lilted State«.
mv time,” says E D-mick. Souter- 1
vjlle, Ind. “1 spent al out 11.000 and
‘t i.ive Together.
never could get anything to help Constipation a'id health never go
me until I tried K-,d> 1 Dyt*pe|>siu togetlc-r DeWiti’s Little Early Ris
Cure I have taken a tew bottles ers promote easy action of the i ow
| »nd »m entirely well” You don't els without distie«» “I have been
bv wl a* vou eat. but by what troubled witb costivenessnil e v< ars
Oxi Jellies
[ live
and :>«similatr. If your say* J O Grcr ne, Deptiuw, Ind Í
praatrv«» aud pickle*,»pr urd
a ihiu coaiiug uf retlaed
stomach doe-n't digest vour food i ave -ried many remedied but Li
you »••• rehllv stwr» ing. Kodol Dvs- tic Eatlv Ri.t-r» give test result.
p-pr'a < ure does the ■loiiim-h's City Drug Store, II M. llor'o
work bt digest».ig the foxl
You p op; Fred Hainee, Harnev
don’t have to diet Eat allvou want.
Kudo] (ryspeusia ('ure cures a'l
31 Will kf-ep th-ia »'»«'»lately moiotar* and I
• i tn ch
City Drug
U »rid proef r*raffu<» Wax iu aii»<> tjneftt! - g ■
|a • do»«u vtb-r way« about the h- »:«• Full r
^tore; F:-d Huies. Harriet
H diractiou* n cacL pound package.
Sol'l everywhere.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
B<»r,it. ^^^LaKint! Y m I'mAtwayxBovjtt
Bears the
Signature of
Price S35.00.
(■u»ranti'i i| to <<jual any 1100.00 tnachine.
E. L. KING, (.lanera! agent, 218 San sonn a
St . San Francisco.
N > « anvoafnr r*«irired Give referen«»* »«>•!
endoee self-add re»»r'l •.fan>t»ru rnxeh»i»«,l
\d Irets Managee.
4 axion tilda. < bieagn.
W ts rrn-SRVKS al i‘t a-1 >vs <»;• ch ai ;
«rier and <nod r»*p-.ii«tmn In t«tch »lafclon* ir»
th i county r**iutr«djk» rrpro« ’ »t d adverti»r
nl-J e»fai»li• hr 1 wealthy h-i-iii*«- !»•»<»«»*--f »»»lid
finar.cial -tei’d’nc S«»nR'W trceklr With
M|»en <•-addi’i u.ai. n i payable tn <*a.d» rach
«««In»’ -lay «J;r-‘« t tr--m hrad offlre«, llor<ea
ai d « arrlrgr« i»;rnt*bed when n<-< e»»ar' |Ir
er«ncv«. Enri'»»e -o!f wl-lr«.»» 4 »’Bin(•♦-'! ci
vcte(-e Matt*, r ?lfi f.textati U'tildhia <‘hh a»£'
W eekly Í ñter O cea N
Dyspepsia Cure
The Cirrate t Republican Parer of the West.
T It th • n>-< i stalin' t anc uiir.net vine Republican Weekly poa •
leb' -' tolay and car always be ralieJ upon for lair and h»n<rat ra *
ports of all political nff.dn
(»-—I he Weekly Inter Ocean SuppTen A lot tlicfe#.») jEVtff«
U-T |
and the best ot Currant L.terature.
y KZ. L J
Digests what you eat.
It >i Morally Clean, and a*» a I'anuly Paper i* Without a I'««r
Tta.tificUlly digest» the food and aids
Nature in ¡itrengthening and fMM*
atructiog the exhausted digestive or­
gans. It istliolatcatriiscovereddlgcs-e
ant and tonic. No other preparati x
can approach It in efficiency. It tn-
■tsntly relicvesand permanently cutes
Ityspepsla, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Ffatulcnte, Sour Stomach, Nausen.
Hck Headache, Onst raltrla,( ranipeand
;■ 1 other results of luiperfectdigest ion.
Its I ilcrttrv columns tn e coital
to tho .e ot the bist muffi.z<i.et.
Its Yout ’s I. ep .rmn tit ir, the
f n. st nt it In.
S.-..I I’lTCO
Il brlnav to th” tern
lite h-Bl Mild G »■
list • r
r m •
an i briit< »»h
ll»« people
Tba DLlv and Simdiv S
15trs of TI.« Ink’ 0> e<’i
the LeU of tbeir Lad .
• r.inn
.rest«, «nd TnuU-Msrta ottsined and »’I Pat-
tb-> neMtwvl ve 1 tor Moo«n»Tt Erta.
>n Omet i«0e«e»iTt U.S esTtr.T Orti :t J
I e acati »«-tre patent m tel» tuat li.wa tu^-cx
.ict'i iron» Wa»hiii,?t<«.
t »
Send model. drawi-.< or photo., v.dth ¿e*<TÍp-J
»n. We advi»a, if pat*, ia ic cr not, 1 a ©ÍJ
arge. O »r fe-r p-t duc t. patenti«" er>-tì,
< F.HFH-
«irti J
ci nur
. . »n vountncaj
O ff . R atent C»»
’*c.~ *
wan it D I nventors
to write f->r our confidential letter before ap-
plyiuK for pateut; it imy bw worth money.
We promptly ubtain U. H. tand Foreign
TRADE MARKS or return ER-
TIRE attorney a f»*e. fi» nd model, »ketch
or photo and w« »«nd an IMMEDIATE
ER EE report on patentability. Wc >dve
I the be«t legal wervice and advice, and our
1 chargee are moderate. Try ua.
Patent Lavryerc,
U.S. Patent Office,Washington, D.C
. ._-.rn.^
----- 1ff ----
------ •-
» an*
__________ i
Our fee returned if we fail. Any one sending sketch and description of
any invention will promptly receive our opinion free conoernmg tho patent­
ability cf same. “Ilow to obtain a patent ” sent upon request. Patent«
secur«<1 through us advertised for sale at our expense.
Patents taken out through us receive social notice, without charge, in .
T he P ates r R ecord , an illustrated ami widely circulated Journal, consulted
by Manufacturers and Investors.
Send for sample oopy FREE. Address,
(Patent Attorneyn,)
Evans Building,
-M t —
* y 2
» V.-r
» «
$1.00 P
i' -eSO . and ft. LHrirevfiecontnln, t’i t!rr>en
*11 «lx<-. B-ok all ala>utdy»i>>'p%laiualle<nr«a
-rtpered t-/E C-L«WITT ».CO- Cblcuu^
... I