Harney valley items. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 188?-19??, September 21, 1901, Image 4

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Speed Program
Toth» Honorable County Court. Har­
Following is the program that I I, H. Kicbard*on, tount?- clerk for ner t 'ountv, Oregon:
Hilary County, Oregon, hereby certify
We. the underelgtied prtltionrre, raai-
will be pulled off during the Fair, I that the anuesrri list uf co unty Warrant»
dents, taspayrra. aud irgsl v.-tere «4
commencing September 30.
of thl» county tarued mere than seven •addle Butte Precinct, «aid county, and
One-Fourth mile dssh. free for
all 9100.
One-Fourth mile dnsh for Har­
ney county saddle horse» thst never
run for public money, vsequeros to
ndc with vaoqUeroe saddle«. Jock­
eys bsrred E VI.
bhculd alway« be kept h
t'-e house for the fol-
■ ¿wing reasons:
years prior to the first day ot July, 1901,
remain unpaid and will be cancelled II
not presented to Uie county treasurer (or
payment un or before Ovlolwr 12, 1901.
W itnkss my hand and official seal thia
•thdav of August, r.kil.
H. Bien vbmon .
< «MS
< « hiu 1> Clerk.
f —' ~~ ) Ry F N Rieder,
.r If any- OF-'»
Ls.a hard t^d. ’
I .
Three-eighth» uiile d«sh, free for
all 912X
:ura it.
<k>0 yard dash for H«rn«y coun.
Because. If the chll-
saddle horses that never won
fidlicite ar.p sickly. U will
first money I' m ).
ixe them strong jAd* w^T-
rniRD day .
1'iME Because, if the father er ,
Gentleman’s R.sd Race, trotters
mother is losing flesh arid beesrr
Ing :n;r. and emaciated, it wi.. Lut»d and j'serrN for Harney courriy
them up and give them flesh ar.^
hor'tes, heats - in 3. J mile« IDA)
Foinm day .
FOURTH — Becaus« it L the
Three eighths mile and repeat
standard remedy In a 1 threat and
free for »11 1150.
lung Affections.
7 SC
No household ihou'.d t* without it.
Three and one-half ftirlonx’ns. 936
It ca-. -
- ■
sun :
■ W»l
free for all El‘J’>.
as in winter.
<,ji. ar d Bi »3, • I dr <jrvt •
xzorr * ao.vNi. cv-jt»,
♦ 10
A Minister « Good Work.
Aug H, !«9. H H Jani». H.00
Mar G, 1SM, K. W. Junes, 3 30
July », IW0, Jeff *■ Hilllngaly 3 00
Olt 16. iwn, J. D lillngaley I U)
„ „ „
Gilad» >>»pw Lugo 1 0O
Dre 6. INS»?. W. J, J huaon Ï 3»
R8.4K I«, :CJ, K. J. M. «hall T 70
f> 0>>
C July 27. lsj-’.J. W. J. ir»
C Jau Si, lv‘J. S le»r Wu»«l
t Mai Id, 1-*'?', Will Huffniau « 60
I» Jul? IO, ISSAI, I.. Woldenb» rg 6 A)
I» ,.
.. T Moore
’ 1.00
I» ................C II. Hk-wi.
I »J
i> Mar 10, lsMH, Geo Horb*-*
I »
D................. It E. K«' •.
D June »?. l«H, O W .
I July Î0. INM Grace St.-r
-• xt)
Notice of Appointment of Adminis­
Mr» 8. H. Allport. Johnton, Pa.,
«ays: "Ourlitth girl almost strangl
■ ed to death with eroup. The doctor»
■aid she couldn’t live but »he was
instantly relieved by One .Minute
Cough Cure. H. M. Horton, Burn«;
Haines, Harney.
State, tuoet rea|w<'tfully petition yuur
Honorable Court m «rant a lie«uee
Newt J Lewin, to wll e|dritu-
ou», malt an<l iwnous lii|UOV« In
lass quanlitie« than one gallou In eaid
Precinct fur a period ef three month»
beginuing on the Meventb day of Novem­
ber, ISAM .
M. V. Nmilh,
Wut. K. lira»,
Win. 1. Clark.
W. R. Crawford,
(’. T. Miller,
Ira R Clash.
W. R.IVrvey
K. It. Ballsy,
J. W. Woodard,
J times Laa»y,
T. >. Hein»,
!.. It. Uayaa,
«» W. Clark,
J. 1* Bectur.
C. T. C m ? ,
F. A Riggs,
k. R. «its.
\Y. Kin«.
A F B Uaurgo,
G. W . Harknsaa,
B F. Jordan.
J. L. «Us.
K. l>. JurdAit,
W. R Jordan,
J. H. Jor Lu,
Notice is In ri'Ls «¡ven Hut the undet-
•igned will on the Sth day ot Oct , 1901,
make »pp'lcation to the County X ourt of
Harn or Cunuly, NUle uf Oregon, for the
granting of tli« lu «ii»« aiei'Uoned in tfo<
al»ove petition.
Newt Ixwia.
O.A.ShC - •
<2 ■- -
ee PargwT Ornoc. Waewmavoa. n. c
Fat uiale the total vote in these three «tales gumfiinril foe (loreruor «nd
•enJ yo<ir eatiinate and «tibooriptlon toTiia I taw » aiul yyu will receive a certifl-
cete, which will entitle yo't t> |Mtrticl|»al<'in the liatributimi of the fitl.YOOO lo
be swunled by the PRESS PUHI.INIII.NG ASN< M lATION, of IWtrult, Mt.h , to
Utons ru uking lite neaaeat estimates of ths Ofibisl Vote for Governor III th- Htatee
of Ohio, Mas««» lineolts anJ lows, to bs determined by III Elecliot hrbl on llie
bth dav ot November, I9’’t.
We have muds arrangetn«n'a with the Pit b.HS Pt'Hl.lHlilN > an MCC! ATION
01 Detroit, ,Ml» h, to onsblo our anb«»-rlliern to participate in the distribution of
these uiugt iiko-nt prise», sinoinung to fit I A.fNM)
Vnill further -><Mi<-e every orm who aer.iis ue LO cents for
< month» »ubm-riptfon to T hi lltnsttv Vattsv Irru» w ill receive a certificate
which will entitle hint to parti, ipet« in the dietrlbiiti muf ibe Ptisss. Present
•ubaertbern may tat»j a ivante«<e of litis offer, ami tlieir auliacf ipliona will be eg-
tended 4 month» irom «Lts of expiration. No i»Jvan< • >• lueda in the prit« uf
our paper, you net the certificate shsolutelv ire«.
Vrxi r Fcti m -» In When rod »end in your ani>«<-fipii an vou writs your name
»d.lre«s »nd estimate a» p!ainly .» possible As sou« a
we irceiv« your an! scriptton we will tend vou a certificate of the PR F."M PH H ■
LISH'SG ASStX’lAT1ON, ot Detroit, Mnh., »-ontaining your eetiaaw, whUh
will Insure vou any prii« your es'imifo may entitled vu»t lo ciaim. We will tile a
duplicate certificate wltlt the Pre«« fNibliahing A-ao» lalion. Every sub«» rilwr way
make a» many estimate« an J w ill re, sivg aS u.any » ertificvlen as he send» sub­
scriptions to Tbe Item«
< lub rai«rra will receive s ceibdcale for each aul»»-nption obtained.
our ESlimaie
C.W XTAkB yuar t'AT
A f
aa<j aa
r»a wkr> Br
»■tot it U MUA Uarw
Ul». T ♦<• raw
Ha life-n.aBalt
Uat «wtea a« I«
A tl
Harness Oil
teaUæ a joar 'nofctn«? kar
foeww fokS u«» Marie uf
' pe.e Aeavy ludtau all. e»
I rk ’ a I y
BMB1 t)M wealBrf.
To aid subscribers in forming their estimate, wn furnish the following data!
Th» cotn blued ufficia! Vota In the»« Hals« lb PRIZE8 To Be Awarded m Follows:
Itti WM
Väth« a»are»<correct «-Hast«
I.CM «» I» eia«.. t.W pet el
T b th< ln4
l.»l««t? Ofr»H «W .,
*w „
Nads kj ÎTMMM M. OB
luerMM 1.77 „
ten ..
1.*72.19» J«erra,»19.M ..
1 ’MHO
!M „
I A1-.7N lacr»SM 7 ». .,
i , s »*, sio
1» as „
The rettlScstM at Ib» »»erniari». >t tbr
¿islet r.irord abnwlng the Combined Official
ViH» Will ileformine who ara »untied to lue
Priaea and the award« will be made wlthiu
SO da> ■ after the Official V.»te !« I
lUe ITKM4 w<ll publish the uamea of the
turceatfuf Meli mature.
La, taf tl
laa/t ’«W.
Toth« 3rd
( To tb« Mb
Tu tba Mb
To tbo «l«|
Totfct «th
Tn the Mb
To the I'Mb
Toth» n«xt IU near•«!
TotnooBBt lj ntAr««l
To the negt |tj neara«t
T b tbe nest leB ne«ro«i
Toths ueil 1B0 nearrat
Tolhe next 2»«) nstreet
To the next J*) nrare»t
I« w
■» to
to ve
lit Mrb-lW VI
Ito •Mta-foS •»
li eaek
111 m
I« »ach *«»•»
I» each-fatee
13 »aeb--«IM IN
11 earh MM
Total by ? oYiie«. amoaiitlng to •! B .noo.Br
btalecneat of Mr W A Punga |Pre*ldent
In addition to the «Bovs Prises, the
rf the Centra« H bv I qm Bat k. Detroit. Mich.
I Hsrsby Certify, tha* the Pre«« Tublloh
following Rperisl Prltes will be
¡Df Aeeo< la'lon ha« deposited Bia.ooo In the
Central Hat lu<e Batik. Detroit. Mlrb . for the
Tn the person making the 34 areet correct ee
eapreae purpose of paying the Pr re« In their tt rue’s oefore J Jly 10th
|1 QBB at
Contest on the Ombtued otRolal V >te ot th«
Tn the pereon BtaklBf the bBBfB«t correct ••
Mteirj of Ohio, Ma*«a<*hti«sete and Iowa, and tiBiatB between July itauJ Mtgnat lOtb T?t»
that thia tuud can I»*» u rd for no other purpo»**.
T<» the peraotA making the tiearerf correct —■
tlxx.ate hetwoen Aug 10 an<1 <•>< io
1608 ue
Total 1UOO prlte*. amounting to lift.Bte M
fn <*«•• (»i a lie. f rlie will be divided
Name-------------------- — ■■
Dyspepsia Cure
t>ia«iti what you oat.
ItartiflcUlly digest« the food and aid«
Nature in strengthening and recon­
structing th« exhausted digestive or­
gans. It is the latestdiwovered digest»
ant aud tonic. No other pre para tl i
can approach It in efficiency. It la­
st aatly relieves and permanently cur««
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartbura,
Ilatulenc«, Hour Stomach, Nausea.
Sick Headache, Oastralgla. Cramps and
all other results of I mperfect digestion.
TIMBER LAND. ACT JURE A 1*7»-NOTICE Land Ofllre. Burn». Oregon. July »1. ltol.
Prlcal*-. and tl. Larg« »I m contain» 1H tiara
Not e» 1» h«-et»y given that In compliance aaaall ate». Book allabout tlyrp«p»l*ntairaf»we
f ». Land office. Bum». Oregon, Augnat », 1901. With the provlalon» of the ret of Cvngrwa of. Preasred ly I. C. PsVTTT a CO- Chtoaga
Notice 1« hereby given that in compllaac» J in« A 117», ei.tltlej "an ret for ths «ale «f Uta, I
with th« provlttona of the act of Contra»» ot U«r land. In tbe Hte'e« cf California. Oregon. '
June 2. l*7t. entltl».! "An »et tor th« »ale of Ncvadaand Waahlngtcn Territory." aa *Xt«ad- :
ttmoer laud, la the Hta'«a «f California. Oregon, •4 to all tbe Public land State» bv aot nt Aug- |
60 Y KARS’
Nevada and Wa<hlnrton Territory."
u.t«, 1»g,
Daur«« Marahall,
of Cord. Coui ty of MaUisar. Stat« of
of Narrow., County uf Harney. State of Oregon
Its» thia day filed la thl. office hla -worn atat«- Oregon, baa thia day filed In tble «He« bla
ment No. 4». for tb« purchaae «f tha N W'*X WI* rworn atatamenl No M. for tha purchaa* of th»
uf Section No 13. In Townehlp No. 32 9.. Rang« I«Ry,NW!4 Her a In Tp no 3» » rang» no 17 I W
No. »2 E and will offer proof tn ah..» that the [ M aud will offer proof that lb« land »ought 1»
land .ought la more valuable for Ike limber or mor* valtiablle for Ita Umber of atows than for
>to- e than for agricultural purpoaea, and lo aeneuitural purpoava, and to »atabllah bl»
eatabllrh bl» elm at to aatd land bat- r» the Reg
elaliu to >ald lan I telor* lb« Keclator and Re­
CoevwMwr« Ae.
ceiver of tbla ofike al Burn», Oregon, on Satur-
Aaron« ««rietag a «k«rcb aad SiareiMloa mar
giaitar »nd Reeel v«r of thia office at Burna, Or«
qulcklr ••«•rtaln
our nelnlnn tre» whrOer an
dev, th« 12th d«y of Oefober. DM. Manama»
gon. on Saturday the 19th day of October, ivoi
He name» aa wltaeaaea L R Springer nf aawl'nea»»» EU.worlh Hrow r. and L « Iprlng-! •»Am u. 1-
true ..........
OtAena . •«•» »y f<e »»rrIM L»u»ot*.
•«wit free
Rurna. Oregon Alfr.S L. Mar.he.ll of Narrow», er of Burna, Oregou L. L. Seward of Cord. Or«
_____ _ twkMi
kluno A <A>. retriva
----- «M<«.
tutte», wwhoat
«Hheut e arra». In tre
Oregon. L. M »«award and Thoa Howaer uf (on. and Geo Marshal1 al Narrow*. Oréeos.
i Harney, Oregon
I Any end all pera >ne eia!mine adrer ely the
Any and all parton» etaialsg aAveraely the •bave-d«»er1K d landa era raiueated tn lie their
A bandmalr Ulastratod waaUy. »¡Si
tAm»» t Hr
above daarribed land, ar» req'-taied to file their »talma In this olire on or before raid 11 Jay •I
___ ,M a
claim. In thl. offl. a on er beforoasld Mb day Octo bar 1101
Oio w. Hem
of October, INIl.
0»o, W. H uts ». Reglater
Me« Mar
£aa;o o«taa> • f «U Wa*kto«-te-. f>.<
•r plwrto, with d«»rrfp
IviM, U tnuniaoie or aot, hr» of;
[wa «M dae nu pare»’ •’ rerurrd,
a B.M»wirv ** Mow to O'',ain » at»-»—, ' w-l
MM oÍMmela'tk« U. 8- and »»’«»«a «aert».-.
wat fita-
P atents
n—r— aad Trada-Mreks otaainad aad all Pat-;
eat PtMuu con4nun4 tee Meetaayc Vkts.
t U, «. PavtwvOrns«1
i ia leaa um uiaa ta»w ;
In 1OUO Casli Prltrs to U ium tusking U m naareat «»t.iaM« un th» ct ■nl-re
Offlcial Vo<«ofOhi«», Ma«nacl*ua«ettaand Iowa, »at for fluvwrnar an ths
Mb day »»f Nov«iiit»r, IW)I.
< ■
f » land om<-» Biuna. Or . August It. 1901.
Null»« I, b»r»by »■*•■ that J«»o l'aita, ul
raullna. Crook i'ouet» Or»sua. ba. SI, I nolle«
ot luttntlcn to wak» groat on hl.
elatin No 1’A for Ur RS »! ««V *»«■ «■ Tp ■»
> . R MR W M . b»for» A. C f*aiw»r. U s.Coa.
■ iwlonrr a: Pr!n»vllla Or, go a. oa SalurJ», I
th» «Sth Jay of SrpismlM». HOI
II« ñamo, th» following «Ito»».*, to pro»«
th» coNpl»ls Irrlgallor. aud rKlamatloo uf
•aid land
g a Wad». AIM «usaHa. Irnnsl a»7 and
«Ir» UMkiaUth, all of raullaa. Crook Cvnaty.
Orr un.
Ovo W HafM. KagO*«'
All the transportation lines in the tlRth day of October, 1901. aa i if you
If th* action of your bowels is nut the Northwest arc arranging to fail so to appe.tr and answer for wan!
. thereof the plaintiff will apply to the
easy and regular »eriou« complica­ give specially low cate« to and from
tions must be the final result De­ the Portland Carnival, which runs Court for the relief demanded in plaintiff's
remplaint vic For a decree of'the Court
Witt’» Little Early Riser» will re­
from Sept, IS to Oct. 19, and the • foreverditiolv ing the bond» oi matrimony
move this danger. Rafe, pleasant
and effective. H M. Horton, Burns; the excursion tickets will be good now exiating befw»en plaintiff and de­
for 7 dsyfi.
This is the lonjest fondant, for th« care and cuatodv of the
Fred Haines, Harney.
minor children, iasna of the tnarriagw of
limit ever given
»uch ticket»,
plai ntiff ar.d defendant, and Str < eta and 1
‘ My baby was terribly sick with and will give people ample time to dishwisemenU of this «nit.
You will Ulre nolle« that till« aum-
the diarrhoea," sayg J. H. Doak, of sec all the sight» conntctetl with
morn is served upon ?uu by puhUeation
William». Oregon. "We were un
With two'ull military ban»!«, a hy Order of Hon Jatnt-a A. Sparrow,
able to cure him with the doctor’s
County Judge of Harney County, Oregon,
assistance, and as a last resort we ojilitarv tournamet, a horse show, for »is c«>n»«-vutive» we-k», ar.d 'hat «aid
tried Chamberlain’« Colic. Cholera athletic sports, exhibits of mining order was made uni dated at Burns,
and Diarrhoea Remedy. I atu hap- agriculture, horticulture and nun- Oi>gon on th* 7th dav of September 1001
tl«a. W H a VU,
py to say it gave immediate relief ufacturing. a full midway, fi>e-
Attorney for Plaintiff
and a complete cure.” For sale bv 'rork,,’ Bnd •" ,rrar of •«nuscinent
H. M. Horton. Burns: Fred Haines, attractions, tbe Caruiyal will be
Harney Uitv.
one of the greatest events of the
the season, «nd the admission fee i V B Land Office, Burn Oregon, A'lg H. 1B01
Notice it hereby gibe » ti*at In compllaBfe
James White, Bryantsvi'.le, Ind . •• So5n* t0 ** on,y 25 eeot'- 10
with th« pruvialuu« of tb art nf (.’onfretB of
esys DeWitt's Witch Hazel Halve .cents for children,
Jenex, IF?*. rRtltlrd “Air act for tbe » b I b uf |
healed running gores on both leg».'
I ttwb«r toad« lnth«; SlAtea of callfernlB, UreguD. .
NeYaJe, ar.d Washington Territory,“
He had »uffered six years Doctor*
In cases of cough or croup give
D ai IJ Millvr.
foiled to h»-ip him. Get DeWitt’» the little one One MinuteCough cure ef Drcweoy, County
of Harney. a?e of Oregon,
Accept no imitations II M Hor­ Then teat easy and have no fear. ha« thl* day filed in ILI« oifice
worn etato-
ton, Burns: Fred Haines, Harney. The child will be all right tn a little
tor the pur» ba-e of
r WH-tEo.
of BectUn No 2R. iu •
while. It never fail«. Plt-Hsaiit to take Range No 85 F, W M , and wi i • « *.« .*»lpl7S..
r proof to
al wav» safe sure and aiiuost instan- ■how that the land sought 1« tno’r
■ahi* far
What moat people want is some­
■ ral pur-
tai>eous in effect. H M. Horton, it« Haber or stone than for er
thing mild and gentle, when in Burns, Frei Heine». Harney.
poke«, and to »Atablish his claim
I laud tK-
fore Remitter and Receiver <
..fflc« ar
need of a phvaic. Chamberlain’»
R'lras. Oregon, un Marda
>.d day ot
Htomach and Liver Tablet» fill the
Harney County Fair September November, 19C1
He names a« witnesses: w *
V. Robert-
bill to a dot. They arc easy to take i 30 to October
see. Stephen D. Bebd li. Mil »... South »nd
and pleasant in effect. For »ale by
John O't.aliuf I>'ew«ey. H<rnejc>) inly. Oregon
Any and all per«onn elalmirg adversely the
H. M. Horton, Burn»; Tied Hainer, aotaen
t*> travel and adverti.» far old «»tab- above described lands arc requested to file
liabed teoua« of aoltd financial aiandlng. »alary j
Harney City.
their claims in th!-> office on or h< f re said 2nd
|7«>a ya rand »»!«■>»•». all payable la ca»h
No raovaailng re<4Ulr«d. Olv« reforenraa and day of November, 1B01.
«n<-to-« a«lf-»4dres»«d atampau enveloped (
Geo. W. Hayes, Register.
; Addreaa Manager »5A Caxtou bldg. Cbieago.
rBsttar i . a * l >. hnal reoor.
W» W)
One-half mile dash free for all
‘ I Itad a severe attack of bilious
T 115»
I In the matter of the estate}
colic, got a bottle of Chamberlain’s
One-fourth mile dash for Harney
of John Maher. de«-e»»edi
Colic, Cholera and Diarhoea Rem­ county saddle horses that never
Notice ie hereby given to all whom it
edy, took two tloeea and was entire­ won public money riders to ride may concern that the unJersigned lias
ly cured.'’ says Rev. A A. Power, bareback without being strapped been duly appointed bv the Count v Court
; of the State of Oregon for Harnry County,
of Emporia, Kan
“My neighbor or tied on f30-
administrator of the ratal ■ of John Maher,
acroag the street was sick for over a
One fourth mile dash for Har« deceased. and all perwon a having c'aims
week, had two or three bottlea of ney county ponies not to weigh uga.ust aaiJ estate are hereby not I lied to
medicine from the doctor He used over SIX) pounds and to be ridden present the »»me with proper vouch» rs
to this Administrator, at the office of tlie
them for three or four days with­ bv bovs under 13, 130.
a t'ountv Treasurer in Burn» in »aid County
out relief, then called in another * CONDIT1OX9QOVERNINO
within aix month* from the date of Jhia
doctor who treated him for some
Entrance fee 10 pet cent of purse notice.
davs and gave him no relief, so dis­
to enter 3 to »tart. Money di­
Dated thia 27th day of Jalv, 1901.
charged him
I went over to see vided 70 and 30 per cent. Entry
him the next morning
He «aid must be recorded by 8 o'clock p. m. C. A. Sweck.
Attorney for Admin.
hi« bowels were in a terrible fix. the dav preceding the race, stating
that they had been running off so .color worn by rider.-no burse bs-
long that it was almost Moody flux, inj g allowed to »tart
start without
withou color.
1 asked hiiu U be had tried Cham­
In the Circuit Court of the stale of
berlain’« Colic. Chol«-a and Di- the rigut tn alter, amend or pf»t- Oregon lor Hurney I euuty.
pon*- any or all races, should thoy
aarhoca Remedy ar.d he said No’. for any reason deem it expedient Henry Scoubes, t’lif (
I went home and brought Litn my to do so.
Magpie Scoubes. Pelt i
liottie and gave him one dose; told
Pacific Jockev Club rules govern
T j Maggis .S.-oubee the above named
him to take another dose in fifteen all races.
J. J. Don'gan
Is tub x imk or tus extra or osroun ;
<.r twenty minnte« if he did nut find
Henrv Richardson
A’ou are h *rebv required to be and ap­
relief, but he took no more and wa*
I»ee Caldwell.
pear and answer the complaint lllod a-
entirely cured ”
For sale by H.
«air.»: yon in the above entitled suit on
M. Horton, Burns; Fred Haines
or liefore the first day ot tha next reguUr
Seven Day» At Carnival.
Harney City.
term ot the above entit'ed Court, vis:
Given Away
__ ■
Settenne Jfetrican.
StlNN & Co.’"*-** HewTl
rreel lent < entrai «»viuga Baut
Petroli. M < h
My Ratiniate —
one in cacti town to ride and exhibit a sample loot modal
bicycle of our manufacture. TOU CAN BARK •!• Tt
ISO A WEEK besides having a wheel to ride for yourself.
1901 Nadals Guaraaleed $10 to $10
"“Ve ship"*«/ Mcyde'QM APPROVAL to
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any invention will promptly receive our opinion free concerning the patent­
ability of same. “How to obtain a patent" sent, upon request.. Patents
secured through us advertised for sale at our expense.
Patents taken out through us receive speatl notice, without charge, iu
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