East Oregon herald. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 1887-1896, January 31, 1894, Image 3

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    was 48 cents in currency «nd the
lowest 45 cents. In 1881 the high
est price was 62 cents in currency.
an«I so on. I commenced sellit g
wool in 18/0 a ml 1 have 1» en gradu­
W.C, BY1M»---------
ally getting a lower and lower price
for toy clip, except in two or tine«'
years in the interim, us I will sin w
the wool industry
from this table down to the passag
Uuna, Harney C.*.<tÿ, Urcÿvn.
i of th«1 McKinlev act. 1 got leSS fo
How It has been Ruineli by a my wool in 1890 than I ev< r re
PA All'll LETS,
cetved tor it I»» fore. 1 got h 8S li
Protective Tariff.
1891 than ever before, and 1 sold
wool clip in 1892 for less tliai
From The St Louis Republic
I ever got before.
Washington. D. C., Jan. 18.—Mr.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
Hatch of Missouri delivered a
speech in the House yesterday on' In 1893 I [sold my wool for thrj ona Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
the wool schedule of the Wilson, highest price that wool brought in '
bill Free wool was being sharply the City of Hannibal at the date ' I
attacked by the Republicans and delivered it, because mv wool cli; I
the Democrats insisted that Mi- was graded as choice, medium weol .
$1<M> Reward $100.
Hatch, a representative farmer and and I sold for 16} to 17 cents a '
farmers’ friend, should make an pound, the exact figures I have no I The readers of this pat» r will be
at band. The lowest. 1 have eve pleased to learn that iLe'«’ is at
Mr. Hatch has been very sick for|go]d it for—(The time of Mr. Hatcl lea«t one dreaded disease that sc - I
eotue time past and was not tn good having expired. Mr Wilson yielded •nee has been able to cur«- in al
yoice at th- beginning of his speech. I ,wn minutes more.)
its stages, and that is Catarrh
Towards the close, however, his old ( Mr. Hatch: The point I want t< Hall’s Catarrh Cure i- tie only
clarion note rang through the hall -1 make is, all American wool, or a positive cure known to am medical
and, as usual, he was listened to, i least the great hulk of it, is bough fraternity. Catarrh b«
a con i
with profound attention, and his by the manufacturers of the Unite«! stitiltional disease, ieqi.1 < s a con
utterances were greeted with ap States. They cannot make cloth in ! stitutional
Ha lib
Harney County,
plause. His speech was short but competition with the manufacturers i Catarrh Cure is taken i- ■ernully
pointed. Here is what he said-
of woolen goods of the world with ! acting directly upon lie i mod am
1 have been a practical wool out an admixture of certain grades I mucous surfaces ol the system. |
grower for 24 years. I have had on of foreign wool not grown in this j th< reby destroying the foundatioi
my farm a Hock of pure Sout hdown country, and the highest the prict* of the disease, and giv ng i he pa
thiep since 1869. I sold mv fir.-t von make them pay for that foreign Itient strength by building up th«L
clip in the spring of 1870, and have wool, the less they will pay the I constitution ami assi.-.iiu natun 1
sold it as unwashed wool to the wool American wool grower. (Democrat­ ' in doing its work. The piopriet • .
buyers of Hannibal each year since lie applause.)
have so much faith in i its euraiivi
the spring of 1870 Since I have
Sitting right before me now is a | powers, l hat they offer bn» Hun
been a member of Congress during I wool grower from Texas [Gresham,] dred Dollars for any «•:•• sc that i'
the diflerent tariff discussions that } who has now 25.000 pounds of wool fails to cure, Send fo'- list of tcsti
have occurred since the Forty sixth Ion hand, the dip «if 1893. that he inonlals.
Congress I have been a veiv dost ' tells me he has been offered only
Address, F. J. CHEN ICY A CO .
student of all the statistics and all 8 cents a pound for. and that under Toledo, O. Sold by Drng_i‘(s, 75|<-
‘ ■' <'V A- .1
facts and figu res that have hoen the operation of the McKinley bill.
presented either to the Committee 1 Put wool on the free list. You can
on Ways and Means.or to this house not make it anv cheaper to the
in regard to the effect of a tariff on American wool grower. Youcannot
wool uh it affected the American make it lower. There is not a I
wool grower. I have not t me to sheep-raiser in the Mississippi Vai
go into an elaborate discussion of ley today, so far as my personal
the subject, except to state the tin acquaintance go« s, who dot s noi
questioned facts that can be verified ;sav “Put jt O|) t|)e frfee )jHt \y(. j,
by a number of gentlemen upon not want any tariff We have trie«
The success of this Great Cou^h Cure is
this floor, who, like I, have been in- tariff until it has broken up th- without
a parallel in the history of medicine.
All druggists are authorized to sell it on a pos­
terested every spring in the p-ice ■ intry, and now let us try somethin!. itive
guarantee, a test that no otherc re can
successfully stand. That it may become
of woo!.
' else.’’
tnown, the Proprietors, at. an enormous ex-
The Hr'll
no money in wool .
>ense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into
■very home in the United States and Canada.
If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bron-
■hitis. use it. for it will cure you. If your
•hild lias the Croup, or WhoopingCough, use
it promntlv, and relief is sure. If you dread
I that
insidious disease Consumption, use it.
Ask your Druggist for SHILOH’S CURE,
I Price 10 cts.. 50 cts. and $1.00. If your Lungs
arc sore or Back lame, use Shiloh’s Porous
Plaster. Price V> cts. For sale by all Drug­
gists and Dealers.
I want it understood that I
not carry a tlock of sheep upon i
win. on.y dice for mo insiuo. 260
farm with any idea of deriving
>»eis in Ramus, all winning. perfect
work, weignt, and cannot bo do
teetvd by outsiders. Confidential
profit from the wool clip alone, nor
corre^Dowdonce with games invit­
ed. Price “Miss-Outs‘"per set, •£&.
do I heleive there ls^in the State of Fair Birds Eye, ivory (see cut) pair, 82.50; loaded
high or low, 816. Ordinary work, to pass, bone. 12
9 16 inch, pair, 81; ivory, 8 .50. Finest marked
Illint is or Missouri a farmer to-day or -.rds
made, 60c, 81,81.26» pack. 64-pare oat.
«ce guaranteed. BLY BROS, Box K, tbkafo, IU.
cert duly not one of a bun lred.who
carries a flock upon his farm for the
profit in the wool « lip alone.
Mr. Cannon of Illinois: That is
one «dement of profit
[a a | Preutibd Kt ctifyiug pills cure coustipation Preuii; s RcctiiyiDg pills cure coiiBiipatioa
Mr. Hatch: It is the very smallest |2£ Prentiss Rectifying pills cure constipation Pwnti^s Rectifying plliscurccoiw<tlpatinn
element of profit in it and it has •2 x *3 cn I i
been made the smallest element in a 88 a
the profit of sheep raising simply 8£
3 =
because of the action of the Repub CJ u
lican party insisting upon a high
tariff taxation on wool. (Democrat a a
ie applause.)
I he chief value of a flock of JI
sheep in all the older States is in
Almost nl’ puts and moClclno produce constipation, here Is a I I t i .t cures torpid
the market value of high grade a ll a liver, biliousness, rhoumatlsm. lnCI^ti-’ion, Bick headache and kidney and liver
NA troubles without griping or loavtn- any trace of CONSTIPATION, which
mutton for food. Ever since 1870
Is the prime cause of all sickness, beware of It getting habitual and chronic with you,
seo to It In tlmo; these pills will euro you.
whenever the tariff taxation has
been raised on wool American wool n « n J
■■ MBH
It Is tho only safe and harmless
3 a
I MM ^^<remedy that will surely DZAUTIFY the
has decreased in price. I will ptib- 11 La
lish in connection with my remarks se
j y u □
the figures from a report, giving the — £
price of medium Ohio wool, in cur­
clear the skin and remove all blotches from the face. Try a box and see for your­
self. 25 Cents a box.
rency and gold in Boston, commen­
«2 •• Or sent by malt upon receipt of price by
cing with March. 1866, and ending
Prentiss Chemical and Manufacturing Co.,
•i»h December, 1890.
In 1870 the highest price quoted j a FrentlasRectlfylng pills curb woturtipation ltvju.4 iMUtying pills cure cousUpaUon
Prentiss nectlfylng pills c ire co—tlpntlm P:—-V' * F» r f ills enreconstipation
for Ohio medium wool in Boston
I he 1’ropi letois ol
Vv bite Front Liverv Stable as­
sure the public that they are prepared to accommodate
in every way m their line oi business.
and grain constantly on hand, and careful hel|
| Passe« ger« taken to all parts of the country.
ii. connection
Hearse and Job Wagon
JOHNSON à RAI LEY, Proprietor*
T.iouors, Cijra s and Cigarr&tts
' illiard table«, PleaHant Card Rooms. etc., etc.
Salo9n is first class in every particular. Experience Part*
Mixed drinks to pleue the nioRt fastidious.
Should Take ^dvatage of its