East Oregon herald. (Burns, Grant County, Or.) 1887-1896, March 21, 1888, Image 3

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Misfortune Knoount«r«d In an Attempt tn
Have Hie Oue Hair Trimmed.
Why It Looks Out of Plaoe 1« Then Day«
of General Fr«»»perity.
To-day I got shaved nt a barber-shop,
where 1 begged the operator to kill ute
and put me out of my misery.
I have been accustomed to gentle
care and thoughtfulness at home, aud
my barber hamlles me with the utmost
tenderucss. I was. therefore, poorly
prepared to meet the man who this
morning tilled my soul with woe.
I know that I have not deserved this,
for while others have berated the poor
barlwr and swore about his bad breath
and never-ending clatter and his gen­
eral heartlessness, I have never said
any tiling that was not tilled wlthehik*..
li';e trust and hearty good-will towards
I have called the attention of the
public to tile fact that sonietilnes cus­
tomers had bad breath and were rest­
less and mean, while being operated
on, and then when they are all lixed up
nicely they put their hats on and light
a cigar and hold up their linger to tho
weary barber and tell him thut they
will see him more subsequently.
Now, however, I feel differently.
This barber, no doubt,
had never
heard of me. He thought I was an
ordinary plug who didn’t know any
thing about luxury.
I shall mark a copy of this papet
and semi it to him. Then while he is
reading it I will stop up behind hiti
with a pick handle aud kill him. a
want him to bo reading this when I
kill him, because it will assist the cor­
oner in arriving at the immediate
cause of his death.
The first whiff I took of this man’s
breath 1 knew that ho was rum’t
Ho had the Jim James in nn advanced
stage. Now, I don’t object to be­
ing shaved by a barber who is socially
drunk, but when the mad glitter of
the maniac is in his eye and when I
can see that he is debating the ques­
tion of whether he will cut my head
off and let it drop over the back of th«
chair or choke me to death with a
leather brush, it makes me nervous
and fidgetty. He honed his razor on
his breath, in fact.
This man made up his mind threo
times that he would kill me, and some
one came in just in time to save me.
His chair was near the window, and
there was a hole in the blind, so that
when he was shaving the off side of my
face ho would turn my head up in such
a position that I could look up into
the middle of the sun. My attention
had never before been called to the
appearance of the sun as it looked
to the naked eye, and I was a good
deal surprised.
The more I looked into the center of
the groat orb of day the more I was
filled with wonder at the might and
power that could create it. I began to
pine for death immediately, so that I
conld be far away among the heavenly
bodies, and in a land where no barber
with the delirium triangles can ever
The barber held my head down so
that the sun could shine into my dark-
iened understanding, until I felt that
■iy brain had molted and was floating
«round and washing about in my skull
like warm butter.
I His hand was very unsteady, too. I
lost faith in him on the start, when he
■ut off a mole under my chin and threw
|t in the cuspidore. I did not care
«specially for the mole, and did not
Bleed it much, but at the siuno time I
Bad not decided to take it off till the
Breather got warmer. In tact, I had
■Torn it so long that I had beeom at­
tached to it. It had also become at­
tached to me. This is why 1 could not
restrain my tears wiien the barber cut
It off, and then stepped back to the
Other end of the room to see how I
looked without it.— Bill Nye al largt, in
N. Y. World.
It is well and right to be economical,
for economy is at the base of saving
and comfort and independence. Many
a housewife has wasted the substance
of her husoand’s earnings, and many
another one has been the means of
enabling him, perhaps forcing 1dm, to
lay up something for a rainy day. The
pride of the thrifty housewife who
boasts that nothing is lost under her
administration of domestic expendi­
ture and consumption, is familiar to
all. Every scrap and shred is utilized
by her, and she rivals the inventiveness
of manufacturers in converting wastes
into serviceable use. Poor, hard-work­
ing men owe it to their wives’ economy
that their little homes are their own;
while others struggle along hopelessly
in the effort to get a home, against the
extravagance of their wives.
But economy is not pinching parsi­
mony. Make no mistake about this.
The good housewife who is doing her
best to make both ends meet, and, if
possible, to savo a little, out of her hos-
band’s earnings, is not to be confounded
with the one who is endeavoring to
pinch something out of the existence of
her family and herself. The one will
kcephei family well, but will not waste;
the other will try to prevent goodness
from going into life.
An old man worth $50,000 was de­
clining in weakness to the, grave and
had been ordered by his physician to
take a little wine. “This is rich living
for me,” he said, regretfully, as he was
sipping the wine and eating a cracker;
and he made sure that not a drop re­
mained in the glass, to be lost. Here
was an economical spirit turned into
parsimony; and a life that had been in­
dustrious and useful, was no doubt pre­
maturely ended by its pinching charac­
Savings made at tho expense of starv­
ing the body and mind are too dearly
bought. They may be of service to
children and their posterity, but the
sacrifice that creates them has no dr
There was a time when parsimony
did not look as bad as it now does.
It had almost an excuse in a day of
scarcity ami poverty, of high prices and
small earnings. But the people who
need to resort to absolute parsimony
nowadays are few, and those people
are usually the most wasteful and, con­
sidering their means, the most extrav­
agant. The day of comfort and luxury
has come to most people who will avail
themselves of it.
A pinched-up existence is hardly an
apology for keeping soul and body to­
gether, and a person who pinches his
body and soul not only acts like a tres­
passer upon the domain of life, but by
his conduct endeavors to make himself
a trespasser. — Good Housekeeping.
I —“Oi say, Mike!” “Phwat?” "Where
pe’s ye wurrukin’P” "Not wurrukin’
kt ali. I be's conductohr on a dilirt
tart. Where he’s ye wurrukin’ F”
•‘Not wurrukin’ at all. I be’s super-
^ntendhent of a brick elevatohr at the
¡tew hotel.”— Drift.
—“Poor fellow!” said a bystander,
looking compassionately at a poor
Irishman whose leg had been mangled
y a street car, “It will have to be
raputated.” “Amputated, is it?” ex-
laiined the Irishman, scornfully, “it’ll
eut olH”— Texa» Siftings.
—A tew mornings since at breakfast,
n a rich Clifton home, a little tot para-
yzed his maternal progenitor by ex-
laiming: "Mammn, I love you better
nn I love oatmeal.” “Do you love
bat much, dear?” was the tender re­
minder. “Well, I aiu’t stuck on it"—
'incinnali TcUarnm
He who’s coy when Fortune’s kind,
ay after seek and never find.”
Only, a month ago Geo. A. Clarke,
lored, the winner of «6,000 in the
rawing of The Louisiana State Lot-
ry on the 13th ult., was makingLoth
nds meet on the small salary of «40
r month. His good fortune was the
ult of one of those ‘ dreams” so often
ad about, but whuh, he states, really
irompted him to purchase one-twen-
eth of ticket No. 8,180, which drew
he seeond capital prixe of «100,000
He now has a comfortable home which
he purchased but a few days after th*
receipt of the money, which he re­
ceived by return post sfler placing
same forc< Uvction through the Merch
ants National Bank.
He invested
«1,500 in liis new home, and says h<
^ohis wife can now enj >y the com
forts of life by careful investment of
his surplus funds.
A similar instance is that of Mr
John McDermott, who was the othe>
lucky holder. He is an employe at
Ryan’s Mill, and was formerly th«
recipient of a small bounty, only ss •
sustenance. He held another twen­
tieth of the same tick» t, No. 8,180, and
awoke one morning to find himself
great, but rich. He is carefull.'
resting his prize, and »ays that ht
11 use it as a nucleus to a large irr
The thousand» of dollars that thir
itution has circui ted since ite
animation has lessened the burden*
many in needy circumstances. I
true that people already possessed
nieans have been lucky holders, hut
one will note that the winner*
ones to whom the good fortun<
aa an Arabian night dream.—
rg (Mias.) HeraU, Jan. 4
The Manner lu Which They Produce Their
Recondite Treasure«.
The business of getting pearls out of
oysters is a tolerably disagreeable one
The oysters are thrown into large
vessels and left to die, when the shells
open of their own accord. The shellt
are then removed, but the oysters
themselves are left in buckets until
they are decomposed, when they are
well stirred. The pearls sink to the
bottom, and the remainder is poured
off. It may be readily inferred that
the odor in the camp of pearl-seekers
is more powerful than pleasant.
The pearl had its origin in the efforts
of the oyster to protect itself from the
irritation caused by the presence of
some foreign body between the shell
and its mantle, as the soft skin of the
oyster is technically termed. To miti­
gate the suffering caused by this vexa­
tious intruder, the oyster deposits
thereon a coating of the same material
as that of which the shell is composed,
and when once this process has begun
it continues till in time the pearl
grows large enough to kill the oyster.
To fanciful minds of Oriental nations
no such crude explanation has ever
occurred, and they still attribute to
j>ear’s much more poetic origin.
The oysters, they say, rise by night
to the surface
and opening their shells receive
therein a single drop of dew. This
in time becomes a pearl, and if the dew
has been pure and clear the pearl will
be a beautiful one; but if the drop of
dew has been soiled with impurities
then the pearl will be opaque and of no
Linnseus, ths “faUierot naturalists,”
received the honor of knighthood for
demonstrating the possibility of artifi­
cially inducing the formation of pearls
in the pearl-bearing mussel. But, as
has been the case with other European
inventions of which we have thought a
good deal, it has since turned out that
John Chinaman has been doing this
thing for a couple of thousand years
or so. The Chinese method is to take
the mussel from the river, carefully
force the shells a little way apart, and
iugert between the mantle of the oys­
ter and one of the shells a few little
¡h llets of clay, tiny pearls nr foreign
bodies of some kind. When this has
been done, the oyster is turned over,
and the poor fellow is obliged to sub­
mit to a similar uncomfortable process
on his other side. He is then put back
into a pond, where he is kept well and
fat by a diet more nourishing than nice.
After a few months, or sometimes a
year nr two, ha is again taken from Ills
bed, his pearls are taken out and be ia
eaten,— Cor. Boston Herald.
Exact Weight of a Fly.
JameA Spencer, a Chattanooga gr*—
cer, being greatly troubled by fl.es, pul
twenty-one sheet» of sticky fly-papet
about his store. In the evening be
gathered them up, and noticed how
mnch heavier they were, being covered
with flip*. He weighed the twenty-one
sheets and found they weighed seven
pound* Then he put twenty-one fresh
sheets on the scales and they weighed
four pounds four ounce* Thus the
flies weighed two pounds twe ve ounce*
He found that there were twenty flies
to each square inch of the fly-paper;
each sheet had 3M square inches and
6.720 flies, «nd the twenty-one sheets
bad 141.ISO flic* Thns one may ascer­
tain the weight of a fly; for if 141.ISO
flies weigh two pounds twelve ounces,
it’s easy to calculate what one wiU
weigh. — CAeoffe Acwa
The (treat Orloff diamond, which «ur
Over 2<0 corpse« have been recovered
mounts the Ruoeian imperial sceptre, is trona avalanche, which have recently oc­
the flret in else and third in value in the curred in the Italian Alpe.
paper In Deadwood.
world. It once formed the eye of an ido'
It was along in the ’70s some time, in a temple near SerinRham, India, and
stolen by a French adventurer. It
soon after the late Barney Caulfield was
There are very few ineu who do not
weighs IB’ carat» aud U valued at J!,- pride
on always having the
left Chicago and settled at Deadwood, 3UP.U0.
correct time; and wvnderful and deli-ate
that he purchased a newspaper outfit
to enable them to
for the latter place. It happened like
Wretched men and women lung condemned do so. But the more delicate a chronom
this: A young man named Blakely, to .ulfer the torture» of dyspep»i4, m uiled eter is made, the more subject it becomes
who had picked through the shell and with new hope after a few dose» ot Hostel tor's to derangement, and unless it be kept al
wm perfectly clean, it soon loses ite use­
been successfully hatched from an Stomach Bitter». This budding hope bkxaoms fulness. What wonder, then, that th-
Eastern college a year or two before,
human machine so much more delicate
penisted in. It bring» a reprieve to all dj. and intricate than any work of Man -
came out to Deadwood, t’.en the peptics
who seek it» aid. r latulei.ee
Ltulence , hverl.
hwrt- should
to be kept thorough y
rou best in ning camp in the country. burn, »hiking at the pit of th. stomach between cleansed. reiiuire
The liver is the main-spring of
meals, the nervous tremors and insomnia of
He was somewhat acquainted with whioh chronic Indigestion is tho parent, dis­ this complex structure, and on the Impu-
Caulfield, his father being an old friend appear with their hateful progenitor. Most riti s left in the blood by a disordered liver,
beneficent of stomachics: who can wonder that
most of the ills that flesh is heir
of Barney. When young Blakely had in so inaay instances it awakens grateful elo­ depend
to. Even consumptio (which is lung­
escaped from the college, dragging his quence in those who, benefited by it. speak scrofula). is traceable to the imperfect
voluntarily in its behalf. It requires a graphic
diploma behind him, he had, in his own pen to describe the torments of dyspepsia, but action of this organ. Kidney diseases,
Is many of tlie testimonial* .-oeelved by the skin diseases, sick headache, heart disease,
words* “embraced the profession oi proprietors
of the Bitters, these are portrayed dropsy, and a 1 ng catalogue of grave mal­
journalism.” He looked around Dead­ with vivid truthfulness. Constipation, bilious­ adies have their origin in a torpid or siug-
muscular debility, malarial fevers aud «ish liver. Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical
wood a little and decided he saw a ness,
rheumatism are relieved by it.
'iscovery, by establishing a healthy,
great opening for a newspaper, not­
The government has declined to con­ normal a tion of the liver, acts as a cure
withstanding there were already five
and preventive of these diseases.
dailies in the field. Fearing another pr poi ed by the Au»tra ian government.
Four teaspoonfuls are equal to one tabla­
man was going to get ahead of him in
All the art and taste of the best »ttisU seem» to have I spoonful.
the enterprise, he wished to instruct n
been uumbined in the masaifleeut package of imp .rt« ,l ,
friend in Chicago who was a printer to Oleographic and (Jbruinatio Gard« which is beiug offered |
Mliffht Cold* if neglected, often
select an outfit for him, but had for­ by the well known firm of Viwning Brother«, of Pitta : attacks »he Lungs. "Brown's Bronchial
I? procure these elegant frosted and satin fringed Troches" give immediate relief.
gotten his address. Caulfield was in aarda,
buy a box of Dr. 0. McLane s Celebrated Liver
Chicago on a short business trip, so he Pills for 25 cent« from your diuggist anti mail the out­
wrapper with your address (plain y w itt*-n) and
wrote him to this effect: “Have de­ side
four cents worth of stamps to Fleming Brothers. Pitt»
Pa. You will be surprised and delighted with To the Editor‘
cided to put in a red-hot independent burgh,
1‘lease inform your readers that I have a poo-
the beauty and variety of the cards you will receive.
itive remedy for the above named disease. By
paper here and rip the jack-leg lawyers
Such its timely use thousands of hopeless cases have
and guerrilla politicians both ways.
Please see Clifford for me and tell him a thing will not occur again fur 2,..00,000 i send two bottle» of my remedy fkke to any of
your readers who have consumption if they will
to go ahead and select a seven-column years.
send me their Express and P. 0. address.
outfit about as I told him before 1
| x. A. SLOCUM.
St. New Yore
came out. Will come on my self in a
Swallowed oft with groans and tears,
few days. ”
of the best
How it made the fl. ih recoil,
A week later he arrived in Chicago
brown sugar weigh one pound.
Loathsome, greasy castor oil!
Search your early memory close,
and immediately hunted up Barney,
Till you And another dose:
finding him in the office of a friend.
All the shuddering frame revolts
is offered, in good faith, by the manufac­
“Did you get my letter?” he anxious­
At the thought of E soin «alts!
turers of Dr. Sage’s Catarrh Remedy for
Underneath the pill-box lid
ly inquired.
a case of catarrh which they cannot cure.
Was a greater horror hid.
It is mild, soothing and healing in its ef­
Climax of all inward ills.
fects, and cures “cold in the head,” catir-
“Did you see Clifford P”
Huge and griping oM blue pills!
rhal deafness, throat ailments and many
“No, not yet”
What a contrast to the mild and gentle other complications of this distressing
action of Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Purgative disease. 50 cents, by druggists.
“Ah, couldn’t find him?”
Pellets, sugar-coated, easy to lake, c.eans-
“Well, the fact is I haven’t looked. ing. recuperating, renovating the system
The river and harbor bill this year will
I suppose I caught your idea, did I not without wrenching it with agony. Sold appropriate
not less than $20,(M 0,C00.
—your intention is to start a red-hot by druggists.
paper at Deadwood and go right in and
Last year, in the cityof New York, build­ ’ H obbs L ittle V egetable P ills towei
make it personal and interesting?”
ings were erected costing over flci.ulO.UOO. above and are unlike any other remedy in
the world. Price. 25 cents a vial. All
“Yes, that’s it”
“If you find the mayor doesn’t deal
Mothers, Overworked Men. and for all diseases
Write plainly on a postal card your name and post-
a straight gar.xe of faro at his place where the tissues are wasting away from the office
address, naming this papkr , and you will reoeive
inability to digest ordinary food, or from over- 1 free a sample copy of the New York Illustrated News.
you’ll give him Hail Columbia, eh?”
work of the brain or body, all such should take Addrera, P O. Box 1403, New York City.
“I shall anyhow—the keeper of a felcott’a E iuu I n I oii of Pure Cod Liver Oil
with Hypophosphites. “I used the Emulsion
gambling-house is not a fit man for on
T ry G ermka for breakfast.
a lady who was delicate, and threatened
with Bronchitis. It put her in such good health
and flesh, that 1 must say <t is the best Emul­
See Antisoli Piano advertisement.
“Yes, I took it that was the style of sion
I ever used.’’—L. P. W addell , M. D.,
paper you were going to run. I se­ Hugh's Mills, 8. C.
lected an outfit for you myself.”
“You? I didn’t know you knew any­ A LITTLE LEAViN LEAVENETH THE
thing about the printing business.”
A disease in one part of the body will
“I don’t know any thing about the
printing business, but I know a pile eventually fill the whole body with dis­
about Deadwood,” replied Barney, as
he got up and went into another room. system grows weak and begins to decay. bad there were I
A moment later he returned with a Such part should be removed at once and great sores in my
double-barreled shot-gun and two big new matter be allowed to take its ptace. nose, one pl ace was WFEVER^AJ
There’s no need of cutting it out with the eaten through
revolvers and carefully laid them on surgeon's
scalpel. J'urge away the old, Twobottles of Ely’s
the desk.
diseased and worn out parts with B kanp -
“There, young man,” said Barney, BBTn's P ills . Then the new body will Cream Balm did
the work. My nose
“there is the outfit you need to run take care ot itself.
and head are well.
that kind of a paper in Deadwood!
If afflicted with Bore Eyes, use Dr. Isaac C. S. McMillen, 1
You’ll find they’re the best made and Thompson's Eye Water. Druggists sell it 25c.
Sibley, Mo.
all greased up good and heavily loaded.
Wakelee’s Squirrel and Gopher extermi­
A particle L b applied I b I
Go out somewhere and practice with nator Try it, and prove the best is the Price
50 cent« at druggi»!
’em! Of course you may require a lit­ cheapest. Wakelee & Co.. San Francisco. BLY BROTH ERM 235
tle type and may bo a press, but any
6.000.000 people use
body can pick them out for you; you’ll
find the shot-gun and the two hip can­
. m . ferry T co .
non will be the biggest part of your
admitted to be the
v a
necessary plant, and you want to get
let Seedsmen
the world.
so you can shoot ’em straight without
stopping to aim!”
IlMtraUS, Daaari«.
Uva aad Urtate
The young journalist never went
back to Deadwood, and has since em­
braced the profession of clerk in a dry­
For 1888
goods store.— F. H. Carruth, in Chi­
cago Trilune.
applicant« and
Th. Kind or Outfit Nwd.d to Run * Now«-
C atar R
down your
JimbS M
to laat «Moon'a
oustomera with*
oat ordering it.
Invaluable to 8M.
Bill Nye Discourse« for the Benefit of «
Girl In Search of Knowledge.
One who signs herself “A Vassar
Girl” writes to know if the habit of
gum-chewing is really injurious, ami
also if it can truthfully be considered
do trop.
The letter, though carefully and in­
geniously written, is scarcely the work
of a Vassar girl. A Vassar girl, with
the educational advantages of that in­
stitution, and knowing, as she must
that man is a cudless animal, would
hardly address such a question to th<
undersigned. This young woman mu«i
be playing upon Hie credulity of on<-
who is easily made the dupe of those
who write tender words with Gothic
penmanship and seductive odors. A
Vassar girl would not need to ask
whether it would bo injurious or not
for a person not having four stomachs
to try and emulate t io cud-bearing or
endogenous mamni ia. She would
know it at once.
It is not done because gum chewing
Is injurious that I would speak
against it It is unnico. None of us
are using gum this winter in our set.
It interferes with a clear, nasal enun­
ciation; and when one goes to bed with
gutn in the mouth it is too apt to be
stuck on the head board of the bed,
where, as it becomes more anil more
frequent, it mars the symmetry of the
furniture and takes off the varnish.
Moreover, you seem to accomplish so
little in chewing gum; Chew, dear
one, as long as you may. but a wad of
spruce has gum to stay. Man gets
weary at set of sun, but you can not fa­
tigue a cud of gum.
If I can do any thing further in the
way of advice oralbum poetry I am a
chewer service.— Bill jfy«, in
Every person asms
Carden, F laid«* Flower
eeds -*“^
0. M. FBRR V aoo.,Detrolt,Mloh.
The Most tfaooeaafuf Ma-
ohine Made.
3 Gold MfwUI«. 1 Hilver Medal, and
16 Fir«t Premium«.
llatrhesHll kinds of Eggs.
3Zade in All Sizes.
Write u« for Large Illustrated Ofr
cui ar Free, deocribiug Incubator«
Brooder«, H.»u«o«, How to rai«e Chicken», eto,
Addreu, PETALUMA INCUBATO1! CO., P-taluma, Cat.
ni|8l*LES, blockheads, rod, rough, chapped and
I I 111 oily skin prevented by C uticura S ap .
D A DV’Q Bkln, scalp and liair preserved and beau-
DAD I 0 tilled by the use of C uticura S oap .
WpRIH 5 s
W ». J
Perfect dlffMtion accom-
(liahed by taking
igetahle 1*111*4.
.title Vegetable
Thia Worn!
dei ful Reni<*<ly
„ F
cure«Sick lleadaidie.Dy n -
pepNia, IndigvNtion, and
all DlBeanea of the Liver
and Stomach.
Tho following symptoms
result from diseases of the
J Digestive Organs : Conati-
»ntlon, Hcuidache, l*ilea,
lieartburn. Bad Taste in
> Mouth»
Coate<l Tongue,
11 , Stomach,
Yeiiowneufi of Skin, l*ain
■o in the Side. etc. Hobh’a
l.lttle Vegetable Pilia will
free the system of ali thrne
and many other disorders. I
They are purely vegetable, i
sugar coated, very Hiuall,
easy to take, only one
pill a dose, but used with
wonderful results. Try them
•J once, and forever after you
will recommend them. Price 25 Ota. a
vl»il, or five for |1.00. Sent by mail or all
H obb ’8 M edicine C o ., Prop’s,
S an F ran « i 8 co , C al .
B loomingdale
have now ready their handsomely illustrattMi
whioh contains a moet complete list of latest
styles in Costumes. Wraps, Millinery, Novelties
in DreesGoiNlR,Shoes.etc.,etc..both Foreign and
Domestic, which are sold at such low pric<«i as to
make their name renowned throughout the
This catalogue is isBued for the benefit of per­
sons residing at a distance from New York City,
and enables them to make their purchaBoe with
the same facilities and at the same low prices as
though they call' d in person. A copy of this book
will be mailed EDCE *'» **ny person ujmju ap­
plication by lIlLL postal card or letter.
Rloonilnsdnle Brothers.
Manufhrturera. Importers, Krlallers,
Third Avenue. New fork.
fob a
C atalochjk .
A nalytical C hemist ,
Laboratory, 106 First St., Portland,
Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute
MtalT of ElKtiteeii Experienced and Skill­
ful lBky"lclnna and Mu nr eon«.
Patients treated here or at their homes. Many
treated at home, through correspondence, as
successfully as if hero In person. Come and
see us, or send ten cents In stamps for our
M Invalid«’ Guide-Book," which gives all partic­
ulars. Address: W orld ' s D ispensary M edi ­
cal A ssociation , 663 Main 8t., Buffalo, N.Y.
For worn-out,"
School teachers, mlllhier*. sciunstrcws, hiTUR-
keepcr* end overworked women irenern
Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prosorlption 1« the t
of all roatoratlvotonics. It Is note "Cure-a
but admirably fullllla a alnglene«« ot purm
being a most potent Specific for nil th
Chro.olc WiMkneastw and DlRvaaes peculiar to
women. Tim treatment of many thousand»
of such cn»*«, nt the luVnllils’ Hotel ami Surg­
ical Iimtltutc him afforded n largo experience
In adapting romedle« for their cure, uml
Or. Pieroe’s Favorite Prescription
'g tho result of this vast experience. For
internal congoMtion* in ffla mmnt I oil
aud ulceration« It 1« a Specific. It
is a powerful general, iw well as uterine, ton Io
and nervine, and imparts vigor and gtrength
to the whole system. It cures weakness of
stomach, Indigestion, bloating, weak buck,
nervous prostration, exhaustion, debility uud
sleoplessness, in either sex. Favo ritp Prescrip­
tion is sold by druggists under our positive
guarantee. Sou wrapper around bottle.
PRICE $1.00, ’
Catalog FREE
and 120others. Ostalo* SRIS.
1st Premiums. 25,000 in use,
IX 20 >CBrH E-tablLbed. New
Steel Tuning De­
vice, iii use In no other Piano, by which our Piano«
stand in tune 20 >ears, good (<>r 100 ; not affected
by climate. No wood to «pill, break, sw«il, shrink,
crack, decay* or wear out ; we guarantee It. Ele­
gant Rosewood CaMR, 8 strings, double repealing
action; finest ivory keys; the Famous ANTIMELL.
Call or write for Catalogue, free. T. M. ANTI8KLL
PIANO CO., Manufacturers, Odd Fellows’ Rail, Mar­
ket and Seventh Htreets, San Francis« o.
m B
J lllll
Upon ths receipt of |l will furnish a recipe
for making all kinds of metallic alloys; also,
recipes for soaps, dyes, perfumes, fluid extracts,
essences, liniments, ointments, salves, etc. In­
formation furnished on all kinds of chemical
composition. Packages sent by mail or eipreas
promptly attended to._______
The Van Monciscar
dispensary .
—Trouble about a certain young man
caused Miss Laura Koget and Miss Fan­
nie Mathey to engage in a rough-and-
tumble fight In front of the Catholio
church at Frenchtown, near Corydon,
Ind. They had been attending church
service, but after the fight their apparel
was much demoralized.
—••What is the price of that tear’
a avraaioa rbmsdy fo »________
she asked of the guile!*»"« grocer “One
dollar ’narf, marm," was the response.
And .11 TbroM .nd Lun, Tronbte.
S»rw««l«t« r.r ** <>■«•. “Iff not that too steep?” was the next
question, and the (I. replied: “1
4. 0. CATES A CO.,
Hi arm, that’s what they do with 1L
4ns..„a'«t. MAM FBAMCIMC4» Boston Commercial Bulletin.
Bltlons Headache,
Dlzzl ne««, Co<m Ipa-
tlon, Indlaeatlqn,
and Blllou«AtlacM«,
promptly onrcd ny
Pierce’« *••?«■«•>»
Purgative Pelleta. 25
w h m fW^^WTvsr-
M1 satisfaction in lb«
cure of Gonorrhœa and
Gleet. I prescribe II and
feel «afe In recommend­
ing It to ail suffers»«.
1. J. »TOWER, B.D^
Decatur, III.
PÏIIC1; RI.00. «
Bold by Druggist* ’
From MiqneajNih«. Minneeote, are th« beet, hecauwe
they are earlier and the m<*t proflut tive. Take no
other until you try them. Fur eal« by all leading
dealpm on the < uaat throughout the country. Trade
aupplied by
Seed MereMnte, 41MI and
I Franclaco. <'al.
232 Kearny St., San Francisco
Iklrt, Underwear, luipendert,
HODery, Glove,, Neckwear,
Collar,. Cuflt, Etc.
Pristen' In ppi y H
Altas. St Fate. Mtea
Har<ly Northern Grown
The Oregon National Bank,
Ilhurtrteed Catalogue, with Ruin«
for »elf 8eae«aretu«nt. Mailed Free.
*5«. By MU Ste.
■r<*.iy by
Plano«; Burdett Organi. bsod Inatniinenh
•teck of Bhm-t Music and Hoolui Band»
Basterà Priom M ATTUI AM GRAY CO.
Street, Man Francisco
□ I QlfiWA I. HALR. Gablér, Roenieh
rou «0.00.
Bond 10 cents lu stamp« for Dr. Pierce's largo
Treatise on Dlaeo»'« of Woim-n (100 pages,
papcr-covercel). Addre««, W ould '« D ihckn -
« ary M edical A ssociation . t«U Main BtrevL
Buffalo, N. Y.
of all substances. Rates
assayinr gold or silver, $l.fiO. Reagents
A for for testing
50ca factured
all kinds of ores and metals manu­
and for sals.
— A farmer of Belmont, O., Is proud
because among his other live stock he
has a pig with toes, another with three
ear«, a cat with an ear growing wrong
aide out, and a bov with three thumbs.
—Some experiments have been
placed on record, says the London
Elcctririan, in which a number of egg«
were hatched out in a magnetic field,
with the result that the chicken« were
all more or leas deformed—blind, deaf,
or lame.
—John Davison, of Augusta. Go.,
died, leaving an estate of 1116.000. U
has Just been divided. Each of the five
heirs get« $15,000, each of the adminis­
trators 910,000. and each of the two
attorneys $10,500. The heirs are con­
sidered lucky to get what tAey did.
•—The citizens of Urich. Mo., arc ex­
ited over a biff coal And near .hem.
Thirty-five feet below the inrfsce * slx-
k>ot vein <4 the brat cannel coal has
been «track, and «even carload« which
were twit on the market at Kan.a. City
brouffht t want v-tour rents a buabeL
The Seven Cuticura Boys
These seven beautiful boys owe their bcauly of I Our little boh will be tour yean ot age on ths
«kin,, luxuriance of hair, parity of blood, and i 25th Inst. In May, 1885, he wm attacked with a
freedom from hereditary taint or humors of the skin ' very painful breaking out of the skin. Wo called
in a physician, who treated him for about four
or scalp to the celebrated C uticura R kmedibs .
For elegising, purifying and beautifying tho skin I weeks. The child, received little or no good from
of children and infants, and curing torturing, dis­ tho treatment, an the breaking out, supposed by
figuring, itching, scaly and pimply diseases of the the physician to bo hives in an aggravated form
skin, scalp and blood, with loss of hair, from in­ became larger in blotches and more and more dis­
fancy to old age, C uticuba , the great skin cure, tressing. We were frequently obliged to get up
and C uticuba S oap , an exquisite skin beautifier, in the night and rub him with soda in water,
prepared from it externally, and C uticura 1< e - strong liniments, etc. Finally, we galled oh er
solvbnt , the new blood j arifler, internally, are physicians, until no less than six had attempted to
cure Idin, all alike failing, and tho child steadily
Tour most valuable C uticura R bmkdies have getting worse and worse, until sbont th* 20th of
July, when we began to give him C uticuba
done my child so much good that I feel like saying
this for tho benefit of those who are troubled with H bsolvent internally, and the C uticuba and C u ­
skin disease. My little girl was troubled with ticuba S oap extc rnally, and by the last of August
Eczema, and I tried several doctors aud medicines, ho was so nearly w 11 that we gave him only one
out did not do her any good until I used Ju C uti - dose of the K bsolvbnt about every second day
CUBA R emedies , which speedily cured hi r, foe for about ton days longjr, and he has never been .
which I owe you many thanks and many nights of troubled since with tlie horrible malady.
H. E. RYAN, Cayuga, IJvingston Co., III.
ANTON BOSSIMER, Edinburg, Ind.
Subscribed and sworn to before me thh fourth
The C uticura R emedies are in great demand. day of January, 1887.
C. N. COE, J. P.
The C uticura It « solvent sells better than any
, 50c.; S oap ,
other blood purifier.
The C uticura S oap is
Prejiared by tlie P ottum
praised by my customers, especially mothers, who 25c.; R ksolvbnt , fl.
say it is tho best for babies, preventing and curing D rug and C hemical C o ., Boston, Mass.
Bend for “How to Cure Skin Diseases,” 64
iM-all head and similar diseases.
pages, 60 illustrations, and 1(M) testimonialn.
GEORGE UOBB8, 1». M , Collins, Texas.
Nan»>me Street, Han