The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, April 11, 1925, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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n'.,'Wp$rt. i r- v rrf
paui: NIGHT
JI1 W T I M II Kit A Ml , ntJUNH, II A It N WT OOU NTV OttlK'O f''
r&ttmtuy, April If., 11(255
First National Bank
At The Close of Business
f APRIL 6th, 1925
"Loans and Discounts $291,058.48
Overdrafts ..'. 018.42
U S. Bonds 78,250.00
'Stocks, Warrants & Securities .1 14,370.40
Banking House, Fur. & Fix , 8,400.00
"Other Real Estate Owned 19,(574.87
William Ilniiluy roluriiotl lnnt But
I unlay from u (rip to oiitnlilo polntH.
.IimIho (Irani
from hit) ranch
'Olionipnoii wiih up
homo durliii: thin
Wutur Miuitor A, II. I'iirii wuu In
Mr. mill Mm. Ri; M. Dunn tiro- up I ,tnarMLUMiunuai.
from tliolr rmiuh Home lit IcJiiKIh.
fit...... .- .... ... ..I II .....
i nuy rnmi up iiir circuit rouru u
llonry Koiik, (inn of tlio olif pion-
1 mini of thin, neutlon, linn boon root-
iiilt frloiitlaT in iiunin nurliiir iliu
tlilrt vicinity diirliiK tliu wuok looklui;
nftur oIIIl'IiiI inuttorM,
Mr. nml Mm. OIiih Blzomoro urn
In town tli Im wcuk from -Uiolr lioino
near Niirruwrt, bolnjr horw on court
10. N. NoInoii wiih up from tliu
ranch Thuntduy. Mo Iiuh rucuntly
cnmplotoil mu'dliiK 00 nnrifi of ryn
nml Ih how Howlntr Home -w limit.
Oritur your up-to-date toivnnhlp
hliioprlutH now, buforo Hid TluniH
Lmnl Otllcu In iiIioIIhIiimI, April .'I Olid,
1 1 1! r. . Inland Umpire lloulty Co.,
IluriiM, OroKon. J-28-Gt
: $ 495,191.89
Capital Stock .'. ....$ 50,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits 03,300.72
Circulation fin non nn
Rediscounts t 83 845 331 'n'" r,v,,r ,H "' "
DEPOSITS ' '.' 248 04584 ! lUZa, ,,ny" ,l",, ",!m! I,f l,,,f w"1'
iu,wiu.ui opIIHtiK ovor mill lirliiK mom or
Manager A. II. (IravoH of tint Con- I
Irnl Oregon Telephone Co. Wiih a pan-1
iuhrit out on ycnturiltiy inoniliiK'rt
train for llitrpnr whoro ho kiiom lo ;
do noiuo rcpnlr work on tliu line.
) --
$ 495,191.89
Mr. mill Mm HitI Duntun woro
ovur from tliolr homo nbovo Ilruwmiy
iho other ilny
The olil cown are now able to Kot
oiuu gram hIiico tho recout raliiH and
'Oil! warm wonthor of thin wuok hnvo
ixtartpd It Krowltiij.
J. J. Hroriiuiiu a roproHcntallvo or
tint II. S. laud department. Iiuh boon
In titilrt vicinity during the pri'Hunl
wcok looking nftur olllclnl mattun.
MniiHRur (Snivel of tho Central
urcKOii Toiopiione ro nml lilit on !
Herbert, Hpout a portion of iIiIh wouk
Improving tho lino butwoon hero and
.Uunyon (Mty. They relumed hunt
Tuoailny evening.
Married Thiirodny, April 9. nt
.Uiu'KuzKrviiK iKiriouiiKH. Carl I'. Ilmlu
...irifl Mlw Lota Mm.)' DiiHton. both of
'Drmvwiy. llev. J. W. Hiunrt pur
'.furmed the ('romnuy. Thu hrldo l
Mth. Loo Calihroll han returned
hoimi from Portland whuro iiho wiih
for a nhort vlult mid to nttund to
Home litiHluunH matturfl.
Tho city tnarhal him miuouncinl
Hint rlcanup week ihan lioou iIohIk-
uatod thin mouth lieKlnuliiR April 20.
I (lot lniMy and clean up your prunilHOH.
C. B. HIIIiiiiikIi. tho contractor, ar
rived homo Tuesday iiIkIU from Port
laud. Ho mndu tho ontlro dlHtnuco In
IiIh car In H hnum. ovor lOO inlleH.
Ilu left yt'Htorday morning for IIoIhu
whore iliu linn hoiuii IiiimIiiuhh.
John DiiIIuIh, nn IrrlKiitlou oiikIii
cor with liendiiuartorH at ISenil, hnn
Leon looking around llurns :h'n
weok, hnvliii; nccompnnlud ll. M )e
Arniond, thu nttnrnuy ovor. Mr. Du
Iliilh Iiuh' heon couiiouted wl'.li tho'
Onwnlil Wont project ovor In thy Do-
ImtuK country. Ho hooh a Kront fu
ll. rt for thlH torntory and would llko
lo koI ununeclod up with miiuu pro.
Jeot horo.
I)imttn. ploHoer resident of the
ISrttWMiy roiinlry. Th TIlUM-Iltratd
maAmi l wlht to tho young '
Harry Itlfg ftl hi toa Knrttt
mm vlaltlni wttb mlHv and
ttytaad in thu city into wk. They
llari tbU morning for Laka conntr
vkm they rtalda. Harry wm r
traaMont of this plac dnriuK hta hoy-
iMril and U favorably rem nil red liy
amity of our itaople. Il I a broihcr
U Charley and Malt HIkkm ami Mr.
I'Taak llHknr Ills aon Kvtru linn
tnkun pari in tbo Itouiid-up haro the
Uunl two yearn and Is a well known
'rliJor. The ynuiiK niun Hpunt Hovornl
raonthH liiHt fall In Now York rldliiK
for nxhlhltloii purpoHOH
r'rmik Jihiiou of tho Oiukjm .
Wentorn CnloulMittou Cu. ar.'iVifl
from Prlnavlllu ou 'I buriiloy e. r
tha Uaughtor of Mr. and Mm. Hart n00M- " ' lra to moat iinr pro-
iwriiva rem oatute nnynr iuu aloo
rm Kock imn In tho way if lanv
he aratlRR lauda for lh aaaton
Mr Johaaou waa arrompanlad over
rrom Priuavlll by Mra. V V. Ilarp-
liain mid hor two chlldrm Mr. Ilarp
ham. who i roraat HupervlMtr of the
0 h( ro, is extipcled ), re tonlKUl.
We re.ilh' ouKht to fix up our
vlk u lltilf. clean up tho yard,
liut up I he I'hlrkana m It la garden
lug time, but no long aa we have lo
liaaturo thu raiicu horaea H'a nut
miioh uav However, Marhal Drake
cr of. ulthor corrallod or driven out
aayii thu hitmen are koIiik to ho taken
on tho raiiKo, ho wo may take heart
and Kit tho hoimo wlfo to tako a
more optliulHtlc vlow of llfo.
atnr Ih
wiiHted, hut thin Ih trnlliK to con I In no
until wo are ready to lieeomo mod
orulziid In tho iiho or water and utore
It, In mont plnctm wutur Ih coimldor
od ton pri'clotiti to wiiHto hut we've
Kottom uhoiI to It Ih riarnoy vairoy.
V. II. KkoKurnou, uiiKlucor In
clinrK of iiupplloH for tho Union Pa
el fir, rmprovomuutH Here. Iiuh Dueu to
Hall IViko, returning Home Tiiomlay
evonhiK. While uhieiil Mr. 3koi;or
nou hud an operation performed on
hln throat. When milled hh tm when
wo could expect dally train worvfeo
Mr. Hkngornon Hiild' Ilu coufd' rIvit'iih
nn Inrormatlon whatever otr the nmt
tor. M. If. Ilrentoii Ih attain at IiIh old
lionl or duty In tliu Htur noft drink
umiiorlum. Mart Iiuh heeii connort
oil with that comer for ho many yearn
that flu Iiuh hecoinu a part of If My
ron Terrlll rocontly took tin lenun
over from Frank Hohhuiiiii, hut ho
found tho Indoor work wiih detrimen
tal to IiIh health and decided to ro
ll rev Marl Ih in;nlti oir the other nlde
of tho counter rendy to Mfrve 'hln
frlemlK and ciiHtonieni.
It. II Ilrown wiih hero from Iih
much hoimr at .Vyxna durliiK 'the
wuuk, having come over to uttonik
the funeral' of IiIh old Friend llonry
llmnlltou. Mr Ilrown hnn eiiKiiKcd
In ralslnif a Hiuatl flecl: oC Hhoop nn
IiIh ranch and nay ho flndH It tiuiru
-.uri'otHtful than trying to uiako hln
ranch pay from a crop Mlaudpolut.
Mr. Ilrown Iiuh law laud ami Mock
IlilereotH In the Ktolit'n Moiiutitlll hoo
lion hut at proMnt thin prn(orty It
under lenac
Court HtotrflRmpn'nr W. M. Wilk'or
arrived ihorot' Haturiluy nlKlit aud'ln
nltoudltiK tliun)Kular term of etrciiU
Thu excellent wnathor during thin
week haw maiUiii vunt Improvoraont
In tho crowtlr (If tlio frnuiH and irrnpu
Hint, hnvo heon Hooded.
Mih. Ij. N. Slallant Ih ovur from
hur farm hoinr'nenr DruwMuy on lunl
iiohh eonuook'ti with thu HOttlnraont
of tlio oHlato of hr latn hUHhand'.
II. II. DoArmond. one of tlio lead
line uttoruoyH ot Ilouif, wiih ihort for
a fow ilayH thW wouk nttundlmfclr
rUlt court, wituru fca roproHuatod
(uiiio client.
II. M. Ilorton uamover froui:.Honil
lnnt Katurday and luimeillntuly took
to ihlH hed with a Huvoro altitk of
cold. Ho mi Id' lie Koctiick In a. mud
hole on tho way over mid worked
rather hurriedly Tor mi hour wttliiK
up a kooiI imtnl amf evidently cooled
nc too Htiditonly utter Kottlinc hack
In tho car.
Tho IIk MtiraKt CiuikH at th Htan-
dnrd Oil Co. Htatlen have heu put to
tine mid MunnKor Aupluwnll announn
i'H that ho expocf.i n coiiHlKOtnout of ,
caned kuoiIh ilurtnR the uixt wouk
whou ho vlll ho In it poult Ion- tn nurve
IiIh patroim wltt- nil the umiitl kooiIh
carried hjr hln concern. Tlio hulld '
Iiirh will hooii ti painted raid tho hUi-
Hon will prraoirC a very attractive np-pearancifi.
Her Hope Chest
Tho rcnl Hopo Client of today ! ft snvihgai
bank nccbunt, nnd the crl' pnrcnta start it for
her when alto is a bnby or a small child.
Even $5 n month placad in a. snvtnfts ac
count, where the interest will be compounded
nnd added to the principnl, will give her more
than $700 in ten years. $10 a month will 'am
ount to nearly $1,500.
Hav you a little girl m your home? She
will be grcatful always if you atart her Hope
Chest now and keep it growing for her.
Harney County National Bank:
National, County and State Depositary
W. C. AtcKltiniiy- left yenterdny
mornlni; for hln liomo at Milton af
ter Hpenillni; a couplo of week 'lioro
with lila parentis Mr. and Mm. C. F.
W. A, (lnnn. clerk tn tho Iwnl ' WcKluuiy. Ho went out na far ax
laud ortlco. ux recolveutlnformiillon , Ontario in company with C. B. HII hr Ik traJinfcrrod ta Vnlo and In : hnuuli frtno wlu.r h will tnbo ..
(II llko'ihooit will tab up hln nc
five (MiIIoh tSero upon thn tmuafnr of
train. IUU w.onlil bavh prnformdi
remaining louer ItecaiiHo of tho
tho nirnrilwor tho ollltn oro tti that I phyHlcn.1 ooudttlpii of hln father, Uuf
point; Wtir him hcon cnmioclvd with ih dutloH wore most urRont In thu
the civil Hrvlm for ninny yearn aniV mnk e-hi-ro no Ih mi ofTlror at HiIh
Iiuh hoeo tntloned .tt I.akovlow iihJ particular tlinictiuit uu felt ho Hiiould'
alhic ly DTentatiii heforo holme trntm- I go.
ferred to tint olllcu Be re wlt'irono lum
rvtnalni for a lon time. " "-ciint loiter to Willi.. ItnuiiHO-
vlllei, DlHtnld. UxjBie Wnrdutu Hluut
Died AItm. Itackutl, the Kt'otnl- tliu Iiuh promUed uh hoiiio hall froR.t
motliur or Mm. DhvIiI Cruddoek. died lhl xprln Hqht. M. Duiiiiaii waa
at thf Craddock home In till city repoiiHtltif for mlcnaliiR aotnu hero
AVedtiMday nlRnt. Him wiih SO yonra ' two yearn ao hut now no traeo of
old nnd had lun In feeble honjth for them can ho found; wbithur they
homr tlmu. rtho hni hcun mnkliiR fmvo not hKkhI tlio wlntrra or woro
hur homo with the OraddorkH In ro-1 raiiRlit by hhuIu one who. didn't know
cont yearn, hut formerly resided In. they woro planted for propagation
Paul Illoouii wan down from
mountain homii tho other dliy.
o i-
To Late To Clasify
Juiit Arrlvexf Now lot of droniion
mid linta, apoclally prtted for thu
Banter tmJb. Mm,Iukijy nt Mm.
Schwnrtz ntoro 4-II-lt,
Tho Kmvel pit la a,dUHRwrouH ploob
nnd thlac warnhiR la lvuri,
caution their children not to ro on
tho prvmlHCH. In tact tropnNlD, Is.
Htrlcttj forhldden.
Mdvloa vn IW for ii Ioiir tlnio. Thw
funeral aervlre wun helil here early
yoHtorday inoriilnR. condiirted hy
Itov. Ilowd of he Ilaptlnt church ind
the rii)4lua won taken to Drnwae.
for liiiwrnieni. her hitxhnud ImvliiK
lioon hurled there.
piirH)nort. Mr. Ilazottlue nddu thn' !
tlio Canyon Creek hntehory han about
?r,00.00() Ilrnok trout fry out nnd i
which rlll ho dlatrlbuted about Mr.v
18. Over u million new prrh. mostlv
raluhow nr now in eounw of hatch
Kliuplo hoaio method. Send
for FItB&r booklet' nnd- tvstt
tnonlallH. Wnrnor'a Itenown
od Ilt'tneillps Co , 723 Security
IUiIr., Mjnncapollu, Minn.
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