The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, April 11, 1925, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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T 11 h T I M 13 S II M It A Ij D , II U II N H , II A 11 N K V COUNTY O II R O O N
Hntunlny, April 11, 102rt
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Do You Believe in
Easter Bunnies I,
WWffi&SMMSMmmm M
'" - .lwx.iimm'r - 'J
Tho college litis tultuii pttlns Id
looatu reliable aourco of Orlnuii aood
mul thin Infonnatloii In ptiHaod nut to
cuunty itKrlcHilturul .-iKonta. In many
counthw dm lorn have cooperated In
IiiiiiiUIhk muiI that l known Lo come
from an nbanlutely reliable anurco.
Tho trend toward pure aeed haa been
ulilotl by the fact that county m:enU
nnoouraie their growera to tend atl
mini plea to the experiment atatlon el
CorvtUUa whrre purity and jwmlnn
tlon toeta are nindo froo of oharno.
Two conilltluna prevont lite rapid
Introduction of this plant the high
price of seed, ranajlni; around SO
conta a pound retail, nnd thu rnthor
widely provnllltu; practice of iiiIiik ii
larRU ntuouut of alfalra ueod on moII
ludlfforuntly prepared. Fifteen to
20 pound of rommon atralux arc
plncud on an aero by inoit Rrowora.
Koiiio uao .10 pound (ind ncoaalonnlly
40. Thoro are 220.000 footle In a
pound of alfalfa.
2108. tako a balf huahel of tin
Hlaokoi! lime. Hlako It with holllnt;
water, oovor during tho precox to
keep In thu atoain. atralu thu lliiuld
through a fine alcve or Htralnor itnd
add to It a puck of salt previously do
Holvod In warm water and ouo pound
of olutin i;luo provloualy dlnttohod by
KqakliiK In cold walor, and then
hatiKltiK ovor a alow flro In a Hinall
pot hum; In u larger ono filled with
water, add flvo gnllouu hot walor to
tho mixture. Stir wull and lot Ntnud
a low dnya covorod In a cool place, a
pint of th In mlxturo If propurly np
pllod will cover ono aqnaro yard, pre
ferably It xhould bo applied warm.
Th Ik Is the common Htandard for
mula Tor white wash taken from
maintenance of way rule book, page
181, paragraph 2108, and UHd by
tho O. H. h.
Wo will do your Job work,
I Jt I t "-! M OA.MI'S
It In now poaalhln to tr.ivol from
Now York to I'ortlaiid, Orugou, and
from Mexico to Cnundu by motor ear,
and In (toma caaoa, on. a very moder
ate aulury. AUIIIoiih of people now
travel by automobile to Uio romoteat
part of t)il country readied by
roatl. Dteonae nlwaya followa tho
line of travel. Kpldomlea move frnni
plain to place as Infected people
move. Until recently It wan pohnI
hie lo Inatltute coulrol meaauren that
would effect I rely preront tho Intro
duction of Infecltoita dlaemio Into
now territory, but with iinlveranl
automobile tralllc It ban been nocoa.
tary to enact new legliilntinii gov
ortilnr, the coudlllou of tourlntH
onmpgroiiudit. The health of the
people of Oregon U very Important
and we owe It lo oiirxttlvoH to take
aire of It. In order to protect our
aolvoa we mint provide flriit cIiikk
winl tary condltloiiH for the tnurlat
Auto tourlHl cnritpa during the taut
few yearn have lucrcaited tromend
oiiely In number ho that now In tho
State of Oregon there are hundred
of nam h. A a ti in her of thoao rnmpH
can be cniiHldorod model campx hiicIi
while many of them are merely
eleared camping Hltea with no Haul
tary provlaloua whatever. The Log
Ixlatoro of the Slate of Oregon, real
Izliu; that a Htrlcter HiipervUlou of
tourlHta' campH wnu iiucesHary. enact
ed a law providing for tlie reKiilnr
Inapectlou of Uioho cnuipH. The tour
Ut c-ropH 'have an economic value to
the community. While the money
the tourlHta brliiK ban attracted at
tention, thu OroKon Mtate Hoard of
Health Is concerned with the mrt of
hoalth that tbone travelnrn brliiK Into
the Statu and tho kind of 'health they
iKMliiIro while within our bnundarlos.
Any epidemic nrUliiK In n camp
would be nil unfortunate oruiirreuce,
MouHuroH required to HiifeKuard
tourlHtH' auto cnmpKrouudH nnd the
commiiultloH whero they are located,
aro woll known but tho problem iih a
whole Ih not ho Hlmplo. Tho Hanltary
i prnvlaloim nbiiolutely nnuuiinnry to n
i properly coinitnicted loiirlnlH camp
ure: '
1 Hitfe walor Htipply.
2 I'ropur dlupoiinl of iiuwuko, lni
miiii excreta, uui'lmco tuid other
:i Tiuforeomout of liiuaiiurun pro
viding for tho prevention nnd control
of comiuunlcublo dlmmmis.
Tho campa ore to bo regularly lu-
ipictod by the County lloalth Olllcer
Mind wlion tho lawn or the nilon and
i ijulatlouti of the State Hoard of
Health are not nlwurved, perniliiidon
tnoporuto a toinHut ujunp will he re
voluul. lunmiuirli nn tho tourhitn
taunt he rooknned with, It Ih Impero
tlve that mennuren for tholr protoc
llon Iih. strictly enforcud. 'IMiohu rulen
nnd ruKiilatloim nro untabllmhed to
Mouaerve thu pluaaure and well buhu;
of tho eouuniiully. I3yury tourlHt
cutup inuat meet rennnuable nluii
daVde of decoucy. clenul'iiOHH and
limitation. lOvery onmp opuratluir
In the fllate la reiiulred to pnnt a
This Weeks Cross Word Puzzle
High School Credits Giyen
Residence Studio . Telephone 11 Id
Livestock Commission
Cattle, Sheep, Wool, Hy
Burns, Oregen
&mTwxmmjmvmmjMMa'mw' wm'tiMtwmmmi mmmmivMmmu
ijM i
Anwor to Inst wook'n puzzle.
io -11 -11
MM wJkna. -g- Maw Htn i
D?r !F m
! ! I
HI JUDO rlt. X "1 OL $-S
MB. o jm M i mjip "cj N 3
LE N Jjtkl F Jf '$& N
iragoi n ojii a m i Ao z
g ift A S TWWi T A R T Tn
"llallor" Thli croH-word puzzle
IiiiIIh from Newport, Ore(;ou It Ih
dedicated to MIhh loin Millen, tidUK
lleach. f 'lllnriilii Tin. itrmiiifntv
-or IflcatM of Impoctlnn n well an . Mr. ICnr u WrgJ(,t ,.,,, UM u
ooplea of tho l.iw and rule. niiilroKti. ,,,, ttnyUl,WK ov..rytbl.. except
lal una of tho Blnlo Hoard of Health. ' n ,,,, w, o.t ,(ow w,ulIltr ,
Thla year It la rvnammlilo to oxpoct , U.0I(1 ,,e(U HVwylhIlltf , a cwr,
pel, but we do know that !t U a :
mlKhty good puzxle. Ifa uaay, Inter-
eaanry to
a million lourtattt and It will be uoe
Kimraiitee tlietu wmltnry
After May Int. no
tnurleta' oamparound will bo allowed
to operate without a curtlfldnto of
Me: "My. my, my,-euch a won-'
ilerful eoiuplnxlnn you Uatu. Mow do !
you kiMtp It so?"
Hhe: "lly tll:!iiK oftou to aoft
Heap follows like you."
somi-: do, Tiiotrcii
2 To procure.
.'I 'lo look oMi(iU'ly.
A Any place of public ennteat.
Ii t'ontrnetor of Ark (Orook form.)
T A ploee of mournful iniialc.
S Ah iproacU Into a mine.
0 An Irritant polnon.
10 To have h pattloular dlroollon.
IS Keen resentment.
30 Skill.
24 Jlote alonx at a rtilll.
Pest: "Dlil you over write a Joko7"
Hueyed: "Oncebut hIio didn't
Hates to GetUp,But
W . .'.lN'''"w'' T.l
oHtltiK, nnd Ikih a tilea Uuilgn. if you
can'l work It out In 4B mlnntea you
are nut ao cowl, UeeattM tin loiidtal i 37 l'reei)t tenar of the verb to bo,
; word in the phwle baa only alx let- Sa A wide tballow vmI.
1 llloulc.
I A Conjunction.
7 ilanner of walk I tig.
llMlcknnuie of Murtyrwd I'rea.
IS A tiolny ipinrrai or brawl.
Ill Uoatruetlva Tree Hcietlc.
M I'rlHoipKl part of a ire or ihrub.
(IRA cohtrnottuu for ever.
10 To neorele.
17 A miller. v
18 Not outnlde of.
10 fioutliern Htatu (abbr).
21 A white mnllonbli! matnlllo olo
22 Country hulnnffliiK to UiikIiihiI
2.1 One who rnoea.
"f Northern einte (abbr).
i'C Hark of thu nook.
! ltd A mleohlevotta child
, :i ; A KraBy fl!d.
' a , y yialb-j r ppavrt.
.' J'layliit CMuii of lilsheat valno.
1 87 A natural ubitanea.
SI A tree of 10ft white wood
ID CompnnlnuH.
i 1 VounumuK Norpent.
IS (Iced iih an nbrnilve.
I 4 A se butweun 1 .1 t 1 .
iC A aharp lurmlnatlur: border,
40 Itlvur In Africa.
R2 OItI'h iiamu.
Tho HnrROM Ilattnry Compnur at
ilodlaon. 'ia., rooently paid ita 1.400
employes tholr full ro;uL-ir twiv
I weoka imyrall of S72.O0O, in now
20 ril for coverliiR roole at build-1 allyar ilollara. Tho banka and atoroa
'"K" rf Madlnou aw uiore allver In tho
.12 i:ptlan Cuti God. J nMt two dnya than Uioy had icon In
;m To procure. yeara hororo for allvur of dollar nlzu
'I ObJectlvH oat of I. i haa been almoet unknown.
ii UiB hIIvit Hmtond of paper nionuyf
When John Hherman aaid tlmt tho
way to runtime apecir pnymont Ih "to
rMiitne." ho proclaimed a fact no
1 old and ho commonplace that finan
cier!) nnd atatoBtnuu had ovorloopod
II. 5rhut la Mio niiBo now; tho way
lo uio allver la to uae It, and tho
tjuelnoaa of allvar mining will come
Iwek lo par.
Though allver haa not reached a
xuUefeotory price, thlH yoarpromlHru
to bo a belter allver' year than 1021,
Mllvar l still tho world'a cholco for
baud money; Uio ullvorloss nations
pro mine to tako in ore for colnagtt
thlt yeor limn during the pant few
yonrs. Load, copper, and zinc, tho
nielala with which allver In almoBt
Inrtirtfibly found will bo benefitted
br u grated iiiio of allver.
Wherever alate Inaurnnru hns
ualnud a foothold pollllea hna onter
eil to play havoc with tho ayxtotn.
Kavorltlani In ratoa, favoritism In'1
HuttlemeutM, Inofllcleticy duo to polit
ical nppolntmuntH and all tho other
otidtotnary weakuuancH have crept In
I do not believe in Kovernniont own
erahlp of Inaurance bunlucHR. I do
believe in tho principal that advance
ment In tho future must como from
private Initiative Coni;rcnman Un
derbill. O ' '
AmoiiK tho inoro recent tclnpliono
ancomiillnhtnuntM nro ablp to ahoro
wlreloHH convnraatlonH, trann-orennic
radio telephonlnc, broadcnatlnR of n
proaldentlnl moiago to the wholo na
tion and photoi:rapbn mint by telo
uAone circuit almost lnatnntnncounly.
Kl) I'JTIinVH I'lllI.OH
Fowler McCormlck, heir to the
Harvcatcr millions, Is uorkinu for
f20 a week in n Mllwnukef mill
and living lit $1 per week boa-.l-
Ink nnd roomuu Iium- A iolU-w
foo.ner saj . '"Mar rule to i; t $
: A. .M. but i.. "," l:c
M, ltlr In Nlberla.
37 A Rom.
.0 Clilld'M title for mother.
40 The flower Inula of u low ahruh of
.Mediterranean countrlea used ui a
4.1 Imporaounl Pronoun.
I 15 CouHutued.
, 47 Kdltor (abbr.)
j 48 The peraoli apeakliiK.
I 40 I'olntn of tho Compaari.
CO lloy'H nickname, PokhchiIvo.
Gl Female Deer.
5.1 To dwell permanently.
54 KiikIIhIi (abbr.)
55 Cheerful.
50 Hoy'a nickname.
57 A movement of the feet.
58 A narrow beam of
50 Hmnll Incloaurea for pIrs.
1 One of tho nodal clnaHOH Into
which aoclitv la divided In llln lua-
If allver Ih ii i;ood circulating med
ium, tho l!un:enK Company linn taken
thu rlfthl meaiiH to put Secretary
Mellon'M money plan Into service
"Novor borrow If you can holp It
but If you must then from a
peaelmlat because lie novor expects
to sot It lmck."
" mmZ
4 '
Best Yellow Pine Lumber
Rouj'li and Dressed
rgrrTTil " I ' itfrpirmMaWi nMnwaia
i At The New River Bridge
End of lane leading cast from Short's blacksmith
Burn. Paul A. Weil Burn
FIRE INSURANCE, Standard Steele Com
panies PRACTICE, before U. S. Land Office and
bureaus of the Department
REAL ESTATE; city, acreage and farm
Just Around
The Corner
Is Spring,
and with its arrival comes
cleaning up time and
garden 'planting time.
Tools For This Purpose
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes,
Spades and Forks.
I. S. Geer & Co.
HfiTiWimWBHffl tt THaawi rn r mrrraai
Rightly Promptly Reasonably
Burns Hardware Company
y v ,
,-.,i.jv,. ! m