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NO. 21
Quest For Fabulously Rich Find
Of Early Days Continues;
Local Man Will Search
Although iiiuuy years have emit)
by since tltu emigrant train canto
through this part of t)iu state utul
found gold iiugguts so plentiful that
a hluu bucket was Mind with rich
chunks an the wagon train wan cross
ing a small stream, tho quost for that
r.irtliMilnr plaro continues.
Scott Cultcrson wiih In town Mon
iluy and spent an hour visiting with
tho nowspupur man. Hu bollove.
tliti "Hluo lluckut" Is not far from
this vicinity and Ih Inclined to make
a trip out Into thu IiIIIh when thu
weather gets good to hoc what ho can
find, lit) rouallH meeting with a wo
man nml two muu sovorul yours ago
when ho wiih hut a hoy, who wore
hero looking for tho location of that
rich inlnu. Scott was at Crow Camp
at tho Unto of this visit and they do
Kcrlhcd tho locality; It was thu fol
lowing your or thu one following
that, that another expedition was
uiado Into this territory by some
prospectors who wore on a similar
hunt; they too. described tho loca
tion of tho find which coincided with
tho description given by tho former
visitors. Scott says hu believes ho
can find that place. All aro ttgrood
that It was tho second day's Journey
after tho burial of Mrs. Chambers,
and that lady was burled at Agency,
according to thu best of authority.
Tho "llluu lluckut" has boon ex
ploited for years, noimi claiming It
a myth, but It Isn't a myth to some
who have had It from members of tho
party who found the wonderful rich
wold nugget Mr. Cnttursou say
lif Ih told that a woman In Holso has
h limp uf thu region whoro this scold
was feund: this Indicator thnt tho
quest for this fabulous wealth Is :it!ll
holding tho attention of people.
Theru is little iiuostlon but that
It Is 'i this part of the rcnnitr and
ii utitN -"in- day 1 found. Mr Cat
t.rsou think it Is possible thnt the
.k'uiJ local! iv hus been morn or less
lunged by the natural washing '
I, tege that weather condition would
Uit. therefore It Ih hcrdl) to be x
. i Ml tbat the same stream ind w
t.ui.dlnfo would be (he same toclov
, , b iek or more ymira ago.
.u.i iubcovibry
tUfcorlew Kxamlner)
The thrill of the search for gold
at the I'alsloy strike lias aoitiewhat
-jolotl ao that now only those hardy
believers who are sura that rich led
kch sro to lie found remain on the
hieiin of tho strike. At tho discovery
claim of Taylor and IMckloalmor pros
porting operations have continued
and additional sample have biiun se
c ured and Hhlppad to laboralorlos for
assay. Tho prospectors la their
work of exploring the lodge bollevo
that tho charaotor of ore looks inoro
encouraging than tho first sninplos
takcin and tho returns of the assay
are awaltod with much lutorost.
With tho nows or thu strike at
1'alsluy. much rewlalacenee Is heard
ic-gnrdlng tbe old "Hluu Utiokot"
r-nd "WagonUm" minus of early
n vlirn tho trains or Immigrants
vcie in I'dng their way acro-c the Or'-iom coui'try reported fahu
Juiixl i'1i findH wbMi have never
hire n loi itnl Ilblfiiie of the
. rly t.i 'age of w igoe trains
hrouili tin' ares wb re the sirlkw Is
li ati il b vc beeu iiunieroii' and
iilcro, dt waxons ami P'uiipmeiit dls
i aided b tl'o enrb irivlnm have
lxii found on past occasions.
Th- Klumatli Kail i I If raid Indi
raloH tin- intcreit with which th"
Mi.covi rv Ii being received there:
Mori 'm 1 for the fire of Kold seek
ir 111'" hi tale told by a local pliysl
(bin. A iow puncher, i.intorlng over
iMiig ruiiiilrv noar PuUIav, several j
Mtiin ago was attracted by a crtain
black roik Tho cow puuohar cllppod
(ff a plox'o or tho rook and was nn-c-d
at Its velKht. Jfo shoved Urn ploco
of rook Into his pocket and promptly
forgot about it. Home time later he
r-Mllaeoverod tho ploco of rock in his
poekot and bulhluklnu liliiiaelf or
Tlr. 0 P Mokoii local dontlst wIioho
hobby I im tallurgy, toel: It to blm
Povcrnl I'll-, liter Hr M --con cfllod
tho cow pttnciif r up to t ofiico ai 1
I Iritil Ii I in Mini ilut tilm'n uf nirk iiuuiiv
...... (.... .. .V. ....MW ... .. .......,,
ed gold over $r0i)0 to thu ton, Mill
hy that tlmu tho cow piiuuher could
not rumotuhur wheru ho had run
onto thu rouk except that It was somo
wheio In Lake county and probably
In thu iioi'thuni part.
ApropoH of the Paisley gold strike,
Is an Incident rulated by .1. A. (Uir
don, president of tho Flrnt National
Hank, of Klamath Fa I In. About a
yoar ago a man eaiue Into tlio hank
with a small bottle full of what ap
peared to ho light colorud sand.
"What Is It?" asked Mr. Cordon.
The man, whose name was withhold,
answered : "Cold. Will you send It
away to be assayed? In a day's walk
from here. I can nrlrvo at a place
whoro I oan get some more." To
mako n loug.atoyr short, thu alleged
gold was sent nway to ho nsiayod.
Tho government unsaying olllco found
the small bottle of sand to bo prac
tically puro gold. In feat, It was
found that It wiih S-17 and a half
thousandth puro. Now tho gov
ernment wants to locate tho man
who sent the gold and mako Inquiries
as t owhuru thu metal was located,
hut according to hint reports tholr
efforts have hceu unsurccs-rul.
I(i:sim;ctici pioxiikk
Mrs. V. 11.' Johnson passed away
nt tho honiu or her son In this city
on Inst Tuesday morning following
an Illness covering many months.
Mrs. Johnson's health hud not been
good for several years and shu spent
one whiter In California In tho hope
of It benefitting her but she prefer
red being at the family homu on
Silver croek and surrounded by hor
children. Her Into Illness was not
or long duration. She came over
from Sliver creek Just a short time
heforu hor death.
Mrs. Johnson's maiden namu was
Street. Shu was born In IMitmau
County, TonnoNsoo, Kobruary 17,
I8r.:i and canto to California In
ISfi'l. Shu was married to W. Ii.
Johnson In 1K73 and was the mother
or eight ohlldroii, four or whom sur
vive her. four dead. Bhe came to
Harney ooituly with the family In
ll but had lived In Crook eounty
lust over tbe border of this county
for a row years previous, liar long
residence on Silver creek and lb
active Interest of the family In tbo
life or that section brought ber In
touch with man? people and she
w,.i widely koown and highly ro
,ThA fwnrl' services were rondnot
nd ou Wednesday afternoon by Hev
Howd of tho BanUnt church at tho
Ometerv nn Sllvor rroek wbre she
was laid to root by Uer children who
hsd passed to tho beyond before ber
She la mourned by her aged hus
band and the four children, all of
whom are well known in this eeoliou.
The uiany friends or tbe family also
mourn the lose of noble and true
Tho Mission Circle of the itapilst
Church .act at the home 'it M!si
Loll McCeo. with Mrs. I. linker and
Mm. Ilrlttlngham assisting. TliU
being our annual election ineutlug,
I ho rollowln); olllcors wore elented:
Mrs. Kiln I.uekoy, proHldoiil or Mlf
hlons, Mrs. It. I-:. Drake, socrHtarv,
Mrs Davo (!ni(liloclt, troasurer and
Mrs Uuy Btitlil as proslduut uf tho
Ladles Aid Mrs Gray tut vltio- presi
dent, with Ales. Bhattuck. Mrs. IS. H.
Hood and Mrs. Cravos as assUtsuls.
The program ror tho day a ar
ranged by thu committee was xnme
thliiK to be long muouihered Mr
Homer Itond and MrH l-'roil Wll
Union gave us a real trut with their
song "Dreamer of Dreim" and Ml"
tStbel MuOee rsvorml um kIho with a
song "Pass it On." Then anothir
one or those Illblcul ontenln bad
been arranged for our cimfuiloii,
this time lu the form of iuiw11oim si
to who's who und where'H where In
th" Bible. With only fifteen mlr
ut allowed In which to amtwer
tin in the writer didn't have much
chnnro and Mrs. Illlihiqxl won the
contest. Alias Ilah MGMi(i hnil ur
rniiKod a portion of the DOfUl dHlu
watlm" for four of her sutiij )tiplls
ami tho little follnwji wore a crodlt
to their te-iclicr
Itc'n -i nifiit i wero aerved by tho
hoHtoea and assuitantH aftar wliich wo
departed ror home, fooling that we
IihcI enjoyed a most delightful af
ternoon TVe next meeting will Iih
imi the iltrlilli of April, at the lionto
,r Mr. K T Smith with Mrs It. K.
Drake as nnt hoitoiis,
GrnziiiB Permit Holders Assured
of Co-operation of Fotett
Service; Rnnuu to Rent
Assistant Sttporljor P. A. Thnmn
sou, of the Malheur foreit uauompaii-
ed Koreit Itaugor Illake hank when
hu arrived rrom the llaltur nonfornnrn
Weduomlay niglil. Mr. Thumpami
s stntloned at John l)sy with Hup
ervlsor (told a nil en me ovur with
Mr. Ulultc to confer vllti looal stooh
iiuin and permit holders In onuuua
tlon with thu grilling situation In
the forest as it slfucls tho local man.
It was found that old permit hold
ers woio not asking for as much
ruin ai Uiey had ln-fortuor yonrn
,md that Iheiu was a stirpliiH. Tho
object or tbo meeting was to explain
tho policy or the font otllcuri lu al
lowing them to amend tholr applica
tions If they so dealred. Ilovro-or,
It Is the Intention of the forest of
ficers to allow such range us Is
not applied for rest for tbe prosonl.
in fact that Is what the forest would
like- give the range a uhniteu to Im
prove. However, tins win not tie
done to the exclusion or homo stunk
Another matter (hat Aaelstiiut
Supervisor Thoniwon brought to tho
attention of the permit holders was
he fuel that they will he protected
In the future should they doslro to
Increase the number or tork. While
I his range might ho allnted to a new
permittee this season. It would ho
only temporary lu so far as It ap
plied to the range formerly used by
an older applicant wbu has resident
preference, therefore when tbe old
permittee nekod for thu former range
privilege be will be granted II.
The uatlierlng was qulto well at
tended sd th eteelrmeti espremtud
satlafertlon of tbe respite. They
i.ew have a better understauflfaf Of
the -.'liiatlon and se on a. wore lu
tiMiai" relttlon with the forest atrv
Ice. (mh)ijia Mu&umii ri'KD
The members of the rommlUeo In
-heme tt eotleottng tho fnp for tbs ;
unln Uodwse nimMlaI fnnd are
'o!ne to bold i -.' "t" Th
"tmes-rrer-,;' cr.tu h n.j r.n-n ' . wit and foor of tho
rtT ovnlng, K 4 t ?so i w ebttdrea ham to tbocji survive
j'rloek to arrattjia fr r tlie coipImMi.
if tbe cnnvs nti! rmm tho oietttr
up At ih;' 4lmo It 1. hoiied to bav
full attendance ol th Intonated
i4iid definite arraiigenientii mail" t
ward the erection of u nulmble m
morial to the memory of (be fen r lens
oltlrer who gam up hi life In the
discharge or hl duty.
First Lady Fashions for Spring
JBMflajfjiligiwraesill . j . .iJ ' -i
President and Sirs. Coolidgo, pliotoerraphcd as they nscond;cl tho
capitol stops for tho Innuguratlon, March 4th. Mrs. Cooliilgo a trown
of M;oonstonu gray Jobconu and lint of unusually deop crown broucht
forth oxclumations of admiration from nil women spectators, Ilotlt
hut and Kown wero from American fnbrica and by American deaiKiicra,
Executive Order Signed By The
! President On Lnnt Tuondny;
i La Grand Louuk Also
An sh octsled pi ess ill. patch tint
ed at Washlugton on Wednesday, an
uouneen that tbo land nflteo nt Hums
wta db'iM hvd by ogeetillve order
K'gnort hy President Coolldlw on
Tuesday. Toe order is effciPtlvo April
This move wits under considera
tion before and wut sloppnl. I low
over, now It Is suttlud. Im (iraiido
In lout IU laud olllco.
Thoro l.-u't much tiae to uommunt
upon tills order ut this tlmu as It
will do no good, bi'.t It does suom a
pity that the MOttlers In this big ter
ritory should have bud more uotisld
elation. Tbe gorertimont will sink
n hsltlu -lilp tbat cost mltlloun and
eousidnr It iiroper. but to use Just a
little money as a service to the homo
builder neem- a. wiiu Such Is
-otitic. Thnv'll be wmitlng to cut
our mall service down to three times
a week yet. lu fact it has been sug
Kosted, yet the man In the crowded
city has leroral mall deliveries each
day on his dunk.
The ICd Anderson gnrnge at Nar
rows was burned Inst Sunday morn
ing and we are Informed several cars
wero tlestroeil. No particulars have
lies n liwrucd ut this olllco as to how
the fire started. There was some In
Huranuu but not' sulllrlsnt to cover
near thu loss.
Walter (!ross dlsd at tho Valley
V,lew hoapltMl on last Muudny morn
ing. He was tho Victim or heart dls
ens U Hail buow- eerlously III for
aomo time at hie' borne nud hnd but
a conple of days before huuii taken
to Ute trfieplul.
Walter Cross wan born In I lender--ron
county. Illinois. Augunl IX. 1SU
His mm her died when he was bnt
email hu. . lonrtng two children
" Ibo httsuanct who moved to Ml-
on I shortl; nftor end there Walter i
r.e to meusood ! li"7 be waa i
i it , 'o Hjrney county In
IIK9 r: U t.ofl-d on .h- icucb where
lite home has beeu ever elnc on
Trout ureek. Hie rather catne to Lit Ins
mhiIoii with hint nud la retueuibereti
by niuuy of the pioneer people of
Burnii and rlcinlty.
The fuiierul servlcce were hold at
the Hupiut church on Moiiday after
llirill II, IIP Itlll.rfili.i II. .....1 ....... It... , I.... I
..wi,.., auir, a.HffV-II.J 11IJIYII UUJIIIllUilll;
tho scrlpliirul Hurvlco whllu John M,
IllgRii, an old lliuo frluuil or tho du
ceitsed and liln family, pronounced
lite uiilog), giving some rants con
celiilng tho lire or Mr, Cross and
Mpoke or tho high ontoem lu which hu
was held hy liln wide aciiialntauco lu
this part or tho Htate, Mr, Cross had
never alllllated with any church or
40nret fraternal organization. Ho
had hullovod that ouo was Judged by
his own conduct and acta and wan
content to let his personal life ntaiid
for what it might muaii to It Ih neigh
bors. Ills lite was a succesn, huIiI
Mr. Illggs, lu Hint he gave his family
every consideration within li Its means
mid United his neighbors lu such u
manner that he was held lu the high
est esteem. Ho was a true father,
brother, a good neighbor. Ills life
was pronounced one or rulluess.
His wife, four children, Archlo
Cross, Albert Cross, Mm. Kemp liar
dlsty, and Mrs. II. A. Dlllard, all or
this vicinity, survive him and wuro
present at thu funeral service. Many
citizens rrom all parts or tho county
wero present nt the ttorvlou Jo show
their esteem or tho departed neigh
The nuuoitncemeiit of thu engage
ment or Miss Jenne Cook to Mr.
Frank Klobiiuhur was made at an af
ternoon affair given at tho homu or
Dr. nud Mrs. II. 1 Kmlth Inst Hatur
tiny afternoon, A large gathering of
the ladles of Hums were prcHunt and
the program was of a very Interest
ing character, according to thonu
present, also very unique. Thu decor
ations were very attractive nud the
refreshments were nerved most at
tractively. The auiioiinremunt or (ho
engagement was through favors in
heart shape upon which thu names
or thu principals wore written.
Thu desert was served In smalt
flower pots In which Ice cream was
placed, covered by ground chocolate
with a dafodll thruet Into It, resumb-
Hug a growing riowor.
Mlso Cook is one or our popular
yoiittg ladles and la at present en
gaged lu teaching lu thu high unliool,
Tbe date or the wedding whs not
made bnt It la understood It will take
place during the spring, perhaps oon
"fter the close or high eebool
Thli octnl ttffalr w planned end
hIvcm l Mrs. J H. t'eeV i ml Mr
V. M Sutton It was Intended to
hove the. afternoon nt thu Ration
Jtonie but owing to Mrs ntton'e In
dlxpoiltlon Mrs Nmltb graetously
tendered the ure of hor tnorlous
homo for the oeaslon.
Tbe Atnerleau l.oglon Auxiliary
met at the houiu or Mrs. Hen Ilrowu
on March HI In addition to tho
regular btulnvss rive new members
wero taken Into tbe Unit as fob
Iewa: Mlaa (Intnl. Mies Kley Walker,
Mm. Melvln Clay. Mrs. l-'rank Thomp
son ami Mrs. I.oo Miller The com
mittee In charyu or tho card party
given by the unit reported that
(i:t.M had houu oleared. It was
voted to solid Ui.00 to tho Children's
homo at Otter Lake and a like
it moil tit to Portland for Child wel
fare work. ?6i) was placed In tho
Auxiliary Havings account to moot
current calls for aid to voteraus.
The Auxiliary also plans to etart a
fund to ha added to from lime to
tune und whan aiilllolunt lu amount
ii Ii for something ospecttyy usoful
, it," K.-Servlce mun.
1 1 wmj announced tbat the next
;ulnr moetlug hi to be held April
loth at tbe home or Mm. C. II. heo-
. .ml with Mlns Leonard as joint
ariLii in Tine iuiii-6
The KrtuI Herrlck Lumber Co. eii
idnetM'ing foroe is still busy in tho
lilIU tu tlie l'losoii creek dtstrlnt.
llotb James Oirard ami ProuU Klo
bucher aro constantly In thu Hold
with the orow and progreaa la report
ed in thu way of ascertaining con
dliions relative- to wlint my be ex
petted from flood waters and the
Nothing Is given out from the of
llcu us to what la ooiiUiiuplsted but
there, lu ovory ovlilotiuo of notlvlty
and II is said (hat contraoturH aro
now lu tho field looking over giound
a Itli a view of placing bids lu tho
i'iv near future.
Harney and Deschutes County
Delegation Confer tomorrow
op Road Improvement
Archie Mcdowau, president of tho
Harney County (lood Itoads Club, In
In receipt or a telegram rrom head
uartera or thu statu highway com
'iilralmi announcing Pint a represen
tative or that commission would bo
prcxent ut the conference to bu held
it Hrooklugs tomorrow between del
egations from llond ami Hums In
discussing thu Improvement of tho
Central Oregon Highway.
This meeting was arranged by Mr.
Mcdowau and thu cucretary of tbo
lluud commercial club and will In-
hide quite a delegation rrom both
towns, Including members or tho
county courts or both Harney and
Deschutes counties. Heveral or tho
executive committee or tho (lood
Itoads Club or this county will mako
he trip to Hrooklugs to Join In thu
II is expected that tills meeting
will result In something rnuureto In
tho way of Improving tho Contral
Oregon Highway, especially on tho
strip In thu Class Ilutte seotlou.
Information was this morning re
ceived by thu llond Commercial club
that District Itoad Hiiglucer C. V.
Wanzur or Thu Dalles would attend
tho meeting or Deschutes and Har
ney county delegates to bo held next
.Sunday ut Hrooklugs. Tho meeting
Is being called to determine what
should and what can be done to Im
prove the highway between Huud
and Hums, nffsotlng a district or
shunt 15 mile between Hrooklugs
end the (lap ranch.
This section of tho road, it Is suld.
while belonging lu Lake eounty, Is
not looked upon with enough aigtilrt
ranee by ulllrltila of tbat eounty to
favor Improvements. The result Is
that rebldeuU cf Deschutee and Har
ney countlee Interested have taken
the muter up
Infi rmatlon Uim iIh- dUtriot rood
itluowr would attend the mooting
as sent hy Archie MoGoan. pro)
dent of the Oood Reed asoooUtiON
of Hums to tho local Cornaaereinl
club. Bend Proos.
Tbo Ltakeview Kxamlucr in com
uteutlng upon tho recent leglolstluu
In reganl to closing the auasnii ou
tagekena for five yoare. says It la too
long. The fact Is pointed out thai
tho game reserve formed lu Warner
gives thu birds further protection
and thai It Is likely wltulh the next
fw yearn tho sngohuji will again take
Its place as tho loading upland game
bird or this part or the Htato Kivu
years Is a long clDHod season, but as
Is stated lu tbo samo nrticlo In our
Lake eounty exchange, rthe game
commission linn the right to cliangu
seasons and possibly will open tho
sngohun shooting again heforu tho
expiration or tho tlvo years, provided
their Increase would JustUy. At any
rnte. aportsmout of this county and
Lake have the ndvnntago of tlio War
ner reservo to aid in keeping thtto
fine birds well stocked lu this part
of the state.
-0 " '
Telegrupbic advice rccelvocl yoa
tcrday mornlnsr rrom Vale sniiounoed
that Ochi. W. 1 lay on had dlod from
leakuge of the heart, lie bad beuu
soilously III for Heral days and
hie two brothers. Tud und Dalley. had
gone out. Tbe lvuiulns will ho
i.i'i)ii,-,lu u BuriiM lor lulormeat and
t va- Mr. Ilaye's request tbat tho
M.iHinilc Order conduct his runeral.
Duoensod waa well known In this
vicinity where ho resldod for many
years prior to removliffc to Vale. Ho
praotfrud law hero and also held tho
position of register of tbe land of
fice, lie waa a niuiiiber or ono of
the uloueor families of this section
und had Uveal In Lake county be
fore doming to Harney. Ho In sur
vived by his wife also two sons
The runeral service will bo held
at the MuboiiIc Lodge rooms tomor
iow I'fteinoon nt 2 o'clock.
' il