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NO. 10,
lis ,
I f- :m p
Explains Vciwfl of Situation nrul
Citcn Authority; Should
Cure Our Locnl Defects.
To tho oillter:
In vlow of t;.' ' c'. 'tu j.n v .
tnlnty Ih before ili du pajcrj cf
my ltomo county lu relation to cur
tfvlii failures to oiiunllMS Mio 11)24
jpsessmont roll, I presume t lint you
w.ll allow mo tlto eoitrtosoy of at
tempting to Home what clarify tlmt
Stilting the propositions which I
will lay before you as distinctly mid
concisely iih It la within my power
to do I Hiilimlt this ns tho nettled law
upon tho questien:
Tlmt tho failure of tho assessor to
cause a notice to ho published of tho
meeting of tho bonrd of equalization,
ns prescribed hy our Htntuto, was a
vital omission of a Jurisdictional
chnractor and Incnlldntod tho ulti
mate purpoKo of our levy. In other
words tho dlroctlonn of tho Htatute
provldliiK the time and manner lu
which notice niUHt ho given are
mandatory, and not directory, and
must ho followed to tho letter of tho
law. Any failure to comply with tho
plain directions of tho ntnlutu will
nullify all subsequent proceedings
had in connection with tho levying
itud collection of tuxes, hot mo clto
In support thereof, 30 lud, App. 12,
139 Mich 495, r8 Noli. 839. 78 N. Y.
Suppl. 74.
If then your taxes nro Invalid wo
come to tho Interesting queHtlou, can
your legislature euro such an uintuls
elon by a HtihHoquorit net. I will ntuto
that It Ih a rule of constitutional law
that a legislative assembly can not
I i retrospective act supply a Jurls
l,t uutml defect, thut Is, It can't re
vtto or glvo life to thai which in
li-nd It may however euro mi nin
nilxHlon hy an erl whloh operate
prospectively although the doing or
that thing1 relutoe beck to a ItfoloM
pror.edliit;. A Jurlidlotlnnnl dufot'l
t in urn he cured mujely hy tho forco
f t -'iltita which snye that iiolwlth
' a. Mux such a. defect tha proceed
r lut'l ihru(in shall lie valid.
" 'bin 'i. i- muft be done, n
' IjImi ' r tlii' doing of tilt art
! niut ( m trie That. then.
!) pur'.. . ! ti-ritr tif HhiiHo
H I! ?ffl. r'unuicly, tbe valMltv
f Hint bill m not he uuesllonsd
! It. ,mi tb.- promdnre adopted
M it. has hewn long lnce dotoriitlued
v the highest eppeelete court of tha
'1 Tku pruciae queatlon whs
I rmiKht before tha United Htnloa
( in-iiit Court of Appeals for the
Di.trict of Now York when tho lu(-la-l.iMvo
ussoinhly pawud mi act Idon
t' in cbanicter and purpose curliif,'
u defective equalization and that
court doubled In tho KxuhauKo Hank
Tax Cnso-i, cited an Wllllmim v.
Hoard of Suporvlnors of tho County
of Albany, 21 Fodornl 99, that tho
net wiih valid. Tho decision of tho
lower court woh placed on review be
fore the Supremo Court of the United
Stales by n writ or error and was
there ulllrmod To tho sumo ofTuct
i- this decision Is the case or Kvriih
v Pall UJver County. U South I)u
a.ta 30.
The cms oh cited upon tho proposi
ti iih that I have rnlaed uro tho
i Miiplfiu mid final boltlltiBH of tho
urts in o far ns tliu qnaatlons
)hb bean adJudloalMl. unt) Include
v rv citM aiithorlly upon tha Idon
. i poini involved. To that qx-
ii they n n- coiicluslva and mint ho
'pttd .ih controlling upon tha
' (tuutlott of Huriiey County. You
I k.udlv oxleud inn tha favor of
UK Dim publloatlaii of this ir-
' ' hiue I daom It Imiiortnnt Unit
tax payor in tho ooutity should
1 inland Ilia poiltlon upon a qusav
ii which la. uufortumUoly, moro
!. Involved.
Slncorely youro,
- 0i
Horn Fob. 1, to Mr. mill Mr. A.
J Johnson, a aon. This new arrival
b .s been dolni; fine but luu Just
otnn to tho nttaiitlou or tho nows
papfr man. Wo want all tho blrtliB
n Jlurnoy oounty reportod nt onco.
Wo want Tho Tlmoa-Horald to bo a
record of such arrlvnla and lu aflar
curs the njog. may bej lux;iml to ag
roforoncofl and- accurato 'history or
thoHo ovoata
"viii;n aim tuain com km in"
Whoa, you lout? eared critter,
Stop ami K"t a breath of air
Don't you know the train's n coming
CoiiiIiik to tho county fair?
Quit your clianipltiK on t hum bits
You. old nlah Hided hunk of hii,
Host your weary hoium a minute
Watch the Train come lu.
Don't you know we'll rent tomorrow,
Take It easy for n spell,
Don't you know thin dryland farming
,.c rnoy county Hiiro Is II?
Hill " people- vott etitt't tiont them,
Kind and horn t Whoa ihoro Mlu
You ho Htlll mid watch the natives
While thoy watch tho Train come lu.
Can't you see the day's 'bout ended,
Roou we'll stop; you're getting lank;
Then while Molly gets somo supper
I'll get old Llzxlo out and crank,
Hack her up and turn her over,
Twist and look, cuss and spin
I can hoc myself u swearing,
Sweating, while the Train comes lu.
I can see old I'nl Dell Dibble
Standing there as big iih gruff;
How he'll tell them 'bout Uio old
Peddling all that hot air stuff,
(lood old Dell can hold tho ptibllo
With thoso tales ho loves to spin
Telling how he know he'd ho bore
When tho Train came lu.
Isnac Welusteln on tho platform,
Always ready with hls smites.
Standing there to greet tho public
Shaking hands, an dtnlklng, while
All the hoys and girls have gathered
Hobs got Mable, Nell and Mln
All stand spellbound, breathless wait
lug While the Train comes lu,
Long we've waited for Its coming,
Wnlted Just to take it rldtu
On Its nice warm snrtplueh cushions
With Molly darting by my side
Now your trips to Oratio are ended;
You ciiii Inko It easy Mln,
For Ma and I will take tho ahoo ebon
When tho Train comes lu.
Robert Scott
H5 vim us yniJNcj,
"Auntie" ClarlNdH Frjro. who cole
hratm her 6tb birthday tlila mouth.
la ait nxawplo of what twly p!onr
wobiii erf capable ef Recently she
went out to Cow nrk on the KUgu
to vUlt Iut daughter, Mrs. John
Dareey. She wee not wtpeetwl anil
John wet tar ataK a Poujad".
soroo thrtu, to I lea from the ranch
with Ho way for "Auntie" to t'ontlnue
thu Journey. He atiggoetod Hint he
would return homo and aeeuru a
suitable conveyance, but as there was
in extra saddle horso thorn she In
sisted that she ride horsohnck with
hi in. Slio would unt listen to any
other arrangement mid therefore was
ntwlsted on liur mount and made the
trip lu flu shape, although she had
not boon on n horse for over 45 years.
Sho announces that she round thu
saddle a little tiresome but did not
coiiiphilu lu the least during tho ride.
i.mpohtant .mi;i-:ti.V(J
foh daihy.mijn tl'khday
Dairymen or this vicinity nro re
iiiueted to bo present at a meeting
In Hums on next Tuesday nt 1:30
o'clock, when two ropnwoutatlvos or
tho Payottu Co-operative Creamery
will ho present to discuss thu future
of the dairy huslnoea In this Mellon
It. C. Ueeiuussen of the Harney
ouuty Creuiuery was out to Payette
this weuk and lUaeiiaeud the dairy
situation In this county und hna sue
nefdfd In getting the Payette con
cern lnUrclscd. As n result the
two men are coming to Hurua for a
lonferenco with local dairy aon with
u vlow of providing ways nnd moans
for handling tho local situation on
a tiaala that will prove satltfaotory
to thu producers line and which
will ineau a ready market for their
or on in for eaeh.
All people lntereated in Hie dairy
business are urged to uttoud this
meeting. (I meaus Iminodlwto ro
ller an fur Me providing for the mar
keting or tho produota of Uio dairy
herd nnd a roallaatlon or paoh ror
the local farmer who ta disposing or
bin cream.
.Too Flue, oiio or tho nuocotmful
stool; men or thin part of Uio iitnto,
WMJ Ui, town (ltu-lngJIUivook look
lug litter hqiho biiftlttCBS',niattora and
Kraatliig his frluudH.
Enntcrn Brook mul Rainbow
Trout To Bo Planted From
Tho Canyon Hatchery.
Whllo Itoru during Llio week, DIb
trlut (Inmo Warden 1 11. Ilnseltlne.
took up the matter of dlittrlbutltiK
young trout from the Caiiyo.'i Cr ...
halt hery next itprlug lu tho streams
of llariioy county. Ho met with the
local Fish anil (lame Club ami the
j following recoiiimenilatloiiH wore
made lu regard to distributien:
Sllvles river lu the vicinity of
HuriiH GO cans of Hastorn Hrook
Poison crook, 10 cans of tho smno
Sliver creek, 30 cans or KaMlnrn
Hrook, 30 cans or Italuhow,
Myrtle creek, 30 cans of Ilalnbqw
and Hrook.
Emigrant creek, 30 cans of thu
two kinds.
Spring creek, 30 cans of Ual.'ibow.
lllltzon f0 cans or Itnlnhow and
McCoy, 10 enns Knlnbow,
Kolgur, 30 cans or same.
Pine creek 30 cans or Itnlnhow.
Carry Garden creek 20 emu or
HnttlcHiinko, 10 cans or Itnlnhow.
Trout creek lu tho south end, 1 5
catiH or Hrook.
Cottouwnok creek, In south cud,
15 cans or Hrook.
The eggs nro hatching nt this time
and the young will bo ready ror dis
tribution during May, Juno, July
and August.
o .
Assistant Forester Carter is ex
pected to arrive lu Hums tonight lie '
Is coining in connection with mi In
vestigation or the work dotiu by tho
Fred Derrick Lumber Co. on the oon-
raot with thu government up the
Hear vullwy tlmliHr. Mr. Derrick hita
ask for mi extension of tltnu In whlrh i
U hetfln uperMtloiia. This axteualoa
Is granted upon certain oo'udltloHa
aial the object of Mr. Carter's villi
Is lo lnveetla4e eondltluiu ei.d run:.
i r pt' i i the fil.if Fa-ester thut
t be terms of oiuuelon may be nam-
Air. Carter ahottld have tin dlltloul-
ty In getting such Information ns bo ,
r(iqiilro hum mid with (tin foroat
ollleora In churue of Ibu Malheur bej
w'll HVelv make n tutir of tha terrl-1
tory to iiwortalii conditions In Uio j
moitutaliiM as It affocts work at this ,
season of tho year.
MmMmmmMmm sauavs
irir-.i .- i.-s'qeMji.jrvaM' jy m mjt.t n.--saaaPTT-",-srj.j.i iy ati'.L mi I'.'cir'T'rtvaiii".
if fr,,1: Faimssmixmi7ixma, wtsssz
Head Of Presbyterian Mission
Interested in Aiding Locnl
Indians; School Possible.
Dr. D. A. Thompson) niiperlutund
ont or national missions lu Oregon,
Dr. W, 1.. Van Nuys, representing
thu department or education, unit
Itev. Win, llalnl, Sunday hcIiooI mis
sionary, all connected with the I'rcii
li torlan eh ii roh nro visitor to
Hums, having arrlv'-d on the belated
train Thursday nlglu. Thu two for
mer gentlemen have their headquar
ters In Portland, Hev. Ilalrd residing
lu linker.
These reverend gentlemen are
making a tour of thu st-ito lu the lu
te rent or tho respective departments
they represent and yesterday after
noon Dr. Vuu Nuys addressed tho
high scohol students Just after tho
r.nou hour on tho subject of educa
tion. Them will be n popular meeting
nt the Presbyterian church this (Fri
day) evening to which the general
public tins been extended u cordial
welcome and no doubt much or In
terest will he discussed in connection
with education, religion and tho fu
ture work in this fluid, All those
gentlemen nro good talkers mid par
ticularly well Informed lu their re
spective fleblH mid citlzous of Hums
should take advantage of this oppor
tunity to cultivate them.
Dr. Thompson spout considerable
time yestorday afternoon lu confer
ence with citizens In Hums who wero
Interested lu giving aid to tho Pluto
Indians who make this their home.
Or. Thompson litis uleiliied his sun
port toward an effort to gl a school
eeiiihllslied hrr for Uih Indiana and Th program closed with two
VfltJi tho cooperation of local men ', boaiitirully rendered solos, At Dawn
tills may lie accomplished. It ts a ! Ing. mid Where TLoWt All by MrsT
Kiibjoot that Iiiih 'luul attention In tho
past and one that should enlist tho
atipporl of every oltUon of Hums.
F. M. (lault, rrom tho Cameroon
district of Afrleu, wan also a member
nf tkle Juuketlag party who waa ox
peeled hut wan unable to come lie-
rauae of lltueea. Mr. Unult la a par-
tlculnrly eptarUlaliiK idhii aiul la
murh sought In arhoola aa well hs
ihnrchea. It I' hoped he may lie In
u-.irns the coailag week, arriving In
Thursday night and sutnd the fol-
ioloa three days Hi Hums. uddrs-
ing tho eehoola on Friday, puaeibly
tbe Uurne ami Harney County Com-
merrlal club and occupy tho Primhf-
tetian ehureli pulpit uu Sunday
morning, going to Crnuo ror tie ,
evening and the following day lu the
ihools there. ,
The I, utiles' Library Club met at
tho homo or Mrs. I. B. (leer on Sat
urday, February 7th,
Tho President announced thut the
entertainment now being rehearsed
ror the benefit of tho Library would
bo given ou March fitli.
Ueineinber the date March fltb.
Tho niibjcct ror thu day was Sweet
hearts in Song, and mi entertainment
lu paiitomluo mid song was given.
Tho young mini who plokcd out u
wire from thu girts thut ha found in
I ho song. t 9
Tho Young Man MIn Walker
Those taking parts of sweethearts
wero :
Thu girl from Scotland. Miss Wayner
The (Jlrl of Long, Long Ago ...... .
Mrs. Waldo Uour
The Old Fiiiilitouod (Jlrl Mrs. Hopper
Lass with Delicate Air
Miss Katherlne Farm
Ireiif, Village queen ....Mrs. Slinlluck
Irish Unso Mrs. Harris
Hawaiian Miss Uoldii Hchwartr.
Oypsy (J ne'e n .. .Miss Gladys Holland
Quaker Mrs, Hopper
Sweet Miss Jl ry
Miss Annettn Leonard
The (Hrl from Uuriiin, Mrs. Franklin
(IcorgcUo, Pallet Dancer
Miss Katherlne Fnrro
Indian Maiden Mrs. Shattuck
Tho (Hrl rrom Spain
Mrs. A. C. Welcome
Pretty Little Widow Miss Jean Cook
Cupid Mini Dorothy Leonard
Cupid gave u clover mid graceful
dance after whldh tho Young Man
said "That Sweet Miss Mary's tho
one Hint I choose,"
Sweat Miss Mary nppenrn with a
bridal veil mid all the other girls
follow tho bridal couple lu n wedding
As these vivid living pictures wero
shown Mrs. Leonard, Mrs. Welcomo
mid Miss Leonard snug tho songs
appropriate to each "Sweetheart
Culver Page.
During the rofroshiuouts each
I tnitwt wis told her fortune mid uuch
laughter followed ouch reading, somo
being, nine, too true.
Thnro worn sixty-two present mid
as eaeh brought five pennies It made
quite r aum which the hoateeaea
handed over to the Club ror Itookt.
lloatMaee with Mrs. 1 8. (leer
wert, aire. Leonard. Mra. Waldo
0wr. Mrs. KoWn. lire. Shattuck and
Miss IeoMinl.
The next ineetlng will be held nt
the home of Mre. Leonard ou Setur-
day, February 21st.
W. T. Van Dervoor was ovor from
bis Pine oroek ranch this week and
reports the highest water In that
actlon In years.
,' j.'ajic
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Rnport Encouia'jinK; Beef
Cattle Average Higher.
A coiiflderablo increase lu hog
, roiluctloii next fall, mid n corn aero
go about tho name nit In 11)24 nro
recommended by the Dnltod States
Department of Agriculture lu thu
ifcotid set Hon of IN minimi outlook
report Just roteoMcd.
Hoof cntllo prices tlilo year "should
sveruge somewhat higher than lust
year, mid Hioho for sheep mid wool
should bo nt least on a par with
thoHo 1024, tho report says.
Dairymen are urged to mako no
further expansion In their Industry.
Higher egg prices may bo cxpoctod
during thu season of flush produc
tion this year than Inst, but poultry
prlccn mny bo lower.
"Hog producers," tho report enys,
"enter 102C with 18 per cent fower
hogs than a your ago mid there Is
every Indication that prices during
the next 18 months will bo higher
ihuu nt any time since 1920. Six to
eight million fewer plgo will bo born
thin spring thnn last spring. Fowor
sows will farrow next rati thnn far
rowed last fall If producers respond
to tho unfavorable relation of corn
and hog prices as thoy buvo done in
tho past.
"Whllo tho 1024 corn crop will
probably be well cleaned up nn In
creased acreage in 102C docs not np
pear ndvlsnhlo In vlow of thu Indi
cated reduction In the focdlng do
tnand. Stocks or old corn on farms
are likely to be smaller than usunl
In the beginning of tho now crop
oar 1026. but It appears that not
more than an average crop will bo re
quired to supply tho needs of tho
country from both feed nnd comtner-
rlel purposes.
Illclier Hoi.f Cnltle Prlcei Hxpcctol
Prices for heof cattle for 1025
should average somewhat higher
than ror 1924. The Industry Is
gradually working Into u moro favor
able poaltlou du to the relation or
beef to competing fomutodltlea, es
pecially perk: Improved Industrial
conditions, and In no small ineeeuro
to i Ik- cattleman's own sorrlfloos.
M-irkH receipts will probably ho
eomewhul wmaller than In 1014. All
conditions Indicate that tbe long
time outlook for tbe Industry la ovun
more favorable.
AdvlM's A go I nut !&pmiHloii In Dairy
"Further oxpeualon In dairying lu
1015 seems Inadvisable. A recovery
lu prices of dairy produota could
hardly be oxpeetod should tho num
ber of milk cows b further In
creased. Domestic production appears
adequate, and tho foreign dairy sit
uation Is such as to keep world mar
ket prices low and thus limit tho
height to which our huttor prlccn
can rise without bringing In foreign
Favorable Out look for Sheep, Wool
"ProtfpoctH for tho shoop Industry
In 1025 appear favorable. Tho world
wool outlook nnd tho prospective
meat tiltuatlon lu this country prom
ise prices for 102K nt lonst ou u
par with those of 1024. Tlioro docs
not appear to ho any Immodliito
danger' of overproduction, ns tho lu
cruuHo in the niimhor or sheep hna "h
yet been only slight.
Outlook for Poultry '
"The outlook or the poultry lu
duetry during 19SS from the stand
point of market egg prices U favor
able wlille from tbe at'omlpolut ' of
market poultry prices It is not so
e two ii ran I tig. n teems proboblo
Hint higher egg prices will prevail
during the season of fluak uorduc
tlon this year than last. With nn
abnormally large carry-over of dress
mi poultry lu storage it eeeuie prob
able tlmt lower prices on market
poultry mny prevail for at lenat tho
flret half of tho yeur.
"Tlioro nro ns many horses mid
mules of working age ou fnruu as
will bo noodod for tho coming Reason,
and nvernvo prices of work atock
aro lower than they wore n yunr ago.
A dooldod doorcase In colt produc
tion during tho past few yoarn, how
ever, pivlnts to a future shortago of
good work atonic. This shortago 13
Ulkoly to ho acute during tho tlmo
that colts foalod this your and next,
or oven young horaqa purchased now
BXJ94U!.1 U uuljsorvlco."
L2,v .Ji.