The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, June 14, 1924, Image 1

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    JUNE 7, ?
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1 'Wt'1' ,N
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NO. 32
Befal it
Equipment and Work Force
Old Timers Program Include
Speeches, Music, Picnic Din
ncr, Sports, Dancing.
Thn nrocram Is arranged for thu
l " '
fathering oi mo iinruoy county
'pioneers at thulr annual reunion to
day It Is hoped the weather may
prove favorable and that tho old tim
er moy again have thulr usual Kood
time and hnvo u happy visit with
rtb other. Thu dinner In going to
be well served and of a character
that will tompt tho appetite of every
body. One thing that will mur thu pleas
ore of tho day In that William Han
y, tho president of thu association,
Ii 111 at Han Francisco and unable to
bo present. However, tho bent wishes
of the pioneers will go to Mr. Han
ky with the wlnh for a speedy recov
ery. V. U D Dodson, manager of the
Portland Chamber of Commerce, will
If, bo honor guest or tnu ocenmou ui
Ibis reunion, coming to us from his
busy life with inspiration and bene
ficial suggootlons an to buttering our
conditions. Mr. Dodsou h one of
the able men of thin statu attd huH
kd a moot active career from thu
time ho enlisted as a volunteer in
Ibe Spanish-American war which
was followed by newspaper activity
and association with the civic and
Improvement bodies of this ntato. Mr.
Dodsou wns n resldont of Harney
connty at one tlmu and luu never
lost his Interest with thu problems
of this big territory, nor has ho over
overlooked an opportunity to glv
aid whenever thu tlmu permitted. Ho
has never turned down an appeal
Irom his friends In this scutlon when
hie strike were solicited In further
ing th development of thlH section.
Mr Dodson played no small part In
Kettlng the timber iiwf railroad ac
tivity started thut is now Hearing
Local speakers and unterlalners
will hleo appear on the program and
the day will be filled with onjoy
rac, for the men and women who
hav livs fl in this county for so many
year Thc-so plonoors now number
Into the hundreds. At tho tlmu tho
ahsotla'lon wns formed thero were
many less but each year moro aro
added to the roster, ns all who have
resided in tho county for 30 years or
moro aro eligible to membership. Wo
now have soveral "babies" to add
each year
Tho program is so arranged that
It is hoped tho principal numbers
may all bo given before tho lunch
hour It Ih suggested that thu picnic
dinner bo prepared for serving at 1
o'clock instead of at 12 as orlginnlly
planned, thus giving tlmo for all tho
busing and speakers before,
An Interesting program by thu
fblldnr hnu been arranged for tho
afternoon, cither to prorcdu or fol
low sports.
' iurts commltteo havw pro-
ral contests to bo oompot
'he plonoors with Hultublo'
a for osoli ovout liy oma
. rn
v iilng a fre danoo Is pro-
': visitors at Tonuwftum
Mojo inunlc ind the old
will " ii. order, It U
iv ii i umber of fiddlers
. 1 r
i i
' 11 -I'Ml M0 1IIU310.
.ill uo the usual picture
.i iht Liberty Thontra for
J-:dr to uttoad it. Taoni-
i will be seen, on tb
"Wornan I'roof." ThlH n
uro with some vury laugh
tions. I'rogiarn Pioneer Itc-Unlon
:30 A. M.
to order "William Hanloy
Community Ringing America
Iavoc .tlon ...Mra. H. II. Rccd
Quut'tl. Hyrd, Leonard, Wolcomo,
Addr. Ha of Wolcomo, .Mayor, W. H.
Orchestra flolectlon, Wolcomo, Foloy,
Caldwell, Tteod, Wolcomo, Ilocd,
Miller. ,
Vocal Solo ,....,v..Claronco Luckoy
Address W. D. D. Dodaon
Vocal Solo Marjorlo Clnrlc
Old Fashioned Hooltaliou, Mrs. Geo.
Vocal Solo Doll Iluyos
IMano 8olo Unynioml Vocgtly
Address II. M. Horton
Duet . .. .Mrs. ttud Miss Luonnrd
Vowil Solo 01ms. 11. Foley
Address . .Judge Grant Thompson
Vocal Solo . .Mrs. Nolllo F. Hood
Tho Happy Vnfley Tragedy, Head by
James J, Donognn.
Vocal Solo .Mrs. Alfred C. Welcome
Election of Officers
Community Singing, Auld Lang Syno
Program for afternoon during or
after tho sporls.
Song and dance . Hart oil Williams
Whistling Solo Mnrgnrot Wolcomo
Song Norma Smith
Old Time Dnnco, Dorothy !aonaril,
Doris Hotchklss.
Song Vertnllu Klrhnrdnou
Duet, Juno Thompson. Arlena Jnmc-
Night, pioneer dattco.
Whiskey Gulch. June Dth, IU2I.
Mr. Julian Hyrd,
Camp Harney, Ore.
Dear Partner:
Have not had a chance to write to
you for nearly a year now. Ai Loulu
Woldenburg Is going to tako the
mall over thoru will send you u lino,
Hope that you got It this tlmo Thu
last time Loulu went over tho Indians
caught him nnd nenlped him and ho
was left for dead. Hu U all right
now and don seem to be afraid to
Our claims look fine yet. have
worked out one of thorn nnd hopo
that you got your returns for part
from the Wulls Fargo people In The
Dalles. I have continued to send It
lii there In preference to holding It
hero with thu chance of robber;'. I
don't seo why you won't roino over
and help movit our derrick wheel
down on tho lower claim. It is hard
to get labor here now I hired two
fellows tho other day and thoy both
quit ns soon as they had an ounce of
dust a piece. One was u Oeo. Cawl
field and the other one I hnvo for
gotten his name, I hey were both
from tho Narrows somn where down
south, both had that southern dialect
and were good Judges or whiskey,
they didn't seem to care much about
the cpiallty tho at that. They weru
mighty good fellows but did not Ilko
to stick In one place too long I guess.
I hIIII have tho rest of thu old
crew, drover Jameson, Urnost Music
and Churllo Loggan. Thoy still spend
all tholr dust and show up broke
overy Monday morning. The iluiico
halls got thulr goat for a fact. I
will say for them though that thoy
spend their tlmo In the moro decent
of the two halls, the uppor one, as
you know is protty high class.
A fellow by tho unmo of Don
Drown Is hero and going to Btart n
ntoro I understand. Ho is a (Ino ap
pearing man and acts Ilko ho meant
business, says ho will cut prices
which Is good news to tho hotel hero,
fifty dollars a sack for flour Is sure .
some jirlco.
Waldo Geer. Archie McGownn and
Nolllo nocMl. the young follows who
have tho claims noxt to ours hnvo
had Monuo kind of a row, I think It
wii ovr that UUlo lrl who ?lt oil
table In Jttkan Pine. I think that
Arcltto vm 0,,t of nit but trlod to.
separate thu other two am) after thoy j
had bath hit hhW a few times he got
mad too and thoy all got skinned up .
considerable. Thuy are all working
Logftluor now ajflu und I uiiflentunid
the girl married n fellow by the
naaae of Co tad, Roduoy I think 1" his
flrut naina, you no doubt romeuiher
him as ho works for Ike Ileus u In i
thd store. That will nettle tho row
between the partuoru I guess.
Tho minora nro going to hnvo some
kind of a celebration hero In Juno
10-20-21 and If you can got hold of
Barnes, Douognn nnd some of tho
rest of thn bunch, wlnh you would
bring thorn over.
Hoping to roo you soon, I am
10, A. Wimp, of Itcdmond, is again
in Hums. Ho was hero n fow wnalcs
ago and was favorably impressed J
with tho prospects of casting hie lot j
with ub and now ho contomplatos ro-1
malnlng. Mr, Wimp la an oloctvlclnn,
Assembling to
Fcisability of Method for Irriga
tion Proven by Test on H. J.
Hansen Place Thursday.
An Interesting pumping demon
Htratlnu Is being conducted at the
II. J. Hansen farm adjoining town.
Fred Goyt of the HuriiH Garage Is
supervising It and the demonstration
has proven of vast hnuoflt In what
may ho done with pumping Tor Irri
gation. A Fordsou tractor Is used for
power with a six-Inch centrifugal
pump raising water II feet from
tho excavation made at the gravel
pit. Thu water In pumped ul the rate
of 1200 gallons a minute and It
comes nut with a good head cover
ing a large acreage. Its feasibility
Is assured from a test covering 1C
hours. Tho water waii lowered con
siderable at first hut there is an
abundnnco for tho purpose nnd thu
plant Is capable of taking care of at
least 200 ncres.
It In estimated that snub a plant
would cost in tho neighborhood of
H.fiO an acre figuring depreciation,
Interent on thu Investment, fuel, elo.
Mr. Hansen in well pleased with the
showing made and the experiment
has been witnessed by many who are
intereidcd In this method of Irriga
tion who aru encouraged.
Thero Is a vast acreage In thin val
ley that could be Irrigated by this
An attempt to hold a meeting of
tho guarantors for tho coming Chan
tauaua at tho Liberty Theatre last
Tuesday evening was not successful
as hut few wore present. Tho 1 1 him
Is short In which In organize and get
tho ticket sale startod, therefore It
In Important that the guarantors and
nil others Interested attend a meet
ing railed for next Tuesday evening
nl 7:.'t0 to make a permanent or
ganization for this season. Please
remember this mooting.
M. J. Comegys was a visitor to our
town during this week
0ORAy frSR
r II II '" I' II
U. . v . ...-. . - x-Mrfv .fJ f . "I riA
courts wmiouT r(fi
its. tur.v.s r s Til& Key riOTu A j
"A H -fj-n, , Tift ih Vwl is I Jirt'lK Avffilf'
o- wV hote-u cievaAND W (fi MSI
I r-rC.r,fcV.XAtcucv0D . $$iku OWC-R-. Vy,
Start Track
Flames Break Out Afresh After
Smouldering for Weeks and
Destroy More Hay.
The fire that started sevuial weeks
ogo and resulted In burning over a
big area of territory on the south
border of Malheur lake, destroying
I uiueh hn and pasture nnd also eon-
sumlug xpvurnl ranch houses and
burns, has broken out again this
week and done moro damage.
The exceedingly dry noasoii Ib re
sponsible for thn lake not filling up
as Is iMtial' in ordinary years, thus
leaving the peat soil very dry and It
Is almost Impossible to put out a
fire when onco started without flood-
lug and this Is Impossible this sea-
sou Tim original flro in reported to
have been of Incendiary origin by
some spiteful person nnd It has prov -
en disastrous to many rancher hor
derlng thu lake as It hns not only
dlstroyed much hay that Is needed
for next winter, hut also burned tho
soil to such an extent that It is
worthless for an ludutlnltu time.
From Information received yester
day It Is found tho flro has covered
an area of at leant twenty miles one
way by eight thu other. It has been
subdued In thu vicinity of Narrows
but han spread east toward Lawen
and has rousumed much hay and
threatens more, although tho sltua-
tlon Is reported better at tho tlmu
this Is written Friday. There aro u
number of mben now flghtlu,; flro
i and good results aru being had, Tho
I Pacific Live Stock Co. has placed a
targe number of men in the Swan
lake section and with favorable
weather renditions It Is hoped to
i.uhdtie the flariiH and keep the flro
within bounds. However, should n
high wind again prevail It Is likely
to spread over a great nren and do
much damage.
Just last wool; two rancher stock
men of tho lake neighborhood nro
reported to havo said they were
"silting pretty" with plenty of hay
for the coming wlntor nnd some to
pure Today those two men nrn
vvithrut any hay and no prospect for
new bay this season hocuuso of lark
of water for the meadows,
- A. M - -
Laying on Extension at Onc&
i Ui
Mfi r:r-
Calvin Coolldgo wan nominal
M for president at the irpuhll
can national convention at
Cleveland on Thursday. Sen
ator Kenjoii of Iowa and Sen
ator Wntwin of Indlitiiu had
been formerly placed licfor the
convention tin candidate for
vice pnvddcnt but no vote Ink
en. 1'p (4) the tlmo IliU Im trf
leu l-'riday afternoon, no word
had beon n velvet as to who
Iiun Itc4'ii chosen lo run tltli
The marriage o( Ioroy Johnson
and Miss Marie Parker last Saturday
uveulng was a union of two of the
r0ldont ploneor fnmllleit In Harney
j county. Leroy Is tho son of Mr, and
) .Mm. Lloyd Johnson while Ids bride
. jn thu daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luto
Parker. Thu ceremony was perform
ed by Hev. II. W. Shnvor of tho Nhj;
nrono church and the wedding tcok
place nt thu home of Loroy'n sister,
Mrs. II. A. Pickens. Only the par
untn of thu two and Mr. and Mrs.
Plckeuu witnessed the ceremony.
Leroy Is a member of The Tlinos
llerald staff where he is becoming
quite proficient In thu mechanical
department; his bride attended the
llaurey county high school lust year
and Is a very attractive young lady.
Owing to the boss having made all
arrangements to be absent from the
shop for a portion of this week Leroy
and his bride did not take an extend
ed honeymoon trip, as hu felt he
should be on ihu job, thoreforo (bey
only went to thu ranch homo of his
parents in or the weekend. Tho wed
ding wan something of a urprino u,
the boss as he know nothing of the
affair until afterwards, otherwise he
might have given him a little InyoiT
The young couple are making 'ir
rnugemouis to begin houekepliK mi
once In this city.
Mn. ('has. Clark, formerly MIhh
Clariudu Darsey, was given a shower
at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Homer
Heed Thursday evening whore a
uumer of her school friends usscm
led. Sho received a nice lot of pres
ents. Refreshments wero served.
" .
f I
. WNf,V tferl
Plan Celebration When Line jSs
Completed to Burns; Datev
Some Time in July.
Tho Times-Herald has defltilto lft
formation that tho laying of stouLk
tweuu Crane and Hums will beclt
next week. Thu Morrluou-KnuUeR
Co., general railroad contractor oO
lloliie, have been awarded tho ca
While thu bullotlris havu boft
posted for n work train out of Cr&at
on Monday morning, It is possible
that tho assembling of oqulpmealtf
may not allow for actlvo work to -gin
on that dato but assurances arfe
given that thu steel will bo placed mo
thu gradu somo tlmu duclnc tv
This is curtalnly encouraging- news
to thu citizens of thin big country
It will at onco silence thu Inntdle
gossip of uncertainty that ban cau9
so much anxiety In tho past raw
weeks nnd people will tako heart.
Tho Improvements, both public aaCi
private, thut havo been hold in ahr
ance will start with vlgor.u,nd ta
people will bo ready to get hohtarii
activities that will tond to- roali'.
Hums u butter town. Tho mills wHfc'
bo erected as soon as practical arter
transportation Is provided to hrlntr.
In tho material necessavy.
The grading will heenmo actlvo oat
up toward thu timber with tho com
pletion of the rails to llunitf tbr
track being laid up to tho poImes
where It Is desired to use the Hteasu
The same equipment will llkoly he
kept on tho Job after tho steol It to Il.irus. lueliidlng tho bias
ing uUHrtprs. whlrh It U understood
will bv of the box ear typf, thus tux
nlshtng comfortablo (nmrtera ttxr-
crews during thu cold weather thfi
winter uhen work will be prnsocuS
ed. Unavoidable elreuniHtanrus o-n7
IncliUnt have been responsible; twr
thu delay lu starting this work esp
to the prcreut tlmu, hut haw
all been overcome and now tho Giv
ing of seel will go forward.
Just how long It will requlru- Uv
cnmpelte this work to Iturus has not
been ascertained, but It will bsr
knowu soon when It Is tho iutoutioj
of tho citizens or llurns to arrange
for a celebration when prominent
men from all over the country will htr
Invited to our town to help male It
a memorable occasion. This wilt &cr
given detailed attention at tho propt
er time.
It has been decided to forego nn.i'
celebration of the 4 th of July as hasi
been the custom for so many years.
The Chuutuuqua datos aro July 7-1X
and this' wns another reason for ns
having a colobratlon on thu -Ith, corn
ing so close.
o -
The woddlttb' or Htrry IMev -m.
Miss Hilda Thnruburg wns soinun
Ittfl last Sunday at tho home of tit
bride's paronU. Mr. and Mr Cnv.'
Thornburg. The euremony -at- uir
foruiMl by Uv, C V Wtorbou-s ;
th llaiittst oaurch m the presc.u - s"
tho iuraedlate family Of the br(.
Mr. Hlloy cxae hero last year n .i.
Ilend uud has sinca had charto -i
Hip repair dontrluieut of thu Scrviti;
Clrao. Hu is an exeprtanced k.--
clmntc ud Is proparnifr to open u
now tfaravu hi the IniuitjtUuto futur.
having seouvod tho looat reproaaotii
tlon of tho Oldsmobllo.
Hln brldo la a charming youoer
lady who has boon nttondlng tfcc
Ilarnoy county high school. Sh Jsr
a momlior of ono of tho oldest Tfpn
ocr fnmlllos In this coctlon.
Thu nowlyweda loft Monday moro'
Inir In tholr car by way of Bend for,
Portland whoro thoy will nttond fhu
Itoso fcstlvnl and cxpoct to ho $
homo soon In this city.
Cal Clomons and little 3oir are.'
horo from Pendleton visiting wttto
homo folks and looking after busi
ness niattors.