The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, May 24, 1924, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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rAOE 4
T II H TIMBH-IIRltAliD 11 If It N B , II A It N K Y OOUN 'V V O B H fl O S
Haturdajr.MaySI, lf21.
njn iwn'ir'wiwl ifo pi7Pimuuiflt i
crowds are feono,.
Kor It stnndu for ii false deed do
And It's lienor you novor should
roach your goal
TIiiiii over nuccoas to buy
You Can Build Your Own Home
Just Like Paying Rent
At ii price of knowing down In yo
That your glory In nil u Ho
Jaeeeeeeeeeeeel "' aeeeeeeeeeemBal' BeeeeeeeeeeeeeaeMM'.aBeel
Lots 50 x 100 ft. On easy terms
Inland Empire Realty Co.
Albert A. Traugott, Prop.
Phone 30 W Burns, Oregon
Tlio California Jubilee uH-Blar Quartet
Mborty Theatre, Mny 30-31
futida Tor completing it hIiiiII bo rnls
ed. J. V, iiiaos,
"JWfMDWM t!jrwmtmxm.iui 1
The Times-Herald
aim Tli ii Largest Circulation Of Any
fcspiiper In llnmoy County.
kkhschmtion maths
On vnr
Six .Months
Siifunliiy, Alti) ill, lUUI.
JHl'HNS.rtVVON oirv
.: ivMrvw l helping them upon tlio to Imuo liomU to liulld ronds tlmn It
piece of road which In being built i f(, ., ,.,... .......
.... ... . . . . i M ",r "" otlior purpose. Croat ng
thli ytiur. When this In oomplotoil , , , . ,h
It will connect uh dlroolly with the , H" '" b"i for wasteful pur-
John Day Highway at Canyon Oily. ' "UT. .V ma' ""l """'
A ehort''ttme nu Mr. Klud of tho
I'oruet Horvlo of John n.iy met with
o number of people of tlil commun
Ity for the intrpoM of discussing tlio
building of ii road from Hunt north
to the CJraut Comity lino. About half
f thin road I roust rurled through
the Malhnur Nutloii4l FWeet Ile
xKrvM, the otlior half of the rond be
ing onteldc of the reserve. The for
itt ini-vl. hiu been taking quite hii
Active interest dttrlug th last taw
ynw in building rojida within the
rverv' or assisting hi building raula
Kbit i iii u manner will develop
-jthelr ritinri)i' . Mr. Mod hluiHlf In
not In potUti'.i to statu uxuctly
what Hie forest aeiviie roubl and
would do upon It, ut In satisfied they
will help very materially.
This la n road at thin tlino which
ta very iiej'ossary to have completed,
nd will bo or great benefit to this
country In the very near future. Tho
opening and developing of the tlm
'Aicr through this section will bo tho
Sargent asset to Harney County for
.Uiu ii cu few yearn, and will bo a
threat help to uh In other Hues of do
rvolopraent. raat County la now nt work
building from Canyon City to tho
Tlnrncjr County lino and the for-
whloh will put uh lu direct cotitiniin
Icntlou by highway both ennt mid
went, uh It In the quickest way from
Hurna to Portland and will only be a
Ffh.t tnll.iu fnrtliri ffftm tlllfllti t.
i!W.0li I Outarlo.
i mi
. ..m... .1.... ..t.... I.... ..r .i. ...!...
i iiu iiuuuiiiiK in iii jiuiuur nm
oaiiMD that lo be lined very muuh lo
imlly and whllu the foroat nmuivu
ulllolnlii nro lu tho mood to modul, I
I think that It would bo n good Idea.'
to km ihat tills is put through, lu
tho duvaloplug of tho forest a largo
amount of money will he turned ovor
to thin county for road purpoat'K,
and It cnu ho nrrouged no thai tho
f iitulH rciiolved from that may bo
used in paying off any liidohtoduoM
cauaoil hi thfa time In the construe
Hon of thla rond. Tho road oaii bo
flthor built by tu putting up lu caah
our purl of the eonxtriietlon. or wo
pn Imuo bonds and pay off thwu
bonds with tha vxiwfa earnings
brought in from ilia forant rasurvo.
Dmlng the laat few years-tho re-
ipi to thla county for road pur
potM from tha forest has been on
an averagw of about five or six thou
sand dollars a your. Mr. Iliad hm
(iin.ttnil that a kooii iih tho sawmill
wa.i put Into opurntlon that this
county would romilvo about thirty
thousand dollars a year, so Hi ix-crx-i
carulugM caused by developing
tho forest would very soon pay off
any part of tho IndobtodnoxH which
wo havo.
Tho question nrlscs as to which
would bo tho better way to build
tho rond; to levy taxes sufficient to
puy our part at once or to lime
bonds and moot thoso bonds out of
tho excess receipts from tho forest
rcsorve, I know that tho Issuing
of bonds In a thing that should be
carefully guarded but I do not think
that ft is any worso upon the peoplo
rrnl!'ig tin Indebtedness from which
I you got n good Investment Is very of
ten good business Judgment. It has
buwu stated that this county has
gono so far without Issuing bonded
liuU'bti'dnoBs. As a county that Is n
fuel, hut we have Issued bonds fyr n
good many other purposes, and lonui
of thoso 4nds are still outstanding.
Wf have constructed a considerable
iiiIImi;o of good roads during tho '
Ut few yers, and havo paid our
part of that by direct taxation oach -year,
and It U qiioHtlounhlo In my '
mind at this time iih to whether wi '
have used tho wise plan In doing
that. Thoso who Issued bod ns havo
twenty to thirty years lu which lo
pay tlioiu lu. but wo who paid lu
cash have had to pay thoso direct !
iaa each your during (ho
hardest year wo havo over hud, and
I believe that wo. as a wholo. would
have heMi better off hud wo Issued
bonds for part of this work Instoad
of Mug eompolled to pny nnsh In
taxes for It uaeh ytwir, ami oeiim.
lally as hard as tha lust three or four
tsars hnve been to pay taxes.
Tho big vote that (Irani county
guvo to (loo. JO, Davlii, for Joint son
ator wuh based upon his personal tic
qtialutaiice nud many frluudshliui ho
has lu the county; as a result of his
long residence lu Cnnyon City and
during tho ycarH ho served as circuit
Judge. It was by no means a re
flection ngnlnst liln opponent Charles
Kills of Hums. Mr. Kills mudo o
fluq record ns n Joint senator for
both Grunt nud Hnrnoy, and ho Is
all that any county or people can ex
port or havo nuy right to expect. He
Is a man of high standing and a flno
type He was Just up against a lot
of voters who had known Judge
Davis for many years and between
whom tholr existed u personal friend
idilp, that wiir stronger than any pol
itical Issue. Many voters lu (Irani
regretted hey did not hnve tho op-
portunliy to vole for both of thos
mvn Aiuinugii uie vote m unuu
might h n illaRppulntuieut to Mr.
Kills tt Home eoiiaolatlou to know
ttini it wiM not due to any of his de
t rlfft tour, o rpollllcal misconduct,
and sumo time in the future Ornut
county might have the opportunity
to help to bustow somo political hon
or upon hint for ho bus shown him
half u' man wotrh while. Hluo Mt.
." o
'Well Able to YitUc Care of Pord M.Ubns
N'o Ono. keenly nllvo to human re
lationships and Influences, onn help
to rogrot, that men occupying exalted
positions of honor mid trust, notably
suuh men ng former Hcrcotary of
tho Interior Albert ll. Fall, tho late
Governor of Indiana, Colonel Forbes
of the Veterans bureau, and In our
own state. Judge Grant ll. Dlmich.
for the sako of greed and gain ho
far forgets themselves' that from the
plnaelo of honor nud trust the very
next step Is Into the penitentiary nud
oblivion, thus rocking the faith In
humanity to tho very foundation,
causing disgrace, sorrow mid want.
"Tho Hotter Way" a poem quoted lu
Detroit Free Press. Is timely:
Nrv, i It Is better to lose with a conscience
Thau win by n trick unfair;
It lr better to fall and to know
you've haou,
Whnlovpr the prfao was. square,
Thau to claim the Joy of tho fnr-oir
And the cheers of tlwi atiuiitiirii-tiv.
I'hore Is no question about thla ' a.,,1 , klIOW .i,..,,,. ,.. ltI ,.. In.
road being a uucosslty at this time.
Thoto Is no question about Ihu foroat ,
roserve work being first chus and i
that they have built roads better and I
cheaper than any other national or
statu organization. I do not think
.that wo should let this die, but
should koep It stirred up until wo
got this road under way and built, ;
but I do bollovo that wo should con-'
sldcr carofully prior to that how tho I
most soul
A cheat you must live and die.
Savings for Old and Young
"Your Horn U-tHiilion'
Abstracts of Title
Insurance-Fire and Auto
Building: Loans Surety
Phone No. 63W
Burns, Oregon
Now location In Reed Building
adjoining Masonic Building
"WTfMWMWWMfflMMndawMejH ....lf
l.dael t'ord, son ol Ifeny Ford, who la ovory day tnklnft on
r.'l'Uf. -iml rciponalbllities in tha otlvo jianagemiitit of tho Ford in-
'i' Ulus, has fnlieritcd the l;cicn buslncsH mind of Ids famous dad, say
IndUbtiitU giahtsi who nccntly hud the opportunity to utudy him in
action. l'!iot in n u-t. . pk.u.e of Edacl Foj J and hln wife,
Wnt, Farre
Representing the American National
Also the big and popular
Pennsylvania and Firemcns Fund
American Fire Iiinurance Companten
Will Appreciate your
Who wins by it trick tuny tnko tho
And at rlrst ho may think It lH
Hut many n day In thefutttro Ilea
Whun ho'll wish ho had met do
feat, Fo rthu man who lost shall be glad
nt heart
And walk with hiu hoad up high,
While bin conqueror knows ho must
play tho part
Of chant and living lie.
The prize seems fair when tha fight
Is on,
Hut save It Is truly won
You will hate tho thing when tho
Burns Agents
Registered and Grad
High Class Milk Totted
All T. B. Tested Frcah and
Soon to Freshen Covs Now
On Hand.
Increase your cream check
by making your dairy herd
high class cows.
Willis Rounsevellc
Burn, Oregon
ink !j&gl99
An- dangerous i.eii's. 'Ihcj Hn-K,
letroy mid poison things that art
, Hut mIhmi you feed them IMT S.VAr
mid they crave for It ns a cat d
cnt-nlji It l absolutely 01 AIWX.
I TKKI) lo ld j on of all rats and ink,
! WmCOOK. Sons
I sa. "i mi plcahcd to ntnte wc cm.
slilcr ltAT-HNAI N. without dune
tho bcxt Hat mid Mouse ivtcrra!.
tor wo Imto ever icd. It doci ALL
j on claim ami moro too," Tarn
Klcs lirtr, 0c, ?l.2.-. HAT-8.V.1T
will Kill
Ui J , , , W:fi& .
Harry S. Stone
Olllce hours 2 to C P. M.
Other hours by uppolntmout
mill Icavo no iuell.
Kohl xi ikI guaranteed by Heed llrmfcl
ors, mid I. K. Gccr - Co.
Dr. Karl Norvall
y s i c i an
Mcchano Therophy
Elccric Theraphy
Office Over Postoffk
Burns, Oregon
Livestock Commission
Cattle, Skep, Wool, Hay
Btirns, Orc
Alpine Ice Cream
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Made from Harney Co. Products
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and get the best
Special prices to Picnins, Parties
Churches and Lodges
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