The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 02, 1920, Page Page Five, Image 5

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    .SiO'f Kv. Ootnlior 2, 1020.
T II 10 T I M H H II K It A 1) 1) II if U N H , II A II N M Y' COUNTY O It K (ION
I'ajCO Flr
O.m'tir Howim wiin In town during
tho week from Cntlow. llo wuh mi
liitoroittod nUomliiUt at tlio fulr ami
liioldenlally ncomod lo "nhy around"
the m'liool "ma'aniH" at tho liiHtltuto.
Win, Uuthorfonl, fonnorly u real-: and conluionliitOB roturulllK to Toxun ho killed n man but dooa not lull him
dont of Cntlow, la In thin nnrt of) for tho winter. ' who It wan. nut ho dooa loll tho
tho country after an extoudnd ul
itunco. llo hua buou In dlrferont unrtH
of tho eounly alncu loavlui; hero
Fall and Winter Dry Goods
Furnishings-New Slock
Shoes, Sox
, prion! that ho murdurod tho man bo
ciutlio tho victim had betrayed IiIh
alHter, After Duniont had aworn ho
would mnko roparatlon If tho crime
foil upon the nliouiilom of another,
Dumout In nbsolvod by Katller Hart
lett and luiivoa,
Junt iih Kate Crol;hton la riiiliililoi;
tho atory of her quarrol with Tom,
Tom cdiiiuk Into tho room badly
fr'lfhtoiind and tolla liln mother,
brother una Hweethe'art that (irolish
ton ban been killed and that he ban
been nccUHod of tho crime.
mi... m. . ...... j .. ,,...,..
A....,, ..... .. i in) nuui in vuiiii.'h u; iiimi iiiimu
Leather Vests " . i... .. m b0 m,.. :vul ,i.l!.hmiK(i ,K,u',,or n,:r!,olt ,tno:VH
Cnrtlinalu Approve Screen
Piny That Appear al
Liberty Next Week.
erly Thontre on next Thur.ulny and
Friday. It ban the approval of aneh
eminent authnrltloo aa Jamea Curtllii-
fcmQ T-Tnl c 1,1 (,,W,,0I,B' ,,n,, Oaddlnal Mereler,
JcLJo. .Llclto tho horole Prolate of llolijluin, eom-
ni i ' rp. nioml and approve a play It mux! lu
UilirtS, J. leS l,w f unperlor (jiiallty and of
all Dilute nxantlv correct an lo trutli
UnClerWCar minima and detail. Much approval Iiuh
I liuon kithii uy nmil l TOO COIIIOH
! alon" wrltlen by llal Hold, tho aiilb
or of morH nurriful plays than anr
t-x-j -j i . othnr llvih writer.
JjlanlCetS 'H furtliormoio ban the full appro
vul of Ari'hblnhop OlirlBtlo of Oruuoii.
Auto .Robes 1 w,iu suyH: ,,iIii, 1110 i,,,'i,foy
: 'The CouftHHlon' vividly portrayH the
Inviolability of the mm I of Hucramen
lal CoufonHlon."
It In probable that no feature pro
ductlou of rereut yearn ombodloH im
many merltorloun featured nn dnn
thin photoplay. It In full of thrllllni;
dnunatln InctdoutH. IMny room are
Koln to ntlaa ono of tho fluent pro
line! tona over noon In Huron If tboy
fall to wltnena thin picture. Tho ntory
In UiIh:
htmiiv (!' "Tin-: coxi.'i:hhion"
"Tho Cnnrnnnlon" Ih a urlppliiK
ntory of tho CHiiadlau Northwent
wrliun In uvn tlirlllliiK r"U with
Traveling Bags
Trunks i
Navajo Blankets
Burns Cash Store
In Oils and Gas
To reduce our stock we offer
For Cash
Veedol Oil Per Gal.
Liberal Discount on Access-
that Dumout In the nutlty man, ho
doeH not Indicate hbi kuowlod;e and
Tom Ih taken to prlHou.
i DurliiK tho trial Dumout tontlflea
that Tom nhot Cr(ili?lilou. Father
llarlett Ih placed upon the Htand. and
refiiHoM to islvo ally Information at) to
what happonod In tho ootifoHMloutil or
what Uumont until. Tom In eonvlel
ed and tho loutence of iIpuIIi In pro
iioiiiicihI. Michael Miiceeedn In kuUIiii; men
of the town to try to effttiil Toin'n
oHenpB. An they are battorliiK down
the door or Ihu Jail, Father Imrtlott
nukn them to leave and lot law ami
crtler prevail an (led In III i Infinite
merey will not allow an Innocent
man to nurfor.
Father Ilartlett vlnltn bin brother
In If coll. Tom neUen tho pried,
chokes him and tnnken bin OHcapo.
Whllo on the way ho cornea In con
taut with Dumout and there Ih a tor
rlble flKht, but Dumout Auccocdn In
loidcklnK Tom unronticlnun. Father
11.1,1 it tt HUHpeelo.1 'l m bad o'n ')
to Canada and followed'hlm, but be
fore he could reach him, a mem
ber of tho iNorttiwimt Moonuul Po
lice rapturon Tom and tnhoi him
back to tho ntnton.
Wltllo the prlojtt In lookltif; fur III
I nomontoud lOutry, No. OOOiWl, for
, BM Vi NM 'i , H'HIOi,. Sec. 7; N104
NMV4, Hectlon 18, TowiihIiIp 20 H.,
HaiiKo 20 10., Willamette Meridian,
ban riled notice of Intention to make
Final throo-yoar Proof, to oHtnbllHh
claim to the land above doHcrlbed,
hororo Heliiler ami Hecolvor, at
Ilurnn, OroKon, on tho 4th day or
November, 1020.
Claimant namen an wltuoHmm:
Arthur A. Tipton, or Ilurnn, Oro
Kon, and Theodore .Totloy A, O. Voll
mer. and Manuol HandorH. all of
wnrrowH, nrei;on,
V. (I. OOZAI), HetclHtor.
For Hon!-!)00 acres or fjood pnn
turo w,th plenty or water. AddreHii
Francla Orlllln, Narroww, Oregon.
Mil , tyM
In the Matlcr of the rotate or Har
riett K. WatHon, DecoaHcd.
Notice Ih hereby kIvoii that tho
umierlKned admlnlHtralrlx ban riled
In tho ahnvo-entltled court her final '
account aa inieli admlnlMtratrlx and !
that the Court ban appointed Monday ,
win in utiy or Novuinin-r 11)20 at tho
hour of ion o'clock In the forenoon
an the lime and the County Court
lloom in (lie Court Houmo In Ilunm, i
Or!in hh the ilaco for hearing ob-1
eettoiiH to mild account and the 1
Riililoiueui tlicroof. All perHOUH con-'
ornud fir heraby notified to fllo ,
tlirlr lllili'i'lliiliM. In utIIIiii'. it iiiiv .
in h thir l on or beforo the above ""vp your witch fivci baiilcil, Htart
iiHiiiml data, and to appear on mild the obi clock to tlcklni;, not that old
date and nupport nuHi objections 1 plcco or Jewelry In ueaileu onler.
Dated Hoptomhcr 28, 1020. ir,,. ........ ........ m,.. . . i, .
MAItOAUHT HIIAVIJH, H "0 OWr ",M, fl' 0,1 ""
Admx of KHt or Harriott 10. Waton, K1'1' '" M. HAMHIIUKV
Deed, 'Jeweler, optician.
tt wwiith of Atmophr kiu n mroim; iIPO !,,., )l0 comw HUr()Mll i),uniii.i
licurt ltitrMt thnl bold from th
It owi with Fnther UnrtUM.
ninvnl bv irtry Wall ball. In the
library or bin home. A itorm Ik
rtiKlui; Dtilado. Michael, the noxton,
crnred with four and coimclniiH
utr'eken. Dumout ruim from a enbln
and falln from tliw top or a ntnep bill
into the river ludow. I'aMier liar
lett reaction hliu from the water and
Dumout eakn the prlunt lo take blm
will nuroly como up to your oxpocta
tlonii. In fact ir It In your Hrnt order
tho meat will provo a revolution to
you In flavor, tondornoHa and Jucl
Uchu. Wo don't HHk you to take our
word for It. (live un a trial order
and you'll have the i.roof.
In vmt much concerned about the mrk to t, MtnttHthal be will tell
abHouce or Tom llnrtlnt, the iirleHt'n jji0 truth end freo Tom. N
Uitlvei'sal Garagre Co,
brother. In the Htorm. He placen a
lantern outnldo an u jtnldo to Tom
Tom'H mother In alno very much wor
ried and who placea a lamp In the
kltobon window.
Tom Ik really In a naloon drinking,
and with h'm In Jim Crelchton,
brother of Kate ('mlghtou, who In
etiKUKod to Tout. When t'rolKbton
telln Tom h Iuih had oiioukIi to
drink an nrRuine"! follown. They
quarrel and an they are wrentlltu;
about they flidit tbe'r way to the out
nldo, and to a ifttlo patch or woodn.
JoHOph Dumnnt, a Canadian, who ban
been watchl": them. rollown. An
Tom and CrelKbton are flghtlnc It
out. Tom droH h'n kuii. TbU In
picked up by Dumout, who ralHCH It
and hIioIh Cre'uliton
ICate CrHKhton, Toin'n nwcetheart. Hpriini;.
in tho miKint'uio In In the room ( i tttiltuil.
Father Hnrtl tt ttdlhiR him or a
ijtinrrol nho bad with Tom that aftur
noon, and that Hhu had broken tbolr
eiiKacoiueut beuaiiHo ho had refuned
to ntop drinkhiK. Hr brother, hIio
Haiti, bail come upon tho uceuo and
told Tom If he dltl no! kIvo up lliiuor.
ho would breiil bin neck.
Dumout, the Cauadlun, then romoH
to Father Ilartlett ami telln blm he
wautH to make a coufomilnu. Ho nayn
The day or the execution In at
baud and Tom'n mother and nweet
liitri k to the Oovernor but h" r"
fiiHon Id intercede. Father Ilartlett
trlei to Ket Dumout back to the
HlatoH In time to hiivo Tom'n life
Junt rh the black cap Ih about to be
drawn on bin head, tho prlent and
Dumout arrive at tho prlnon.
Dumunt trlen to cnufoHn, but dropit
doatl. TJio warden In about to k
ahead with the execution, but two
of the Ktinrdn had noticed Hint Du
mont wan trylut; to not Homothlm;
out or IiIh pocket when be wan ntrlc
ken. They find a paper in which the
Canadian eoiifuHntm to tho murtler or
Thin U broui;bt to the ncarfcld
Junt an the trap Ih about to be
Tom ami bin family are ro-
Can Supply You
With Everything
- In The
Grocery Line
Farmers Exchange
Burns, Oregon
Hurnn. Oroi;oii, Stplember 20. 1020
NOTICK In heroby Klvon Hint
l.ontur H I. on ir. of lluriiH. OreKou.
who, ou October ilO, 1015. made
llomeHtead Kutry No. 08 It. 'I, ror
N'K 4 . N 4 BK U . BK '4 Sl-J V4 . Section
:io. Towimbip 21 s , ltniiKo an 10.,
Willamette Meridian, Iuih filed not
ice of Intention to mako Final throo
yoar Proof, to OHtnbllHh claim to tho
laud ubovu described, before HorIh
tor uud Hecolvor, at Ilurnn, Oregon,
ou the Cth day of November, 1020.
Claimant minion iih wUuohhuh:
Cecil IrVliiR, Irn DiivIh, Sherman
It. Loiik. and OeorBO W, Taylor nil
of Ilurim, OroKon.
V. 0, CO.AD, ItoBlHter.
Ilurnn, OreKou, Soptember 20, 1020.
NOTICK Ih heroby given that
Itafol Ilermudez, or IluriiH, Oroh'on,
who, ou AiiKUHt 7, 1017, made
M A K V (1 K I I? 1-' I N
Ueiibllcan Cntidldato
V'or Hcbool Hiiperintemlent
I r air prtppc; . nnnn Rnnnc;
A AAA V A 1V1 VAIV - - - Vfc A V- w A- k A
lit nlwny n fnlr wAAtlinr price in our bargain department for grocnrlet.
Como in out of the rain of profiteer. We have nn umbrella with no
lends in it. It pocketbooe proof grocery buying, and ii your oppor
tunity for a Jut return on your money.
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All Work Guaranteed.
Ollli'o with Dr. It, F, Smith
mnrvi n
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Dress Goods
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N. Brown & Sons
mm iT i
iifo I