The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, December 13, 1919, Image 3

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Dt n'y Enid Bennett
Is Society Debutante
h Her New Photoplay
for Your Fun
Sell them to me, and make more money. I
gaurantee to give you 50 cents to .$1.00
more on each hide than any other buyer in
the market.
Save your furs for me.
Beautiful Australian Actr.-
Makes Mojt of Ro'c in "A
Desert Wooing."
Dollghttul En Id Donnott, tho
Thonms II. Ince star who w'U bo "n
In hor now Paramount photo"fn"
"A Desert WooIhr" nt tho. Uborty
Thctitro noxt Wedno3i1ay hni an ii"
usually strong rolo, that of a sncto-
Irl who lator attains lo (.he
monsuro of womanhood ns tho vlfo
of a muMtorful man whom i;ho marries
In order to provldo hor uiothr a
f rloty worn u, with fii"d to "a - j
t n hor high social .ilat'on.
Wlco Uoroton la n product of th
f n Hot, with hor cnnelty for '"-r
d tho holler llilnen of Vfo dwarfed
I HUhducd by her associations and
ti rlni;Im;. Hor mother in noro
uncial straits nnd plain to mnrrv
h r daughter to wcnlth to rohablM
t it licr own fortunes. Avlco s nd
m'red and cynically roturnH the at
t 'ntlonu ot a Dr. Kortosiuo Van Fluot
social parasite. Hilly, hor brother,
h moro or loss of a youiiK waster.
From tho West comes Uurton Mas
ters, n multlmllllonalro copper man
productions, nppenri In "Mi.r.'Iitr i'
Clold," ns Mis (lordon's l-artlnp l.i.m
Ho Ik aoeu in thu rolo m JJIu.i r
don, Dolly's huiilmml. rteorRu
Qimrri'' ntrl for h! -ironu r
nctor dallnout'onu. atipnara In Ihu f'
of OHoffroy North. Wurnar 0'a d,
0110 of tho somen' mol ncennip' '1
delineators of "heavy" rolofl, upj n
in tho char tutor of LI Hnuti n Oh'
Mnmliirln. Tony Mario, another 11
and T ufkeys
'vi aralt'lude wr hungry
g.YH kwa unit rieiio,
.4t hangar wit hppmmU.
if we have n family upon whom
tho hum! of nilstortuiiQ lias fallen,
wo should aea thnt their lnntnr is
wall filled, nnd that the Christmas
lurhoy Is not absent on car Day of
Another Day
of Miracles
. fi .art
aai i iaw
toiicAtun. D.V. GRIFFITH'S Tl Gca.tLoye'
At tho Mbor'y Tb .
and rancher. Ho Is attracted to favor
Avlco and hIio to him hut still cynical tlll
hIio nssur.t Van Fleet Hint a mar
rlago to Uarton will not sor)Usly W
ltitorfuro with tholr posslblo relations, cd
Married, tho two sot out for tho
Wostern ranch nnd Masters bring" ,
along tho doctor and Mrs. Ueroton.
Hilly baa gono on ahead and 1& rapid- talp-
ly improving In tho cloan llfo of tho
opou lands.
Tho doctor tr'os to rompol A"lco to
make good hor cynical aosurarco -ut
Is caught bv rtarton Misters, thrnh
ed and thrown out to moke his way
homo on tho desert as best ho cm.
Mastcra the di tho v'o'o
of rolatlvos and fr'cndH, 1 nek to Now
York. Av'co 's raboll'ous, a slavo to
)ier huaband's will. Socrotly sho
worshlpH him. Van Floet slinks ac'i
nnd shoots MIt 'en1' i b' r
dead. Avlco secures a rovolvor nnd
forcos tho doctor to g'vo Mastors tho
surgical nttent'on that 11 sa '
lira. Thcr. b ' ' b' 'hod
and a comnlot " der tandlrK bo
tweon husband a"d wlfo Is finally
JiH-PacM Tri!s
mmunlty thoro may bo
with hut inongro Ingred
i V tma dinner. A
n 'I i'"t con
r s Into plenty, nor
-( from u crust
s -o l'v In plenty
rn ir nono who
When Christ wn on nrMi ho per
formed mlraclwi by the laying on of
hands. Uu. ho was Thrift, tho son
of Clod.
Today anothtr mlraHo man 1b com
ing Into tho llmollBht. I UHly
MayM, nnd ho perform In an impro
vised sanitarium provMud by tho clt
Izuiih of Nhw Carlisle. Ind.
No one profoaseu lo bo able to nolvo
tho mystory of tho power of hlu
hands. Kvuu medical men tiro ui
win, 'tis said. IJut his patlonts In
nlmln nmitilii frnm nil walks of llfo.
nnd thero seams (o bo little doubt us
to tho cinency or his electrical touch
And, utrnngo to say, there nppoars to
he but row scorrorc .it mix new man
of miracles.
Is history repenting it -If, or linvo
wo really mon in oxlstonco who, by
a touch ot tholr hands, cnu cnuso
the Initio to walk and tho sick to be
como woll?
It vIU bo IntercHtlng to watch tho
career of this young man.
If his ruccohh continues wo might
have him touch thu profiteer and
cause him to reduce his prices to
Ho might stroke tho hnlry face of
tho Jled and convert him Into a law
abiding eitlzon.
Ho might cause tho capitalist, and
thu laborer to work together In har
And, nn tho supromo effort of his
career, ho might wave tho wand of
, his potency over tho heads of con
, gross and tho prosldont and load
thorn to an amicable solution ot tho
contested sections ot tho treaty of
pence and tho loaguo of nations.
And thut, wo think, would ho somo
to make you rich ?
A rich uncle may die and leave you a roll,
but few rich uncles have this habit.
If you get rich the chances are you will fl)st
have to save enough money in order, to make an
investment that will pay.
There are plenty of investments for the man
with a little ready cash.
But it is up to you to save cash. The best
policy is to deposit a portion of your salary.
A Bank is better than a hole in your pocket
through which your money can slip away.
Make our Bank YOUR Bank.
New World Pictu is F iled
with Surpri .nd incite
ment. J
jAW-PAcked with thrills and sur
prises to the new World Picture,
"Mandarln'B Gold," starring Kitty
Gordon, which on tonight will be
shows at tho Liberty Tneatro, It
ia a ttcturo that tells a strange etorv
the story of a young society woman .
who needs money badly, vid l"
a romarkablo mannor finds a strange
method of secur'ng tho mono iho
has to havo. Thu securing of the
monoy involves hor In startling s-tua-tions
and amazing entanglements',
Tho unfolding of tho plot koopi tho
audlonco In broath-stopplng susponso
from start to finish.
Kitty Gordon appears in this pro
duction in tho rolo or Ilotty Cardon,
tho socloty loader who noeds monoy
bo budly It Is ono or tho verv best
rolos that Miss Gordon has ovor had.
In hor support lira acen sonic or tlQ
boat known (11 in favorites of the clay.'
Irving Cummings, who has "appeared
with much success in many screen
. A.
ill it . r k t r v
ilia - r r
HV .. In
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