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Tho TlmciHcrnld goes -regularly
(o inoro homes in Har
ney Comity. Hum imy otlicr
newspaper. If you wish to
reach tho people uso tlicso col
umiH for your advertisement.
The Tlnins-Ilcriild Is an Jd
established friend of the poeple
of Harney County where it has
been a weekly visitor for thirty
years, IV n Job department le
ciultiieil to mtvo your n.di'.
NO. 7
Allen Making Good Roads
Near Town; Highway
Work Held Up.
Following the decision of tho stnto
j-hwny people to abandon tho linker
Hit gravel a ml tako the vulloy
, ivol for thu highway, Mr. Allen,
sub-contractor who N placing the
ivel covcrli t; on tho grauo, took
n ontrnct from tho county to gravel
' r miles 01 road from tho inter
f lon of th liuio starting ohhI from
'1 run for 11 distance of four tulluii.
ililfl work lion been going forward
f 11 short time am) much of It In
...I-.-. I t- . I - .
11 IMUif! IIUIII Jl ICA num. n .1111111
i to tho end of the dlstnnco con-
Med for. Whon thin plcco of (
d Is completed to conneet with the
.10 icnillliK iioriu 1 ruin im uujr
will he tin additional pormnnciit
I and or tnu sumo character an
. on tho troot in Hums and the
il k allng out 10 thu north. It
I In first class roud.
Mr. Allen htiH completed n contract
Bruvel'i.g the road loading Into
Ili'il A ranch from tho county
I to thu ranch house. This Ih
1 r
f'.m tho Ha mo gravel pit.
36 Below Zero at
Experiment Station
h he thormomotorH have boon work
I i, over limn in thin flection of the
I untry during tho punt week. Out
at tho Experiment Station it linn rout-lured
ih low as 27 bulow. Hero
l town It has registered an low ax
II below at tho government elation
at tho court houso. Tho cold snap
h s covered tho entire country nml
1 'ople in tho largor cities of tho coast
ml wostorn portion of tho northwest
' live Buffered ao they aro not In tho
.ahlt o( experiencing such weather.
lore wo don't mind It provided tlio
uoodnllo Isn't too low.
Lut night tho experiment station
1 'rmomoter registered 30 below una
"1- government therinnmuter in tho
"v wiih down to 23. ThU in thu
1 west reported 11 a long time.
Doctors of Firm
Seek New Fields
Tho many persoual friends of Drs.
J. Shelley Saurnian and Dr. llrunot
reKret tho departure of these two ex
cellent professional men from this
community. Dr. Saurnian goes to
South Amorlca whoro ho assumed a
rc-ponslblo position in a hospital
wi'ilo Dr. llrunot roturns to Now
Ycrk to roHiimo his practice thero.
Dr. 8aur:nan gave up his prncticb
Ifrb with Dr. GrltlUU ut tho begin
mi b of tho war and took his place
a rosorvo In tlio nitvy whero ho did
h part until tho armistice wns
L iod when ho asked his discharge
tlut bo might return homo and ro
iume his private practlco. Upon re
turning to tho Hold ho found tho work
loo hard for him and he Induced Dr.
llrunot, with whom ho was associ
ated In tho navy, to join him hero
during tho last summer. ,
The attractiveness of tho position
la South Amorlca Induced Dr. Saur
mm to consider it and as Dr. llrunot
had practiced In a larger flold for
merly and tho furthor fact that his
.'family profor returning to tho city,
h is arranging to closo his practlco
h ro and Ioryo.
'T Saurnian has been in this bcc-
for a conildernWe timo and dur
I hi t period mado many warm per-
1 friends. Ho Is. a capable young
nrofesslonnllv and his friends
w ho will make good in his !';-(,
flold of labor. Although Dr.
met has been hero but a short
0 ho bus 'gained the high ostcom
ot thoso with whom lie camo In con
tdft and proven his ability aa a
Miyslclun and surgeon. Many of his
friends aro urging htm to stay.
r 0
James Raycraft Buys
Faulkner Residence
Charles M., Faulkner disposed of his
residence property the fore part of
this week to James Raycraft, tho Tel
ephone Line man. Mr. .Faulknor re
cently purchased the Sault resldonco
and moved IiIb family Into that and
thoreforo bad his former homo for
ale. Capt. Robt. Duncan and family
occupy the house and Mr. Raycraft
la consented to allow him to romaln
thereuntil spring as Jim has his pres
ent homo flxod for tho winter with
his wood and supr'Iot'i ii
willing to lot Capt. Duncan remain us
housed aro scarco.
ni n .1 , .,M ,,in,m As far as possible homo-grown foods
t00rStl10 Tnffirt tJ hffhoriS omd bo utilized, al&qugh it is al
Wizen, has boon confined to his Homo onuniitifil that coiiHideriiiilo
'or somo time, suffering from rhoum- Inoat oasentmi that couBtaernbio
allsm. His frioiids aro pleased to continued on naco 4)
note ho la bettor nt, this timo. (Oontinuou on pago
Good Herd Bull Is First
Step Toward Growing
Better Calves.
The use of nioro mid hotter pure
bred r.iros Ih 11 dependable method
of decreasing tho cohIs of rib roasts
11 ml bocfatonk, because cuttlo of bol
ter blood ninku more economical
and rapid g'llns thiui do their serub
unecstored rivals. Uuylng a good
herd bull U the llrHt step in growing
better cnlvoH ut much loss cohI per
pound.' In common or native cow
herds, culvos Hired by purebred hulls
WSIK'I O" " llVUrilKU UIJUUl l.ll
pounds n head nioro when ono year
old than youngsters of the same ago
Mrcil uy t10 uvorUg0 ru 0f scrub
bulls, and thoy will soil fur about 2
routs 11 pound more as Blockers nml
feeder. Two-year-old steers sired
by goud purebred bulls weigh on mi
avoruito about SOU pounds a head
more than steers parent ad by scrub
bulls, mid sell for about 4 cants a
pound more as Blockers and foodors.
This difference In price of thu two
chtsacH of calves and steers applies
not simply to tho difference In weight
but to tho total weight. For In
stance, in the ensu of yearlings scrubs
velgh about 300 pounds and sell for
about 0 rents 11 pound, while grades
ut tne samo ago wolKh about 425
l noumlH mid soil for 11 cents u pound. 1
t'NTwu-yenr-old scrubs wolgh about G25'
pouii lu il head mid, valued at 8 cunts 1
a pound, will bring $ 12 11 polco, while
gn:d" (fto(ual ugo wolgh about 72G
pounds mid, nt 12 cunts a pound us
miockers mid fooderu, bring 87. I
Good Care For Hull j
Tho bull should bo tho host cared'
for Individual In tho herd. Not only
should, ho have tho proper feed, but
ho should nlso ho kept In a separate
paddock or lot and should not havo
thu freedom of the herd except dur-l
Inn limited seasons of tho year. Uu!
lo ,1 special lot can bo provided,
soiub means of giving the bull oxer
Use should be Uuviucd.
Ni'U to th- bull tho cows merit
can-1 ,1 i.tuint'on Ilreedlnc cows ui
large, roomv, vigorous typo, possess
Int strong cohstltutlon us Indicated
by a wido, (loop conformation, with
n good chest or heart capacity, stro'ig
clean-cut muzzle, bright oyo, and
alert but gontlo disposition should bo
choson as foundation stock. Cowi
of good quality, that prosper on
limited feed rations, as indicated by
their uniform tleshlng, loose, pliable
aklu, glossy coat of hair, and, in
gonoral, animals which are not coarse
or rough in any respect, should bo
selected for breeding puriiesos. Such
cows usually produce sulllulont uulU
to nourish their calves proporl. It
should bo tho aim of ovory beef own
er to soloct cows for tho breeding 1
herd which will. gradually nnd con
slEtently Improve tho uvorugo of tho
progcucy. At least theso aro tho
recommendations of tho United
Staton Department of Agriculture ab
set forth In Farmers' Bulletin 107H,
"Growing Ueof on tho Farm," winch
has Just beou Issued,
Thero aro threo gonoral systems of
handling beef-breeding hordu, Ih re
spect to whether beof, baby hoof, or
dual-purposu operations are the ends
sought. Tho straight beet syatom
is primarily adapted to reglons'twhero
pasturo is idoutlful and cheap, this
syatom botng more widely followed
In tho United States than either of
tho other two. Tho baby-beef system
Is a highly specialized lino and is
peculiarly adapted to rogloim whero
a plentiful supply of fattening toons,
is grown together with sutllciont
pasture for the summer maintenance
of tho breeding herd and nursing
culvos. At tho present time the L'onM
IJj.t Is the region best adapted to
llU sy8tom. although it Is practiced
Tho dual-puiposo system is Allowed
oxtenslvoly In many soml-dairy dis
tricts. According to this plan all
tho cows aro milked and the calves
aro raised on skim milk ami supple
mental foods. Often tho dual-pur-poso
idea resolves Itself Into trying
to mako dairy animals out of a strict
ly beof brood. Dual-purpose calves,
as a rule, do not possess tho beef
typo characteristics of strictly beef
bred calves, but when thoy are grown
out and fattened properly thoy mako
Yory satisfactory beef.
Cut Feeds Costs to Limit
When foods aro high in price the
uso of cheap rations is especially de
slrlblo for tho maintenance of the
brooding horu. Cows raised for the
production of calves only can he fed.
very cheaply on silago and dry rough
ages, combined with a small quunlty
of protein-rich concentrates, although
by tho substitution of leguminous
hays, tho costly concentrate may bo
omitted. Dual-purposo cows kept for
dairy products as well as calves
should receive feeds nearly Idontlcul
with thoso provided for dairy cows.
P. Pitts on Injunctions
With profuse npologlos to W. Shakspeare. R. Kipling, Dean Collins,
nnd others whose Jealously will no doubt 110 aroused by these lilting
I'eskyus IMtts has n homcstend location
In Ilurney Valey, Kongo 32 K.. Klovatlon
llout 4200. Tho Rxporlment Station
Is close, and Old Pitts' visitation
Always results in somo bright dissertation.
"I see by Tho Times tho Herald as well
Them laws and Injunction 'gainst tho II C of L
Ain't lining no results nnd us common folks pay
A bit more for llvln' day after day,
Tho' they Injuucts the miners from goln' on sttrko,
An' thoy go buck to work which thoy don't Beom to like.
"That didn't holp, 'causa wo'ro payln' a prlco
For conl by tho ton which I'm sartln s twlco
As much as wo gave before thoy lnjunked.
It seums to tne somehow wo'ro gottln' bunked.
And now hero In Harney, Instead of a mall
Six days a1 week, thoy try-weakly and fall.
"This lujuuctlu' fashion inusta started with .booze,
And only hist week we lnjuncted a cruise
Of timber In Hurnoy, ho'h wo won't hftvtu give
flout eight thousand bucks for tho crulsu. As I live
When It co 111 os to Injuncilu' no one's nothln' on us
Ask Cutnck, the crulsor, and hoar tho cuss cuss."
Dropping his heels from their high nluvatlon
On the side of the stovo as ho ceased his oration,
Ho brushed off a tear of commiseration
For tho poor county cruiser
Had grounded 011 shoals of
Last Sunday ns Claroncn Young
wan approaching town on tho grade
Just over tho hill with a load of wood,
fotno boys catno by with a horse
hitched to several hand sleds on
which boys were riding. This fright
ened tho team Clnronco was driving
and thoy swerved off tho grade, up
setting tho load of wood which fell in
such n way as to pin' his younger
brother Joo under tho seat. Tho boy
was oxtrlcated without Injury hut tho
team ran away with tho front wheels
of tho wagon mid ono of tho mules
was thrown down mid had Its leg
broken. Tho aiilmul had to bo killed.
Christmas Eve at
the Presbyterian
Tho Proshytorlan church will cole
brato Christmas In tho old fashioned
way.. Old Santa Claus will appear
with his pack on his back, through
tho old-fashlonod flroplaco.
A fino program is bolng prepared.
Special music will bo ronderod. A
good timo is promised nil the girls
nnd boys. Spond tho evening nt the
Presbyterian church.- At sovou o'clock
Christmas Uvo.
C. II. Leonard loft for Portland
this morning, going out by way of
Ilond with Frank Dibblo. Mr. Lcon
ard'goes down on somo legal business
and will bo nbsont for u week or
llt OUR MALL )
m every qRAHD'Wie JFmssgb
whoso wood navigation
court regulation.
Soma of tho trucks mado trips to
tho mountnlim north of town Tues
day to aid In bringing In fuel. Ono
driver was missing on that night up
on taking Inventory nt town mid it
was fcarod ho had met with bad luck
and might bo In danger of losing his
11 fo in tho cold, Tho next morning
somo jot tho boys wont out to look for
hlm.but ho had come In during tho
night. r-o Into that ho didn't report.
Joo Wllkorson had the misfortune
to hnVo his log broken yesterday. He
was returning from tho hills with a
load of.wo.od and was walking be
side Ills wagon when tho team start
ed to leave tho road. In attempt
ing to reach tho linos he sllppod and
fell milder tho wheel with tho result
that both bonos In 0110 leg Wcro
broken, Mr. Mathows happened
along Just aftor nnd at once un
hitched his own team from bis wagon
arranged tho Injured man on a bob
slod which ho wns trailing behind
nnd brought him tb a doctor without
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clcrf nro
guests at tho Hotel Lovons nt pres
ent. Thoy havo turned thu Alvord
runcb over to tho P. L. S. Co and suy
thoy nro now looking for a homo, Tho
P. L, S. Co. hns'leaspd tho ranch for
a period of flvo years and thu Clerfs
will make their homo olsewhero. For
the present they will visit.
Hurt C. Jones, oocrotnry of the
iluriirt Commercial club, left this
morning for Portland where ho will
visit with his family.
r a Prrrcjfci nnrrvur rawa
Sinnott Can Send Annapolis
Three and West Point
. Thero hns novor been a better
chance for an eastern Oregon boy to
win an appointment to West Point or
Annnpolls than there will be this
month, at tho competitive' examina
tion btfltiK held for Congressman X.
J. Sinnott by the U. S. Civil Service
Commission on Deoember fifteenth
In the following eight cities:
llaker, Ilend, Klamath Falls, La
Grande, I.akovicw, Ontario, Pendle
ton and Tlie Dalles.
Congressman Sinnott writes us
that he will have an opportunity to
designate from tho successful candi
dates at this examination two endet
shlps and four nltoruatoshlps for
1020 vacancies In the Military Acad
omy and for tho Naval Acntlomy heLnrt k truck moved. Such Is life la
will havo the designation of three nils country. Interesting but not
lirliinlhula n nil MIliA tilfiml nlAd "liaaA'
in iiiuiiram nuti kiiiv tiuui mtinit a nn
doalgnatlniiM will be made on the
basis of the grndos made In the com
petitive examinations held ut the
postoltlce In the elalit cities named
boglnultig at 0 o'clock A. M. Decem
ber ICth.
Thoso who compete for the Mili
tary Academy will be examined In the
following suhjocts:
Algebra: Covering ground of first
yoar high fchool Alxabra.
Qooiiietry: Covered by first live
books of Wotitworth of Hills Plane
mid Solid Geometry.
Urammiir and Composition: Cover
ed by eighth grado grammar school
work, also composition of ono bun-
droil words on one of the two given
United States History: Covored by
eighth grado school histories, such as
Harnos, Montgomery or similar worku
aencrnl History: Covered by any
high school history, such ns Myers,
Swlutou, Uarnes. or similar works,
Including Ancient, .Medieval mid Mod
ern History, mid English History
from lOiiO to 1800.
Candidates for tho Naval Academy
will bo quoHtlonod on Algebra. Oeom
otry. (Irumiiiur and Composition nnd
United States History, as above, and
In addition on the two following sub
jects: Geography: Covered by any eighth
grade school geography.
Arithmetic: Covered by any olghth
grade school arithmetic. Problems
in fractious, decimals, mensuration,
percentage, Interest and proportion.
Timo allowed for Military Acad
emy examination ZYj hours, for
Naval Academy CVa hours, or for
combined examinations 7 hours.
Postmaster Gould
Has Resigned
The Times-Herald loams that Mr.
ind Mrs. V. V. (luuld sent in their
resignation and the poAtmnitorehlp
for Iturus is open for u now pnt
master. Mr. Gould informed (his
paper that thoy had nskad to bo re
lieved as soon as possible.
Under late rulings a successor must
tako a civil service examination as
the old rulo of appointment doos not
apply to this olllce. it Is a hard posi
tion to fill and requires not only
clerical ability but physical as well
and long hours.
Claud Mclvln, a wood hauler, had
his feet frozen yesterday while coralgn
down from the hills with u load of
Where to Find News
Cmiiiiv ru id has Baker travel.
Juiuf- Kur.ift buv Faulkner hom.
I'. J'iiu on iiijuititiou.
'.a u itirni ri-iutuI oer northwest,
lOcuaoniy in beef preUuetiou.
aii below ut station.
Christmas ovo at Proshytorlan.
Accident causes loss.
Rouusevelle gets postolllco lease.
Find economical feeds,
Feared truck drtvor frozen.
Examinations for army or navy.
Postmaster resigns.
Entertain frleud on anniversary.
Fred Iseuhagen dead,
Dr, Geary roturns.
Iron heol in peace.
Progress in Harney.
Theatre News
Loaves, .fishes and turkeys.
AuQthor day of miracles;
Highway contractor hus our grati
tude. Peaco at last.
Teachers examinations.
Tho Green Ribbon,
Wise and otherwise
Now irrlgatlou potttlon.
Another Jog ahead.
Sermonetto for today.
Home Sweet Hanio cartoon.
Legals and classltled.
Locul happonings.
Portland Reported to Have
IS Inches of Snow; Ties
Up Traffic.
According to telegraph c Inform
Hmt 1nt Wdfltlaailnv flit, rananl anVt
storm wan general all over the north
west. Portland was reported with
IS inches of snow and struct ear
trnlflc puralyawd. What few train
the late fuel restrictions will nertBlt
to run have been stalled and late.
.Mall service supposed to bo thrift
times n woek for we fortunate pe
pie living In Harney county Ha
been Just whon wo could get il. N'o
attempt has been made to confertn to
any schedule so far as one can see.
but Just go "catch us catch can"
very agreeable.
However, we havo plenty of hay
for the stock and no one objects to
the enow means more molatar
next season. The fuel queation I
serious one, though, as tone art
very "shy" of the necessary wbre
with to keep fires going.
Rounsevelle Gets
Postofficc Lease
Information ha been rovud bf
the Burns post office that tb' "pli
cation or hid of J. R. Ronneevell U
house the pott niHce ha been accept
ed. It requires 11 room II by 7 ftei,
with such equipment us Is neeeawirf
and the Uasu eovers ten years front
March 4, the rate being $63 por
Mr. Rounsevelle has men at work
011 his. building between John Gem
berllng's mid no Odd Fellow bnlM
lng- but pre-ni weathr coudltloni
are unfavorable to rapid work and h
is liundlcappeil. .
Entertain Friend
on Anniversary
Dr. nnd Mrs. J. Shelley Saurmaa
entertained Miss Helen Parlugtoit
nnd some of her friends at a COO
purty Tuesday night. The aaonsloH
wns ono of tho young ludy's anniver
saries. First prlzo wlunors were MUrt
Helen Anderon ami Don M. Taylor.
Other guests were Mrs. K. K. PurlnR
ton. Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Holland. Dr.
and Mrs. W. M. llrunot, Mr. and Mre.
A. C. Welcome. Miutw Kdith Xaino,
Mnrauret Whealdon. Hazel Frees.
I.lbble Krichesky. Iona Thouiaoa.
LteUt Kcll. Evelyn Uyrd. and Mew.
c. E. niiinmn. t . l nana, mn Tar
tier. Em-. ' owle. Leonard Loi htr and
P. A. Feesler.
Alter irds a delicious luncheou
wa kerved.
Fred Isenhagen Died
at Ontario Hospital
Fred Isonhngon died nt tho hos
pital out at Ontario tho latter part
of last month. This Information was
brought to Tho Times-Herald tht
week by Van Embroo. Mr. Uonha
gen and his wlfo camo here last sum
mer from Dallns,' having traded for a.
farm in the Sunsot section. Thoy
established their home there at. 1
stayed during the summer but tr
tirst of November they accopu l .
portion w.'h the P. L. S. ro t 1.11.
fliari 01' I lie UiuiU ruiuii .' i .
li.ul heea tun .1 hirt 1 '1
tore Freds hu.'.UIl f..llil '
htarted for i'ortland aftor .irr .
for the euro of thulr things
stopped ai Ontario where he'ni.ii'""
wont au operation and died inter. l)u
wife has gone to Salem where her
parents reside.
o -
Dr. Geary Returns
from Portland Trip
Dr. J. W. Geary arrived ho'nd
Tuesday from Portland whero ho had
been for a short visit with hlu family.
Ho said things woro tightening up
not only on curtailment of train ser
vlco but also on food. Certain re
strictions wero practiced in Portland
as to tho amount of certain article
of food 0110 could purchaso nt one
time. Dr. Geary was pleased to note
tho attitude of tho citizens of thi
seclon' toward the irrigation project
upon his return homo and hopes to
seo it go through to a succeiuitul sol
ution. It will.
Lloyd Johnson came up fi,'i Hi'
ranch at Lawen yosfardav t.i in ,
soma hoof and othor nurpu-v 1 1
tho family. 'Tr goes !: k
day to fetid uis stock. 1 j
tho irrigation dUtrict 1' f.lnu go
this time ..etl Ik rnd " iu , ' bora
will profit by u