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    She UimtMtMh
The Tlmcs-Horald goto re
pularly to nwro homes in Hw
ncy County than y other
iH'WMaior. 1' J0" wish to
rnirli tlio people ttso these col
umn for your advertisement,
Tho Tinicn-IIcrnld la an M
established friend of the ptojpiw
of Hartley County whero it ha
been u weehly visitor for thirty
yearn, I I'm Job department hi
equipped to .servo your needs.
NO. 50
AnjournccI Session Was Held
Lost Week.
Nnlley Awarded $376.50 Damages in
Highway Right t Way Sil; One
Cmu'ial Case Tried.
The regular fall term of circuit
tourt convened IiibI Monday morning
following nn ndjourncd term of the
previous week, during tho tlroo the
grand Jury wn In session.
Tho report of tho grand Jury up
roars elsewhere In thin Issue, together
with in recotnmendntinnH to tho
county court for certain Improve
mrnts and rcpnlrs nt tho court houno.
Circuit Judgu HlggR nupplomcnted
thcu recommendations with a fow
remarks of approval.
Although tho grand Jury found
nine true bllln of Indictment, but
three ot them havo boon placed upon
the records, tho others being against
people who havo not yet boon nerved
with a warrant or brought beforo tho
The i .mo of Harney county ngalmit
Frank K Nut ley for right-of-way
through hln farm for tho highway be
tween hero and Lawon wna tried.
Tho Jury found damagen for Mr. Nut
Icy and we are Informed this will
be taken an a basin of Buttling such
other disputes uh aro now ponding
of the name character. From tho
erldonio It appear, that Mr. Nutley
wax given u fair dumago for tho
ground needed for tho road. Ho wait
given J37tl CO damagoH.
Other suits disposed of during
tho week wore:
I, M Davis vs. V. T. Vanderveer
Ito-dellver of property. Tho
Jury found a verdict for tho defend
J It Jenkins vn. John Madrlnga
Damage-'' wiih tried yesterday beforo
a Jur which awarded plaintiff ono
dollar damages.
In the criminal raxes: the State vn.
.V II Klein - Wanton Injury to anl
ntaln The Jury returned n verdict
of guilty iih charged and recommend
ed meriy
Stam vn, HI lax and Martin Hnmlrct
Larceny of wagon wheels, rark and
IVj cords of wood. Bet for trial at
the April term of court.
Another trespass case In which
damage h asked in being tried todav,
that of It II. Ilrown vn. Donald .Me-
Photographs to Hoty Convict Omaha Mob Leaders
OREGON ifWilSF.r.S.ltgg JM
BE OPENED fimMtWMmli 3lfl
-1 TTTTTmTTT!7rTiK7re'"'r
Aim of State Chamber of
InprarcMeiit in Mail Senice aid Trais
prUtitR laBe ly these
Behiid URdenakin.
Ttt ,
in m i hi p t Miii i i
Staff Taken in on Efficiency
Stimulating Baits; New
Advertising Rate.
The Tlmex-Herald hax entered up
on a profit Hharlng banls with Its
aff This arrangement wan mado
the flrxt of the prexent month for tho
purpose of promoting tho Interents
of the paper, giving tho boyn working
n It mk!i additional interent an to
stlraulnto their efficiency. Wliothor
tliero will be any profltn to nharo In
till speculative, an tho boxn linn
found In the pant that tho boyn were
better off than tho bunlnexH In no mo
Inittanfi However, wo'ro going to
try nut the plan and believe it will
result in a better paper. There Ih to
no hnrgo In tho managemont
tlio name (nominal) boxn retaliiH tho
entire ownership of tho plant. Ono
w h uiire, though, in tho increnno
of ndvi rtlHlnir rat oh effective with
ll new contracts from this date and I
"Id contracts upon renewal, ull to bo; 1,400,000
Kxtabllxh bettor mall nervlco and
transportation facilities for Central
Oregon and bring tho tnwun of llnniH.
Vnlo, Ontario, Hereford, Unity and
tho Hiirnt Hlvor valley Into doner
contact with tho outnldo world, says
tho Oregon Dally Journal In Itn Ixnuo
of October 8th.
Thin In tho moxt vital Idea to bo
worked out during tho next few
inouthn by tho Stato Chambor of
Commerce. Information of tho con
ditions that oxlnt In that xcctlon
were related by F. 8, Uramwoll, vice
prenldniit of tiin rhnmber, who re
turned from a tour of the Htato thin
"Commercial clubs of Hnnd, llnrnx.
Vnlo, Ontario and Unity havo panned
rexolutlonn," nayn Hrnmwell, "anklng
for tho extabllxhmcnt of mall routoH. rexolutlonn havo been nont to
the fourth axxlntant poxtmanter gen
eral and tho ntato chamber hax
pledged Itn nupporl In tho effort to
obtain better nervlco.
Mall Many Hour Lain
"At llnrnx, for Inxtniifo, I bought
a I'ortlanii nownpaper rrom an in
coming stage only in find It wan 48
honrx old and that I had read tho Tho local Odd Follows and Hit-
xaino paper at Ilend the day boforo. campmont mumbern aro looking for-
Thin condition cxlxtn all over Central ward to an olllclal vlxlt from tho
Oregon. I Grand Manter and Grand Chief Patrl-
"It In tho Intention of tho ntato arch of tho order In thin ntato on
Old "John Lynch Law" has a now enemy. It ii tho camera.
Omaha, Nob., mob ICAdera know this now. Aad when thoy are
draggod beforo tho court a remarkable collection of photographs
will bo there mute but convincing evidence of guilt. Those groat
pictures are exclusive and the flrxt from the Nebraska city where a,
negro was taken from the sheriff after a doxporate fight, hanged, shot
and burned; where tho mayor was twice "strung" up in attempting
to perform his doty and prevent It: where a new million and a half t
dollar court houso was gutted by fire from torches of the nob, and I
over CO persons wounded. Regular soldiers And martial law werdf
necessary to restore order. Mayor Ed Smith was twice hauled olTlf
the ground, but each time rescued by battling police and sent uucon
sclous to a hospital.
Odd Fellows Grand
Officers Here Thursday
..I. .. I .1. . .. ......... .--..I I .. - . .. '
dill Ilium ill iunu in u nmiunniui mnnu
tho establishment of now xtago linen
for mall nervlco to tlinso remote
countlon. Wo aro trying to got a
mall routo cxtahllxhod from Pralrlo
City to Ilurnn and alno from Fiend to
"The people of Ilurnn havo requen
ted an oxtennlon of mall nervlco out
of Cnnyon City to roach them, and
tho town of linker, believing that
their nelghhorn xliould havo better
nervlco, havo taken up tho fight alno.
linker nitlzoun propose a ntago lino
to bu run from jholr city.
"Tim Hereford and unity citizens
havo petitioned that a pnxtnl rputo
bo run from linker to Unity by way
of Heroford."
Campaign Im Favored
Hramwot! Included Boiithurn, Kant
orn and Central Oregon In bin Itin
erary and mtyn that all countlon that
ho vinlted aro In favor of tho adver
tising campaign nn proponed by tho
Htato Chambor of Commerce for tho
ngrlculturul ronourcoH of tho ntato but
"Oregon," mild Uramwoll, "has
1,000,000 nfros of laud under Irriga
tion tlilx year and coiitomplnten over
additional ncron. tjio
noxt Thursday night. Thexo olllcern
wero expected last month, or rather
tho data wan confused and It won
announced they would pay tbelr visit
at that time.
M. H. Tllggn, of I'rluevlllo, formerly
a monbor of tho local lodge, wan
elected Grand Warden at tho hint
meeting of tho grand lodgo of tho
order. "Dick" ban nont word that
ha will ho over from l'rlnovlllo to
meet with tho boyn at (ho saiuo time,
thun making throo of tho hlghext
olllcern ot tho order prexent In one
evening, u illxtluctlnn not often en
Joyed by tho order In Mich rifmoto
Keveral candidates are In roadlncxH
for tho vlxlt 'and the degree team in
grooming thn "goat" preparatory to
giving tho now randldaten a good
show for their money.
Visi.ed Haunts of Boyhood
Days on Eastern
ivanred by tho first of tho ynr. Hy nluto needs 1,000;000 moro pooplo
farefully following tho eoHt' system , mid, although larger cltlon aro con-
nd noting advanced prlccnori overy-
iing ii t-d in tho printing office, In
cluding postage, it wiih found tho
plant lould not continue under the
old rat( i and take care of Itn obllgu
'Iohh ,n advance hIiqiiIiI havo boon
made at a much earlier date, but It
aMant(pated that wur prlcon would
orenie almoxt Immediately on tho
cessation of hoHtllitleH. Tho old rate
"ax i(i iimaincd with thin thought In
mind, An Ih commonly known, peaco
rouiht rather higher priceH than
lower, with tho end not In sight
Advirtl em will bo furnlHhed with
lie nt"' rat oh on application, HateH
lot ul advertiHlng, not carried un
der (oi tract, will bo IncroaHod In
"word tine with the new schedule on
"Cfctnbc r find.
'IV iniaafH'inoiit Iiiih an attraetlvo
iToiiottaion to put boforo local ad
ertlH(r In the way of an annual
wntr.Kt, that Ih believed will bo of
"utiml advantage.
goMod, farming communities aro HUf
ferlng for lack, of In or. In romo
caxen great Iohhoh aro occurring
through labor nhorlngo."
Mr. and Mrs. Kdgnr WHllaiiJH worn
roglHtored at tho Hotol Loveim hint
ovonlng, Th In dlHeloHOH ii rocont
marriage for tlio first time to many
of tlio frlotulH of tho contracting par
ties. .,
Tho fore part of UiIh month Mr.
and Mm It. J. WllllaniH anil tliolr hoii
Kdgnr wont to Ontario. From that
point tho boy went ovor Into Idaho
whoro ho met hln hrldo, She wiih
formerly MIhh IIohhIo HayuoH and wiih
until a your ago a resident of tho
Silver crook country. Kdgnr and hln
brldo havo been enjoying n honoy
nioon trlii to different polntH Hlnco
ami nro now on tholr way homo. They
nro receiving tho DOHl wiuiioh ui
( rve 5mply
1 COTTA AVG a rf
('apt. A. W, Cowan nrrlvcd homo
Ii Im wook from attending tho national
O. A. It. nnruuipniont at Columbus,
Ohio. During hln vlult to tho cantom
HtntCH ho took advantage of tho op
portunity to vlult IiIh old homo and
tho hnuutH of bin boyhood dayn. Ho
npont nnmn time with relatives in
1'onnsylvnnla, seeing thero n sinter
whom ho had not seen for more than
48 years. Ho reports having had n
flno trip and an onjoyablo vacation,
traveling much during tho time and
viewing old places of former yearn.
Tho Franklin and Oil City Nows-Hor-ald
has tho following to say of tho
Captnln'H vlult to that place:
After an absence of nearly half n
century from thin section of Pennsyl
vania, during which tlmo ho has re
tained vivid recollections of tho days
when tho Civil War fover and tho oil
excitement wore at tholr height, Cn'p
taln A. W. Cowan, of Ilurnn, Oregon,
his hnlr a bit gray because of hln ago,
has returnod to Franklin for n fow
days and Is tho guest of Charlon
Glenn, n member of Mays Pont, No.
220, O. A. It, Tho.vlnltor's present
homo Is nt Hunm, Oregon.
Neither hnd seen each other until
August 1018, when at Portland, Ore
gon, during tho Grand Kucampment
or tho G. A. It., they happened to
meet each other, and lost no time ex
changing romltilsconcoH or tho dayn
when both wero membern or Lang
iIoii'h fnmntin Ilattery M or thn 1st
U. H. Artlllt'v duriiiK those Htlrrliii?
years of tho war 18C4-B. I
At tho tlmo thoy enlisted they
wero renldentn of Crawford Cninttv.
Mr. Gnwnn'n homo being at Cam-
linage Hprlugn. Ho when both of tho
old veterans ntteuded tho 'Columbun
encampment thin year, Captain
Gowau wan determined to repuy tho
vlxlt of hln comrade, anil In now hero
for that nurnoxe. exchnni:linz retnln.
(sconces or a hair a century and moro
"I can remember," ho mild today,
"when I came hero with my rather,
walking barefoot from Itockdnle, In
Crawford county, that we might see
a man wnn wan stopping nt the old
Uldgwuy Iioiiho, where tho (laleiia
Hlgual olllce building now ntaudn.
That WIIH In Mnv. 1801. mid thn town
ban changed a great deal nlnco then."
Cntitaln Cowan, iih wkII mm Mr.
Glenn, eullxted In thu Federal Army
during tlio Civil War bororo either
or them had reached their tweutlcn,
Since going went tho rormer has
served a term In the KatiHiin legis
lature, helping pass tho St, John's
prohibition meanure, and two terms
in the Oreunn bouse niul mtnutit. vol.
Ing for prohibition resolutions there
-a stand or wnieii ho renin proud.
Contain Gowitll minkn butt ntirlii nt
tho regular meeting or tho Sonn or
VeterntiH, mid gavo an address that
wan greatly appreciated by all those
in attendance.
County Court Can Not Act
Till Ordered.
People Should Torn Their Attention (a
This Problem and Dcnaii
ituitNH i.iiutAiiv cm'ii Mi:irrs
Uy Miss I.uln IfnycM.
"he opening meeting or tho lljinn
Mbruty club wan bed at tho home
or Uh worthy president, Mrs. W. K.
Huston, on Iiihi Saturday artornoon.
About twenty members wero pre
sent, Moro than a dozen nnnllrn
tlonn ror membership wore presented.
all or which wero warmly received.
lluxlueHs dlKCUHHloim occupied tho
greuter part or tho afternoon and
plana ror tho coming year wero made.
A"org other things decided up
on, was that or making October 11th
Tag Day, tho purpose being to raise
money to securo new. books ror tho
Hums Public Library.
IlefroHhmontH wero served nt tho
clono or tho mooting, Mrn. Frances
Clark presiding at the tea table, This
was one or tho fouturojj or an alto
gether pleasant inujlliu
Tho next meeting of tho club will
bo held at tho homo ot Mrs. John
lllggs on October 18th.
1)0,000 AOHKH NKAIt
Henry L. (.'orhett or Portland Files
Application for Water for
that Purpose.
Tho mandate of the supromo court
in Uh decision on tho irrigation dis
trict matters appealed from this
county ban never been handed down
for nctlon by tho lower court. It
had boon expected thu county court
would bo Hi ft position to tako soma
action as early as Uh July term, bat
it wna then delayed, ponding tka
arrival of tho mandate. Later it waa
said by supposedly well Informed
parties that tho court was waiting;
until tho arrival ot thu attorney
Interented boforo taking tho matter
up. Yesterday n reporter consulted
Judge Dlggn of thu circuit court an
to why UiIh matter had not bee
pushed , and It wai learned tho man-
dato had never boon handed down.
and that thu county court could tk
no action until thu circuit court or
dered It.
Tho Irrigation project Is tho ana
Important matter beforo tho peopla ot
of thin valley, nud thu ono that must
havo find consideration. It wan sug
gested that tho matter bo rushed
through the supremo court In everr
possible manner that It might t
brought to an Issue an noon an prac
ticable. Why Ih the delay? Why Ih
it that these matters of nuch wldo
spread Interest to tho people havo to
drag along days and mouthii and.
yours with no apparent cause
The people should turn their atten
tion to this one big problem and de
mand action. They should brook no
further delay. The country at largo
needs thin big valley at work produc
ing feed for stork and mankind unit
the government Itself would bo Just
ified In taking a hand In thu opening:
up or such a big territory or produc
tive laud. It could even flnanro nuch.
n scheme If It would let precedent go
to the devil and get a llttlo common
souse mixed Into Itn hlghfalutlng way
of doing business.
However, It In believed tho cause
of thin, delay Is closer nt homo ami
Is fostered by elfish IntercotH who
aro taking tho only active part In thu
game. If the people would oncu ba
eouiu aroused to their own best Inter
ests and stand together, they would
likely get some action.
To Take Higher
Masoiiis Degrees
A party consisting of 0 rover Jnmr
son, Kruest Munlck, No I to F .Reed,
Chus. M. Faulkner, V. U .Cozad nnd
Fred Williams will leave thin ufter
noon ror Canyon City whero thoy will
attend u meeting o ftho Masonic chap
attend a meetlnof the Miuonic chap
ter lodge. Soma of thexo Iiovh ar
while others are going along to bej
or what assistance they can In mak
ing the Journey through tho higher
degrees of tho order.
Other Masons may Join tho party
Where to Find News
Tho Irrigation of 00,000 acres of
land adjoining Malheur luko on tho
south, Involving an' oxpuudlturo of
approximately $400,000, Is contem
plated In an application Died with
Stato Knglnoor Cuppor Tuesday, by
tho Eastern Orognu Livestock com
pany, Tho application, which was
lltod by Henry L. Corbutt of Portland,
covors tho appropriation of 112G sec
ond feet of water from noniior nnd
Hlltzon rivor and Uh tributaries in
Harney county. Part of tho laud in
tho project is already under Irriga
tion, Oregon Dally Journal.
First Tago
Fal term circuit court.
Tho Tlmes-Hornld shares profits.
Central Oregon wll be opened to out-
sldo world.
Odd follows grand officers comhiK
Capt, Gowau homo.
Library culb meetn.
Plan to irrigate 90.000 acres.
Supremo court mandato never hand
ed down,
To tako higher Masonic degrees.
Second Page
Wilson invades rocs.
Theatro news.
Third Tage '.'
StudontH suvo $7G,000 a year.
Trond of prices,
rheatro uows continued. 1
Ulg man and llttlo follows.
Colt comes to llnmoy county. ;
Fourth Page,
Moro propaganda.
Tho Croon Ribbon.
Fifth Pago
Mad coyote damages.
Local and personal.
Klvth Page
Shoop profits on Irrigated farms,
Sheopmon Inspect local range.
Seventh Pago
Loga! notices.
Grand Jury report.
Eight k I'ugo
Church announcements.
Local Happenings. (J j
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