The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 16, 1919, Image 2

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    bathers' pause to embroidery
Here Come
the Prk
rrr I
' - ' r ' v . . II
I I ii i -i- n " ' "" " I v1
'"'J .,
" bwti
. (k,
IN "I-'IUKM) lll'SUANl)"
Admirers of Yoitdy, llio Groat Dune
dog, iviut Poppor, thu lioumi cut, who
nro froquonlly booh In Paramount
Mack Honnott comedlert, wilt hnvo an
opportunity to hoo thorn perform loam
work In "Krlond lluHband" at tlio
lilliorty Theatre, next Wednesday in
commotion with Julian Nltlngo In
"Tins Wfdow'a Might." Thl fninoilH
dog and IiIh Hide partner )la' oonnlHt
iMit roles In thin broehuro, anil t hoi r
okoupiuIoh aro extremely ttitisliiK- Tho
coined y Ik oloau iih a hound' tooth,
the fun uproarlotiH anil t ho notion pro-
'(iimIh without a' hitch from Htart tol
Thu comedy doalH with an offer
invito to a chlldles couple ly an unolu
tf( tlio hUHhand, uainoly, to give Mm
$10,W0 provided Ito Iiivh a Imbo In
111 ranjjjj. Tlu unolu Im about to
arrive, but n thoro Ih no babe, tho
reward inunt ho loxt. Tlio bUHbaud
and a HympnlhoUo bachelor frlnnd
iach ideal a babe, and tho dog llko
wlno kidnap an Infant. Vhun tlio
three liable aro proMontod to tho dnz
imI undo, trouble fotlowH, but whit
those roiirornod aro In agony of ap
prohoiiHlon, tho audlenco nocoHHurlly
Buffer repeated lit of cachlnatory
- ii fnniiiriniiiMiBirMnf -fjJ' T rffl
Douglas Fairbanks' 'Headw South'
Am mill IHP I LNrtttlM -
Julian KlUnge, Amorlrn's popular
fomluluo lmpornnntor, who has tout
jiorarlly deserted tho ntago for tho
(croon, will appear at tho Mhorty
Theatre on WeduoHday In hi newest
l'arainount picture, "Tho Widow'
Thin I a roinody drama, written
especially for Julian i:itlngo by clover
Marlon Talrfux, and allows thu uotud
nctnr-artro to display hU-hor powor
. I ! t lltik Iml ti it lit ti irit
Tho d.roctor. William r. do Mill Jlakj... J"",;
. ... . . I i fiH 1111)4 WllH KlVll UP for IOHI YtUim
KaifbankH appear In hi most lulor- - V ,,
iHoain. i it. . strong, Klkhorn, Win., Is to promote
Ih ..!. n II.. !..
chartorod fro.u l.o AiikIoh to NoRulM U.o ook o run ch of I 8 ta o
which lucludod olKht IMtllmanH and o"k ' " "
twolVoJrolKht car. lranHpottlnK over A, C I tobm UullollnH.
two hundrod pooplo and anoijunl
number of homo, amoiiK which wait
"Bmlli'X," tho famouH ralrbank pony.
who ha a uumbor of Btronhou
ncoiin. I
"UliiKur." tho AlaHknn malamuto.
who I FulrbaiikH' favorlto doK. wa
ntr brother and hU war tog SaVo alMer , nn l '"i M,?.
UlmmlnR a ahown hro I popular
A (;k.t moht i.wns
of thu outdoor bit and oomo of tlio
vowh aro oxcoptionally beautiful. Tho
Htory wan mohtly nuppoiud to happen
t.t "Coroaalla," a faxlilonablo Calif
ornla roaort, and I'aHadona furuttuM
thu aeouory, tho bountiful hotel and
Hinartly Kowned kuohIm ho neewwary
for tho correct "atmoHphertf."
Dluk Tavlnh dccldoH to bo a r.iurli
or, and tho fact that ho I the rank
.osl Nov York "tondorfoot" that ever
foot In a pralrK dow not dolor
hi in In tho lout. Dick. U no other
.than Julian KIUiiko, the fammu fum-
Jnluo liaiiorhonator, and tho way Ium
wlim out on tho ranch proportion, of'
. couno. through tho dUuUg of n
woumu makH an oxtromoly enjoy-1
. nblo plolur wlilcl wlU-lie shown ut
tho Mhorty Thoatry on Wednohda.
ThlH t "The Widow' Mlnht." Thl
vtw written for him by Marlon Kiur-
fax ami dlrcla by William t i
"Tho Houmi of th Hwiry Hour
ami. "Tho Oardon of DoHisht" rv two
of tho mortt dollclitfully symbolical
hcoiiu rOr ithown on ih motion pb -turo
iKireon and form onlv a mall
lart of tho charm "Madatno Jal
ouny," In which Paulino Fredrbk
will bo mjoii at tho Mhorty Theatre
next Huiiday.
Tho outlrn emit Ih mado up ')f sym
holloa! llBiiro HUch a "(.'bane '
"Troachory," "JoaloiiHy" hernolf and
"Valnr." the boro. A perfoct ro
uiauco N carried to a happ' tloh',
tbo chaructoM all protravlni; tho,
SaiotlouH for which thoy are mured
Jo.iloiuy trlo.i to Interrupt a love if.
fuJr hotwoon (!harm and Valor, and
f-ilMnK In that, brlnRM her nervant.
Ti-j'fhpry, MIchlof, Uumor and Bor
ro..v to thorn aftor tho woddlnK. How
a litby which comou Into ho IIvob of
O.irm aud Valor auccoodH In bring
Im; atioul po ico and happlnoHd iiKaln,
drinK Joalouay away.forovor, make
an froodlnJy IntoroitlnK Htory. ThU
wild wr'tten by ticoro V. Hobart ai d
iti."'!clod by llobort VlRnola.
v!(?(m Fairbanks will bo Boon ut
toe. Llborty thootro. In a now Art
-ciift plcturo ontltlod "Headln' South'
. -I Haturday. It la a thrilling talo of
'nrdora Mexican and Canadian
' with tho capturo of a not
, 1 of MexIrnnH who defy all
'rumcntal warning.
' by Chlof Director
'ting FalrbaukH In
he wa on A hunt for prune iiukh. (
' o
AiltorlMiiK Deteriiilne" Voluiiie .
Failure to brlnn hU HtorenewHf be
fore prospective oUHtonier In the rea
koii why tho local merchant fall to
atop tho mall order concern, ay
Fred I. Mann, president of tho North
Dakota Ilolall Dealer aHHOclatlon,
DovIIm Lake, N. D. Mr. Mann Invent
iKated trade practice and condition
in 1 00 title and town, and found
w K ajp J
On tho flrt or January, 1 920, a
law roo Into affect by which th
finance committee of tho enato and
the way and mean committee of
tho houne are to form a Joint com
mlttee to tK what p.xpendlture'aro
to be undertaken for the financial
yonr. And when the llKure have boon
reached, mithhiK cln be added to
them oxi'ept by Intervention of tho
pre-ildont. or by a two-third vote o(
tlio rommlttee.
Thl I better than allowing twenty
dlrftTent committee to authorise ox
pendlturen whenever thoy feel like It.
It Ih oxtromoly difficult to keep track
of account In which the Horn tolal
III billion. It Ih difficult to do the"
thing, oven when tho outgoing nro
all recorded In one book. Hut when
a whole llhrury of ledgr la kept,
reiordlng the financial Jazi-concert
of twoat roinmlttcij. th agglomer
. itlon I aluipl) a kalfhtotnopo.
" No wonder that thl ha boon the
iniiKt oxpoiiHlvely run country In the
world. No woudor tliere Itavo been
taxe on everything, from inedleln
to children' toy. Tho recently pan
i nod moanuro mark the beginning of
a better day When account arc
kept In audi a way that wo can really
tell what wo aro Mpundlng, wo will
probably apond lea, and need Ioh.
ne omj,
fate diilnllc,
oven alild, ,
le Miii:ii(t
1' ,rra,j
Willi (bill lm
ilough ttml t(u
bake oi
iiihI out,
cakes or oil
And do not fM
icmeiiikT (Ju
cheaper un,
more nmirn),
bii) ur i
Koodx hi thl,
I hem )ouivl
Delivered to your home regnla
or as desired.
Ice and Coal in Any Quanta
llorr (lutav Itauer new (Jer
mau premier ujion wbnse alioul
der falln the ta4k ot re tmlalillHli
lug rolatioiiM Mlili tho runt ot ho
world J
f ' I r-J J
ma wiiigleySl! til il
it mii- ii I .
not tnouch to m mm i J yiuAJl
- WMGLEYS iood. wt
must KEEE It iood until 1 ,ij
you fct It. I
i i mm
8 HcncA the icaltd pickitc I
m m w
m lmnnrltu.Drnnf tfuirdlnft. 8 3
who trail hlH
Mexico ami
r to tho
Hence the teiled Packite
-Impurity-proof -ioardliK.
preserving the dcllcloue con
tents tb beneficial toody.
The Flavor Lasts
m .
Your business can be
by advertising we have W
yoi that for years. And ydA
lievejn taking our own medkj
With ret'ent additions andato
aligns in Tle Timorf-ileraldijli
Department, we are i lepar'
turn out a much largoi quanKj'
work. We still have our Hw
tions, but you will be siirpisw
find the variety of thmpswecr
do with paper, ink and HRAII
Our outside connections vri
large establishments enable usi
handle anything that is prinle
YOU get the benefit of our e
pert advice that way, and at
cost no greater than whcnT
order direct. v
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Thought of the Tim
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with printed forms? If you
to write out all the blank fon
you now have printed, JJ
whole time would be spent tj
way. And if you ARE still
ing, let us show you the aavj
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The farmer or rancher is eiP
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