The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, March 29, 1919, Image 2

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    "flu ban" hat been lifted.
All niiml'irs are expect ad
tend mcntlngH from now on wh
they ore In town to help along
Th nnnlimtinil blank.
the good worn, aa ne omer ol
towm mmm m m mm Mm fam
exists which offers better and
liberal benefits to Its people.
If you've got this
Don't forget the time, thr. p
and the lunch, Monday, April 7tf
ImlHtievlst lnfluencod In tlormany. i
Kratprnlalng will ho hurd to prevent,
and It result ntlll harder. ,
A nuporlatlvely strong mllltarr
ontabllshment among Oerniany'a en-1
iimlea la IndUpenaable Just now. It
ici'iim a poculiaf time for America
to Junk ao much aeroplane equlp-oient.
mmaM r1 -rac: Z --, f ,
RtV If you've got this Fl f Jr.:,---..... - I
' .. X.. -
.. tmn
" NITE.D STATES ARMY. Ttenwm. or Howst MS FArtww.
o, 'i jts m mm r I rr,l rfri.7
"nmr I . J W T? fit ' .. C91V I ? -' " f- m- -- I
X-.s- .-?- - - J - a J- I . T
Wmm mm ' kJHH Bi. . id
i imr : KEtSI .aViBH BaRl i:ii : ..... 'BM bb . JS
i ,1k WHTI ITJH HSSH I 111 II Ulll. '" ii-A. IHiVIIIl
'vHEnRPi -liw''!jyl LLoI jc Bfev
yjdgjjSP .;.-..; IWbH T wf v'"' r ST'' 11 (" l registered
:t application blank. ft'?SftsSa3. ' - lI':T' - '"' " rSrPP
i9 gi .JHHHHHHfl Bjp!-'
S In And get Uncle Sum's check A'taf TTTy
;' t back for 60. MC " a-
(Contrlhuicil )
The Moose lodge hold their reg-
liilar mooting last Monday night, thi
' 1th, and discussed the mott t of
. i,t or (ha order. Tiicy
look forwurd to making this organ
isation tho largest and strongest in
the county.
The next regular meeting Is Mon
day night, April 7th, at which time
there will be a lunch served and ac
tion taken to koep up the good work
from now on, especially since the
jZ m ""
lays, bridges, corrals.
are included In the
plans for Improving
on the National For-
and Washington, ac-
krlct Forester George
kland. Forty-three
six trails and drive-
Mir corrals, and forty-
bes have already been
late the handling of
Itioiial Forests of the
ter development has
)(i places.
If water development
by the Cabin Lake
Deschutes National
formerly supported no
fater was lacking. A
Aped witn a gasoline
rides sufficient water
and it is planned to
Ire wells in-thls region
kbout six miles, which.
Forest officers, will
to take care of 3,000
lion of poison plants
le anual loss of stock
y accomplished last
tre area of tall lark-
tiyou National F"orest.
n the Minam will be
rly In June by the
land the Goose Creek
rse Association in co-
jrteen other poison-
ive been located Dy
land will be taken care
of range available in
)reets is limited, says
Instances, their wives and children,
their household goods, livestock
farm machinery, and considerable
other wealth.
All this has gone to enrich the
Dominion at the expense of the
The migration of farm settlers
halted omsewhat during the war,
promises to increase. Canadian of
ficials, railroads, laud companies and
others are exerting strenuous efforts
to coax away men tried and tested
on farms this side the border.
Canada has one great attraction
cheap lands.
And this supply of cheap lands Is
to be distributed upon the most
tempting terms, long years of pay
ment and low Interest rates.
Sons of farmers and farm workers
in the United States have complained
that they cannot buy farms und settle I
down in the States because our farm-1
ing land is too high in price. That
ta why they are leaving Iowa. Kan- '
8as, Nebraska, Illinois, and other!
states of the middle west, where
farms uro held at from $200 to $H0O
the aero, and seek Canada's acres at
from 5 to $2.r.
So they go to Alberta, Manltol a,
and Saskatchewan.
That is one reason why the United
States sees a greater growth iii pop
ulation of cities than of rural dls
triots; why the United States Is fall-'
ing back in food production as com- I
pared to population lucreuse; why
the time Is near when we will have to
import food.
The sorry thing about it Is that
we have the laud and It Is unused.
In New England there are 30,000,
000 acres of unused laud which
Hay. you honorably discharged 1 protection against the poaalbt
soldier or sailor! Do you want to
know bow to gat the $6o nst egg
which Uncle Sam has promised
you? Here's how one Yank got
his bonus as he told it to the
camera, and It's all so easy and
simple Pictures from No I to
No. 6 tell the story There Is
Just one other precaution. As a
loss of your discharge papers la
the mails, you may nave them
recorded at the county recorders
office before sending them to
Washington Get application
blank from your postmaster or,
from the local Ited Cross bead-'
quarters The department ad
dress Is on the blank.
these hundreds of thousands of idle
acres to remain unused, whits the
nation falls further behind in food
production, and let American farmers
be coaxed onto Canadian lainu to
supply our tables?
There is a better market in the
United States for farm produots than
in Canada; better road.i, better cli
mate, hotter railroad sccotqoi lions;
bettor aohooU ami mora cbor
also your naxt-door naigbbor li near
er. Then why go to Canada?
Because the Canadian govert i i
today is doing more to on ti now
farm lands to settlement than Is the
United Slates governme;.t.
(the purpose of range
y the Forest Service ought to be farmed, but which are
ranges greater carry-
cause of more intens-
in pood American ra--
to Canada within the
lying Idle. There are 35,000,000
acres in the middle states, unused
but which might be paying farms.
In the Pacific coast states there are
180,000,000 Idle acres. There are,
in addition, cut-over timber lands,
swamp lands, arid lands, In the
Doited Btati I which mlKht he con-
Whlch w,n so hum h , veil. (I into good farming acreage.
United State;.
Iwith them, in many
What will the American govern
. tent do uoout it? Will it permit
If weather oondittoM In Cils
country are favorable there will be
a record whtat crop in 1 S 1 9. And
every bushel of this wheat under the
Kovernmont guarantee will bring the
farmer ?2.2G.
T'lls guarantee has built of it an
appropriation of a billion dollars
made by congress for the purpose
of supporting the wheat price.
It is possible that the loss to tlte
government may not be a . prcat an
anticipated. Mr. Hoover Intorms u:i
that Europe will need mora wheat
than the estimates have called for.
There will be no Wheal r.ilscd in
Russia, Serbia, or Bulgaria, 0 these
countries, which are usually export
ers, will be obliges to Import wheat.
The Australian wheat crop for 1H
will he smull, and the Ait ' mi:o crop
will nut exceed the usual amount.
These conditions may force up the
market price of wheut and relieve
the pockets of Messrs. Taxpayor &
t'o. As the pockets of Taxpayer &
Co. are not especially full at presont,
such a result would be a welcome
We lean) that tho Oermani :ir
Dot ui anlmottali dti posed to regard
the latest iwmcu terms with complu
i i Di y. There Is even now the DOS
slhillty that they may prefer to
We loitrii also that If they do so
I" :i!lio; will find IheniHolvei In a
yosltlon of considerulil eml :ir;i ..
ment. They are not nearly as wall
prepared as they should bo for forc
ible OOOnpatiOO Of additional German
territory. Mutinous ouehreuks in
need of rapid demobilization, and in
Bead of rapid demobilisation, nd in
well-informed diplomatic circles It
Is admitted that the French author
ities are uneasy about the possible
consequences of contact between
their own war-weary conscripts anil
With the return of normal couditionH there!
will come u dt'imiml for Ileal Entate in Har
ney County.
I do not particularly want an option on
your property nor a contract for sale on
commiHHion, hut I defure a lint of every kind
of property, real or personal, for sale or
trade in Harney County in order to tfivej
full ami accurate information to numerous
inqnirieH from prospective inventors, and to'
bring liuverw and sellers together.
Can offer desirable town lotH, acreage and
choice city property stock and hay ranches'
raw or partly improved sap'hrush land
for side ulso hi rm near Ihirns for lense.
Hi :?5iSoiisjd
I solicii . oiir hnsiness such as npplicit inns
foretti it, ribowitigs, affi(iu its. contests aiufj
trials liefoic the Loctil Land Oflice, and;
appeals etc., before 'the I iiiiimissioner l t he
tirai'Dil Land Office and the Secretary tf
1 lie Interior.
Be absolutely safe and insure your property
in i r. . i, .,,;.. i" ,., ...i i. i . i ; i , t i..,. I
111 ! 'M' MMflJ , 1 l I I i I U ICIl S.. A" I 1 I -
cantile". My Companies pay all lohs-.-H
Wm. Farre
Tonawama Building
Burns, - . Oregon
r A o I V
' v 1L.
v V Jif-i
. ' X J J T-
miIImuTIi -sfjaiiWHi'lii i""Vr ' c- 'r
JWmmjr-' a ;S r
men of this city have ordinarily. Kven the bakery has a
in suggestion that we special and this great religious week-
v:,,, ,,,u ,,l nf "MnllHr " UB vumm luo o.-.n iui inui u
of the several stores
with a special offer to new und old
subscribers, by giving special lu-
lin The Times-Herald du,.emeiitH for the day.
for one or more spec-1 Kead the advertisements in this ls-
leir customers on that Hue of Tho Times-Herald and take
lllar. They are going advantage of the bargains offorud.
u SOBsers that their it is up to the public to make "Hollar
more on that day titan . Day" a success. The merchant and
rliiiaim ( lolliing o. '-,; Sdnvait- Dry (ioods Store
ivatK, JlfjO and $1 5 Gingham, 3 yards, on Hollar Hay
lay only, S1.00 only 11.00
Nicer & Co.
always $1.25 every
day only, $1.00
I unaliui'K, Dalton & Co.
II. 25 Brooms, Hollar Hay only, $1.00
all who have taken part In ft bare
done their part. If the j. ublic will
show an Interest it is possible to make
"Hollar Hay'' come around at regu
lar intervals to the advantage of all
A partial list of the bargains of-fen-d
by our advertisers will ba found 1
below but there are otlierj u id you
should road the idrei'tlsemaata to I
get a complete list.
Chios (io-Ii Store
Work shirts, ll.ff und $1 ,2'i value.,
Hollar Hay only $i 0J
Harney ('o!inl National Ituuk
Hollar Savings Accounts.
More than four thousand Delco-Light plants were de
livered for war work. They were used to supply elec
tric light in camps, storehouses, hospitals, Y. M. C. A.
huts, airplane hangars, sub-chasers and other branches
of the service.
In Red Cross hospitals at the front, Dafco
Light operated life-saving X-ray apparatus.
Delco-Light was specified by the Government because
it is dependable, eflicicnt, simple to operate, requires
little attention, and because it is AIR-COOLED.
The result of Government tests and the satisfactory
use of Delco-Light on over 60,000 farms are your as
surance that Delco-Light will give you the same de
pendable service.
It betters living conditions, increases farm efficiency,
and soon pays for itself in time and labor saved.
JV.OHhkN APILIANCE CO., Diatribstara, xitlo, Wash.
bVUNal GAKAGI2 Local Dealers
Makan rf DkXCO-UGH T Products
I'ukc's Sweet Shop
2 pounds mixed candy, $1.25 val
ue, Hollar Hay only $1.00
l til Drug Store
lau's Liniment, iij'iar
$1.00 N. flrown & Sons
7 yard) CsHeo, Dollar Day only $1.00
h iMliHiige Mr. Latah Millar
Hee, Dollar Hay only, Hat bauds and bows, special for Hol-
$1.00 lar Hay ouly, $1.00
The Welcome I'luirinui y
Combinations of Menueu's Toilet
Products, $1.20 to $1.50 values, dol
lar Hay only $1.00
The TI 11 -.-Herald
Nine mouths' SSSSerfption to new
subscribers, also applies to old sub
iicribers who pay up arrears at regu
lar rates, Hollar Hay ouly $1 M