The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, November 23, 1918, Image 8

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    Notice to Bend Subscribers
ThftMCOnd instnllnirnt of principal on
Fourth Liberty Loan (rubscrtptfosa will
be due on November 21st.
It will bicilitMtc the work of the bmikn
eouNidrrnblv if nil who npreed to pur
chaae bonds under tho installment plan
will meet tlionovonil payments prompt
ly us they beOOBM due.
Burnt, Oregon
The Times-Jleraid
Ha The Largest Circulation Of Aay
Newspaper In Harney County.
" -
Mrs. Archlo McGowan was up from
Crane yesterday.
For Sale 1916 Model Ford Tour- alive or dressed as suits the pur-
ing car. Just overhauled, good tires, i chaser. Phone, Sl'21.
Inquire at this office. ..
J. L. Hutler and wife were re- . IICKNH. CAI'ITAI. AM) KLIU'I,L'M
glstered at the Hotel I.cvons during gltHMIOO. "THK HANK THAT
the week. ! MAKKM YOt'll s HAFK."
Clyde Embree was looking after
some business affairs in town jester- Mrs. Clark Is ImcU from her hur
day. ric (I visit to I'aulina where sin- MM
llaled Alfalfa Hay for sale in car
lots. Write Finney & Bender, Onta
rlo, Oregon.
Mr. Cochrane-. 0OBB4M ted with the
state military police
who was hero
for a time during the summer, isriim,. jn lr(Hll ,,. ' rail(., ari, w, k
back again. ,',,. is p.,,,,,,, doinM W(. ,',
Full pa.Miicnt I'ourth Liberty Loan
Itonds are now reuily for Deliver).
it km;y ooi nty n a t i o n a i.
Marshal McDonald tried to scare
BR a case of "flu" for himself but
after staying at home one day found
he didn't have time to lake It so
has postponed indefinitely.
The gravel Ir being placed on the
floor of the new stone garage build
ing of the Hums Harare. They have
also fitted up a room in that part
for the vulcanizing, tho steum pipe
being Je used in coils to heat tho
v. ork shop and rooms of the build
ing. It is a handy arruugement.
Mrs. I.ouel Iteed Is assisting ill the
telephone exchange because of the
enforced absence of some of the
operators. Mrs. Ithon has been out
of the offio for several days taking
care of her husband who has the in
fluenza, and Miss Qlsdy MoKlunon
was Quarantined al the bom of Mr.
and Mrs. Hert Richardson because
member ol the tamUy bad th la
fluen.a. f
Prolong inff II unian I A IV!
In the f'fi ort to letifftneii tpetDRti ! humsfi ex
istarico, every available resource in Nature's sloii
house is utilized. These must be classified and sy-l.-m-ized
and ready for use. This is the work of tin
chemist. The intelligent iiandlinK of this vast store of reme
dies, under the direction of vour phvsician, devolves on
Your Drupfint
We employ none but competent vr,.iltiaLi-tl pharmacists.
The Rexall Drug Store
REED BROS., Props.
II. '". Hoyer was here from Ontario
during tbe week. Thornburg Is able to be out
after a severe attack of pneumonia.
K. I). Towsley was down from his
Kiulgrant Creek ranch during the
H. U. Hugger, who has been work
ing In Mend t'or some time, Is ugaln
In Hums.
Mrs. K. It. Ueynvaan has fat turk-
i eys for Thanksgiving. May be had
ailed because or the sh 1 i;,ss i;f hei
son itex. lie is recovaiing rapidi,
With no complications.
,.,,.,,, , .. ... ,
Kd Kgll is at the home of Mr. and
. n,r ,..., ,., .fc...
.' ian,in v liin . i in itif ii
,,, ,. -uilll nf ,,.,,,,. .. ,,.. :
Wo have Just received a carload
of choice Hood Itlvc- apple Of the
Order early a suiaiiy of the SI I
already spoken for. The price Is
r8.36 per box at Crane. Crane
Mercantile Couipar Robert Drink
water, C. A. Harlan.
Attorney J. K. MarKs came over
from Canyon Thursday on some busi
ness in this county In connection
with the John Mtildrick estate-. He
was accompanied by his wife and
son. They went on down to Crane
and lie expected to take a duy off for
On shooting before ho returns
C. A. Harlan was up irom CTana
Thursday looking in on hi friends
and attending to son business. H
reports his mercantile business crow
ing most satisfactorily. Workmen
begun excavating for new brick
building for the OCCUpane) of Ihe
Crane .Mercantile Co. ih;ii morning
and Cy says they expect io h n
new home .soni- I h I sari In January.
Bur wr Bvii stamp.
C. R. MrOonnell has gone to Vale
and Boise on business.
Peter Hanson was over from his
j home on upper Silver Creak during
. tho week.
Tbe beautiful weather of the pant
week ha caused many favorable re
marks upon the fall climate of this
O. M. Ryder of the firm of Ryder
Bros., Baker, was here this week
looking after the trade of his firm
In this section.
Jamos Weston and family were
up from (ra no last Wednesday on a
visit with relatives nud friends and
looking aftaf some business nffalrs.
Tho Timos-llerald Is Inrormod
that Mrs. Thos. Morrison died hi lo-r
homo In Canyon this woek from In
fluenza. Tom's many friends in this
county sympathize with hi in deeply.
1 100,00. "THM RANK THAI
Notice - .lamos McKee has taken
over all the property of Cecil McKee
and all persons holding accounts
agaiust Cecil McKee aro requested to
present the same to tho undersigned
at Diamond, Oregon.
Walter Cross and hlsgranddaugh-
i era, Misses Cora and Jessie Shepnrd.
were down from Trout Crook for u '
few days this week unending to ihe
job of getting vaccinated for in-1
fluenia. They went (lack to the ranch
to remain until the bun Is raised and
the schools resume.
40 acre ranch :( miles from Caatle
Hock, Wash. 4 acre cleared 14 acre
tillable all fine soil 4 room house
good spring and running sir. MUR. I
I'letiiy of wood. A good little ranch I
for any purpose. I'rice $1600. Wl!l
trade for Harney Valley land. Ad
dress Ueo. W. Fenton. Camp "-K.
Newport, Ore.
Died Wednesday afternoon, at
Crane, James Officer. ! let eased for
I merly resided In tho Dayvilln country
but of late years hud been residing
.In the vicinity ir Crane. The In
mediate cause of his deuth Is re-
ported us from .i hemorrhage. I ti
ll was Buttering from tuberi ulst
; trouble and was In h stOMJ in Crane
when a saver coughing spell oaAM
on him. He walked out on the street
! where lie Minn I'Xplreil from
Wood. We understand he leaves n
, wife and sl children to iiiourn hltn.
' Hurry Smith came In from the
, ranch th Other da7 suffi ring Irom a
cold. Hih wife conceived the schen
to Keep him at horn for a te
., ,,i .,,, the .lUtliorllie . tuarai-
th house as a suspeel ol influousa
:,t ,t didn't work for very long Ujajlttnlty for their sacrifice In under-
Andrew Irwin, who look after tho tuklnr tl.'s inmortuit work and
, " '" " niii'oriiii.i iirs a n
qoaruntl I. tooa th nail over and m unity. I nnectlon with the
,,:"lv,'l wl1" '"' ,'""1'1 "" il'"' whan
""fry appeared on the seen,- and I
A,"'y k"1 l""1' "' ,,1" '", "'
"VWn ). ..i. 'i it hi W In ' urn II mi
yourself, I'm too bosj to pa I party
to Mich i anuflatuj."
Cal (ieer CaUd In I" hello
Thursday as he was going by Hd in
discussing th w-.ithcr he rnarhd
it was a finer day than It was SO
years ago on Thursday and Wfa in
asked Why '"' reniemi.ered Unit nir
ticular day so well be suld that till
years ago on the lul dir of N'ovetn
ner he and Mrs. (leer WOT made
man and wife. It Is u foregon
elusion thai they have been year ol
contentment and good fellowship hs
they aro still sweihourls. Their
maiiv trietttls of tills city certainly
extend bent wishes to those respected
people who hav jouinejcd together
tor so many years ami who have been
r ponsihie tor natty happy times
tor foaogr people who had th goed
rori tine in he numbered as tht n
frlanoa. May thy live to celebrate
ih;r dlsnond wedding Is the bop
of the writer.
The Tine i ' r Id i:- Intel nod by
neighbors ol Ut Drew e country
that Mlghborbood can boss! f
tie- crack rifle shot of tho world in
the person of ls Joi si Tho be -
. i .. - ii. an ;-uod i iiu ,t gamu
I ud remark- d at i U i n b M -i I
..r.irie.i thai ii I'ncii . an would lei
dial lalie hi "Wii cue le .1 una: B
.i i inn (or vry shol bu flrod within
rang, Upon arriving s camp i.
li" wa:i iai. en in ihe rifle I I
bis sfiuinl and ; uivd i' bull'l
evei y ahol al i distant s of 440 yard
Ut tt movlitK bsffel, 'ihe officer In
chare ihoughl tber wa mime n
take ami tried him ,i;;aiii Willi He
tan retulti Jsa was sent ,
bai t( I I I ! I Q "ver I in-re
it is understood in mads good In his
i a, That's t hs kind of record
Ihe American bO I WOr e. peeled t.i
make and jl St Is one ul Ihem th I
eang up io gpt ststi'oua unit then -some,
was In town
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Mahon were In
town Wednesday.
O. W. Simmons and J. O. Butler
were up from Narrows tho, fore part
of this week assisting a neighbor In
making proof on his land.
Henry Trowbridge waa among
our visitors during the present week.
Ho makon froquont trips to our vicin
ity In his huitnoss dealings.
The Red Cross Christmas pack
ages have had tho attention of Rev.
Father Fronds and some of tho
ladlos during the woek. The time for
mailing has boon oxtondod to Nov.
110 which will gl.vo more time for
this v-( rk and tltu give the boys n
DOttS? chum n ED roeeivo something
from nome.
Jamos Anderson and Joe Milord
wore In town Thursday renewing ac
quaintances and attending to some
business, affairs. Jim had Just com
!!oted his work on tlM t'nltcd War
Drive In his community And hurried
over to turn in his money before he
P lit it he mi d. If nil tho pcoplo
wore lilso Jim AnderHon and his
neighbors It wouldn't be uny trick
at all to secure war funds.
Friends In this section have re-
cr-ntly received letters from Mri.
James Mutton and her daughter, Mrs.
Claude Smyth, to the effect that the
latter has been 111 with Spanish in
fl'.ienza at l.os Angeles, hut Is ro
OOVMTfSg, They aro Hpondltig tho
winter In Southern California and
have asked that this great religious
weekly he sent to them for the re
mainder of the time they are down
Mrs. 10. C Kgglestou called at this
office the first of the week and stal
led that she had decided to con
tinue the business of her late hus
band. He was connected with the
oregon Life Insurance Co. and was
a nis.rie, man oi important lerri-j
tory. Mrs. Kggiestoii rocelved flat
tering propositions from the com
pany to continue, the work of Mr.
Kgglestou and after consulting with
BOB of her friends In this ssetlOR
decided to aceepi the responsibility.
She If capable woman and one thai
will do crcdllelilc work.
Marshall hfe Donald Inforia TB
Herald lltat tho hOO)ltl that
was fitted up for influenza patients
kn the bulbllng formerly occupied by
Mr. FlreoM-d hat been closed us the
patients had sii recovered but later
OR developed and ho was arrnim
Ing to house then In the Marv Cald
well building wh'eb Is more eORVi n
tool tor neb porpo Ths first
onergeno) hospital wm taken oar
Mri .1. K ?.' .''v and Mrs.
(Catherine Oraaam who proved fine
en:--e- i-.ii capable women, They de
serve "i he I I wit he of this con-
presenl (t)ldemlfl of Influenia thre
eertainly hav th t hunks of the oogs
are other who also -houid he gtven
. . i ..i . . .j . i...i . ,i i.
'" ' " "u,r l,r""1' "' H ""' wruer
other than th two ladles above,
Is not familiar with all il refrains
from making any personal mention
' mo II. -ie we mac he nhle to g'-l
the necessary Information to give
proper mention to thee who hav
given their time and skill toward
relieving the situation.
' vnatnriliiv
need not prevent you from
Winter is approaching and it is time tc
consider purchasing warm clothing and
comforts for cold weather. We have a
complete line of
Shop early in the season and get best
Burns Cash Store
Report of the Condition of the
Harney GYmty HatiMl Bank
of Burns, Oregon
November 1,118
Loan and Discount
United State Bend
Liberty Loan Bend
United State Treasury Certificates..
Bonds and Securities
Furniture and Fixtures
Real Estate Owned
Rebempttc i Fund
Cash and Exchange
U A35.
Capital Stock
Surplus .'...
Undivided Profits
National Currency
Rediscounts and Hi;!.! I aj.
serve Bank
John Kecthoff. Sen., did St
I Melollus, Ore.. ittHt Su.idny. Mr.
Seethoff lived iii this (it) for about
I two years prior to lit 11! and still
; owns a section of land adjoining
town, lie noted from In-re to Mo-
loilu when ho built a large flour
mill. He leaves four i h'.ldren and
his widow. .Mrs. 11. V. Bchnall Is a
,iUUghter of the deceased
Fred (loyt and family took their
departure last Monday morning for
fori limit Cri-l ti.iil il ii t.i; ..-it lit hlfti
, ,, . ,
Interest In the I'niversal Oarage
and WSJ pn parinp to ilium to l'ort
land whrru he had a position; on
KundiM nicruIiiR they reoatvfd a t.'.'!-
(ritn i ucliig the sudden de. iili
of Mrs. Ooyt's mother which haateu--i
their departure, Prod stated to
the writer that he hsd a good posl-
; oa , .r,iuli wbtoh was so at-
tractive tii;i: ha preferred it to a
business of his own.
i MiMsaneaaMSsmr
Tgg- V x
"Kr !l!.iina'aYTtu'WLftoa f ri
i "H t M?
V--v Slgfcir5RE3stLSB:MLa
NdgHCV gfcC' HtlUL aSRCeRtTtyt
ii .a TTi i Jr isti I
1,175. 0
$26,000 00
te Federal Ke-
530 010.88
Rye Smyth and his son Cutui
were here from liapiiy Valley WeJ
nesday on business.
The aviator at Dallas, Texas, w':
set the v.orld's record by
plishlng 102 consei-urive loops.
have lmaglued a' his fi.ilt-h that li
bad been suddenly whirled beV
non-prohibltiou days.
OL w. cievenger Is preparing to
move his undertaking bade Int
the Odd Fellow building, to Occupy'
the north store room .f the building
i ' '
where V.'. B. Huston, fornncrU' COSH
ducted bis hastaets. The tiinc u
I remodeled for hix oecupi
Nd -. ... .t w'fe were hers
tit for ;nrt of this week from Al
herson. They can tn to rWi wion
relatives and friends for a tew deal
'and to get vaoeinated, .Nick ststsj
ho is doing a very good bu i- in
I the mercantile line at thai point
Here is a de-
i tailed map of the
allies' mortgage on
Qermany. n is the
line where F o c h
will stop his troops
until Germany signs
the peace papers
which the alllpa will
dictate. It means
that the war Is
moved over Into
Germany, and, it
further lighting ' Is
uecesaary. It will be
In Hun villages.
The shaded area
shows German ter
ritory, with bridge
heads across the
Hhine, which will
be occupied. France
and Uelgium are
free from the can
non's roar.