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The Tlmcw-glcrnld roea re-
The Ttmcn-llrrnid la an oM
established friend of the people
(if II ii'iicy County where It haa
been weekly vtMitor for thirty
years. It'M Job department la
equipped to aerve your needa.
iliirly to mow homM in Hni-
twunty man any other
ispaper. If you wish to
i-.-ich the people um those col.
.ik for your advertisement.
NO. 4
In H ry
mt .
fWJUJr tWi
V ,
Lited States Bureau of Educa.
lion Suggest "The American's
eet?,' Composed of Some
lif toric Phrases be Memorized
flu' school chlldron .of America
be asked by the United States
fe..ii of education to memorize
he American's Creed" for wlilch
iv of Baltimore paid Tyler Page
la ry land $1000 as the first prize
mar In a. contest which attracted
amis of entries.
rhc iroed. as printed in the Con-
nal Kocord, follews:
1 1 believe in the United States of
koru-a us a government of the peo-
i t!io people, for the people.
dsc just powers aro derived from
Dt of the governed; a demo-
!:i a republic; a sovereign na-
of many sovereign states; a per- (
It union, one and inseparable, es-1
Mishcd upon those principles of
edom. .. nullity, Justice and hum-
ty for which American patriot
rificed their lives and fortunes, i
'I therefore believe It Is my duty I
my country to lovo It, to support i
constitution, to obey its laws, to
pert its nag and to defend It
linst ail enemies."
fhe creed Is composed of some of !
historic phrases of America. The
ring appears in the Congression- j
ncord from the explanation by P. '
("avion, commissioner of educa- i
rThe first clause, 'I believe in the
ttted States of Amorlca,' Is from
1 ! amble to the constitution of
i United State. The sceend clause, i
ovemment of the people, by the
llt. for the people,' Is from the
table to the constitution of the
Ml States, Daniel Webjtor's
eih iii tho senate of January ilti,
10, and Abraham Lincoln's Gottys-
n, .peecn. "Whose just powers
derived from the consent of the
'emed' is from the Declaration of
jssendeaee. 'A democracy In a re- '
Be' is in substance from No. 10
me Federalist by Mr.dlson ami
Icle 10 of the amendments to L!ie i
ii-;. '!'... i of the I'tiited States.
"A i erfect union goes back to the '
imbie to the constitution. 'One
treble' la irom Webster's
sell In the senate of January 2G,
'Established upon those prin-
!!- of freedom, equality, Justice
humanity' is from tho Declara-
of Independence.
'For which American patriots
rifii i-d t heir lives and fortunes' Is
Ui- Declaration of Independ
aml Lincoln's Gettysburg ad-
'1 therefore believe It is my duty
Inn . iniii t ry to love it' is in sub-
e from Kdward Everett Hale's
Man Without a Country.' To
irt its constitution' is from the
of allegiance, section 1767 of
1 iinni siniuti-i- 01 in,; iiiiiu.-u
..,.;.....! -...... .. w.. r-. .i... I
'To obey its laws,' from
shiiiKton s farewell address and
si article of the consUtution of
d Siates. 'To respect its
the national anthem, The
Bpsngled Banner,' army atid
V r illations, war department
'ular in flag etiquette. April 14,
17. And to defend it against all
Met Hum the oath of allegiance,
Ion 1T",7 of the revised statutes
Ihe L'nltod States.
nlMi-:it.; llll.i: IIOKHKS.
U lime of the vesr liractl-
1 I the heavy work on mori
i' l-!ii finished, and during
elm horses are more or less
Idle bprses give no retur;i
trf'- ' nei-rormed. the feeding
il'l lie a-.i eciiiioniical as DOSSlblo,
, are 1 bould be taken 01
Is iii order thai Ihei mav
1.,, ible condition for
In 1 'ii- early pflng.
for I1011I1I not be confined to
I -.11 illirillK Hie wimn .. -
al apply of grain. It Is far bel
I, ,.,, .. . 1, ilw,
tw ' 'HiKii ineiu I III "111,11 ' ev.
"oiiiis. 1 ney sliouid no Bi" "
fun oi Lbe yard or lot during the
'1 id -iiiiuid be provided with a
. . , . . .... .. 1.
lien one 1 : inoroiinii-
and ,el, provWed .villi bed-
1J" "'""" ''"' "'-r "urt
" ' Ihe hoi-e with tt lieuvy "
of hair dm lug the old months.
Hliei i; nece.-.sary ill order U) al-
Iecssary shelter and pro-
ilnsl rains, snow, and c
jib Jti I
B.; Jig" . I
The richest woman in the
world may live to be the poorest.
It is Frau Bertha Krupp von Boh
len, owner of the Krupp gun
works, which fostered Hun mili
tarism. If ihe new German gov
ernment repudiates the home
debt as is blntea then Bertha's
millions In government securities
will bo swept away. Above all
this. Justice Is asking that the
Krupps, with the ex-kaiser and
other militarists, face a murder
charge. Would this mean ivr
tba. too?
winds. Winter winds come mostly
i from the north and northwest, and
! the shed should be so situated and
. constructeil as to give the proper
protection from thin quarter.
In the feeding of idle horses high-prit-ed
feed should be avoided In
order to keep them In proper con
dition at the lowest cost. It Iiuh been
round that idle horses do very well
on a winter food consisting of all tho
hay, oat straw, cornstalks, or sorg j
bums they will consume, so that i
little grain is necessary. Idawss
, tlon of tho feed, thus insuring pro-,
permits of a more thorough nuurtlof
per digestion.
Von Kaiser Bill
Has got his rill.
He's lost his pull "mlt Gotf
i l's just u mutt
Who l lost his strut
ll-'s on tin- lohog, vliut?
Ha dreamed a dream
That mads him bMbb
The lord of all the earth;
A i,d from bis roost
He tried to boost
Bs breed of royal birth.
Old Liidenliausse
And Hlndenstrau -.
And dear old Von Tirpltz,
Were tools of Gott
In one great plot
To turn tho trick for Fritz.
Youiik eirls and wives
And babies' lives
Were naught to him, the King,
,nage. shoot.
fAn(, k)1, a)d ,oot
Were quite the proper thing.
Bu, wne tho Yanks
wl(h a tUelr Unkll
Went some two million strong.
The Kaiser took
Another look
And sang a different song.
ym Kaiser Bill
Has get his fill,
HI I Got! has done him dirt;
Good bye, old Hun,
You're on, lbs run
Co with the devil flirt!
11. ids migrating al night average
longer Mights ttfan the day migrant
The ulghthawa pel forms the Ipng-!
titration :"":'"" '" :",v ' '"' '
binl 1, ,,. ,, j 7.01H1 miles, from 1
the Vn!'.' "''
Tin- files of the United Slil - D
...ii-imeiii of Agriculture oontnin
, ,-oileei-l.
J"""' ' '
11IK i"" ","'
of Nor'h American birds
., ,,,,,,u ii r,...,.,.,iH
riie Afi ic it-i 11 ii-"
for length of migration, When
. , .- 11,,, iinllrii I
Villi K
ire hi11 Bjruwi .,,,,... .
, ,. Ap,M ,.... ull(i
' ( , HkIr
i. ,.,; ,i .he Antarctic
I"u'1" -
w. b, nasi "as ., , .--,
ookiyg atior some bW affairs.
Several Cases Developed During
Week. One Deal h in urns
And Two in Southern Part of
County. Country People Sick
The Times Herald finds today
that while there are some pretty
tek people tho Influenza Is not so
mvvulent and that this community
is gradually getting rid of It. Mr.
Irwin, who Iks charge of tho quar
antine cases, Icoka after their wants,
Stated yeuerdny that most of those
In quarantine tviuld be out within
tho next day or t o.
One xlotlm AWA In Burns last
Saturday night, Mrs. Tim Crowley
having die 1 of tho disease. She bail
been III but a short time but it was a
severe case. She leaves her husband
and two little children to mourn her
besldoa her parents snd several
sistors and brothers In this vicinity.
T. S. Dugger, of Denio, also Honry
Schwanzara have died of tho disease
in the southern part f the county
where It was epidemic for a time but
word from there states it Is being
stamped out with no other fatalities
so far as learned here.
Few bad ca':es are reported here In
Burns iliirln.- the past week. James
l'rlli Is reported as having the
pneumonia following an attack of In
n in-ii, .a and other members of tho
family are down with It. This
family constitute all the severe cases
reported during tho week.
Dr. Smith was called to the Barber
home Just this side of Wright's point
the other day and repot ts that family
us tedng sick with Influenza,
though the patients are all Improv
Pan Francisco. Nov. 14 - The Gov
ernment today dlsmtsned distrsint
proem dlrgs brought against the
heirs to the estnte of tM late Henry
Hitler, California land baron, to col
lect approximately $7,000,000 In tax
es and penalties when th heirs paid,
tinder protest, taxes amounting to
The estate plans, It was sab! to
recover this amount by filing suits- -
School Bupt. Frances Qlark de
sires The Times-Herald to announce
that since Institute she bad donated
br services to aid in caring for In
fluenza patients and till I Is reapoh
Bible for tin- negligence or her cor
respondence. Klie'bas not -been able
to write teachers during the period.
S r.- j
.-fj - J.-TMUMAS
l. 'gP1 ' " ' '
Regional Director of Highways
Transpori Committee Issues a
ulletin. 1 he Federal Railroad
Administration is Co-operating
Tho following bulletin was sent
out from the olfico of the regional
director of tho highways transport
committee at Portland with a request
lliat it he published:
Man cannot live alone the few
note-worthy exceptions who have
"Kobinson Crusocd have merely
given tho world some Interesting
tales, so I take It as nxlomatic that as
long an (he earth is Inhabited, roan
must travel about from social and
economic necessity. W'o will cease
to need roads and cease to transnort
ourselves and commodities when
mankind ceases to exest, so why
should It be our everlasting lot to
wallow knee-deep through mud and
almost impassable roads in Winter,
and during Bummer be followod in
all our travels by an oononiotia cloud
of dust? A road should not be con
sidered for this generation alone, but
be a factor of such prominence and
permanence as our present experi
ence teaches.
Let me briefly show how good
roads reflect value., to farm lauds
when transportation is available. A
given piece of land will produce a
crop that requires of Hie owner an
expenditure for seed, fertilizer, labor,
wear and tear (depreciation) on
tools, machinery and Implements;
then the crop moves to market and a
treat factor in the farmer's profit
will depend on the cost and the
promptness of this transportation;
ihe net return from a farm handi
capped by lack of transportation Is
less than from one that has II : Iran -peiiaiinii
is a double-edged -word
for it cits the costs on tho return
mankind peases to exist, so why
groceries,, seeds, etc. Before tie
pastoral slime of rwsn he depended
on what lie could lad; Hum by
subduing living creatures he de
pended on his flock tor food and
(slothing, they living on what they
could liiui: then the agricultural
Stage came and was an Immensely
Important growth, for 111:111 nuiv
learned to DOS its and raise
them at will) man cow ( eased to
roan about and settled In one placi .
tiu.-n came private ownership of
in. '. Increase In popwlat Ion, tb'a
building of communities and toe
growth of ' ties and finally the
marki t.
The Highways Transpori Com
111 1 ,,i the Coum i! of N'atloaa! 1 is
Cents is now well organised i en
"My soldiers nor tl A marl.
can people at home cannot un-dci-iiinil
a retreat of the Ameri
can flag. We are countor attack
ing" were the Immortal words
of General Omar Bundy at the
Marne. July 15. this year, the
turning point of the war The
I'anks did counter. The throw
tho Huns back across the Marne;.
The Huns haven't quit retreating)
courage and promote all endeavers
to utlllso the highways to their full
modern extent, and to this end is
now directing the establishment of
highway rapldmotor service. This Is
not necessarily a product of the war,
I, ut a delayed work that would have
Icon successful If formulated before
this because of tin- tacUfUM avail
aide through the use of modern
LruekS, and I'll-; 1 01. elusion has been
,,i-oveii sound hv the satisfactory re
sults obtained by motor transporla
Hon in support of the w.-r.
Julius L. Metre, regional director
01 the highways trunsport committee,
has begun a vigorous campaign to es
tabu- ii dependable motor truck
transportation based In many re
spect.! upon present Government
parcel post delivery methods of the
poaioffice department, lie is check
ing up localities iiiut ha.-e motor
truck lines and those where such
facilities ure now lacking. State
Director Amos Benson ha; be -n out
checking conditions ol highways in
localities that are now planning Ihe
Immedls ilabllahment of such
rural motor express service, a,nd e:
peelall) b .1 a tlva In causing
tho sarly completion ol highways
thai sw re begun t his Summer,
Earnest response from the contrac
tors to comply with bis eisbos has
been gratifying to him.
Clc'lri .an of lilstr vt No. 1, I-'red
A. Itascb, will leave in a fen days to
make u study of the conditions with
a iew tu astahllsblng receiving siu
tlons ut tlie nmd junctions to the
main highways, and al tho f:riiiers1
premises, so there will he prompt
receipt and dispatch of all ci in
modlties shipped or delivered
PaclMtlas should be arra.iKod in
thut a farmer who pun any produce
on bis ahlpping platform with In
si ruction.' to the carrier may return
to his farm and continue his work
SlthOUt any need for pofSG'ial ex-
hungo of f elicit lea.
The DJOtOr express service will
1 top but 11 moment ami be on its way.
The farmer may put In the box a re
quest for merchandise to bo purchas
ed lor him and returned on tin- same
day. and in tills wise he can order
meats of fish wiih a much BS Ml I I ii
Mving in the ciiy mid having avail
able market boms deliveries.
ii . Herbert Nuan, stain Highway
neer, is giving bis earnest oor
operation to ihls work, and in view
oi ihe termination ol tag war (l looks
gs it road building will be a major
industry very soon, until both city
and SOuhtr) reap the full advaut-
01 u, h , 1 , lea ;i pnl) godd
roads can live.
lr. Julius I-. Meier, dinlor of
highways committee, la just in re
n-ipl of a telegram from lOdward N.
Hurley, chairman o( the United
States Shipping Hoard, In which In-
urges rani wed action and vigor In all
movements thai pertain to motor
truck transportation, Ha a:
Pood wu tl begin to move
from even hill through eei; villey
1 ( ontimied on page five)
- BSaWBffS Iraaa JSSAlj r Cfmt smt e
flfl I SJ r'
I HsSsfSLt S "?''
wl ifiBTtKT'lliSIL
V5l esaBwiwsHSl L
I sgv .! KsaWssLJ Bjajl
Ja Hi' t- .-, ,aj eHAesHB ess
fl-asu. aBnow i" , I
President Issues Thankagiving
Proclamation. Help Declared
Imperative in Building New
Structure of Peace and Good
President Wilson, in a proclama
tion, designated Thursday, November
I us. as Thanksgiving day and said
1 this year the American people ha w
speclul and moving cause to be grate-
iui ami rejoice, i.ompieie victory, lie
said, has- brought not only peace,
but the confident promise of a new
day as well, In which "justice shall
replace force and jealous Intrigue
among the nations."
The proclamation follews:
"f!y tho President of the L'nltod
States of America.
"It has long been our custom to
turn in the Autumn of the year in
praise and thanksgiving to Almighty
God for his many blessings and mer
cies to us as a Nation. This year wa
have special and moving cause to he
grateful and to rejoice, tied has in
his good pleasure given us peace.
It has not come as a mere cessation
of arms, a mere relief from the strain
and tragedy of war. It has come as u
great triumph of right. Complete
; victory has brought us, not peace
alone, but the confident promise of a
new day as well, In which Justice
shall replace force and jealous in
trlgue among the nations.
"Our gallant armies have parti
cipated in a triumph which is not
marred or stained by another pur
pose of selfish aggression, in a right
cause tbey have won immortal
glory and have nobly served their
Nation in serving mankind. God has.
indeed, been gracious. We have cause
for sueii rejoicing its sevhres unu
strengthens in us all tho best tradi
tions of our National history. A new
ihinea about us. In which our
hearts take iiew courage and Took
forward with new hope to new and
greater duties.
''While we render thanks for
the iiiing, let u-i no) forget to
uivint . gidani s in 1 lis pet (own
anee of those duties and divine,
mercy and forgiveness ror all errors
1 or purpo ' . and pra thai 1
all that we '; wo :,.. 11 strong
the ties of friendship and mutual
reaped upon which we mu il a K
tq build the new structure ol pe
;i mi good will among nations.
"Wherefore, 1, Woodrow Wilson,
President of the Unltod States r
America, do hereby designate Thurs
day, tin- si ii daj oi November next
1 1 day pi Thanksgiving and prayer.
and Invito the people throughout tin-
land to cease upon thai day trom
iiielr ordinary Occupations and in
their several homes and places ol
worship to render thanks to God, tew
ruler of nations.
"In Witness whereof. I bae lure
unto set my baud and caused the
seal of the United States to be af
"Done in tin- iiisiriei of Columbia
this sixteenth day of November, In
the year of our Lord Due Thousand
Nine Hundred and Eighteen and e:
the Independence of the United
States of America the Hlltl.
"r.v the President!
"Robert Lansing, Secretary ol
i;i:soh 1 ions or roioi,i: k
Hull of Burns Lodge No. 1)7. A. P
& A. M.
To (iods counsel chambers there is
I no key; Our l'ast Master ghd llrm..
iii- Kdward C. Bggleatou pat ed to his
reward al LgkevlOW, Or B, N(
a) r B, 1 ims.
Life to him bad no p ai
nobler than thai q( frlondi nip, a d
he -,, never busy In detecting other
men's faults.
I To his bereaved wile and cbtl
wo axtand our sincere sj mpetiiy,
e hi them w'o win cherish the mem
lory of our departed brother, end
, emulata bis precepts at duty, bon r
and gratitude.
KraieriKiiiy submitted,
Win. larre.
.1 W, Biggs,
Sam atotnershead,
Will our boy.: like Ihe home
v hen the) return? Or will Sl i
,11 learn 10 ma ka arms item .'