The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, August 10, 1918, Image 4

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t ttai 1'oat Office at Burni,
Onajpou. as Second Claas Matter.
stf :a.
i luaioiu ,,, uji limn jinini i .. it,,
shortage of siiRar hi been mused
largely by the U-boats, Thore Ih
plenty of sugar In the world hut tho
lark of shipping and the HlnkliiK of
uiffar mrgoes have caused all the
trouble. Then it should ba remem
bered that while the government Is
asking Individual to ue 26 percent
less for the next six months .they
arc still allowed double the amount
our allies receive!
It is a small sacrifice that has been
asked of the people and there Is no
doubt that It will be compiled with,
although there will be soma grumb
ling. It may be that before the six
months has expired enough siibiimr
lnc'i will he destroyed to make navi
gation of the Hens safe enough to
MM are sugar from the mi re distant
soun-es ol supply.
Meanwhile let tho grumblers think
of the leys who arc riving nit for
....,' ..,,.,-.- hi iijiin nun iiom
25 to 40 per cent 1 not uncommon
as the direct result of files and th"
extreme heat of Hummer. Under ex
isting conditions with a keen demand
for dairy products and with prices at
a high mark, It I highly desirable
that every dairy farmer exercise a
maximum of care and caution to elim
lnate the fly evil, according to dairy
specialist of the United State De
partment of Agriculture Remedies
are darkened barns, stable sanita
tion, and spraying with fly repellents.
Thorough treatment of manure, its
dally removal from the barn to a
distance, the use of hanging burlap or
other dovteej In the barn iOOfl to
briiHh Mm from tiie iinimuls, halted
fly traps jilaced outside the barns,
ami closed milk pa I Ih are among the
necessary retjali tents tor keeping
l lie . away.
The It able fly armed vwith biting
When the war came upon IU It
foam! in totally unprepared. It
wiS Ijp to our discredit IT we are
'Mlly unpepared to meet the condl
tios of a peace which is certain to
uaam. These conditions will make
rasaajaatment necessary. There will
tataua Immediate cessation of the war
imtastrles which are now emplovlng
so many people, and there will he the
nlul re-absorption of a great
arm? Into the working mult ; of the
The young men of tli army, ac
eusUUirned to hardy out -ol door life,
will many of them desire outside
rk Secretary l.aiic s plan for a
y ol all the vacant ami wa le
fctml of the nati. n with a view t
WaterininltiK which ol them can be
vecBIini d It cultivation i, an at'.
uiaM- project.
Hinv of the piai;t' producing war
nattti1 can ba utlliaed for commer
cial garSdnota. The government ami
the- -apitiiists will do ail they can
rowazs meeting conditions.
llatriibre is much that can he done
loraltv towards a solution of the
garabkMD. Th" governmenl doe., rtol
wM any puhlie works, except tln,.
Mkhkh r" necesaary, undertaken :r
th period of the war. Hut there is
hiw reason why we should not have
ot plans laid for Inaugurating them
rtw the i lose of the war The put
ting op of school buildings that ar
their country who are enduring cheer I mouth partSi punctures the hide or
fully the sum of all hardships and ' cows and sucks their blood, while the
danger, and then look at hlmsell' In I horn riy locates at the base or the
the mirror when lie complains of he -I horiiH, where It Irritates the skin
lug deprived of the second spoonful and causes the formation of pongee
Ql nugur for his
should he enough.
coilee. One look
J. 1". Kounsevelle and Tusnelda
Rounsevelle, or Dcnlo, Oregon, have
purchased the combined Insurance
Interests of William T. Lester and
Albert A. Traugott. known as the
Inland Kmpire Realty Company, and
will conduct a general Insurance and
real estate bualnpaa with lieadiiuart-
tlons which resemble inosiuilo bites
Moth hpecles of Hioho files propagate
rapidly and require only from 10 to
ltJ days In which to hatch their eggs
and produce new hordes of posts
which operate for oow discomfort.
The stabling of cows during the
heat of the day In cool, darkened
bams Ih recommended as one of the
best means of eliminating the fly
evil, provided adequate labor Is avail
able to keep the stables clean and
sanitary. As manure provides an
ere at Bums, Oregon, under the firm Ideal breeding mater.'al for files, it
name of Itounsevelle & Company.
This Is not u DOW business for Mr.
Rounsevelle; for years be was In the
re;il estate and Insurance business In
Boise with the late General PerrauM
ami during a part of the time he lived
In Chicago ha was connected with the
!irm ii,' Brown x. Oiittan.
it is expected thai they win areoi
a two story stone building on their
propert) On .Main Street next to the
i ii ti r Building which they re
'-ii f i purchased from the Tupker
The) invite wmr special attention
to their future advertising campaign!
al 0 Offer their thanks for your 00
operation and further patroage,
i.i:i i o i:it ci:iti:.xi.s
required or other necessary public
iMtiklirtK- can be planned. In many
wa-tkn8 of the country good public
hiejhwny.s are badly needed. Bucfa will give work to many.
It would also be an excellent Idea
to establish "mall factories In (Us
trkle where the material reiiuired
wtnU either be largely local or wlth
tu ;a transportation. Conditions
would he healthful Tor workers and
czajployini.'iit would he secured for
ttsnr men.
b'oreslght ami careful planning
wBI greatly aid In meeting after-war
coiMlllions, and should engage our
fnMVghti'ul consideration.
mnants or cereal breukfnsl food
often ba utilized to make pala
table dishes, to thicken soups or oth
er foods, a nl In similar ways. Small
I qusntitiei ol cooked cereal left over
from a meal can he molded in caps
ai'd reheated for later use by setting
Ih Imperative that none of It he al
lowed to accumulate In or around the
stable. Spravlng the animals with
some rjy repellent, such as kerosene
emtiislon Ih an effective remedy, but
requires repealed applications. Re
pellents should be used with great
Care, as no good one lias yol been de
vised whi.h is not likely to slightly
taint the milk. It Is best to sprav the
cows Just before milking each even
bag, using a band opray pump or ap
plying It with a brush or pom
There are some antifly solutions m
the market which are more or le
effective, Most or them consist or
some coal lar product combim-d with
either rish oil, oil of tar. or rosin.
I. line sprinkled about the ham or
manure is also useful In destroying
'in pn-pari- kerosene emulsion
one of the Cheapest and best home
made riy repellents dissolve one
halt' pound of yellow soap In a gal
lon of soft water boated to the boll-
itig point, and with tills combine
U gallons or kerOfgne In a barrel
where the solution cun be chiirne.l
with sl gallons ol water. This
mount of emulsion Is sufficient for
spraying 100 cows and should he pre
pared only as needed when smaller
amounts ure required they should be
prepared in the proportions given.
la tfae last two or three weeks the
Ijiicntin Roosevelt has soutlil-
tnndly in our ears, iteyond
Brt-iitlkt-s born of political creeds,
we ace In the death of this young
SkvbUor a slgnlflcaee which Is neither
YWMtifk'd nor emphasized by our men
tal altitude toward the poliiiei
wrhkh we have learned to correct ir
reparable wit Ii the Itoosevelt name
Democracy offers to Us lenders no
stuniunity from personal obligation
gssr thtem selves or for iiieir children.
t;cr can any man here accept it i
garaquisiie of bjgta office, The Room
eit family is well trained In his
niiol, and It is with pride that we
mi lo a qua lit) in our national
unake up whhdi we share with thOBS
other democracies on whose side we
fRjbt. The number of deputies elect
id lo the Krench Chamber who have
'alien In hattle furnishes u roster
(.'. would be appalling, were it
. h'lorious; and the same coudl
Vaii exists In Knglaml, which is a
raubll- in everything but name,
.ih the title of King preserved as a
cardtaevul survival lo be used occa
sionally as a rubber stamp. Two of
K.ut'land'H e premiers have lost sous
hi ibt- battlefield, and both house 1
.tt i'.it liituieni have seen umoug their
--. ranks how great a price In hu
raaa life roust be paid for the per-
.ctMjitiiin of the demoi-rutlc prllicl-
r.ut are there any gaps yet mudu In
i. he family of the Potsdam depot'.'
the cup. In boiling water. Another
way to economise cereal mushes is bo
add hot water to any mush left over
so si to make It very thin. It can
then easily he added to a new supply.
The prai tise or frying leftovers of
DOl ! hominy or of eorn- menl mush
is as old as the .settlement of tills
aountry, and the nursery song aboat OIV1 LOCAL ito.i:ns i-ikst ic :
the "bag pudding the queen did make k;mtion
!rom King Arthur's barley meal
. low.. U- thai for centuries other car
leal pudding have been treated In the
same w iv. in oatmeal oysters, left
over cereal h dipped In egKH and
crumbs and fried. Left over rlcu
ami other cerealu are commonly
u.--d In croquettes and puddings.
Three men have Just been arrest
thelod in New Jersey for trying to blow
up munition plantH. Two of them
The following lia.i been SOOl out
by Adjutant tieneral Miller:
To ALL Local umi district exam?
tiou Hoards, Legal and .Medical Ad
visory Hoards-
Subordinating self and declining
well-merited promotion to thu rank
of lieutenant tieneral In the united
States Army on the remarkubly un
selfish ground that he was not en
titled to such distinctive reward
were caught r, d handed, yet all three I when no provision has been made to
HTOI" Till-: (.lit MKI.IM.
(Omaha World Herald)
"S.une dlssat islai tlon lias been
aawml by the late orders concerning
the consumplion of sugar, but the
ajbe Food Admiiiistratioii is not to
have been granted ball. The bull Ih
OUree, heavy, but when a mls
creaul Is caught (u the act Jt seemi
hardly logical to grant ball at all.
There is always unlimited pro-Oer
man memey ready to guarantee the
re aqqearauoo or the aecused, and
those who luriiish it consider the ot
! i an ai Of patriotic sacrlfioi
There i- a possibility thai Injudici
ous leniency might tend to encourage
i m ..i acts of sabotage,
The kaiser didn't raise his eldest
boy to be a soldier only to command
an army. There Ih a difference.
America Is pouring out her money
and her blood like water, to the end
that there shall never another Ho
aeaaollem sit on the throne of the
Herman empire,
The hot sun Ih doubly dangerous If
there U a maHs of undlgeHted food In
the stomach. Foley Cathartic Tab
lets give prompt and Hiire relief. They
act gently but do their work thor
oughly. They cleanse the bowels,
sweeten the stomach and benefit the
liver. For Indigestion, biliousness,
bad breath, bloating, gas. Sold by
i: i Bros,
lltfjgN DAIRY cows FKiirr i i,ii:s
Deoease in milk production losses
of live weight, discontent, ami unrest
ure promoted among herd., during
th summer months us the consi
quenca Of the activities ol' the com
bestow upon ilmusands of loyal pat
riotic citizens coiiHtitutlltg the draft
machinery throughout the Nation,
the public recognition due tor their
unremitting laborn which have made
tin- operation of the lelective tervlce
so Bucoaaafuli Major General Enoch
ii. Crowder bai written a letter to
United States Senator Ceo K Cham
bar lain, Mian which no more Insplr
Btlonal American do iinieut has come
out of the war.
Ueocrui Crowder' communication
to the head of Military Aft'ulr.s Com
mlttee of the U, S. Senuti- which I
verily a (lassie and breathes a sen
timent as noble iih It Is unprecented,
Ih given below that Hoard Mem
hers In Oregon ina know that the
heart of the chief executive of the
Selective Service pulsate,, with and
for them in the great sacrificen and
patriotic devotion to duty which Iiuh
been their contribution to the cause
of Culversal liberty.
"Washington, l. ('., July Ji, litis
lloiiorhle tieorge K. chamberlain.
United States Senate.
My Dear Senator Chamberlain:
In view of that provision of the
Army Appropriation Hill, personal
to myseir, now pending before the
Conference Committee, it Ih unuvoid
able that I should take tins oppor
tunity to lay before you and also Mr.
Dent, Chairman of Hie House Con
ii ie. .. my personul sentiments, ami
mat no- approval tesiineu to n un
vote of the Senate gratifies mo be
vond the power of words to express
Is a simple statement of fact,
But, after considerable reflection,
and viewing the manner In a broad
way, I am reluctant to allow tho con
sideration of the proposed provision
to proceed any further. If the con
ferees are In accord with my wishes
in this regard. I should be gald f you,
tor the Senate Conferees, aqd. Chair-,
man Dent, for the House Conferees,
In reporting back to. your respectlx)
houses that the Senate conferee..
yielded on this provision would say
that the action was in accord with myi
request ami for the express reason
next to be slated.
Foiiy-elght States and three Ter
ritorial Headtfuarteri and nearly six
thousand Local uml District Hoards,
with an aggregate membership or
nearly eighteen thousnd cltlxens,
assisted by I igal and medical Advla
ory Hoards, with an aggregate nyMii
berabip Of nearly eighteen thousand
OlttaOM, assisted by legul and medi
cal Advisory Hoards In every Juris
diction, have cooperated with the
.National Headi uarters efficiently
and honorabiy. and many without
compensation, In the superb team
work which has produced the gratl
tyiui; result-: attained under the Se
lective Service Daw. Thene results
embrace the reglHtratlon of more
than ten and one halt millions of
citizens and their classification for
military service, and the entralument
of the nearly l.tiOO.OOO men now
serving with the colors. Hy Augunt
1st of HiIh year this latter number
will be approximately 2,000,000. and
bj the dose of the year, Jf expected
requisitions are received, the aggre
gate win approach 8,000,000. Of the
members Of these hoards it may be
:ruiy said that when the Selective
Service System which they adminis
ter ceases to funotlon efficiently to
produce the military and eonaervt
the Industrial man-power, we shall
be in a fair v-e . to loea this war i
have long entertained the i ee thai
something ought to be done to rn hi;
nun publicly ami emphatically tin
enormous sacrifices these
made In bestowing the ontliiu
in and exhausting services thai aai
been Indispensable In carrying the
administrative burden or the Belec
live serviie Byatem. The difficult)
has been In dOVttlttg: a suitable re
ward, nation-wide In its application,
ami acceptable generally to thoat
w ho have so -, ; ated. At the
r oi i-..)i regarded aa ungratefu
to the proposers or th!. provision, I
caunol bring mysell to be aathtftor'
thai my own conscientiously perform
ed ihare In dtecharglng thai dun
nltion, io long us the far greater
should bet ome the subjet I ol rt
nil Ion. so long in the rar greater
share Ol these other builders of the
National Army remains without pub
lie and distinguished acknowledge
ment In the records of CougreHs.
"These men, my rdlow-w orkers.
their tolls, their sacrifices, and their
BChetYOmentS, are next to my heart.
On this subject I frankly confess n
deep sentlmenl i hope thai it will
not he reckoned as sentimentality
a sentlmenl which would Hot receive
unulloyed satisfaction from the be
stowal of any honor, however gen
erous that Is personal to myseir only
"in placing before you at this timi
these sincere convict Ions. I trust that
I have adequately expressed the mo
tive that prompted Ibis letter.
Cordially and gratefully yours,
B, II. Crowder.
I'rovost Marshal (leneral
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rater right of S00 Inches, Opens
directly ontp Free range, Local d n
the State Itlgbwa) one mile ruin
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hi County where there Ikis never
lieen ii vvati'i' or DTOp failure Alum!
half the Raneh feneed with wire
Balance rail fenoe, Atoul fo acres in
one field of the best Hilininer and
vlnter pastare with open iprlui
water for stork the year round, the
halaure of the riiurh uliuost all In
rop. This ranrh can he made to
raise IMP, to 1.100 toon of hay. We
shall sell t li Its raneh for $100.00 per
acre, after our rrop Is harvested, as
we are then k1ik to dissolve part
nership. This is the liest bin In Idaho
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Salmon City, lilulio
l.oromotive Wajajiaiatr Writes
When the kidneys are not work
ing properly, baekaclie, stiff Joints,
rheumatlr luilus uud sufferiua reault.
George McLata, Turtle I,ake, K, I),
wrltew: "I uin a loiomotlve eiiKlueer
to ask you to . i.iiiiniinlia lem, II ,, H mul ,mlll , Mly t)u(.k (lt, my
vou see rit to your assoelates. hli'dder aitlon was vory Irregulpr, 1
Tluit the provision In (lueHtlon in- j., Ko,.v K.lne I'llb, aid WM in
volves a lomiiiimeiii anil a dlstlii nvt.( in u i-ouple or duys."
tlon whd-li 1 value beyond anything In ;,. ...,( j,illi.
Sunday, Aug. 11th
"Rebeck Sunny
brook Farm,,
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Next Wednesday, Aug. 14
Wallace Held "The Hostage"
Also a Sennett Comedy
"Jean The Women" Saturday, August SI