The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, July 07, 1918, Image 8

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    Statement Of the Condition of the
First National Bank
Burns, Oregon
At the Jlee of hnolnoos June 29, IBIS
Loans and Discounts $618,458.23
U. S. Bonds 105,312.60
Bonds and Securities 27,970.22
Stock. Federal Reserve Bank 3.000.00
Real Estate, Furniture and Fixtures 9,200.00
Five per cent Redemption Fund 2,600.00
CASH 140,494.98
Kmory Hill I In (own.
P. to. Weittenhlller wis In the city
Wednesday on bualnesa.
3 ?g-fHWBT
Lady waiter wanted at the Star
Restaurant In thla city.
Capital $ 60,000.00
Surplus Fund 50,000.00
Undivided Profits Account 35.038.8l
Circulation 50,000.00
Bills Payable (Liberty Loan Account) 25, 000. 00
Re-discounts with Federal Reserve Bank 24,800.00
DEPOSITS 572,117.12
Capital and Surplus
United States Depository
Oregon State Depositary
There la to be a Orange picnic In
the mountains tomorrow.
Dave Craddock and family were
down from Bllvlea today.
For Bala 4 nru adjoining
Buraa. Baa J. J. Donag-aa.
Commissioner R. V. Haaa left tbla
morning for Seattle where he goea
ou buHlnoaa. .
KOR BALK -Ford car Just over
hauled In good running condition.-
Raymond HUemore.
Mr. and Mra. Hank Ketton and the
children left Wedneaday for the, Mc-
Dade & Hlgga ranch near Denlo
where they will make their home.
AuHtln Goodman la called to Port
land us a wltneaa In a caae before the
Federal court. He leaven tomorrow
morning accompanied by J. 1,. liault.
Mr. and Mra. ICdward Houthworth
were over from their Hear Valley
home today on Home business before
the land office
Hen. Cawlfleld and family apent
aeveral daya In our city during the
week, coming up for tho celebration
and remaining In town.
Ralph Weaver and wife, Mr. and
Mra. Flaer and Mlaa F.thnl Turner
were among our celebration visitors
from Crane.
Dick Rail had the llglxaenta of bla
leg badly torn laat Tueaday erenlng
In a run-away. He waa working for
I'hll Smith at the time of the acci
dent. Jamea B. VVeaton will anil season
tlcketa good for the remainder of the
aeaaon for bathing prlvllegea at hla
plunge at the Warm Spring for $S
FOR BALK Four H. P. Gas En
gine and Centrifugal I'ump and pipe
at h bargain If taken at once.
Saddle Butte, Ore.
I' f Tfir:'3s1 1 I p,,
- nr
Albert Oakerman and family and
hla mother were over from their
Riley home thla week taking in the
They returned thla pioneer reunion and attending to
aomo builneaa affalra.
The Times-J-Ierald
41a The Large! Circulation Of Any
Newspaper la Harney County.
Local News.
Mr. and Mra. John Hunter are
down from their mountain ranch today.
Four-borae power Fairbanks-Morse
gaa engine for aale. Call at this of
fice. Mr. and Mra. Jerry Merrltt were
among our pioneer celebration visi
tors from a distance.
; John Wit eel la in town today.
A list of the pioneer Is published , K- H. Drown and John Hohh nre
elsewhere in this Issue. , over from the Diamond country to
B. B. Clark, owner of the Riddle'
ranch In Happy Valley, was a cele- THE FIHHT NATIONAL HANK OK
bration visitor. i STOUTS. CAPITAL AMD Hl'ltl'Ll's
FOR SALE Ford car just over- MAKKB YOUR SAFnV
hauled in good running condition ACCOUNT INVITED.
Raymond Sizemore.
Jnraes K. Weaton will sail wmoa
Jack Craddock and family were ; tlcketa good for the remainder of the
down from their Silvlei hoxe for a I season for bathing privileges at bla
portion of thla week.
plunge at the Warm Spring for :
Mrs. Anna Haines and her child
ren were accompanied over from 1
their Diamond home for the celebra-!
Hon by J. B, Jenkins' daughter.
Beginning yesterday we were per-
milled to get wheat flour again for
the first time In many weeks. One
I can get 60-50 now and it is reported
James K. Weaton will sell season that later we may use all the white
tlcketa good for the remainder of the i Hour we desire,
aeaaon for bathing privileges at hla i
plunge at the Warm Springs for $5 I Mr8 J V w,tera has returned
each, rrom Willamette Valley to her home
at Harney. We do not know whether
J. M. McOade, the extensive stock- she intends to remain In this section
man with whom J. W. Biggs Is asso- permanently or return to her pro
elated In the IJenlo section was a , perty near Kugene.
buslneas visitor during the week, I
leaving for hla home on the after-1 Jm E. Johnson writes thU office
noon of the 3rd. from Portland that be la off for a
1 training camp to take part in the
C. T. Lillard waa over from hla war and aa soon aa he baa located
ranch home above Dreweey the first he will give ua aome more news. Jim
of thla week. Mr. Lillard reports an J is above draft age but has managed
excellent crop on his place this sea- j to get In.
aon. even better than laat year. The '
Lillard ranch is known aa "The Val- Mr ana Mr"' w- A- Robertson and
ley of the moon," having been given , daulter were over from their home
that title from Jack London's book. ! near Drewey N n Part of the
celebration. Will has been a resident
REWARD $25.04 To party find- in thla county almost all his life and
ing pair of rather light bay Mares, I therefore one of Ita ploneera. Hla
one weighing about 1300, the other j mother, Mrs. Joaeph Robertson, waa
1260; branded with lazy K on right , the oldest pioneer lady. In point of
stifle; foretopa have been reached . residence, present at the reunion
but grown out five of six Inches; here this week. Mrs. Robertson who
should have colta with them. Rhone had beeu visiting with her daughter,
or wire me, collect, Payett. Idaho. j Mrs Eunice Thompson, for several
J. H. HANIGAN, ! wet.ka, . accompanied the family on
Sheriff Payette County. ' their return home.
Wm. Parre,.J. L. Vault and W. T.
Lester expect to leave tomorrow
row morning via Bend for Portland
where they are called as wltneaaes in
a Federal court caae.
Dr. Smith made a professional trip
to Juntura on the day of the 4th to
aee a sick child. He made Ihe trip In
his car and took R. D. Cooper along
to tell him atorlea on the way.
James and John Uearhart were
over from their home near Van oarlv
thla week on business. These are pio
neer boys but they were too busy to
remain for the reunion.
John McLean and family were up
from their home near Fields for a
few days thla week. They came up
to have some dental work done for
their little girl and took In the pio
neer reunion before returning home.
Lost A saddle horse estrayed
from Juck Creek thla spring, Hay in
color, branded OB on left atlfie,
suddle marked, weight about 900 lbs.
Reward for bis recovery or informa
tion leading to his recovery.--M. S.
Davles, Narrows, Oregon.
R. T Yokes and wife are here
from Seattle on a visit with former
friends. They formerly lived In the
Lawen country and are quite well
known to many of that vicinity.
While here they were gueata at the
home of Mr. and Mra. Ted Hayes.
The Misses Agnes and Nettle
Stirling arrived home thla week from
Portland where they had been en
gaged In library study and work. The
young ladies will spend a vacation
period with their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. William Stirling, at the Bell A
Netice: All persons knowing them
selves Indebted to I. Bchwartz, are
requested to aettle their accounts
before June lat. On that date all
unpaid accounts will be given to a
C. B. Mc council arrived home last
Wednesday night. He had been out
nil hilslitcss fnr a few wenlm vlnftlnir
Salem, Portland and other pointa.
He bad been In Boise for a few daya
and waa accompanied in by his fami
ly who had apent the school year
in the Idaho metropolis.
Materials already cut out for 100
Comfort Kits bus been received at the
Red Cross work rooms and only two i
weeks have been allowed the local
workers to finish them and get them
- .
f i
i i
I l
A Teacher of Economy
A savings account enables you to look
upon the rst with satisfaction; the
present Rives you contentment; the
future appears brighter.
Will you add these things to your
every-day life?
The account in itself will help you to
save; the interest we pay you on each
dollar increases your income.
77 St SSmnk 9a,nta,n,
Harney EqubIij National Bank
Jf- Burns .Oregon
"YOUR HOME institution"
Mrs Frank Dibble waa In town the
fore part of thla week.
Vienna bread ia In great demand In
the Auatrlan capital.
Eternal vigilance ia the price of'
It Is now reported also that His-
, denburg is in an Imam- asylum.
Planning the war required a maritni-i
Mr. and Mra. A. A. Tipton apent a ,, (14rrylng It out made a lunatic,
few days In our city (hla week.
From a study of the kaiwri
When the Germans attempt a raid speeches and actions alienists affirm
back to headquarters. The ladles are " American troops they are mon- that he has long been insaiw.
urged to come to the rooms and give k,,yln" w,,n ,re "ml ct've bu"" "Wnon ,he wl"h '" 'W
aa much assistance in this work aa . "nw
Estrayed -Two sorrell geldings.
they first made mad.
A bar pin with the Initials O. V. 8. I Tne B'rl who rarrMl "' "oldler.
was lost at the Commercial Club ,n u-esslon and secured n allot-
gnne Into Wall St. She has all th
makings of a high financier.
one branded C N on left shoulder, the rooms on Pioneer day. Finder please nienl from ean ot thm "noul1 h
other O on right shoulder, tho latter! leave at this office.
with one eye nut. collar marked and I
weight about 1200 lbs. Hot h are gen- j For Sale Horse, saddle and work
tie aged horses. A suitable reward 'animals, also Jersey cow and calf and
will be given for their recovery or for Jersey heifers, at bedrock prices. -
information leading to their being
found. Addresa W. E Stratton, care
Puriugton Sawmill, Burns. Oregon.
Mrs. B, J. Newell, Narrows, Oregon.
The man who loves liberty belt
and would do his utmost for it is the
one who Is most willing to have tt
government tell him what he shi'!
WANTED:- Man and wife for a eRt now lon nl" roat sna" be B
responsible position on a large cattle uow n,a"' Pockets he may have af-
Itev W. F. Bhlelda took his tie- I ranch. Must have had previous ex- " "
hoparture Thursday afternoon for perlence and able to give references, j
Crane en route to Boise and other i A good place for the rlahl uartlea.
Inquire of The Timea-Herald.
I Weston F. Shields, pastor
I'nund A 22-calibre Winchester During the month of July the pan-
pointa in Idaho for a ahort vacation
vlait. He expects to be absent aome
ten daya when he will return and pre
pare for a trip to Eugene where he
goea to attend the 8ynod. Mr Shields
waa accompanied out by Margaret
Irwin who goes to visit relatives In
Idaho for a time.
rifle. In the aage bruah back of the tor will be away on his vacation Tin
public school building. Owner may regular Sunday School session will b
have aame by coming to thla office, held at 10 A. M. every Sunday, an'
proving the property and paying for the regular prayer meeting scrvir
thla notice. every Thursday evening at fc:00 P. M.
Roe Buchanan and family have
gone to 1'ortliinit where Roe oxpecta
to engage In war work, likely In the
shipyards. Mr. Buchanan was form
erly a deputy In the county clerk's
office and the vacancy has been filled
by the appointment of Mra. Blanche
C. A. McMahau was down from
Rack Creek last Monday. He la farm- ,
. Ing the McOowan place this aeaaon !
and while weather conditions have '
been unfavorable he atatea he will I
have fair cropa provided the aage i
rata don't take it all. Mac aaya these'
pests are "something fierce" and, in I
common with other tanners, aug- I
nests steps be taken toward a syate-
malic curapalgn to deatroy them.
T. O. Howaer and family are over
from Ontario on a visit to home
folka. They arrived at Harney a few
Mlaa l.ols Sweek came down from i ''" a'to and came on over to thla
the mountains the fore part of the itv to attend the Pioneer reunion
week to take In the celebration but an'1 have ",nce be' gueata of rela-
waa taken ill with an attack of ton
allltla. However, ahe haa recovered
and returned today to reaume her
Uvea and friends In thla city. The
Howaera went to Ontario laat fall and
are pleased with that section of the
I Prnlnnorinor Human T.iffK
duties aa lookout at a ranger station I "ountry. They will return there soon
during the dry period. and may purchase property tome-
...-. '. where along the Snake river for a
Jack McOulre. who recently loat ' permanent home,
his garage by fire In this city, left i
the first part of this week for Port-j M- Frank Trlska arrived home
land to secure a complete equipment ; tne fore I"1" ' this week from
including an oxy-acetelyne welding American Hake where she bad been
plant. He will also bring back two wltn ner husband since the cloae of
more Hupmoblle cars. He have not MKh " bool. Mrs. Trlska informs
learned where Mr. MeUuIrn will "'' 'fines-Herald that Frank left
house hla plant. w''h other troops on Wednesday of
. I"1 week for Ihe Eastern coast en
The people of Ihe Sagehcn neigh- rou(e lo Krance. Mrs. Trlska return-
ooiuooii Kuinereo ai the liosniluble ,l i,ur.
home of Mr. and Mrs. Hert SI
In the effort to lengthen the span of human ex
istence, every available resource in Nature's store
house is utilized. These must be classified and systom
ized and ready for use. This is the work of the
The intelligent handling of this vast store of reme
dies, under the direction of your phvsician, devolves on
Your Druggist
We employ none but competent graduated pharmacist.
The Rexall Drug Store
to await the return of her
mmons husband, she Ims ' ,. I....I .,...,....
laat Sunday and sp most en- In the UkI. school tor the past three
Jovable day with a pfentc dinner on H.rM uml , ,,,,. lor ,hl. ,,.
w. i aw. wnt.e .. whs near the Ing year in the same Institution.
i Nat all day and the good things to eat
j wore in keeping with a celebration ,)r- " Horlon returned from
.there were no patriotic addresses ",nul lu' night on the Wray stage.
given but every Individual present " nal k'"' ovtr there for several
was a loyal patriot. days. Dr. Horton and hla aon Mervlu
have purchased the interest of the
Thoa. McKlnnon. aon of It. J Mc- Heed Brothera in tile drug alore In
Klnnon, ia at hla fathera home. He Bend and he la here to arrauge af-1
arrived In II,., vlplndw 11... !..,.... ... . .
" "" nausi yon intra preparatory to going over to
of May but did not come within the look after the business personally
writer's vision until laat Wedneaday. ior the time being aa Mervin will
Tom hud been living In the Wlllam- volunteer for war service aa aoon aa
etle Valley near Beaverton for some the bualneaa la in shape for him to
Hrae but Is here to remain with his eave. Nolle Heed, who haa been
father for an Indefinite time. He la with the store at Bend, ia going to
well kWn to the old time resident, return to thla city and again take up
of thla section who welcome hla re-1 bla dutlaa In the Rexall with hla
iwu- v brother Homer.
Tne buying power of The Dollar is
not always in the number of
cents it contains
Thin givat Faniilv Store ninken h Hrwcialtv of
inoTOoVsing ths buying power of row money. We
can tlo this lreeanse
W R..V Fnr r..k
We have no heavy credit bills to pay, and take ad
antagc of all trade discount?.
We Sell on Cloae Margins of Profit
A reasonable per tent for our trouble and investment
is all we ask of our customers.
We Handle High Class Goods
Every article we buy is the best possible to be had
for the money.
On these three btiafoBBB virtues we hBB our bid for
your trade
Burns Cash Store