The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, June 22, 1918, Image 8

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with Destiny
Spending your income us you
imply gambling with destiny ami
odds against you.
to train.
make it is
with nil the
Yon stand nil to lose mid none
Systematic Saving
even though small, if ooneietnnt, eliminate the
element of chanco aud establishes your future on h
basis ol certainty.
This bauk desires to co-operate with voir in
building on this basis.
VVe have unusunl facilities for promoting the
interest of our customers,
First National Bank
Burns, Oregon
Capital and Surplus
United States Depositary
Oregon State Depositary
The Times-JIerald
Hat The Largest Circulation Of Any
Newspaper In Harney County.
Local IvT(w ."
(tins Slzemore wan In town Thurs
day on business.
Four-horse power KiilrbankM-Morse
gas engine for sale. Call at this of-lie.
Dewey Iv'iiIiIiisiiii Iiiim returned
home, from Portland where he had
been attending school the past your.
Frank Clerf la In (own on business.
Ilitrrv nml .link Wither were In
(own vcHicnliiy for a short (line.
Mr. nml Mrs. It Malum "r" I"
town Iumi .Mi'n. fin'' I'"., mn ;.
('. B. Hunii was over ftom Silver
I'lfi'k for ii short visit during Mm
(leu. linker anil ('hurley I.utton
were over from Drewsjjy lad MOD
Clarence Cnry was over from hi
Inline on ('rune Creek the fore pint
of IIiIh week.
For Halo IQO ocres of uruln liny.
Cnnie a once anil Me Mrs. K. J. Nmv
ell. Several of our local boj coi tt w
piaie votnntooring for army service
in the near future,
.FnnicM Yoiiiik 'i i n i J. w Deris ire
in the i it on some inmi but!
These gentlemen arc Iwn 0( our suh
i lam la I sheep growers.
"ClOOOd on account of sickness"
Is a sign observed on a CIiIchko drug
at ore. We hud always HUipoHed Hint
sickness waa the very lliiiiK thai
kept the drug stores open.
James I'aul and family and italph
Weaver, cashier of the Crane Stale
Bank, were In the city yesterday look-
I tin; after some business affairs and
visitliiK with rrleiidH.
thk ratST NATIONAL hank ok
MAKKrt VOlll $ S S KAFK."
Dun Jordan, who formerly reoldod
In the Luwen country, hut now u re-
Hldent of Malheur County, was In
IIiIh city Thursday on business anil
greeting former friend.
Frank JoIiiihoii wa. here ii part of
this week. making IIiIh his head
ijiiiutiT.-i while looking :iftcr bttOlMM
for the Orcgor & Western Coloniza
tion Co. lie has gone bt'.ck to Prlne
vllle. Mrs. TIioh. Cleveland and her son
Victor were over from their home
near Van the fore part of this week.
rin visited Mrs. Cleveland's father.
It. J. Mi KIiiiioii. and also with roll
lives .mil friends in this i Ity,
Lester Hamilton Is tip
ranch home mar lienlo.
from his
Lady waiter wanted at the star
Restaurant in t n in city.
ltiiriuinii Clay was iip from, crane
MrH. LIomI Johnson and her dan
ghlors were in town TuoHiliiy.
Sale- 40
Hen J. J,
acres adjoining
Wm. Dunn and his noil
town Thursday on buainea
were In
Two Ajax Ford tires new, for sale
at a bargain. Farmers Exchange.
M. H. Smith and family spent a few
days at Juntura the fore part of thin
Regular customers desired for milk
and cream. l'hone John Caldwell
Remember the men in our Army
and Navy do not expect luxuries
Should we at home expect them? liny
necessities and War Savings Stamps.
For Hale 8eed wheat, Early Baart
or Little Club. DO day oats. All
tanned and ready to seed. P. 8.
Mrs. Allen Jones returned this
week from a visit with her aunt, Mrs.
J. F. Malum, at her Anderson Valley
Hank Felton and family will take
their departure next week for the big
Trout Creek ranch of McDade
lllggs, near Denlo, where they make
their home.
Albert Altuow alid famllv were
"' r "'"" ,h"lr """" "" " rrH',k ! .i- rurgu took his departure
.luring this week, guest, a. th bona ,.,..,.,,., v ,.,,. f()r portUnd and
"r lll,,,lllM- I other outside poinis. lie will join
ins ianiii ai i i. time (jrove ror a
sin. . I visit before engaging actively
ill some ..ii- work.
II. J. Williams was among our
visitors from Silver Creek during the
For Hale- Complete well drlllng
DUtflt. For particulars Inquire of
io. Cobb, Hums, Oregon.
Seth iHxnn. a retired stockman or
Crook County, was In ihls city for a
short visit during tha week.
I ii ei grlei and enduring pridl
tor N nirli .i n li'iniei with the i usual-
ly lists.
Mrs. W. K. Huston retiirneil home
i nth in, in a visit with relative.!
and friends in Boise and Welser.
Mrs. J. L. (iault expei ts to leave
the first of next week for I'm Hand
to visit for a short time and take a
Do not forget that War Savings
Stamps are .not for the children only.
Most of the squandering Is done by
Ihe grown-ups.
There Is a meeting of the farmer
and stockmen at the Commercial Club
this afternoon to dicuns muliml bona
filial subjects.
When von buy Wur Savings Stamps
vou do not give your inoiiev. yon loan
It at 4 per lent, compounded quarter
ly. You help your Cioveriimeiit. hut
you help yourself even more.
Sum Mothereuaod was oloctad
director In the Burns school district
at the annual election held Monday
and W B. Ilusion Clerk. Both suc
ceed thoouwlvoa.
Netice: All persons knowing them
selves Indebted to I. Schwartz, are
requested to settle their accounts
heforc June 1st on that date all
unpaid in i minis win i,e given to a
colli i lor.
1 liL - .t
jajgyiv- '" '" "' f'liiiitiiwiiumiimysaaaajajMM
'1 , it.
a flMMagWiwnrwmiMHHiiwiwmnTn.qin in; ji ,t mB m
War Savings
Save and Serve
United States Depositary
Harney County National Bank
jy Burns, Oregon
Morn Wednesday, June 19, to Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Mrasswell, a sori.
O. B, Thompson was In town Wed
nesday on business.
J. W. Iluihanan was In town the
other day.
Keceut rains In the mountain re-'
gioua will Improve the range condi
tions very much.
Scott and Potfl Haley were up from
their Ik. me near Malheur Iake
n.i-asionul showers are most Wei-i
Tom Allen was In town for a te
dajn this week.
I). It. Thorn was over from Sll
Creek Thursday.
Starr Huckland and family n
town Thursday for a hort tlnv
re id
Jack Craddock Is greeting his man
old time friends in this city.
Mrs. David Craddock Is in Hi
today from her Sllvies florae.
' nine and they at
Unisphere even If
help crops much.
least cool the at
not sufficient to
MAKLK VOI K s s . HAI ::."
America Is thrilled by the exploits,
of her troops on the Murne. she will
keep her enthusiastic feelings, and
after the war Is over will tell them
to the marines.
Your common sense will loll you
that you cannot buy now all the
things you bought before we had a
war to win. Your buying must be
restricted and your savings Invested
In War Savings Stamps.
Ri Moullen I i arrylng one .
in .i ling, lie rut i uiiicth'iiK In it the '
other ,i.i, ui'd it becoma Inflamed t Povad 13caHbre WlBchoator
uch an extent that ho found It nacaa- rifle, In taojwet bnuh bach of tha
r It 10 protOJt It from; public icbOOl bitildlng. Owner may
"'' "Kht. I have -,iine bj coining to this offioo,
proving the property and paying for
Mr. and Mrs. (laud Hrown have
moved to the C C- Lundy residence
near the river where they will re
side during the summer months. Mr.
I.unilv and family are going to make
an extended tour during the warm
Lost A saddle horse est rayed
from Jack Creek (his spring. Hay in
color, branded ( It on left stifle,
saddle marked, weight about 900 lbs.
Howard for his recovery or informa
tion leading to his recovery. M. S.
Davies, Narrows. Oregon.
W Ii. Morrison WM semi nit the
i this morning and said we were
a little partial with our rain as It
failed in reach his place Ha n i got
some .of It thai s coming' t Ills alter
I noil.
C B Tulloi h whs over from Cut
low tba other daj making proof on
his laud He was assisted bv W. It
this notice,
I'nti.s eoning up from the Potior
Swamp section yesterday afternoon
following the rain state that It was
more than a passing shower In that
pari Of Ihe country It was slmlpy a
torrent. This harder rain storm pre
vailed on to the east of this city and
Van Kmbree and his mother are uj
from Sunset today.
Judge J. I'. Kector. who was an1
inmate of the Haines hospital h i his
City for the greater part of tin- win
ter, is aide to he nut on the
thaae days conversing with his
friends. Jndge Hector has hud tron-
hle wiih an old hurt on his lee, but is
Improving and glad to be out a are
his old time "Cronies." to have him.
A girl friend of Hill Young, sun of
Mr. and Mrs. (leo. W. Young of tliit
illy, has Just received a card from
him stating that he is In service, lim
ing enlisted from l'luinas County;
California. He Is in a cavalry ion-
pany stationed at Monterey, but he
had heard ft intimated they would
Ilyrum who stat hat Tullocfa had I1"0 to ""' "or,n- " " ,,,4 rtallv oeul1 DO moved to the Mexican border soon.
C. A. Harlan and family arrived
home last Saturday evening from an
extended visit to 1'ortland and Wil
lamette Valley points. Since his re
turn Cy has taken a position with Hie
Inter-Mountain Tel. ft Tel. Co. as
KFAVAItl) S2A.OO To party find
ing pair of rather light bay Mares,
one weighing about 1300, the other
1 2 50 ; branded with laity K on right
Walton Brown was over from tlfle; foretops have been roached
Drewaey the other day. We are In-j but Krown 0ut five of six Inches;
formed that this young man Is among I should have colts with them. Phone
those called In the next draft and Is
making necessary changes In his
business affairs to enable him to go
when called.
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Miller are here
from Medford guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wilson. Frank
owns one of the best producing farms
or wire me, collect, Payett, Idaho.
Sheriff Payette County.
Thus Hprague took his departure
Tuesday for Portland where he hopes
to secure employment either In the
j ship yards or on contract work. Tom
is a good uiei lianlc and will make
good wherever he Is placed on wood
work. Mrs. Hprague remained at the
home in this city.
Miss Martha Hanley arrived home
from Portland last Saturday after
noon after an extended visit In that
city and other points In Western and
Southern Oregon. She was accompa
nied by Miss Jocelyn Burke, who will
spend an Indefinite time with Miss
Hanley and other friends In Ihls
county during the summer months.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith hoper
oned Blanch Ooodman, Marjorle and
Gladys Byrd on a trip to Myrtle Park
for a few days this week to enjoy the
fishing. Harry has been assisting in I
H. H. Thompson, of Hardin, Mon
tana, was In to see us this morning.
He and Mrs. Thompson have driven
through from Montana lii their
in this neighborhood but depends on i the N. Brown A Son store but as he rrB,"l,m ,ar "" B,p ' uie to
Prill, l.i I I,, iuh,.a tl..... I....... . ...... ......
Home one else to do the work on will have to take charge of his mall mmw " mmwm i""-
It. He comes In to see his friends I contract the first of next month he i
almost every year and he Is always decided to take a short vacation be
fore beginning his new duties.
Prolonging Human Life!
In the effort to lengthen the span of human ex
istence, every availab'e resoutc? in Nature's store
house is utilized. These must be classified and system
ized and ready for use. This is the work of the
The intelligent handling of this vat store of reme
dies, under the direction of your physician, devolves on
Your Druggist
We employ none but competent graduated pharmacists.
The Rexall Drug Store
REEJ BROS., Props.
I i
prayed for another rain and It ar
rived hut was ao little that It did no
Joe .Martin, an uncle of Archie Mc- '
(iowan. formerly a resident of this
section, was here for a short visit the I
other day while en route through In
company with his son Louis. Mrs
Savldge of Crane, is a daughter to
Mr. Martin.
J. W. Biggs and Water Master '
Foley returned Saturday night from
0 trip to the southern part of the
county, i In former on business In 1
mine, tion with Ills land and stock
Interests in that vicinity, the latter
on official duties In connection with
the use of water. rayed Two sorrell geldings,
one branded 0 N on left shoulder, the
other O on right shoulder, the latter
with one eye out, collar marked and
weight about 1200 lbs. Both are gen
tle aged horses. A suitable reward
will be given for their recovery or for
Information leading to their being
found. Address W. K. Stratton, care
Ptirington Sawmill, Burns, Oregon.
Dot I'avis end family came over
from Riverside Wednesday after the
sheep shearing plant had closed
down. After a short visit with home
folks they left Friday morning In a
Ford car for Idaho points where they
will loin Mr. and Mrs. Heche anil the
and Kvelyn llyrd arrived no Tues- i , fo,KH w, ,.,,,, to ,,,. un.
day evening rrom Seattle where they
had been In school. Miss Agnes was
a benefit to the crops.
Hill Is well kiiowg here
perty Interests. He Is a former ac
iiiuiuianoc of J. K Weston, who used
to live In that part of the country.
The Misses Jean Cook, Agues Foley
and Brawn
You can't build and keep up the
bodily powers witnout the most
nourishing foods.
Frtr the worker, in whatever Ifne, nothing t'gtu
excel one of our InxciooH, juicy Hums, Sh;uluVrn, r
u savory strip of Breakfast Bacon.
Greatest Reduction In Fancy Meats Ever
The followinj
I undent at the Holy Names Acade
i ray, the other two young ladles at-
tending the slate 1'nlveralty. Char
I ley Foley and Newton llotchklss
! brought them In from Bend, having
left here Sunday morning In the Fol
ey car for that purpose.
til the dose of the season. They ex
pect to wind up their activities In
Montana and will then tour the
Yellow Stone Park before returning
to these parts.
It.v. W. F. Shields and School
Supt. Frances Clark made a trip to
the i)eulo county thlo week, the for
mer to sneak at a community nlriiic
Mrs. Frank Sheehan has gone to at the Catlow ranch on Tuesday after-j
prices are available for a
Limited Time ONLY
Premium Bacon, per lb.
Shield Bacon, per lb.
Oxfords Bacon, per lb.
Hams, per pound
nun rrauclsco to on her hiii,umi
who was with a recent contingent of
draft boys to leave this county for an
army camp. He Is located at the
Presidio. Mrs. Sheehan was accom
panied by Miss Ksther Hug hot who
goes to spend a few weeks with rela
tives and friends lit California but
expects later to prepare herself for
duty Ik the army or ggvy.
noon, and the latter In her capacity
as chairman of the War Savings
Stamp committee In a campaign of '
education leading lo the pledge day. j
Uev. Shields preached In Catlow Val
ley upon his return and Mrs. Clark
talked Thrift. Both state the trip
was quite successful and satisfactory
al to results.
Burns Cash Store