The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, November 27, 1915, Image 3

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Hat Ths largest ClrcaUtlen Of Any
Nw..p , n Harney County. j
SATURDAY. NOVtMtUt 1. lata.
Local News.
See "The Vogue" hats at Clin
Kin8 Hat Shop.
Paramount pictures at Tonn
wama next Monday night.
Meet me at the Burn Hetel:
That's the central place in town I
All kinds of grain including!
wheat at Lunaburg Dalton & Co.
Arrangements are going for-,
ward for the usual Christmas
ball at Tonawama.
The Firemen have issued post
ers announcing their annual New!
oar dance at Tonawama.
... N
v uuiii.v v,ienc nugnet is back
at his desk after an absence of
several days from illness.
Mrs. Millar has made a gener
al reduction on all her millinery.
See her at Schwartz store.
J. E. Rounsevelle and wife
wore up from their home near
Denio during the week on business.
The Burns Packing Plant soli
cits your patronage for their pro.
ducts and jruarantee the quality.
The prices are rijrbt.
Austin Cumminsrs was in to
make proof on his land yerterday.
He was assisted by Leo Buchan
an and James Gibson.
Special meeting of Burns
Lodge A. F. 4 A. M. tonight at
the Masonic hall. Work in the
K. A. Degree. Visiting mem
bers welcome.
Mrs. Millar has received some
of her Fall and Winter Millenery
and invites the ladies of this vic
inity to call at the Schwartz
store and see the display.
Mrs. Marvin McGee and his
mother, brothers, and sisUrs de
sire to express their sincere
thanks to the many friends who
were so kind and helpful during
their recent bereavement.
A big bloodhoun left the Fred
Nickles place in the mountains
some three weeks ago. He was
branded K on left hip. Reason
able reward for his return. A.
Kimball, Burns, Oregon. 4-5
The fellows who have s ated
they would bring wood to this
office during the past two months
Statement Of Tha Condition
Ol Tk.
First National Bank
Burns, Oregon
At the clow of business November 10, 1ft is.
Roller skating at Tonawama
I still have some good golf
BairUatSforflOQ I. Schwartz.
W. T. VimderVoro was aftr
from hlfl Pine Creek home v
ua-ms i iww
Loans and Discount $886,240.96
U. S. Bonds 6L000.00
Bonds and Discounts 47 905,29
Real Estate, Furniture and Fixtures 9,504.92
Five per cent Redemption Fund 2,600.00
CASH 188,961.81
Surplus and Undivided Profits
Circulation . ."
Capital and Surplus
$ 60,000.00
si 00,000.
United States Depositary
to Invited I the strong condition of thU bank aa re
flected ay the above report la the t-evernment which
akawa our deposits larger, oar reaoareaa area lee
than ever before la the hi story 1 f cur Institution
have failed to make good. We 1 r"r 8le ttt market prices. - W. A.
need more wood but will not oav ; woodman s feed yard
any fancy prices, so the man
who comes and asks for a con
tract to furnish it at right prices
is going to have a cash deal in a
DRESS UP BOYS Williams- j Mexican Chilli at Mac's Res
Zoglman Go. Co. have the goods. J taurant.
I still have some good golfi Mac's Restaurant wants tn hnv
shirts at 3 tor si. uw -1. senwartz. nw iioxen eggs each week.
Micheal Hacker is in the city lorn and Mrs Allen were in
from Voltage making proof on from the P Ranch during the
his land. ! .
SUnt Tyler was the guest of Opening of a fine line of Fall
relatives and friends in this city n,m """ernaisat tlingan Hat
Wednesday. shop-
Pasture and all kinds of grain Best of care given patients at
and hay for sale. Phone or see Mrs- Fireoved's maternity hospi
Henry Vulgamore, ; a'-
bom SAjatnd Mlxed timothy and clover seed
Mil auio. r. 1. vanaerveer.
Drewsey, Oregon.
Frank Smith had the misfor
hoM down tune to bppak h- mm the othpr
Place tins day whUe ptayiBir b(uket ba
First class potatoes SI Der 100.
Rolled U.Jo v. wheat and oats,-..-iot- HiinrMl ., ri.m;j.
v bbbj a. , al a OIUV,
.luntura and Rrogan. Caldwell
Potato (Jrowers.
Chicken dinner Sunday at the The cheaDOI!i ftd lat flour n
Overland 12 o'clock and also' the loca, ja that j,
from &:J0 in the evening, from new wheat by the Burng
Milling (.0. As yur merchant
for it.
Stockman look forward to
long period of feeding during
the coming winter.
Several high school students
went to their country homes to
spend Thanksgiving vacation.
The new flour made by the
Burns Milling Co. from this year's
wheat Is every sack iruarnnteed.
Try it.
There will be a meeting of the
Presbyterian Ladies Aid at the
home of Mrs. (Jemberling next
Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Miller will take orders
for the Palmer Carment Co., of
Chicago. Sample book now on
hand at the Schwartz store.
t lildmon n ... .1 ( I . I N
vMwyfvw aiHi iiuniiy anu
his mother. Mrs. David Cary
came over from Crane Creek yes
terday and are guests of 'relatives
and friends in this city
Between four and
of snow greeted the people of
this section on Thanksgiving
morning. A chinook has reduc
ed the depth of the white cover
ing very materially, however.
Pat Cecil and wife were guests
of relatives and friends in this
city over Thanksgiving. Mrs.
Cecil is a former Portland lady
and met many of the speiety peo
ple of this place while hero.
Good bread and pastry is as
sured when the new tlour from
new wheat made by the Burns
Milling Co. is used. Get it from
your merchant, the mill, or Hous
ton, the Secretary.
Good barley ground at Chan. P. S. Weittenhiller expects to
Wilson's. 1 leave in a few days for Spokane
I still have some jrood ttolf whfl,v ht' wi" Wm th w,ntr
shirts it 8 for ft 06 I. gch .1. I A friend recently received a
A low ifttMoMt of ftrilrav 1"'",rfrom Lfbswnjn sMetait
l.-, .. , it,., tn: 11... ,,.... that ftir and iwr.t
- Mil . iniKim III11
niA inviK'n
HAY! Have you seen our iiuw
Macklnaws? -Williams-Zoglmann
Clo. Co.
The school children are making
th host of the short vacation
psffod during Thanksgiving.
A new consignment of hats
and Ostrich feather boas have
boen received at the Clingan Hat
Frank Clerf and wife were?
over from the Alvord Ranch this
wook. They encountered very
imd roads through the Valley.
The Burns Hotel is the head
quarters for all when in town.
Qood table service, clean rooms
and accommodating attendants.
Chester Mace and his bride
have returned from Boise and
Bra receiving the congratulations
of their friends.
1mtD I,. 1 1.
i. -e tl 1 -tn.i of a
MpaD ol lit reailliloB ul lb
st llurni. 111 In lists ol orsfoo, st the (lost ol
tmilneia, Nov .'in l.r luth IIIA.
Ui.ii. m..l Iiltuuiil anv.lMW
t'.S. RobuS ilepoelted teaeours rircu
Isllon parvalu.J 2S,MU0
l' Hoili I'lnlisdto ssrurs
tl N .1. .inm ;pr , slur I &.IWUUU
U lunda pledged to ssrs
raaalBteaiaj .. . low 00
O. H uondloBB.d ami tin
pledged t.ooueo
Tonawama has
for a fancy dress ball on the 14th
of February.
Paul Finke has
from his mountain
week after supplies.
Fred Clingan has gone to join
his wife who is at the bedside of
her mother. Mrs. Hale. The
lady is seriously ill we are In
A Portland newspaper reporter
is either miod in his lines or R.
h. Strahorn has his head turned
bv his recent triumphal tour
through Central Oregon, he is P"1'"-" meeting and exchanges
quoted in a Portland paper as, f ideas between the business
savincr he was most impressed of men of this city are a good thing
the oreat interest taken in hia The meeting last Sunday night
enterprise ly the foot that the
Burns delegation at Bend accom
panied him on through to Lake
view and Klamath. The fact is
our delegation returned home im
mediately following the Bend
.11 SMS.
called for the purpose of perfect
ing the organization of the Com
mercial Club brought out much
discussion which showed that we
are not all of one opinion, there
fore the more need for getting
I have just received my new line. The largest and
most complete ever shown in Burns. The celebrated
line manufactured by
The list following gives just a slight idea of the stock
Rust Proof Corsets $1.25 to $3.50
Red Fern " - - 5.00
Brassieres - 65c-
Perfection Waists 35-
.. . . 65c.
" 1.00
'' Skeleton Waists . 25c.
Sanitary Belts - 25c.
The merits of Warner Bros. Corsets
are too well known to require any
extended mention. This is simply
to let you know that th$ above men
tioned goods are here, and you are
cordially invited to come into the
store and inspect them.
General merchandise
n..nni K11I dinir. - ourns, vm.u..
The Mothers' Club is again to
be congratulated upon the suc
cess of their annual Thanksgiv
ing ball. It proved a most en
joyable affair and largely attend
ed. Be sure that your next pur
chase of bacon and lard is from
the local packing plant it is up
to date and guaranteed to give
satisfaction. Ask your merchant
for it.
Frank Johnson, who returned
from Prineville in company with
W. P. Davidson of the Coloniza
tion Co. last Thursday, reports
his aged mother in very poor
Telephone information receiv
ed last night from the foot ball
game at John Day stated that
the Burns team was victorious to
the tune of 27 to 0. Our boys
had a hard time getting over
there and were more or less ex
hausted from the 'trip therefore
their success is most pleasing to
those interested in such sport.
.. , r-n ..; U-..N
Marnea ai noon on innn-
giving, at the home of the bride's
parents, Willis L. Barber and
Miss Ada C.Thimmes. Rev. A. K.
MacRae. Baptist pastor, preform
ing the ceremony in the presence
of the relatives and a few friends.
Both are well known young peo
ple of this county and they will
make their home in Catlow Val
lov. A big dinner followed the
ceremony. The Times-Herald
joins friends in wishing the
newly weds a happy life.
Miss Clara Weittenhiller, dsUi
Khlor of P. S. Weittenhiller. was
married in Spokane recently to
Mr. Arthur Karr, late of Iowa.
Both were here this summer
and the bride is well known to
many of our young people. She
is a sweet young lady who won
Boar in mind the concert nt
Tonawama on Thursday svsoiog,
Dec. ! when the famous baritone.
H. (J. Whipp, comes from Port
land to sinjr for the people of
this vicinity.
Kst rayoil One bay horse about
12 or 14 years old came to my
place about a year ago, branded
with J and lazy J or lazy C under
on left shoulder, weight about
lloO. and saddle marked. Owner
prove property, pay all ehnrges
and take animal. .1. P. Malum.
Princeton. Oregon.
President Davidson of the Col
onization Co. came in Thursday
evening in company with Frank
Johnson and after a short stay in
Burns went on out to Riverside
where he took the train this
morniug for the east Mr. Dav
idson had a conference with the
railroad committee while here
and made them know he was
with this town for quick action
in securing transportation to this
Reward About Nov. 7, 19
head of cattle wsrl l t from
near Buchanan ; L6 head branded
LH (L reversed and pail of II)
on right hip, crop oil right ear
snd wattle on right side of neck;
one cow branded N on left hip;
one branded J bar J and 49 on
right hip and side; one young
cow branded 49 on right hip and
one cow branded NE connected
on left hip and O on left side,
dehorned and small bell on her.
Suitable reward will be paid for
information leading to their re
covery. Mrs. M. Hilton, Buch
anan. Oregon.
"The Million Dollar Mystery"
at Tonawama every Wednesday
night until the serial is complet
ed. This is one of the most popu
lar picture serials ever produced
and during its run Inst year at
tracted more attention than all
the other serials. It will be giv
en in double installments at Ton
awama. thus being completed
within less than half the usual
time. Four reels ston night with
an additional oomedy five reel
program for 10 and 15 cents ad
mission. The new machine is
working well, although the old
films of the serial story are nut
in gobd shape.
111,. I-'. '!
Ti.UI 11. 8 Honiit
" utlilc otb.r I' M. huiid..
is Slid UIII.I1 . .
-in. olh.r Ibsu Ks.lorsl Hcmko Ktmk
suuwrlplloB tuMock ol
1 . i.-mi kmin hsok M;uoua
. 1 ssuunl unpsld 'A&uoo
K..I fits). OWIMHiolb.r lli.O M.nk
Ins lluuw
N.I snuiiui iiur liost r.drrsl
Hwiu ti.Bk
Net sutuuttt d.t from sp
i.r.i.r.i rn.rt. sfselt Is
New York, tblnsfo sad M.
N.I mm Mini du. limn SB
rtiv.d 11 '!. B(SBIS la
oth.r iumiv. till. tf.ns.M M.MI tl
N.I sinnuai du. from Iwak. sod
l..l.kiri lullicr I .UiV.)
lltl.rl BaeSBj 1. 11 lisBk. In tlir taini'
1 lit nr luwit ss rriortlBg bsiik
oui.lil. tbrrktsad ol bi 1 cssb 1in.1t.
I 'Moll, Irscllonsl csri.ory, BlrklM
Int cots, $M.?A
NuU. nl oib.v SsUonsI Bsskt
ri.t.'isl HtlflYt Botes
Iisiii Unit. Hnssvs is Hiss,
1 1
IMal inln "il .'.iriisVBiMi
I ..! l.-ll'l'l lil'li.
lt9riinoUoii runt! it lib V - I r..iir.r.
(nol tbsa I wr ou rlcu-Ullnii)
Vsls t .Imb Nu .11 ferial No. HUM
i'nitbii statkm i.nNii ovrioa
IS. Niiv.ini,.! n, IVUi
Niiiiiii it h.iiitiy livtB tbst Ihs H.irlhorB
I'Ml-lnr lltllwuy ( oinisiiy, sti.Mu pust oftlce
1M11 la HI. 1 it 111. .M it tuts, lis. tbli'Mdsi'Ol
Nor.inBBt. mi., In II, It nirs in y,'.
Hun iu iiilfii't uud.rtb. i,rovtilOTini in. .i
"I I'linilliu, SililV.ll Jlllv I. UllMlWIMIsl. '.V7,
I. lit .1. Hit. 4, I'p HI H ,B. to BS.I. W . M , ilM.ll
Any snd sll nsruoBi il.tinlna sd vrslr Ihs
Imnlt ih'ti illifit, nr rl.tlrluK In nl.liirl IrtH'SUM
of lb. Mlni'i.i itisrsi'icr ul thu l.iid.orsBy
nt In r ri-ntiin. In tint lOtnm.! to tt,
skniilit III. their nrritlf. 1 . or iri'.i In Hilt
ntTiiT, mi nr bilniit tag lib dsjr ol Jsnusry,
Bursa, Orsfno, Novsnbsr 'ill, 116. 1
Ntilliu It h.M.'hy fjv.ll Ihsl Rdwsrd I. lilli
ou, whn.1' iinti-nflHv Is Hsro.y,
Ori'ion. ill. l,t, nilii' rnli ilnt nl Msrrb, lull, His
III Ihlt nit li i'H wnrll Nt.tflit flit snd Abf'llcslloii,
Nn u.' imriihsin tin' N W ,,NK',.Hn'tlou ,,
r.jn lililj. 'il H . llsiiK.-rl'i K. Wlll.m.tls M.rl
illoi, tint till' tlmliiir tDSrsOB, tin' urn
'.!., lit Ul tin- mi I f Jmit 3. 1M7H. mftm
nilaliiry, kiiuwn-st lb. " I linlnr sud num.
i. .i .i turn v. mi. nt itilirlit tie rtt.d by an
i.raltmuoiii, ami thai iniituaiil to lurb suull
. tilnn tin- laud and ttiulu'r tbere.ui bsvc in-i-ri
M-ralii il.lll tlii'tllltl
Hi" limit.. i . tilinali'il H'.itti l, anl lost at II Ml
irr m. ana nut inlia UJ; inui ttl.l .til.
BUI will offir final prK) Iu a iiiiurt
I til. it(.(.:i .'Miitn and .wont .lat.mrflt no tb.
till 'lai ul I'l'liruaii. mil), I" Inn, I hit HaglaltT
.nut Rsselvsr, st Iturna, Or.con.
Ant prrtun la al liberty to protsat tbla nir
iliati. I.tlnrii ilitry, nr Inlllst. al any
lliii. In-lom .l. in laauna, by IIIIi.k a enrrobors
lri In Iblaiiflliti, all.ilus tail, wbloh
would d.dat th. entry
Wb.Fabbs. ksglalsr.
Notice of Final Settlement.
jua 7.'.
' :tt t.
Ill Ul
I' .1.11 .
T.tlal HcUt.tMW
.nit at to.k paid In .. M.BWun
xiiritlua Puu.1 . U.OMM tya.twooo
t'Bdlvldsd prutlla.
I -at rurreul .spvesea. in
l.i. l ami tales paid t.lTail t.44 II
i in ulatluj iiotf. ouistsBdlBg aVMSI dcpualla:
Inillvl.lal .l.pKlli.iibjcrlto iberk jii.iu; 'J
i.iiittiai.t ol d. posit du. In n
tbsiiBOdsya. nt.t?i;i)
' i m i.ilf'litvke . ....
t i ,. . , i...,ktuiiitisii.itii Maw
I ial. d.Malls tkOVBl
I'otlal eatings depoalta S4MS9
I . tat li maud I'cpualta BsaVSI In
rime d.ponliai (payable alter .tu ileyt
tn iii..reoutloei
( irllKi aleaof il.ioalt aui,v?3e
nthir tlui. depoalta l&.ajam
Inlnl tlmr ili'lnHllla . m, nn. tit
Itmlltiuunt wlib Federal Hsserve
Hank . . 1 tlUQOD
Notice is In rol.y given that tbe under
IxihkI Bilinlnistrator of the estate ol
Jasper lvi, deceased, ha Died hli fiaal
ilrcoonl of hit administration of said
estate ail hi he clerk of theCouotj Court
of the State of Oregon, for llsrney
County, and that mill court lias made an
order appoiutlog Monday, Dotanber SO,
UH.'i, at the hour of ten o'clock A. at.,
at tha County Court loom in Burns,
Harney County, Oregon, aa the time
and place for the hearing of said final
in toii nt and the settlement thereof, snd
II objections that may be filed thereto.
All persona Intereeted in said estate
ami having objectiona to said fiaal ac-t-unit
or miy parlor item thereof are
l. no i.j ii.ttiili'.l lop i.'seiit said objections
and file the sanm with the clerk of suid
court on or before said date.
J. I. WlTllhKl,
Ailmlnistrator of the estate
of Jasper lvis, dsceated.
llurua. tirrgon, November 10, IVla.
Ni.ii. le berehy (lysa thai tlsrlsno Ull,
ol 1..W.11, Oregon, who. on stay 6. Ivll
mail. Htiiitt ttiHit, p. n try No. U7t.ii tor NVVU,
' n ... luwnthlp '.', Houtb, Mang.S'.'U 1.
A illiami'ile Mi,.li4ii tiaa tiled But tee of lulen
i it, ii Iu ataae i uuiiuutatluu prtml lu eetab
ntb tit im i.. it... .bore described, belore
Itrgial.r and Keeelyer, SI llurua, Oregon, ou
IBS lllb day ol I km . ruber 115,
i latinai.i iiaiiu-a .a wttnsaaaa:
Henri f. lluBtl.y.ot taw.B, Oregon, Harry
j. jwii.;i, ui iiaoiiuau.o i. 'gait, 'leorge liiyn
lug. nt Law eu Oregon, John h HuugB.rty. ol
llariltnati, oregun.
risss. Keglat.r.
The Obligation of this bank to the depositor
. does not end wiih Ihe mere keeping of hooks,
the receiving of money and, at the demand,
paying it out. There is a deeper covenant
than that, for our duty as we see it, is to
remember always that without the depositor
the bank could not exist Therefore, Thanks
giving seems the accepted time to wish for
every one of them
and also to assure them of our keen interest in
their welfare and desire to help assist them
along Prosperity Road.
To individuals, business and professional
men, thia bank, with total resources of over
$400,000.00 not alone cordially extends the
benefits of a service that is the arch of satis
faction, but it takes a lively interest in your
Harney County National Bank
Burnt. Oregon
Progress with Safety
riurui. oraguu, Nuennber la. mil I
Nnilie Is hereby given thai Ksy L. Travis.
of llsru.y. Oregon, wbo. on July f, 19QS, Bis'e
llomeai.ail Kulry No. uuca, for rllt', BSetlou 2b
lowuahlp'il 8., Haujte aa K. Mlllam.U. af.ri
tll.ii, bsa Bled usile. of lutentlon to msks do
al five year I' wt.tiltab elalui to the laud
aboe deeerlbed, before tbs Hsalstsr and He
reiver, st Surna, tiregoo. on tbe 31at day of
lit i-erii leer, llilft.
i isnusut naiii.a sa wituessas:
John K. Ball. Kdwar.1 I. illbaon, both ol
tlariivy, Oregon. Trod l.enateilt, t uarle. K
Hi riu-vi.ii, Imlb ol Murne Oregon
Wm. Kiaas. Keglalrr.
Total HSD.SM 30
t ..iiniy of llanit y. j
I, le.. n M. Ititiwu, Csshlsr ol ths aboys
named baak, do aul.rsuly ibat the above
itateiueiit littuetotbe best ol my knuwlixlge
and bellel.
I.son M. Bbows, t'sahler
-ultaiiil.e.l and twurn to before ne tbli lath
day ol Nov. inker, IVIA.
A. W. Mm
."al Notary Public.
Correct A Ileal
J. U. Hilton
II. A ttKSBiil o
Hurng, Oregon, ociobvr 0, 1V16
Nollre (Bberbj Klvon Ibat Mlcbil Darker,
Of Vullago, t)r.s;ijii wbo, ou Mat 2d, IV 10, made
Heiuralt'ait Kntrv Nt. W7,'.7,lor MVeUNWX.. NU
. .Sn'aKK'a. MfU,.,iWp. 7 H., It a II ft W E,
v iiian.'-iiu MarTdlan, hai fliaJ nutir of hiiu
tloti to tu aii e final ttv-yar urool, to aatablUb
laltit to tbv land b.hmu tlt-Bcrlliei). Ujftiri- HrK-
iair ami lu-ii-i vrr, at Buroa, Orvkfuu, ou iti
.Till -tay of NnvrmlHT. ml-,
t'laliuaiil natiit ai wtinvaara
tlua Htabl. lit rt DoiiuIuk. Mrbolgi OUlar,
Mn l.n- I Hat kci , all of ullage, Oregon
Wm. Kamki. Keflatur
the Shabby
Shabby surfaces detract from the
appearances of your home. Floors,
furniture or woodwork that are
marred, scratched or scuffed give
your home a shabby run-down ap
pearance. Make these varnished sur
faces bright and new with
There's an Acme Quality Varnish
for every purpose; a floor varnish
made to be walked upon; a quick
drying furniture varnish that imparts
a brilliant, durable lustre, and var
nishes for all outdoor and indoor sur
faces in any quantity desired. Which
do you need?
Screen Cloth fort Doors and Porches
Water bags, nose bags
Ice Cream Freezers
fij mIT
'P aV
if Stk. 1?
j ajl"i flfs IB
Beware ol Cheap Subalitulaa.
In these days of keen competi
tion it is important that the pub
lic school should see that they
get Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and not take substitutes sold for
the sake of extra profit Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy has
stood the test and been approved
for more than forty years. For
sale by all dealers.
Murna. Oraguu, October vu, Ivl.v
Nollee la hereby given mat Joha Nar
rowa, Oregon, w bo, on May .'ti, IvlO. in a .1 ... ,r
tea.) Kiilry.N...M;ti3.(urKKl,NHi ,1 .1 ,
and I -til, l and 4, See 1, Two .. ltaugesUB.,
Willamette Meridian has Bled nolle, ol
in:ntlun to rxsk. flusl tlvs-ysar Proof, to
mtablitb elalui to th. land sbov. deacrlbBcl,
before Keglaluraud Hurtle, Oregon
ou tbe Wth day ol November, lvl'i.
t'lalniaul nameaaa wltneaasa:
K. I,. Ilaaa, ilffuril llroutlieck, Wlllltin J
Dunn, flank Brown, allot NarroBl. Oregon.
Wh. Pabbs, Hagi.tei.
I'nitbi. ntatb. I.imu Orrn a i
Iturna. Oregou, Novsuibur i, ltil.p..
Nolle li hereby given that elision P. Borrow
dale, of Met kl.y, Oiegou.who.ou April 17. itlv
made Huiaeelead entry, No OMrr?, fui
Ni,, Heellou in. Towualiip M 8 , Ksuge J.
I. , Willamette Meridian, haa "leu unlive in
Intention to make flosl Hires jear I'roof. I.
etlahlltli claim lo lb. laml
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of I in fin It.. r, two.
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W II. Wllklninu, Hoy A, Jubuaon, Frauk
Kuillala, A It. Jub , all ul Surdugo. Or.
Wm bun, Keglat.r
ho esteem of all her actualn
tancH. Vr. Karris an exem
plary young man of good family
and is very industrious. The
Times-Herald wishes them u
happy life together.
John (iilcrest, former superin-
t. nilt'iiiof thu 1'. L S. Co. in
this .'tuii'. took his departure for
his home in California last Tues
day morning. Mr. Cilcnst had
been in this section for so many
yeurs und was recognized a man
of force who made good in his
position, that it was hard for bis
many friends and admirers to
hid him goodbjre, Ho lias peel
in ill health for Borne time, first
undergoing an operation early in
JllM whidi left liim 'i"i' weak
and before lie had regained his
former strength he fell and dis
located a hip as well as the DOM
of the leg being broken, later
having a severe attack of pneu
monia. He was accompanied to
California by Mrs. I. 11. Holland
and Geo. Love who will visit at
his home for a few days and wit
ness the ending of the big fair
in San Francisco.
We will absolutely meet and beat mall order
prices. Kindly bring; In your Hat
and get our prices
Specials for Coming Week
Young spring turkeys, 18c. par lb.
Sugar, 11 pounds, $1.00
Freeh Christmas and Now Year cookies, 16c. lb.
Manchurian Walnuts, 20c. lb.
Winter apples, $1.50 per box
Potatooet, $2.25 per hundred
Onions, yellow or white $2.50 par hundred
REMEMBER.-we take anything of value In trade
Why not bring In your grain and
other products and trade at home
Farmers' & Homesteaders' General Exchange Store
Phone No. 284
One block east of Lampshlre's Garage
Builders Hardware
Paints and Oils
Barbed Wire
Farm Machinery
Implements of all kinds
In steck: Seeders, Plows
Disc and Drag Harrows.
Binder Twine Barbed Wire
Nails. Doors, Windows, Roof
ing. Building Paper
Fishing Tackle, Guns, Ammunition
Crockery, Tinware
For it wonderful accuracy, iu safety and con
venience, and it effectiveness for mall came
and target shooting, you should buy
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ggyaBss salsa reeeslefka. allele. WBuaa
saasnsB. M-Cu..uiLT:CZi. aHKsaw M..
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HWyarse. ApeileU UfiiaBaW fM
roar tlealer, ssBasaVvl
sDaseSBassr.B.t- R5oPl I
alee aaa akatisota, BBaBBaaassasssssaal
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it! la. iwuo.i, gtMug tueia,.!. Assesssala
sun lar rabbit., auuuiela. Uawkt. eruwa. aac
eflasrja .2 (eBsaeua alio nade wub lever ectisai sek
48 Wtlluw Ht.. N.w Havsaa. C.
jib oaiiaas
RepesaHntf Rifle
del 2a bs illualralrd. 24
lack octagon barrel, I) or
2) slioia,SII.U.