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The Biggest Cigr In The Bigge.t
County In The State Of Oregon
The Biggest County In The State
Of Oregon, Bett In The Wert
NO. 42
twt m , .
ihi iiri ii
w'&'Jw lvlV
Students of the Entire County Given an
Opportunity not Enjoyed by Every
Community. Spirit of Co-operation
Manifest. Equipment, Course
Equal to Any in The Whole West
The Timea-Herald ia pleased to
note the growing interest in our
local educational institutions.
We have some of the best schools
to bo found in the state and with
nmner eo-ODeration between pa
trons, teachers and students we1
should accomplish much during,
the coming year along the line of J
education. Especially is this;
true of the Harney County High
School which is one of the best
eouinned in the entire state with
a corps of able instructors.
Students and parents should
bear in mind the advantages of
such a school over any district
high school in many respects.
The Domestic Science and Agri
culture courses are of much im
portance and with laboratory
paraphernalia these studies may
be pursued with such greater re
sults that it should be given ser
ious consideration. No district
high school course can possibly
given such advantages, besides
the additional advantagea, of
music which this city affords, the
public library where students are
given special consideration and
encouragement, and the social
surroundings that are going to
be of much benefit.
It is gratifying to also hear the
business men of this town give
the High School particular con
sideration at the present time
and the determination to make it
even of more interest than in the
past. They realise what such an
institution means to the people of
the county and are ready to give
it their moral support A closer
relation will be manifest during
the coming school year and espec
ially will this be true in connec
tion with the students from out
side of Burns. This school is for
the benefit of every student in
the county and there is no tuition.
It is the stepping stone to a
higher education and is on the
accredited list of the colleges and
university of this state as well as
Washington. Students who con
template entering other schools
Burns Meat Market
Packing Plant
Fresh Meats, Poultry
Home Product, for Home Consumer
1 OF
We bny Drug-
Supplies with
Let us till your Prescrlptions--We
are Z buelnem for your health
BEvn BROS. Props,
The Rexall
The Burns Hospital
Nice Room., Good Care and Com
fort for PatienU-Reawnable Term.
-aH.mted Nurse m ,..-
after finishing the high school
grades should bear this In mind
as it will prove of benefit, elimi
nating the enrollment in some
preparatory institution which
mean delay in commencing the
regular courses of those institu
tions. Three of the instructors for
the coming year are new in the
school and all have been selected
with the particular idea of effi
ciency. They have good recom
mendations and no doubt will
prove a benefit to the school.
Each have had experience in
their particular line and are thus
prepared to,srive the school con
sistent work, from the beginning.
Miss Ruth Peter has been select
ed as instructor in English; Miss
Hazel Holt is the new instructor
in domestic science and art; the
lady is a graduate of the Oregon
Agricultural College anu nas naa
practical experience in teaching.
Mr. Petrie. who will have charge
of the agricultural course, has
been teaching in Idaho and has
a thorough knowledge oi me
subject, bfsides the experience
of observation and study of soils
similar to that of this country.
The practical experience of not
only the instructors but also of
the student is important in the
education of today. No study
can be successfully mastered
from a text book alone. There
must be combined with the study
of the book a practical application
of the theory learned. As for
example, in the study of the
types of animals, after learning
what a perfect animal of any
species should be, it is the stu
dent's place to select a specimen
of the species studied and go
over the points as he has learned
them and see if the specimen
before him complies with those
requirements and if not wherein
it uiil'ers. For this reason it has
been the policy of the High School
Board to provide liberally for ap
paratus for the High School. So
that as the pupil learns a fact
and Drag Store
7,500. other
Drug Store
from the text book he can verify
it for himself in a practical way
that will make that fact hit own.
Now let us see how the High
School is equipped for this work.
In the Physical Geography
Laboratory there is the follow
ing apparatus valued at $75.00,
two barometers, one a mercury
the other an aneroid; a set of
Johnston's Physical maps; a globe
and twenty-five sets of ten each
of United States Topographic
Maps. The Physics Department
has apparatus enough, costing
$250 to allow the student to per
form each of the fifty experi
ments that art listed in the Man
ual accompanying the State text
The equipment of the Chemical
Laboratory is so varied and num
erous that to list it all would re
quire several columns. It is
enough to say that it is worth
$400.00 and is so complete that
the hundred or more experi
ments may be thoroughly per
formed by each member of the
class. The Biological Labora
tory has to the value of $200.00
apparatus consisting of Com
pound Microscopes, demonstra
tion magnifiers, dissecting sets
and slides. The Household Eco
nomics Department has .a thor
oughly practical equipment with
out any frills, that is valued at
$600.00. The Agricultural Lab
oratory has the apparatus neces
sary for a thorough study of the
subject and that cost about
$300.00. The Library has over
six hundred volumes, all bearing
on the High School work, that
could not be replaced for as many
With such advantages the Har
ney County High School should
be of great benefit to all Harney
county students who take advan
tage of it and they should. Par
ents should make arrangements
to send their children to this in
stitution of learning as it certain
ly is efficient and fully up to the
standard of the schools of the
Oregon Extension Work
Makes Favorable Showing
Director R. D. Hetzel of the
Oregon Agricultural College Ex
tension Service has returned from
Berkeley, California, where he
attended the convention of the
Extension Section of the Arneri
can Association of Agricultural
The convention was attended
by members of the new States
Relations Service Commission
and by administrative heads of
extension, representing all the
Agricultural Colleges of the
United States.
Being chairman of the conven
tion, Director Hetzel was in close
touch with the proceedings, and
reports that the work of the Ore
gon Agricultural College in the
extension field comperes very
favorably with that being done
in other states.
"The attention of the meet
ings, saia uirecior neisei, ww
largely given to a discussion of
the methods proposed for the de
velopment of the agricultural and
and home economics extension
service throughout the United
States. Reports of the marked
efficiency of the work came from
all over the country, particularly
from the states employing a gen
eral extension staff with head
quarters at the state agricultural
college, as we do in Oregon, to
supplement the work of the
country men and to serve the
counties which have not been bo
fortunate as to provide for the
support of a resident agricul
Sumpter Valley Railway Co.
Arrival aid Departure Of Trains
No. 2, Puie
Arrives Baker
10:15 A.M.
2:35 P. M.
4:00 P. M.
No. 1,
Baker 8:30 A. M.
Sumpter 10:05 A. M.
Prairie 2:10 P. M.
No. 1 Makes good connection
withO.-W. R. & N. Co. Vo. 4
(Fast Mail) leaving Portland 6:80
P. M.. arriving at Baker 7:56 A.
M. and No. 17 from east arriv-
ing Baker 6:60 A. M.
No 2 connects with no. 0 trasi
Mail) arriving at Baker 7:56 p.
M. which pick" MP Pullman at
Baker, arriving at Portland 7:00
A. M. Alio with No. 18 at
10:45 P. M. for points East.
Oregon Cattle and Horse Raisers' As
sociation Works With The State
Veterinarian in Making New Brand
Law Applicable With Least Possi
ble Friction and Expense to Men
The advisory committee of the
Oregon Cattle and Horse Raisers
association and the state veterin
arian have adopted rules for com
paring brands and otherwise in
terpreting the brand law passed
by the 1915 legislature.
In comparing brands in those
that conflict, the brand which has
been on record for the greatest
length of time in the aggregate
number of years and days will
be given place over other brands
with which it conflicts, unless by
mutual consent the owner of the
brand with which it conflicts sells
or transfers his brand of the old
est record of aggregate time will
be placed on file
Brands which have been prop-
erly recorded under former brand
ing laws will be computed up iin-
til the time of the re-recording
act going into effect .
By similarity shall be meant
such brands as are so similar to
one another that they will readi-lease
ly be mistaken for one another,
Brands which are partly similar
but which are placed on different '
parts of the animal may be used.
Brands which are similar or Bear
ly similar will be permitted to be
changed by adding some distin
guishing mark.
Brands which are duplicated
and must be changed owing to
conflict must first be vented (dis
use indicated. I This
shall be carried out as follows
The same iron shall be used on
the neck on the same side on
which the iron has been previous
ly placed. This fire branding on
the neck of the same brand which
is located elsewhere on the same
side of the animal will indicate
that the brand has been vented
and is not to be recognized.
Ear and flesh marks which
conflict shall not ! taken nny
account of unless there is suffi-
cient evidence to indicate the iar-
ticular flesh.
Owners of all brands which
conflict shall be given due notice
and will be advised of all other
owners and their addresses and
will be given permission to nego
tiate with them for any adjust
ment desired.
While two or more owners,
closely related, desire to use the
same brand and different flesh
marks, it will only be possible
for one of the owners to have the
brand recorded in his name.
Individual agreements and con
tracts can cover the holding of
the property, using fl-Bh marks
as distinguishing marks. No
two ownerships of any one brand
will bo permitted to be recorded
in this state.
By the terms of the brand law
Does your fountain
pen splatter ink when
you try to write?
Does it refuse to feed
enough to keep a steady
line? If so do not throw
it away; chances are it
can be made as good as
new with a little repair
ing and cleaning. This
store will overhaul your
pen, put in a new point
or anything it needs.
We also carry a full
line of pens such as the
non-leakable self filler,
Moore's nonleakable, the
kind that slips the pen
down in the ink, and the
ideal Watterman. If you
want a new pen to start
school with step in.
1 Jeweler aad Optician
ail brands must be used on some
stated place. Brands will be al
lowed to be used on both sides at
similar points of the animal if
indicated upon the certificate,
and always used on both sides of
animal at certain stated similar
points. Otherwise brands will
only lc allowed to be used on one
Me of the animal and must al
ways bo used at a certain indi
cated point.
In caHe of the purchase of an
imuls where the place used for
the brand has been used by the
previous branding, the brand
shall be placed as near this par
ticular place as possible.
In instances where sale, trans-
fer or descent of a particular
brand has taken place, the best
possible evidence of ownership
will be demanded. A bill of sale
affidavit from the owner, certified
cony of court proceedings or other
public record, as the particular
presents, will be made use
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Co.. Props., Buf-temDerl 1915. If not paid on
falo, N. Y. I or before the above named date,
The new Victor Indies Tailor-
i ing style
book and samples for
fall and winter have arrived, j costs. W. A. Goodman,
Call and see them at the Clingan Sheriff and Tax Collector.
Hat Shop before ordering else
where. Ground feed at Hagey's.
Largest, Beat and Most Spectacular
on Earth
A Bap Acto. and
Thirty venia day Evry .vtiu a rtpioeuetlan f the e.ily iceiiei of
the Wit; living picture etory of the gitat c.ttle country; . revel.tioii ..I
Indian life; an exhibition of kill and dating.
Nowhere le can k en Mica thrilling act-; nowhere can be found MM
tninminment, and there in no place on earth where ml WW a. WKt ret
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old lime-weit wey.
"Ul'BaeKbk- "SUjrWtth'lW
Eacursien Rates on all Railroads
I'm information
R. H
JOHNSON, Walla Walla, Washington
A Suggestion That is
Applicable at Home
Jack Fairman of VWstfnll wrote
a communication to the Vale En
terprise the other day that is just
plain horse sense and brings for
cibly to the mind the foolishness
we indulge in when we might
just as well be sane and look at
thingB in the right light. His
letter is in connection with the
present strife for water on the
Malheur and applies so well to
local conditions that we quote a
part of it:
"Everyone is talking water,
why not I? How would it be, if,
instead of spending a barrel of
meney, lawing over water that
does not exist, and making ene
mies of neighbors that have been
friends for years, friends that
haVe nursed us in sickness, and
buried our dead, neighbors who
haye worked for us, and with us,
and helped build up what we
have, neighbors who have broth
ers in all save blood; how would
it do, if, instead of doing this,
we take the money we are going
to waste, put our shoulders to the
wheel, get together, and try and
save some of the water that every
spring runs to waste.
"As I understand it, the ditch
at the mouth of the Malheur
river, has rights, and decrees
prior to all above.
"Now at the Warm Spring
ranch we have a reservoir site,
that, according to all the engi
neers who have examined it, is
the best and cheapest in the
"Why cannot Malheur county
bond itself, and build fhis reser
voir, and on a certain day, when
I the waters begin to get low, turn
'the water down the Malheur
river. This would give more
than enough water for all the
ditches now taken out, and as
there is lots of land that could be
cheaply irrigated, if there was
water for them, no doubt some
way could be found by which
revenue would be derived from
! this surplus water. In any case,
the increase in taxable property,
owinir to unlimited water, would
more than pay the interest on the
j bonds.
Malheur county s credit is
good. We could get the money
for five pe"fr cent Let's do it.
Let us try and create S'unething,
something that will build up the
country. It will cost less than
the endless litigation about to
start, and we will have something
to Bhow for it. All the court de
crees in Oregon will not put
water in a ditch when the creek
is dry."
Nolle la Tpyri.
a penalty of 10
added, Attend
per cent will be
to this as soon
as possible and avoid additional
16, 17, 18, 1915
Wild West Show
a Uahwi.
addte.. the Secretary
N. J. Sinnott Pressing Federal Biological
Survey to Devise Some Means to
Get Rid of Pests. Department is
Convinced Payment of Bounties for
Their Destruction is not Practical
Representative'JN.f J.VSinnot,
who has-been pressing the Feder
al Biological survey to devise
some means to get rid of the jack
rabbit pest has just been infor
med by Acting Chief Nelson of
that bureau that "extensive ex
periments in trapping animals
in fenced inclosures have given
considerable promise of success,
and that the bureau plans to con
tinue these experiments during
the coming fall and winter."
Mr. Sinnott has been urging the
survey to assign an expert to the
work in Eastern Oregon during
the summer drought period, as
the damage done by the pests
at this time is greatest, but the
bureau informs him that there is
not a man available at this time.
Chief Nelson informs the Eastern
Oregon congressman that the de
partment regards the jack-rabbit
pest in Oregon as a very serious
and difficult problem, and says:
"In our work thus far poison
ing has proved of value locally,
but of little or no avail in local
ities where green food continues
abundant during the winter.
Rabbit-proof fencing is undoubt
edly the best means known at the
present time for protecting crops
from jack-rabbits, but as the de
partment has no authority to con
struct such fences on patented
lands, this method is clearly up
individual land owners. At the
present time we can suggest no
more practical method for con
trolling these pests than rabbit
tight fencing and organized
drives or hunts in which the an
imals are destroyed.
' 'We plan to continue investi
gations on the rabbit problem in
Oregon as soon as men are avail
able for this work. The most
economical means for controlling
them is a more successful method
of poisoning, which we believe
can be determined by further ex
periments. Perfected methods
of trapping these animals may
prove profitable if the bodies of
Breakfast 5:30 to 9
Mac's Restaurant & Bakery
Located in the new Levena Building
W. R. McCuiation, Prop.
Supper 5 to 8
The Burns Flour Milling Co.
Manufacturers of hone products
The Cream of the Wheat, Fresh and Palatable
Bran and Other Rolled Mill Feeds
Yon Patronise Home when you deal here
To be Given Away
Every Saturday at 8 P. M.
Be'sure and bring your coupons
you may bo the lucky one........
The one having the number
nearest to the number under
the seal will be the winner
the animals can be marketed for
food. We are thoroughly con
vinced that the payment of boun
ties for the destruction of theee
pests is not practical, as our rec
ords show that almost without
exception, bounties have failed to
accomplish that which was ex
pected of them."
Representative Sinnot is great
ly interested in getting the fed
eral government to devise some
means for helping his constitu
ents get rid of this pest which is
working such havoc among set
tlers in the dry land sections of
Eastern Oregon, and during his
present trip through that section
he is getting some first-hand in
formation on the subject.
Market Report.
The receipts for Monday are:
Cattle 1111; hogs, 1617; sheep.
A very fair run of 1200 cattle
came forward over Sunday.
The usual 7 cent kind were not
in evidence however and 6.90
was as close as any sales were
made. Cows sold from 3 cent to
5.25; stags 4.50 to 6.00; bulls 3.75
to 5. 25.
There was another spectacular
advance in the hog section the
first of the week, last weeks top
was advanced 30 cents, making
the present high mark for hogs
7.69. Receipts have been light
only 1600 being on Monday's mar
ket Sheep house transactions were
steady in all lines. Some lambs
sold end of last week at 6.50,
this price being of course for
strictly good stuff. Only about
2500 came forward this week.
How to Cure a Sprain.
A sprain may be cured in about
one-third the time required by
the usual treatment by applying
Chamberlain's Liniment and ob
serving the directions with each
bottle. For sale by all dealers.
Dinner 11:30 to 2
Short orders at all hour