The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, September 26, 1914, Image 4

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Garden It More Fragrant by
Night Than by Day.
The light we receive from slurs of
the drat inaptitude, llko Vega, la equnl
approximately to a forty iliousnml mil
llonth part of of tlio MB. It la osl
cnlated that the totnl light rci'i-iuM
from tbe leaser stars, la equal to Unit of
8,000 atara of the first innKiiltmlo, or n
lltb part of that which la Rent to M
from the moon.
Light exercises it iiiecliniirritl iirear.ure
which can be menaured In the Inborn
tory. It bat been shown by Hptrl
merits with artificial light thnt In Ml
production enorinoiia qmtntltli's of M
ergy are diaalpated.
In an orcllnnry ni rinulir (lie total
energy which la transformed Into Unlit
to really but '.' per cent. Una nud licro
aeno lamps are not more econOBrical
On tbe other hand, the glow worm
transforms Into light, by menus yd mi
known, 00 per cent of the totnl enemy
It la known thnt light luflueuces very
largely the aromn of towers. A garden
la more fragrant when It Is ahnded
tban when tbe sun Is allow oil hj shine
In full blase upon It. This, tit BBS rate,
to the conclusion of n Frenchman irbO
baa recently mnde a vnst number of e
partmenta, Thnt which affects thefni
granra of flowers Is not tho oxygen of
tbe atmosphere, as hua been commonly
anppoaed, but the light.
According to the same authority, the
Intensity of tho perfume exhnlctt by a
flower dependa upon the pressure of
water In tbe cells of the plnut. which really delicious.
It Waa a Big Ons, Though, ana Held
AM Ita Numtraua Members.
The first courtbouse of Henry
connly. III., waa a frame etrticture,
elulit feet by fourteen, set In tbe
tnhlxt of an uninhabited prairie Hut
ni Utile villages began to spring up lu
the comity a lltely contention for the
honor of being the county aeat began.
t'nmhrldgo finally won. for It waa
ii. 'in est the center of tbe county.
This waa lu the forties of tba laat
century. Tha Brat aeaalon or circuit
court waa at band and Cambridge was
on Its mettle to entertain the court
suitably. The difficulties to anything
but pioneer courage and resourceful
ness would have teemed insuperable
I'lie Ullage consisted, of eight or teu
little dwellings, a tiny general store, a
blncksmltb shop aud a carpenter shop.
The new courtbouie waa iiullnlslied,
hut would bo uted, as tbe session for
Innately fell In tho summer.
Now tho housewives laid their bends
together to contrive how the court
olllclnls, litigants and wltneaaet
should be lodged aud fed. There was
almost nothing that could bo bought.
txeapt augur, molasses, tea, coffee and
Hour. Hut they had an abundant sup
ply of yellow legged chickens, borne
cured hams, milk, eggs, butter nud
nrain, as well na their vegetable gar
dens to draw on. There was no fresh
fruit, but they brought out their cher
ished stores of wild plum marmalndo
ami wild crabapple prcaervea. 1Mb
were mado with molasses, and after
they had sufficient time to aeaaon were
Ilealdes. the hillsides
tends to throw out the essential oils
that produce tbe odor, nnd the action
of tbe solar light diminishes the pros
aure of the water. New York lYess.
It Hat Never Fslled, It Is Clsimed, to
Olve Satisfaction.
Sarah Knowlton la a woman who has
made cakes all her life aud alwaya has
used the tame recipe, wedding cakes.
special cakes, holiday cakes, party
cakes and everyday cakes, simply be-
u luv ,ur.e , iim ii buv mmiv lot hit I .......
-a. . . .... I flCllltV
own wedding In 1SC2 was so delicious I iui. .
that alt tbe guests wanted one like It,
and this desire has been passed on to
their children nnd friends. She keeps
many cakes on hand, so that her cus
tomers may have their cake a day, a
week or a month old, as they Ilka.
Bach cake weighs about one and a
half pounds and la labeled with tbe
date of its baking. They are kept In
ttone Jars wrapped In wnxed paper.
Here Is the recipe:
One cupful each of augar, butter anuV
melasses: one cupful homemnde Jelly
or strawberry preserves, one cupful
buttermilk, half a cupful strong cof
fee, two eggs, one grsted nutinet. two
teaspoonfuls cinnamon, one teaspoon-
ful cloves, two teaspoonfuls aaleratut
'(dissolved In half a cupful boiling wa
ter), two pounds raisins, one pound
cleaned currants, one pound chopjied
candled fruit (lemon, orange, citron),
all cupfula flour measured before sift
ing. Mix the fruit thoroughly In the flour.
Cream butter and sugar, niffl the eggs,
milk and coffee, then the flour contain
ing tbe fruit Dent thoroughly and
add the spices.
Turn Into well buttered pans nnd
bake at least one hour In a slow oven.
New York Post
Japan's Troublesome Volcsne.
SakuraJIma Is one of the volcanoes
created, according to the old Japanese
calendar, m a single night A specific
date 718 A. D. baa even been assign
ed for tbe event, tftit It Is quite evi
dent from Its appearance (bat tbe cone
Is really a very ancient one. Hakura
JIma't form Is rugged and weather
beaten. Time has furrowed Its sides,
and the forces of denudation have per
ceptibly Increased the steepness of the
upper part of the cone by tbe removal
of all tbe lighter ejected mnterlala.
This circumstance baa given rise to (he
legend thnt tbe northern peak of tba
Island separated from tbe rest of the
summit ridge by a slight depression
It Inaccessible. As a matter of fact, it
presents no serious difficulty. London
Darby and Jean.
Tba meaning of Darby and Jean la
on of connubial faithfulness and love,
at exemplified by Darby and Jean
husband and wife in an eighteenth
century ballad, appearing In tho Gen-
tleman'a Magazine, March, 1735, en
titled The Joyt of I.ove Never For
got; t Bong." Author Henry Woodfall
bad been apprenticed to John Darby of
Bartholomew Close, England, and bis
employer and wife formed tha hero
and berolne of the aong.
werepluk with tbe beautiful wild wood
sorrel, tbe leavea of which make de
licious plea In skillful hands.
The village boasted one group of
forest tract, a email grove of tugar
maples, half a mile away, and In their
shade Mr. Atwater built a long table
with mi w horses and boards. With tbe
combined stock of table linen, crockery
and cutlery poateaaad by tbe house-.
wlvee the table waa laid with autn
eleu elegance, according to pioneer
standards. It waa felt that tho court
would be properly feasted, but bow
about lodging ? That waa tbe real dlf-
Tbe tiny houaea and their
beds were full to overflowing with
(heir proper In ma tea.
But there waa tbe loft of tbe car
penter thop. Tho store had a whole
bolt of unbleached muslin It waa
torn luto lengtha equal to the length
of tbe loft and tawed together by
band, of course.
Then tbe loft floor wat covered deep
with nice clean shavings, tba immense
sheet laid over them and tacked to the
walla all the way round. On this
Mrohdlngnaglan bed tbe court lay In
two From the extra supply re
quired for winter enough quilt were
mustered to cover tbe sleepers. As for
pillows no oue gave a thought to those
effeminate luxuries Tba lawyers
might lny tbelr beads ou their eaddle
bngs or their rolled up coats and he
Thus was tbe circuit court sumptu
ously fisl and sufflcieutly lodged,
thanks to tbe lugeulous women of
Henry eOMftJW-YouAb'a Goiupnuloii
In 1767 It Had Forty. flvt Heutet ami
at Many Families.
Captain Philip I'lttiinn, an offlcar IB
the engineering corps of (lie Brltlali
iirinv. was selected by Mineral (lags
In 1TH7 to make no expert report ou
tho territory Just acquired from Franca
ou Ihe east side or tho Mississippi liv
er I'ltman .nine to (ho JUIStlealppl
valley, the Illinois country It then was
calhsl. anil mneleil about for several
mouths lleie Is what ho wrote of St
Louis lii the early part of 1707:
"This village Is one lengoo and a half
above Knininlu, on the waat alda of
the Mississippi, being the present head
quarters of the I rencli lu these psrta.
It was first established In the year
1701 hv a company of mercbtuta, tq
whom M I) Alilniille had given an ex
clusive gram for the commerce with
the Indian nations on tho river Mis
andry, and for the security and on
coiiragemen( of this settlement tha
staff of French olllcers and (he com
iiilssary were ordered (o remove hare,
upon ihe surrendering of Fort Char
tree (forty miles south of St. Unite on
the Illinois sldei lo (ho ICngllsh, and
great encouragement was given to the
Inhabitants to remove with (hem, most
of whom dhl
"The company has built a large
(louse and store here, and (here are
about forty the houses and aa many
families No fort or barracks are yet
built The French garrison consists
of u captain ciimiuiitiiliint two lleuten
mils, a fori ma lor, one sergeant, one
corporal ami Imnli men ' m I. .nils
An ItMeufhcd Subfeol.
In 1,'Kapril due It'iiunls la an In
stance of tba sharp, biting wit for
which Alalia I'lron, the French epl
gram ma 1 1st. waa famous.
A young author whose ability waa
by no means equal lo his conceit waa
discoursing at lengtth BPOtl tho merits
of his work.
"I am tired of writing of thnt of
rwhlch tba others write," he said. "1
want to create mi original work, some
thing (bill no one has ever written
about or ever will wrlla about "
' I'lron turned quickly to the speaker.
"Why not write your own eulogy?" bo
Very Sweet Words.
"Are there any sweeter worda In tbe
ICngllsh language," musingly Inquired
Professor Swlggs, "than 'I love yim'f" "
"Wall," grimly remarked Ihe peasl
inletle bearer, "I understand Hint some
authorities regard 'There's thai money
I owe you' as about tho epitome of sat
lafactory sentences." .Now York Globe.
Tonawarrm tomorrow nig-ht,
I' HM. u i
A Leeeon In Curling.
Inexperienced Member (to venerable
"kipi What's a patlid, Mr. Mncphcr
son? Skip Dae ya no tee. ye gowk?
Ye ding yer ataue cannlly, but use so
line as tse bog It Nae balflln (leg. nor
Jlnkln' turn, ye ken, but teutlly, that It
aye gangs suoovlo' au' abouthrlu'
.'inning the guulrds, till straucbt aa au
elder's walk, bogie fa' on this v.rru
tee When ye'xe duue that, iuddle,
i.'n made patlid, an' ye may beur lb'
groe. Toronto Ulcus.
Ev.n Worse.
"Why do tbey bate each other soT"
"They are rivala."
"oh. both trying to inarry(lbe same
girl, eh? That sort of thing certainly
does srousc n man's primal passloua."
"In this case It Is worse than that
Tbey are both trying lu marry the
suuie fortune" Houston I'ost.
An Eapert Suageete Seme Remedies
Fer a Troublesome Habit.
The slice Is iinfor(uua(ely a cominou
fault at golf, destroying all hopa of
accuracy as well rui distance lu tba
drive The reined)- becoinca obvious
ts soon as Ihe cause of slicing Is thor
oughly urn I. i -t I Thill II Is dlle to
a horizontal rotation of the ball lu Ita
flight Is on. iiiestlon able, from the an
al.'K.v of the iiirwst bull In baseball.
The question Is as lo how tills motion
of rotation is Impnited lo Ihe ball.
The reinedi lies either lu ellmltmt
lug Ihe twist ,. the wrists or III com
pciisiitnm fot It by turning the club
In Ihe linn. I- while addressing the hall.
If ft firmed slloer turn the
club lu Hie h iiiiIm so Hint (In, ftea
Slants shun , Inward while Ihe lunula
and ii rin- me oiiiei wise held lu (he utu
ti poailliHi Mhlies. the ball with tha
club lu Ibis iMi.ltlon and (lien swing
as iisunl .. will Is' agreeably sur
prised in ..' n straight ball or a pull.
A few ti 1. 1 is will aerie to determine
the poalll I the club In addreeslng
(he ball w hi. b will irlv the desired
straight sh..
All the curies. Hie slice, (he pull and
the rise are sharply emphasised In long
shots The stint p, hnrd blow of a rapid
stroke sets up n much moru rapid rota
tion of Ihe hall Just ns lu (be billiard
sbotx.-K K smart III outliig Megs
UMITKII S I. V IKS I. A Ml or Hi I ,
Hums, Oregon, AugiiHt I. 1014
Nnllre ! hetil.v glvi'll llisl. ilirut t- ! lo
ths t'omitilMlnni r or Ikttttaartl I sail nai. . .
IIIMltO liloVIKtnill) III Al't 'if I'llllgrrftft R,.m , t
Juno 117. IVUfl I .It Mtsl s . f I V , , ii i itaul lii ill, up
,lli allon nl llery II. I h..iii.oii.:..'tll No 000
we Will naer al iiiil.ll. isle, tu llui 111
.1. t. i.iti mil less n. mi ijisi .it ters, si lu
u'l'iis-k A. M , en tii ."'in ay el Saplenilier,
1014. si thlft olflra, His fnllnwIiiK irsi-t nl Isml'
NKUMWI,, NWI.HKl,, Mee.J.l it M , II. il K .
W M.
This tifti i Is urilensl into narksl ns s snow
Ins llisl lit,- km ftlel I...I I It'll llli'trlll It, lll.tllll
teloolie or too ougti tor i-alli . slliilt.
Ill utrinii, lakliilii ml, rift, U III. alt
taaerlltad loud or silvlseii lo nls ih.-ir . Itlmi
it- ubifi llenft. ou oi Is t. ti. His lino-
lur ftftlr
s rKH. It.-slfti.i.
HSH MnlUKSftUR II. It Iirr
I ..i, Hnrtii tin I 1st N..
llutiift, llri'son, AiiftU.I :s, lyll I
Nolle Is usri'tty lvtu thai tl.- n.iiii.iii.
In I he innttrr of the Kstate of
Charles Williams, drceaeed
The undersigned ndinlnittratrix, of
(In' estate of I'hnilrs Williams, Deceased,
linviug rendered and filed her final
'in.. mil herein
Notice la hereby given to all whom it
tuny concern that the court hat fixed
Wednesday the 71 h day of October 1014
nl in o'clock a. in. as the time and the
i mini v Court Kimm at lb CiilMl
House it llui ns. i begun, as Hie place
bu Iteming iilnectiinn, if any, why said
Imal account sbouhl not be srttleil ami
nppiovcd nnd the inlminltitrnliit dls
i hnrgril nnd (he suirlies on her under
taking ihaehuigril from lurlher liability
This notice is to be publialied once a
week for four successive weeks and Is
published In The Times-Herald, begin.
iiinr wil lithe Issueof August 2t)(b, 1014.
I.i imikiii Tiioiin, Adminislratrix
of the listnteof Charles Williams,
I Intel Hurai tin l.lil Ho.
i arras its i ash orrioa,
Hiirns, urtson, August u, lata.
HoUra Is hereby (Iven that lli Nurlbtrn
In. Illr llsllwsy Company, wbOMMiel otfles
...l.lie.i la SI. Paul, M In arsou, baa tbia 1Mb dar
..I viisu't en i ill.. I hi IliHi.ffli.ft IUaiulloaliuu
'.. fteit'i'i iiuilar lbs urovlaloaa uf Ilia set of
srtsMy b.
asst way
Ike alA
"SebeeMsg la yealb abesM laverteMy ba
pneiee as arasere s eeraes is is saas
War IT i l
a uroviaiosa ol Ilia set in
July I , ists tail tut, ur7, ttni
at I ,l lui
all l s . II
Serial No U7HVI
I iinyti aft, aupruved JuTy I , less (natal
aa . ,i. ii.t-a b) tba I of ronsteaa i
lit Iba a- I ol ruiiR-o-aa approv
KIlBae. Il.'lwp II H , H NItH, W M
Pacini Hull m) i tiuii.aii). wIii.n, in.ftl
eMliuaaa la Kl. tsui. Mliiinft.aa
no .
i .'.Hi
tarul Auaaatlvli mart lu tlila oiriie s
reaa. siiuru
tlJOj aa aftUn.lft.l ti Iha Ail III t.lts't'ftft .
lion lo
uf l inift't, fa. a)
vail Jul I. isva i. si nisi, t:
luy sail sll iHTsoiia elalmlus ailvaiarly iba
laii.U a.-, ill. .1, ot ili'itrliiK toolilai'l baoauaaol
Hie i in. ifti i imtfti 1. 1 of Iba Una, or am tKbar
oft!,..!, iii lit,- .tiiiMiaal to apuliesul, abouhl Ilia
iIk'Ii afti.lai haof prSaaat lu lit la uffiva, on orb
lora I he .,1 It ilay ol Uriober till.
rasas, Heiusar.
poii.ti Mar v, mn.
Pttitft',. -s,"' ". w-nn
a I. -'.' s Ii :il l.i.l, W M
Sac. H, T
Chinese Cabbage Seed.
Itape sees! Is n-itn.-d by Ihe Cblneae
Inule "cfililNice sii'it. while Chinese
fanners style It ". nbbnge oil seed." Aa
grown lu Loiniuuiiii ,,isrle. near
Hhniiftthil. II .ileitis -isi, allies .i-iiinl to
I.OUU is.ninlsi mi in re where tin sol k Is
Social Scale.
"I'n." snld I r.shly. "whnl la a tocial
"Oencrully sH-nklng." replied pa,
"It's s pints where (lny weigh money "
Just Fata.
Ta. what Is ftleir"
"Ka(e. my hoy. It thai mysterious
something which tends yon to pick out
of PM M'pie lu the inillrooui the one
Ulan who hua a personal interest in (he
homelv woman ou me making fool
t niiiiueiits about "-1 a ii "It I'reti I'ress
A Puila
If anybody tl.l.
', tt I". '-Iv ,M .
Sarlal No I'.'V
Aur an.) all parsoua clsliiilns a.l,.t.-lr the
isi.'ift .lea.'iibtsl, or rtaairlita tooltja.i because
ol lbs Miliars) character nl tlo- lattil, or aur
oibar racoon. In the tbisiaal lu tpeltosnt,
Intnl. I Oh. Iln-lr alTtilaillft uf SrOtCCI lullil"
..m.'i'. on or belure Hit- llllti rta) ol iH'Ii.Ist
. fasss. Keglalar
I NITKll STATKS I, am. tones
laSaftlaw. llraguii. Auui IT, I'll
SOT tSai 1.ASI,
Null. 'a M baleby given thai J.iaah Vl.lalltfr .
of Kite Oragofti. stbtj, .in Hauleiiils-i I, Ivln.
inane Honaaleatiaulr, utv.l all. 1 to. Mai I, I1.
ma la arttlllloiial It. g. A. I I.I. IV, 1 -"
Nn oosov, lor K'.M-',. s.,i,, ... Ml',.
W UNgU.SceUos lu. liKtlifthli. .'.' sonlli llange
.'.1 Kaal. V. IllatlftClle Marlillau lisa llle-l lion. . ..I
iiitaiition i,t niaae anal ibrae-ycar eroot. to
,-ftlal.bah i 1111. it. lit.. Ian.) tbave tlrftirll.-l.
lM-f..ia i liaa A, stiarmall I S CaailslsSluttcr,
St Ula. iiragiiu. on tat 11 tin of '. I t IVII
rial mat. I names aa wltUea. I
John Mt'Kat loon l'..ul aVoraer Jam,'. Wll
BIB, Henry slrrel.all ol Kile ,lit,-t.i
Jak I in if .- lleglilrr. I
lliitn. I.tat No lift'
f siTSI' sriri. I ASl.tirrn
to i
Marie A. Iloblaodar. I'lsmiiil,
A. bun A. Iloblainler, 1 'eleridaiit.
i lo ls m A. Iloblainler. defendant:
OF t HI KHi IN, you are hereby required
(o appear and answer to the coaxplaint
in the above entitled suit within six
. weeks from Die date ,( the first publica
tion ol this siiiiiinoiis, and II yoa to fall
to answer, for want thereof, tba I'lslo-
till will apply to Ihe court fur the relief
preyed for in her complaint, to-wit,
I irat That tbe bonds of matrimony
now existing between I'Uintilf and de-
lemlant be dissolved and that Plaintiff
have a divorce abeolole ;
.... ond : 'I bat plslntiffbave the care,
etiBiisly and control of the minor child,
lleatrtra II. .blander ,
Third : That I'lainlitl have lodgment
for lo i roale aud disbursements herein,
and lor such other and further relief at
to equity may pettaln.
This -utiiint rta Is piibllabe.l lo Tba
lime. Herald, u weakly newspaper pub
halted awl of general circulation In
llnrney t onnlv, Hregon, by order of tbe
Honorable '.Iraot Thumpson, Judge of
to ereoare
asr Ibc baaf aanacaaal
be U eapahla'' rraalrtaalC. W glial
This It the Mltslon of tht
Parly-llh Scbeel Vear Ootat
SKPTEHBR i8th, 1914
Write far Illustrated loo ptc Rook
kft, "THB LIPS CajilBR," and for Cats
lag ronltlnlng full Viformslloii.
Dig Counts- AOBICUtTURH t
Agronomy, Animal Husbtndry.DalryHut
bandry, Poultry Husbandry, Hartkulturt.
Agriculture for Teachers. FORPSTKY,
NOMK.S: Uometlk Silence, Domestic Aft,
ENOlNfibRINOi Electrktl, Irrliatlon,
Highway, Mei hafikal, Chemical, Mining.
Ceramics t.OMMlPi I. HHAKMACY
Industrial arts.
Kavai(iaarfi-Agrliulbiia, Dairy
Nig, Heme Makers' Course, industrial
Artt, Forestry, Business Short Count.
Sihootof MutU Piano. String, Band,
Vokt Culture.
Former! BtaineH Course by Mall Free
Adoraaa THg agOISTSAS,
(tw-T-lllaM) Corvallla, fHagon
'I Hi liiirna nn 1,'sl Me.
isiTsn "riTttii isoiimca i
Hums, 'in son, Aiituel
Nun., in in 1. 1, given that lbs Mart
raunc iiaimai i ontiiaiir. whose sect
a. I. in ftii 1 Paul, Miiiinanis. baa Iblsli
uf Ausufti nn 1 tiit.,1 in ilitfttiSlec lutsrtpllci
act l
. Mr. m
ligreaa spprovciljfsy
,Twp. l I., fCsa
go lift, Sl'l.t
I itntlet ih,. pro. i.ionaof ihaa
Hi 1. IS)
Ilia . 1 ,,r I'm
Pbytlcian sn4l
aiiaftoia. oat
I. ism (goaut. n7,
17, l"i. M , .11 ', ..,
r.afti. o ai,
Saras) Ne.OMi
Any aiol nil pi rsona Islmlng cdvarMlr Use
lamia ,1-a.r 1 1..0I to .l.-alrlng to,1 baeaaaa
ul Ho. Miiiioal 1 haraciar of ilia (anil, in car
lo tha 'llapoaal lo aiiviloeat.
vicei laiaii
ill liar iMmill
ahotiltl Ills Hi. I. afflilavlta of -,ro
of Ice, nn nr before ilirmii tier nl aesteaber
Wm PaSbs. Register
Sumpter Valley Railway Gl.
Arrivil and Depirtwe Of Ti
JflB to tha vVOtlD.
Made In two models 1 one
tot . Hborl M. F. car
tridges - the other for .H Ixing
Rifle h. y.
sfb apWJ jh vjt,
cw I
urns, lirsgiin. August I. lull. 1
NiHIre Is berehr given Kiel ill. Nurlbtrn
la.lfir Hails. r i,.ni.any WbjOta si ottlt e
address Is hi. Caul Mlntireoia. liaa Hit nn .la
ul Auglial lull Sit. I In llila oI.e Ilea .,lt, at lull
l.isal.'t-ttiinli-f lb.' tot,, latoltftttf tha at I tit 1 on
grace, a..iii,.tl July 1. Immi 11 .lal
'l"''."S'U'' !., ,!. ...,. ,. I...'....
LSI W M ell.Ui arret --.. ..r, s s.uu.7 ,
1 pHT11" mmt0fu irefon, .lulymade on Ihe 1Mb day of
August, IBM, which eaiil or.ler dlraetad
aerial No utmt ""'"''(bal this summons be published for a
Any ami all iKitaoiiarlalu.Ing ailvetael. il.a ' narlial of tla
la.ols tlecerltn-tl. or .n.. . t bovaegc '""", " "' """"'
uf lb mineral, here, leral Hie IbioI. or lor an; I he first puhliealiun of this auiliuiolis
ullier rraat.ti to lha .tlii.oftal to . . ,',, .,
.iiuiiid ai.. their .m la el protest la 11.1. I" ms.le ou August IS, I'll!
un or ueltue tna .Tin tlaftul Sil. tuber, J U, HllitiS
FAassB. liigtsiei. AKonigy for I'ltintifJ
oastft, m
rmzt m
Rsstw T8
1 nti
sons- rlHo cortrliliros.
nd for hsuilftoinrl,
Illustrates) HlHe Cats
loa-sn! "How oSlnsit
Order StaveM estate -Fit
tela ted taotaawt
from your iJeaisr.
axorn paixb. mam.
No. 2, Prairie 10:15 A.M.
Sumpter 2:35 P. M.
Arrives Baker 4:00 P. ML
No. 1, Baker 8.30 A.M.
Sumpter 10:05 A. M.
Arrives Prairie 2:10 P. M.
No. 1 MakfH (rood connection
with O.-W. R. & N- No. 10 leav
ing I'ortlnntl 7:00 P. M. and No.
17 from t'SHt arriving Baker 6:50
A. M.
No 2 Connects with La Grand
local 7:00 to l,.t Grande, and No.
9 (faHt Mail) picks up sleeper
there arrivinn; in Portland 7:00
A. M. Also with No. ,18 at
10:45 P. M. for points East.
J. Uj G
Physician f
Burns, -
Offlaa In oew bttih ,,
harness si .
'Phone V
GEO. G. CAti
JaBii la Ten tta
Igadsl eMaahlea d... H
eaawWajTasattf e
Phvaictan andjJ
DEfimsN &
Pbyslclsn. and
Calls anawarod protntsji
'I'hona Harrlman.
Hsprlman Oh
U S Beuclois
lOco. K. I bambarlalo
I II at i) Laue
IWC lla.i. ,
AlUiruey llauarai A. M. (rawlor.1
Uaveraur oaahl Slant
Sceietary U asle Hep V, uicsju
Tretoartr ... T.M Ka
surt l-ublle IsatrscUac J a i bur. hid
State Printer .WSUoutwa,
I Hoi, I Ksalu
- ... .. - ITA. atrBrhle
sunrama jsdga, . Oee n Baraetl
B. s. Hrai,
P. A. Moure
atisTTit jtitiii'iAi. uiirraicT
Ouarlcl Judae t. ..... w....
t'cualr Aiioroey Baa, si,.0.".
I Irrull 1-i.url roe.!, tbe tret Motel., n,
A,,rli cud tret Wnu.laj lii uriaber
$1500 Reward!
The Orceoa
I f ot ma cud Nevada
i.lvedtacb Protec
tion AosoctaUoatl
hlcb tbe under
signed It messber,
will tire li.eMM
..ward tor est
deaas leadlag is
the arrest aad
vlriion of say ear
tyur partltt eveei
Ing horeea, estate
or inula, baleaagi eg
'u oar ul Us satat-
tu mil, to in.- itKitr. the a:
..n. t. in, aaiiia louoituiu fftsioo lur all bo
t.rat .1. ! M.oir altod bar on bulb er either Jaw
lltalel I, rut, toil II, eight roUDIIee
ilattiri. lake and irook ts.uatlee. H
it'Ote.t tali, v eol.l.
Nena at iaa a buresc eold sad oaly la
erge Inn.
ft W IlKilWS Pile. O
Or- Minnie it
Physician and SI
Wrect Telephoi e r J
La wen. On-
E. HlBBalj;
Offlo ftrtt door ea-t jJ
Bonis, riraea. a
M. A. UK,,
Attorney at Lui
Vaeertly Bid., BtrtiaS
Attorney aULosJ
Barns, Oregoe.'
nurar, irra.
Roomt 6 and 7 Maa
a i. - - -
wftte Huiestr ma , it ,
Joint aenabir
fatal aapreceutoUse
Wll Hroo.e
W. P Ibiinat,
oooaw- as sbst t
Caeatft J edge
- hora chest
Why do you
ir i hey did
' Itiiltliuore
Little Pitchers Wby. you ain't afraid
of mice, are you, Miss flabby? Nervoua
Caller-Of course I'm afraid of mice.
Wby shouldn't I be? Little Pltcbera
I waa watching to teo you ketch tbe
mouse I let out of tbe trap tbat scared
you. SJnaiuia says you're an old cat.
Baltimore Ajuerlchn.
(If lOltrse IIIjIiimIi lltleft
ask sin h rlrllculous tlllliL'-
I u ns only going I" Bl
i onlil the.i us,, larkspursi
Possy Hsfey.
.M.iiniiin-Nettle, what ure yon doing
i" I, In I hi r inn kiss him ,.ry K.r Sum II
m ' o lib lie's got fussy bm-iiuse I
tibil t . ..,,1.1! his mouth with
i ;.. tier. .'b lea rfo News
Bleeding Kansas
Still Bleeds!
A steady stream of money the 4ife-blood of a state
pours from "model prohibition" Kansas
into License states!
Schawl BaserlRtaadeat
Stock laeeectur
I.IStll I llllllll,.!
11 I ling I,. I
H A Miller
A K.
J.l. tkinrgsn
t. M llamlltuu
ti ft ;..!.,.,
John HuliluBoii
IB. I' Hylteeler
I i hue llttti
Cosaly leejrt aarale Ike tret Weduee,le In
Joasary. atarck. Set, Jely, aebtossber sad
BtaPlT e. t. u si, BBBBBBI
Wm Psrre
in stnlh. tfth. a.l
in ai as.
Sara Mulhrt.h. at
kor Van ftlnklu
Hearr Helton i
,.k. I.. Halloa ,
'J he oiei t ure (boas who will and the
lionei -t me those who won't -Henry
Wuril Hei-eliet
The Topeka State Journal, a supimrter of Prohibition, dn July
8, 1913, published the statement that approximately
were legally shipped intp the state of Kansas each year.
KaruaM got no rwmue-othvr states got the money!
I II J. Haas, 'i
t'ounrllmen i A. I.'. Welcome
I Jirnri laranetilr.-
- I k J.Mi'hlt.iiuii t
Meetlnte of Ike I'uaaell every aacond and
Poo rib Wedaeed
E "flP lVJimlr tore the
I I ti-- ctnly way to t3r353l
m (r( itkfl ' tittittv VCv- fi
New Home 1
i Sewing Machine rwT fSX r
I ii lu hoy ihe rnsihita B
1 vuli ihe noose NEW -yKtEpSi
1 I IOME ea tbe ana WvLM-f i'-,
H ail in lift leas. M I HkvBi
M 1 I... ma.biaa la -H Hsastal
M ftvaeraalad far ail Bf a MZiJfKf
ii timer like it m JtoasV!
Practloaa in the Slste i
V.H. Land nrnr.
Uhaia. It. Is
Careful Bttention gUta
Hoot and Keal KsUte i
rira insnrsnc.
Notary 1'nblie
Bl'UNS. Onj
No other like it
No other as good
Iki New Horn. Stwia. MatliM
ft k't a
be fMaswaa.
332 El YES
November 3, 1914
RegisUnUon Books RtvOpened NOW
L. ADAMS, of OREGON CITY. Itadlngmtr
chant, tuii "Sine Ongon Clip want dry.
bunliw has much Improved. Collmctlon
art toiler. 1 havt ftwtr bad bill: Abolition
of tho taloon hat tumtd a vatt turn dallu to
channels of trade. Chock t that uttd
cashed In saloono an now cashed In stores.
Should we place Oregon near the bottom with Kansas?
P,K",.on,T,,l!;k:.ytuhL.,a f '" ranks 32nd in per lmtmiJmm
cnpiia oank resource.
Dry Hna ranks 43rd in per
cflpitu aavings bank h posits.
Dry Kansas hits more inmate
in her prisons in proportion to
population than 24 other states.
Val I'loliililtlonlitt (ell ut Ilia! at v .
the i-aplltl clly of dry Reuses, urM liantat ll.lS a Jfreilter pro-TiiH-ka
It a model. rvrirlirinnf i..nU ,4n...... j-
(In lot 34 vcurs tnd hoc iini.U
a ...
Has II? Kansas Prohibition is
what sent Carrie Nation on the
warmth with her hatchet. It
was in Topeka, Kansas, that
Mrs. Nation opened her home
lor the wives of men who got
drunk on Kansas 1'iohibllUn
Rev, Kolnrl Gordon, pastor of lha
Hist linplKi (,'liurcli, Topeka,
lo, Ins M.t. a ProlillsltUsaltt
nil his lii,., suld from lilt pulpit:
"fera ore 140 Joints In Topeka
where intoxicating liquor is
To prov It, he went out tnd bought
a keg ol Im'ci, Iwo cases of bot
tle! beer, t tulicite full of whls
kay. mill nil the g)u aud wlua tie
i ttiilil curry.
' Is what ths ProhlUllanlmlm
a. ........ i. ,,, .- . '
i.. tttfti tna irii us UOOUS 1
iji nun ui juvenne aettnquent
than 26 other states.
Dry Kansas has u UTeutor pro
portion of feeble-minded thun
31 other states.
Dry Kaneau has a greater pro
portion of homicides unnuully
than 22 other states.
Ilkues ln.ll., Pederslor
Olbei Olli.i.t Heuurtftl
Org Kansas htt lha lowest
clmicb iitioliiiiciii p ha North
Cenlrsl Slslet. Only S3. 4 pat
tent af bar papulation It en
lolled a chuicli mviubcislilp.
Witooiuta, a wel tiata In the North
'ennui group, hut a church rot,
of 44.3 par cent.
Dry Kansas btiyt grejl quandllet of
IIHicrs and Home Remedies.
Government reports thow (heta
n.H,iriiiiit conttln aa anertv of
33 ta 40 par etnt alcohol.
Analpsts af a favorite -nerve
Ionic" showed two grains of
opium and T3par cent at grain
alcohol to each fluid ounce.
Ptlent medicines ara alwtyt popu
1st lu dry slates; above It tha
Ih. you. as a loyal Oreyontan,
want to set your state held up
like this to the nation's scamf
vsjnisbaa, at
In say way.
Kiad tail the
Records of County Clerks. Express Companies and Railroad in Kansas
show that Kan... i consumes just a. much liquor under Proh bitlJS"!
it did when it h.d legally licensed .aloons. 'Ihe state now t. n"
public revenue from this liquor. The "blind-pig" and the Tlllilinr
have taken the place of the regulated saloon and pIy tllrilSS.
in alleys and under cover of darkness.
Defeat of Prohibition will not change the present Home Rule or Local Option law
Fall Painting
is Like
Fire Insurance
You insure your home
ajfainst yf. Why not insure
it against decay caused by
sunshine, rain, snow and
sleet? They destroy as cer
tainly as fire, unless the
surface is protected with
good paint.
gives the greatest durability
and beauty, and best resist
fain and shine
It cotta lew because It takes ksa Bjj
hots longer. Let ut show you the lawat
eaashionable color romliinatioiu.
Burns II.strci-.Eti- 0o.
State Court and Initail
Land Office Prae
Three doors South i
Harney County;
Burns. Onteoi
Attaeaay at Law
leeiey I -a
UJUil 'it,,
vesce eetweea Iternajr l my So
end Load OBr,
anttely A sat Cngliini
la V. a Beclemeiion Mcr-
A. 0.1
Eisteri Oregon Lo
am tat mhai
Isrss, Or.nin
Dtrecl cottnccUun, ..silks
A. H. CURR1 Proa.
taaests Hturiaaaa Morula, oat 1
aesfl arrivae Wadaesd.
esaafcwaaei, connc,ln witk i
Havt ta"Denio,'Wiinir ,cc.t
Ku" asasiaSJetaBl "T-ay
atflBaBafUXaBBeaar TV- .
mi&r T"jTJ:rir!2?r
jmmYdtAsW tjS!
You can buy no better
tor target work and ell
mall game up to
W yards.
ckaaaa of
machaauam it
hancBet .22 short.
long or lonarrifla rtrt.ii.aii
Perfectly. The daea ReJUrd
rifling develops nvwimunt Bower aaJ
atcuiscy aiul adilt veora lis ik U. rJ a!..
as , ... ". . .,.f . r" """
aa y ftp i. piis. mi ua I nao
tea fra kaiag Uuwa l.
I.,fcw,.'yl'..iilit.r.iilgV i, wskeW
Jeweler. Optii
Kmriitx i
Fine Watch Repainn), A1
Willew Stra.1 New He,
- : LONI-
aeoKUK tooN ii.f.-
. . .
Meals At All Hours.
'V '"?yLTf
or th
I Lew I ""''
t aSaSBBC'
H l
uraera una i'runipt .ser
f With Reasonable Itatf)
Give Me A Call
Utls Adsenlseeseal -Taatagii. cod Wage I!
M the new in The Times-Herald for $2.00
.'aiiian' league, I'uiUauJ, Uiaguel
I Tta
USSSm aeaaeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeaBaaaaaaaaaaaBesi