The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, June 27, 1914, Image 4

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Hi.ti Rarn af Barrow. la nn nation nnttiriillv nnislrat.
according to Hrnrl Blilou, critic mid
historian. If nation I musical, lie
says. It 1 beeatiae It haa pn.aso.1
through Bach tribulation tliat It hrti
been driven to express lit aorrow ami
anxiety In lt ai ami compositions.
Bach, be declares, Is the culminating
zprcaalon of raffsroga imluccil la
Garmany by the i'lilrl.v Yours' war,
fty years before Harh's tlnu-.
l'eople sing "like cowards." he CBB
ttnass to keep op tbelr spirits In bad
jjnometits, and he Bad! tint, th- real
ooantrles of iuuhIc me neniiy an irwa
tier provinces exposed to external vii ih
England he lliul exempt to a largo
axtent from the occaaloiia In which
poeta "loam in suffering what they
teach In aong" bOCBtJaa It hi pro
tected from Invasion by the girdle of
the Bess. Mualc, then, he argues, la not
n art of peace; It originates In Htrtfe
and anxiety, not In tranquillity and COB
cord. The ovorproaporous countries, h
dlacovers. "not only have no history;
they have no music."- Chicago Inter
I By tha Author.
Rablndrauath Tagore.the Indian post
who gained the W.OUO Nobel prlr.e for
literature, is n well known llgiiro In
London society, and to a London cor
rcapondent he said reoeatly:
"In India the little children bsbbls
worse at the age of five or six. Wb are
not like you. With you. If a full
grown man or woman suddenly man
age to write tt few rluies the thing Is
deemed almost a miracle.
"I eat In a magasine office the other
morning while the editor opened his
mall. He tossed a letter to me
"That'a the aort of thing I'm con
tinually receiving." he said.
"Tho letter ran;
1 "Dear Editor The poem lnclo-il t orig
inal In me. and I had no help in thlnklns
out wait. It Is a true poem. I wrote it
tnraeir. and thara la moro where It cams
from If I had any Inducement to think
sauna out. You may say 'Original' at the
top of earns, for every won! U by
"THE Al'TlIi-It "
Whan Soldiers Wars Flogged.
It wnnld linvi. tieciloi U TOW alluring
form of ndvcrtlsenient Indeed to at
tract men to the Bagttaa army a turn
dred years ago. Writing of that period
a writer says: "Klogiting was almost
universal The mnxlmum number of
lashes were gradually reduced from
1,800 to 300. but the notion that ills
clpllne could not bo maintained with
out summary punishment continued to
ha. liial still Welllnutou himself
dealt with flagrant cases by hanclug
the culprits upon trees iu ine puonc
ma, la I In.. I. suit WHS only men
belonging to the lowest lasses would
Join the army. In ITTl a aentmei in
the guards was flogged In St. James'
park so severely that he sulisoiiiieutly
died raring mad. His offeuse conslstisl
of ssylng that "there was no more en
conragement for a good soldier than
for a bad one."
Too Much Cavity.
One afternoon nn esteemed citlxea
went Into a barber shop to have his
briers reaped, but no sooner had he
tsken a seat In one of the chairs than
he dropped off Into heavy slumber
Apparently the shave artist was liav
Ing his own troubles In manipulating
the customer, and after making several
attempts he thoughtfully paused.
"Excuse me, air," said be, gently
shaking the man in the chair, "but
would you mind waking up? I csu't
hare you while you are asleep."
"Can't ahave me while I'm asleep,"
exclaimed the victim, with a wonder
ing expression. "Why not';"
"Because," explained the barber na
aoftly as possible, "when you fall Into
slumber your mouth opens so wide
that I can't find your face." I'hlladel
phla Telegraph.
Easy Tims.
The man who learns many languages
does not always enlarge his mind. A
porter In a Bwlaa hotel who spoke
many languages with equnl raclllty
and inaccuracy was once asked what
was his native tongue. He replied that
be did not know, but that he spoke all
"But in what language do you
think?" asked the persistent question
er. "I neva Onk," was the prompt reply.
Youth's Companion.
Lacked Tact.
"A fellow told me today," confided
Mr. IVIpple, "that 1 didn't know
nough to pound sand. He said that I
was the (darnedest Idiot he ever saw
Now, what do you think of that?"
"I think It was dreadfully tactless of
him," exclaimed Miss Kecne ludlg
nantly Cleveland I'lalu Dealer
"And would you marry me If I were
a poor girl, working for a living' ask
d the heiress.
. "Darling," responded the accepted
suitor. "It wouldn't be fair. You'd be
doing enough in supporting yourself.'
Philadelphia ledger.
The Forbearing Waiter.
"That waiter didn't thank you when
you gave him a quarter."
"I didn't want him to. I was grate
ful to him for holding tho coin up so
that every one in the room could see
it was only a quurter." Washington
Burs Protection.
Customer (trying on dress suit, Jok
ingly) I hope I'll never be mistaken
for a waiter. Tailor When In doubt,
keep your hands In your pockets!
It is well to learn to work Intensely.
-Charles W. Eliot.
ha Mlsssd Queen Victoria.
Lole Fuller iu her book tells us bow
abe failed to aee Queen Victoria, a mis
fortune due to the exigencies of theat
rical contracts.
"One day at Nice some one came and
asked me to dame before Queen Vic
toria. Hhe had lust arrived at the
Itivlera to pass tin- winter months, us
she was BOOBBtOUOd lo do every year.
It may well be believed Ihat I was
flattered by audi u MqBBSt I assented,
naturally, urn! set myself to work mak
ing all my preparations for this lui
portent event.
"There was a knock it t the door. A
sushi brought u telegram. It was slgn
d by my manager and was couched
in the following words: "i'uke train
this evening, to sull day ufter toiuor
row; destination, New York.'
"1 replied with u message pleadlug
fur a delay fur the purpose of dancing
before Queen Victoria. I received
simply the following laconic Ulegrum:
'impossible. Leave at Mice. Time Is
"That's why I did not dance before
Queen Victoria."
traveled persona aaow-are great stick
lara for tltlea. One must not only say
Herr Cancellarlus Unix, Harr Dr. Bar
on Meier, Herr Professor Bchmhlt;
one must also say Krau Cancellarlus
Hols, Krati Dr. Rsronln Meier, Kratt
Professor Schmidt. Also there aro
line distinctions In titles If one title
Is higher than another by so much aa
a halr'e breadth, the wayfaring man
must not call the rightful owner of the
higher title by the lower title. Nover!
A certain public schoolteacher who al
ready enjoyed the title of master was
pronilled to bond master. Next day
young Krltx. quite unaware .n i
t... t.. .,,,., Hint had come to his Instruc
tor nvernlirhl. greeted him with his
usual el rv "(iood morning, msster."
"Perhaps." ash! the new head roas
ter with ille.ull.v "perhaps you'd rath
,r Jnat cull me Adolf" New York
Opposed to Knighthood.
Coke of Norfolk, who eventually
went to the lord as Karl of llcester.
was furious when threatened with
knighthood. After an attack on the
prlnco regent's life In 1817 Coke waa
chosen to present him with an address
from the Norfolk Whigs. Tlisy con
grntulsted him heartily on his escape,
but concluded by lieaeaehlug him to
"dismiss from his presence and council
those advisers who by tbelr conduct
had proved themaelvea alike enemies
to the throne and people." On learn
Ing the terms of the propoeed address
the regent, who knew thst Coke valued
hN position aa commoner bIkivo every
thing, declared. "If Coke enters ray
presence 1 shall kulght him" When
this threat was reorted to Coko be re
plied. "If he dare try to knight me 1
wSJaf I'll break bis sword '--laondon
Ashes of ths Get.
The city republic of Florence gath
srad her famous dead at fktBt Croce.
save "the all Etruscan three," PUe,
Petrarch and Uoccacclo. Eugland has
made Westminster abbey tha burial
place of such men aa Chaucer, Bpeo
or. Newtou. Derwtn and Teuuyeou,
iH-sldes a baker's doyen of klnga Hut
in America the aahee of he great are
scattered far and wide. Washington
rests at Mount Vernon. Vs.; Lincoln
at Springfield. III. The tomb of Paul
Jones Is aa Inspiration to students Iu
the navafc academy at Annapolis. Poe
sleeps at Baltimore; Mark Twain at
Klmlra, N. V.: Alexander Hamilton lo
old Trinity churchyard, surrounded by
towering akyecrapara which embody
his philosophy of life and government
ta not America's way the best'' Kug
land and Florence make things handier
for the tourist, but Is be t lie enter per
son to consider? Rlnce our heroes
come from all the land la It not beat
that their ashes return to the soil from
which they spring, till youth In every
neighborhood has some reminder of
public service and noble work? Chi
cago Journal.
The Hermans as all extensively
The Torment ef field.
I thank heaven that I know what It
Is to be cold, to be cold from the
crown of the bead to the aula of the
foot, to ho cold from ths cuticle Iu to
the heart, and from the heart to the
soul. I thank feaW'M for It. becsuse.
kliowlug this, I bsv a MOW revelation
of tha possibility of suffering, and I am
able to Bud a paradise In a common
wood lire.
Kuowlug this, I declsre to you there
Is not a more pathetic algbt lu the
world than a poor man who la thor
oughly cold from week to week. It Is
the refinement of torture.
It does not gnaw like hunger, which
presently beeomee a aort of Insaulty
and relieves Itself, it Is a dead, uu
blest, ley torment. I used to see men
in the army wboae silent endurance of
cold brought wore tears to aiy eyes
than all the hunger and all the wounds
Sidney Lanier.
A CandidaU'a Revenge.
French electors occasionally have
some home truths thrown at them by
candidates who fall to aecure enough
votes At one general election M. Al
tiert Normand, a chemist and druggist,
who waa a candidate tor deputy from
Montague, received only all votes and
Issued an addreaa thanking "the six
electors who showed their confidence In
me. They are the only solvent cltlxeus
in the constituency, and I beg to aaaure
them of my eataem. Aa for the others,
I hereby give them notice that In fu
ture all attempts to obtain credit at
rav establishment will be relentlessly
refused. Daring the last nine years
they have robbed me of about 8,000
francs In bad debts, which I have
taken no steps to recover. Yet when an
opportunity la afforded of snowing
their appreciation of ray leniency I
meet with the basest ingratitude."
Carlyls and London's Neisss.
No one haa ever Inveighed agaluat
the uolaes of London with such pic.
tureamis emphasis ss Thomas Csrlyle
When Augustus H$re met him for the
Brat time st a dinner gjeVu by Lad
Marian Alford moat id J''iylo'r con
versatlon ran upon the suffatiugs at
tucbed to a Londou residence. "Thst
which the world torments me in most,"
be moaned, "is the awful confusion of
uoUe. It Is the devil's owu Infernal din
all the bleased day long, confouudlug
Hod's works and bla creatures a truly
awful hell like i oiulilualloii. and worst
of all Is a railway whistle, like the
screech of 1 0,000 csts and every cat of
them as big aa cathedral." Against
this diatribe may he set the fact that
Carlyle spent the laat forty seven years
of bla life In London without any com
pulsion to live there.
Helping Hie Temper.
The sun was blinding, clouds of dust
were blowing ewywhere, and Jonea
was most decidedly off his game, it
really "put tho lid on It" when, Just
as be was struggling to play bla ball
out of a quarry, a benevolent old lady
passed by with s companion. Hhe
baited In evident surprise and pointed
with nor nmbrella at tbe earneat golf
er. "Dear me, my love," ana remarked
lu audible tones, "what a very reapect
ably dressed uuu that la bresklug
stones!" Argonaut.
Me Admired Her Judgment.
Hhe - Ob, Fred, dear, you are so no
ble, so generous, so handsome, so chiv
alrous, so much tbe superior of every
men 1 mast. I can't help loving you.
Now, what eu you aea In plain little
me to admire? We Ob, I don't know,
dear, but you certainly have very good
Judgment London Ttt-UUs.
Tbe old, old law of growth, "To (hew
that hath shall bo given," holds Just
aa truly In the feed lot and bog peo
aa It doeo among trees In tbe forest,
among men In business or In the case
of the Individual lu tbe building up of
physical, mental and moral forces.
Hi-cause of this fact precautious should
bo taken to see that tbe weaklings
have a place whore they can get tbe
fed they need unmolaeted by older
and stronger animals, Unless such aid
la given one might Just about aa wall
kuock auch runts
Dated ths Crank.
David P. Harrows, while acting proa
Ident nf tha I'nlM'i'sll.y of Callpnrnla.
one day NCOivad a queer visitor. Loan
and tofrlM) SBHWBt, the man broka
into Barrows' study
"I am I he prophet Mlcah," he an
Bounced, "nisi I have a need foi'.yoltr
sajrvli e Tha world la soon to come to
an end t'oiihl on not spresd the tld
lugs through Ibe illiberally?"
In Harrows shook his visitor by ths
hand, collctcil his thoughts and re
plied "I boUovi Unit ut no time xvae
there such a crying need for prophete.
lint iiiiforiumilely, prophesying Is an
srt with which I am unfamiliar, lam
nut men III close aj mpnlhy with It and.
na 1 am unable to comprehend what
you lime accomplished, I eonfcee In
ability to participate as a proguoatl-
Whether II was the unexpected reply
or the quick lire of so many words that
dased the visitor will never lie known.
Certain It Is the mini backed to the
door and Ottered tho Inadequate reply.
"Yes" San I'ranclsco Chronicle.
Qontlamsn of Leisure.
One of the upper ten thousand, once
vlsllltuf America, accepted the hoapl
tallty of n gentleman III New York.
When taking farewell nf Ills host the
latter asked him what be thought of
the American pie.
"Well," answered the nobleman, "1
like thorn I cnsely, hut I miss some
thing" "What Is I lit V asked Hie Yankee. .
"I miss the .iilsiiiciac)." replied the
"What Bra they?" nnliely asked bla
"The aristocracy!" said the noble
man In a somewhat surprised tone of
Voice "Win. !hc are people who do
nothing, you know; whose fathers did
nothing, you know; whoso graudfatbera
did nothing, mil know In fact, lbs
Here he was Interrupted by tbe
American l hlinitl In with. "Ob.
we've plenty tff pMNB over here, but
we don't Mil IheiU ai'isiqcracy We call
them trumps " l'.xhange
Washington's Only Joke.
The only admirable quality In which
Washington wgs ilclldeiit waa humor.
One of the very few Justs he ever
made perhaps the only one llS de
scended lo posterity on he authority of
his aid ile camp. Colonel Humphreys.
QonepaJ Washington rather prided
himself on Ills riding, so the colonel
one day w ben they were out bunting
together dared him lo follow over on
particular hedge The cbsllenge WBS
aeroptod, and Humphreys led Ibe way.
II,. took the bap boldly, but la his con
Hteruallon found Hint he had mistaken
the spot mid was sunk lip to bla horse's
girth in qosgnHrs The general l
ther knew the ground Is-lter or bad
goajpgehrd s thing, fur, following al
an MB) puce, he relued up at the
hedge and. btotriPg over at Ills engulf
ed uld, cjchilmrd. "No. no. colonel, you
arc too doTi 3;r ne!"
UsiTiii "TATS I.Asn timer, j
Itiiriia.i'ri'itiui, June III, mil, I
Nolle Is heijihy lvn thai neorsi I'lrkel
eliuer, nl llernrf, uii'ic.ii li Jul) I. iww.
msl Homealfsil Knit), Si rliil Nn iMiKlJ. fur
aWUNRW, NW',HKiail l.ol 7 ami II, Sic
lion , Tiiwiielilii n Hinilli, Ibunc' c Kail
Wlllsiaetl Meihlleli, lle nirsl Millies "I Intern
llim In make final llv" rl iirnnl. to eaiahllali
claim liillielatul almii .leai rlhnit,knfori lli'iila
tar and Keielr.i. at lltiine, or. icon, nn the
mill Jay ol July una.
t lallnalll naniea aa wlllieeaea
Allien wisiii, mi" ussoa. Frank Jseksos,
ri.l llrtialeill, nil lit llllrna. iireinm
Wa. Kasiik. Itejlaler
tistvsiiHTATaa I, ash orrn a
Hiirna,, May II, inn
Nnlliela herein given Ihal I niiikliii limit,
wtmae post iimeeaiblreaala Huma, orearon, did,
nil II.eMliilay el A usual. "I. In 1 1. 1
Sworl statement anil Alilillretlini, Nn la'sjv,
iiiiniii'lisMtri NWJ.avV ssetlua III, Town
elite Jl . Kaner .w h , Wllleincite Mernllan.
and tbe Umber thereon, under lie Brot llloni
ul Hi art of June n. I7s, and ai la mn taliiry,
known aa the "Timber anilHnuic Lew,' al aueli
value a aught be iri by sepralssmsnl, mil
Ibat, eiiiaiianl In ineli Biilhallnli, Hie lain!
and llrnbel Iherenii have been a.tiralaed, the
llinlr eeilmalod ao laai board (Ml ni II no ..i
M andlbelandriniai.iliai aald applicant lli
offer flnal iimof III anpimrt ol bla aiiilleallnn
andewnrn aietemeiii iu tin- Jlal dat nf July,
11114, bemre Heglalei and Receiver, al llnriii,
Anyi.eranii laat lll.orty t" protest Ihla .ur
i'lieelaroreenir, nr liilllale n i nniial at any
tli.. lfnrenatelit laanea. Mr IHIliK a enrmlsira
led altldav II In till ..IB. e, allealna fauU which
would deleal Hie entry, ,
Wa.KlMI. Itealalrr,
llurua, Oregnli. May Jll, I'll I
Null la hereby given Ihal Kdward II Misui.
nl luirna, Oregon. Mini, on Jinn Hi, I ill madi
tliiuieeloeil kniry, No. Msan. Im VW'4 S. einm
O. luwnablp a. S, Kange :ll K. Wlllalholl.
Meridian, ha rii. 1 uiitlnt nf intcntnm in
make flnal three year proof, in eaiahllali i laim
lo lb land above duacrihrd befur inglaier
ami keeelver, al luirna, una mi lie i in
day ol July, en
Claimant nann-a aa .vile,. a, a
Natbanlal llonney. hail, a II I, I .hi
Kgglalnu,i liaa Hackbua, all nl II. in, a. in. inni
Wa. rasas. Iteglalrr
Telle all shout saaj saaltersi what
ynuin; men and women, young wive
ami huabamla mul nil others Uewd lo
know uluiiit tbe Bhtrod lews that gov
ern the aea fores I'lnln truths ol sea
life In relation to happiness in marriage
"Secrete" of manhood and woaaaahondi
aaslaal abaaaOi Social evil, dlsraaea, etc.
I he latest, moat advanced and com
prehetiaive work that has eer beanie
sued on SOSBJol hygiene I'rlcelass In
struction for ilin-1- wlio ore ready for the
true Inner teaching.
Tttlg book tell nuraes teachers, doc
tors. Is w) ere, prem her, aocisl workers,
Hundiiy St IiihiI teachrrs and all others,
young slid old, what all need to know
alniiii si x uinlters. By Wnfield Scott
Hall, Ph. IV, M. D. iLeipsig).
N wapaper Coramenla:
"Scii'iititlcnlly' correct 'bUisgo Tri
bune. "Accuralr ami up-to dsto."
l'hlUdel)hia J'reag. "Hiaiidsrd book
ol knowledge." I'hlladel pbla Ledger
The New York Worltl says "Plain
truth for thoee who need or esjgfcl lo
know thru, for the prevention of evil.
I inlcr plain wrappor for only 11.00.
t;oiii or Money order, postsgeteu cents
Dayton, Ohio
i mikii h'i'ATKs i.ANp urrirgi
Barm, Oregon, June, Half I
Nniiie la In nh) glim that Karl II. Wallace.
nf tin ma iiri'iniii. ho. nil July Juil, 11MJD. made
II.,,,,. .l,, Km y,: serial, So oAlOI. forSlaNKIi.
and Lola I ami '.', sietlofi II, TiiWIlahlp JtFsnilb.
llaliK. :.' gall, uillamvile Mnrlillau baa filed
notice of iiiteiitlini In make Klnat five year
l'ni.,1 to iaii.1,1! M . ho in to the land ataive de
t. r.i.i-.l uef.,1.-Il.e Ki'glater end keeelver, at
inn i... in. ...., on tin 15th day III Jnl) . ivn
tlalinaiit nainra aa wlUissaaS-
All., .i i. All,, ii il. i, age, Olio I., ileai h
William J Mi K inula, all n Hum, Oregon.
KASSS. Kegleler
Hull. a Oregiiu, Juuel, Itla I
BailSSiS h. n hy alien thai oenrge II kV II
llama, nf llarilmali. oregnn, who ut June 21
l' I. II,,.... .1. ml Knlry No, Boil, Serial
il, (01 '..,hw.. Mwi.rfwi,, Sao. U, T -m
ri.. It gj , uu.l I nl .'. ris lion i,Towuhlp'J7a ,
Itanse .IV I
mill, v
prisif. lo ual
w, Hi,.,.. ii.. Meridian, baa filed
null., nl im. ntl.,1. h, uigie Jlnal Ave-year
ai.llali i lallu lolne Jailll glmve ile
-. ill., ,1 hefnre IteslaUT anil Heeefver.SI Wliriia,
0rgOII, nn Hie Mill ilayi'l July, lun
I lalinant iiaiiiue aa wltnesaea
I borne Htevens, Krud I., Paters, Jnhu It em.
plr, Mh hail II. u , all of Princeton, Orsgou.
Wa. KASSS, IteglaUr.
iiuriie QtageSi Jun 4, U)i
Notice labeiahy glvea that hart L. Wllllama.
nl llaiilm.iii, iin-soii. wbo, on June;, USM,
made Homsstssd Knii) No. W; Harlal Nn.
UMI, fin Nl-1 ,. hei llnll I WIUIJ'J7 M , hauge
1:1 l' WIMiBineiii Merhflaii hae filed uotue ul
Intention to task final five ear proof ioatb
Mali . lulin to tin- Ian. I aluivii doai rlbed, hefure
Raglalei "", Kiielver, al burns. Oregon, uu
Hie I. .il, day nl July Mil.
1 hiiii.aiii naniea aa wltneea
Thorns Stevens, Fred I.. I'eUrs, John t'.
lemple, Mlibsad llesly, sl ( Prlueutuu, Or
goll. Ws Kasss, geglsur,
I'ni in. Hi ats I.AsnOrncs.
Murna, Oregon, May 'J. 111.
Milne la hereby given Ihal cbarle M. Wllueu,
of I swsOi Oiegnii. who, on November Is, 1W1J
made lloiio atesd Klltry No UMIt) (or NWU Sse.
S), lownshlpJI H., llangeli'JK., WlllametUiMer
Idlen haa tiled notice of luleutluutu make
final i .....lai ion lnoof. to establish claim
to the land above duecrlbed, hefore lleglster
and liicelvtir, al Hum, Oregon, uu ibe null day
Jnli lull
t'lalmaul name as wltueasa
Wllllain hem I. Hailay ilsysy, Oicr el
iJuraey Wllfnag, all of Laweii. Oiegou.
Wa. Iabkb. liaglslsr.
We do job printing.
t'MITSO STATgal.Asn limes
Hums, orison. Ma) -". I l
Noibe I berehy given that (teorge John
aon.ot Klley, in, ijiiu. Wlio. 00 Hei I I 'i
made ll.uueatead Klltry, No urn I, tin SWU
Herllon 10, Towuablp IX H. Itanse -'' r
Willamette Meridian, bad filed null, .-,.l I,,
leullull 10 make Klnal 1'bitie Irar I'mof losg
laldlsb clglm In Hie land above dea'lllieil Iss
lure Uefisier and Kficelveral Hume, oieaon
on tbe nib day ul Jul, lull.
clalinaiitiiaiiii a aa wltneaaea
I' 1, Willie. A J Jiilnieoti. kiiimeil J..l...aoii
Waliit Keeeluger. ell ul Uley, Oregon,
Wa. Pasas. Ileslster
Notice of Sale of Stal. Land.
Hume. Oregon. June IS, lull I
Notice Is hereby given Ihal I Isreuee A He
forest of kiley. Oragsn nan ..u miuiibi Iw,
I we, made Munieat.a.l Knlrj Nn na. I.n
K'.SWi.aud W.SKf.kiloii 14. luwusblli a
a, Kange 'Ji. K, Willamette Meridian haa filed
iiutiee ul Inieuiion in meke Hlual Bvs-ysai
rroul, lu eetahllab claim lo Hie lend
deeirllwd, before Krslalei ami Hecelvet, al
Hums, orrguii, on tho wih day ol July, I'll
i laiinaul naui.raaa alliieaa.,
William W Slurs.a Homer I sell, n i k
Hiulth end 1 hdeA i.ll.ei.e. all uf ltley llresuli
Ha. I . lo-slal- I
dbitbp STAINS i, ami orncB,
Hurna. on sou, June ' '. i-li
.Nptb la Uriel,) mi'., ihal Italpb k In Ins.
ut Harney. Oregon elie, uu Manb a,, pin
made Humeateed si.iry. Srrlsl Nn urwsi, for
aWJU Herllou u Township i e, Pause .' K
Wlllemelle Merbilen. has tiled unto a of Itilen
Hun lu uiakrklual Ihree veer prool lo , alal.llsli
claim Ut Hie laud alanaileeerllie.l, l-li.ia Kes
lstr sad larinal SI Hurna, ' n. ,,,.,. ,.u the
Jllb Say ut July. IU
I'lSlluaal namea a wlte'ra.,
SUrr Huik land. Hulsirt llvlas. Join. II
Kh liner. William nana, H ol Mm aanaa, Org
Wa rasas, Begiatei.
Iiirr, Huruavi, l' Nu. n,w:
I siren Utatsb i.anuorti. g. i
Hurna, Oraasn. June u, ell. i
Notice la berehy glisii Inal Hi,' Ni.uherli
Paclflc Hallway i umnany WaHSMl poai ,,ft1i e
addieag Is si Paul, Mlbutisola. haa i ti la. .tl. dsj
June lilt Slad In Ihla eSw na application lo
select under Itu-piui laniiia nf Hie a. i uf i uu
greea.euprovrd July I. M 0 - Igl
SKVaaVva "eOull .' .. 1 ,ial... sunlll.
Henge ju faal. w M.,
Harlal No I
Auy Slid ell parsons claiming SdVSrBSl) Ibe
Isiula dea, illrt-. i ..r deelrlug lu oblecl because
ol tbe mineral character of Hie land, nr fur any
other reaeull lu Hie illa(,aal to a,,H,ai,l.
aboulO file their atlldeitla .if Brutesl la Ihla
uffli e itfl or neh'f the In! day ut Vuguet, lull.
ys K'naa ll.glaler.
iibjibb But ml i as QisiiiB, I
BarOSiOfOS June a, lull I
Nolle Is berehy given Ihal BaaSeS H. Hutch
eus.of Harney, oreaou, a Soemh.-r .s.ih,
IH, made Homestead KulrV, Herlal No isvtai.
lor Nr7.1,. Herllnu a. luwiialui. .'J-,,,itn Italigr
TJi, lu) Hlllai.n tie Meridian, hae flled
iiutle nf luiauiliu to make t utaiiuu
Prool. to eatahllah ilaliti to lite land sjeiv. OS
aerllasd, before Heglsler aud Ksosiver, ai
Sum. Oregon, on trie I'tb da) uf Jul' , lull.
claimant names aa wlinesara
Sherman T rimiip ajlu Henry c Kobiason.
tealh ol llarusy. Oregon. Heili) l' Una. h. nl
Hurna, Oregon tie. I HaUi.e. nl II... ....
w raaas. II. stater
i Mim mi airs nn oti'ii I
Hurna Oregon, May la, I ill
Notice la hereby given that l.uUilu i, Illicit
ol Heekley.oteguii, wh.., mi Jul) I, luut. aud
June 7. lai.'. resiuM-tlvely made Hniuealead
Mention ai, 'luwusblp " . Ileiige ai K,
Wlllsmrtle Meridian, haa llleil 11..1I1'. uf luleli
IUUS ol, !, a aisarn 1 a j -'' aawewwaiaw
Kalrr il" Hie Iserlal '!" and Nn la.i-,', 1,1,
4gWi5wY,. Soil (on Ii. M",)',. ',NK.'t,
IBGNg'I, Meellonail.Hj , ' , and MW'.NK;,,
ieetlon , Township II '. Ileiige i k.
Hon Ul MlSSr Anal Be vmi Proof, tu ratabllali
aloie .leaentii u. nii,,i. i 1
lion lu uiagr nuai
,'lalm to the lain a
lull. H h Tl. H oioiii leai,,n, 1 tit hlaultlieat
Heckler, oreson ou the ,1111, .ley ol Jlie,
t'lalmall namea aa wlfueaai a
Jobu Itut.l iiaufi. uf Hurna, ni, ,,,,, Hae
t'rowe, Koberl laSVOB ami JiibijiiIii Miit'lasnalt
uf He. k ley, Oregon
Wa raass, Heglati r
Hurna, OrsgOS, May la, lull
Notice I lu'feby given Unit Im. 1.1 1 row, pi
seek ley, oragou, w fin, on .lull I, IBOy ami July
I, IvOV, riai.ei Hi el) . mad,' llumeataad Kulrlea
Hectlun li. loenahln .11 Hot
Willamette Meridian, haa filed null, e uf Inlell
Nos .H7Hrrlaloia,snd Nu n.i.t.111, fur e ,111 ',
Hecon !i, kl.NW1,, N',.sW. and HW ' , 1,
necilofi Wf, luwiiauip .11 nuiuii, iiaiiee.'i r uai
Hull to make Snal flu yiai 1'luuf. to ealab
llah claim to the laud almiudca. i n.. .1. baton
0, g. Tullui I. H H ruinmlsal. .111.1. at tile ufllce,
SI Heckle) , tiles-.... UU Hit ...I. lis) ul Julie
t'lalmaul iiauies ss wltneaaea'
JnuUlu Herfliigu, lluguallue lllllierl. I.ulailu
olibjyi, Kbbjifl I .a Voy.ell ul Hckley, Orsgoa
rVef FSr, IteKlaler.
Notice Is hereby given that the State
I ami Hoard of tha "date ol Oregon will
receive sealed bids ntitll 10:00 A. M.,
.Tuly 14, 1014, for the following described
lam In, lo-wlt I
TbeHKt4ol HecllonsH, V'M Mecllon
18 snd all of Hnctlnii HO, T. 81 8. II 34 K.
seed. hi in, T. :r h. it, ;i:i R.
Sections HI and nn T. Ml H. K 8 I.
Seel Ion. IB and .1(1, T. 87 H. K. 38 K.
Sections Id snd 8tl, T . 87 H. It. 3H K.
Scciiona III and llll, T. 37 B. R. :w R.
H'g ami lento 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Hectlon
HI and all of Section 311, T. 38 H. It 89 it.
H'g and lta 1, 2, 8, 4 of Hectlon HI,
ami all of Mention 811, T. 38 H. It. 38 Ii.
Sections III and 30, T. :i N. It. N K
Sections 10 and 30, T. .IV H. It SI lv.
Mscllona III sml 110, T. 80 8. It .'12 K.
Sections 10 and 80, T. :w H. It. :i:i R.
Sccilons 10 and 80, T. 40 H. R. 32 K.
Sections 10 and 80, T. 40 H. It. H K.
Sections in and 80, T. 40 H, R. 34 K.
Hectlun 10, T. 41 S. R. 80 R.
Section 10, T. 41 S. R. .11 R.
Section HI, T. 41 H. R 82 R.
Section 10, T.4I H. R.33 I,.
N'oj, tssVi and W of HWJi of Hoc
Hon I0.T. 41 H. R .'17 at,
Section III, T 41 H. R. 3H K.
All blda must be accompanied hv a
regularly eiemited application to pur-
chase anil chock or draft for al least filth ol tlic amount of tha bid.
The right to reject any and all olds la
Applications am bids son!d bo ad.
Ii cc... I tu II. tl. Hi own, Clerk Hlate
I. an. I Hoard, Salmi, Oregon, and mark
ed "Application and bid to purchase
stale lands,"
Ii. (1. IIHOWN,
Clark Hlale Land iloaid
Dated May I, lull.
Can't Kp It Secret
The Bplendid work of Cham
berlain 's Tablets is daily becom-
Inrs mnn. willolv knoWll. No HU('h
grand remedy for stomache and
liver troublea has ever been
known. For aale by all dealer.
..'ob "Taj" Necklace
"Erelji Thaw" Bracelet
These two beautiful pieces of pupolar
Jewelry are tho erase among society
women In New York ami Hie largest
cities. They sjo neat and elegant gold
finished articles that will glatlrii the
nosrtof every girl or woman, no matter
how yoong or old, Very stylish anil at
Our Free otter. Wo are advertising
Hpearmlnt Chewing flum and desire lo
place a big boa of this fine, healthful
goto Into every home. It sweetens the
broath whitens the teeth and aide di
gestion. II is refreshing and pleasing
to all. To everyone sending us but B0
and 10 aanls to cover shipping coats at
will ship a big boi nf 20 regular la pack
ages of the Spearmint Hum and include
tha elegant,
"Tatgo" necklace and "Rvelyn Thaw"
bracelet absolutely
This oiler Is for o short time only.
Not more than 2 orders to one party.
Dealers not allowed to accept this.
Dayton, Ohla P. O. Bo 101
$ topLett Shaving Outfit
10 ArtM-a )P
To lulvotiae onr Universal Shaving
Outfit snd Universal rregWtt wa will
lor a HiuiUul time only, send thia well
worth te-.OO Shaving outfit for 8100.
Wa sell our products to the conaumsr
direct and therelnre you save all agent'
profit which you know aru very large.
I Hollos Ground Ragor.
U-lnch l.lhei H.uah
1 Rasor atrost, Canvas Pails.
I Nickel Easel Bach Mirror.
I 33-Inch Barber Towel,
I Bar Shaving Soap.
1 Boa Talcum Powder,
1 Decorated China Mug.
I Aluminum Barber Comb.
Bristle Hair Brush.
Rasb wnlllt packed In neat box $1,00
Coiu or Money Order, uostsge ltlo antra.
Dayton. Ohio
lairsiiHTAiaa I, a nii ilrru a I
Burs. Oregon May II. 114 I
si. Ill e Is hereby glvtu Ihat Aasa Adalla ureg,
at int ottlee ailSreae la Hiirtia.tiregou.ill.l.
It.l. . 1- . . .1 . .......I 1U1I a la In I I. la ..!,
.... ,m" ..... ..a w. ....a". .". m.w .....-
Hvvorn Hlalemeiil a lot Supination. No. BSSSk,
In l.uriliaae Hie na'.nn'i. na-e.iuii i ... t,,wn
eliltiil N Kange M B , Wlllaraelle Marldlan,
u,f u,,. liinlu-r llicreuti. uu.ter ttie provlaluaa
ol the ai t ol June I. 17 anil acta aiuetnlalot v
a now u aa Ilia "Titnucr and Stoaa att, si
am Ii value ae mlglil be r,aa,1 by appralaeweiit,
and lliat. pursuant tu aueb application, ibe
lauil ami tlmtavr thereon have been appralee.1,
the lliutaar esllraataxl au.uuo'l leal al II 00
i..-i M ami Ike land SJOuO. that aald appll
seal I nl oilr Sual prtattl In eupport nl bis sp
I .ti. an.. i, an.1 swuru tstaint on tb Jlst dey
"I nil firlore 'W-glWn s KecrlVer St
Itunie. tiresuli
Am poison Is al lllerl) lu protest tbla pur
i liaae belure entr) ul tl ll lata, a eotiteel at any
lime i,. I, iie patent Isanee, b) flllsg a corruladre
te.l airulavll In tbl . fine. alleslBg leels arblcb
would ilelesllb'eulrr
Agg, Keglln.
UslTBU RvsTS I asn inner
Hum. Oregon, June I. 11
v.. ire is lii ii I, j giva Ibsl Usrgsrei kl
Hrissrli, uf HsrrliDga, tleefuii, wbo. tin oi to
I. f I, iviu. made lln no. teed Knlry. Harlal N...
ii. U.i, lor Vl,Ngi i.,it,. SI.NW'a NfcW
', and S'.BK'i. aecttuD . Tuwuabp. il
o , I'sug -V. g . Wlllaaiatle Merldleli ha' .Ileal
notite ol luteiiiien i make Plaal tbraa year
iruol. to estat'lisb olsJiB to the land sbcie da
aerlianj, brfurr heg.ater gad Harplvar al
ttitriia . oie ibe 7tli day uf Jau, 114
. taluiaiit nainaeas wlttieaaee
M II Murk. Prank r'istei. Bdward Jurdaa.
ell il llaiiunau. uicguu, Jussptj Klcbet ul iiroguu
Ws Pa sat. BeglaUr.
SV4TB ossooat
II N lOeai g Ibauiberlalu
I Harry la,,.
Atbirtiey usuarai
I. n! I IU. I
i.-iary ul hlate
l reaaurar
A (4 I
yau neat
IU,I l'i it, Hi Inatiu. Hun
tuiie emu,
Hui,rctne Ju,1gjas
lieu Vt ot. oi
T. o a..)
J A I l.i.r. -Iilli
W a Dual
I- ft.'rU.d.
eau Haruetl
S. Bean
. A. Muora
lUetrlct Judge Daltou Hlggs
i ouiily Alluluey . lieu. S Hlsemure
i I r. ii It court laeets tha Brat Muuday la
April slid Bret Muuday In October.
Joint HallglOf
loll, I Kcjireriitilrg
II. Brooke
IV, V. Huinau
County Judys
rieluail HaperlataudaBt
i oioner . .
Hloek liiaj
l'oist babbst:
tirant I imi
Il 1 II it hei
A. K. Klcbardsou
J. J. tluaagsa
1. u Hamlltuu
II. W Cleveagel
.Jobu Hubloeun
IB. r. nylvesie
I Julia H.I i,
on .t. .1
i ouiiulsglgpgrg
'.limy f'mrt mreta tpe Brat IffMasedsy la
January, March. May. July, September sad
s u. i i ff opnea:
Sesiater Wra Tarre
Kelt wi Haui Mulberabead
Mayor. asm Molherehead
Heeoriler, . . hoy Vsa Wlokle
Treasurer lleury taaltao
Marshal, ,.M f.. Ilaluea
(It. J. Ilaneen
a. (I. Wglcoina
James l.amieblr
k. J Mi Kin uuu
Meetings ut tba council every Second and
fourth Wediieed
LONE j -
- til ORtlR PQON Hi pp. l
Mfula At All Hours. Shorts
Orders ant) prompt Service o
With Reiinoriftble Rates
Jivi-Mi-: A Cull o
Opnoslle TIasee-aleraM IMssuj O
big oa:::. ,
HUN yet: a41
pi pp.. ,o ,
nr tint lri.t,. ii .:.
Ustrrtss e e fzn.oo I
.Ib4MM mi 4 aabbais J
lie Hui, AhW Uuadlng I art
Unrigs P.
llc alsu fur
llalic) In faip y
grsdo. SUiyassweaisr. IW harulssan,
nisei sutusj,
1. O. Dos
BfBJMrj MaTatas -Jk
mt"Jtti X. -.'3
saw I v A
i svy.i
S0B4 FfA'afJ
0m ' ' w
$1500 Reward!
- Beeatafed CaBags Peraaaa.
Yele and Harvard, Each in. a 24 in.
Princeton, Cornell, Michigan
I -. I. 7 in. I.v 21 in.
am heel uuslltv fell with fell heading,
sin ul mere, letters and mascot eieooted
In proper colrir. This splendid sssort
menl null iiraitpalil for fill cents and ft
stamps In pay mstsgr. Send now,
Dayton, Ohio
Many , ire rich, rare picture of
Also a .Self-Filling
All for only 50 rents
Tim grvntcat hargiiln In beautiful
cartlsaiid tarn art pu'lurea ever offered.
Miiny are Imnl tn olitain and have sold
singly lor ihc price w ask for all.
Huso will iiuirkly lo sll lovers of tlte
bcsutilitl in nsttire win. appreciate rare
art piclurcanf vtull developed tntadi-la.
A relinlilo helf-lllling fountain pen
luce villi eacli order. Thee alone have
sold for ens dollar in stores.
I he DM) beautiful card, and pen all
fur but oik- mul 10c iu stamps for post
Tboorrron, Cfl
Iforiilasaii'l Ni-Yai'I
l.lff !. s Ii
Hull .... Intl.. n (if
tfllt'lj Ig llU'llll-t f
Wilt Ki v II.UU0 III
ri-wurt! for -Vl
tlk'UCf I'-Bltlllli.' (1
lh Brrral aiil run-
vlrClon uf mi par
I nr ikBtrliaia als-a
llitf !inf-, 'Bttll - '
au ..( I...IO...I, .. I
fir IIIIIIVS in-iwiigiiijr
u,uyt,t lia in nn t .ICWCkr.
fl naff M SeaJUfeaWp rslBBBBV
( .1 K'liltl Mtlti
A Spc
la addition lo tba abuve. Die uiulctsio I
offer, the ..,,,. eunillllouefAjii la) f, all bora. ., ,,,.. vVtil.-l. K n ,.i it lilt'
Iran. I. ,1 bur ehud bar ou bulb or eltber Jaw '
Bread rerouted In elgbt euuullee Itanse (jiulty.
Ilariie). l-aje and I'na.k eouoUe. Ilureea,
venteil erbeo luui TngTJSL- .1,, , "
Noae but giuu bur auld snd uui) In
arge buurbeg,
W H IIMnWS Hie. to . rmi
Sumpter Valley Railway Co.
Airival mi Depatlarc Of Train
No. 2, Prairie 10:15 A.M.
Sumpter 2:35 P. M.
Arrives Baker 4:00 P. M.
No. 1, Bnkcr 8:30 A.M.
Sumpter 10:05 A. M.
Arrives Prairie 2:10 P. M.
No. I Maki-'s good connection
with O.-W. R. t R. No. 10 leav-
mtr l'.irt In nil 7-IMl I' M in, I V.,
17 from east arrivinj Haktr (iriV)
A. If,
No 2 Cuiiiit'Lts bvitli l.:i (irande
local 7:00 to La Urande, and No.
9 (faat Mail) picks up sleeper
there arriving In fortlantl 7:00
A. M Also with No. 18 at
10:45 P. M. for points East.
BBSBaagg; -I yiglfcr4LeaB-
l a TK ooly way to l "taTJtt '"jj
a. gr( the I inline 1 rl, H
j New Home pgl
l Sewing Maclnoe R VaW I
1 e. t buy lies machiae J
fa witli liac uauae NEW JBEClMfM
1 I IOME o ll ana 1 ffieM
mk and in the legs. II H i
M Tkia m.cKua. b V EagBBi
arwraatad lor all .V f-BaffaBp-l
J luae. rl ' I
lv. otlkT like it ajJF,
I No other an good W
The New Home Sewing MiciIii Ciipiif,
f - " al riiKFII "enoines.1
TT" tFiz
ESXIGBBP kaiufaaa
all SBmzJ&r-
fiaWSafSBsoi' Thitrj
V sfataV ajal
JWZJr aaTftifcur:
. i9 fir JeS) isOliaet aaStleSal iiiliaa
MmLV geaal I OaeaM la. a haU.
You caa buy no better gun
lor target work and
small game up to
200 yards.
change of
mccliartietn it
WVarFTITTrrrrT fg
.22 thort.
long or long-rifle cartridge Tho deeo Ballard
riflinu develofja maximum power and
accuracy and adds years lo tlic life ol rifle.
ia peMaaleai ( saa cVfretiee ranriaaia seal
beeil aajsllov,. .nu. I arcuial. neaalaCa. I
Sail faur bead aaj sliawi ,iu I .. , ui.k, leiaaHeVeaT' IvmUleg
Seem liaaSllli Sea. lam. .alj. t,,B.aiiili. W.U aarl. ef aav .12-
Oaicaee) aad aaaol Sa tlau. A great eateaaa nia. Aet ear Baa
7e Marin Air
U Wlllaw Sl.aal New Hae
If You Want ALL The Home News
$2.00 a year
Best Job Printing
I'liyslclan ami Hmgi
RUHN. oatagoB
tl. LU. CBARY ;
Physician arc! Hnrgex.s. i
Hurna, - - - Ormj
Office In new IiiiII'Iiiik avHitti ol sj
liariieas sbop, Main si,
'I'll'illlt Mai n Mil.
rkyslclan and Bffaaj I
OBBoe la Toaewaata alia.;
JQaeaal atteatesei alveti dieeeeee el it, .'
Physician and Surjr. ,
A. H.. M I, a
General Hraatlce Dr. "Hosla"
Hurgerr I al r re. Noae i
DErlMflN & liENMAo
Physicians and Surge
falls aiiawemd pr..iri.tly nigNi
'Phone llarriinan.
Harriman, Oregon
Dr- Minnie Han,
Physician and Sui
I H reel Telephone Connettia
La wen. Ore.
ZD 2 DbT T X a,
piDce first dooy ea-t photo gsj
tltirita Oregon.
sa . BejsBsg
Offlce Ope,.it, lonawuiita llj
Attorney at Law
Voegtly Hldg.. liurns. Ore
Burns, Oregon.
Hiirna, Uicguu.
Rooms I Hit. I 7 Masonic l!u
rarm leasus uuiikl) bis rig at reaauaB
Burns, - - Oi
Practice in Hi. Mai,. furta
tors the I,'.!. Uu.l OfdoB.
OhuH. II. IxonaixL
Careful attention given to
Uons and Rt-al Katate mat
Pit Insurance!.
Notary I'ubjiji.
Burns. URRtiuif.
SUttt; Courts and United
Land Office rractict,
Tl j .... ' S1:.
segcsjBj iitMirsrMuiin or t
Harney County National
Hurns, t)rt'sron.
Attorney at Low Notary I
Caae.seac.aa. M... , l ,,., R.,IMss .
aaaaaagBi 1 1. s. Land oBaas r... tK.
0SJM tielween Ham. , ij (iallopsll
an,! l.amt nit ,
M. Ii I'oorai.
a ia gac
I'""- " AM.aayti;'
Qvll and Hydraulic Engint
Irriiratiiui, Wat.T Supply
Sewt'iiiKi'. Water Power.
Sorveys, Ma,.a, KoUwatBg, HuparfHgi
r.,. DIL1.AK1, .VO. raMJuaS.
i , a o "slaeer Koraierly Obll
0U,H H-lam. i,oi, .-,.,. ,,, , H,sa,,
Easter o Oregon Engineeri
Buras. Urexaa
ptroct connection south na
A. H. CURRY, Prssj,
Leave Ha. runan Monday anal TeMraOaf I
oaa. arrive Wadnaad.v .! - -- 1
aacaiwaa4, connoctiog witk sswBVMB
Bae toIUeauojWiaBsaiucos, e4t