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    H4 JANUARY 1914
Statement Of The Condition
Of Tie
First National Bank
of Barns
At the close of business January 18th, 1914.
i The Umil Circulation Of Any
Newapaper In Harney County.
Local News.
Loans and Discounts $819,642.26
U. S. Bonds 41,000.00
Bonds and Securities 74,961.34
Premium on U. S. Bonds 1,955.00
Real Estate, Furniture and Fixtures 8,504.92
Five per cent Redemption Fund 1,260.00
CASH 116,565.84
honawama tonisrht.
A. Dillard was in town this
loe Carter has squash at deo.
bey's for sale. 7-11.
itarr Buckland was in town
lyals Baby Cough Remedy for
ly s caugn at ine welcome
en Vickers and family were
this neighborhood this week
Iting relatives and friends.
., i t ii ---'
o ininKinn oi inu cwuuin v
masked ball to be given by
Women of Woodcraft on Jan.
it Tonawama.
the registration books have
opened at the clerk's office
all voters are now invited to
and register.
r. Geo. G. Carl is prepared
special attention to all (lis
ps of eye, ear and nose, hyes
led and glasses fitted. 50tf.
E. Loggan is assisting Trea-
?r Miner in senuing uui m
Is to taxpayers ana win oaa
le as aeputy aunng ine uix
lecting period.
tt UTinAtia tl... nnw tii'il
' ... Uonnmon l:at RntlirdAV.
stor of the Windsor Karoeri"" "
In adioininar the land office, is I The latest in Millinery and a
pared to do first class work in
Capital $ 26.000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits . 81,153.62
Circulation 25,000.00
DEPOSITS 432,725.83
Capital and Surplus SI OO.OOO.
United States Depositary
Tonawama tonight
Salisbury has snow glasses.
Hot drinks at The Welcome
Tonawama tomorrow night.
0. W, Cobb was up from LftOM
during the week.
Break up that cold with Wel
come's Golil Tablets.
It IW: .11 a a a- ee, Ana. KTa V
JOnn YYllZeil WOO uuiruill UK- a-
. D. M. McDade has gone to 118
rows yerw. , Happy Vaey 8choo,
Don't miss the picture pro-; .
nm. niiriniK "" " '" un-
ley Co. has been making a tour
of the ranches.
All kinds of snow glasses at
Tom Allen was over from the
P Ranch Thursday.
Butterick patterns at Luna
burg, Dalton & Co. 62tf.
Dry cleaning and pressing at
the Burns Steam Iaundrv. 4tf.
Fred Huntley was in from the
Valley View section Thursday.
J. W. Grant was in from
Waverly Sunday registered at
the French.
Pickard China and Libby cut
glass make beautiful and useful
wedding presents
''Born In this city, Saturday,
Jan, 10. to Mr. and Mrs. John
Rhine, a daughter.
Don't take chances on becom
ing snow blind. Get some glasses
from Salisbury.
Finest alfalfa, timothy and red
top hay baled may ho had at the
Goodman feed barn is south Burns
About four inches more snow
fell here Tuesday night. Wed
nesday the weather turned de
cidedly warm and it rained some.
Mrs. II. Richardson and family
desire to express their thanks to
the many friends for their kind
ness and sympathy during their
recent bereavement,
A meeting of the atookholders
of the Harney County National of
Burns was held this week at
which the surplus of the institu
tion was raised to $44,000.
J. II. Anderson was up from
Narrows yesterday for the pur
Iose of making proof on his
homestead. He reports all the
snow gone in his neighborhood.
R. J. McKinnon & Son have
established a daily stage !et ween
Drewsey and Juntura. Connec
tions m'ade with the trains at
Juntura and passengers given
...-.....' ...... . r. ... t I. .... ,.. 1 1 .. . . .
i-vii i"iiim'ti. i .ur iu iniriirt
I grams at Tonawama.
Dr. H. Denman was up from
line and invites a share of the
die trade. Satisfaction in
Iry respect. 48tr.
A. Sweek has gone to out-
i points on business and plea-
He will visit Portland and
em, also nis motner in ine
lamette Valley and his son,
us, who is a student at the
;e university at Eugene.
sn (jozaa anu wire. ueo.
rny tooK tneir departure ior
Syon last Monaay aiter a
sant visit with relative and
bids in this city for several
is. Mrs. M)zau anu ner uaun-
Miss Mayme, remained for
indefinite visit with the
fine line of guaranteed hair goods
at Clingan's.
C. B. McConnell left Tuesday
for Vale and other outside points
on business. He may go to La
Grande before returning home.
1 100,000.
Mrs. John Schenk will give
lessons in Irish Crochet every
Thursday afternoon at her home
in Burns. 4
W. E. Smith took his departure
Tuesday morning for Pendleton,
Portland and other outside points
on business.
Tule Circle. Women of Wood-
the bank that makes : craft, will give their usual an-
Kill Baraweii, wno cares ior
I stock and is general teamster
the Flour Milling Co., saw
Be deer in tne lane Between
fns and tne mm last ween.
fcy had evidently Deen unven
the higher mountains to the
th by the deep snow and were
ring their way to the desert
ere they range in winter.
O A llnoAn l
o. niuciou'"
YOUR $ $ $
B. P. Bennett has been suffer
i ing from an attack of pneumonia
but is reported Improving. His
many friends hope for a speedy
W. D. Huffman.
and Elmer Carlson were in the
city Thursday on land business.
They report a deep fall of snow
in their section but it had mostly
disappeared when they came
The Lakeview Examiner re
ports the death of Mrs. Eliza
Venator at that plac on Jan. 7.
Deceased was the mother of A,
and Ira Venator, well known
stock men of this section. She
was 83 years old
arrived home
from Baker
the holiday
Annual Clearance Sale
The long looked forward to event
is now at hand. Two things have
been uppermost in our mind in the
planning of it. First, our inflexi
ble rule that no winter goods are to
be carried over, and second, and
very important, that last year's
sales records are to be put in the
A sweeping clearance carrying all
our winter stocks before it and
leaving behind a store ready to re
ceive new, fresh merchandise
that's the object of it.
Don't Fail to Attend It
- General Merchandise
Hasonlc Building, - Burns, Oregon
nual masouerade ball at Tona
wama on the evening of Jan. 23.
Little Ruth Patterson has been
quite ill at the home of her par
ents, Mr, and Mrs, J. J. Patter
son, but is reported improving.
Fred Barron and E. C. Durall
were in yesterday assisting J. H.
Anderson in making proof. They
were bragging about the fine
climate of their neighborhood
near Narrows. .
Miss Mary Fry
Saturday evening
where she spent
period visiting with her sister,
Miss Evelyn, who is attending
school there, and other friends.
The Blue Mt. Eagle boyB are
bragging about dandelions being
in bloom over in their town, but
we can go them some better. If
they'll step into The Times
Herald we'll present them with
some very handsome roses in
full bloom.
Rev. Dr. Babbidge of the Val
ley View section, who performed
the marriage ceremony joining
Miss Nena Haarstrich and T. S.
Steven in wedlock, sends in a re
port to this paper. The ring
ceremony was used and impres
sively entered into by the con
tracting parties. Following the
marriage, Dr. Babbidge states a
very" pretty baptismal ceremony
was performed when Mr. and
Mrs. James Paul presented their
voung daughters for baptism.
Mr. and Mrs. Haarstrich stood
as God-father and God-mother
for the children.
Mild cases of measles have
made their appearance in three
families in Bums, perventing the
children from attending school,
all of the homes having been
placed under quarantine. Evelyn
Byrd, Annate Leonard and Belda
Schwartz being the victims. The
other two children of the "Byrd
flock" have not taken them as
yet and it was a mere accident
that it was discovered to be
measles, as there have been a
few cases of cliickunppx and
Whep the family physician was
called o"er the phone he said it
was certaiply chjekenpox as he
had heard f no tiatjes of measles.
However, he was invited to call
at the Byrd home and make sure
when he found measles.
The Clay Clemens sawmill Is
now at its new location and is
prepared to fill any order with
rough or dressed lumber, also fir
lumber; buck teeth and any
special order given prompt at
tention. 82.
Married Sunday. Jan. 11, T.
E. Jenkins and Mrs. Osborne,
Justice Patterson officiating.
Both are residents of this city
where they will continue to make
their home. ,
Sauer kraut at Lunaburg,
Dalton A Co.
Thermos bottles at the Wel
come Pharmacy.
A, Dunn will deliver you wood
at any time, having good mahog
any or pine. !Mf.
Two auto trucks, arrived here
from Bend Wednesday with
freight for local people.
Henry Long is again mingling
with his friends in Burns after
an absence of a few weekB on
the Owyhee.
For Sale One Sawmill com
plete, with logging Sleds and
Trucks, with or without timber,
for terms see II. M. Horton.
Although notice of the call for
reports of condition of National
Banks on January 18 waB not re
ceived by the First National
Bank until yesterday, their re
port was prepared In time for
this publication and appears in
another column. Asamidminter
report, it is unusual in that it
shows a larger cash reserve and
increased deposits over its last
published statement of October
21st, 1913, which was made at a
time when business conditions
arc generally at high water mark
in this section.
Library Club Passes Resolution.
At the last meeting of the
Ladies' Library Club a resolution
was adopted favoring a Cargenie
library and a committee was ap
pointed to carry out the wishes
of the club in that respect. ThiB
committee is to hold for a year
unless the work is accomplished
in less time und the members ure
empowered to act fully in the
matter and report to the Club.
The ladies named on the commit
tee were: Dr. Elizabeth Kllis,
chairman; Mrs. J. W. Biggs,
Mrs. J. C. Foley, Miss Icher
and Mrs. Julian Byrd.
Mrs. ti. A. Rembold, president
of the club, also desired a publish
ed statement to correct an error
respecting the amount netted by
the club at the recent benefit en
tertainment. The total receipts
at the door amounted to $186.25
Sale of scors, $10, making a
For Sale 320 Acres of land on
Cow Creek. Stock, hay, grain,
and household goods. For par
ticulars address owner
R. Drinkwater,
9-12 Harney. Ore.
Ed Stallard came over from
his home on Otis creek the fore
part of this week and was ac
companied home by his wife who
had been visiting at the parental
home for a few days. Ed states
the roads were not extra good,
they having considerable more J Fathers.
snow over in that territory than
total of $1.2T
pense of the
$77.17. leaving
Following is a list of books re
cently added to the library mak
ing a total of 2042:
The Iron Trail
The White Linen Nurse,
The Way Home
Desert Gold
Ijiddie ...
Wonderful Adventures of Mills
The Linder Box - - Daviess
Cudjo's Care - - Trowbridge
Above books bought by the Club
Missions und Missionaries of
California Vol. 3, Engelhardt
Donated by the Franciscan
The total ex
production was
a balance of
Austin Goodman is ready to
grind grain and has a building
in which it may be stored by
farmers at any time. He will
grind one day each week and
farmers may store their grain
any day and get it when con
venient. I lei. prepared to take
grain as pay for grinding at the
market price. Special prices on
large quantities, 44tf.
The first alphabetical half of
the Five Hundred Club gave a
party at the Masonic hall Thurs
day night at which the other half
and the husbands and a few
friends were the guests. There
Were ten tables filled by a hapny
company and those present re
port having a very pleasant
evening. The high honors were
awarded to Mrs. H. C. Levens
and Mrs. C. F. McKinney and
for the gentlemen, A. C. Wel
come and Judge Wm. Miller. A
nice luncheon followed the hands.
ti... I T a T .....I ,.ir.,... ;.. .......
X IIC U. 0. 1'ilMll illllir ID IHJW
located in The Times-Herald
building having moved to tin
new quarters the first of this
week. It had been the intention
to move Jan. 1st but the vault
door was delayed and thus pre
vented the occupancy of the
rooms. The office now has ade
quate room and convenience for
the transaction of its business
with an enlarged counter and
desk rooms, a contest room,
large vault where the records
may be safely stored at night.
The latter will be equipped with
omnibus trucks containing steel
shelves for the records, another
convenience that will he much
appreciated, au soon as they ar
rive from tlio factory where they
were constructed. Messrs. Done
gan & Loggan and the Harney
County Abtract Co, will occupy
the quarters vacated by the land
office which ia to be thoroughly
overhauled and arranged for
their business.
Valley View.
The Valley View Grange held
a booster meeting at the Valley
View school house Saturday, Jan.
10 1914. The Grange was called
to order at 10:30 a m by Master
George Cobb. Six new applica
tions were voted on and accepted
by a unanimous vote. Nine new
members received the 1st and
4th degrees. After disposing of
considerable business of great
importance the master declared
a recess for dinner.
The ladies had prepared for
this occasion in bountiful fashion
and all present welcomed the
abundant supply of good things
set before them. The afternoon
was taken up in the installing of
the newly elected officers. This
was an open meeting and many
visitors were present to witness
the installation. The following
officers were Installed by Past
Master George Cobb and Thomas
Raycraft: C. C. Babbidge, Mas
ter, Henry Huntly, Overseer;
Annie Babbidge, Lecturer: Mrs.
Huntley, Treas. ; George Kay
eruft, Secy. ; Thurlow Wilfong,
Steward; Hazel Cobb, Lady Asst.
Steward ; Bessie Hoffeditz, Chap
lain; Albert Rose, Inside Qate
keeper; Joe WHlneoker, Outside
Gatekeeper; Mary Raycraft.
Flora; Daisy Carter, Pomona;
Birdie Shay, Ceers.
Past Master George Cobb and
Master C. C. Babbidge were the
speakers of the day each deliver
ed a very able address pertaining
to the great work the Grange is
carrying on in the interest of the
Master Hubbidge then called
the Grunge to order and appoin
ted I he following standing com
mittees fur the coming year: Ex
ecutive Cemmittee: Prof. Jokisch
Guy Shaver, Arthur Whitney;
Finance Cemmittee: Thomas
Raycraft, George Cobb, Arthur
Whitney, Relief cemmittee:
v. :
Mrs. Guy Shaver, Will Cobb.
The grange has taken in 17
new members at its last two
meetings and we are informed
there are more to follow at the
next meeting in February. We
believe Valley View has the lar
gest and strongest Grange in
Harney County.
Mr. (has. Van Zandt has pur
chased one of the cows from the
Harney County National Hunk
The Vulley View Sunday
School meets every Sunday at
10:30 a. m. Everyone should at
tend these services and show
their appreciation for the good
work this organization is accomplishing.
We were very pleased to hear
the Hon. County Court had grant
ed ns a voting precinct at their
last session. Wo certainly ap
preciate their action in this matter.
Mr. Lloyd Culpexpcctsto have
his new house completed in a few
days. Lloyd should be very
proud of his new home as it
will be tlio first in this section
when finished.
Miss Emma Johnson the popu
lar young school teacher of Val
ley View has been awarded first
prize in the cake eating contest
that took place at the school
house last Saturday. Miss John
son devoured three large layer
cakes In just six minutes and
thirty seconds by official time.
Funny pictures tonight.
Mrs. B. F. StilUon is very ill
at her home in this city.
Born To Mr and Mrs. Everet
Foren. this morning, a daughter.
NO. Mil.
Ic.iM.n uf the condition o( lln-
.1 Hnrni, in the Hi,te n Oregon, at tli, cloee of
limine... J ni. l:ni Ml
.'iti( re.
Umn.atitl lllltiiuiil. .I7..M0M
You Could Benefit
By having a Harney County National
checking account. You would have a
place to deposit cash, checks and drafts,
where these funds would be better pro
tected than in your own custody.
You can withdraw these funds at
will, or transfer them to others by means
of your personal check.
The benefits from your account
cost you nothing, and you would enjoy
the privileges that an acquaintance at
this Bank holds foJ each of its patrons.
Harney County National Bank
Your Heme Institution"
Your Business Solicited
Overdraft., wummI etui urieet'tiretl 1,10ft 7r
t'.H Homle to eo urs i In m lii.Muw
V. N. M'Jti.l, loK-i'iiru fotlal Havlrnu l.OOUOO
D,l Bsasssa bsste) t.aoouo
lliinl.. vi into.'., M.WaiEl
Hanking lion... fnrnllura and future. I AM 77
Dun friiui National Hank, tnot ra-
ecrva atfnrita) 1 ' ' " '
Inn. frntu MSpl .nd H.uki
anil Hanker., Trnt f outpenlt'..
.ltd Having. Hank. Bl W
Due from .irovi'i rva.rv agent. 4A.M7 'ib
Cheek, and nth r ra.h itetna H67 :A
Notra of other National Hank. U.UU
fractional paper ctirraRcv, nutria
tid c.h,a t 03
lawn I. Mnagv KaagHva m Hea,
,. . I. IIG.eM .VI Tender Notee ".'.) I: o'i .
Redemption fund with t' H. Treasurer,
(f per rattl ol clnula tlon) W.MJU
Total tXO.KU V.
Capital aloeg paid Is.... I ....uuum
Hurplua fund.. 44.UUOOU
riidtvpled profit., lea. eaien'ea and
laiee paid M
National Hank note, out.i.ndlug la.tuutu
Individual depoelU eulijerl to i hei k I ,'ii.M'i 'M
lleinaud terllOtatr. oldrpuell JDOUu . v0.
Certified Check. ' "
t'aahler'. check, nut. tending I :ui :
I'oetel Hevlnnelteonalt" 'rat 97
Hllla pa.alile. Including ol, ligation
for iiiou. i borrowed . '.O.OUUOO
Total M M
Countr "1 lleruc. 1'
I, l.epu -V li'own. f'aihler ol the ab-'ve
named bank, do eulctuuly .wear that the above
autemuhl I. true to the beet of iu kuowlrdgu
al.ll belief
I i'N M. Blown, t'aililei
Hutierrlbed and .worn to before tne tht. 17th
day ol Jan., mil
A. W. lloWAN
Notary Public.
.Seal I
.1 tleal
U. A
J. M
aft KiNNev
Pricse st Mill fa iwocluctai
Floiir $5,50 in 5-bbl. late or more.
Bran $145 par hundred.
Rolled barley $I.a3 per hundred.
Rollins barley $S-00 par Ion in Ion lot.
or mora. Cu.tomer. in sll oa.a. to
himieh eeoka.
Until further notice the following Ceah
Prices will prevail in telling mesial
Hog., whole or half, tic. per lb.
Choice pork leek., 15c. per lb.
" loin, 20c.
Whole pork ehoulder 12 1.2c
Leg of pork, 1 5c.
Whole or half mutton, lie.
Front quarter mutton, 10c,
Hind quarter mutton, 12 l-2c.
Choice mutton for etow, $c.
Mutton chopa, 15c
Hind quarter beef, 13c
Front quarter baaf, lie
Reef all cut. at reasonable price.
Tha intention of the Company ia st ell.
lima, to pay tha beat price and el us
doted margin coneittent with eyed bu.i
neea management.
t mm Muuum, .Hiuuuawtmimurjui! ui
Feed Barn
Horses Hoarded by the
Day, Week or Month .
Uood Fvwdftftd
aaolIc prioen
Horses etc per tiesd in llsm
Haled Hsjr and QrrtlA IV stale
Cumfttrtabltt Camp House
With Cook Stow
Accurst Hsy snd Stoek Srslea
Prices for weighing 20r.
Houth Msln St., Burns
The Burns
Best Surgical Room and Equipment
In the State Outside of Portland.
Nice Rooms, Good Care and Com
fort for PatientsReasonable Terms
Graduated Nurse in Charge
Old and Nsw Patrons Will Find the Bkst Kkani s Here
Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
Good Service, Courteous Treatment
DROP IN Main Street Burns, Ore&o.i
We have a big supply o wire
any heighth desired and at
Farm Machinery
Don't neglect to order farming
implements until you need 'em.
Come, and talk to us now im
mense stock for you to inspect.
We have handsome sets
In China, also porcelain
beautiful glassware, ta
ble cuttlery, silverware
granlteware, etc., etc.
Fancy Lamps
Paints and Oils
Heaters, Ranges
Builders hardware
Kwr ?Tr
Sleds and Wagons
Skates, Small Bore
Rifles, Shot Guns,
Ammunition for all
size guns, Tinware,
Onion Sets, Seeds.