The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 11, 1913, Image 2

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Yes Sir!
We have a hat that wHl please
You, because our stock is so well as
sorted now that we are almost sure
to have exactly what you want in a
hat that will fit your head, harmonize
with your clothes, and at a price that
will please you.
Our fall stock is now complete.
Come and make your selection now
It's the best time.
You and Big Values are good
friends. So you and this Store
ought to be good friends.
Prices $2.00 to $5.00
Clothing Company
Merchant Tailors and Leading Clothiers
mmmmimmmmmmHi ..
Successful Institute.
I. O. O. F. Building
- Burns, Oregon
Presbyterian Church Tomorrow.
rhr (Timcs-Hmfd
On. Yv.r
Si Month.
Thr.-r Month.
! chance to net into the livestock
' luisiness. The climate here is
well adopted to it. Livestock
ought to be the leading industry
of this state. I believe it will be
within the next few years. I
am fclad to learn that they are
raising more hogs here every
year. Now, tncy ougnt 10 start
Mntatnav iniillii ,i III,, utYltill ,'iini'l
1.00 "-"" "" ""-
.75 es. The day of the big ranch is
The MintM institute of the
tsMhsrsof Hartley county eom
to a dost la I night. The attend
ance was good and the interest
most gratifying. All express
themselves U being well repaid
lot I he time as the instructors
gave the local teachers many
new ideas and better WOffc in
the schools will result, The in
structors were Miss Kuby Shearer
of Portland, Prof. M. S. Ptttmin
.. .. .. .1 VI I ..l.A..l
r oi the Minimum n minimi bcihi,
State Supt. Churchill, N. ( .
Maris, fit-lit worker for the in
dustrial fairs of the slate, and
V. 1,. Griffin, professor of n tri
eultural education of the Oregon
Agricultural College. The hitter
did not act as an instructor par
ticularly but gave u fine talk to
the teachers idong the line of
ugriculture in the public schools.
M r. Griffin it covering the slate
and visiting the high schools
where agriculture is taught and
also working with the public
schools with the intention of
making the agricultural course
more practical,
Stale Supt. Churchill did not
arrive until Thursday evening
and therefore bad but one day
with the teachers, but he gave
then much good ad vice and made
the best of the time. The even
ing sessions were exceptionally
interesting, Prof. Pittman lectur
ing Thursday evening and Suite
Supt. Churchill last evening.
Some musical numbers each even
ing by local young people greatly
added to the enjoyment of the
programs by the visiting teachers.
Those present are loud in their!
praise of the work accomplished
and teachers have been inspired
to greater efforts. It is also
gratifying to note the interest
taken by the general public and
the good attendance by patrons
of the school .
Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. in.
Cutting Down Expense.
Is advertising an expense Of
an investment'.' Phis is an in
teresting question and one that
should command the thought
ful consideration of every mer-
Expense, is the laying out
money temporarily in the con
duct of a business, while in
vestment is "the act of laying
out money in the purchase of
a species of property, usually
of a promanent nature." Ex
pense is money spent in run
ning a business, while invest
ment is money spent in build
ing up a permanent and profi
table business.
We frequently hear a mer
chant say I'll have to cut down
on my advertising as my ex
pense is too high. The mer
chant really means that his
selling cost is too high- If the
merchant's selling cost is too
high the one real way to re
duce it It to reduce sales. Ad
vertising, that is meritorious
advertising, always increases
sales. In this way advertis
ing reduces selling cost, or ex
pense. It is readily seen that
anything that increases sales
reduces the expense, or selling
cost, and becomes thereby a
valuable force or asset in the
business. How can advertis
ing be an expense if it reduces
Advertising is lasting in its
effect. For instance the right
kind of on ad put in thi.
continues to pull bussiness un
til the paper is destroyed and
for a long time afterward.
The right kind of an ad will
leave an impression upon the
mind of the reader that time
will only brighten. A big re
tail firm in New York City
said that $10.00 tpsnt in the
right kind of advertising this
year would be worth $20.00
next yeas and $30.00 the next
and so on.
It is very evident that ad
vertising is permanent in its
nature and is an Investment
That being true it is foolish
for the merchant to cut down
or cut out his advertising with
the misguided notion that he
is thus cutting down expense.
Circuit Court.
The Circuit Court has been
given over to criminal cases dur
j ing the week, although some
other cases have had attention.
The case against Will George is
now being tried. The following
ensue have had attention.
Northwestern Electric Equip
ment Co. vs. Crescent Electric
Co. Attachment. Default and
judgment against defendants for
j $280.02 and order of sale of at
tached property.
C. H. Voegtly vs. J. 1). Fellows
and J. R. Wheeler Recovery of
i money. Default and judgment , ters, and breadmaking.
aeainst defendants for $443.47 a very interesting topic, as
10 a. in. Sunday School.
11 a. m. service of worship.
7:30 p. m. service of worship.
"A Grafting Hired Man."
Two members wore received
into the church last Sunday.
Resolutions of Condolence.
Hall of Sylvia R. I)., No. 43.
Whereas. An All-Wise Put her
has removed from us our esteem
ed sister, Anna Stoner, be it .
Resolved, That while we mourn
the nbsencc of one we prized, wo
know she has passed from labor
to reward, that we will renew
our fidelity to the order she loved,
that her vacant chair will remind
us that another litjjc has dropped
from our chain.
Resolved, That our order teach
es the hope of immortality and
leads us to dwell on the beauti
ful traits in human nature; that
it assures us that the golden chain
that binds us in life can not be
severed ill death.
Resolved. Tha our hearts no
out in tender sympathy for the
bereaved, and while we fondly
cherish the memory of our de
parted sister we will not forget
those she loved.
Resolved. That a copy of these
resolutions be sent to the bereav
ed husband and parents and al
so to each of our county paper.-
and the same be spread on the
records of the lodge.
Hyrd Dalton,
Ruby Johnson.
Pearl Fisk.
The Harney County Exhibit
in i he Circuit ('mm ni i in- stnt. ..i i n
i ! ll.ii no ( 'mint)'.
VCTI l. W.-lkri. I'lniillllY,
I'm, I . Wrlkrl, I'll. iiiliuil.
I ., ('ml W. W'l'lllrl , lllr illiuvi- II il
,i, I. miiiiii; lii il- nam oi thi lists of
Ortgoa, vim SI'S linrliv n-(iiin 'I 1" n
BMf Mini lirmwir III lilt' ' iimiiImimI fllril
IlKllillKl "H III till lllinvr rllllllfll Ullil,
on hi lull. n- tlu last das ch Um tunc
bed i" i1"' iinit'i "i ii' pabUcaUon
of this ni bs, to wit, 'i about tJn
I., ill ,l,,v "I Nint-inl.'i r, HUM, -.'iiil 'l.'ili-
iiiiiic tin' aspiration of sis srasssfrow
it, i inn publtcatli i iMs stumaoas,
mill if y tni Ml I" Mii-iwi i , Im want llicrf
t.f, I'lninlil) will apply to tin- Court tot
il,, iiliii iiiiiiriiiiiii iii lbs complaint,
i,,-wil ;
I'm n iltiiri- ni ihit (''nut dtssolviaf
iii,- bonds oi matrimony now slitting
li h,-i n Plaintiff mnl Iii linilmil, mnl
il,,, i I'liniiiiii ban .I dams ni iiivirif
ill it"l ill r nOB9 lilt' I't liii.lmil,
Thai I'liiiniiii bass i in-fin' i, etwtodj
. , 1 1 . i i i. .1 ni ('ni liti in'' Carolina, I h
nun hi i liilil ! 1'l.t i M I ill ami I 'fli ll'lmil ,
Thai rinitiiiii bavc)w1fmcnl against
tlir IVirntlmil Im li'i SOStS and li-
bnrasntsnts bsrsui
I'm ptiifli Other mnl lintln i ii ln'l "i '"
equity may ptrtsJa. This summons is
published fiv "iii'i of Hon. Dalton
Mggi i in mi Judge ol lbs !"li Judicial
District, made and entered on ilicili
,i ,. -.i October, 101 I, and ii dats at
iii,- initi publlci i i!ii sammoas
Ii Octobei till, 1013
1 1 inn-v ii.i PiaintuT
iMiti. -ti i orrn . )
num., ot-K-.-i. -1 " in '. 'i i" yi. I
...',.. in hereto) liven "mi ' barlw
..I I ni.., iii.-i'.in. whit, mi Mull - ll" hutnl'ltWUl Knot, N .in. lor MKI4SKI4
II I1,-"', " -"'.-"' -'''M.iti SI,
i.nniii. .i. - Rii!EiK , wiliniiiiiiii- Marl
.Hi... rtlt.,1 in, in.- ol iiii.iiiiiiii in inckv
lliml llirt-f ti-nr I'tnlil. In i.Llill.ll .no III In
on- land n i... .- .1. . i ii.i .1. i . hire KelUi soa
ii.-, .i v.-i ! iiiiiik. ohkiiii, un ii..' Sratnyal
HpIuIh t. Ill ..
i Ui iii nut i.HinfK mt wllnovavi
Itlrlntnl J lUluta. ( .iili ilrnull
rtiamM P. ii'-ni). inui'- Armitroni and OUa nil Ol I'tlin Inn. On .ni
W. KAItllH. HfllnItT
High School Notes.
School Suits for Be:
At Greatly I
RANGE Of AGES 5 to 15 YEA!
We are over stocked on the above
sizes and offer any suit in this I
lot at a very low price
$2.50 and up for the entire It
The Quality Store
Don't miss the picture pro
Krams St Tonawama.
The lioys who are taking s ri
culture were dismissed at two
o'clock Wednesday afterni
hear Professor Shsw'g lecture on
"Dry Fsnnlnff."
The ilas averaKes for the
The Harney county exhibit at
the fair this week should be
noted by every one who attend.
the fair. This is an illustration
of what Is and can he grown 00
.. ... drv lands. It. is one of the mo-it
ii in, . , ., .
instructive una nnest exnioiu
ever shown lure. It VM all
raised at the experiments! itstion
averages lor uie - , iin., ..,,. li in in tin
month of' SeptemlMi are as , ; Mr .....i MrM ij..,;..
IIIIM1N 1 If, ,.11, ' 'I ll.l-t'l
S..H,,- i h.ti-i.i firm in t io iiniiu
llutinllll, in ( " " '." "" PH I.
,.!. Il,.lli.-l. -nil M., 'null. in. S.i IIIHU.
lor I m .mnl ',.-. inm . mnl
l.i.i'.-. lion I.TnwDnlilp J .. llmiai'lii K.
n. Hmiii'll'- Vl.'ililimi. Ill Itwtl lioiln ni I'.l, -n
.. . I,, mnk.' II "l Hi"' "'" I ''".if. t. t-mitlillili
. i.lin UI Hi" Im.'l mm 1 1 .1' " ni -.1. I I..i. Il-
i. ,.,.,,, i ii i. t-r. m Harm, OrvfOB an O'f
I .11, iU ol N..t. i llM-t, 111
. 1.1 ii.nn I I. l.,. .. n li i..-M
Uvtl 1 Mil I I I'm, ii, I' Minn mnl
ii inina ml i olUe. oitnt
t , I NC. llr.UKt
K": ri'HI.H A 1TON
follews: Seniors, 88.6; Jan ors,
82: Sophomores. H'. It; Freshmen,
One more pupil. Miss Ethel
Thompson, has- enlisted in the
ranks of the Juniors.
The iritis of the Domestic
haupt. This exhibit alone with
the instruction that k'oes with it
is worth the price of admission.
Bide Ml. Emtio.
Hill's Hopes in Hogs.
"Cattle and hoK-s," says L W.
Hill, chairman of tlie hoard of
dtrectori of the Creal Northern
Railway, to the Oreitonian, "hold
the future hope of the people of
this Northwest.
"There in only one alternative,
and that is hojrs and cattle. With
the present high price" Of heel'
and with the constantly-iin
injt demand every QUSrtsr .ection
of land in this part of the coun
try oujjht to contain its quota of
cattle and swine.
"Orejron has an excellent
and order of sale of attached pro
perty. Win. Johnson vs County Court
Writ of review. Order of
county court revoking license set
Hutler Bros. vs. 11. Denman
Recovery of money. Default
and judgment for $171.50.
Elfrida Murray vsT. C. Murray
Divorce. Default and referred
to official reporter to take testi
mony. Vera Welker vs Carl Welker
divorce. Service of summons
Laura II amy vs. Frank Hanev
Divorce. Default of defendant
State vs L It. Runyard Lar
ceny. Jury found him guilty.
The first indictment he wa ac
quitted by a jury but found
Kuilty on second.
State vs James Henderson
Larceny, Tried and a verdict of
guilty. Motion filed for new
State vs Will George Larceny
On trial today.
Slate vs E. E McCay , I'erjury
To he tried following George
State vs. Roy McGoe - Carry
ing concealed weapon. Plea of
guilty entered and fined $50.
State vs Guy C. Willard Lar
ceny. Plea of not guilty.
Agricultural Club.
The Burns Agricultural Club
will hold its regular meeting
Tuesday evening Oct. 14, in the
assembly room of the public
school huilding. This wlH be the
first meeting of the year and the
public is cordially invited to at
tend. The following program has
been arranged and will begin
promptly at 8 o'cleck:
Piano solo Roberta Hibbard
"Advantages of bringing in Im
proved Dairy Cattle" I. S. (Jeer
"The Clydesdale Horse"
Roy Heede
"Plans for starting and Im
proving a Dairy" J. C. Leedy
"Field Peas" L. It. Rreithaupt
Violin Solo Myran Blackmer
Chronic Dytpeptia.
The following unsolicited testi-
elsse are studying bat-! monial snouid cenaimy os sum-
This isjnent lo give hojc and courage to
W(. persona alluded with chronic
I have been a chroic
as an instructive and valuable dyspepsia
one. The laboratory has bssn dyspeptic for years, and of all
rearranged, giving room for a
the medicine I have taken. Chain
dining department. The jdrls Denains jameis nave aonsme
served their first meal last Ved- more good than anything else,"
naadav says W. G. Matlison, No. 7 Sher-
mu. . i :. o....:.. h uJman
, . TV , I For sale by all dealers,
unable to hold its first meeting,
this coming Friday, as school will
be dismissed on account of
Teachers' Institute.
The msrrisge of
l'M H I -. I I - I M ni I H I . )
I ,ii. ,',.. -'. -', IMS I
1 1 ... I ha N.iiilit-in
ivISi limiw. i ".iii-mii, mbuM l"'"i nSlrj
.!,!,, ., ,. I'bu HI nil, ...' I... Ibli nil
l.i ..( . ol I In llilaoNlin In p
l.'i, ....,i h, .,.!..-( . i, I. t il,.- i.r..i i.i'.n. n lli
..!,,. i. Hi-ill. ii.. i Jnit i. isaa iii-iit
, -, i i .- - . i: i I w N '")
rrl.l S.. '
-I ... .. i-nin . Ill in till inlvri..l UM
liBtli .1.--. ...I .-. dMlrlui I-. i.i.."-ii I "
,,l in. un, . .i , l. .,! ll "I Hi, Imnl. ,.t Inr int
.,11,, i i. ., ," "I'l-ln .tiMlioulit
lie thilt it .! n oi ,i.iiii in iiii ..mi-f.i.n
or 1.1.1m, ii.i- an inr "I Kmreiiii.-f. tin.
Ma i - "" fcealetei
1 mii f M si f iHDOinOI (
lliirna. Iirwgoll, ' tM '
iiii.uiiw in.iiitsg.- ofl HIM) tifisjiin, ion
trite '
Vtni sr.- Li i hjf iiitilltvil tlisi VhirikU t
riniMia who !. Kllvy. ()rfon. hr pmt
rtD a Lli'S-, hi lii tllbOl I'll, I") :. tilv III
thi a nflii i litti itul) rerii6oMtd ppllUoii ti
DUIlleMl Mid I the rail) illMtliMi of jour
I -iiisd hiiny s- turn, sVrUl Ha 9H M
ii.K'i. April 'iirt, yU, tor nU HrrUoi! U, !-'
Hilt, iii , Itsngi' .t. Kst, W IllSiinotts M.ri.nsii.
im-i gropndl ("I luT im.i. el -Ih- sllrgrlht
. , r . hllfJiiMi i. -n . in - upon or in nj
wtM Improvosl MM (Isiinnii-l for yiufc ttisii
iIm nealtaj Itul t'"'1 lis yboll) lisniUmiril
lln- alii.
Van mi,- lli.nlote hit tlu f i ..I Hi. '1 I ha I lhr
I lislil nlligHilis HI Ul lL "i l-y tills iCln
lisiini In i. . ..iid-sM i t . OU, i.i" uur said
m it. .in yuiir
hll u ill 1,1 i I III' ' -I I I
Oi Ue.n.ltniiill.1 V V . un,.-. riehi in I . in'ii tin ii in. i-llliir isstfurv
Ol. I1V1II1 tinilll, it . H , .. , ... . ,.i
..Hi..- wni. in i.tniiy ilttis siilir lln KOl'HTII
i. ni. ii. ii n tl this notice, tbown bto
.mr miawi i Ulltlvl MStli. s)hi Hlfsllf Mivr' lug
Mil it ) aix.hllllg In tllHBM' Mili'gKf I.Mia ni iimlrst,
nr tl Mm FN 1 1 .ui In ii Hint Hmi to I1U- l it I h In
ulftci' ilUI rM.I Dint y.nt UVI MfVod w i Op) '
wiiir siiKur otl t'"' l'l ' niilt'sttsht .iiIh'I In
poroou "f i rofllron noil, li thia oprvloo l
tnadg i.y iut dollvoi ( . oopj f fooi taMtof
tU II,. i ni I- 'Sit! til Im'ISMIH. 1'MMlt of Sllrll mT
"Mv little bov hud a Risirvelous v,ellri,?rrKl4fon.Wi,,,.a!55!S?
. r . t ' " itriliin. li -lli.n-ni oi nip ,-,, i ,,'f n,,T.
Irving, 8 member Ol the gradual- ,,..,,, " writes I F llasliams ii.iin ii.K.iui- "i ii-"'. .-ii.i.ot iii..
ing class of 1HP, was an event I trin(.(, Albert Cane of (Jood ( """ """" '", '"" ' '"', ""''' lu"
- ,-.l II 1.1 H'.i.irit.i mill. I'Iihi) u .ion
Hum "It occuredtn the mud c '!" mim "in "' u,. .iti.imiioi in. .. ,
We do job printing.
A Marvaloui Eicape.
Miss el la
We do job printing.
of last Week.
The Agricultural Club will meet
Tuesday evening Oct. 14,' at
eight o'clock.
The Fair together with the
recent rains has interfered with
foot hall practice during the last
two weeks.
A new member, Karnest Wil
son, from the Narrows, has been
added to the Freshmen class.
The public school building has
been connected up with the elec
tric light plant.
Alvin llurlhurt and wife havo
been guests al the home of Mr.
and Mrs. C. A. Sweek during
the week.
Mrs. A. F.gli came in from
the farm this week to be near
her physician, being somewhat
A nice saddle animal, four
year:; old, suitable for lady, ier-
fectly gentle, 'sr sale Mrs.
Murray, Burns, Oregon.
Miss Francis Kelsay, recently
arriving here from Klamath, has
been employed as teacher in the
public school of Hums to fill a
vacancy made by the resignation
of Mrs. Kimball.
Betray Came to my place over
a year ago, one spotted cow
branded OL connected on left hip.
Owner call, prove property and
pay charges. Alvin llurlhurt,
Narrows, Oregon.
Tonawama has some line pic
tures to show its patrons tonight
ami tomorrow night. The usual
three reels tonight with good
comedy and four reels tomorrow
night. "Alkali Ike" tomorrow
nltrhtin comedy. Usual prices. u lirv He- I win
i ,. I... 1 1
of the night, lb
vere attack of croup. As luck
would hae it, I had a larue bottle
of Chamberlain's Cough Itemed v
in the house. After following
the directions for an hour and
twenty minutes he was through
all danger." Sold by all dealers.
-ii ll h" in III!
' ",.,"" , ',"'? ,? ."""'""V " j MK'.NK',, K.C I; hi,Vi. lint N
mnl It,,- ,.ti.nii-.- ., l.n Il II m "iH"l Kerllon I lowinlil,. V . Sinn.- .li K
,i .m.titli mail I.. ..o,im,l,,ll,yll. ' , M..,,. u nir, , a ol In
nti.tliiHil. i ti'.i'lnt Ini tl,,- li-llt.r
Von iliolllil itili' In . r ii.tttir tin- nitini- ol
,!.. poel "lllri- Iii ithliii,' lu'uu
noil. , . I., l.i .i nl ii. ..ii.
W. Kakik. II. ulM. I
I'll! of III. I .ill.lli'llli,ll II. Ii.i,,-1 II. mi.
till" nl i,,1 nnl'lli nil -1,,1.1-r 11, III I
i... i ..I iihi.i pulillriilon ... let n ' i III!
llll" "I 1,114, III lillllllrmioil N.itilllli't I. I il :
l'ltiTn SKTiil.iiitOrri. .
Iiurii", tirt-icoii, sipi.-iiilwr .m, 11
Soil..- Il lieiel.) elvrn Out J"f "I. J'
Hiiti... uiBKoii, who. on Mil I, 111. '''
llt.iii.-.ltl.l Knir. . No nuts. I'" l')WH le--ilt.u
.' loii.liii .1 - limit- .' K , HilUmftn
Mt-rlillin Ii.i nl.-'l BOtlre urilttrliU. " I" " '
l.r.l , ..I, .., il.ln.n I'fiM.I flllnt to
11,, iltotrl .In. tll.t I t-tof H"lit. r mil
Ki-i.'lr'. il lltini., i'r.iin. on ibt-twb di of
Not, t.i I"', in '
I'liliii.iil nim.-iii ttnlHMt-l'
mi., i; nii-i.-, li.m i iiitiiiiMMi.U'rir w
till.-). Wllll.ln I f .--I. r. nil ol Bint... Ilfrnoii.
w t, rum llttliti-f
liiinii, ott'if 1.,-p-t-niU-r 17. tww
N nl. i. Ii,-rl lliil into, ul
I'ltu. i-'nn. Iirrinn. who on Mn I, IW mil
llflotifl .'I. ;'l". r.'.-i-ili i-lt in. il.' lloitii-. triil
K-nrlr. ' . U, K',
I ,.' I II"! .. HIV'.S,-.,
, , ,n I li,i,.,l, 7 !.. Ilinri
I il'm.,,-11.- Mi mil ' l.l. Mli'il noil, ...I
liil,,.i it. mill,- flint fltt- yt-ir pin. if lop.
labHih tliiin la Ho- i.iii.i iimtp ii.n'ii
lurutbc It.'jil.i.-i in,l H. r.l Hon.. iiii-
,.,11 o,, (li,- .'.'Ii.i iU of ' ni"l. ' I Ml
I IaIiMkI II .111.1 I. .lli'iM'.
TholU.I . Illr. Klfl 1 H.llo.lllli
Tholiil I- XIrTell. Il.'l IM1II.III I'kll.f ill "I
I'rlin , Inn. i't. .--.i.
tt I'aiii. Kkii'.i
(Hprlo ,-r No I, Hum. Hrflll No. OtiWh.
i sitkh trans i.anh osth r.
Mut, i. Oeeaea, Baeeaei ssS, nu
Noiir.i ,. ii. ii i) (inn in.. Niniiiii G See
Mr. A.imiulilf ifi el tl"- .iiiioIT Kgruton
tllH'g. t'f t'. I, MOtlHoll. Altnrll.-i III
I'.uin.ti, , nl.lto. ol Alloti.i III ll.l. Win...
Hull. Mini, lonlmiil OrocuB. tin Oil- n-l -li.
III Hrplllnlx f. I'H.1. Illfl In Oil" nlfl.'i li, i p-pllt-illilll
to orlirt ui,il,-r tlir protrtltolll of It..
A. i ..I . ..n.i, ... ippruvt-.l I'rlituirl II. 113.
I Public .ini I. Ibii t bii.1 HI. Her til. Tup.'.".
...ulli II UK Kill M
Any lint ill pciiom i Uliiilni r. it Hi.
I. III). It. . . HI- I. Ol ili'illlli. loolil.i I I--' lll.o
of iiM-nlm nl i 'inin-i.-r "I tin Imi'l. " ("i mr
Hi., i r. lo Ho- illii.-il toippllciul iboiilil
01c Ibitt itlttlit ni ol i.rt.L'it In Oil. ofni-c. on
"f I., f.., tl,. 7ltl ill? of Hrli.lMt I'M
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lliirm. lii.-Koti, -ipl.-tnlKir l. tlla.l
Nollr ii licrvti) iltcn thil Tot Htewirt.
tit Kltcuhlc. llrrtntl. it I." on Jut .- I, 1110
iiii.Ic HlmMtMo l.niit N" mwi '" SWl
-wi llon'.'.low n.lilp .ft- HlBRlMK Wll itut-ll.
M. ml,.,, in. i, id nntn " ..I iiit.-iiiinii lo mike
llml Itir.-.' rcti l'f'i"i i" i.'-'ill.b t'titttt t"
lln- Imnl llmtt- ilrnrll.!. In-torc llt-il.l.-r i. ml". It llllflil. tlrc,-"t. "li Un 'I.I 'I t ol
Ortotwr W.1.
I'lllUtlBt llllllt-l L. Hi 111' .-
J N IciiMli m"l Jobli I olil. l-.lli "I Klin
luc. i)rt-"ii .lolin I liiii.l.lcl.t mot A. K
Vcmtor botti of llirrlmin, Ofafaa.
Vv Fakuk. kctliict
DVirtDtrATM umi orftqi
Hurni. tiri'iruti. s umbr 17, 1V1.1. ,
NoUm i Inr-'in nlvt'ii thm Tliotnan K ili-sly
..I I'lln. .Inn . (.ri'htnu. hhu, uli Msif l.ll-xCsinl
(ri-ti.iKir 17, l'in. ri's(HTttvol). mail.. lloiiit'lail
Kiiiiiiis, Nos. 0941 OftliM. lor lAtlm l I, 4,
r.'4 fw.
Hi Usui.
IiIi -Ml. .11 In
niAkt fltisl ilii- vi-si M.Hif. lo inUlih-li i Uhn
tu tln IsimI sIhivi- .lfSi-rllwl, livliirtt Iti'iililrr
and Iti'telwr, si lluriis, ortajon, onibT.oil
Ut ol ii. t.ii.i-i. MI t,
t UllllRIll lIHIIlfS .. IlllfSSSS-
Kstl J. W. Il.irsliusiili, Ml si H. M.-..'U,
WHO Nytt riiii) smt Henry Mrwm-r all ul l'i loir
loll, Ort)K.m
H, Kahhs. Ht'Klilrr.
Physician and Surgeon
Burns, ... Oregon !
In lln Circuit ('unit nl tin- Stall nl
I iti-Hun foi lliirney County
l.liloni I'itzC.rialil, I'Iiiiiii ,11 f
v Bummuas
l'i. in liir(lnrnlil.lcl.'iiiliiiil )
To I'ltiti liiiirnilfl, the above aaiaetl
.li Ininlniil:
In tin name of tits State of Oreifon.
vmi are KarabS i i un l in appear aad
unswai tn ilm eoaiplafal lilcil iiKiimt
you in (lie iibovi' rlllllleil mil. nn in Ih
IniC ilntliiHl ilny nl tliu tliiu' Jin-mi ilicl
in tin- unlet ul ptililiiatioii t Ithii Niini
n, una to-wil: nil or iilntut tilt' 'J-'ini ,1.,,
of NiivciiiIh'i', l'.H.'l, mill iliili- Ininx the
i-xiiirHtinii nl nix wrelm from the Rrsl
iiiililiiatiiilt of this Hiiitiiiiiiiii, mnl il roll
t'ltii to aaswsr, for want thereof. I'lala
mi iii apply tn Ihs ('nun lot ii,,- iriit-i
il.iiiiiiiili'tl ill lilt-cniuil, nut to-wit I
I'm n ilitri'i' nl tliii CimiiI dlasnlTiafl
the lniuilt of iniiii iiii'iuv now nUtlna
iiriwi.'n Plaintiff mil Defendant, and
iimi riniiiiiti liny.' a dearea of dlvoroj
iiliwiliitit Iniin iH-fcnilnnl, mnl her n.sii
nail iliHliiiricilK'ntl herein.
Thli iiiiniiioiiH ii published by order
,,i linn Dalton BlfS1! Judue of tin-lin-iiii
Opart oi thy stfttt- nf Orevon, im
II..IIUV ClllllltV, made mill tlllrlril un
the jOth day of October, ISIS, and the
date of the Bret puellcatlon of thiesum
iniin ii tii-tniici ntii nn. i.
(I mi S. Hixkmoiik ami J. J. rATTKiiKn
Attm in vb lor rii
Haras, Hi'pii'iniifi li, iii
Nolliiililmrib) Ktven tint Wllllmn A Willi,
of l.iwiin. Ofi'i: "li"' "" J"'' '' '""' mule
llom.'itfi.l Knlit N M. lot M-',. ,,in.
lllhlpil ,, ItlliK" '". f- V,,, li,
Mitrlillm Im Hn-'l lu'lli'i"" llitunlioii I" iiiiiic
tllill llni'i iiiii-iiii.I Inr.lil' I'Iiiiiii t.i II,,
Unit ihiiv,- ili-ii-ill" 'I. I.t'l""' ll'Kl.lcr mill
Itci'itlMi, il ilium. I'lt'l'ui. mi llio ':inl ,li ul
1,'ioiHu ru.i
ii.iiiihiii ii iinniimiiiii'iiiii
Kiml nl." w mil Allnri 11
"I.' I. "Hi til I ,U i II.
loll. I. lull li "'I'. '" "uiii", i'i.i..ii "."
W tin i-rill. i.l l.iwiin, Otigoli
"' Vu,.'Aiiii,l("Kliler.
Illi ,'"!, I. U't
We have ooiifined our liusint'ss entirely to the
While Front where we are prepared to rare
for our customers better than ever before
Baled Hay and (irain for Sale at Market
Prices. (Jim id Hay in Stack $4.50 Per Ton.
Delivered in Burnt, $6.50 Per Ton
Burns-Vale Stage Line
;it.-lloiir Schedule from Railroad
clnsc Connections Made With Trains Kant.
Cofot tabic Conveyancea for I'raaenft-era.
I 'arc, $10. Careful Attention and Prompt
Delivery of K.xpreaa and Preigha Kntruat
nl to Our Care. Freight 2 l-2c. Per Pound.
R. J. McKinnon & Son
..rduiilt- ot (Jnlveralty of Petntaylvanla
Trail SUasuas of Horssa, Caltla auaS all othor
And so it my full line of
Allover Lace, Embroidery, Flannel
Woolen Hose, Lined Gloves, W
derwear and the
Work and
For MEN,
and CHU
I also pack one of the Rest St
of Groceries to be had anyi
A. K. Richards
General Merchandu
Potatoes Cabb
) v!
II al
if a.
sw YW'.V
W. '
Railroad Rates Reds
From Sept. 25 to Oct 1 0, it
To Points On The
Atlanta, (.a. 1.70 Kansas City. Mo. !
Boston, Mass. 55.15 Louisville, Kv
Buffalo. X. V. 17.80 Menuihis. Tom.
Cairo, III. :l.98 Milwaukee, Wis.
Charlston. S. C. S4.7B Minneatwlis. Mn
ChatantKiKS, Tinn. IS. 40 Nashville. Tenn.
Chicago, III. 38.00 New York. N. V.
Cincinnati. (. 12.ST. Omaha. Nebr.
Cleveland, I). 11.75 Peoria. III.
Columbus, (). 1 1. GO Philadelnhia. I
Detroit. Mich. 4:i.fi0 Bittsburjr, Pa.
Dsssfoincs, la 88.M Richmond, Vs.
Duluth, Minn. ;:ii.00 Sioux City, Is,
Kvansvillo, In,! 10.10 St. Ixiuis, Mo.
IndianupolK 1ml lO.ik) St. Paul. Minn.
Superior, Wis. $30.00
Correapondisfli reduodons from other points.
If you will advise the Oregon Trunk Ry. Aaron t tttj
sddrsssea of wur frlenda in the Kast who are comiiu'tol
will havo a representative call and help plan their trip.
Dsposjts in (.repayment 0f Ucketa will be acci w
and tiokots delivered at eastern points by tslsfprtph
For further mini niatinii rsgarfllnfl .stupovors, ek IN
R. H. CROZIER, J. H. Corbetlj
Aul.Cvn'l Pan. Aiirnt, PorlUnd, Ore. Brml. 0V I
Have srrived and we are now read) to I
supply you with your requirements 1
have been added and all goods will be I
The Burns Department sJ
J All the news in The Times-Herald fojj