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County In The State j
The Biggest City In The Biggest
County In The State Of Oregon
The Biggest
Of Oregon, Best In The West
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NO. 44
Preparing Vege
tables For
fnificent Orchard of "Uncle Bob"
McKinnon Worth Seeing. Every
Tree is Loaded and Some Have
Broken Down Under The Weight
of Fruit. A Picnic Party Raids it
is one of the real attractive places
of interest in this neighborhood
and the fine crop of fruit this
teaaon is worm going to see.
Great trees have broken down
C E. Berry and I under the load of mm and Ins
Emma Peterson, i small fruits grew just as luxuri-
ISunday C. B. MeConiicll
picnic party to visit ' the
tic water gauge up above
rester place. The others
nartv were M. V. Dodge
ira Swain and The Times- antly. Mr. McKinnon will give
his orchard more rare from this
time on as it has come to be of
considerable commercial value.
A few varieties are. to be cut
down and a more profitable fruit
grafted on. His Wealthy applet
seem the most prolific, yet several
other varieties are full crops this
year. His pears, crabapples,
auge is a very interest-1 "runes and plums are fine. Mr.
of machinery and works I iwciMimiMi m mu www
ho courteous to his company and
is always ready to go out in the
arbon and register paper ! orchard and show them around.
He has a tine stream oi water
r three interesting events j $ ?h f ' S
gariH'll aim III biiui i. un m
have one of the finest and most
man. it proved a most
day, rather hot. but this
I the fish to bite better
ts were caught during the
lay, although Mr. Beery
le steel rod with an ex-
reel that was supposed
)t all the trout in Si I vies
it on the bank
"Young gardeners entiling
vegetables for premiums at agri
cultural, school, county and rata.
fairs must exercise special CBN
in the entries If they would re
ceive favorable notice from the
judges and win, the valuable pre
miums offered," eaya Profeeeor
Bouquet of the Agriculluial
"Heretofore too many fans
have been exhibitions of vee
table monstrosities while com
mercial specimens of money
value have been conspicuous by
their absence. I he boya and
girls of Oregon must see thai the
vegetables thai the) exhibit are
clean, smooth, unilonn in size,
the game preeerva up the river.
The territory "L aside for the
mm a m -- li siii preserve must li protected and
liberated should be allOWrd ab
. , solute quiet until they get ao
customed to ih'ir surronndingi
Shipment of Several Crates of Birds and md begin to increase.
ioi a Mr. Telfonl waa aaltad by a re
oix Hundred Chinook Salmon Ac- porter wapecting the ahooting off
ii . . . 'fire arms from a public highway
cornpamea ov leirora ana jeweu.,! iMimoKimtiii" matter up
Attaches of Game Commission and
Government. But Few Fish Lost
Harry Telford, game bird (lis- toe local Club as it has shown a
tribute in connection with the disposition to work harmoniously
State Game Warden's office, and. Wit ""' Commission. While
8 Clewed, in charge of scienli-'aome of the local people are, in-
i I -l ,. ... lie mvoslhriitiim ,,f criifrw. fr,r Ihi.lclllleil to COmplalll llhoUt the
coioi ami snape, anu line 10 iypc " - - -
...! :.... a ,i.: eovernmem. arrive.! in Itnrns present game laws they are not
II I r I V . J I 1 1 ' I V . Tl 1 I I L I I P I 1 I I I I I 7M ' w " -..-. .-. - . . w v. ... . .........
be exhibited thai will catch the Tuetdaj evening. These gentle
eye of the judge. Nothing is of men came with the shipment of
mm imiun-iiince tl.iii. ihat the fame birds and Salmon sent in
and distribution by the reuest of
the local I tod and (iun ('tub.
unraaaonable and willing to abide
by such laws where there is no
partiality shown.
Messrs. Telford and Jewell
came light through with the
shipmont making connections at
Bend where a truck had been in
structed by' the Club to be in
readiness. The trip from Port
it was found the l,iw M
prohibit! flriug al "game" bird:
from a public road. He i . of M
opinion thai the shooting of rab
bits and such birds us are really
pests is not prohibited. It i the
habit of many to hoot rabbits
from their conveyances along the
roads and (heir is little question
but it will be permitted at all
times where caution i, observed
not to shoot iii the direction of merchant
siock pastured along tiie neida
adjoining the roads.
Buyers' Week, Plonned by Jobbers and
Manufacturers, a Success. Plans
Being Perfecting by Commission for
Panama-Pacific Exposition in 1915.
Other Industrial Notes of Interest
lay are worthy of record
I MmmmA a f n-tii,.Vi f ri'if ,,,.
llltaUl WIII.II V1IV mvoi a.t-s l.'xil.. 1 .. : ..II L'.,l
the newspaper part of p"" "W",TT
Inch" was the excellent' " v"r""
kr picnic dinner at the
ing and shade on the
ire mere was
refreshments of this
He is just complet
ing a very commodious barn and
intends to use the natural advan
tages to beautify the place.
The picnickers stopped on his
specimen should be clean
show great care in preparation
previous to exhibition. Knorm There were 72 pair of China
ous specimens ol hoots, radishes pheasants and the birds came
carrots and squash are to be dis- through In fine shape and were1
eouraced. but the contestant Bt once distributed to the dif-i
should mal;e it .1 iioint in select- ferenl sections where they had ' 'illM' ' Burns was
imr i,w nMlnum mi it... ii..iii tn been assigned. Twelve nair were hours and the condition
choose (hem for the (tialities liberated at Prank Dibble's place J BsUne birds and fish upon their
which have 1 n named above, ".i Silver Creek, the same number arrival proves that Ibis season of
Aim for quality, not fgj quantity, al the E. P. Sylvester place, the year is the best for such
Children must be encouraged to aama up at Mace's mountain ahlpmenta.
exhibit vegetables that are of ranch, a like number at Foley's, The same truck that brought
the highest market value. all of these on game preserve set in the shipment took back 17
"Root vegetables should be apart for such purpose. J. F. young ducks, four species in all,
clean of moderate sixe. smooth Mahon was given 12 pair to take for th' state game farm at Cor-
' Offer Liberal Special
Premiums For Fair
A telegram from Wm. Me.M ar
ray, General Passenger agent of and had been crowding the head
the O-W. It. & N. Co., received quartern from early morning un
Our Portland OomspofldtaU lhe 8tate for ,.xlli)it,s of ocal
i order to ronunii a oUwr i.nw1n.fL. I.,, ,. t, -.-
-- ...,.., wvsvw "'ii inn tu uuint' tuuiiiy
community of Interest between exhibits at the Fair; to use the
the jobbers and manufacturers beat and most representative ex-
m Portland on one hand and the bibita, not in the Oregon build-
s and buvers from the ino- Imi In ,(,.. k,,;ia;. .. -:j
,MBI "v hi mv. iniiiuiii:H' smies of Oregon, Washing- for special purposes, where the
Ion and Idaho on the other, over state's products will come into
SOO merchant! traveled to Port- competition with those of other
land and registered at Buyers' states and other countries; to
Week llead.iuarters. The van- present as much life and anima-
guaud ol buyers began showing tlon in the Oregon building ex-
up before the day of regiatratioa bibita as possible, and to offer
moving picture exhibits of the
various industries of the state.
made In 85 1 bere Wedneaday, announced thai til.theend of the w'eeV which so that visitors to the Fair may
1 JiL.idkiuiMu ...:n -IV mimm I.H...1 .liL I : ,li ... .
of tin
wun nusiness and he .,.,; ..niininoii
planned hy the recep- there: to serve eonfrnnnnalv licrht
' -
. 1 .1 1 I
r nnnlv a lamer 'meadow uelow tne nouse anu
fnder ordinary cireum- ftniabad the generous supply of
jut very little of it was provisions that could not De con-
back in the original : sumea at tne noon nour anu
Mr. Sylvester stopp d i came back to town in tne cool oi
on the way up and I the evening, wir. sssoennwi
the guns as it is in 'will never be refused an in vita-
preserve territory and tion oy mis pariy ioi ihiw
manager of this great; such picnic any time ne ckmoih
Iweekly with a gun he! the invitation.
spose to take any chanc-
further called i.eer;, s -rh,. ,uav ; einetis sawmill is
to the law respecting now at jts new location and is
ithin a certain distance nrcared to fill any order with
rough or dressed lumber, also fir
way home the party lumber; buck teeth and any
the fine orchard ot special order given prompt ai-
Bob McKinnon. This tention. :-
and the individual pecimena to his Anderson Valley lanch valhs, run hy lene mmpaon.
uniform as far aa possible in all where they will be carefully pro- These will be kept in captivity
aapecta. Cabbage and lettuce teoted and whara they have an and used for experiments to as
and such like vegetables should ideal section to propagate. Six certain whether they will pro
be solid and of proper com- pair were sent to Frank Clerf at pagate in captivity. Cene is an
. . .... . , i.. .. i . .l . ,. i . ....a.. ;... :.. ii... i:. . . . i' i.Im.i..
nierei.i seye , e.-iu I ower .livoro. anoiner line I ace lor i-iiii"irwi in uiv inn- in noun
which is shown should he com- the birds and Archie
white and free from Idem- was given six pair for his place trial and it is hoped it will tie u
was hllcil
lion and enP rlamment ruin- Iimh-Iii. ,.i a. ,i.,
... iwimiwM iiiuui wi vll'lll UIAiUi;i9,
mitteea of the Jobbers and and to Mnntmaln Himulmi.
ages most likely to induce the
ishes; the celery well blanched
and large.
"Furthermore aim to fulfill
the requirements specified In
each entry. If three melons ate
called for. then exhibit only
three; if six beets, then only six,
and those of the greatest uni-
.!.. 1 I i I
McCowan and will give the ducks a thorough' "' " "very uriicie i useiui
on tne larm tney should bring
... P...L- ' L- success. ,,ul hom'' V.OOU exnilills oi in,-
The Salmon were liberated the Messrs. Telford and Jewetl
same evening they arrived in the ,mv' K"1' to the Steens Mountain
river a short distance above the section to investigate the game
mill. Thev are of the Chinook preserve in that territory, try to
variety and out of the (MO Hsh et a speciment of MounUiin
but 27 died en route by actual Sheep at Sheep's Head and the
count. This is one of the most tOUT will cover a large area as
his companv will oll'er some verv
substantial premiumaal the com
ing county fair.. Mr. McMurraj
authorized a local representative
to make a selection of suitable Manufacturer of Portland
prizes and the following havi
been effered:
A sulky plow for I In- best in
oivKiuai exniPil ol farm and gar- t,js
den products, A drag harrow wj
tor ii. nest individual display ol bales which is valued at $5 000-,1)Il'u' dJepJay ef its prwlucts free
alfalfa, and a fanning mill for ihmi. this nl.Mn. f.,,. ', I of chartre.
"- -'ivivjii mm " "
exhllill o Minomivt nil lhA l,..n J. ...:.... The Xnlpm (', no -i.i:il f'lnh
r..' ll IH,1 in uuul u . -.... Uw...... . wu. - tv..
states in the Union, averaging
vorth trying about -lo per cent of the total
The hop season started lii.-t
week with an army of over 10,01)0
people who will gamer the crop
plain people to establish their
future homes in the state. One
of the representatives present.
yfar. lhe crop this year KaVl' assurance that Union county
amount to about 130.000 ' was willing to furnish a com-
the beat individual
rhese are prizes
nlrallv Located, Good Clean
Leals, Comfortable Rooms,
Clean and Sanitary Beds
It Class Bar In Connection. Oive Me A Call
rns Meat Market
H. J. MANSION, Proprietor
of, Pork, Veal, Mutton,
Sasuage, Bolonga,
tdcheese and Weinerworst, Etc
holesale and Retail
mpt and Satisfactory Service
ir Patronge Solicited and
lers Given Quick Attention
To The
:exall Drug Store
r Ansco Camera's Films
and any thing wanted In the
Reed Bros. Props.
fortuity and proper size. The. succeaafui and satisfactory ship- 'bey go from that section out
rules and regulations should be meats of lish ever brought in.
carefully read and then no dis- They have been found to do well
appointments will follow in thai Jin interior streams and the local
regard. shirts are pleased to get the
streams in this section stocked.
Market Report.
Receipts for the week have
been. Cattle 1487; CarfOJ 11H;
Hogs 2115; Sheep ,!7l7; and
Horses 1.
Killers are surfeited on half
fat cattle and are shading their
bids on such stuff and only tiood
steers arc in demand. Mo. t ol
the receipts for the week have
been of the ordinary variety, so
sales have ranged in price from ;
$15.T5 to 7.75 with 8c as extreme
top for very best grade, feeders
are in demand and had good ale.
A limited supply of cows and
heifers has been received with
good demand and prices in line
with about a week ago, top
grades going at 6.86 to V. 65 and
an occasional bunch at b.7.". A
better outlet for bubs. Steady
prices on prime lit(hl veal.
Receipts of boy.-, continue to
come in bunches. A K""d sized
run Monday with ttf.60 top for
besl light Stuff. The juice
gd to 9.86 by Tuesday and Wed
nesday, the same holdinir lor
Friday and the hog market can
be quoted anywhere between
9.00 and 0.50 with tendency
The week started H with a
brisk business in the sheep house
with a fair supply of both choice;
lambs and she p. The strength
had declined before the midweek
and buyers were hard to And for
the few arrivals, on the later
stock trains. Sheep and lamb
prices iUoted shady with last
Caught Bad Cold.
"Last winter in;, on caught a
very bad cold and lhe ay he
coughed was something dread
ful," writes Mrs. Sarah I', Dun
can, of Tiplon, Iowa. "We
thought sure he was foinfi Into
consumption. We boi
i . . i n fit i I . a
one bottle oi i iianiiieriaiirs
Cough Rami dj and that one bot
tle Btoppcd bis OOUgh and aired
his cold compli lely." For sale
by all dealers.
The Welcome- I'harmacy has a
fresh supply of Vaccine. Ro
sure anil Vaccinate youroalvaa.
The State (lame Commission
has shown a disoiiition to grunt
almost unything asked for by
through Callow Valley, on to
Warner Mountain, Iikeview and
return to Portland by way of
In connection with this subject
of game Warden Mace wishes
the local people to know that it
is no permitted to (ire guns in
The Malheur county Fair, with dates of September Kith
to 20th, is to be a winner, as an agricultural, horticultural
and stock show and the amusement features will be even
batter than heretofore. From one to five o'clock every day
there will be a continuous program without intermission;
Trotting pacing and mining races; Unman races; hucking
oon testa; wild horse races; boy' wild mule race; gentleman's
driving races; novelty races; farmer's wagon races; pony and
saddle horse races; relay races; motorcycle and automobile
races; and automobile roping contests; the management
guarantees a continuous show, and something doing every
minute. Delays and .jockeying will not be tolerated.
Educational Features and Sports
The ft letioon will be devoted to educational features (hat
no farmer or farmer's family 'an afford to miss. Many of
the prizes will be awarded in front of the grandstand. The
Judges, with the animals and products of the farm and or
chard before them, will point out the different characteristics
that entitles them to the awards that they receive.
A silo is to be erected on the grounds and filled with silage
during the fair. Cows will be milked by machinery. Several
acres of farm machinery will be on exhibit ion. Labor saving
devices will he shown. The best farmers and agricultural
(. ports will be in attendance to assist in making this feature
of the fair a crowning success.
The stock pens and poultry coops will be full of the best.
The Agricultural and Horticultural ball packed to the roof.
The School and Young Folks apartment will bo a credit, to
the youth of this country and the line Art Household and
Woman's department has been remodeled and brought up to
date and will interest the most fastidious.
The 1'et Stock Bhow will be full of rare birds, dogs and
rabbits imported from the four corners of the oarth. This
exhibit will be a delight to every child or lover of pet animals.
General Patch's exhibit of birds and pot animals in itself will
be worth going miles to see.
People from adistanccjtre welcome to bring their camp
ing outfits to camp on the grounds during the fair.
to be given away in Premiums and Purses
Write Harry B. Grauel, Secy., Ontario, Oregon
for premium book and further Information.
product! mentioned. The rail
road people appreciate what the
county fair means and are read
to help on all occasions. Hao
the board gotten lm-y
there would have been
such prizes offered by outside
people who wish lo stimlat'- com
petition along the line of ajrricul
Local firma of other counties.!
take advantage of the counly
fairs to offer special pretniomal
that would be found profitable by
local dealers.
Catholic Church
On Sundays and Holy days
of obligation Holy Mass with
sermon at 10:80 a. m.
On week days Holy Mass
at 7 a. in.
All other services, besides
those mentioned' above will be
announced in church.
All invited and welcome to the
divine services.
Sick-calls promptly answered
at anytime. Religious informa
tion and Instructions willi
imparted at the Franciscan
Rev. 1'ius Nieriiiann. O F.
Pastor of The Church of
Holy Family.
output of the United States. The
crop s of a better quality than
for years past, according to pro
minent growers. Growers are
expecting big prices for their
crops this rear, quite a number
having contracted their output
' artier i,,r 20 a ate a pound, last weeks
$everttl raillS. while liiioiiirnrilv omlior-
raaaing the. pickers, greatly
benefitted I ho hops in both quality fthe present time in t
ana weigni.
Each of Oregon's varied in
dustries was represented at a
meiting of the 1916 Fair Com
mission held at the Portland
Commercial Club lost Friday.
ihe meeting tested all afternoon,
and the commissioners secured
I much enligbmient upon how to
show off the slate to the best ad
vantage at the Panama-Pacific
Exposition. Sentiment expressed
o to favor appealing to
has appointed a committee to en
courage the Rax industry in this
state. Simultaneously vfith this
announcement conies that of H.
A. Brewer, manager of the Port
land Linseed Oil Company, that
the Willamette Valley flax crop
is exceedingly gratifying, and
that ii has been proved by actual
demonstration that flax can be
grown profitably for seed, as
well as fir fibre. There are
about ;!00 acres of flax grown at
Valley. The farmers in Eastern
Oregon and Western Idaho, also
are beginning to raise flax again.
.Agricultural experts are now
agreed that the flax crop does
not really exhaust the soil as
once supposed. The Portland
market guarantee.-, the iiax
grower $1.25 a bushel, but the
farmer will get as much over
that price for his crop as current
quotations call for. Last year a
rortlantl company gave every
aech Of tin- several counties of 'boost
grower who asked for it a 14
pound sample of flaxseed, and
this gave the industry quite a
Strictly First Class. Splendid
1 ervice, Pine Accomodations,
-Litimerciirl Headquarters
sample Room In Connection, Reasonable Kates
Diarrhoea Quickly lured.
"I was taken with diarrhoea
and Mr. Yorks, the merchant
here, persuaded me to try a bot
tle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cho
lera and Diarrhoea U m dj ,
After taking one dose of it 1 ft as
cured. It also cured others ihal
1 gave it to," writes M. K Gab
hart, Oriole, Pa. That is not al
all unusual. An ordinary attack
of diarrhoea can almost invari i
bly lie cured l one or t ivo dosei
I this remedy. For sale by all
Always ready for job pi inline
BEGINS lis iixiv liaii icliuul jrtsi
arpTiMitn is. iuii
DEGREE COURSES hi in on pfctSMOl
ECONOMICS Minimi-. Fokistry. Com
Miner Pharmacy
two yeah Courses i ag:
yum Home economics mechanic
ii uiiiii,.. ii rleulture, Jean
anil ml.
Music, lne!idl sitae, ttrtsci i"4"''
Inatimiii-iiU an. I vulri-inltnn-.
'Till'. BHftll iimi.n I Of Kckai. l.o
ami ii CATAfcOOUU will Us iniilnl li
on sppllCStll n
Aililrfss 11. M TunnanT, ltcglattui,
(tw7ituiU) Curvallia. Oiuou.
Daily Line, Burns and Prairie City
i. urn (ilv
I'mita- i It)
I. lino. 6 a in
snyotl Cll) 7am
Prairie t'Ujr ... ; p m
i .no i. n i 1 1. 7 i in Iturn
Fan; llm ns-l'rairi City,
Hound Trip,
Exprta Rates 2 1-2 Cents, Prairie to Hum
WKmaammmmammBBmmmmmBaBmmamma p m
10 a in
I.' noon
$ 6.00
That you vaccinate your calves for Black Leg
early, as the loss of one calf will more than
pay for vaccination of the whole herd. We
have fresh vaccine on hand. Phone orders to