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    TheTimes- Jferald J
Mi Th Larg rit Circulation Of Any !
Newspaper In Harnvv County.
Local News.
Tonawtmt h its own power
plant in running order the pic
tures will be teen the same a
usual tonight and tomorrow.
H. L. Hass was up from Nar
rows during the week.
Wanted Position as cook or
housekeeper. Address Box 'tf.
Haled hay. Bran and all kinds
of grains at The Burns Dept
Born Monday. Jan. 27. to Mr.
and Mrs. Sam Mothorshoad.
Eastman Kodaks and Kodak
supplies at The Welcome Pharm
acy. 10 tf
Have the children see the
"Katzen jammers" tonight at
Price Penick and bride were In
from their home on Silver Creek
Q, W. Clevenger can please
you in wall paper. The very
latest designs are on hand and a'
variety never before equalled, tf
The Silvies River Farmers'
Union will meet in Burns on Sat
urday, Feb. fc, at the Odd Fellows
Building. All members are urged
to be present.
Gail Barnes, Secy.
,1. F. Mahon was in this week.
We understand ira stole a;
march" on his father, the latter
not knowiner he was to be mar- antl
ried in Portland. Ira and MeKen
bride are expected home in a few Walter Cross was down from
da vs.
Your Opportunity
To Take Advantage Of Our
Special Feature
Now In Operation-That of
Banking by Mail
Is At Your Service-Use It
Safe - Satisfactory - Secure
With The
I'se Nyals Rheumatic Remedy.
Mrs. C A. Haines is in the
citv from Narrows.
For Sale Iron bedstead, rug
d tireless cooker. Mrs ( . M.
The Ladies Aid Society of the
Presbyterian Church is planning
for the annual Easter Sale which
will be given on Saturday,
March 22nd in Mr. MeConiuTs
office. Tonawama Bldg. Full
annoncement later. Watch for
Trout Creek during this week
visiting his wife and grand
daughters. Geo. H. Stovall Jr., Robt. A.
Duncan. F. G. Tillman and F. G,
Morse are among the traveling
men registered at the French.
Boiled wheat is the milk and
reproducer- try it. Better and
rhu ,if i'.uur a rsimmina cheaoer than bran. Sold by w.
A. Goodman, rnone mm yur
week, Mr.
the hard-
was dissolved this
( leer retiring from
ware business, leaving Mr.
Cummins the entire business.
Mr. Geer will devote his time to
farming near this city where he
Post Office inspector Linebaugh
was i.i this territory this week
inspecting the several offices in
the vallev. going to Lawen,
las some of the best farming Waverly.Harriman and Narrows,
and in mis section.
Andrew L. Chezom and family
- xpect to leave in the near fu
ture for Davenport. Iowa, where
they will make their home. Mr.
Ceo. H. Nelson, proprietor of
the Ranchers' Exchange, a gene
ral merchandise store on Silver
Creek was in the city during
the week. We understand Mr.
t hezem came here during last Nelson js doing a very nice busi-
-;immer and associated nimsen
with Judge Wm. Miller in the
practice of law. He also expect
ed to get some land but finding
this rather impractical and at
n ess,
I. S. Geer informs us the rab
bits have gotten into his orchard
and ruined quite a number of
the same time practice law he de- trees before he discovered it.
ded to go where he had a larg- The larger trees were not mjur-
er field in the practice. He is ed much but the young ones,
well liked here among the law-1 many of them, have been entire-
rrs and made many friends who ly killed. He took out some ex-
hope he may be successful in his tra wire to fence the orchard
new field. ' tract more securely.
During February we will hold our
Annual Clearance Sale when all
winter goods will be sold at greatly
reduced prices. We are determined
not to carry over any winter goods.
A few of these articles are listed
below. Cash will do wonders here.
Ladies Coat, Miises Coats, Children! Coats, Ladies
Sweater Coats, Misses Sweater Coats, Childrens Sweater
Coats, Ladies Underwear, Misses Underwear, Misses Cloaks,
Childrens Underwear, Mufflers, Shawls, Dress Goods,
Mens Clothing, Mens Sheep Lined Coats, Mens Duck Lined
Coats, Mens Mackinaw Coats, Mens Sweater Coats, Mens
Woolen Overshirts and Mens Underwear.
These, and many other articles will be
offered you at a Great Sacrifice at
- General Merchandise -
Hasonlc building,
Burns, Oregon
Try Nyals Family medidne at
The Welome Pharmacy. 10 tf
Brad Moss. Will and Henry
Keisenbeck were among our visi
tors from Lawen Wednesday.
Frank Smith was up from Nar
rows the other day making proof
on his land. He was assisted
by Fred Barron and Henderson
The Times-Herald is informed
that the Hayes Brothers and. I. L.
Sitz have disused of their inter
est in the Lawen Mercantile Co.
to Mr. BethoAT.
For Sale 10 scree Sec. 19,
Trout Creek, Harney Co., with
irrigation, I860. Address, F. L.
liurnham, 17"l E, 72 Place, Chi
cago, III. 12-15
'Married At the home of Mr.
and Mrs A. If. Ilyrd in this city
last Monday afternoon, J. T.
Choate and Miss Naomi Garrett,
Rev. Dr. Babbido of the Presby
terian church performing the
ceremony in the pretence of
the bride's parents and a few
friends. Both are residents of
the Silver Creek section, the
bride being a daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. W. R. Garrett We
join their friends in extending
best wishes for a happy life. They
will make their home on Silver
The legislature has ignored a
number of the vetos of Gover
nor West and passed bills over
his head. Bills by the hundred
are being introduced. All kinds
of legislature is being proposed.
But after all is done and they
get through, the people of the
state can depend upon west giv
ing them a good trimming.
There are many bills that will
get by the legislature but will
run against a veto when they get
up to the governor. Blue Mt.
How Much Will Yon GlveT
During the month of February,
we will contribute Five Per Cent
of all our CASH SALES towards
a fund to assist the unf ornate
Mr. Wm. Carroll) SO Old settler
of Cslow Valley, to purchase arti
ficial legs with. Mr. Carrol re
cently met with a sad accident
which deprived him of these
limbs and now needs help. Are
you with us? (Jet busy! Fvery
cash purchase made here means
just so much more In Mr. Car
roll's pocket, and will be a cher
ished gift you will never miss.
Nothing bus been learned so
far of any relatives to the old
trapper, G. It. Webster, who was
found murdered last week, and
he will be buried here today.
Robert Scliei I e, Hie man accused
of the murder and also of setting
fire to the barn of Mr. Volmer,
is still in the county jail awaiting
development. Some believe the
man is insane while others doubt
it. He has admitted spending
six months in jail over in Wash
ington and aaked that the sheriff
of the county be notified he is
here. It is possible he is wanted
there but he has not said so.
Use Nyals Stone Root Comp.
for the kidneys. 10 tf
Henry Fichner is In the city
Use NyalH Cough medicine
for baby's cough. 10 tf
Wm. Harvey, the Iakeview
horse buyer, is here after horses.
Freeh home made lurd 17c. at
Hansen's Meat Market. tf
A. K. Murphy and family have
been in from their home at Iron
Mountain for several days.
Mrs, Richard Haines and child
ren were in from their home dur
ing this week.
Hagey & Lundy chattels, small
loans, acreage city property. In
I. 0. O. F. Bldg, Burns. Oregon.
' Mrs. H. C. Brown was over from
Drewsey this week on a visit to
relatives and friends.
Pure bred young Barred Rock
Cocherels. a new strain, for sole.
('has. Wilson. 10 tf.
The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid
will meet at the home of Mrs. A.
B. Whitney on Wednesday. Feb.
B at the usual hour.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Rounseville
were accompanied in from their
trip to outside points by Mrs.
Work in First Degree at the
Masonic lodge on Saturday even
ing, Feb. 1. Visiting members
of the order cordially invited to
The Times-Herald has been re
quested by Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Dunn to extend to the many
friends their sincere thanks for
their kindness and sympathy dur
ing their recent trial in which
they lost their little daughter.
The legislature is still grinding
and more bill being introduced.
The start made for a business
session is turning out something
of a joke as it always does. Poli
tics is being played in much of
the work and the result will Im
some nasty jobs.
It has been several years since
this section had such fine sleigh
ing for so long a period. Since
the roads have been opened and
packed the stages are making
excellent time and the weather
is ideal for stock feeding with
abundance of snow on the feed
yards and more in the mountains
to Insure line crops during the
coming year.
Frank Dibble and family have
recently returned from a visit to
California. Mr. Dibble states
the recent cold weather was dis
astrous to the fruit growers of
that territory and means an im
mense loss. The leaves were
frozen on the orange and lemon
trees and ho says it was pittiful
to see the destruction.
Miss Roberta Hibbard enter
tained the Freshman class of the
high school at her home last
night and all report having had
B most enjoyable time. A short
program was rendered followed
by games. Miss Hazel Cobb and
Albert Swain were awarded
prizes in the games. Refresh
ments were served. The young
people warmly expressed their
appreciation of the nice enter
tainment to their young hostess
upon taking their departure for
Will Gates is In town.
Always ready for job printing.
I. P. Withers and Tom Bain
were in to see us today.
Manager Johnson of the Tona
wama Band announces the boys
will give a concert about the IMth
M. .1. McMullen was over from
Drewsey this week.
Frank CawlHeld has taken the
contract to run the Bums-Diamond
Robt. Drinkwater and wife
were in the city this week visit
ing relatives and friends.
Ted Hayes has been up from
the ranch this week on a visit
to his family.
John Carey was in from his
farm this week and was accom
panied out by his wife and son.
The family of C. II. Voegtley
has been sick the past week, in
cluding Mr. and Mrs. Voegtly.
(Juito a number of our young
people went to l.awen last night
to attend a dance.
W. A. Goodman sells Rolled
Barley at He. Rolled Wheat at
ljc. Clean seed Barley, lie,
Good Wheat He, at his barn in
the west part of town.
Blueprints of every Township
and Range in Harney county,
correct to date. Price $1.(K) each
Address, Burns Blueprint Co.,
Burns, Oregon. 12tf
Kstrayed Three year old filly,
color gray, branded T.IP connect
ed on left shoulder. Rather a
leggy filly. Will pay a suitable
reward for information hading
to her recovery. J. P. Withers,
Harney, Ore. 12tf
R. I). Cooper and M. V. Dodge,
the civil engineers, left this morn
ing for Silver Creek where they
go to build their homestead cab
ins and make preiwrations to
take up their residences on the
R. F. Beatty, a deputy U. S.
marshal, was here this week
after Clarence Hancock charged
with sending obscene letters
throngs the mail. He took his
prisoner out and also Wm. Gor
don, a witness.
Roe Buchanan and wife have
returned from the home of his
parents where his father, J. W.
Buchanan, has been very sick
with pneumonia. He has im
proved somewhat at this time
but is still very sick. For a time
his life was despaired of.
Geo. Cobb was in yesterday to
visit his family who are here for
the school year. Mr. Cobb was
accompanied by his brother-in-law,
W. A. Martin, a lumber
man of Dallas, who has been
visiting here since last Novem
ber but who was on his
A large number hnve signified
their intention to mask at the
ball to be given at Tonawama on
Feb. 14 by Tule Circle, Women
of Woodcraft. Four handsome
prises will be awarded. Good
How Much Will You GlveT
During tin' month of February,
we will contribute Five Per Cent
of all our CASH SALES towards
a fund to assist tho unfortunate
Mr. Wm. Carroll, an old settler
of Oat low Valley, to purchase ar
tificial legs with. Mr. Carroll re
cently met with a sad accident
which deprived him of these
limbs and now needs help. Are
you with us? (Jet busy! Every
cash purchase made here means
just that much more in Mr. Car
roll's pocket, and will be a cher
ished gift you never will miss.
Tonawama Pictures.
Usual picture shows at Tona
wama tonight, tomorrow night
and on Wednesday night.
Tonight there are two good
reels for the children, one a dou
ble reel, "Seeing New Orleans"
and following by the "Katzen
jammer Kids." The first part is
scenic and educational while the
latter is all fun. Another that
will be interesting to the children
is entitled "The Greatest Thing
in the Woild." It is a story of
an old cobbler who had no other
ambition but hoard money. A
little girl changes his life and
then he is a friend to all the chil
dren. The old cobbler character
is impersonated by Marshall P.
Wilder. The third scene is "A
Stolen Invention" which shows a
fire scene. Admission 10 and 15c
Sunday night's program will
be four reels of more than usual
Interact "His Thrifty Wife,"1
is a rich comedy; "Alkali Ike's I
Wife" is one of those rip-roaring
Western comedies that patrons
like do Well; "A Son's Devotion" j
is a very interesting drama and
"Henry IV and the Woodchop
pcr" is one of the finest yet seen
at this house. The usual Sunday
night admission.
The mid-week program consists
of three good reels. "Billy" a
powerful drama, "The Outlaw, " i
a story of misplaced confidence
full of action, and "The Para
chute Maker" all good. Regular
mid-weekprices 10 and 15 cents i
Silver Creek Valley Siftine.
People of the Silver Creek sec
tion are making preparations for
getting wire and commence rah
bit drives, during the winter
Our Exchange
Reaches Every Country, through
our foreign connections. Money dis
patched promptly, safely and at very
small expense.
Harney County National Bank
General Groceries c
Select Can Goods, Fancy Groceries, Dried
Fruits, Tobacco, Confectionary, Coal
Oil, Feed, Grain and Produce
Special Inducements Given On BIk Orders
vv Jl
Harry Arnold must be quite
way busy at Wagontire, as he hasn't
! been seen in the vallev for sev-
If Yoo Want ALL The Home News
$2.00 a year
Best Job Printing
oral weeks. Something quite
unusual for Harry too.
Mr. and Mrs. Woodie Best spent
We are not having so many
rabbit drives in this vicinity late
ly owing to me snow Doing aeep
and sufficiently crusted to allow i last Friday evening at the home
th rabbits good footing, but the of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sturges,
drivers break through, making it playing cards, etc.
very ham work, the rabbits
are fleet and many would escape
by the drivers being thus handicapped.
The heavy snow has caused the
rabbits to come in close to town
and around the hay and straw
stacks for food and shelter.
Many arc killed in the outskirts
of Hums and some of our ladies
are becoming mighty hunters.
Mesdames White, Fisk, Smith
and Welker have become quite
expert (iri telling hunting stories
that lit) but so far have failed to
make good their count to this
office. They may all te good
shots and have offered to show
the manager of this great reli
gious weekly, but we haven't
sufficient life insurance to justify
accompanying them out to see.
Mr. I.eedy, who is teaching the
Dili grade algebra at the high
school this semester, has worked
out a novel method for handling
the large class of twmty-seven.
An examination was held to de
termine the rank of each individ
ual ktwdint Then the class was
divided into five squads, each un
der a captain who was one of the
five receiving the highest mark
in the examination. The duties
of the captains are to assist the
slower mem hers of their .'-.quads
in blackboard work. The stu
dents have taken a lively interest
in the scheme from the start and
competition was keen for the po
sitions of captains. Those re
ceiving the honor for the first
month are: Zella Hardwell, Owen
Cawlfield, Mary Poujade, Dor
man Leonard and Charles Foley.
The TimeB-Herald learns that
the electric lights are to be shut
down today indefinitely. It
seems tho Mill Company has
raised the price for power to a
figure that the light people can
not run them with any profit,
hence they suspend. It is very
inconvenient for the people of
the town not to have electric
lights in the business houses,
homes, churches, the streets
dark and altogether present
gloom. There should be an off ort
made to get iermancnt lights
and at rates that will be equitable.
Died At the Burns Sanator
ium on Wednesday, Jan. 21), P.
J. Kerrigan, aged 43 years. De
ceased had been brought up from
the Narrows section some ten
days before suffering from pneu
monia und it was also found he
had heart disease. It had been
intended to take him to Portland
at once for special treatment
but be died before the prepara
tions were made to remove him
He was unmarried and had no
relatives in this section. The
funeral was held yesterday from
the Catholic church.
Local athletic sports had a very
interesting time at Tonawama
Thursday night when three box
ing exhibitions were pulled otf.
Two preliminaries between Hom
er Beed and John Walkup and
Herman Thies and another boxer
were followed by a bout between
Jack Belmont and a young man
by the name of Bailey. Belmont
was declared the winner of the
bout. The boyB contemplate
more sport of like nature in the
near future. The exhibition was
well attended and those present
express satisfaction with the result.
W. W. Brown is feeding quite
a number of sheep at his Cap
Ranch this winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dibble
and son, accompanied by Will
Amert and W. J. Bauer, return
ed home from visiting outside
points, the fore part of the wet 1.
Mr. W. Crozier is expecting
his wife home from Seattle this
week. She has been visiting
friends and relatives, for the
past year.
"Jack Rabbit."
Valley View Items,
Max Prath and Albert Rose
made a trip to Lawen Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Shaver
spent Sunday with Mrs. Mary
Clyde Shaver has a branch of
the Experimental Farm on his
place and is busy getting it ready
for a crop next spring. We
would suggest trying some thorn
less cactus.
Last Thursday night Dr. Hand
of Lawen was called to see Mrs.
Jimmie Reil who lives north of
Valley View when she came away
Jimmy was the proud and happy
father of a bouncing boy.
Locke, McPhail lost a music
rack and music between his
homestead and Lawen last week
finder please leave at Valley View
School house.
Stock are all wintering nicely
in this part of the valley.
Mrs. Ceo. Raycraft and Miss
May Coleman the popular teach
er of Valley View School enter
tained one evening last week.
Mrs Mary Raycraft, Mr, Harry
McComba and Mr. A. T. Ray
craft an enjoyable evening was
Geo. Raycraft spent the week
end with his family.
Old and New Patrons Will Find the Best Brands Here
Wines, Liquors, and Cigars
Good Service, Courteous Treatment
DROP IN Main Street Burns, Oregon
"i fc
Watch this space for
new announcement in
a short time. Also see
change of firms name,
and big bargains to
follow every week.