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Ht Th Urge.t ClrcuUtlon Of Any
Newapaper In lUrney County.
Th " i
, Good clean seed
-see Allen Jones.
fall wheat
Tljomns Uaycraft is in
Valley Viow.
Baled hny, Bran and all kinds
of cratns al Tho Burns Dent.
Thos. Bain and his son wero
down from their homo near Har
ney tho foro part of this week.
Horses wintered, for$5. Good
timothy hay. W. T. VnnElervcer
on Pine Creek. Address brow
soy. 2-tf.
Tulo Circle, Women of Wood
craft will jiivo a mask ball in
this city on Feb. 1-t. Particulars,
Davo Miller was in town this
week vi3itinR at the homo of his
brother, Treasurer-elect It. A.
Miller, and passinp Christmas
cheer with friends.
'Remember tho pictures tonight
at Tonawama, "Tho Tale of Two
Cities," special feature of threo
vervjntcrestinjj reels. Admis
sions and 15 cents.
Mrs. Millar is olTcritiK her
stock of millinery at 33, reduc-'
tion from now until Christmas.
Call at tho Schwartz store and
sec her nice line. 5
Tom Allen is over from tho P
Ranch to spend tho holidays as
is his usual custom. Mrs. Allen
had been out at the ranch for
some time time but she came in
several days ago.
W. A. Goodman sells Rolled
Barley at lie. Rolled Wheat at
lie Clean seed Barley, lie.,
Good Wheat He., at his barn in
the west part of town. Gtf.
Another successful rabbit drive
was held last Sunday and Mr.
Frank Whiting, who is master of
ceremonies, has asked The Times
Herald to announce that the one
in the same locality next Sunday
will begin at I o'clock in the
afternoon, as many town people
cannot get out in the forenoon
Pat Doncgan. who has been
assisting F. C. Dillard of the
Eastern Oregon Engineering Co.
on tho dredger on the Blitzen
Bwamp for several weeks, came
in this week to spend the holi
days with relatives and friends.
Mr. Dillard also camo in for tho
first time since last July.
Presbyterian church:-Tho ser
vices tomorrow will be in keep
ing with the season. At 11 a.
m. a Christmas sermon will be
delivered by tho pastor, "The
Sages, theStars,and tho Savior.''
At 7:30 p. m, a New Year's ser
mon will be preached i. e. "Swear
ing off; and Swearing on."
SUulio New Year right by giv
ing Go what rightfully belongs
to him.
F-k '' 1UJi-'Liirj
Everything to please a
child's eye, everything
money can bay. For
Christmas Presents to
man, woman or child,
we have some that will
make them happy and
smite Call and see us.
- General Merchandise -
nnonlc Building, - - Burns, Oregon
from r i W " W""
As Modern Means Can Make It!
til i i -..., Jin i
You Should
Deposit At The
First National
Rabbit drive tomorrow 1 p
300 tons of hay for salo at $3
per ton if a whole stack is taken.
Inquire at this office.
Geo. Buchanan and wife were
guests of relatives and friends
in this city last Sunday.
Light, all Btcal run-nbout buggy
qractically now; nlso set of
double liarness with collars. In
puire at this office. tf
The weather has been border
ing on winter for a few days, the
ico has frozen to a good thick
ness and tho job of putting it up
for summer use has begun.
If you have' anything to auction
sec C. P. Lloyd at Allen Jones'
place. He can be reached by
phone. Auctions held on Satur
day when anything is on hand
for sale. i
Mrs. John Robertson is up from
her home at Portland on a visiti
to her husband and other rcla-j
tives. John is now foreman at
the Bell A. and finds it quite
nlcasant to be near town where
no can see his friends of tener.
Mrs. Robertson will remain an
indefinite time.
Arthur Thompson of the Har
ney hotel was in tho city the fore
part of the weeK. lie staieu
their smallpox cases did not mat
erialize as they expected. He
kent two members of his family
isolated for a long period think
ing they would havo the disease
but both refused to take it so he
turned them out to ngain mingle
with tho rest of tho family and
I'.W M',1
"" M ' I
A sulky plow for sale at Mc
Kinnon's White Front Barn, tf
'Fay Comegys was in town this
week visiting his mother and
looking after business.
Don't forget Eastman Kodaks
when buying Xmas presents at
Tho Welcome Pharmacy. 3tf
Roy Bunynrd was down from
Hnrney during tho week taking
part in the holiday festivities.
See J. I. Ca vender at tho old
stand all kinds of second hand
goods bought and sold. Same
good bargains on hand now.
'Mm. Eil Snnlhw-nrlli nnil nhilil-
ren are over from their homo in
Bear Valley on a visit with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
I Sweek.
You can get a ladies genuine
leather hand bag at Tho Welcome
Pharmacy from $1.75 to $3.50
nsk about them. 3tf
Henry Eichncr at Harney Ore
gon, is prepared to-do all kinds
of rag carpet and rug weaving at
83A cents per yard and furnish
the warp. 4tf
' Tho city council passed nn
ordinance last night to close tho
saloons and pool hall from 12
o'clock on Saturday nights until
5 o'clock Monday mornings.
This ordinance will go into effect
in ten days from tho date of its
EdStallard and wifo were over
from their homo on Otis creek
to spend Christmas with Mrs.
Stallard's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. 0. Cawlfield. They left for
homo yesterday morning and
were accompanied by little David
Cawlfield. Their many former
school friends were glad to sec
J. P. Cochran and family were
here for several days this week,
having como in to have their two
children treated by a physician.
Tho son' was operated on by Dr.
Harrison for adenoids, which waB
Htiito successful, and tho little
daughter was treated for ear
trouble. They havo returned
Mrs. Win. Stirling and daugh
ter, Miss Agnes, left last Sunday
for Portland nnd other outside
points to spend tho holiday period.
They wero joined in Portland by
tho youngest daughter, Miss
Nettie, who graduated from the
Harney county high school last
spring and has been pursuing her
Btudics at the Agricultural Col
lego at Corvallis. Mr. Stirling
has been spending a portion of
Ids timo in town during their
absenco taking in tho entertain
ments during tho holidays.
A telegram was received in this
city Thursday morning announc
ing tho death of Mrs, W. D,
Buchanan at La Grande, Tho
lady was a highly respected pio
neer of tliis county where sho re-
sided for many years. She was
tho mother of J, W. and Geo. L.
of this county, Mrs, Buchanan
lived near Harney for many
years but for the past fow years,
sinco tho death of her husband,
sho had been residing witli rela
tives in Union county. Many of
tho old timo people in this Bcctlon
mourn her departure and extend
sympathy to tho bereaved BonB.
Always ready for job printing.
Fred Otloy was n business
visitor during the week.
Fresh homo mado lard 17c. at
Hansen Meat Mnrkct. tf
- Something is wrong. Tho stage
has been getting in earlier.
Plan to attend tho masquerade
ball at Tonawama, Jan. 24th.
Henry Otley nnd Elbert George
were in for tho Christmas dance.
Hngcy & Lundy chattels, small
loans, acreage city property. In
I. 0. 0. F. Bldg, Burns, Oregon.
Supt. Hamilton was in town
today accompanied by his wife
and children.
Mnn and wife with two child
ren want work on a ranch for tho
winter. Apply nt this office.
Dr. Burrow has fitted up offices
in tho Jorgcnson building where
ho may bo found day or night.
Tho Wclcomo Pharmacy has
tho agency for Pickard Hand
Painted China. See their line. 3
Remember! E. R. Griffin has
fine winter pasture nnd hay,
cheap. Narrows, Oregon.' 51 tf
Miss Helene Swain is spending
the holidays with homo folks.
She will resume her school work
Mrs. Vera Welkcr will fill or
ders for masquerade suits. Get
your order in before it is too late
for the coming mnsk ball.
C. A. Harlan and wife camo
dnck from a visit with the Drink
waters over on Cow Creek the
day heforo Christmas and Cy has
resumed his place in tho bank.
The Times-Herald is informed
that Alma Davis has accepted
tho position of deputy post mas
ter under Mr. Logan.
G. W. Clevenger can please
you in wall paper. The very
latest designs are on hand nnd a
variety never before equalled, tf
Rolled wheat is the milk and
egg producer try it. Better and
cheaper than bran. Sold by W,
A. Goodman. Phone him your
A. Dunn will have charge of
my wood business in Burns this
winter. Dry wood on hnnd to
any part of town F. 0. Jackson.
5i tf
Geo. Smyth came over from
Diamond yesterday to visit with
his wife and son nnd to attend
the installation ceremonies of
the Masonic bodies last night
K Fh Hl!nn!n llnl 2 1 1.
xji. miimiu iiuuu nun in mu
city from Lawen today to receive
a load of drugs that had recently
been brought in to stock her
drug store which she is prepar
ing to open up at Lawen. Dr.
Hand reports the health of her
section good.
Harney Lodge, No. 77, elected
tho following officers for the en
suing term: A. Dunn, N. G.;
Thos. Sprague, V. G.; W. W.
Gould, Secy.; II. M. Horlon,
Treasurer. The Rebekahs have
elected: Mrs. Julia Cawlfield,
N. G. ; Mrs. Madge Leonard, V.
G.; Mrs. Juliet Davis, Secy.;
Mrs. Florence Dal ton, Treasurer.
Installation of these officers will
take place tho first part of next
Tnero will bo a meeting of tho
Dog Mountain Rabbit Extermina
ting Club nt tho Sunset school
house on Saturday January 4th
at 2 o'clock to determine tho
time and place for tho first drive.
Van B. Embuer,
California Woman Serloutly Alarmed
"A short timo ago, I contract
ed a sevcro cold which settled on
my lungs nnd caused me a great
deal of annoyance. I would have
bad coughing spells and my lungs
wero so sore nnd inflamed I be
gan to bo seriously alarmed. A
friend recommonded Chnmber
lain'B Cough Remedy, Baying sho
had used it for years. I bought
a bottlo and it relieved my cough
tho first night, and in a weok I
was rid of the cold and soreness
of my lungs," writes Miss Mnrie
Qorber, Sawtollo, Cal. For 'salo
by all dealer,
Keep your hides and furs un
til December, Don't Give Them
Away as I will bo there- to call
and Pay You for thorn, byt no
beavers, If you havo anything
on hand, write mo at Burns, enro
gen. dol. Jackson Brothers,
!3tf IHdo & Junk Co.
Public Stenographer
Tonawama Uldjr,, Burns
Want Changes in
Game Lawn.
The Harney County Rod and
Gun Club held n meeting at The
Times-Herald office last Monday
and with other business consider
ed was some changes in the game
laws. The president find secre
tary of the club wero asked to
write tho Sfate Game Commis
sion respecting sucli changes and
asked for their consideration.
Among tho changes desired are:
Uniform deer laws or open
season throughout the state.
Bounty on cougars large enough
to exterminate them.
Water fowl unchanged.
Sage hen season to open 30
days later, but remain open the
samo length of timo as at pre
sent. .
Th6sc are all good suggestions
and should have the attention of
tho commission in its recommen
dations to tho legislature. The
law should be more uniform over
the slate than at present as it
gives undue advantage in some
Game Warden Mace has just
received a letter from State Game
Warden Finley in which he Bays:
Any matters which your section
of the country desires to place
before the legislature can be ad
dressed to this office and the
same will be turned over to the
Board of Fish and Game Com
missioners who have the revision
of tho laws under consideration
at time. Any changes which
your section of the state desires
will be gladly received by the
commission for their considera
tion." It would seem from this letter
the suggestions of the local Club
will meet with the proper spirit
and no doubt have some weight
The local club has been working
harmoniously with the State
Warden during tho entire season
just past and it is likely their de
mands will be granted.
J. F. Mahon and J. B. Johnson
were elected to membership in
the Club at the last meeting.
More Demonstration Farms.
Believing that the back-to-the-farm
movement can be advanced
through the establishment of
more demonstration farms, Col
onel "Bill" Hanley, the land and
cattle baron of Harney County,
is planning to work for legisla
tion to that effect "Bill" has
been in town a few days and will
remain a while and see how the
political warriors and state law
makers feel about the subject
Hanley's desire is that such a
demonstration or experimental
farm should be established in
every county in tho state and he
feels confident that tho coming
session of the Legislature will
realize the value of such a plan.
"Oregon, particularly Central
Oregon, is going to shoot ahead
farther along the lines of scienti
fic farming in the next 10 years
than any of the older states in
country," said Hanley.
'The majority of new settlers
who will locate in the interior
will start out right. By that I
mean they will educate them
selves ns to the very best scienti
fic methods of developing their
lnnd so that it will produce the
largest and best crops.
"We have been making long
strides forward in the matter of
educating tho farmers in the
latest approved methods and at
tho same time there is room for
n great deal more missionary
work of this kind. That is why
I believe we should have de
monstration farms in eveiy
county in tho state. I am going
to do everything I can to per
suado tho Legislature that I am
right. "-Telegram.
Thrilling Historical Three-red Feature
ADMISSION 25 and 15c.
Regular Five-reel Program
dellghful comedy drama.
"Trip Thatita South Seas"
on the same reel.
VILLE," comedy.
tiful and pathetic story.
TIGERS CLAWS," thrilling.
REMEMBER the prize will
be given Sunday night and
the number must be in the
houBo when called.
Governor Expected To Abk
For Laws Giving Him
Greater Power
A recent Salem dispatch says:
"With the time fixed for the
convening of Iho Lefcblature
rapidly approaching, the presi
dency of the Senate and speak
ership of the IIouso apparently
settled, assurances that the elec
tion of a United States Senator
will be but a mere formality, the
prediction made here by those
who have sounded the sentiment
among the Legislators is that the
big fight of the session will oc
cur when Governor West seeks
to have the Legislature enact his
crusade legislation.
Generally tho friends of the
Governor would have it appear
that tho introduction of his cru
sade to have the legislature will
decasion no clash, but they, as
well as most of the Legislators,
fully realize, say those who have
taken soundings on the subject,
mat tnese measures will be a
signal for a clash between the
Governor, and that it will be the
battle of the session.
Since his inauguration the Gov
ernor has had two dreams his
prison reform policy and his law
enforcement crusade. With the
hope of seeing these dreams ma
terialize, he has made every sac
rifice in the past, and recently
announced that to bring about
their realization he is prepared
to make every sacrifice in the
future. That declaration was
made when he declined to ex
tend clemency to the four mur
derers hanged here this month,
and the opinion voiced here is
that had the Governor not felt
that to extend clemency to them
would be to postpone the day
when capital punishment could
be abolished, and also that it
would operate as a barrier to his
law enforcement crusade.
The Govornor's crusade in
Portland clearly demonstrated,
it is claimed, that if it is to be
crowned with success and be
made state-wide in its applica
tion, his hands must be strength
ened materialy by legislation.
Portland's crusade demonstrated,
it is further asserted, that the
Governor is practically without
appointing power when it comes
to naming special prosecutors
and sheriffs to carry on his cru
sade, and that there are no laws
whereby breweries and distill
eries can be prevented from
shipping liquor from wet into
dry territory, and by which the
express and railroad companies
can be prevented from transport
ing it
Already the Governor has pre
pared a bill to give him power to
appoint special district attorneys
and sheriffs, and providing for
appropriations for the remunera
tion of them whenever they shall
be pressed into service. Con
tending that to give the Governor
authority to appoint special dis
trict attorneys and Sheriffs when
ever lie snail take the notion to
do so would be to clothe him with
the power of an autocrat, many
of the Legislators will fight the
measure to the last, declare those
who are conversant with their
feelings on the subject.
What the attitude of the Leg
islature will be with relation to
bills prohibiting the shipment of
liquor into dry territory, should
the Government ask it to pass
such a measure, as he undoubted
ly will, is problematical, it is de
clared. Many, it is believed,
would be in favor of such a mea
sure, but that it would have op
position is certain. Among other
powerful factors to wage n fight
on it would be the liquor dealers,
and possibly also the express and
railroad companies.
In addition tho Governor will
have a lot of other legislation to
propose. He believes that tho
state should take over the Colum
bia Southern project, nnd ap
propriate money to reclaim tho
lands embraced within this pro
ject. Ho has also draftod a bill
to make the salaries of county
officials uniform and equal, and
to provide for an accounting
system for county clerks. An
other bill drafted by him relates
to county and district fairs, his
real object being, ho says, to
place appropriations made for
them on such a basis that the
usual log-rolling attendant upon
tho passago of individual appro
priation bills may bo obviated,
Ho has also drafted a bill to con
solidate all stato boards, save
thoso having jurisdiction over
educational institutions, into one
Guaranteed N. P. scrip $8.75 an
acre, limited amount only.
Inland Empire Realty Company.
I f , ,. l. ', .J J )J l l-jui L Jiimi uiijiuwfwnw mmmm
: .
i ii! mi
I til Nil
The Harney County National Bank'
II "Your Home Institution" II I
Extends To You The
Compliments of The Season
- ' - And Wishes You
nn mi
A Happy And Prosperous New Year
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1 .
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