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It is foolish to turn down a
rood proposition that may ap
pear on the ballot thru personal
prejudice. Right will prevail
Yentluilly ind there is no reason
o top'' If because you nre a little
piqued about something. Hot
tar consider these things bofore
votinsr. Remember, we came
early not losing our High
School thru just such methods
and Bucn improvements nre nee
waaryto the advnncment of the
eountry. Other measures or im
provements may be just as es
sential if the voter will lay aside
prejudice and look at the matter
is an impartial way. It isn't nl
ivaya best to listen to the
"knocker" on every occasion,
besides one should look for the
inceptive for such before form
ing an opinion.
the Tonawnma Orchestra, Tona
wnmn will bo onoof the most
popular play houses in Eastern
There nro thirteen members lt
tho company this year, some of
last years company and several
new faces will bo scon for first
time before tho foot lights of
Hums, The opening bill "Peace
ful Valloy" with elaborate stage
sotting nnd newly painted Bcen
ery will bo put on tho middlo of
November followed by ono shov
every two weeks. Don't miss
tho opening night
Successful Teachers' Institute.
Now that election time is draw
iisr near voters should begin to
tudy the situation and make
their selections for officers as well
as their decision on tho intiative
and referendum bills on the bal
let It should bo remembered
that a man's politics doesn't make
kinrany better or worse for the
fflce, therefore pick good men
when you go into the booth.
Tho same respecting the bills to
fe Toted on. If you dont under
stand what you are voting for
la that .respect it is the safest
plan to vote no! Ifitisagood
kw it may be passed by the leg
ulature while if a vicious one
yauma'y help to make it legal
and "then rather hard to get rid
of. When in doubt vote -no!
The'old hens seem to be on a
strike" to a certain extent as eggs
are rather scarce and sell for a
good figure. With plenty of feed
ia the granary and a rabbit diet
to balance the ration we might
idtheliigh financial class yet.
Tho Institute held this week
was one of the niost profitable
ones ever held in tho county.
There was practically a full at
tendance of tho tenchers of tho
county and tho several instruc
tors hero from outsido points
were proficient in every respect,
giving the local instructors some
good advice nnd help.
The unfortunnto accident which
prevented State Supt Alderman
being hero to take pnrt was great
ly regretted by all and tho teach
ers sent him a telogram express
ing sympathy and hope for speedy
recovery. The four instructors
who did arrive did splendid work
and there was not a dull hour
during the entire session. Tho
primary work was admirable
handled by Mrs. Fnlkerson, Miss
Cambcll charmed her audioncc
with delightful illustrated talks
on 'art; Mr. Soever gave good
talks on geography and language,
and Dr. Winship was a host in
himself. The Doctor also gave
two excellent lectures at tho
Presbyterian church on Monday
and Tuesdny evenings.
Space forbids a detailed ac
count of these very entertaining
and profitable lectures, but every
one who failed to hear them
missed a literary treat
Prof. Jokisch of the high school
gave a good talk on the responsi
bility of the teacher for tho mor
al development of the pupil. In
all it was a very successful in
stitute that will result in much
good to the schools of Harney
Refuge For China Pheasants
Game Warden Mace has suc
ceeded In .securing a big territory
as a refuge for the China pheas
anta;recently shipped in here by
the state at the solicitation of
the Rod and Gun Club. The
birds.are yet in confinement but
will be liberated later on the pre
eeryc established for them thru
the work ofJMr. Mace.
He has succeeded in securing all
the territory from his place just
across : Sirvies River east of
Burns' to the upper Mace place,
formerly the Blume place, some
20 mifes up the river, reserved
for the protection of such birds
for a term of years and the farm
ers will not only protect them,
preventing any shooting on the
landsi but will also caro for the
birdB In the winter when it is
seen hey need "shelter and feed.
Withn8uch ah arrangement these
came birds should propagate ran
idly"and' become plentiful in a
shori time.
Next season will witness a far
grealftr activity in securing more
sanfis" birds and fish than the
tresent has been, thus it will be
seanthat Harney county is go
ingfb continue in the front rank
of atf Jthe west in the matter of
TornVwama Stock
Co. Re-organized.
ThJ Tonawama Stock Co., of
thia'tltyhaS reorganized for tho
vlnttV season 'with a full cast of
playa, sufficient to produce tho
aosff opular plays.
Flowing are tho officers elect
ed: ,:CaVl"V7 Wolker, Manager
and'director, with Leila Egli as
Tip ,-aager is dealing direct
witrfonoof tho largest manu
script firmV.Jh tho east, and the
opening bill "Peaceful Valley,"
one or aoi amitn uusseirs mosi
popular plays, has already been
selected. This play made Mr.
Ituaa&ll the'm&st popular come
dlanfJn tho United States. Tho
bill ib follow will bo the "Girl
fronf,tho Golden West," also an
UbSrato play.
Si&h plays as "St Elmo,"
"Griustock,"' "Tho Harrier,"
"Th&ma," "Charity Hall," etc
are ail arranged for the winter
and playgoers of Hums can look
forward to plays that will bo up
to date and worth while an re
hearsing will start at once.
Tw management la in touch
wlthTflll ,thp latest music andi
Popular Candidate Spoke
In Burns Last Night
Dr. Harry Lane of Portland,
democratic candidate for United
.States Senntor, spoke at the
court house last night to a very
largo crowd and made a very
favorable impression. Dr. Lane
is a very popular man in this
state and has held public posi
tions of trust several times. He
is a sincere man who makes a
good talk and his friends feel
that with three republicans in
' the race for the place he will bo
I the choice of the voters of Ore
gon for the office to which he as
pires. Dr. Lane is not an ora
tor, but a man of good principles
and his manner of presenting
the questions now before the
people are such as to win favor.
It was one of the largest poli
tical gatherings assembled in
this city during the present cam
paign, and those attending were
well repaid. Judge Biggs made
an excellent address and was
followed by J. F. Mahon, dem
ocratic candidate for state sena
tor in this district Jim made a
decided hit and surprised his
friends by making a fine talk.
Dr. Lane left today accompanied
by Mr. Mahon for Malheur
county points and he will go
from there to Portland where he
will likely remain until election
time, as it seems that place will
bo the particular battle ground of
the campaign for U. S. Senator.
Grand Matron Visits Chapter.
Worthy Grand Matron Marga
ret Hayter of the Eastern Star
visited the local Chapter in this
city on Monday night and it was
a very enjoyable and profitable
occasion for all who attended.
There were two candidates initi
ated, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Smyth,
and after the work Mrs. Hayter
complimented tho Chapter on its
excellence in the work and also
gave the members some good ad
vice and instructions. After tho
lodge work a dainty banquet was
served and a general social time
had. There were a few visitors
from other Chapters present
During her stay in this city
Mrs. Hayter was a guest at the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Julian
Byrd, she being an old time ac
quaintance of tho family, her
home being in Dallas.
g i
fay Premiums Next Week,
The atato appropriation for tho
payment of premiums at tho fair
just closed has boon delayed
owing to tho bond going astray
and a now ono having to bo for
warded. Tho matter has been
attended to and the money should
arrive here the first of next week
when tho secretary will bo ready
to pay off tho premiums.
Several articles were loft at
tho pavilion and havo been
brought to Tho Timos-Hornld
olllico where owners may como
and get them, also several rib
bons which havo been labeled by
the attendants are at tho same
One truck load of exhibits
woro shipped out this week that
will go to vnrious points to ad
vertise tho resources of this
country, at least two tons of tho
products exhibited at tho fair
havo been used for this purposo
This shipment did not include
much of the root crops as most
of those on exhibit wcro either
bndly wilted or not mature
enough to Inst, therefore a fresh
supply will bo gathered later to
be sent to the Portland land show
nnd replenish other exhibits
where they can bo reached con
veniently and in time for the
H. C. H. S. Literary Society.
Harney County High School
literary society met Oct. 11, and
the following program was ren
Song by School.
Instrumental Solo,
Florence Hoffcditss
Biography - - Albert Swain
Current Events. Dorman Leonnrd
Vocal Solo - Ethel Thompson
Debate: Reselved: That Single
tax should bo Adopted.
Afiirmntivo Negative
Robert Hibbnrd Iois Swcek
Jessie Bardwell Agnes Miller
James Walkup Hurt Oliver
Judges decided in favor of the
Song by School.
High School Notes,
Edgar Williams
Recitation - - - . Bee Gage
Instrumental Solo,
Florabclle Goodman
Comical reading, Eloiso Hibbard
Reading - - - Charles Foley
Song by School.
Miss Witzell acted as critic.
Visitors present were Miss Inn
Ternll, Mrs. Cawlficld. Mrs.
Blanch Caldwell.
The Shooting Tournament
Local Gun Club men were dis
appointed in not having any out
side teams here last Saturday to
compete with them in tho shoot
ing tournment, but they went
out and had some fun among
themselves. They spent over
half a day at the traps and made
some of the poorest scores yet
recorded by the local shooters.
In fact it was so poor they havo
purposely lost the score book in
order to prevent Tho Times
Herald man from publishing
them. That is not the excuse
given, but he is positive such is
the case. Frank Triske made
the highest score, but aside from
this we are unable to get any
other information.
Avoid Scdntivo Cough Medicine..
If you want to contribute dir
ectly totheoccuranceof capillary
bronchitis and pneumonia use
cough medicines that contain
codine, morphine, heroin and
other sedatives when you havo a
cough or cold. An expectorant
like Chamberlain's Cough Remc
dv is what is needed. That
cleans out the culture beds or
breeding places for tho germs of
pneumonia never results from a
cold when Chamberlain'B Cough
Remedy is used. It has a world
wild reputation for it cures. It
contains no morphine or other
sedative. For aale by all dealers
Tho Bworn statements of Lifo
Insurance Companies on file at
tho State Insurance Department,
Salem, show that In 1009, 1910,
1911, Oregon Life tho Only Life
Insurance Company Exclusively
Oregon, sold more policies in
Oregon than any other company.
In 1912 Oregon Life is surpass
ing all its previous records.
E. C. EoquiSTON,
Editor Tho Tlmos-llernld:-Somo
timo ago wo promised
tho votorB of Harney county that
whenever it become an estab
lished fact, that Mr. A. K. Rich-
ardson hnd yielded to the wishes
of tho Drewsey Livestock Asso
ciation, and his numoroUB friends,
that wo would present him to
tho voters of Harney county na
an independent candidate for
sheriff and givo you our reasons
for bo doing. Wo havo nothing
against any of tho other nomi
nees for sheriff. Aa far as wo
know they nro honorable men.
Our reasons for putting Mr,
Richardson out tiro as follews:
1st Wo contend that a Bheriff
must bo bor i n sheriff, or ho will
not bo a success. ,
2nd. His past record will bear
us out, thnt ho is a natural born
!lrd. Ho has put more outlawB
behind tho bars during his term
of office than all tho shorjffs
since tho beginning of tho county,
lth. Wo nro inviting immlgra
tion and wo should havo a Bheriff
with a Btato wide reputation so
they will know what class of
people wo nro inviting, and that
it is no place for a crook to
5th. Should a now man bo
elected that was equally as good
aa he, tho bars would bo left
down till he built up a reputa
tion nnd by that time tho same
old cry would go out "Ho has
had tho office long enough, pass
it, on to tho next"
Oth. Mr. Hichnrdson ia better
qualified to fill tho office than ho
over was,
Viewing it from a fair nnd im
partial standpoint, is thcro any
reason for making a chango in
tho sheriffs office.
J. L. Sitz; President
A. J, Johnson, Sec
Drewsey Livestock Asso.
(Paid advertisement)
New Parcel Post Law
In resiwnso to many inquiries
for information, Senator Jona
than Bourne, Jr., Chairman of
the Senate Committee on Post
Offices and Post Roads, has pre
pared the following summary of
the provisions of tho Now Parcel
Post Law which will become ef
fective January 1, 1913.
Any article is mailable if not
over 11 pounds in weight nor
more than 72 inches in length
and girth combined, nor likely to
injure the mails or postal equip
ment or employes.
Flat rate of 1 cent per ounco
up to 4 ounces regardless of distance.
- aoovo -l ounces, rnies are oy
tho K)iind or fraction thereof,
nnd varying with distance as
Piono for salo or trade for cat
tlo or good gentle work horses.
Inqulro of W. W. Drlnkwater, of
Chronic DyipcpiU.
Tho following unsolicited testi
monial should certainly be suffi
cient to givo hope nnd courago to
persons nfllictcd with chronic dyo
pepsin: "I havo', been a chronic
dyopoptic for year, and of all tho
mediclno I havo taken, Chamber
lain's Tablets havo dono mo moro
good than anything else," Bays
W. G. Maltison, No. 7 Sherman
St, Hornollsville, N. Y. Sold by
all dealers.
Foil Sale Wood or postB ir
tho timber, or hero in town.
Leave orders at Lunnburg, Dal
ton Co. or Schwartz's. Satisfac
tion guaranteed.
First Each 11
Rural route and lb. ad. lb lbs
city delivery .05 .01 .15
50 mile zono .05 .03 .35
150 " " .00 .01 .46
300 " " .07 .05 .57
G03 " " .08 .00 .08
1000 " " .09 .07 .79
1100 " " .10 .09 1.00
1800 " " .11 .10 1.11
Over 1800 miles .12 .12 1.32
H. F. Stillson and family ar
rived hero last night from Eu
gene whore they had been re
siding for tho past two years or
more. They have como back to
Can you beat it? Chain har-
swigs, and with specialties and1 ness $19.50 at Shelley's.
Take Foley Kidney Pills
Oct rid of your Domlly Kldnoy
Alfmonta, that coat you a IiIkIi pries
In enduranco tf juin, loss of timo nnd
money. Otliera lmvo cured themselves of
by the prompt and timely uia of 1'OLRY
IIIiADACIIIi, end ALL, tha many other
troubles that folIowDlBKASEDKIDNEYa
Tho Postmnster General may
make provision for indemnity,
insurance, nnd collections on de
livery, with additional charges
for such service, and mny, with
tho consent of tho interstate
commerce commission after In
vestigation, modify rates, also
weights and zone distances,
when experiences has demon
strated the need therefor.
Call for Warrant.
Notice is hereby given thai
there aro sufficient funds in tho
county treasury to redeem all
Harney County Warrants regis
tered prior and up to Novembor
7, 1911. Interest will ceaso on all
bucIi warrants September 11,1912.
Simon Lkwis,
Treasurer Harney County.
They Mako You Feel Good,
Tho pleasant purgativo offect
produced by Chamberlain'a Tab
lets and tho healthy condition of
body and mind which thoy crento
makes ono feel joyful. For salo
by all dealers.
Satisfied customers and nn in
creasing business sucak for themselves-
W. B. Shelloy, tho har
nesB and saddle man.
Trade Marks
Anroa landing a rt.lch and dwerlptlqn mar
ti.oklr Mwrum our opinion fra bthr tu
laoia. uimgiaQisa
uidbooioa f'alaota
rum our opinion fi
nonaaautui. Ilandt
liiranllon U i
ajr.tirr fur ourlna Dalanta.
I'atanu taken ilirnufh Hun a k lit, law
limn alrlatl r noi
ant fraa. oldest atreticr for eaeurlna: patao
twl4f notice without bliarea. la tLa
A liinitiomalr IILitrated weaklr. T-araeet air.
eu'atlim lit anr Aolantma lnurul. Teriuc. U a
"wi four morii,H. Sviatiall newdiltr.
caiaoiKIUNllYanuuLiAUUUii'iKUUUe "ri murmomne,!. watiaii naatdaaiara,
LB not beyond tho reach of medicine. Hoi 4JIINM & PfJ MIBfMdaif, HfiUJ TflrH
mediclno can do more. miucl 3l-i. ik v .. wtihiuaiu" u. c.
Statement of tho Ownership,
Management, Circulation, Etc.,
of The Times-Herald, Published
Weekly at Burns, Oregon, ns re
quired by Act of August, 24,
Nnmo of Editor Poatofilco
Julian Byrd Burns, Oregon
Managing Editor. Julian Byrd
Business Manager, Julian Byrd
Publisher, Julian Byrd
Known bondholders, mortga
gees and other security holders,
holding ono per cent or moro of
total amount of bonds, mortga
ges, or other securities: Nena
Julian Byrd
Sworn to nnd subscribed bo-
foro mo this 2nd day of Oclobor,
Charles W. Ellis,
Notary Public.
Browns Satisfactory Store
Shoes For School
Choice of Tat;, Calf and Gun Metal
and Patent, heavy good wearers for
school girls and Hoys.
School Hosiery
Chiidrcns School Hose. Fine Rib
bed School Hose, and made for hard
wear. AH sizes for children.
Girls Winter Cloaks
A few advanco numbers of Misses
and Little Girls Coats. We can show
you a few styles at this time that may
be just what you want.
Overcoats For Winter
Overcoats for Boys and young Men
Wc can please and fit you both. Call
and get yours from the latest Uric.
School Suits
For Young Boys .and Men at all
ages from 6 to 15 years. Heavy
for winter and a small price attached.
Boys Winter Wear
A Fine and Warm Line of Winter
Underwear and Ovcrshirts for the
Boys. Also the best line of latest
Sweater Coats at Rockbottom Prices.
1 section, 040 acres, level un
improved sago brush land in
Hnrney Valley, canbosubirrignt
ed. 100 aero tract, fenced, good
house deep well and otherwise
improved. Prices made to suit in
tending settlers. No speculators
need apply. Inquire at this office.
DnveCraddock was down from
SIlvicB Wednesday.
Low Fares West. Fall Colonist
Period, Daily Until Oct. 10.
To All Central Oregon Points On . -
Send Your
Orders For
Lumber, Lath.
Cedar Shingles,
Hardwood Plaster,
Portland Cement,
Liimp Lime, Etc.
TO raiMifflraitt&a
Overturf , Davis, Miller Co.
m ii mm aa a. m
Wholesale and Retail Dealers
Office Phone 36 Mill Phone 48
We have a large stock of the above
and can make quick deliveries to the
Burns Country. Get OUR Prices.
St. Louis
New York
St Paul
Kansas City
Des Moines '
From Other Eastern Points In Proportion
Tell your friends in the East of this opportunity of moving
West at low rates. Direct train service via Burlington Route,
Northern Pacific, Great Northern, "North Bank," and Oregon
Trunk Railways Details will be furnished on request
. A Book About Oregon
fifty page illustrated book describing the districts of Cen
tral Oregon will bo forwarded to you or your friends if you will
write W. E. Coman, General Freight Agent, Oregon Trunk Ry.,
Details of schedules, fares, etc, will be furnished on request
W. E. COMAN, General Freight and Passenger Agt.
-.For AH:-
Mi'i'll ilM I i I" Mi II I ' I
New Goods! New System!
Low, Prices!
Having cut out the long credit
system, we are prepared to give
prices which will pay you to buy at
home. Remember, when you buy
at home you create a market for
what you have to sell, no matter
what it consists of, whether it be
farm products, labor or legal ad
vise, you don't help your own com
munity, when you go outside to
trade; you don't help the farmers
when you buy outside flour. Last
year many people sent away and
went outside to trade. What is the
result? The wheels of industry
have been idle, no building, no bus
iness, no work, no market. Heavy
crops are being harvested and still
a large portion of the old crop is
on hand. It is now time for the
people to get together if they want
prosperity at home. Trade at our
place if you can; if not trade with
our competitor; but Trade at Home
Burns Department Store
- a
1 LOl
ill f I.... -1 "WM,.! ,
Ii I
Ijl I
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both the
Large &
Glad To ShOvV
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