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Vive Ctmcs3ttrnl&
Tlio Olllclttl Vapor o( Harney County
Ims tlio largest circulation ml liouoot
ho beat lulvcrtlnhiR mmlluma In Kiulorn
tCllc'Ojt'rnt SMnrticy Comiiru
Cowra an nrcn ol 0,428,800 ncic ol
land, fi,TI,Wil ncruH yet vncnnt iili'd
to entry under tlio public land laws ol
tlio United Rlnlo,
NO 17.
Portland Commercial Club Dinner
n Brings Out Past Results
lommcrcinl Bodies, The State and The Railroads Will
Join Forces in Exploiting Resources of Oregon
Harney County Grain and Grasses Reach Portland.
v (Portland Correspondence.) ibook hits been compiled by D. O.
i T !..!.. . .1 T- ,1 1
mvuiy, muimger oi mo I'orunnu
Union Stockynrds and n practical
Booster spirit ran hijjli at tho
icnnial dinner of tlio Portland
jmmercial Club tho past week
Mien the continuation of the
amotion committee work was
Iscusscd. Tlio accomplishments
, tho past two years were re-
Qunted and now enthusiasm i
lined for the future. The din-
f . . . ........... .,-
ar urouKiit lOKeincr diu promi
ent business men of Portland
id a Greater Oregon and a
Suited Pacific Northwest were
leducd by the speakers.
l'eloKrams were read from
lines J. urn, .illume uoucrt b.
jvett, Louis W. Hill, Theodore
1 1 nr;i tr 1 rit:n 1
vucu., iiuwaiu uiiiuii ami
icrs in wnicn encouragement
lis given for tho work nccom-
fished. Speeches were full of
. , - . .
pionusm. Kj. u. nnpman, ueo.
ft Johnson and others told of tho
Dgress of the work. President
Bvens of the Hill lines in Ore-
m urged further promotion
jrk and it was decided to raise
00,000.00 for publicity during
coming two years.
Manager Chapman of tho Pro-
jtion committee laid special
rcss upon the Oregon Develop-
lent League work and told of
! splendid spirit shown through-
it the state. Tho sentiment of
was that this co-operation
Sould bo maintained and all Ore-
En should be boosted, rather
an anyone section. Portland
jst grow with the Northwest
stead ahead of it.
Driving of last spikes on new
BIroads is a favorite festivity
Oregonians this year. The
est road to hold a celebration
ithe Grants Pass and Rogue
irer, which has just started a
ie of thirty miles from Grants
ss to southern Josephine
jnty where the celebrated
yes are located. Tho first or
Ivor spike was driven at Grants
ss during the week and a dc-
jnstration by tho commercial
b and the people of tho city
d surrounding country nccom-
lied it.
livestock man. It will bo dis
tributcd widely throughout tho
state and particularly in tho in
terior. ORAIN AND GRASS O.llllllTEl).
Mr. Marvin, who hns charge
of tho Western Colonization Co.
offices in Portland, has written a
letter acknowledging receipt of
tho grain and grasses recently
sent him from this city to exhibit
in his olllce. v
Tho exhibit was not largo as
the committee asked to provido
it could find only a limited supply
of sheaf grain, alfalfa, timothy
and other grasses from which to
select. It was boxed together
with some excellent photo views
of this section and expressed to
Portland at the expense of the
Commercial Club. The Kellogg
Stage Co. passed the shipment
over the line to Prairie City with
out charge. Mr. Marvin writes
it reached him in very good con
dition and will bo the means of
attracting desirable people to tho
Harney country.
It is tho intention of the Fair
Board to again uso the products
exhibited this fall for advertising
purposes as last year. The prize
winning products will be sent
out to various points where- most
good will result
Another feature of tho fair this
fall will be special premiums
offered by the association for dry
farm products. These will bo
classed and will not have to com
pete with irrigated products.
result of tho meeting was tho
subscription, nt tho mooting, of
$335.00 to Blart tho road making
work, which amount was in
creased to $G30.00 tho next day
by tho committco who canvassed
tho town."
Tho Bullotin says further that
n committco of four has boon ap
pointed to solicit further funds
and to push tho work immedi
ately. Judgo Ellfa of tho .county
court stated at tho mooting that
ho was confident tho county
wouiu co-oporato in tho movo
after Bend had started tho un
dertaking. Tho Crook county peoplo may
rest assured that Harney county
will tako care of this end of the
road and is ready to do its part
toward a first class wagon and
auto road botweon hero and tho
Deschutes railroad points at all
"seasons of the year. This ar
rangement brings Harney county
more directly in touch with Port
land whore most of tho goods
shipped in como from and with
good roads will bo a substantial
saving in rates.
It would seem, also, that a
mail route between these places
would bring our mail from the
west in less time than under pre
sent arrangement, and this will
have tho attention of tho busi
ness men of Burns.
Some Assistance Aiding Creation of
Irrigation Districts
The Agricultural College Regents Seek Early Start for
Seeding and Will Appoint a Committee to Ijook
After Location of New Station in Harney Valley.
caring for lands of their own or
in charge of large Mint cm. to get
tlio greatest possible vrtlue out
of tho laud, and to help them
to solve the problems that arise,
and to got rid of the posts which
injure crops.
)regon dairymen will probably
teive considerable benefit from
dairy dinner at the Commer-
Club March 9, when methods
aid the industry will bo dis-
iscd and means suggested to
foster it and encourage thoso
jaged in it. Dairymen, state
cials, members of tho health
irds and experts from tho Ore-
Agriculture College will at-
Id and in the interchange of
is how best to develop dairy
, much of valuo may be ex-
frio Fat Stock Show of tho
title Northwest Livestock As-
nation at tho Portland stock
bds Marcn 20, 21 and 22 will
ract a great deal of attention
cattlemen and stock raisers.
lications arc that a largo num-
of people will attend tho
W and special rates ot one
one-third faro have been
lo from Oregon, Washington,
iho and Northern California
1 tho round trip. Tickets will
3ri sale March 1G to 22, return
t March 20 to 24. Tho pre
lim list is out and provides for
I exhibition of cattle, horses,
ep and hogs, with liberal
pes for winning stock. Thero
io admission fee whatever,
is there an entry chaigo for
rials exhibited.
lelieving that Central Oregon
unusual inducements to
j, hog raiser tho traffic depart-
it of tho Ilarriman lines will
ko special efforts to aid tho
icrs in that region in tho de-
kpment of tho industry.
cial litoraturo on tho subject
, bo issued and distributed to
rest the men on tho soil in
production of more hogs, Tho
A friend writes from Virginia
Valley that his neighborhood has
been doing good work in getting
rid of rabbits. Under date of
March 1 he writes: "Wo had
our most successful rabbit drive
today and secured 1000." In all
there has been four drives and
Mr. Beckley, who was in tho city
tho first of tho week, Bays they
have destroyed in the neighbor
hood of 3000, but our corrcsjion
dent puts it at 2000.
It seems the entire population
of that section turn out to tho
drives, men, women and children
and they make a day of it the
ladies serving luncheon at tho
noon hour and doing their part in
the drives.
Henry Mesner and O. E.
Thompson acted as captains and
under their leadership tho drives
have been very successful.
Now that the snow is rapidly
disappearing the drives will have
to bo dispensed with but the
(work of destruction should con-
tintinue as much as possible. It
would be a good idea to form
gun clubs in each neighborhood
and have contests on certain
days. Tho side bringing in tho
largest number of rabbit ears
would win and the other fellows
could furnish tho supper for
A largo number of rabbits have
been slaughtered tho past winter
but there are still enough loft to
be quite a pest to tho small farm
ers. Next season wo should
start in early and make a clean
Tho citizens of Bend have not
delayed in tho proposed road
from that placo to Burns. Tho
Bullotin of recent date says:
"On Thursday night at a gen
eral meeting held in tho Com
mercial Club rooms tho matter
of tho Bend-Burns road was
taken up with enthusiasm by tho
thirty-fivo Bend citizens in at
tendance. Tho most
Petition of J. II. McMullen
nnd others to change tho county
road near Drewsey was not nl
lowcd, tho petition being illegal
and tho bond insufficient
In tho matter of refunding
taxes collected from transient
Lnko county sheep it was found
tho necessary affidavit was miss
ing and tho matter continued
pending further information from
tho county clerk of Lake county.
Scalps of varmints ordered
counted nnd destroyed.
Mrs. Myrtle Haines was re
funded taxes on land which the
Government contested and re
fused iwtcnt
Chas. W. Miller, Wm. Dunn,
Grant Thompson and Thos. Bain
allowed rebate on over-assessments.
Loyd Johnson granted n liquor
license in Lawen precinct
Petition of A. G. Shafcr nlid
othera for a county road near
east shore of Harney Lake wns
considered nnd road ordered
viewed and surveyed.
Tho janitor ordered to clean
the grounds, secure necessary
repairs to pump, lawn mower
nnd other machinery.
An appropriation of $7G0 to
assist in paying premiums for
tho Harney county fair.
Clerk ordered to draw warrant
for $175 for the purchase of nec
essary instruments for tho county
E. J. Lucas granted n liquor
licenso in Alberson precinct
It appearing to tho court that
tho sheriff should be allowed an
expenso account and it was or
dered ho bo allowed $500 for tho
expenses of his office, his salary
being inadequate for tho amount
of traveling it is necessary for
him to do.
Tho first meeting of tho stock
holders of tho Masonic Building
Association of Burns, Oregon
will bo held at Masonic Hall,
Burns, Oregon on Tuesday tho
14th day of March, 1911 at 2
o'clock in tho afternoon for tho
purpose of organization.
Dated this 10th day of
ruary, 1911.
J. L. Gault
G. W. Clovengor
Wm. Miliar
J. M. Dalton
Sam Mothcrshcad.
John W. Sickolsmith, Greens
boro, Pa., has throo children, and
liko most children they frequent
ly take cold. "Wo have tried
several kindsof cough medicine,"
ho says, "but hnvo novor found
any yet that did them as much
good as Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy." For sale by all good
Tho peoplo of Harney county
are interested in irrigation, es
pecially tho irrigation district
plan. The recent legislature
made some changes in the water
laws that will interest our read
Perhaps tho most important of
these is tho net extending tho
present irrigation district law.
Besides amending thirteen sec
tions of this law, a number of
now sections were provided, the
most important being the grant
ing to irrigation districts tho ad
ditional power of drainage, which
goes hand in hand with irriga
Provision was made for tho
uniting of two or more districts,
for the changing of the bound
aries of districts when formed,
to provido for the mnnner of in
cluding and excluding of lands
from irrigation districts, provid
ing a method whereby the legal
ity of proceedings in connection
with tho organization of such
districts may bo determined and
confirmed, and further provid
ing for tho levying of assess
ments not to exceed $1.00 an acre
for the payment of preliminary
engineering and other incidental
cxpcnccs in connection with the
organization of such enterprises.
In discussion of tho irrigation
district law thcro was a strong
sentiment in favor of making the
acres of land owned within tho
boundaries of tho district tho
basis for yoling, instead of in
accordance with tho general
election lnws of tho stale. Such
a provision was urged by the
large landowners, tho lien upon
whose land would furnish the
money for construction nnd who
refused to have their affaire man
aged by a majority of tho voters
of tlio district
To encourage these large land
owners to undertake such de-
yclopment.'a bill providing for
tho incorporation of land owners
for the purpose of irrigation and
drainage was enacted. All land
to bo reclaimed under such law
must -bo voluntarily included
within'nT'projcct Provision for
raising money by the issuance of
bonds based upon thcarenof such
laud is provided, also for tho salo
of land to settlers, the sottlers
becoming members of such cor
poration in proportion to tho land
purchnsed. When all tho Innds
nro sold, tho settlers will own tho
works nnd have leeway in pay
ing for the improvements.
Senato bill No. 142 amends the
present law relating to the con
demnation of land for the jiur
poso of applying water to bene
ficial uso so as to follow substan
tially tho langungo of the Utah
law relating to this subject.
IIouso bill No. 305 relates to
tho diverting of wnter from this
state into adjoining states for uso
in such states. It provides "that
tho state engineer may in his
discretion dcclino to issue a per
mit whoro tho placo of beneficial
uso is in some other state, unless
under tho laws of such other
stnto wator may bo lawfully di
verted for beneficial uso in tho
stalo of Oregon."
For tho purpose of considering
tho best plan of procedure for
the establishment of the experi
mental stations in Harney County
and in Southern Oregon, as pro
vided in a legislative act passed
by tho general assembly during
the session at Salem, the board
of regents of Oregon Agricultural
College met in the Imperial hotel
last night
Thu meeting was largely of an
informal character and for the
purpose of having tho stations
started in lime for spring work,
so that this season's results might
be considered when the harvest
is at hand. The legislature ap
propriated $2,000 for tho Har
eoy Station, and it is reported
that the county has set aside from
$10,000 to $15,000 to assist in
making the project worthy of the
empire in which it is located.
Under state laws the cost does
not become effective until three
months have passed. "By that
time it would bo too late to gel
advantage of this year's crop.
For this reason the board, in an
informal manner, decided to ap
point a committee to look after
the location of the new station,
nnd also to see if tho seed could
bo planted in time to gather a
crop this fall.
Tho members at the meeting
President Kerr, of Corvallis;
C. E. Spence, of Canby; J. K.
Weatherford, of Albany; L. B.
Alderman, of Salem; J. T. Apper
son, of Clackamas; Walter N.
Pierce, of LnGraude; B. F. Irvine,
of Portland; C. L. Hawley, of
Corvallis. The committee de
cided upon will be appointed at
a later dale. --Oregoninn.
SacH Farmer Thousand ot Dollar.
An nctual saving of over $1,000
in horse feed resulted from tho
information gained by n promi
nent business man and farmer
The "WlldcrncM" nnd llic ''Mob.'
James J. Hill might have
achieved greatness in any one
of Boveral fields of action. He
has become minentas a railroad
builder and country developer.
Ho might have become a great
editor, for ho has had tho faculty
of stating things clearly and con
cisely. Ho is nn epigramatist,
and tho lntcst inslanco is his
statement in a letter to tho com
morcial club that land without
peoplo 1b u wilderness; people
without land are a mob."
Among alLthe practical pro
blems that appqal to statesmen,
educators, philosophers and pub
licls for solution, perhaps none
is more important than this:
How to bring unused land and
landless people together. How
to encourage and aid, landless
people to realize tho importance
of the possession and good uso of
a piece of land.
Tho "wilderness" and there
nre numberless patches of wilder
ness in old-settled communities
needs people to come nnd use it.
And what Mr. Hill calls the
"mob" great numbers of peo
ple paying rent, and buying
everything they consume nt trust
prices, and never having a real
homo of their own, or tho satis
faction of producing things
need the laud.
To decrease at once tho "wil
derness" nnd the "mob" is a
species of evolution to be worked
out in tho main by its own inher
ent forces, yet it can be quicken
ed and strengthened much by
people of iower and influence
whose efforts are prompted by
progressive and practical ideas.
employes to greater efforts to
safeguard lives.
In 1003-1901 the number of
accidents on tho Union Pacific
was 20 for 1,000,000 locomotive
miles. On tho Pacific system of
the Southern Pncific the number
of accidents per 1,000,000 loco
motive miles was reduced from
29,5 to 10.5 in tho same time.
Insurance that Insures
3tg)&l1 ejstit
Post Office Building, Burns, Ore.
Ilarriman Lines ( Carry ID, IJ)S.
000 Persons in Safety
Instillation of safety devices
and the block signal system are
cited for the record of tho Hnrri
innn railroads in carrying 49, '191,
000 passengers in 1910 without
sacrificing a single life.
Tho report was compiled in the
of Salem, Oregon, in the winter! nice,of J.ulius Kruttschnit. direc
tor oi maintenance ami operation,
Chicago. It covered the busi
ness of tho Union Pacific, South
ern Pncific and affiliated roads, a
total of 17,900 miles. The total
number of passengers carried on
a mile basis is U. 000, 000. 000.
Tho Ilarriman system carried
10 per cent of the estimated 1910
passenger traffic. The figures
for most of the other railroads
have not yet been compiled by
tho Government but in 1909 tho
number of passengers carried
was 29,000,000,000. The figures
for 1910, it is said, will not ex
ceed a billion more.
Many other railroads have gone"
through a year without a fatality
to any of its passengers, but it is
said that no system has made
this record for such a largo total
of passengers.
Results on the Hnrrinuiif lines
aro ascribed ton compaign waged
by the management for years lo
reduce accidents. Tho Ilarriman
system now has more miles
of automatic block signal pro
tection than any other system in
tho world. Mr. Kruttschnitt has
directed special attention to tho
accident problem, and began
sovcral years ago to bring about
n reduction by giving complete
publicity toall forms of accidents
and their investigation, which, it
is belioved, spurred officers nnd
short course at the Oregon Agri
cultural College. Last year ho
came himself to tho course, nnd
this yenr being unable to attend
ho sent his ranch foremnn. The
knowledge gained in the course
on feeding of horses alone netted
him a saving of over $1,000 in
his feed bills, nnd his animals
are in finer condition than ever
before, ho says.
Over $5,000 would havo been
saved by S. W. Jnmicson of Dell,
Oregon, ho estimates, if ho had
taken tlio short courso two years
ago. Inoxpericnco and lack of
training whon ho camo west two
years ago to dovelop his holdings
of 4,000 acres of fruit lands,
caused Mr. Jamieson lo mnko the
usual mistakes of tho beginner.
Upon attending tho courso at
tho college this winter ho dis
covered his mistakes, and made
a careful computation of his con
sequent losses, which amounted
to oyer $5,000.
Theso aro but two of a largo
number of similar cases which
havo como to tho attention of
Denn Arthur B. Cordley of tho
college. It is a special aim of
tho college to equip young men
to go out nftoi? graduation nnd
develop tho now lands to their
utmost capacity, but to help tho
farmers, stockmen and orchard
men of tho Btato who nro already
Burns, Oregon.
Hardware and Crockery
Guns and Ammunition
of all kinds
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'tsft- y!F-
Four well equipped lines. Excellent facilities
for transportation of mail, express, passengers
I'rnlric City to Burns. Vale to Hums
Hums to Diamond . Burns to Venator
E. B. WATERS, Agent.
ARCHIH M'GOWAN, President and Manager
Harney County Abstract Company
Modern and Complete Set of Indexes
An Abstract Copy
of Every Instrument on Record in
Harney County.
N. A. DIBBLE, Propt.
Courteous treatment, rates reason
ableGive me a ca'l
A First Clas Bar in Connection
i The Harriman Mercantile Go.
Pncific Stock and Poultry food
at tlio Lunnburff, Dalton & Co.
important Department Store.
v. T. MJS1IJR,
AlnnitKor nnd Saleitinnu,
Homestead Locations
Secretary and Notnry Public
ltttiruuiiU 'Dint Which UTtutoil itml Htlliililii, uml llnmllo Humwlully nil Bortu ol livul KNtnto llimlnua. Wo tiro
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