The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, April 17, 1909, Image 1

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    miMiiwn mli wrnw
Wt Vlme.HctAia
ThoOlllclM Paporol llnrnoj County
hu the.lnrgost circulation umllioiioof
tho.boet ndvoTtiilnR.inotllumi in Eaalorn
1T i
?TIjc Wrcnt SUnrucu Country
Cot or nn nrcn of 0,428,l00 urirt ol
liuxl, 4,ini,J)Gl ncrm yet vacant eiihlu't
to entry under llio jmhllc Inml dmc. ol
llio United filnlLg.
- NO. 22
i. ,.i... .-. HIM I
(Successfully drown Under SlmlUr Condllloot
J And on Poorer SoliShould Not be
Irritated When Sired lor Seed.
Tho following letter was re
cently received by J. C. Feley:
My dear sir: Your kind favor
f recent date has been duly re
ceived and contents carefully and
lidiciously noted and in reply I
pect to not Bccd from n second
This valley is subject to frost
sanio as Harney henco tho reason
for taking tho first crop for seed.
I beliovo that tho day will conio
when Harney will produco mil
lions of dollars worth of tho seed.
It would bo worth whilo for some
of those settlers in Sunset valley
to mako a beginning along this
lino also thoso fellows on tho
Carey Act land.
Fifty dollars not is about tho
average yield per aero and often
soventy-flvo dollars or more is
obtained, 300 to 800 lbs per aero
is tho yield, which at 12J to M
Klamath I'alla and Laketlcw Unite to Secure
llllhwaji Along Lines I'ropoied by
The Court ol Harney County.
sorvico for passenger, mail and foUBTS AT WEISER APRIL
express trnlllc is corlain to follow
speedily and freight outfits will
soon bo steadily Blcaming along
tho route
A press dispatch from Kltimalh
Dr. Denman passed through
Monday in his nutomobiio.
Several new comers havo nr-
I'f.ninlng a Meeting In llulle Later to Inltrcit
That Section In Extending Road to
Connect Willi lloUc-Coo Day.
im nnnaf ninnJ in env flinf m -Tn.
is I can forcast events at this P?nta ?cr,pound vca sme
Rrcscnt writing, I shall in an ' dea of where you are. And for
Falls says: Klamath County ?v.'. 0nu of ll,e K"tf to
people aro determined to mako build immediately.
this city tho trafllc gateway be
tween Portland and Southeastern
Oregon trade territory and in
that effort has . tho moral and
irobability be unable to make tho
Journey to your city before the
kill of the year.
s Alfalfa seed can be had hero
Jr about 12J cents per pound.
lut say! Harney may some day
ecome tho greatest alfalfa seed
roducing region in tho west.
JIfalfa seed is the mortgage lift-
of tins valley, and this seed is
toducedon land that is worth
ies for any other purpose. It
ill not grow grain or hay and
-ry little pasture, and tho grow-
bg of alfalfa seed has not in tho
fast diminished the area devol
ved to grain and hay and yet
io allalfa seed grown in this
hlley brings in more money than
le beef cattle.
Now Harney has the climate
m thousands of acres of ideal
Snd for the production of alfalfa
led The land must be too drv
make other crops profitable
id the alfalfa must not bo irri
ted and the first crop must be
ft for seed, no hay should bo
t from the field that is design-
to make seed.
ITho alfalfa should be drilled in
ly from two to three inches in
Ipth and should be sown as
rly as tho ground is in crood
liable condition. The erminrf
ist bo dry enough so that the
falfa will not crow over two
. in hcjpchth, iYlll ..not-Jodms
it stand erect and for seed mir-
pses the plants should be rather
lin c i the ground, not so thich
for hay. It is a mistake to
the first crop for hay and ex-
tho lazy man it beats cattle rais
ing so lar that cattle men aro
material support of tho County
Courts of Lake and Klamath
counties and tho business men
and shippers of Lnkoviow. At
David Williams spent Sunday , . , . , . ,
at irnnrtr!r.ii'n '.Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
William SchoMand
Narrows Monday.
... , ,. April 80th, May 1st and 2nd.
visited tho ,. , ... .. ,
jXhry alio roport tho meeting of
i HfTlA.Mili((vnlinnri1 nf 11m RnnHi.
nir. uiomnowgii is wonting roq,,,.,, rdal)0 Commercial Clubs,
"1U" "'. Saturday May 1st.
Tlio stngedriver's buggy was Club lias decided to make this a
Huito have suffered an annual J'$s4$ittttj$jj
iogoi uvc or six per cent ot their
lamb crop in past yearn, from tho
eating of poisonous weeds. Yel-,
low camas, lupin and larkspur, i
are tho weeds which have caused I
the greatest loss.
Recently an antidote was dis-l
covered by veterinarians which .
cures from sixty to 70 per cent
of the diseased sheep. This pre-'
paration comes is capsules and is
dissolving tho
The WoiRor Signal announces
tho Oregon-Idaho Dovelopmontiwjminj(,ie,(1( n
Congress meeting at Wciscr on capsule in waiei and then giving
it to tho affected sheep. If given
in time the cure is certain.
Dr. Lytic has recommended
this to tho sheepmen of that vic
inity and having declared that it
Tho Weiser wa8 l'10 'JC8t tmn,r outmrmulc for
nits ueauncni oi poison cases, a
Af1.. .1 ;... ...! 1 ,n nnn
. . . .. .. , thn nlinrrorlvmrntiiurnf tlin Kin. rrmvilnil MTmiiln,, liinlullr.... hlir aiwwRi'llI mnnlinir nml nm THIU . ""'b1111 OflltrCU 'JU,UUU
not in it-sit aown anti watctut "-;- .': "";" " .,,........,.. --,-"----7." .. . 7 "', " . " ennsu esand nnon tbnir nrrivnl
crow then hnrvoqt nndtlirpsh it miun uinmnor 01 uommerco passongor, two suit eases antl nn .wonting wuii migiii anu main iori ;, ,, ,. ' , . .
and there you are, thousands in Thuradny night tho sentiment of orphan calf,
it, sir. Miss Lena Harkoy might People to get tho work start- C(U.j Uwmmn ,, bcen ,rt,.
make her fortune on tho Buoy ed was made clear and tho Coun- provlnK ilis dc80rt cnim H(J
homestead. ty Court of Ivlanmtli county has exciivalc(1 n dilch u
Hoping that some lazy "want ",ttC,l "" i'.v i"""""" ionff that will bo used to irrigate
to get rich quick" inhabitant of vor 01 prosecuting uioiinprovo
the Great Inland Empire may
profit by these few pointers, I
nm my kind sir,
Your most humble servant, 1
A. C. Finn.
ment without delay to build wa
gon roads that will mako freight
ing from Klamath Falls to the
interior possible and bring to this
point tho wool product of tho
great interior rnngo region of
mhttpi? .Southeastern Oregon.
Notico is hereby given that by ncss men, including JPYank 11.
virtue of the authority given by Light, William Mnsttengill and
theChartcrof the City of Burns a Arthur Florence, traveled the
sidewalk of lumber will bo constr- distance of more than 100 mileB
tho land. Mr. Horseman haB
finished fencing, and will have
some of the land undor cultiva
tion this year. lie is tho boy
who will succeed.
L. J. Gibson visited Mike Ilnil
ey, Sunday.
William Schefland called at
Mr. Williams', Sunday.
Messors. Horseman and Iltmr
strich made n trip to Burn Mon
day. William Grantand John Patch-
iiiuHHuiiiuiiimiuun ., ,, ,. ,... ,..
,. Iit.r ti,n. !?.!,! uni.,1 Snfnwln,, Dwu u,u Ml"U UTOUr ill OHU Uiiy,
will bo used to carry on the busi- Ho i0r"mAc'1,nleIy "V1. I" n" ?r'r
new program and Sunday will belfr(8?;000 '"oand it is probable
.leveled to an excurtion trip on l,"lhu roal;cr " ?f th,ese
he P. & I. N. Vale should have Wl1! b(5s"nPPcd upas fast as they
a big delegation present. Three nrrT So,nc of i woolgrow.
via nutvuvur, jiru uuviiik Hiuru
more monthly meetings arc sch
eduled ahead of us. One in May
at Caldwell, one in Juno nt La
Grande and ono in July nt Burns.
We aro informed the next mcot-
"" '" """- "" ". i...
one in Eugene and 0110 in Butte rn. v '
Montana. The meeting in Butte , loss from poisoning seems
will he held to interest tho Butte tl? have been growing greater on
.uinnl. tn nn nvlnmlnn frAmTll,lf th rtkllgCR Of MalllCUr COUnty in
to Boise, of the proposed railway !cccnt ,years- V,c 8tate ush",)
from Coos Bay to Boise and thus 'nspector is unable to say whether
bring it in connection with sever- u"a ,w"a UUB l0 u,c sPrcaa 01 U1C
ul different competing lines that wccdB or to. lhe fact that the
wnnl nn rmllnt tn tlin mjihI. Tlin rallKe S "Cltlg eatcil off more
than they can possibly use. For
Instance one man took 10,000
capsules, which number is suffi
cient to euro more sheep than he
will have poisoned in two or
EmbroiderJctl Linen Collars, Lace
Collnrs and Bows, New Ascots.
Call and see our new Waistings & Wash Materials
We are showing the strongest
spring line of Ruching, Neckwear,
Ladies -Belts, Silk, Net and Lawn
waists ever brought to Eastern
Something- new in Sorosis Un
derskirts in Silks and Satines
Ve handle exclusive patterns in the
above and nothing shown by us is
handled in the Interior.
Alf Waists, Neckwear, Belts and
Underskirts are selected from
New York stocks and are Spring"
Brown's Satisfactory Store.
ucted along the cast side of Block over tho present bad road to
77andlots9. 10. 11. 12. lSnmlnart noo-ntinto tlin ilotnils nf fonatiin.
Of 14 Of Block 78 of tho Fourth tinn with tho nnifinla of If Inmnth "l 1110 Cutting posts.
Addition to the City of Burns county and to attend the moolimr "Billy" Cnneron nasuctl Uiro. tirosiH'cts look bright for the free- c''y
and a street crossing across F to promote tho project. The ugh Wednesday driving horses, dom of the people from a badly I he confining of the loss to
Street, boinc on thn WftSt Rl'flo of rniltn nf thntirosnnt rnnil u-n ilo. Me fllmnimm wnu nt Mnnym. liott t( 1111 (ViluHHnil OU'inir to tho limbs IS attributed to the belief
Frnnf Strnnt- nf no nnnrlv n ini i.l.wl tinin ...liir.1. i io ilnnmirl l.inl.' T.?.ln.. n...l t.wl Im ...... .l cum tf iMiil.wwl nnrMnr.flniifit.a 111111 grO n SI1CC1)
. -w... m.v, ... mj ..v.... . M Mil- V11IU14 MlflMI, , lllll lb 10 Ul-l-llll-ll VIIUIID A' I IVUl 411111 ,IUI I1U WUUlll nun witu itvwiiiuun.iwin) 1 ... .
form grade as tho surface of the can bo made sufllciently good to havo forty acres undor cultiva- in Oregon and Idaho.
ground will permit, and in con- take care of the business for this tion this year. ''Billy" Is very
formance with the city regula- year, and both counties will start favorably impressed witli our,MN,) CUKfi TOR WOLD I'OISONINO
tions and Ordinances. construction and improvement country; thinks the proapect for j
Bv order of tho Common fViiin. wlr imrin1!ninKr oil is (rood. ' That tho shconmon of Mnlhnnr
..-.. wv.. .Tvik .............b.j . ... 4 --- -- ............
cil of the City of Burns, made a ' This is the first concrete stage Tim uooho have returned to tho county intend to mako strenuous nst urogoman.
in the campaign for Oregon poo- Lake. oltortH to prevent tlio Heavy un
acquire an in
stinct which induces them to
leave poisonous weeds alone,
while lambs evidently cannot re
sist tho bright flowers and eat
them in preference to grass.
The Karney Valley Brewing Go.
MHimfncttirera of
Family Trade Solicited Free) Deli very
date April 14th, 1908,
P. T. Randall,
City Recorder.
2 Section fiin. 60 tooth Steel
Lever Harrows at$22.00 at C. H.
Voegtly's. See that you do not west.
get $ inch and only CO tooth liar- gcods roads is assured, establish
rows, instead of the above. ment of fast automobile stage
plo to cultivate closer commercial a At Brakcman has been haul.
relations and recently vnnoiiB ing lumber.
i umiiiiu wnuieuuiurn ihvi; uuuji
giving close attention to the trade
of this rich district of tho North-
Now that tlio I uiltling of
Ed. Mnheur went to
Wo hear that tho U. S. deputy
game warden will reside at
Lawen. That ofliccr was at Mr.
Armstrong's recently
mini loss of lambs from the eat
ing of poisonous weeds, is the
- de&'tUiir.ittttt'MtMftnrivtt fC Qtntit Qltu Inonnn.
"""""hlrLylle. who
returned Sunday
from an ofllcial visit to Vale and
the adjoining territory.
According to Dr. Lytic the
wool growers of that part of the
Blue prints of any township in
Burns Land District, showing
name of cntryman, date and kind
of entry, topography, etc., 1.00
each. Piatt T. Randall, Burns,
Job printing Tho Times-Herald
Th i c
A. JLlfei?'
I have opened up a first class
jewelry and watch repair shop
in the P. O. block, next door to
Harney County National Bank.
All work is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or money re
turned. Years of experience in
repairing gives me confidence enough in myself
that I can make all guarantees good where work
proves unsatisfactory without Iofs in the long run,
for where there is one customer that is not pleased
there will be enough that are to make up lor it
My Optical Department.
CIIAS. BEDELL, Proprietor.
Burns, - - Oregon.
3Ea,0s:e Tlxis IE3:ea,a.q.-uia,xters
Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Billiard and Peel Tables.
Club Rooms in Connection.
T have had my watch repaired
many Union and t roublo always
followed after each overhauling
bucIi an regulatingand adjusting,
but after Mr. Salisbury cleaned
my watch it gave perfect satis
faction right from tho start. I
can recommend him as a thor
ough workman.
Jno. Atkins, Bankor,
Klama, Wash.
Being a Railroad IOngiiieor on
tho Northern Pacific f am oblMg
cd to carry a watch of the finest
type, having to have it overhaul
ed and timed every three months
by rules of tho railroad. Air.
Salisbury has always done my
work and it has given tho best of
Gko. CAMnwfAN, Engineer
After having Mr. Salisbury repair my watch I can recommend him to bo a fine
watchmaker. Sknatoh Watson, Kalanuv. Wash.
Thoso recommends aro a fow of a groat manj that aro in my possession just
jivo mo a trial and bo satisfied do not fail to look ovor my stock of WATCHES,
CHAINS, KINGS, etc., boforo buying.
Remember the location P. O. block next door
The Harney County National Bank.
This is one part ol my business that I am proud
ol. I have a method ot testing eyes that is all my
own, and is so simple and quick to get right re
sults that I call it the "Common Sense Method. "
1 have had years ol experience ' in fitting glasses,
and with "Common Sense Methods" have had
best ot results where others failed.
After having several opticians in Portland test my oyes and fail I finally wont to
Air. Salisbury andin one third of the time it took tho others ho had me fit to perfection.
Four of in.) family are wearing Air. Salisbury's glasses and are giving tho best of
satisfaction. T. AIonoiian, Light Inspector, Portland Lighting Co.
lean truthfully say Air. Salisbury's glasses aro giving mo better satisfaction
thou any I havo ever had. Mns. 11. I). Oaupkntkh, Portland, Oro.
If you are in need of glasses you can tell yourself
if any of the following symptoms occur it would
pay you to have your eyes tested.
Do your eyes smart and burn after
Do your eyes water after reading?
Do yo!u old lenses Lire your eyes?
Does your head ache on top or back
of neck?
Do you have to hold your head side
ways to get a clear vision?
If you linvc any of these ailments chances arc you arc in need of glasses. It costs you
nolliing lo sec. I test lhe eyes free of charge to you and the glasses you buy arc backed by a
guarantee mid this guarantee Is my WORD a little thing perhaps, but with It I expect to
build up u reputation that will make it as good as gold if In need of'iuiything in my line call
.intl. as ygjf
IndestrncUUe JK, STONE
Ovor COO Pf Wfi Suml ,or
Doautlful jfcgiJ7 Prlco List i
Designs. ffifk!l Circulars.
Will be glad to furnish
To anyone desiring
Sec his Handsome
Burns, Oregon
Afford the Best Accommodations
to;bc hndjn Harney County
The iratrontiffo of all Km.st8 under the old management
especially syliritcd.
Rates .$1 a day, $6 a week, $22 a month
W Hidoron Elliott, Propt.
M. SALISBURY, Jeweler and Optician.
I'or Consllp.itlou.
Mr. L. II. Iirnhnm, a promi
nent drujjffiat of Spirit Lake, Iowa,
says: "Clmmberlnin's Stomach
and Liver Tablets aio certainly
the best thing on the market for
constipation." Give these tah-
f lots a trial. You are certain to
find them njrrceable r.iul pleasant
in eil'ect. Price, 2" cents. Sam
plo free. For sal by all good
Fou Sai.k-;20 across of hay
and. Inquire at jtliis office.
I will hold regular auction sales
on tho first and third Saturdays
of each month at theC. A. Sweek
barn in Burns. Brinjr in any
thing you havo for sale and get
your money for it. Special at
tention given to sales in tho
Y. T. Smith,
J. II. Culp, painting and paper
hanging, Burns, Oregon.
! Ailnm Ccorjtc V, T. I.vstvr
: List your property with the Inland
; Empire Itenlty Co. if you desire a quick sale or. trade
Employment Agency
"rn1"" m"