The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, July 18, 1908, Image 1

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Pnpor "( Harney Cottnt)
large! eltenlatlon an.l ln.'
nl.rHlni! im'illiimfi In Ksatern
t m t$
18. 1908
f H r Wnrny Cannfrn
th an r i( SV4SM09 arret nf
laml. '
I" entry I i nl'li.- Irtrnl law r.f
I RUt.
. ! !-:
Mo. :'-,
Ii HOHl Ml?
n prom
OF BIRDS m'Tcial CI n there has WASH M i
about the great political campaign
that i.q before u.-i When dairy-
men got together they discuss CHIEF JUSTICE BEAN SAYS OREGON
Sat for RrlKr
ly nf lno
pnd animal
Herman T.
L Plntey
and to pre-
inil animals
M' I.ohlmnn
in's iii!'
)een remiifl
idi com
Thsj OSr-
lipment anil
D vnr-
kinl ami nni-
KMKi miles
By ami LaKi
ining many
in a can
f hsrdshis .
were cm tin-
I last
tired Home
Ird and am-
! iiw
more than
belief thai
ii our wild
there are
antelope in
trtiet kid ha-
Mope is an
bj natme.
i hi
the last of
ililid the all-
in extinct
111. 1
still found
B tne
live rv, .
good roads; it is the same with
fruit growers, while automobile
owners have become veritable
cranks on the subject. "
An insistent demand, coming
from ever.v seel ion of the state,
SB made upon the Portland
Commerci:.! ( lull to call some
chmracl .-rosentntivo SSSSt
ii if
Sack Work Netted More Than I (filiation
at Preet Tlmf-Clont Stadeat at
OrefeaV ledettrtal Condition'.
A Salem dispatch to the Jour-
'nal says
i.i i
inir tn iIibpii n ntHinfinoi r.i.n ino i jrctron COmTTURfllOTl
wherel-v !) Oregon mnv have conservation of the states n-
r highway. President W. w"v '" chlH Ju
K. New. 11. of the Stat,- Hoard of Be"- "n"1(i " sdoeata the
Hortictiltur. . ha I written to the people to tne neefi i economv in
(liib asking that action be taken
without delay. A nimilarreuur I
i, , .t. W. Rai-!'" nwl wore at tm time-tnan
, onimjs. legislation. legislation thai in
er, mi behalf of the dairy in- f l",,'",v x:,h f
ll.rev's i.iul the linnki.rsnf Port- servatloll of resources W fllll.V
landau.! and town- sslal wo,,M irritate people
ot the state M mind on Sd STOOll probably be harmful
ihesubji ; i of thecitieRIHt nrfi-
iiii-,.iuMi..Mi Omcmn nm bnilrlino- Justice Ban is a close student
high class hard surface pave-1 ' OrsfSBlB inSSStlia eondMom.
ments. and .-...rvwhere you go Hs k a member of the Oregon Pables in Mang.
a.i ..ii.:.... i commission recently niinointed In I astures New
iiu mm men imik im w.hhi " -
RESOURCES press, and to encourage the
lishers in their labor by increased
patronage. Tak an inter' in
the work by paying "Rv COMD TFO J1U.V I ami km
copies and mailiug them regul PORTS LL (HADE.
ly to eastern friends. The papers'
advertise your advantages week
in and out. It is certain that
public spirited newspaper
man gives the public he
more than value rscoived for
e erv dollar turned hi wav. And
The primary work of tll0 ,'.,, g(wA in an ,
for the mnnitit... u whino- tn nttrnet et-
tlers. Lakeview Examin.
I ' . IIIM '- fill '.'.litre pun m v
i tiitif linn i
r will U-
.assssm wmmmmm m tmtttt i
PhfcK) of Work of Roraa l Skowa aad
NnmlK-r ol SaMi Saa RHoctd
I row Srvrateta ta Twaatf Coat.
Noll that limit
ing aid homing upon '" molixit
land -I id I in I, ninl .V
Miiwk i i -trir' Ibrhid Irti
i. h I liunl-
ina nr In i nidi .1
lure, completed the inapec- to ,h mil ,.,, ,,f tl u
I It. Hut.
Ranch Maaagar
al I the federal stock in-
ctors, working in (begon un-
the direction of lr. S
the use of our resources. It h
mj opinion that educational v, ft of new m ,m
Following is a continu
on the sheh s nf tin
almut the tirsl .I nt
month. Save the list for fatun
Frying Oeath A.
Ten Nights in a Har Room
v. iiii birui .
!i; illeretl
ill extinct
or yean It
the plume
knows of
ml on
. c" in
Roads. '
'ilt of all this it has
letermined to hold an "Ore
gon Goad Roads Conference" in
the ( mi .( iition Hall (6th floor)
of the Port land Commercial Club,
iav August 11th. with morn
ing afternoon and evening ses
lofl No interest in the state
to a more anxious to have
a part in devclopinp. the good
roads sentiment into a reah.-.a-
ili railroads, and as a
result a rate of a faro and a
third lias been made for this
meotin ill be good the
OhamlM-rlain and Adventures of Klizaheth m
by Covernor
attended the meeting of that Runen
body in Portland this week. ;,,,t Alden.
"Oregon is getting a creditable Standish of Standish
start in this work, and the visit Pride and I're.iud
this week of Secretary Garfield Sense an I Sensibility
has helped greatly." says the GhflT Fawoa.
chief .item. Of course the Ancestors
first thing to be ioM is to pre- '""" Vlajl Huron,
pare reports to b submitted to F"iir Pool's Mysien
th. president. The president Hell ol Howling (irivn
then will call another conference Measure of the Rule
and the material will gaj pr.-ptired Ibeak.-r- ahead
for its presentation lo congress. Ten to Seventeen.
Th.- u.itl. f the commission is Treasut f P.m.
enormous, but the character of
day liefore and the da. after the l"' m-mlerslnp is such that I niraumniHU'inuru
metin so thnl il mac 1 do leu believe the memlKTs Will Chips of UW Flying I
i ever the second day if
ntatiiif pragnuB will ba
prepared, bttl there will be no
ii will be secured
and practical ii ii cussed.
nls Associate-
as m ataaa asaMBjggj
01 ill be an noii n-
. t hin a few i1. . . but all
commercial and industrial bajdatJ,
county judges, county commis-
edltora, and mu.Mirs.
will be authorised to appoiol del-
.egates and urged to have a good
l. pi rS present.
Hun. .lames R. Garfield, Sec-
of th lnierior. und Hon.
I'. 11 . veil. Chief of theUnit-
l;. i Lunation Service.
i n Portland.
Au :
Alls!' '
Ausii i
A i 1 1 s
I p
Hai i
turn of I he sheep of this state
and the returns that have lieen
I'u ved at the Pendleton bureau
imal industry office show
treating things.
tiicieBey of the present state
law and the benefit that
the stat. receive, from the work
done by the government are two
things that are very evident.
rV yes ago when the sheep of . ,, , , ,,.,,,.,,, pn.inpt
Oregon were insiHH-tiil by thel,,.,, , , , ,(,.. r,,(
icdeial men it was disclosed that MMSfNM a (lSAMI
! 4-T percent of ihe sheep of the
! iii were affected with scabhies.
I'ndii the provisions of the
law even sheep in thej k a j Irwin will teaata .1
state was dipHl. th.' work Is-ing HAriiMN n. j,,( Su.i.biv af aaeh
none mnween April an.i M'ptem- ,,,ntli at 11 a. m. and :.)
her. Hahl.atli . iivt.rv aahhalli
j "-"
hoing nun' i n giw nnr parniiai
alii'i.M-.n In 1 1 1. ol id-
cini. an. h li- - !i'i- Iiai I
pi m 1 with Mr. I Ml
l'i II I... VI 1. J 1 I . . ... .1 . 1 1 . 1 l.
J - " - " - ' I '' ' ' '"
RrlifliMK Srkf
Jusl received a beautiful line of ladies'
waists in Kmhroideried. lace and net
waiata for Spring.
Something Very Stylish in Lawn and Silk
Our dress goods department will show s
very attractive display nf lawns. Silk
Mulls, Morcori.ed (hambrays, Corrine
Suitings and Ingomars These goods are
Ihe latest production for this season.
New Embroideries and Lace and
a beautiful line of India Linons.
0r shoe dfpartment is
complete ine ery way and
we can s itisiv the most
fastidious in loot wear.
Kememher w carry the
loose their nthiisiuam for thi A Sane Lunai
great worl.. Miss liaggs Baa
...ii-lirld yivesijov- Miss Archer A re I
emor Chamlierluin eredit propoi Through .me Administration
itlg the eonl'erenee of goveni'
railed last May by tat at Bodal 8ecretarj
According to Mr. Garfield tbl In!" 'he l'rimilive..
proiMisul was made In Governor I' in l'ip-
" . . rL 1 1
aington will be - namberlain uunng the seasion neriut
in making 1 0I "w national irrigation congress ' n'"'
The basis I Sacramento last year while Only thi ".uvernass
governor l-hHiiilterlain was prtv inoi ijko uuier iiins
.sideiit of thai lioii.v." No. 101
In the Country
A correspondent at Lyle write Maul at Arms
of an amusing Indian "scare" ! (Maims and Counter Claims
told by Colonel Frank J. Park. . Goodwin
the well known journalist -s Wife QSSBB.
inerl.v ol Walla Walla: Silas I ean Maitland I
I lank .). I'urker, pioneer min- In the Heart of the Storm Gray
er, General Howard's old scuui an Old Msnse
in the Indian WOT of 1S7. news-
pgfjar man. later I'nited Stm I Tales
communities a rapn ington under Kutledge
.1 through then i al Cleveland, now retired reiding Substitui
This year the federal insec
tors commenced an inspection
try 1 and all the sheep of
the stale were inspected lietween
that time and July 1. RafSftj
1 from Ins nnn by Mr.
Met lure show that out of the
neop in the state only
fniiiid to
1 bescabbv I In . -.) , ,, ,,, ,, .,11
.lipiie.l twice under the aupervis
ton oi . Federal r and all
expo' -I sheep Wi-re dipiail once.
1 mber 1 another in-
all the heep in the
state will I., started and il will
I :-. ipiiie three months to comjil, ti
the work. A I thai time all segb-
Huriuii hv shoi p. it any, will he dipia-d.
Murte t The in -iM-ciion just closed
Bern. -Huwing counties
I'.ui iitely frw- fmm scab:
1 iker. Wallowa, (irant. Wheeler,
11 Crook. Shtnnun, Wasco. Gilliam.
Carey Morrow and Harney.
tryi This mu-Umatilla county had
p. tn
tin. II... . lund i - IiimiI in.-, t
at 2 o'clock ir Ii Siimlay aiel n
cordial inviiai. sdsi I" all
arho can nli.-ii.l ft I ' I t Ii n
At III.' I'" II . Ino. h
Ibitna. I'cv. A J Irwin paator
Dosha -. m 1. - th' Muni .n.i iniitiii
Hunriaya nf f-n Ii iimni Ii ... II
and FlaW p "..' ' onl al
10 a in .-in , tuorulng
Satisfactory Store.
.ma e. . ittnnmM!'
1 harles
d Mi and other agencies for ad-1 in Portland, has just concluded a Monolov
uiitiug fol
ds. In all
er two dui;-
la- found
111 the '.M.s
rtisine. should commence at trip up the
advantage of the changes that
Columbia, noting Priest and Pagan
haw been mad. Accomplice
.loiiiat rates which will
be in offset from Sept 1st to Oct.
Hit No state in the Union has
received greater benefit through
those colonist rale:-, than Oregon
id at SO tune in the history of
-. . re more people ex
Ig g determination to come
H) make their (icrmanent
John Sharpe Williams,
I nited States
Sinatiir irotn Mississippi, and
prolan. . as tht had
Is tin
. a Hi.--
d -
W il.
lis I
and g half
is' or sage
bird, hut
ling oil rap-
hold their
Ithe soo'.
i new and
m nail 1101
is a 1
ie county
a.-, in a New
cow' tin 1.
w 1 found
loll ot the
This Ii ti
tc and the
1 1 1 .....
and breed-
fiowl on the
if it.s
tin- Culled
Inis to have
g the la-st
been more
since he and other miners floated Miss Ik'llard's Inspiration
from the Dalles to the CaSSstSS lb. wells
in an Indian canoe, in 18G4. Suburban Sketches ljg
Colonel Park. ssed regret Fennel und I: llowells
that SOO ,- ths gSSSSSOttS Seen- II. -. i sStmnge Hmtorv .luck
ery of the Cascades had to 1 MrssSllsveis King Ja ;
ruthlessly obliterated by ih. I 'augliter
cent railroad consti uci aith King
Bofosa lakni).'. the Portland Capt I'.lake ..King
1 ruin, the old ininer-sc ait related lodii lire King
a little incident that will clear up Joan of Garioch Kinross
if the old-timers, what The Iron Had Ia
was reported falsi-ly at the tune Donovan C.ill
to be an Indian outbreak. The Supn ift
1900 scabby sheep, whereas a
: .1 I2,(KK). The 1900
heep found this year
w.r, lipK'd in May and when
' 'I again June 20 were free from disease. Then
ih now no scab in Umatilla
1 i.v.
Nearly all of the scab n...
istmg 1- found in lake and Msl
! counties. Most of the scab
ands in southern Mal-
Hawtboni ' i owned by Spaniards.
Harris I men were slow to dip last
Hai 1 - 1. cub in Lake county
Herford ' by a Ijand of bMssll
Hopkins In the Willamette valley there
Hill 1 no scab excepting among u
1 niall bands iii Douglas
1 I. t Oregonian.
The Last Star
I lima
IMS and II Mraala.
fflBaiic AT ALL HOUH
Bsikwey in ennnsetior,
A Sftcisll v el Shsrl Oi sm.
TSMs furiiiNl.. il il Ii 1
ll.a niarki-i nil -.nla VeSI patron
aa anl.cii.
The Hiuaey Valley Brewing Co.
Mltlttlfdl l tllMI t'l
lamllv SSMSSI ' IMivery
T. E. jFNRiNb, M .nager
You Must Slccpl
1 Pr '
I AAM asp -st sutr I
1 1 Ml I 1 I' i.,lM4aUr iniMrl,r"l Kaalilt.
I -nl,
'. .lf.( Mt
li. ' '1 ( -i.'-.
Bra '. ; I
, .. . ..I
II It IX . .lU'.UUII
imi mot nt or nfic ioa
I El!
n. ..rtiaMl
1 m4 .
sss Cnf
B a (sai, ceal ilass al Iter al Ike
Harney Valley Brewery Saloon
m imih 1 oh t 1 h ism
( 'iff am of IU'nt inutility
NKUU A (H.IM-H. 'ioomi i..;. Hum,. O
rui 1 11 a niiM 1. w, p.. p
Burns. - Oregon,
ex1co Xlalo Hotd.q.-u.axtoia.
V lies I Iquori and Cigars.
Milliard and Pool Tables.
Club Rtioms in Connection.
11 11 isaoat
icaa coat
m ustli 1
. I
tpeden -tory runs that General Howard s Kunning Wat' BSS08
to fill UM , ,, t. scout, with a CajrUM Indian Mr. Kris Kringle Mi"
Chautaugua Association, was Kuide, waa en route to m ten .ubUtrk Mt-i
tendered a reception at the Port- CrSnaisJ Howard and army in Daughter of Aodrss
land Club Friday Harney valley. They had in .McCue
In gat
hall SSSM
, in. Ims
Inch ban JUSt closed
be proud of our
last .-pruiK they
Mai '
U e have arranged to offer in ,
los with this paM.'i. 1 K'
n. monthly farm magazine ju.m
. al Lincoln, Nebraska, by
H a CasaajMlaadd
ed lo the subjsat "f how to farm
dr country and how to
' 1. iults from soil tillage
norsssl saadltiona Tins
I'.ilM-r in Campbell's Scientitic
"d we offer it clubbed
1 I iiiies-Terald Ijoth for
1 s r year cash. Prof. Camp-
w paper is a monthly,
lull of good tilings, th . y, , . . -
liajier of its kind in the I 1 il C i
world, and it omuodiefc it
f the editor's many years
f as st . isa ' "'
pa t
Th Slwcpine Co.
IUmo. 1. 1. :. ,1 Uivn jw.o.
camp on th hssialwataaTW of Owy- (iuueriiig of hale
.er. Iieiir Sllt r 'it (i,,l(l Klsie
lag an intermission in the Old Mam'talTa BsCSSt
long ride, while the horses were Owl's Nest
grazn sting, Colonel Par- Seem
looting r
: " hens Peaceable I ml iai
passing heard the gun 1 par undc 1 dtllicul- and tarried , , . ,.,t. 'j
11 number of the 'lodging tl the H.-iunt
1 having not less than four Indian goal. mug at
llllJSS nisiSIISt once a baud of their mortal foeri, slii4iaw Ckiaaal ia MaSaaar Una
uihjii them.
d with a vim that hastened with reports' 10 Th. -.' uncil at .
0 .. of ' " aeon tin ,, kJ M1K,t
SBjaajsj played; which wuih lor '" me uewspapc-rs me ,iory oi t, Krant bijuor licenses to V
ol Victor) tor anouier ouumsw 01 Indians worlh & Tonningsen and
season. Th. gsajB has now n-ar Silver City Idaho. " Maepheion and called in
for their salts. Colonel bi has cens 1 rfdanl
Miss lliumal 1 d!kflPttl ' ' " "'""k Smith Kibler, and
laium-uiMiiv.u-.uu-uiMiiuruu! sequence the t is now in the
1 not to detarot from the fame of dry column
M l and son left for the lht.n rihiatf yoUntf journalists. The retail dealers he, .
-0 Mond he summer.
A large crowd of people were Now Yuuu- lalkiu Buiue,. Davis, which enabled them to
.ut on the Fourth everything conduct their business uj, 1 I Welcome I'harmacy, Burns, Ore.,
went oil pleasantly and every- Harney is to make strenuous 8th. I Fred Haines, Harney, Ore.
one seemed to enjoy themselves, efforts to advertise its resources. Vale's city council, we learn,
boosters should know that one also refused to grant licenses to
. it. r bags 11.10 each at J. C. of the best ways to accomplish the salooiimen of the count v seat.
4ft &t ssi
0arC3f B Siofer.
Baawtitul 1 rta Ust
Damiicna). MS I Qsulsrs.
1 will hold regular auction
I and third Saturdays
n mouth ut theC. A. S week
barn in Burns. Bring in any-
ag you have for sale and get
...ui for it. Secial at-
tention given to sslsf m the
W. 1. SMIIH.
Bees Laxative Cough Syrup for
yonng and old is prompt rei
ghs, croup, hoarseness, '
1 1
wnooptng cougli. tjentiy laxa
Quarantoed. Sold by The
Mi ;
. ous.
1. l isira
ill at las is larslak
la tsjissa sukisf
Saaso IsssViav;
tlund Com-' Welcome &
1 much good is to use the local (Ontario Argus.
Wanted - Fifty or 75 head of
stock to pasture CHAS. WlLaON,
Burns, Oregon.
Recent I X. -,:.--kvJ
1 .vorj
yUHl . . 1 . . . . . ,
labaaa, Sprlaa'"IS, Ni
The Burns flouring Mill
o . 7 ii' "
MillH".M(ir HILL nuU-S IS
i i.u
In: ,
ILOtii, mm BAkLbY, CHOI', AND j
.411 kind ui MMI I j,J alffvj 011 Hand
HE V La1! IKslllil HaKiLI Ul I UK uUOO Mil 1 1 vtt SHI
Good Seed Wheat for Sale :
He BBaaaw
Job Printing.