The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, January 18, 1908, Image 3

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    rhe Times-JIerald.
MTmiiM, JM'KV l. Iv
Local News.
lob printing The Times-He raid
R. A. Miller was in town Mon-
For a 5A horse blanket po to
.Velcome Son.
Al Coleman, of Suplee. made
tily a flyinp visit this week.
Grant Thompaon waa acen on
i- streets the first of the week.
I. R. Jenkins and Jim Paul
ne over from Happy Valley
Lundy. who has been
iy sick with pneumonia, is
ich better.
rchie Croas and Pen Cozad of
alley were in town the
t of the week.
Vhin and Charlie Spurlock
m River Side. were busii
tors to our city this week.
.lohn Daraey is very' ill at
home of her parents in this
Irs. Thos. Allen has returned
f I' lianch where she has '
rn visiting her husband.
.ur wood-choppers ool
; Voegtly's. .lust recci
and the liest makes on the
rank Kuney la bw fnm
i V . understand
sou i nis sheep interests in
: mie.s Jot Cmrk ami .!.
n Harney
Pioneer Bank of Harney County
of Burns
Hr nfTer thr facilitir of a
utrong. icrll vquipprd hank
for the rendering of prompt
not i factory rrricr to our
Ir W 0. IU.htii, DtnltM. Offlc
, in t!. building north of
ii) a ivi on;.
Stephen -.vnhalgh. of
0. Becker.
'line Falls were'in town !
; torday making proof on their
timber claims.
Mr. N. Mever. eenior niemlxr
of the firm of N. Meyer -
of New York and San Francisco.
is in town is'linp his daughter.
Mrs. lon M. Prown.
lfou want the beet Incuba
tor on earth see or write W. T.
Smith of Burns. Oregon, about
the safety it runs without the
lamp no exivnse.
A recent issue of the Oregon
ian states that the Pension Pu
reau has 'granted the claims of
P. H. Grav of LeWOfl and B. P.
Bennett of Hums.
If roa Intend in I. ml. I ' K4 MB
UeateOi Ho will fiitni-li von plana,
apsclBnstion. iloora. niiloim and
hardware f.r nliout half what win
dow" formerly coal Address him
Hi I. w-n.
Some fine thoroughhrodlRhode
Islam! i;,d cockerels for sale.
i this off"'.
The NeO Windsor Par, tinder
the management of I,e Caldwell.
f the inot popular resorts
tern Oregon Dftt m
you have a thirst.
our so. I laiii from
C II. DftVii at Harney.
From. 1000 to Ma,(JQfJ paaaea ft 40
'" .1 Oats from one to
20.ooii (HHinds at 14 cents per
No. 4
A Check Account amist you to
anvo by pointing out untie ex-pondilure.
rpii man w hoknov
Wheat $1.10 Bar H.
your money and get the
W nam Henney was born in
I ..a Scotia, on Jan. :t.
Is he erne to Colorado in
' mI resided there until one
y o when he came to Burns.
On .eil took up a homestead
M Mountain He was taken
sick ..ii the : of December. 1197
an. I .1 on thr t'.th of January
Nee forms of declaratory
A CHECK account will furnish
I able In . i with an accural.
with luxtlfl Phe 1 4 ul IMOUnU spent. It k
things that you do not n m expenditure be-
the onea that mas.' the te you OM tell what was
hill high. Might it h nible bought, when vaaj Bag it and
l".n! doom I in. I t'n.m whom. This method will
save a little earh m nth .' roil ahead.
If you don't know 1 here you can save,
a check account will tell you.
Regular preaching services at -tatwivnK applications and
C T t'ary la visiting in OUT R H
tin. n.
V. '. Warn-i. of Ijiwen. was Chicken dintif- :.t French Hot
in town a part of the week. cry Sundaj .
i of Harney waa
the Preebyterian church Sunda
Jan. 19. Tim subject for the
forenoon: "Build Kige-er Soul. "
and for the evening theme: "Tl
Courage and i ei 4 Sin."
I'lv Pro' i-essieej Mothen' Club
will give St. Patrick's hall
March IS. Thi mm
this ball will tro low ml th
Lwwwl of Diamond is in chase ei
ami should be liberalli patron-
!.. l.
Horn -To Mr. and Mrs. Dan
Lawen. W.tlneeday.
Tun. If, a daugh..
A. S. Swain WhWA '
Wedne day to look aft
holdings al that place.
in town yesterday.
The Hni- ntv National
1 Ban! ed I lot of new fur
niture ti . the week which
roofs, under the coal land laws.
applicable lo the public lands of
niie.l States, outaida of the
of Alaska. I
'..lopted anrj on and after March
l. 190s no dedaraterj etata
Mients. applications or proofa will
aflowed In :::i.!i cases. ;.
m-cuUmI np.m the new official
former upon forma which are
i acl dupli. Btes thereof. Inith as
to wording, arrnngeineiit and
l: A. BaI i im;ii.
Commissi, hut
I. I...I1 . r . 1 ( 111 tklai.... tk.i k r.
. i iiiii ui iii jiiftvi' ill mi" Mfn
..mi i 1 1 . i ii iy I ii ill m k
JUA. .1..: Mi:M k., ,..,. fllMI" "miivjiiih. a in in i"
UVU'ii ii.;i:ii i niiiij uirMiin m r.
Met low an & Nichols
p year i Id at
new ijuai
tm iwn "ii
leaa. and reports .
neighlsirh.KMl healthy and
(craft will give a masked
1 1 at Loeher'i hall,
lars will I
Jackson retunud the
weak ti
in Malheur count .
having had :.
-ii l l-idnpiK-. Ir.
fonna us the buh is
I v ill. stitter:ng frt.rn
I and pnOO
.. their aoSraataaM t. ertb-
consuh II. .' Hi.ii -- n
Murns Meat Market before
ig nams. oucon or lam.
prepared t- sake aajn
urdera at right prices.
ii can get most anything in
nee usually ca- hard
people at C. H. Voegti '..
lock of groceries, hay uiui
dress guotl
f vegetables, drugs and
:ines. etc has not yet arriv
d can't Ik- uuoted.
zad expects
tea this week on a trip i"
cur and Han. e counties' in
itereat of his candidal-1
atic nomination for
attorney ..f the ninth
district At present Mr.
d has e clear field for the
siat.on at the hands of his
Blue lit Kagle
The thr. old child ..f Locber'a hall last niirht waa a
James Keaaedj trable affair.
ill with wh- ch. k Harris, m. Bjgfl
The nonce .f Supcrviaor Bing-and Ch-.. Thompaon (real Mal-
harn. which anneurs in this issue. , heur county are in Burns
will l- -.(' internet to si
Mrs. Nora Middaugh. v bo has
1 homi
I harles Davis
and Marcellus BJbewa of Harney
n town .h.' first of the
ind Pall will
Ceidwell'a Orchestra Friday Jan.
21. Pmw. Come ererj bod
M from
Hani. ndamect-
l the stockholders of the
Harney Caajg aal Bank.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wils-.n
Am who came doe n
fron 1 1 d the Leap
aial Mr Bej Baa lith Alma and lt Da
i Loggn r ; hnIIow
and l-uth-1
Cha v. i (has. v
Reed and (Jeorg. Hodder
VaB . Mi Walker
wav- mal
rning for !'
land wl td .
Julian tijiti.r ..l ihiN
afternoon, the $10, 000 d
. iiory for boya, to i. known ..
Krown hall, the gilt of W. W,
k county, i" Pend
ion academy, was accepted bj
building committee and it
iWOCI ., ! .iImiiiI Lll Im.
ho are atu ndiny ii . a. ad m
The bull kt'n in .
. ti..ii for the past three
i bait Saturday and tin-
Mi n.M.i the buildini ommittae
; the academ) Uxd i the
itructure with tl ctoi .
Rings D d
the work. Stomach.' tioiihle.
d i epaia, ladurestion, hi. atini
ete., yield quickly, Two ,i
treatment fret t vnr drug
gist for a frei al Sold bj
I'hi' Welcome Phai I
ire Fred ii
l'l M. ' I ,.'
am "
that all apph. nis
a ithin the I
Mountain (W t) Nation d i
.hiring the acaaon i
mu.-t he lil .1 in at.) otlic
Prmeville, Oregon, 'ii or U ;
!i'. braary W, WW Pull Ini
mation in regard to th gra
fees to le char ' 1. 1. ml.
I !.. he used in making ip
plication, will i.e fin in h. d upon
I. mil -1 a. s. hu i mo, mm
tilliallM. lax llilllll I1. IM..I.
Ni i I la hereb) given thai
all Applicalii.n foi i . mil to
graze cattle, burets and
within the MAI. Ill I RNATK
M. KORrlST durini! tl..
of P.tiW, must Im- hi. .1 In in'. -Mi..'
! ! ! Q EUTLEMEU ! ! f
' :
P'i t ml-.s sstlng roy
kit. 1 1 Mil nd INIER LINE
b-fort you buy Cloth
I I. i-i ihcm in Ike Knhel snd
), ..I I' I.I.Hlll.llll. LJll.dlllVl on iht
i . You i in h .v.' .i onl front
. ... of iroeeara from
! guarantee a fit
ar rniafcX J'-eb m k
1 IsarVAi A
JLa A Vaaavflr '
' M fflV
JaJaV . w
1 -Wm r
'Eaaaail H
S Tl f
ami no nm ..I mil
Alva Sringer of Narrows wa ted to leave Monda
;ma in this city the first of , visit in Mr. Wilsoa'e old beaai
the week Be reported Mrs Ohio and other baton pints sreai n
oi inner sufferinir fn.m the irrin. hut on the account of Mr. Wil- murning on the
. ,. i jii mm umeaa may be detained for tage f.
i . I,. . .....i ........
heatin new set of
s, cabbage a :raut.
Also a desert r hment
lmiuire at thi.- afSae,
Sheriff Richardson el Harney
county was in Ontario during
week. II. Harney
counts prosperous and many new
settlers' during the year 1U07.
( mtario Argus.
Makkiki In Bunih Wednes
day, 'Jan. 15th. Mrs. Marie Hart-
ley.'of Salt Lake City, and Mr.
Frank, Fuller foreman of the
Harney County News Rev. I
W. Holloman officiating. The
-..-Herald extends congratu
lations. Ladies' Auxiliary to the
i.iartment will give a sheet
md piilow slip hall on "Jan. 81.1
All maskers will Is 'charged 60 j
cents am I 251
After maks are remov
ed alii may dance without fur
ther charge.
I few da
'Iman w.m1
aaw and bar r is ready
for buaaneaa and Au
pared to go to any part of Har-
eount iii-
See him.
Adam George has past i in
nnt. For a small number of
in- will
n session at that
place. H wi . : n re
in Dallas for a day or two
to In- home next
B. Pofioak, a staged
waa killed a week ago last night
seems he fell from the ntmin-
stocktheraU' will be 10 eeni each, the . paaalng over
head each month. A large rn i,r, ;iu,K , k yr
number of stock beat -ne party pollock was als.ut 45 years old
will be :tf cents per head -r and old resident of and
munth. Ii aeg a wife and family.
id Last spring's dark From now until February 1st,
red heifer calf branded C E on Iwfila Btagald laaajjfj
right hip and marked with crop aa all aawtaaj machines in order
off left ear and up-r bit in right W make rH,m f.,r ,,t, , -ooda.
ear. A suitable reward 0N the prices on the follow-
baj i l and reliah
C K M.Pheeters. '"
While $a. io
If trulj In.
h .v- ii llie ll- i
lOOgBsd Vnu en (i-im ur.- lln Ii i
fi.r llii.- sllil ud fg-
d Hale, and accepted I at John Day. Oregon, on or be
fore March I. P.ux. Full Infor in regard to the grs inn
lees lo Ii. cbatgeil. ami blank
forms to In- ii-miI m making ii
plicatiou, will be furnished upon
re.lli St.
CY, I Bll .HAM.
Act ud.' 8u i
uil.liiig and nli ased the
contract i -i - fnm further obliga
I oe luiildinu is a brick vnr
lift Tuesday ,"' 'reme and
i att ive appaaianoa it will
In mi in piinls ami
i with kitchen, dining
iriora and i'v.i . . ..nveti-
I iii a lirsl class d..r-
i.a-i Nfeajoaaaa,
la 'i"
mit' '
llliiM scllool IIIKM(
ailed lo order by
I. nl. and after 1 1 1 -
call and minutes were read the
foil" nominations were
mad. Prea., Neta (iei-r and
Dell I id Pns , Zclla Irv
ladge Miller; Sec.. Le
ant! Florence Tboiniaon;
Hoi iluchanan and Cusie
II. Madge Miller wasap-
I lltlC.
! .lowing pragraai was
lab I
Bar. I
The Busy Corner Store
Every Piece Guaranteed
Also Pure Lard
de Right Here in Harney County
A'hv buv Eastern meat when
can buy better made at home
encourage home industry
oney gladly refunded if not sat-ail '""" "a'
al -.-V0. Hum
Come in bj atook
C. W. (-LKVENGI i:
INSUII mion 01 III I lei k
At the last
Jan. the
lar meeting,
1 1 sl rt-poiinihili-
i Hi..) il: r.ili.-. Vil iri-i- r
ranlfd lrti- In naiin-
Albert (iamegets formerly of
ii engaged in the
sheep l. u-mess, has written his
i friend Peter Peterson, that be hi ( S I v ia Rebekah IKr-; I. O.
bow la Seattle where he ftnda it iii-aile.l the (oUowing ad
eeey toepend a dollar but net ! ur
easy to , He says il
Mike China or Japan there toi nimg secre-
i ill hike for the beautiful
high hill in Harney count) in
tin ; ne may live,
aaaoeiate with
I peers, lie wnU-b that it will be
Ineoaaeary to start soup houaee
. up then winti
i or put all such hobos aa
-f in jail. He is like
ile who leave the Ha'
Star Spangled Banner.
Curi ' nts
Kaymoi.d Sitemore.
Sol.. Klla Page.
Song ' aha r..-aunfui BaUa
Inst ru mi ntal Solo
Lea hot jin. sin i
Song I -vi joI Nillietiray.
.!': Kesolve thai Harne
Count) i ii ore adapted to Agri
culture thai Stock raising.
Affirinaiive: Mamie Winter,
MUll I nl I IN l s, , Ml SI
iii Um I mb4j sari " ih
ifi.ii .. limn, v I .mill)
In H.i .'.!
Vi. . J -i..,li.....
N.,1.. . i I . r. I.. ,,.!, II, I 1
riganj, A I i -t t m i .
lato, linn nlwl iii !) '
llual mnionl bikI .
i-lnl.ul. i I It. 1 U .
ni,.rv ii. a '.ii. leaa . ID uVlucka m
.tl ll.. . ....It li.JUl i . I .'.i
liifl II.. lISM i"l I
ig ..( .lij. ll.n lliairl" ..i. 'I H mull..
.null ll.l.l , n BISOM l.4ii
iikaa((ui. I" i.iakn i I
lo Nln llii-u. in ll." SfctSI "nl -ii M ha
li.r tl..- In... bb i .i . .i.i. il.i. i. ..i...
i. . 1 1 il.r I Ii) ..! r ..I
I .lllf ll' Mill III ..
tMlka. lUli "I ln-l '.I.I.. H'l'.i
uy 4, I'.dH ml .1 lln I.. i
.Hi lUiM
i. V) i .
'l ' I
.DMINIHTU I ' "i- - "'" '
l Mill INI UltMVl. KII'.IKhti IMI rtlbMMi
sHENK BROS., The Merchant Tailor
Burns, Oregon
1 1W
Dealer in
Groceries, Provisions.
Tropi al and Domestic
Fruits when in Season.
Hats, Shirts, Clothing,
Underwear Get Prices
All kinda of Preah Vegetablee in Seaoon,
Durkbs i rhjikhaa M"m 'eei
r- uf the 'Jusie ami (Veil Irving.
Negative: Ella Sweek, John
and Iiarr Muck.
The Judges, Cheater Mace,
am! Nina Maker,
I.-! in favor of tin- aagaave
x by school Watch on Khine.
tary; Frank Jackson, Financial
-iry; Mm. A. 1:
Treasurer; Alice
; Julm Hill, War.;
0. . ; Alii King ami
i uj,. N.
DeJtonandMr Hastie Sup. V.
Afu r th.
l-on Johaaoa.
Louel Smith
Aic'ie Cewfield.
Uorcas Bweek
Song by school
aeWaifwl Lad
.xfrer th eritlai rapart l-a
Mn, Blanch Terrttl and
SheraaM Smith were unpointed
ll. II.. I -
Uraitfiiwl "ii lei ISO
I i. filially .-.i..l. I a.liiiln
i iIim kXst ( i '
i..i !. .luly . Ii) l '
1 .. )..! h I-i ... !. in .lain..
Iii I'lcaanl III Minn llli On .
VMtt-ltcr 'iii . ni"'l ili( l
. .1 uiui. a., i ... i.-1...... i .i.ll. .I llita
MatsS !' MM '' I'll'"-. ".', II "i Hi lln-
'II I. i.i.ii'l Ml ' '
Hurua i ii
w ' 1
A.Iii.ii.'-" 'i I !
a fine lunch waa spread ami
Koud time wm enjoyed by all.
a oil he program cominitu.-
M. FitzCeruld
i i , . i i . i
U I l
rnkiiu Ikfsf. I. b Lji.J M
A r
Also a Full Line of
st Class Groceries
The Busy Corner Store"
We are Headquarters for
Horse Blanket , addle Blankets
and Balsam of Myrrh
YVc Carry a ConipWU l.tnte ml
B-u-me, Ozegrozx.
Young's Meat Market and Greet.;
You Can Huy all Kinda uf (Jroccn
Twenty-five cent toffee for
lieatCarocol Coffee
1 Jest Tea 40 am'
Tea Garden Syruu per gal 1 I"
Waah Ioards
Two gal kegs, Small Gherkins $1
Two gal kegs, Mixed Field 2.00
l mest Houey ixsr can 45 and 70c
Brinir the Caah and tret Some Oood Uargaine
McGEE & OWEN, Propts.
k I 'lna liaru uu May I ami bafa aajaipfl
rip "I"! lii-aii, H gsltsd laaiua Wa mn Id
a m.- . lam ilia public In i-varjr particular willi
. ami aliirlUd laa ma TIid Had front
. I ,, , .i,l i.j Ida Ira. Iii. a: li.itala uf ilia
kl-li m our csia ruceivaa nur paratJiial SlUol
Hifwtt l ".imIimI hy tin day, week or ruoutli
. oa lll..lll Alr.ljM
Main St..
Blaeksmtthinx and
Wagon Work
ANTEED. Burns. Oregon
fa. -aaHanaaaVU J MS
The Beet
On thr Market
Han all the qualitiea of high priced machinea
liapiit, I nut i sal key board, Simple, Cheap
Chicago Writing Haohiue Co.
iii-iii wsae 4yi