The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, February 03, 1906, Image 1

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.?ft Wm99ltrmlb
The Offlrlnl l'aner of Harney f 'mitity,
1ih the Urgent rirralntlon ami is eM l
(lio l-t advertising Kliii
; he Mresit h.untQ f nlr j
' mhjset f
.1 i.
OMnSEEKf'RS BY THOUSAND met mien than we had Wet season.
Our correspond snce indicate the
increase will be hevy. The wide
OLONISTS RATES PROMISE HEAVY advertising Oregon is getting on AN
NO. 11
tor Mars Travel to Nertkwest Tkaa
Ever Briar el Wko
Detlrt i l.scalr Her.
account of its railroad development
has drawn the attention of eery
many settlers.''
W. Stinger, cite ticket agent Oevereeseet
of the O. R i I . is just as enthu- j "
aiaa'ic "Colonist travel promises
to he bigger titan ever before," said
he. "This is no doubt due largely
to the Fair and to the fact that risi
T lk SawMrM West
An Oregonisn Washington dis
patch says: H hits the Department
BNwver Iwfon has Oregon eMI so trated, sImiuI Dreg. hi within a shoit regions
II adv'rtiHpil in all parts of the
si rfs it now is. The exposition
ImiI this cnnditii.ii no little and
tore here have called the attention OI Rr'cuuur does not deny mere
of their friends to the attractions of '' mttii in what is known as the
Campbell system of dry farming
North Pacific I ,H .1,11a It la bHMIm that .It armA.
That the movement of settlers
10 Oregon will ha the heaviest
jring the coming spring thst the
te has ever known in a season is
belief of passenger officials of , the oounin
. r-.i , 1 11 . a I
c roans entering 1 oruenn ana n . v oetonreii,
lulling Coast traffic They are a 1 coast agent nt the lew York: UMH jt for lnBt comparatively etw eys-
111 in ilenlanug that, as indicated irgj lines, said tnai, aumnign a ten. nhall go to its instigator, there
v Inquiries from all parts of the, long whv from Portland, his com- j strong belief in the n.inds of
in. try and particularly the Mid (.any does a tremendous amount of irrigation officials of that depart-
ill -1, the exodus of Oregon and advertising of the northwest. In s ment that the system should be
Northwest, heginning February 'statement recently submitted he carefally etudied Dy the Uovern-
lv those who intern! to make lound that the four track "P. tnenl in order that its limiutions
1 Pacific slope their permanent
ll , will lie unparalleled
fellow across the tracks and a cou
ple of blocks away before he gar
up the Idea that he wee leaving the
But what we started to tell
bout was the trick Prince, Janes
Me Bain's big horse played on the
1 Test j family Nat Sunday. January Slot.
The folks drove to the Opera house
j to meeting, tying Prince to a tele
phone pole near the' entrance In
some way he be, ante untied and
turned deliberate! r around and
. .' .11 k-i 1 lf ' sli. kitten of Idaho, wh-.sie
Ill'lUt-, IWVIIIH HI. 'MmiMtllVW
and keeping iu the road carefully.
When he reached the gate be posh
ed against it until he broke theWM
latch and went om through, tuinmir "The present law compels ilr.iv
out carefully to pass a wagon in er t.. unload tbeii '
the road, giving it a wide Her'h. hours, while en route Ml cars (run
went on to the barn where be wait- one pat of the Ofttti Irj to so.
e.l until the folks came home .01 in order the -iniumls ma
BUtarMat Shxk at Sack Meet laitr.alt
Osly takta Taw NtneefTatj
Wast Tklrtvtli Near
I v-"tnek men of the northwest
ore in ace. o.l with tin
Hew in Washington, trying at gci
pse 38 h..ur law evtetiiled to make
inf '
' afford
II, .
.,!! a letter
.fold I I he
II. p
poet 1.
.it a de
thai figure. TW who
. will
bring fro'.
1 ai
lo well vr for the woel-
The rli.-m Pvter (kttwt.
JOII1 l ll Or.
.sii nte,
First National Bank
k General Raikiag Risiiess TfitsacteA
tt'mrrmmt, mmmfmt ml Imm mmrmm paste
I 1 1 11 .- -i
0 A. Hoi
foot from the meeting.
The interesting feature of the cir
M Ali
s 1
mffr-r rot the want of ai I
water," said t'hss P Hill of thi
ns n '
'1 the
"Tin I Ihi -item
pnbliaheil l. tin New York lilies, , . WP M jh, ,,.nefita may be laid oometance was the care which the city,
bad pnntel 15 nlicles, well illus- hare to the farmers of the serni-srid
Bills are no
pending in
liftie, while scores of short items ; Co-igrrss authorising (tnvernmsut
wero used in the same publication experiments under the Campbell
about this state. Me b lieyee that system in various states and und-r
The colonist rates offered this Congress that some farmers, having
season are as attractive ss the usu- only a general knowledge of tbo i t1 lxat Kiiitt almisx the road ex- arrive at their destination in mo. h
large nni'.nnl of advertising .evey from "way down hast the all manner of conditions prevailing
rend ili'-'it by the iiiilrimil- to get travel to the onset will be unusual- in the emi-arid counlrv
.. ....... .
I ell bus sa l.o.l a laeimg el-, ly heavy. It has come to the attention of
1 ihi.t will biinn many westward
M the colonist lutes become eft
live the tindill- of in xt inonth
Pi ipls hsve rend the nrltil s ux-
iling this section that the innga
- 11 nd rsilrnnd publicnlinns
in such laige iiniiilrs ilur
ihe past year
a who all tided tlte exiioei-
l.ecnilin ngeiils of exploitation
1 glowing taleh upon tlieir
horse exercised in going around "Thi boo 1,
rocks and other obstructions in the- cause train- are OfV R aV la e. n el
way, showing a high degree of In do not accomplish mole than l"
telllgence. Rg. h lira of travel in ?S hours I ..
.listurh rhe.p ,r cattle bf unload-
A Lively Caaae. mg them at such short intervals
. .-illy makes them nervous I.
Fiak station, the terminus of lie- oito.t eat 01 drink BMll lit
Bumpier Valley railroad will make come bur grv or thirsty, ami 1I1. v
nl I ....cessions the railroads of the Camplssll system, have unoertaken
country annually make to intend- the cultivation of orons that can
las settlers. The fare for one-way . not be grown except with an abuu
tiokets from Chicago to Portland dance of water, in other instances
aril' ! MS; Itt fri... Omaha, Kan- 'farmers have undertaken ciiltiva
sas City and St Paul mid $.'10 from uon in soils not adapted to dry
Ht Louis Tliey will be offered I farming In consequence there
Iron, February lilt April 7, and has been some loes and there will
it is expected thnl .... certain days be more until the farmers fullv real-
cept Bumpter, is the opinion of poorer condition than slim l.-M ..i.
those who have seen the little tonus ' oard for .'10 hours,
along ths road spring up int.. ex- "' axel Uttr . s-e they are huc-
iatance, thrive and ilnurish for a gry gnd foo.1 d.K-athem ..,..1
brief period and then go glimmer- "Btockm. 11 r, as a rule
ing down through the dream of alssj are n..i sJN to ehu-ing their
things that were animals 1.. f..t n 1 1 pay
Much activity even now. in the a use them with cruelly. SMfg. ih. ..
four feel of snow that mantles the no motives of humnuiiy The bet
irn leune until friends were n round trip fllel nsm fare fmro
OMsXato "ill ' " for 71 50,
who I. sill p.ov. altraclive to the
a. il Oreg .man
1 to see fnr ttieiii""! V" t lu
ll I r v where it is always H.iuilner
i wiiu-b n.viies souk rs
I'lie trsvel to the Const will be
v I.- ..vv willimil a iloHi.l ne a i
the Colonist r.i'e Inr mtr I'll-i'l
I he
and urn. to know when snd wbers
il i. ! osed, and what aropa il
will prod in i under various climatic
II c .minions
To lb..! , ml n is prohahle thai an
. - . . ,. , , ... appropriation of .'mnmi wj;i t
i- hereby given that I w ill '
. .um.i.- ,,i ,,i- nK, ii ii ii . ii hi iiLirnii.i-
II H I!,,, seiieral nueiil l"'1'1 "" r-gulai exiiiiiinatiou of ' "
unwi , g in rai ugi in . alion bid lor lust this sort uf ex.
applicniitH lor atuli and count
. ,, . . u wrimitta Such an approptin-
papers, at the court house. Bums, vy v
liar.,. 4 I Oeen A. nil. t"'" 0uld ''" P ' ")al-
ixe the limiutions of dry farming i surrounding country, is manifest '" sheep and cattle sr.
i Ihicago, Milwaukee A St
ll 'While the large proport
In newcomers will In iniinding
tiers, there will be u greater
nber of tourists iliiin during for
yea ia. The movement now on
in the Knsl to induce travelers
America before going ul.road
hear fruit. Travel nun lie au-
ipllNheil so l.llnilv on this coast,
ing and aleepiiig-cars, boiOM,
isle, everillling necessary to
comfort of tin- tourist is an ex-
nt, thst I. MM i,i nl Insilali. to
k- the tr.p for feajT of di-com-
od uowbi-re does the lour-
i t -nil. i. ..In. .in .-nt. to make
null such scenery, such
iery, such wn(. rwalle, such for
, such rivci" and all natural at-
tiona as ex.ii in the North
Nowl.en- in lbc.uiitryphviii0(, (;eogr(lplo.
Saturday: liolany,
1w. no's wiieie irrigsuon is not practic
ed and where it ia n -t likely to be
undertaken, but where conditions
Commencing Wednesday, Fel.- ' are favorable to dry farming. Once
ruary 14, at H o'clock a in uontiuu- the govt rnmonl ascertains what
ing until Sutur. lay, I'.l.ruarr 17, at crops will grow by this method
4 o'clock . in and what will not, farmers can
We. In .m. lay I'eiiui innbip, bis to- safely undertake farming by this
r'. spell. ng, algel m, reading, school ' u.etl,..d The'tiovernmeui experi
lew. ineiits are in no way reflection on
1'hurxdav : . Written srill tic, I the promoters of the Campbell eye-
Theory of teaching, grammar, book-1 tern, but will aid them. Inasmuch
keepine, physics, civil government, as they will t.uid lo reduce the
Friday: Physiology, geography,
meutul aritbinetic, comiHjsition,
and is an agreeable surprise even while en route sen ountry
to those who were most optm - kwtlef Ibey do Where stook
over the fuluie of the little place i' fed and wnt. n d nt i
The new station is pulpily situat- ' ''' MsisTsRas MM 1 it tie in
ed as not only gets the trav-I i m weight, but when iihIoh
ing this way but is at the jni.-t.... pftgM tw tlMSJssMt wwfff Msd wniia
of several mads leading loOranile, bave a bad ellict on tli.-ni I how
Susanville and iu fact thai entire l,,r ' srill i- aim MM
liming country. Aa the read Hi. hours' Journal,
now from Flak's to Burns is shorter
tl.un any other haul, much of tie Bsaaer War for Weetfrewn.
Harney count , liude wiii cinii' till
way wbiub ill make the new sl lie II-n has tin
lion a conapicious place in (iiai.t 'w '
County al mil rate for the time In woo!
ing ami MgsjiUl for all tune. N I UoM iu tin- I Mormw
Prairie City KlnM u.ity bss tin i l-.uksd so
bright Never
in. in il' . ,- naoet eftVo-
I l'e
eaaee - i g. -... ami
it th I . V llrug
i kstf iu
HI Iota
of giesi land a
l ll nieadoi Kl miles
impioved. HVl
acres Unit "ll. l re
: wild grass alaiuling.
has a 1. I 6s)gsj Par-
U'mH St this
I qualll) ol Kiigliab
front foul
III I Will
r)e at I il on
II l
II I i-gon
or -"iee" oe .-ssaer.-
Inti-i . i i . i . ,
Mfs) Solicit Vour nUtn Huainasj.
C K Keny.n. II I
Miller. Frank It I
ea oee.- isst ji a i
M rsei.
Mosvaoo etenit ptif..MT
W h agg, VMM
liKkicat AUm le Aikaesea
' I'm the luckiest man in Arkuu-
I r, e ol sheep Ireen
SO high ne I. . not III ll.aiiv
aa," writes II I. Stanley, of Brum.,
'sinoe tin- i. .'ration ol my wif s
has wi
J Uorli. , traveling paasenger
lit of the )oiiv. i .V Kio Qraitds,
km. expectant of n heavy travel
tward this npriug "I received
lieruus inquiries today," said M
llo ..tine tin i.- i- it widespread
Irest in the country Kvery day
plane gen
iiietry, general Ii. story, Kiiglish la made, it is apt lo be continued
literature, psychology from year to year, until the Cov
in county papkiu. eruuieiil shall have demonstrated
Commencing Wednesday. Febru-' ll' l""biliiies of dry farming ell
ury M, at 11 o'clock a in, and con
liuuiug until Fnduy, February Hi,
at 4 o'clock, p in
Wednesday: Penmanship liisto
pour in from eveiy quarter tf ry, ortborgraphy, reading
1' Staiet. Our mad will Thursday Written arithmetic.
on a through tourist sleeper theory of leading, gramar, pbysi
ice tin middle of February it. ology.
Dtodele this trallic, connecting l Friday: Otingrnphv, mental ari-
ienver wilii the Burlington, tbinetic, school law, civil govern
Irtlund and luioii I'acltic, inunt
Willi the .Nliseouri 1'acilic uml I'KIMAHY CK'KTIfH'ATg.
s Te nl t'Ut l.lo 1 liHik loi Hu
ll i ..lonist Havel we have ever
number of failures and be a guide
lo those who are earnestly striving ..
and I o
1,1 M ,r,klftA Mllll, M Onlll ara. ...... I
. . . , worlds greateetsBMRoin r I
of water. Once Ibis appropriation L, ,.
Tww 'New Discovery fix i.i.liiu.
which I know fnun experience will
cure coneumptio . if taken in lime
My wife improvfii from the lux
bottle Mild twelve bottles completed
the cure." Curs the worae cough.
and colds or money refunded. At
the City Drug Blore 6Uc and II is.
Trial bottle free.
Brother Dicks? a Pellesaeey
"i aesMMawoa eucii
high ligllle I ... no' .
my Nils , , . .. . . ,i t... .. ,i..
I. at.t. .Ilu, li I'l. HBlM .I -I -
... I . II ..!. .... . . r . , ll'II.U.MIR
coughing ami iileeilu.g at the lungs.
we my uiesl fortune lo Ilia
over the west. It is a good work,
it coats but little and iu beiiebls
will be greatly iu exoees of lbs coal
As lalclli.csl Bars
There are those who Iwlieve that
the lower animals have souls ths
same aa the human race Those
that are laithful, geulle and kindly
disposed wiil associate with tin.'
class of butuau beings, while law
vicious, unruly, untamable brutes
will lie sent to perdition with the
1 same class uf humanity
Wednesday : Pei.uisnsbii, orlho- W,,ile do "ol believe any such
he ii it il. I
leal feer, m.d in a .ll-tio t wh-re
"si i..unda ait , I SaV h
year, thai live tents a suud in i:
self means a nig profit lo the grow
eia But even that does i.t . pgsj
profit, as ll. . grow, r
has made a small margin on hi
beep in yeara when Wo o eejs sj
ten Oei.U per p..ud MMN than It .--ar
n ly will the pnc- ol
w s high, but s. will the V Tie I ion-- MM Ilk -OgSlol.
t ' llnllie of l,,. - liewpejSW
Tkc Lmn Star
kpy In nnsjti
A Sfwl!) ( jJsifl trgiri.
il.eniart ,
I .kla.
n a rnveotai, r .asHta X
Tim national M&
A Ocnctnl linnkino; Buln hk Tron&sKtod
. r
11 Ol.. N I
' I I '
i r. i roof, i1'
i .
All Outside
pulnn 1 1
-Iv I
irrmihv. unt I... i-t i,- reariinu
'riinrhilav : Art of noe.l -nuiotr
' rtnti.rt' or Imui.Ii.ii. i.Ii t-Ml,.!,. .
.' -- rj"mj
even ting tnc Heavy ,. .... . ..i diffurence l.t.-,i ....... ..I. ....I i
the difference between the conduct
M K Uigby, ol me same animal under the care )
School u,.i uiil.-iident Harney Co ami treat ..lent of two different pt-r-
i sous.
A railroader once owned a cay use
i of the Adeonalli'ii of J'rav.ling
oger AguuU last Kepleiubtir
.. lit i.ieiidoiii- .ilverli..emeiil
i -ountry 1 In- i. gents were
latorablv i.iiprer-i'd with tin
lua t i in ) rs bound to
Ii uuwi wefllwetd.1
i-t ih.
i piwiiiou .
I IU live
Ul en. laid II b.okai.n,
Ip.tsaeiigi'i ami lioket agent of
It it N.o Hi. rn "1 Iu j
r thorougi. g Oregon
ve i. larger proporlio .-i . In-
iinuud Havel i hun t:vi r."
uisld Swtitbi I'm ilm.i1 bii-i
. .t ho I. .- ia-l i. iiii.i d
oil during 1. s
ll.'k- .1
Urpriseo ..l li
i m .nir. their inleu
it' n is every iiiiIk alum nl a
I', travel on tlo- sullleli. ittle.
A 1 I h.ulloii, usfislaut gen-
iiinMBiig. r ugeiil ol liiu .orlh-
I iioiho. 'The thounttiida wlio
lo the fair told so well of lbs
er of the Northwest that we
let u hoavitir trnvul ou Ibc cujo
thllitf. it ia liilrrrilll.u to nolo iKa . ..,,
" " ,ei you wants lei.imi III .iIah)
lr wise enough trr pit k out j soft
place ter fall.
Dar'a lots er lulls tei iltmb in
die worl', but some lolks k-rgits,
i,f il. ,- lUittt rrtfariln. Ilo-.t iI,m k
Simi. I,lk . .ftt.141 tinii. ti l....l
hi.. I uvariablv, ilw anrwr mil. m
rat Ixiut Inrm .lad .SaU... ..,,', ,, , () ., dollj fJ
tree shuts dey eyes miKht iij-l.t P, , ,rr ,ar is Mgsj M
v rn de collection plate is passin'
Some pcnplc Irirsso bard trr
be happy dry gits miserable in tic
You may iiumr wings Irr My,
V bAftNJN :.ONf .' XV .
.SH ( I I Mm JStjaS
JT. t I T at.
sTS I rM
. j-ij ri-' i .. 1 1 fM
a laelMSM. - Ml w
-': i Napton ii Boyd
- i leal bUli. lists and aislci. I
Jw 9
ajr raia.i. "avasv. h
rZrT. -aWaWaWBar"- W ,,m caaUe V
YTyrWjS - m
"sasBxefcSsxexs&aMkMMMMMB" ' 1.M
9- O w)a1 MaW
OMiooeat salls. waso. u. a. a.
Me. . I .
J4 tst'i f'
Light and
ere swede with
Watchmaker and Optician.
Second door north of post office.
BvLmje, Oregon
when dry Uu'a at lr lop, .Ul di )
ever wax at dr bottom.
)t is about llappioraa
w.ii t i.'i oit, iy, niiii li ) on got
hi it I. In ale ii; gsj wen v on iib
li O little- )TOU . . !t I I lies MO) l.i. A '
-Atl. ii. t.i t Hi-iiiuti
WAMK: Agei.t. Hustlsrs
rialtsuien L'lerha and ev. rylisly I
bo wnnl- to . i,j.,y k g h! liearty
laugh It gMal irV for "I I us to
Age., is.' Ui 60 to any per- .
sou who aelb, gutsMI for a (iir.g.
i . . t
ii noi sewic-iorjr your o
back ' ireulnr i..r steawja, 11..
t U'blU elect. io I'oi.ib Co , Uec-e-lur,
ssattsalyeweptici suay be eeteai
wltweut lacoa vewlewce
vest by pereeee
wltb steJlcete
OeWAA ftajksMtt IsWsjsUM Ms.. Mbw MMHa
hose likes and dislikes were the
I US niiced of any animal he
ev. . -. iie once drove him m
lOWO. bl tip. d t one of the bank
wbets be .i- tede ewus work. His
wise, Mho aei.t n.tli lilu., in.. I l...
wish'. I t 0 furlher, d. re ou
about a o.ock twlore liiliy diaoovor
! - J . I ... --" -a-- . . . ... .l.
ni atts iM'i'.'auri war nut 10 tuc
earl, when despite tin- ui.t slreuu-
uus i-ifoitsof the woman to the ooo
trary Hillv turned around and u iu--ii.iuk
lo the hank and would not
: leave uutil hi.- inner came out of
the building, turned bun ai und
and slapping biui on the aide, aid
on itillv " lie gave her
no more trouble but weol on as if
ii ithing hull happened
muu'a daughter was in ihe
I.mI.IL ol .-.0.11..0 ul-i.r Inn. in Cli.j U 41 .... . . ..
---o .... ... .v x..w . . 'ui, n iu... liiiJiai, ul
evening to the freight depot, end Kurd t.ity, Pa, bad his hand fii ht
one evening bis wife came early to 1 fully burn -i iu an electric 1 fur
visit a frieud in lowo liefoie time uaoe. iie applied Hut kirn. Arm
for biui logo home. Wueu she ca Helve wi b the usual result. a
passed the depot Billy determined : quick and perfect cure " Greatest
lo pull up to the hitching place and j heeler on earth for bums, Wounds,
it took the united efforts of two I Sores, Koxeiua and Piles. '25c at
husky brakemen to lead the little, the City Diu- Store.
a The Finest ol All
Hr Sak Daly ai
Hotel Burns Bar
Agents, Bums, One.
.faflTK-'hci I hi
Bums, - - Oitgoa.
Wines LtaiKNTl anil Cigars.
Billiard and PooJ lable.
Club ktioms in Connection,
I rightfully Kuresd
toe ioa lo.wuso- i n
Blacksnitbiiijt jo.
Wagou Work.
I Jrt'tifj f
i liiV i
UisiiO IT V litTLl a 13
niniciuiM H unr
Oees-MM I wesw Hu
eeiHHul P : ! Wa
efl ' V ''L
aaH. ,
141 as gUd le fefMa.
I MIJNbsw MasTsaf
Main St.,
Burns. Oregon
Job Printing.