The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, July 29, 1905, Image 4

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    for men 18 3, because of danger­
ous fishing. For women 165.
Average expense of living less
SATURDAY. Jt’LY 29. 1905.
■ In i a liizeii country
, than any
Average vage carn­
mgs, $88 a v ear.
Oue Year
|2 0U
Mote reindeer than hoi -tit, more
Six Mouth*
Three Mouth* ...
. . ........................... 76
sheep than cows.
Illiterates Two men in a thou­
.1 ! L.IANMVKI» — — — — Vf n naffer
sand in Sweden, 3 in Norway and
Denmark, 78 in Russia, which
When a man is down almost
wants to “improve” Norway anti
every body wants to get a kick at
Swetl n by dividing and conquer­
him, as it is evident in Senator
ing them; t,j.6 even in England.
Mitchell’s case. The newspapers
of the entire country are “roast­
ing” him since his conviction and
even that impenetrable wall of
senatorial courtesy on the part of Blue Mt. Eagle.
Mrs. Wm Bennett and son, 6Í
the Washington correspondents
Silvies Valley, were trading in this
and lhe press has been thrown ’
city Saturday.
down in his < ise. -Ontario Argus
Buckley, of Silvie« Valley
i made a busine«« trip to thin city
1’or the benefit of Oregon stock
early this week.
men anil farmer.« the East Ore-
goni.m hope« that the law taxing
'Harold Clifford arrived from
outniiL sheep grazing in Oregon, I Baker City Monday for a visit with
proves to be valid and constitu­ j relativi h arid friends.
à he iiines-^eraCd
Apportionments Per School Population
Hay be Changed
A Salem diapatcli nays Suiter-
intendent Ackerman ftayn lie will
recommend to the next legislature
that the «yatem of apportioning
Oregon school funds I m made on a
basis < f achool attendance, iuatead
of school population. This is the
system followed in Washington.
The Harney county school report
which showed an increase of 108
jn school population, and a decrease
of 24.121 days tn school attendance
has caused the stir. The report of
the Superintendent of Josephine
county not only shows an increase
of 1 .'¡6 persons of «chord age over
lhe preceding vear, but also an in­
crease of 5 410 day in school attend­
ance for the Harne period.
In discussing the point, Superin­
tendent Ackerman said th; t he
could not account for the falling
of the attendance in
county, unleM it be due to a mis­
take in summing up the total-, or
tional .
Attorney V G. Cozad ami fam­ , to the negligence of teacher« in
1 his thing of being eaten out of ily took tle ir departure Monday for keeping up their school register-.
huu«e .mil home every year by Portland where they will remain If lhe later, fie thought the only
outside -to' k is becoming tiresome. anil visit the lair during the next remedy would be for lhe district
clerk to withhold the teacher’s nal-
Oregon stockmen pay taxes to | month.
’ ary for the last month until her
support the state government and! Otis Patter-on, brother of Orin
| register was forwarded to the coun­
California and Washington sheep ' L. Patternon of the Blue Mountain
ty superintendent at the close of
have heietofore occupied many of 1 Eagle, arrived in this city Sunday
the term, and make the payment of
the choice watering places and accompanied by bin family. They it subject to his O K of the register.
• . • . 1/ . . t their
I . . . 1 ■> A.
n a this
1. ■ . city,
ranges during the entire summer «■til
will • make
home . . ■ in
By the adoption of the Washington
season, leaving the stale only for Mr. Patter- >n will look after th,, system, he says, it will become in­
j i interehlH
uteres Is of
of \ Shilling A Go. cumbent upon every school clerk
a few months during winter.
The law is just and is needed , throughout interior Oregon.
teacher and taxpayer of the district
for home protection. Where sheep I Frank M ■ B> an, John Wash, A C to see that every child attends
range in < Jregon for nine months bore. A W Powers and John Cle­ school regularly, in order to get
in the year they should lie taxed ment left ibis week for Mr Me Bean’s their portion.
to help pay expenses. The same
is true of migratory bands in coun­
ties. It is only just that sheep
grazing out of their home County
should pay .1 proportionate tax in
e.n h county
East Oregonian.
. £
ranch in Bear valley to riiHticate
and incidentally inspect a new min­
eral find on the property.
A. J. Stephens recently received a
canvass boat which he contemplates
putting in use during a duck hunt­
ing trip nt the Harney county lakes
this fall.
Should, say a three fourth’s
inajoi ity of a jury in any criminal 1 Roland and Pleas Hankins, resi­
case be sufficient to convict? I dents of Silvies valley, were trans­
That such should be the rule in acting busiiies« in this city Monday,
civil cases almost every body but
Daye Craddock cams from his
some lawyers will agree; nothing home in Silvies valley Wednesday
but an absolute obstinate adher­ on IniHincHH
ence to old methods and customs, Ontario Ifemocrat
regardless of whether they are
Will R King returned from a trip
right ami best or not, has prevent­ to Portland Thursday evening.
ed such a change. But in criminal
lirtisH Byrd made a business trip
cases the popular majority in fav­
Io Boise during the past week.
or of a 1 liange, if it were left to
'Gene Heath’s family moved to
the people, would not be so gieat
though except in cases of murder Vide last Thursday, leaving lhe tilt!
in the lirst degree we believe it man in Ontario for the present
would In i 11 ried by a large maj­
Frank bavin, of Harney arrived
in Ontario Sunday evening.
In tile Williamsiin-(ie.“tier-Biggs
Rm- Miller, of Hruwsey, who has
case, under such a title, the de­ been in till« locality for Home time
fendants would have been con­ past left for the Rinehart ranch Fri­
victed. But the minority, and day morning
lawyers who ate likely to be em­
Joe I. unii litui ( 'liarlie, of Drewsey
ployed, like Colonel Stat bottle,
were in ibi- ■> verni day« dur-
for the defense, would vehement­
ing thè pust week We underHland
ly insist that the old system be ad­
timi Mr, l.amh wilì nomi visit Cai-
hered to; and that accused ln 1 * ¡furnia on .1 bttsiness trip,
sons, 1 vi n if charged with only '
At a meeting of Chamber of Com­
minor < rum « should have the
Friday night (hut body rac-
benefit of a jury hanger.
ceived notice that tin' Vale railroad
Perhaps they are right, or at
company would make Ontario the
least that there is some merit nt
prioont terminus for a bonus of *25-
the argument for a unanimous OOO and five miles right of way, th*
Flu re is a remote possi­ money to lie payed « In n the mail
bility, we suppose, that to or tr a complete.I \ eommitte was ap­
men arc wrong ami one or two pointed to give the matter further
right; yet since life is short and investigation
unceitain, ami justice is uncertain
(’barky Cramer of Itrewsey coun­
to >, we believe that on the whole
try loaned an eight horse team with
beilet results would be attained
«iippheH for the Ott A l.'o naw mill
l\t a law allowing three fourths last Mood.11 On Itii way down Mr.
or live sixths of a jury to find a Crnnier met with quite a «evere acc­
binding vetilii t in all civil I.IWV ident by f.lluitf from hi« wagon He
and also m all .1 eases in wa« load'd with lumber. Piled high
winch the prisoners life is not ■it and in some w iv to-t hi» halanc*
Portland Journal
' mid fell striking on lu« head nod
shoulder lie wa« pretty badly hr-
un-d lip but after a ft-w days delay
\<irwcfian CuMiomx.
lie came on to the railroad
(•11 pay day» ».thxins are closed
and Having* bank-, are open until
Servant gul* line fm t.alf year
at a 1 in bv 1 ontrnt at * public
is a telegraph lxi\ on
eveiv 'Hi .-I 1 .11. Write meMuige,
put mi right numlwr of «tamp.«,
dtop in box
\ ouog f.'.imei« can lx.i row
money from government at .1 Pc'
IT.iiia.illy no illiterate*, Men
I he tHainon .l Cure
The latest news from Paris, io
that they have di-covered a dia­
mond cure for consumption
If you
fear consumpti >n or pneumonia, it
will, however, lie bti-l for vou to
take that great remedy mentioned
by W T McGee, of Vanleer, Tenn
"I had a cough, tor fourteen tear»
Nothing help. d no until I took l*r
King's New b
-very f >r< onsump-
tion Cough- ind Colit«. which gave
oistaiit relief, and «-fleeted a perms-
perhap« lhe tine«l in the workl1 neut." Cmquailed quick curs for
Thrust and 1 ting Troubles
pliv »ic.lllv
Army service univer-
Citv Drug Store price 5)k- and »I,
sal; only
3 per cent <4 youths
Trial botile fre-
rejected for physical defect«
Ilea th «¡'.i-mlid. Death r.tte^ Job printing The Time» Herald
Don't Overlook this When in Need of
A few Points to Consider:
livery , feed and sale
LEWIS & McGEE, Propts.
W.bnvin.iirl ,u . tr ar. 1 dm t irom ttw lac’Oriw-X-“«et riel, quick" l-b-■
u-wd—itl La- th” bu-uir - f roar pri. c and bur dealing dewam I that ue
Main St., Burn», i)r(w<
Complete lii e of Fu niturc. Carpets.
Uu <
Do-Ca.t-, Elauos. Sewing Machines in fact anything that gees with
Horses receive the best of
from experienced hands.
class Furniture Store.
Jim ” J. H. PARLEY, Ontario, Oregon
Elegant Neut Livery
First door north of Hotel Ontario.
Cuting Parties Accommodated
Horses Bought and Sold.
Malheur Mercantile lo.
Yea''.in san’ I wo-year-olds in quantities to suit.
!',.»• buii -i '.‘till be seen (it the ‘ P" 1 Bunch and
>o//.v desiring’ to purchase should in (¡uire
tii.'i e of F. H Howell, Assistant to the Gen­
ial Manager, who will furnish inform t-
Han as to prices and will sell the same
/ ,
Leading Supply House in Eastern Oregou
A. E. YOUNG, Propt.
Fresh and Salt Meat
Always on hand
Bologna Sausag
Most complete slock of Farm Implements in Eastern Oregon.
Home Sugar Cured
Relurned rrom Hurns.
Rev E Hayes returned Sunday
evening from a trip to Burns, hav­
ing been gone since Wednesday
Mr Hayes confirms the statement
made by Mr Stratton made in last
weeks paper regarding the hay
crop in Bear vallev. In Silvies
valley, however, Mr. Hayes says
the hay appears to be in excellent
condition, mid good crops will be
This condition also
prevails throughout Harney valley,
wheat especially promising a lug
yield. Mr Hayes thinks the horse
industry in Harney county ha* j
reached a much higher stage of de­
velopment than in Grant This, he
says, is due to the fact that the
farmers and stockmen in that coun­
ty are paying more attention to the
breeding of horses.—Grant County
Home made Lard
and Bacon-
Beef sold by the
Barbed Wire, Slock Salt, etc.
M rite for Prices or Call and See us.
ice tersale, delivered free
E. A. FRASER. Manager.
There s no lieht rill-- like the Marlin .92 repeater, for either tar,- I
'1 ' '' ■ mall game, l .-eauso it ha« Marlin accuracy. 11 you -l, .
tills 1... insererythm.-. The Solid Top, with its wall of metal alwair. be-
twe»-n yoti ami the cartridge, and the Side Eject'd- are
<<'■> “ <1 Marlin feature«, which make it. the safest to
.le as m . il as the surest. It shoots short, long and
lonir-rifle cartridges without any change.
Marlin 16-gauge Shotguns are the smallest and lightest ro-
manufactured. A new, w* il balanced gun of great
Handles still k>a<ta safely and well.
' (ilxmt ant/ particular repeathiy > ide nr shotgun
' ■ "• !"ire. Cur latest Catalogue-
illustrations —
i'.i-f.. ,-h
Jhiok, that tells what IfAllLfXS are
i a the tn.rid over, fret fur 3 clamps postage.
Bent Iler Double.
“I knew no one, for four week»,
when I was sick with typhoid and
kidney trouble," writes Mrs Annie
Hunter, of Pittsburg, Pa ."and when
I got better, although I had one of
the bent doctors 1 could get, I was
bent double, ami had to rest my
hands on my kr.ees when I walked.
From this terrible ntlliclion I was
rescued by Electric Bitters, which
restored my health and strength,
and now I can walk uh straight as
ever They are simply wonderful.”
Guaranteed to cure stomach, liver
at kidney disorders, at City Drug
Store, price 50c.
Your Life
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force,'or nerve fluid, located in
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nerves to the various organs.
If you are tired, nervous,
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headache, feel stuffy, dull and
melancholy, or have neuralgia,
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odical pains, indigestion, dys­
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kidneys and liver are inactive,
your life-current is weak.
Power-producing fuel is need­
ed . something to increase nerve
-nergy- strengthen the nerves.
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feeds the nerves.produces nerve
fon-e, and restores vitality.
Wl.ii I I veg an tahlnr Pr M
llrMwnUtve N t > in*» Mn4 Anti I
lT!lw 1 wraa t‘onfin««i to niv fax!
Lad wttiv nervous apeil*, lhe rwmit
»vf two .«am Ilin.-a with malaria
gradual!« gt> w ao w-ak that I w <-
unable to alt up.
The si ella w -ukl
.«»ntm.-n e with cold rhllta. and I
a >uld b* Gome week and alm. *t help
rlrvulation was poor
had <lort<«re4 rtght *!< < but grew
W.akrr and weak.r,
lhe Nervine
seemed to atrvngthru me right aw.»jr
nnd my circulation waa bet
i have
taken in all »even bottka vf the
Ner«me and I am enttrvlv well
ROSA K WKAVKH. Htuart«, la.
Dr M es’ Nerv ne 1« »old bv your
drwflo «t. who w I goargntee that IM
ftrit bottle will benefit
If t fa a.
w• II refund your mon»>.
Mile* Medical Co., Elkhart. Ind
***t.*.-*•-*-•• .tn*...*
43 Willow St.
New Haven, Conn.
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by an able Corps of CUniters.
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